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3: 8 Years in an Osho Community

Bravely Mistaken

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3: 8 Years in an Osho Community

"All right today. We've got a doozy remember the guru from the documentary on Netflix. Wild wild country tree where we have One of his son Johansson's who stayed at one of his temples not the one in Oregon but the one in India for eight years years Yeah there you have it so Once again we decided to put the entire episode on Youtube instead of just interview so we mentioned anything like weird confusing stuff about youtube. Don't be alarmed. You know we're still working at the Kingston the sound and everything like that So yeah thanks for hanging in there with us and we're just GONNA keep getting and better and better for you so enjoyed the episode. Hold on a second. There's a difference in the mentality of country people and city. Okay hold on hold. On Christian women came into his room and they were freaking out about all the witchcraft stuff. I used Swami leg magic. We don't know what you're talking talking about. Hey my anniversary is coming up. I WanNa make it really special words. How can a man save some money on Viagra? What would happen to you you? If you lived at a temple for eight years how would you change. And how would those change around you find out today on the bravely mistaken podcast. Hello everybody and welcome to the show. This is Jordan. O'Leary come that she again. We've got shots we've got lady on WHO Who's lived at a temple? An Osho temple actually Osho Temple Temple the the charismatic gentlemen from the film Documentary Wild Wild country. Eight part documentary series on Netflix. Netflix and Yes she lived at a temple in the main. The main temple not the one in Oregon the one in In India for eight years this woman eight years astounding standing again. I'm Jordan Leery. I am joined by another Angel Orlando fresh from a Halloween party last night angel. Welcome welcome welcome girl morning my friend. Thank you you good to be here. I don't know what's going on. Your your sound is actually kind of fucked up check-check onto can you give me check church a church now. You're doing good okay fuck it. Let's just go angel. How you doing buddy good man recovering from last night? But I'm hanging in there. Yeah Yeah Okay all right so you actually made it down there you actually. You're debating whether to go because you live how far how far was the actual. Oh he's in L. A.. How far was actual Uber? Or so if I would've taken the Uber would have been about two hours. Decided to actually drive myself Just because it was only an hour but still like an hour and some change Halloween night. La going down the five. I mean our unchanged change. That's not bad. That's not bad you drove yourself day. I decided just to myself do is going to be two hours and I don't know man lately I've been getting new vers. The guy is like been passing out really. Have that happen twice already bad. Yeah I went on a date like I. I don't know what was that like maybe three weeks ago months ago. Something like that and it was like eleven o'clock and and the guy was just drifting the line and then when I was in the desert this last last weekend I had a guy just totally pass almost totally pass. How was driving? I was like hey. Hey Hey hey since dangerous men scare the hell out of me and now I feel like Shit. I didn't go last night. I'm in Mexico. So there's no real Halloween but I guess it turns out that everyone celebrates dea the dead dead a lot last night. I thought it was tonight because I think I'll be celebrating day of the dead like hat face and everything. I'll throw in a picture if I do right here. Yeah and if I didn't if you don't see this picture than I was losing. I decided to stay in. And that's how I thought. Halloween was one of those things. That kind of transferred over you know I but a day of the dead is so big here that it's I mean it's literally today like you know it's like it's three days and All Saints Day Day of the dead you know and and I guess maybe because of that. Yeah it's just not such a big thing for people running around in spider man costumes and stuff. Sure sure. But no one's doing that during day. The dead. No one's like I'm GonNa just as iron man on the street now. They do the typical skeleton man. Skeleton woman occur. Corrine corrine or something like that. I don't know I feel like Shit Buddy but I'm still here still doing it. How do you feel? Did you drink now. Now if I'm driving during and they don't call him Angel for nothing folks. It's your standard responsible responsible. I wanted a drink. Well Angels in Hollywood. And he's a big Hollywood player He just came off. I don't know you say the name if you say. The name giant giant game released huge game release You can do the math. And he's probably feeling pretty damn. AM Good Right now. Where people there from work at this party or was it just like A? Oh yeah there's a lot of people from Yes from duty and and I'm not GonNa let that one and then it was. There was there for Bliss Khan and So it was a Halloween party and it was bliss con- yeah so those Albans people from blizzard And then we had a lot of mutual friends That were at the company so it was It was really cool to see everybody and it's without sounding like it was It was like a nerd rave which is Kinda cool like those love nerdy a welcoming very welcoming. It was very chilin relaxed You Know I. I came out very low competition in the in the worry about being a Douche bag. You know Douchebag Free Zone it's fun yeah. Of course one hundred percent boy yeah there's bullies everywhere Yup who are nerds or nerds. Who are not uh-huh Billy's who are nerds are bullies? Who bullied nerds no nerds who are bullies? Yes they're the worst. The worst of the worst and like you're walking contradiction right. It's like a it's like A. It's like a Jewish person helping the Nazis in World War Two. They they were there. I mean basically what it is breath feel. Okay you feel I really I just did you drink no but I had a shot yesterday for the show we we recorded yesterday and I got a bunch of bad news. I got like a bunch of nothing like all you know. Nothing like health related or family related just like Product got you know not doing as well as it used to do and then of course I'll say booty booty booty fresh I'm out of stock doc. And my manufacturers like was really lagging on stuff and it was like no updates no any. That's me basically managing his his people because they just never know what's going on you know and and I swear to God I sometimes I think you know and You know and and I think it's like if I have any alcohol and there's like stacks of bad news it just I just get very well. Sure share. Now it's funny you usually drink to alleviate that stress but that it just it just I dunno it mixes is in with a negative shit. That's already stu in your body and then I never ever ever drink to feel happy. Never dare I drink to celebrate to to jump in sing and and and basically after accomplishments things like this and I had one shot just takeoff nerves because the gal great interview by the way if you haven't seen it This this woman Addie. She is The devout spiritual practitioner. But she's not full of Shit. You know I'd never do that to you or I'd say if she was and she did a week without food or water and she was just like. Oh you know like freaking out and she did it. Basically alone under the guidance of stuff but people no but I think six months total without real food just liquid but the first week was no water either and it totally league changed her thing about food anyway. I mean I'm just I'll just say that totally changed the way that she reacts to food things like this and she's not full of Shit anyways that's all I'll say 'cause because you can see the episode but yeah it was good. It was good so I took I took shot. Because she's little sensitive these people who do these things they don't want to be made fun of and all that you know so there to Kinda cautious. Sure sure that's I really listen to that. That's actually sounds really interesting. I want to know how she lived. Yeah yeah well you know. We didn't get into that too much. It wasn't like today where our guest is was in a temple. She did it on her own. But yeah I mean like interactive interacting with friends and so anyway check out the episode. Check it out you know. I don't WanNa make this episode about that. Obviously but and speaking of episodes this is the fifth episode Soeder at least the fifth one. We're recording out of the five that we're launching with so all of the news that you hear and it's Halloween. I'm talking about joker. I think we talk about joker. It's old old news. Okay I get it. You know. It's old hat you know. But now that we're releasing and I think sometime before Thanksgiving all all of the episodes will be weekly and they should be quite fresh quite fresh so I think it's milestone allstone. I'm going to give ourselves around applause here for this while the five to four getting any feedback from anyone. So we'll see you know. Hopefully it's it's not too boring into the no. Don't take other shot. I know I was thinking. I think I'm not going to take a I shot. Yeah maybe a little hair the dog though. Should I do it. I'll do it fucking like listen. It's it's I hate doing it but I feel fine actually in terms of like my nervousness but you know it's all yeah. It's it's Halloween. What do you got over their new? Well it's it's fucking these Mexican safety nozzles on these things. Don Julio Seventy Oh nice okay okay. It's right I have auto locked locked. WHO's focused locked? I'm excited I'm looking. I'm looking at my immediately read. I'll I'll get immediately read when they take this. Here's to Halloween. In America Day of the dead in Mexico cheers and Yeah Ho Blanco. which makes no sense this to me? Tequila NEA. I think it's a gimmick. I think he's probably cheaper. Version of the other. People are having having a Kabo. Seventy seventy years you know something seventy gringos I've fell for. This is more like seventy million. Uh Uh Buddy when you get down here well you're probably not gonna get any you know. I thought that time would like I would. Actually they get some time off but things are still going so strong or work man. And I'm like I mean not as bad as it was like a couple of weeks ago but I'll tell you why if you think I think I'm going to be down here for about another three weeks and then I got or maybe I'll wait until the very beginning of that'd be three weeks from now. Yeah Yeah and then I'll make it up for for Thanksgiving. I'll swing by by the way for before I go up to Seattle. I got a whole room now. I've got a whole extra beautiful beautiful beautiful and then We gotTA DO Sushi. And then I believe I gotta do something in December between Thanksgiving and in Christmas. Because I don't have a place in the state so I stayed with my folks. I don't see them a lot so I stay with them for a month. I can't do a month. I can't do my mom dad. If you're watching aside. I mean you know it's true you know we all know you know that two weeks. I think. That's that's the kicker so I got to do something I gotTa do something I'm going to the Magic Castle next week. I I feel like that's an invitation. Sorry I can't make it. I gotta get a haircut at home. Okay go on go ahead keep talking. No I'm really stoked about it. I've never been and ever since I've lived in California. I I always wanted to go there. You don't just go to the Magic Castle. You gotta be invited. Yeah you have to get an invitation. Which is the biggest pain in the ASS? I've always known people that have Have had friends or have been members. Anna just never had a an opportunity and then One one came up. I was like Oh my God. This is awesome Yup But I gotta get a suit. You don't have a suit now suit. I'm going to wear a suit today for my. Oh dear the dead shit I gotta go find a hat although my fucking hair looks like I had did by the way this last time. You're gonNA see me with his hair at at least until it grows out again. I'm getting a haircut. I waited until this look at this. I look like fucking fletch. You know just like seventy shit. Ah Shut up. Let me let me talk about my fucking ear muffs. I can't stand them. I'm just saying there's an easy alternative for the folks at home. Angels is Shaving Cloven Shaven even head cloven headache. These big. And you know looking good by the way our our Co host yesterday Pilar she said you look cute and Al and that you you you just keep working out and can you keep being good and the women will will go nuts for you. I don't know why I'm telling you this. But that's that's I don't have no idea what why you thank your co host for me. I always appreciate real. She's she's no slouch. No Fuck Up. That's for damn sure. Well now I just gotTa pick a good one. I'll tell you what though she she kinda she. She didn't laugh at like I say she didn't laugh at my fucking jokes yesterday as much as I thought she would guy thought she was going to be my robin. You know Howard Stern Robin quivers. Because why would you do that. Ron Howard Robin it isn't it. Isn't that right revenue like to masturbate. And she's like no no I. Yeah I'll come on come on revenue but you know she was sick and she was looking at her phone all all day yesterday and she's getting kinds of messages from her employees saying I need to get paid what she pays every fucking every goddamn time so it's like and it was worrying her you know she's winning and I'm like type and tear it on on on facebook. Are you looking at your phone. You Got Pimple. Get off your fucking. But she asked great questions. Yes Great Question Tennessee folks then to see you get a taste of almost what it's like to try and do standup. Yeah I feel I'm bombing. Yeah I know it bombing fields I Bombing bombings a special experience. I just heard Joe Rogan. Say he said it's it's like when you when you kill and everyone's loves it it's the fucking greatest feeling in the world and you're just like why and when you bomb. It's like no matter how many how old how veteran you are in the end. It's assist Fox. You you did stand up didn't you. I did do tell me about that. Please tell me about that. It's every call it's like describing a bad trip every comic will describe it the exact same way. Yeah when when when you can make a crowd of people laugh. It's you feel like a million dollars you feel like you're on top of the world. It's an excellent experience but when you bomb you're just like cool. I'm going to go home and kill myself like it's it's devastating and people. I mean. Listen I'M GONNA ASSUME MU bombed I mean I would so the first time I ever did stand up which is probably the worst experience to have the first time I did really well really really well now and then I was just like Oh my God you know this is like I can do this. And then I became super confident and then the next time I did it it I bombed Cardi bad right and then and then the time after that I bombed even worse and then and then the time after that I got a couple of laughs But it was. It was very hard to come back from but I didn't. I went into it totally blind. I didn't stick to the same material the material beforehand you know I didn't obsess over it. I just didn't know how to be a comic. I just thought I'm a funny guy. I can go up there and make people laugh and again the worst experience in my opinion that you can have having a very positive experience because then you think you're talking to walk and then the next thing you know someone's tearing you apart uh-huh Yeah Unbel-. I can't believe he did that. I really hand it to you. Because that's that's intense. That's fucking intense man like I wanted to be a performer. I always wanted to be performed. Well look at you now man look at you now. Where are you right now? And you're doing on your day off. You're going to get done with this thing and you're just going to have a nice lounge day today. Oh Yeah you're going to play some red did to maybe but read to. This is how early where read that too coming coming out in four days I am on. Pc I am so fucking jazz. That's really really WANNA do. I WANNA finish. This episode. Start are promoting the show and just play read to and I want to convince you get to get the game on PC. How I'll go with you if you want to go in and with me on another supplement on Amazon I'll go have with the on fucking red dead? You get it and you Lou and I we can posse up maybe get one more person in there come on man. Doesn't that sound great leader. You can be the leader because you know how to play the game but But I'll listen I I would definitely play red dead redemption to again on on PC. Because I'm playing through through it now so I think it's a GT five online thing. And see I feel like I missed out on that everyone that I wiz that I haven't done that day. Okay let's just do. GTE Five then. Well 'cause you sixes coming out soon not tell fucking twenty twenty one bro. Come really twenty. Now they're up no they're updating twenty they're updating. Gt Five still they they just released a casino. There's there's really focused on it actually Chin it's I think it's generated or GTE's gt four. G. T. I five. It's generated more money than any other like media released of all time games. It had to look. I look like took a bunch pitch Viagra. Yeah I mean I mean but dude now red dead coming down on PC. It's another launch. It's fantastic the task. I mean the same thing happened with five. I guess I don't know man. Listen we gotta get on one of them. I'll get on. GTE Five because it's the same fucking engine right. I'll get on five. I haven't done anything. I just have a guy with fro in a mustache. That's all I've got play read it I think well then would you get. I'll get I'll get on either now now so I'll let me play. I'm obviously going to play the campaign. I let me play it and then I'll say oh my God ain't if I ain't got to do it then you have to. I don't WanNa put put listen using. I would love to get into something like that because I feel like miss out on Don. GT The time. mm-hmm you know. I think you listen. You got the time you you have that sense of accomplishment you come home from work every day. You're fucking done with it you know and you're ready to chill. I think it's I think it's a perfect situation. Lou obviously has all the time in the world you know what does he what does he do. Lou Another Co host of our show He he He is is. He's he does. I don't know if I I don't know what the fuck it I'll cut it out. If I can't say it but he he scans has documents for. I think I think either accountants or something. I'm not sure. But he scans documents all day and he works twenty pages got upgraded to twenty hours a week. Jesus yeah and they would hire him longer but he literally I think think they rent the space and he they can only have the space for that much time a week. Whatever that means I don't know a boiler room situation who were dealing with here on variably mistake and that is our our co host the code the Wildcard Co host? I'd say definitely wildcard. I'd like to. I'd like to what he did it on on the on a few episodes like I listened to him when I was like. That's good I think the divorce episode still. I think he did did a great job. Yeah here's good. Yep and he wanted to ask the guest more questions Mr T.. He wanted to ask Mr Demore quite like but I think he asked he asked. I think he actually asked everything you wanted. He's funny I thought he did good. I thought the questions were good I thought the reports we. We're good 'cause it was just two totally different people. Did you listen to. I think it's the first episode and I'm pretty sure it is doomsday episode. Did you listen to that. Outpace now. His Oh you gotTA listen to it. I I really WANNA listen to that did you send me the link for that I. It's in our group chat. Okay all yeah. I'll posted up again. Yeah I I'm I'm like I had to put him in the in the time out box. Oh Man I had to put them in the penalty box seriously and I didn't know I had a penalty box. You know fucking low. Well Anyway listen. You know. Speaking of being confined went into some kind of prison penalty. Box thing. We're going to get on with our guest who was in an Ashram in India Osho Ashram in India not the one in wild wild country but the main one in Poona India for eight years and this girl is she's really something and she full of energy she's full of light and love and Yeah hope we're going to get the no bullshit account of what's going on over there So that's how it works. If you want to see the video of the interview you can go to Youtube at bravely mistaken. I think otherwise. I'd dubbed over the real channel If you want to see the show on on Youtube Go over there air. Check it out otherwise we will continue after this. Oh I couldn't be more excited angel. Your favorite favorite favorite okay. I don't know what the fuck comes in saying that I was distracted. Okay guys we'll see you in a bit so why not. Just use soap and water to remove bootie. Smells like a regular person. Well the problem is toilet paper. Yes that stuff we use everyday day is making you stink without you even knowing it and it goes like this. Say you're hiking through the mighty land and oops you fell into the mud and look look. It's all over your hands. All you can do is wipe them off with the Napkins. You have stuffed in your pockets but of course you know that they won't totally clean all the mud off. They're still going going to be a thin layer of dirt on your palms at won't go away until you find a sink or a river. Well the same thing is happening in the bathroom friends. We are literally rubbing are bunk. Thank into our trunk and it just sits there all day until we shower and in the meantime that thin layer begins to marinate under under the skin. 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Already already meant for the skin and one US will work up to a whole week so for all your intimate close encounters or to just make sure that your OCD clean back there. Dr Spray on Budi fresh and bring out only the truest. You get some booty fresh in love your but available available at Amazon Dot Com. Everybody welcome back to the show. This is Short O'Leary today. I have India who is on with me who spent eight eight years in an Ashram in India eight years in the temple in India specifically an Osho Temple in India or Rajneesh Temple in India and we are going to hear this amazing story of what it is like to basically be in a self imposed prison or at least. That's what it's like for me when when I'm in my Zen temple what that's like not just for a month not just for a retreat but for eight years and you can hear her giggling in the background India. How are you you welcome to the show? Thank you for coming well and thank you for inviting me. An Angel Angel courses with US US angels courses with us. If you're listening on the podcast once again you can see the video on Youtube. You can check it out there so anyway India. Yeah I want to tell you something. I'm going to preempt this a little bit. I want to let you know that I am. I am not a layman when it comes to things retreat when it comes to temple life life when it comes to scheduled life things like this i. I do two retreats a year seven days often solo. I've also lived with community in his in in Temple in California. I was there for about a month. And I've done maybe a month here and there that kind of thing and also familiar with Osho before the documentary before all of this riffraff. I've read his books. I used to fall asleep listening to him so I am good. I understand what Osho is. I I understand what temple life is but once again even with my experience there I have no clue what eight years I would do to me as a person basically doing exactly what you've done I have no idea what I would do even with my experience and I'll tell you one more thing. The the audience definitely has no clue what this is like. Definitely one hundred percent. So you'RE GONNA have to go really easy on us because we are clueless about this stuff so you please please allow my dumb questions and my stupidity about all this stuff and I thank you very much once again for coming on. Thank you India. Welcome can sure. I met India in India as it were in Rishikesh much like a my last guest or at least my last guest. I think it was the second episode mature and She's she's lovely lady. Just pulled it out of me and I wanna just hit you with the very big question just to start. Were you enlightened by going by doing eight years in temple stupid question. I know but I gotta ask. What do you say about that enlightened? It IT'S A. It's a very big word. I think in the spiritual communities you know everyone. Everyone wants to be enlightened. I think but I didn't go to Osho commune or actually it goes right now. It's not asham anymore. It's a Bush. Shaw Resort International Resort Mitigation. This is where it's in Poona India India India state of Maharashtra. So I didn't didn't go there for enlightment yes that I didn't know anything about enlightenment. When I went to India I just fell in love with meditation and my life changed very quickly and I just wanted to go and be in place for Osha was teaching? I didn't go with some. I'm kind of precise intentions. or show are. You're very lucky you're very lucky that you didn't go with an intention because that's always what I'm I'm having to battle every time. I do a retreat. At least the first four days I'd say are just getting over my intention. Although intentions is very important in my opinion for spiritual life But let me ask you this Maybe wouldn't say Iowa's enlightened or I was this but obviously it has it changed your life totally hundred percent okay. How long long ago was this Well I went to also commune or Shaw In two thousand went and lived there until two thousand eight and then and then And then I was living in in India I loved I loved the or should resort meditation resort anti eventually in when I was in poona awesome. I didn't want to go out. You know actually I didn't want to travel and I just wanted to be there all the time you know like That was how how. How do you decide that? Okay my life in this life life with with burgers and Schnitzel and what do they have in a lot. She's a lovely no. I was living the nate selene early. You're living in Pasta Leo oily. Oleo and Bruce Kit You know how how in this life Findus Gondolas and things of how. How can you decide? I know that's awful. How can you decide to just say okay I'm going to not do these things anymore. And then having it work. You actually don't want to leave and things like this. What's going on? They're transitioning coming from a life like this into a life of piety. Ya Devotion I wasn't. I was not happy at the time you know something happened. Actually on the outside everything was fine but inside I was feeling being completely unhappy and I didn't see myself anymore belonging to anywhere so you know I was asking myself why I'm here. What is the purpose of this life? I started to ask myself questions and nobody. Oh Body could answer you know and And then actually I was in Miami Florida I remember very well full time in two thousand. Where Yeah it was two thousand actually and it was some partying of course farting harding horse? Part pausing heart quite hard yeah man. It was a bright sunny day and it was just beautiful. You know Miami a very colorful and some interesting ways to to be and I was fitting completely eh Down you know. I wouldn't depressed but I was. I was feeling down and then I brought with me. One Book of Horseshoe to Miami uh-huh given to me by friends Milan. One President Gil an open book. I was actually. I remember exactly what happened. I was sitting in the beautiful hotel. Delana think the name of the beautiful place and and it was booker for Sean and I started to read and then everything was just like answering my question. uh-huh what is the purpose of this live the same day I booked over into event. I left calamity. I've went to Milan. And maybe they after I've been to the Osha Sangeen. Milan is I was GONNA say. Wait a minute no show centers not in Milan. Yes had you been kind of honest a long string of kind of the hedonistic lifestyle so to speak peak or kind of that kind of things done so yes you know usual Shea Shea traveling lords were you religious at all before not. It's all zero zero so this was like this. Just just wonderful new concept that made sense to you like you read it. You're just like okay. It's following everything that I'm really wondering about life Just unsworth my questions. You know immediately that was the it was so immediate and and with my state of being at the moment and the thing was that it was not religion it was not a new religion that I had to believe into you know so I liked that It it was not about religion. Actually Was Not about God. It was not about new religion new concept. Let's say you know it was all about into yourself and meditation at this big God you had to fear and all these rules that you had to follow otherwise really the STRETO. I felt freedom immediate freedom you know from my belief system. Actually you know I remember i. I did acid and and I could I had all these insights and all this stuff like just like yes. This is the way the world is and yes this is how life is reality is it's like but it's this is what I'm experiencing. How do explain it to other people? How do I you know? I don't know how to relate this into the normal things that are happening to me in my life however this realizations nations that I had on acid were very much there. I just didn't notice them. They're kind of in the background. And then it wasn't until I read be here. Now by Rom dos us to be on on acid again and it was saying all the things that I had been kind of figuring out you know and I go. Oh my God and I'm like God this is this is saying exactly what I'm experiencing like. This is it. Oh my God and it was very clear to me you. You know like it was like there it is someone gets it like. There's words for this stuff. There's excellent for this stuff. That was my feeling. All right. I read Osha Swertz but was totally clean not on drugs nothing. Yeah yeah well that's a that's always the best so you're in Miami you read this read you read through this book you You have this This connection to it and then and then what you just get on a plane and go. I'm just GONNA move. I'm going to take all my stuff and they're gonNA move. Yeah it was so immediate. I had no doubt anymore Cruzi in other just because I just wanted all wanted is to start to meditate and experience what he was describing you know injured and also get out of my misery. No I was totally. No I don't jumping up and down. Actually yeah I was very excited. I was very was very excited. Yeah I think when you know what go ahead please I interrupted you. Be a story I just felt is the beginning of my new life along and I didn't know I I really jump into the known I give up my old Connections and my old job and everything auctioning. I took one year for myself and I started to meditate as soon as I came back from Miami and that was it. I mean as soon as I started to get into that circles of meditators tators. I was scared of course. Sometimes because or shall meditation some of them are very incomes towns you know and radical what are some of those what are some of these things I mean. 'cause I'm meditated but but well There are few Cathartic Meditations like calm like dynamic meditation. It's it's more it's it's kind of extreme. You know because you use cream allots you breathe you you express yourself freely you know whatever is there. Whatever emotions suppressed emotions your have? They they really come out. You know they come on the surface and then you have to express them but it's not only just express them you'll have to watch them at the same time you know when I run to this Meditation Cathartic Meditation. I was very very scared. I was GonNa say there's something about people who just like I'll be honest with you and I see people ecstatic dancing. I I know that if I just go in there and I just started moving. It'll be fine it'll be fine but at first I'm like you guys have fun. No one hundred percent like that. That brings up a good question because this is like a lot of that hesitation for you. Just go out there and do those things is what other people are are going to think of you. So let's say when you started to do this. Did you tell people. Did you tell you like your family and friends ends. Did you say hey I just discovered this wonderful thing. It means so much to me. I'm going to go do this and did anyone. was anyone just like. Are you crazy crazy. Like what are you doing you know. Did anyone try to stop. And we were had everyone. I think everyone and my friend in Milan there were saying okay. Now what you're going to wear Saudi and be religious and going and you're we're not going to drink champagne anymore not gonNA parth easy. It's actually DOTS DOTS. That's that's what was happening. I lost my interest. I lost all interest in the partying in continuous kind kind of Shaw and proving something to others. I started to to really to dive into meditation. You know since the chains were broken you were just like I'm free of all all of this stuff like I do this. No I mean unseal. I was feeling that I don't have to. I don't anything to anyone I can be myself. I mean I needed some years of meditation and so-called deconditioning. You know from my old kind of personality. Yeah they call it the conditioning listening. Yes absolutely yes no no absolutely absolutely. I mean because you're locked in these. Yeah Yeah Yeah. You're locked in this idea of what should be and like I say it's cheesy to dance. I mean I need like four drinks dance but once but once I start dancing to really feel comfortable to to actually get out there. You know before it's just feeling like I say with ecstatic dancing. It's like Oh God God. Oh these guys are are just dancing theatre. It's dramatic but that's it it's that block. It's and I'm telling you I am this way. I am a judgmental person. I am that way and but I know it's just a block. It's an idea of that. It's stupid and it's protecting me from looking stupid just like you said Angel exactly like you said it's protecting me from being an idiot but everyone Out there is worried about the same thing so the Catharsis is get out there. You're streaming you're shaking your doing whatever it is that you're doing I don't no no and just the freedom of having that block lifted is amazing. Yeah it's amazing amazing. I liked what you said about that about you. Felt what what is it that you said I. I'm not responsible or I don't owe anything to anyone that is. That's not enlightenment. You know really. I don't really know what is like. What else do you want? You know. But you're just you're just you know from the very beginning when I started to meditate and I started religiously to grow like every day to meditation and discovering discovery. Actually how many mosques I have you you know like for real. It's not while and the feel more free of course and feel more free Doors myself you know and when you feel this freedom inside of course you're you're you can distinguish you know what is important for you and what does not know it. Just come naturally. Did you lose any kind of relationships Before you went to to the Ashram to the resort yeah. He lost some relationships from them. Finding out that you're going no actually I was I. It was in the relationship before I left to India. I wasn't this relationship but I I started to see that we have such different views. You know and our desires in live. Where very different French you know and that was not into dot anymore and your partner must have been so confused? What Yasha uh she was? He was very confused and heartbroken and disappointed and he could not understand why. And what is happening in you know but I was very much clear about. Actually the Clark came quite Right the way after I started a few minutes stations. You know I was. I was very clear I need this. I don't need this ace anymore. So those moments of doubt like right in the beginning of just like maybe. Maybe I've made a bad choice. Maybe I should go back to this lifestyle it all the time. There were doubts but very like momentary doubt and then I was diving into meditation and into also Sports Awards I was listening to his discourses and reading his words he actually never wrote a book. Write great all of his books are transcription of yeah. Yeah so Whenever I was doubting my a new new life I was just going into meditation and Just that is shaken. Just checking if this is true or just. This deceiving mind which is actually never changes. You know overseas doubting fearful. And every time. Whatever you will do it's never enough? You know so one one once understand this you're just not Paying so much attention to mind. Did you have others there. With with you. at the Ashram that would probably experiencing the same thing that were like a support system for you. You know just when you had those doubts or you have those questions and did you guys talk about it like as a group and amongst each other. So we're talking now about Indian because I started to to mandatory in Italy in Milan and I went to different retreats so I really dedicated this year. One Year of my life to meditation and self discovery and eats and agree. I I was going. I was going for it. You know and and in Milan you moved into the temple there. Yes it was a residential thing. No no no no. It was just a center. It's it wasn't Meditation Century Thin. Yeah Okay yes but already I think overeating Milan I was saying my doubts I was still very new and I didn't want to look insincere insincere and seer and maybe not spiritual and stupid you know the beginner so I was but I think I was sharing with some and people trusted I was sharing on. I didn't say My didn't change my name immediately. You know so that was I took my name. I changed my name where the doubt really Disappear you you know. And that was still in Italy so I went to India over the with the took Sonya so I took initiation Russian in Italy so when you are initiated into the but is the official name what would you call it into the practice. What does the official name of the practice You call it taking a Sonya's okay. Is this the Asan like among none are among well in or Cheval. There is a a new meaning to some to this word to this. Initiation he called kickoff his Sanaa's Nelson. Yes so it's a new meaning. You don't have to be a monk you don't you have to be celebrate. have to go from the vote to high in the Himalayas in the cave. Sir Can live in the world but not to be off the wall. Okay so what does the initiation into something like this. I think for everyone it happens in a different way. I don't think Any doubt I mean I mean for for Zen. It's called Yucai in what but I in in in my lineage and we sit there we have to so this thing. That's like a the case human. I am in how their ritual have. Yeah what is what it's There's someone who is Some of the or show Olson Yassin usually in my case There was this beautiful lady. She was a therapist and my first therapist carapace and my first teacher. Her name is shown. Your she's really amazing bean. She was very close to or shop and so she was leading this retreat in Italy in some beautiful or she center and I told her that I would like take sunny us become Oceania's and what was that. What was the actual ritual for? That added that Gulf so so She was sitting there with this Malla or Shamala with -ocial portrait on it and saw yes Basically you Dan Salat everybody's dancing with you. It's like a celebration. It's a celebration to an initiation in into your new life you know. And why Why new name? Because you know you you have association with the The your old name conditioning is associated. Did you also say with all your old life. Saving thing was then its name mm-hmm. Yeah and yeah but after a few years understood that I took a new. I've been saying you know here we have to be very careful because so you get rid of the old one but then you can easily only get the new kind of stain the new one although you can't really but spiritual identity is spiritual materialism kind of thing like it's fried. It's streaking Tom. But but when you take when you get initiation initiation it's very pure. It's very beautiful. It's it's really it's A. It's a full trust in your master. AUSTER in his movement in in his teaching in the Sonya role in the community people are so you you move to to India. And you've got this. You're already initiated. You've got your new name. Which is India? You move to India. Had you been to India before never know boy. So how did you end in Delhi or Mumbai in Mumbai. Oh Wow I've never been to Mumbai. I've been to India three times in Delhi every time I've never gone south so learn by how is I made. How is that in a Deli is like Whoa? That's just like a movie movie. How can you describe you are coming from Milan on you? Know God yes. How can you by Milan but I was? I was so much eager to reach my destination to go to wash. 'em saw everything wrong. was like a movie. Didn't really affect me. But I was immediately when I get out of the plane. I said I'm home. You know honestly I was so so happy. And then you saw some shitting on the street so many things because I went by car run by taxi. All the slums through all the slums and it was like It's a dream it's Maya is. It's not real real cannot happen to for real for the Cubans. was there a moment where you re that you saw in these these first days where you're just like Whoa. I'm here in a different place. Is there a moment when you're a member. Yeah I think because the smell was the most could well. That's that's not a moment. That's just existing in that's part of being in India for sure. Well this now and the traffic you know the way they drive you know if you Jordan events dance by car from risk the belly you know how how carry absolutely can being on the road so yeah I was. It's the worst case it is insane. You keep I interrupted you. I want to hear keep going up. Yup keep asking okay all right Yeah Angel you've got to step away go for it man. Oh Yeah No. It's just I I totally forgot about this thing but yeah it's just going to be two seconds and then there's not even here yet. Just come back and jump jump. Just leave and come back. It's no problem okay. I'm sorry about that goes. Yeah no problem. No just as fate or something Okay awesome so you're on your way to Poona and to the big now this this is I mean this is a. I don't know what it was like at the time but this is a grandiose of very big compound around with that Google Glass Temple or pyramid kind of in the middle of the thing and and everyone's walking around wearing. What are you wearing again? What what is the color of the garb that send Jassem wear purple Maroon Robes Maroon Maroon role PIA men and women we revering this Maroon Robes I love it soak rating to where this role? I'm actually. I'm a burgundy man myself but Maroons pretty close marines. Pretty Close Can I ask what was it. Typical daylight over there. What was just like? Let's say skip ahead three years. What's a typical day like At at the Ashram you know you work seven days So you what time do you wake up. Just get through a day for us if you want to go for Than amick meditation than I think it was Around six o'clock something like this so get up like five three and this is. This is the meditation where you're you're you're kind of screaming and shaking at. What is there anything in that at the end? I mean that's an important. Everyone's everyone's doing all kinds of very strange things for people who are not initiated in this kind of thing on the ground writhing are you are people grabbing each other. Or is it like hands-off strictly kind of situation totally Hansel. I Dunno what was happening in the beginning or Bona. Puna some but When I get there No not not a toll you know what what. What do you mean what was happening in the beginning? What do you mean by well? I think when people were you know I cannot actually talk about what I didn't see but I heard many stories of course It was much more intense and people. Were you know it was different times. Let's say a bit more hands on. Let's say probably not their absolute saw. I was not witnessing Puna Wan. WanNa tell poodle who knew there was one I mean. Of course. Everyone's seen the goddamn documentary. Of course you know but yeah I I do know at the time that that it kind of changed and everything like this. Yeah so so. You're you're going to diner we're GONNA Trust me. It's not my top of of interest here So you go through dynamic meditation in the morning if you want to and then from there and then you go for breakfast and well first of all you have tone descent. Have you been in the offshore. I've never busy. South of Jaipur. Never been south of J.. Poor okay so it's a mm-hmm is basically it's a large garden. It's a very big territory and has the sections you know divided by devote and Divided by devote. I'm sorry the divided abided by the road like to devote like devotional hall. So yeah it's it's It's really light across to be in the garden so it spent a lot of time outside and the trees and and the birds and the flowers and many happy people in the home so happy very altern smiley people and so after breakfast. What kind of food are they serving Strategic Air in and we had two kinds of Two kinds of Kitchen one was more simple more kind of Indian style. Yes more simple but very good very good quality uh-huh uh-huh and another one was more more for European based line nine more no no more fine cuisine and Very good chefs are. Were working. You know so so many talented people. We're working for the limbaugh or you know and I am falling in love right right now. You sorry if people can't see I am just falling into the Osho spell right now. I am absolutely sanctions. Your words that it was a very rich very very A divine experience yes. I'm sorry if you guys already covered this but you're not paying for any of this right. This is just a community thing thing every words for the same thing or or did you just say or do they ask like say. Hey we need x amount of money to help keep the community going or no in my case Because I had some money aside I had some sill. Money Mean Citibank of Miami and we're just came to Poona. I still had that money show is like a really sorry. I'm sorry nuts. Russia was not in the body anymore. Knows somebody would ask you. Nobody would ask you if you have money or not. You just work for free. You Work for free. They give you a beautiful amazing are coming Dacian for free inside. If you want to live inside you can leave outside as well so I didn't both inside and outside because I like I prefer to have more freedom to choose the truth. You know But Yeah I didn't have to pay for anything. Were you silent. Oh sorry go ahead. Yeah pain but people would just visit. I was working all the time. That's why I have to pay. And then I was given this possibility to go through so learn. Many new things fee trainings. You know. So how does that work when you. Let's say you want to eat you know like do you. Just take what you want or how. How does the transaction work like right if there's no money and you're working for free but they're providing providing all of these things for you? How much is enough like? was there anyone that was like really fat. That was just like I'm GONNA eat all this food constantly every day no no but I I didn't have this voucher for the food. The only thing that ever Spain was the fourth. Actually are you paying for that. Yeah I paid for the food but I know that's true. I looked it up actually in this still today. You you pay for food. I think still paid for the food and but I know that some people are some Sonya's some some people over work in or show resort a vivid not have. Ah any money you know. So they were given this vouchers and then I don't know how they could. How so much dayquil? I never really interested. Yeah basically the commune was pain today for for the food providing food and accommodation and. I'm sorry this is just you know I I I feel like these are very western questions but but it's interesting to me because I western show. I always wonder you know it leaves room for people to take advantage of the Osram itself of Osho Right. You know you have this genuine wonderful little community of people that are all working for one goal. It's the wellness for for everyone together. And it's a very beautiful wonderful thing but then you see someone that's just without and you can't help but think there's gotta be someone that's just like Oh free stuff all right cool. There's a freeway to live. I can just sit and do this stuff and just take advantage of these people and bounce. Did you ever witness that or was there ever a feeling of that in the community to those people ever come around or you know just people that with negative intentions as you've noticed that ever because it's it's for me. It's very easy to see that happening when you have someone. That's very willing to give you everything you do. kind of welcome in that negatively to you know well I remember honestly speaking proably they were people were taking advantage but Off Aw what I can remember that. Our soul naive when I came to or shown resort. Meditation Tation Tino I was very naive I was Thinking everyone would be my master. We're just this going my teacher if anyone took advantage of the commune I think if they did then It would be noticed because you cannot hide this things you know in the in this environment environment you know you were actually exposed everyday sometimes too much exposed you know so. I think if somebody would take advantage advantage then they had to deal with the authorities of the of the place not with us you know and how did how did that work like I mean and let's say you know you're just you're just not following the rules. You're just not being a person like do they. Just do they banish you like you know like how does Oh yeah. I think that some people have to leave the the community. Know The commune the Well they they don't call it ostrom anymore and for for the simple reason. It's not really an ostrom anymore. It was a nostrum one and in the body I think They would yeah they would be escort. Yes but not like in front of everyone. I think people were sometimes maybe Given some time out of the Komo commune and they and then in some cases people could come back. You know I heard the Soyuz warriors but never yeah. I think it's natural if somebody is not following the rose because you need the rules in such a big community you don't follow them with Zen actually at our place. It was a problem so people would either be getting out of Rehab or they'd be getting out of jail and they wanna come to the temple and just Kinda fuck around you know and they just think sitting around all day and you know like zen meditation and just kind of eat. Vegetarian walk around a lot of people also just new age. The people coming thinking they can just kind of walk around the forest. And then Kinda hang out do some meditation the way that we would combat that over the the tap without we administration. But there's a schedule and you have to do every single thing on that schedule and it means on time your ashes on the cushion and you're cleaning dishes you're doing the work. Everyone hated work. And that's how an and it would really shove a lot of people out. They would just leave on their own accord. Oh yeah I I think Same thing but also there were two kinds of people the people who were working in leaving inside black myself and then there were just visit. There's the people who were. Just come for a day of meditation or some workshops trainings you know we we were we were pretty. We were so you had you had a kind of contrast is there. I'm sure and so we were pretty where I see we. This is N. temple was pretty wary about people with mental health issues especially addiction. I am careful with that kind of thing because people coming in thinking. That zen or spirituality is going to solve their psychological problems like this. This is the answer to everything. Were very traditionally ZANU. It's like saying well go see a therapist. Maybe first and then kind of you know level out and then see. Do you know if you're still yearning for some kind of you know something would you. Then I know places readily take people that have kind of even schizophrenic nick kind of Tendencies Addictions and that kind of thing. Would you guys except like we really put through the ringer at least in this interview processes with the administration the station for people. Who'd come to the temple? We'd never had more than five people at a time so it wasn't some big plays but would you would temple allow these kinds of initiates in Dan. Willy Nilly really depends had all kinds of people all kinds of people with many problems albums and some problems were hidden until they would start To do some training or some workshops some grove piano but there will always some some kind of would start doing sports. Yeah yes and actually in the beginning the beginning of my time in now I was actually working working in the information desk. You know I was enquiring people. We had this kind of from list of questions. You know like Julia Roberts. Yeah we had this inquiry questions about mental callous as well so some people were very honest you know about son Zahn problems and Some people were still a medication. So we've we've worked suggest to do some groups and some not for them you know so. There was always a support the system somehow so if people would have problem you can not hide it. You know so yes I had a very good therapists you know. Yes and who are the people you could. They would not let in who. What kind of situations that? Well the people who would just because we have certain rules we have to wear this Maroon wound rob during the day and then in the evening you had to wear this vital for the white robe brotherhood. Meditation and some people ooh would not follow the rules where something different and being trained to be the different own percent chance to kind of rebellious and that would not be accepted a toll because didn't make sense. Actually you know what about the community in Poona like how would they perceive you guys at the Temple Temple or at the You said it's a resort. You mean like the locals. Yeah like the people that aren't participating that aren't part of the the community community that you're in you know. Did you feel judged at all. Were they very accepting of it. You know like how did that. How did that play into things? Well you know when I came in two thousand. This place was already so famous us since Seventy s sure the Indian Gurus. I mean there were her different kinds of reactions. You know and many local people. They benefited so much from this place. You know. Because business was just flourishing in we were just supporting actually local businesses local people people. All the rickshaw drivers were so excited. You know actually I never fell felt from the local people. I never did the only time when I I did. I did something wrong. I went to the city out side. This our community and I was wearing this maroon role and in India only only monks are actually wearing this Maroon Rolls Royce and locals. Were looking at me Kinda strange. They like to. I like that that feeling of provoking people as well you know. There's there's a lot in this John in this years of being there me and we would like to provoke to push push a little bit. Okay Yeah but but after actually older ladies and Jazz and she saw me walking on the streets you know and saw In a way a bit arrogance you know and she came to me and she told me you know You know the voice of our place. You don't go out wearing the role you were only inside and somehow I understood custodes that it just -tupid just to you. You don't prove anything by just wearing this rove outside the outside the gate. You know true. So I mean that's a big that's a big conception or misconception about auto show and oceans followers is definitely the provoking spirit. You know. Listen I'm going to tell you my opinion from coming from Osho reading one of the best books books on relationships. I I've ever read totally confirming what I already believe about. Not Relying on your partner for your happiness but really generating it within yourself. L. From Meditation and being alone first and foremost and then sharing your leftover love so to speak with the world. So you don't ask for it back DOC. You're building your own tanks of love up. I really love it. It's amazing and still in my and I'm extremely open. Mind when it comes to like Gurus Bruce and things like this. He's in my opinion. Osho is is a total rascal. He is absolutely provoking. And I think that's part of it. I want to back this up by saying I don't know what would happen to me if I had hundreds of thousands of followers if I've obviously had some depth of wisdom and awareness it just didn't exist also convincing other people have it showing that other people in themselves. I don't know who I'd become. And I guarantee that when I come out of a seven day a retreat and I felt I've woken. I see once again that I'm not responsible for other people completely free. Everything's just coming at mean beaming at me. Just it's happening it's happening. I don't I really don't give a shit about a lot of this stuff. I used to care about big part of that is like not trying to insult people in not trying to. Oh I don't want to make sure I don't again. So that is huge as such a huge liberation to stop worrying about all that stuff so I can only imagine now I see pre provocation. I mean the fricken. The Rolls Royces. How what other clues shade famous thing in you know? Is there with Osho. But he's poking at people. You know kind of stirring them up. Is this something. How do you feel about this? I don't know what I'm asking. Angel Angel what am I asking here. You know it's it's that materialism right like you think that these communities are so far beyond the the Rolls Royce. The the the the Nice you know Nice clothing an airplane you know this this very materialistic stick things you know like for me when I hear the word Auch Raum are here community and and things like that. I feel like such an escape from all of that. You know because we're just like we're clinging to these things that are bullshit in our life and I mean that's definitely a question that I mean. Something mean he'd be insured. I've talked about before is when you see those things right. You see those things within your community. How how how are you? Perceiving how are you perceiving those materialistic items you know that That will surround someone of the higher stature like that the community like what is thought out of that. Well you know from my point of view way. We were generally working for the community. Not Making any money you know. Actually I was spending all my money but on food but but no nobody asked me to do invest in something I it. It was very But you see this happening but you see this happening you see this kind of excess or at least you knew about it because you didn't meet Osho what was kind of what was is that we got to know. I mean obviously the opinion outside my God so the Ada side all I can say that Whatever was whatever you could see the or shows Rolls Royces and very expensive watches and stuff like that and airplanes as I know nothing was belonging to Kim? Actually he lived very simple life if you know and he was As I know he was eating every day. Very simple food like daal and dry since some subcess objects some vegetables and he was just enjoying like a kid because Many of his disciples of this Anna's one to to kind of donate to him for the Astros and he was just enjoying but I'm hundred percent. Sure that he was not attached to any of this. Because you need a you know he was far beyond that I guess that kind of read you know. Basically agreed he was provoking. Oh Kim people by not been this kind of a Combo Guru. You know just simple dress but he was just showing it. The extreme of capitalism. You know what was. Yeah what was that four. What was that provocation for? I think to make people understand that. It's nothing it doesn't make any any sense and doesn't have any volume. The real value is actually actually and he was actually talking about rich and poor people and he was saying that when you are very bored toward the last thing you need is meditation you need to feed yourself and your family. So he was not advocating there that in in order to be spiritual you have to be poor and when I came to this also communities around the role because I leave Tulsa in community in in Miami later on and Boulder Colorado and You know When I was just enquiring about or show vote many spiritual people you know the divert telling me that all people are so materialistic chilies and Blah Blah Blah and the and sex and rock and roll but nothing of this but but also so you have to? Actually you have to think about your material. can It's not expression if you are not living in the cave off to eat you have to have a shelter yes you know. So ORSHA was North against the world nothing race that and that's what I we'll say about. Oh show is that you can look but you hear what he says just like you said. It's like dude. You know a poor person. You're not go to say poor person WHO's starving say. Oh don't worry about it just meditate. You know kind of it. That's not I mean it makes complete sense in in that way it almost goes. Oh yeah of course that makes sense so so then you'd have to feel bad for being hungry like Oh. I shouldn't be hungry. I should be meditating. No go ahead and and and And and get the strength to be able to use this power that the human mind has which is the power of introspection and but if you're starving that's all you're thinking about is is starving. That's impossible so words really cut through. And that's what makes him so all resist. I was also talking about people with money. You know how fucked for them young. Yeah people with money and they feel so unhappy noise so then then you cannot find happiness in seen this as well so but is there something that community. Because I think it's so ingrained in human nature right that you're you're doing really well and then you have x Y and Z thing and it. It doesn't necessarily need to be a car or watches or any of that stuff but just like say a room you know like I wanna live in a bigger room. That guy gets a live in a bigger room. I want what he has like. I just feel that that is just a natural the thing that humans do and then you get this jealousy and then that kind of spoils the beautiful message that you do get that. Because I've I've again I've in a very minimal way. I've heard what Osho says I've heard these wonderful words and it's it doesn't make sense you know like as a human being on my on. It's so wonderful. And then that's so beautiful but then you forget about those like small shit that you're just like well. What if I WANNA live in a bigger place you know like like do I just say oh I want to live in a bigger place now can just give me a bigger place to live and it was just like well? That doesn't it doesn't work like that and it's just like I want that in the community you mean is in the community one hundred percent. You know it's just like I want. I want bigger and better things for myself as just me. You know and I know that's selfish standpoint but it just like how does that. How does that fit? Like what do you do when you're in those communities like what do you do if you want more you go and meditate and just watch your jealousy what your judgment and watch your for all your stuff you know and if in the world let's say outside the gates of this beautiful community you can hide your self under the mosque that the no. You're not jealous. Your you know your free of jealousy or you're not judging urine nice person so in this community you could not hide it actually because everything is just so exposed you know and when it's exposed it's exposed to you you was. Well you see yourself to be jealous to be judgmental to be to be not. It's very nice person as you thought you are. You know and it's a very good. So you use that use for meditation. You go and meditate great. So what if you want to become the next. Oh show like you know. What if that's like your your your desire I may I know? It's a very arrogant arrogant thing to say but it's just like let's say you want that you're like I want to influence people. I want to be this giant ball of love that everyone can depend on and that people can in come to me and that I can inspire more people. Is that an egotist. I mean it sounded when I say it. It sounds like a typical. But is that an egotistical thought to have to just want a better everything and everyone else and is your desire to get rid of that and just be like no. You shouldn't be thinking that way. You should just be you and if you you are Oh show than you are if you're not you're not telling. Yeah no I I think. There's so many enlightened beings in this wall right now you know in India India and abroad in the West EU in America you have very great alive musters that I am listening listening to a lot. You know and Do think they they just one. They decided that they want to be great. Enlighten musters other things. So you know. And if people desire that it's coming purely from the Eagle for sure I I remember this is this is this is one of the funniest thing I was going through a very hard time in my life and I I was picking up someone from the the airport and I was going through a lot of introspective things and I remember seeing this Buddhist monk and I got really excited and I ran up to him. I'm saying how can I talk to you for five minutes. He's like yeah. Of course he spoke pretty good English and And we sat and we chatted and I was like man you know I thought about so many times in my life just giving it all up going into a Buddhist temple and just living my life like that and he's just like Oh. Well what are you doing now and I was like well. I'm trying to be an actor. He's like oh well. Does that make you happy and I was like well. Yeah I love I love acting as just like why. Don't you just do that and I'm just like well L. because it's it's La and it's just you know it's all about money and bullshit and he's just like well listen. He's like to know why I'm a Buddhist monk and I was like why he's like because I I love being a Buddhist monk. That's what I want out of life. He's like you can be a Buddhist and do anything you know you can believe in anything and do anything you want if oh you truly want to do but don't just go and move to a temple because you think it's the right thing to do. He's like just do what you want to do in life. Just be a good human being about it and you'll be happy and it it. It kind of bummed me out and but it was the best advice I ever gotten from anyone in my entire life. It was just you know be a good human being focus on that and everything will be fine. But but don't lie to yourself you know if you want something wanted it's okay you know but just don't you know don't go crazy You know always I just angel. We have to take a commercial break. I'm sorry go for it. That was a joke. Very Nice Angel Very Nice. So would you still thinking about being Buddhist monk I think about up throwing it all away every once in a while but now now less and less because I have my daughter. It's like what am I gonNA do. You know I'm responsible for another life. If but it's an appealing idea. It's such a sexy idea. It's just like just just living life enjoying life life for what it is because everything just seems like a joke you know like I'm just like I pay rent. I pay for bills. Do all these things and and it just seems like I'm wasting time like wouldn't it be great to just like wander somewhere and explore and be like. Oh that's something I've never seen before that's awesome. I'M GONNA go look at tap for like an hour and then walk away. You know the only thing I have to do is eat sleep. P. And shit. That's it right like go to wherever wherever you go there you are. I've been wandering a long time when you go there you are. I love this shit to look at this microphone. Look at the a place like I. I do suffer from enjoying the materialistic things that that just give me like this temporary joy and it sucks because they feel guilty for enjoying it and I just I still don't know how to I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with that every day. That's rough man. So you get wrap you get wrapped up in your own judgments about your judgments about you know. Never like I said what what do you think about that. What do you think about what should i? What was your question again about that? I just throw it all away and moved to go and be in temple right and and and then you're feeling bad for enjoying your life and that's really what all this stuff is about is about. We're on our backs so much about all this stuff. We're on our own case about simply simply enjoying life you know what's funny is the the the one thing that I attribute to not doing that. My daughter is also the one thing that brings me the most this joy because when she's here and I talked to her and she sits and she laughs she just has this time. It's totally eh natural. We could be living in squalor and I could be in this the worst financial. And she is so unaware of all of that Shit and she's he's just naturally having this wonderful moment with me and her and she just enjoying life and it's just it just brings me to that realization that no matter what situation you're in you can literally let that shit go and you can just enjoy something and be natural and just be true to yourself as best you can do you know. Sometimes you're GONNA fall in that pit and you're gonNA fuck up and you're gonNA be materialistic and you're going to be stupid but then you just have to realize that you're doing it and then just go just forget it to just enjoy. Just put a smile on your face and enjoy life because this this is their andy. How can angel do this? How can Angel Angel wants? He's obviously speaking the truth here. How can he do this India? Well you know. I'm sure that if destined if it's your destiny to leave the materialistic life and go to live in the Buddhist temple. Oh he can't show then it will happen you know you don't have to be But he but he is thinking about it and he is confused and he goes back and forth. What can angel do right now? What can you do right now to ask himself the self why his not enjoying his life at this because he's in the right place everyone is in the right place right now? Oh and maybe your child your daughter right but he doesn't realize that he doesn't realize he's in the right place call. How how old is your daughter? She's three yeah so that's the time when kids are really leaving the tourist expression of themselves. Not because they're not programmed yet and they live in the moment you know and if you start got to leave in the moment more without fantasizing how you live could be then you will enjoy more. That's my outside. Yeah I mean it's like it's like it's kind of like telling a depressed person though. Just be happy. You know what I do and I'm depressed. I just think of good things you know and it doesn't really help you know it just doesn't really these are these are universal right but I mean these are universal truths. What you're saying is true but the problem is that's exactly the problem is we? Don't see it that way a person who's and I'm not saying I'm saying no that's bullshit I'm saying that's the problem so instead of just saying you're in the perfect moment this is exactly. Everything's happening right now. Now people go. Yeah but you know then. What is this really always my question? That's how I'm trying to like approach helping people people okay. They want that they want that realization. They want to see life this way right and they want to do in. Obviously it doing something gets in the way of seeing it. So it's like it's ironic and it's an oxymoron. It's dualistic but what like for you you move to a temple what can angel do in his life right now and if you don't have any suggestions I understand. But what could he do. Maybe chicken ask himself what what what you really want in your life. What do you want you know? Because I didn't have a choice. I didn't have a choice choice. You know I just knew I have to go to India and no matter what you know. Even if I didn't have money that moment life would provide you know. I was so sure that what I'm doing is just and how were you feeling right before right before you had that calling. How are you feeling feeling how how were? How is your mental psychology emotional? How was I was confused? That didn't know what to do. Was it very in live. Was it very profound and intense or was it just kind of a general like nine to us. They very performed an intense. Yeah I was very unhappy than happy so you you had to go through something to finally make you go okay. Yeah I'm ready. I'm ready for this right. Yeah Yeah you have to be very unhappy. I think to change the way you you see yourself in life. You know if you're kind of like your K- here but you want somebody else first of all you you really some judging what this mock told you enjoy your life you know. Enjoy your material anyway waiver. It's it's it's a gain totally it's a game you just haven't gone through enough shit man you know okay well but I wish you NGO to who said WHO said I wish I. It's not that I I think I've gone through my fair share of Shit. I just don't think what is the answer for us. The answer for me absolutely no what I'm saying being like I and I mean that with all due respect I can say to me. Is that using to either one of you. You know it's I. Oh I think that's that's the truth that God from that conversation with that monk is that I thought I look at him and I say he's he's got together he doesn't have fear he doesn't have this want or need for things that I wish I didn't but at the same point I mean you know I was so turned around like when I when I my life totally fell apart and I I went to South America thinking. I'm just going to change. I'm going to change the person I am. I'm going to change my environment and being in a different country. This is going to resolve all these issues that I have with the United States and the things that I have here. Maybe it's just Central Charlton location. In my life got worse it got way worse and then and then I came I went to school. I got my shit together and I ended up in a pretty good spot. I I mean I don't know what I still probably don't know what I'm looking for is a final answer but I guarantee you know I'm still scared I'm I'm still. I'm still very scared person and I want that to get better but I don't think going to a nostrums going to fix that. I don't think sitting and meditating. Every single day is GonNa fix fix that. I think if I go to the Ostrom I'm just GonNa find another community that I'm going to look at and be like well. This isn't perfect so I don't WanNa do this anymore and I'm GonNa move onto something else but how do you feel about all this. You're fine with this. I kind of accepted as I'm human. You know there's just good good this this is just how I'm I'm choosing to to do my existence but but I want more. I want to Tim Moore and Joe. Can I can tell you something. Please be honest you know that. That was my opinion as well when I came to the show and I went to other places like Some Buddhist uh-huh Meditation Centers. I was thinking that they got it. You know they got the recipe of happiness. You don't they don't have fear and they're not scared of life you know. And they don't have judgement then. There's the perfect but it's it's not true with our projection as I think as soon as we have this human human form you know. It's very human to doubt ourselves in the one. Be Scared of light. So it's very human so I think we'll have to embrace that. No can I ask. Where are you now like? You're not anymore. No No. I'm in my own ostrom. Created my own show. I'm here. I'm in Latvia. It's a very little country in the north of Europe. It's very little very small country country very beautiful cold. Yes I am because I am living life I want want. I don't allow anyone to decide for me. I decide my life how I cannot be happy beef. I decide to live my life the way I want always since I was I took Chal initiation since since I took Sonia's name Sonya initiation. I'm doing what I want. You know so I'm happy for you and not compromising you know. How is it with your friends? You do you move through like okay so you came back after eight years years and you're kind of I mean obviously you must have. Could you have left the temple within that are sorry we left the resort within that eight years they can leave and come back as you please kind of thing or how did that work. I left the place which place resorts in Poona. You could leave and go home for the holidays things like this or did you. Could you could go around. And meanwhile in those eight eight years have run to America I lived as I mentioned before I lived in two or Sha communities in Boulder and Miami and then I came back Ivan back till Puna. Yeah Free them known not not there runoff condition. So so you would meet people that you knew before who were not into this kind of thing. Nothing more actually taper. My friends changed very much. You know so. The old friends worth not committing anymore. You know there was no somehow. They're not crossing each other pause than you know. So my life change my friends exchange of course in the beginning in those eight years. I was Mostly I was mostly surrounded by Sanaa's Oceania's and there was also a little bit kind of a differentiating. You you know. Yes yes since separating yourself yes yes yeah but I think that segregating A. Yeah but I think it was It was just a time of kind of just you know sure. It's almost like us us and hoping mechanisms to kind of hoping and also making the breach in between the spiritual and the material will just. That's always very difficult for me. Getting out of retreats again. You're eight years. It's different thing but really integrating the grading that into my normal life only friends and all the problems that I wanted to solve you know and now I come back with this wisdom and I think can solve all these problems now which actually some of them get solved but then others suck you right there. Yeah Yeah did you go through in many times many times I couldn't stand everything from the from the material world. I couldn't stand it. I was judging very much. You know I see I see yes but it changed. Yes it changed. I had to kind of re enter that vote in. Oh yes and so. I don't see the difference anymore. What made you want? That's amazing by the way And that's very freeing in fact that ego stays with us in so many secrets secret. Sneaky ways you know and and really. It's that's part of the fun actually is continuing to shine light on those parts. I know I'm getting a little little funny money now but this is what I believe. Shine lights on those part of ourselves and coming out of that darkness as this ever blooming ever-growing process and it never ends and it's is actually really awesome because every time you you as I say shine light and bloom your blooming more and more and it's like I can see now I see now in that really. It seems to never end. There's always some little nook you know that you can shine light on and just kind of free yourself from so. That's great. That's great. I hope you agree with that. I don't know but when did you decide to leave what what made you finally say okay. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to get out of this Situation from Torna or from India from India from Poona from out from being a quota residential sin Yassin or even even like heavily day program. Kind of thing. Yeah you know I was so much in love with the place with the community it was also a very safe place you know and you just have this fitting that everybody understands you. You're on the same page and you can share share You have a lot of support you know you felt like you are really supported and safe you know and then then something happened. I don't remember exactly what but I think they wanted me to assist in some groups groups in some breath group. It's very intense. It's very Cathartic I've done that. It's been and and actually actually I said no because I felt like no. I don't want to do it. You know because at that time I was already including my own workshops and own. I started to be therapist in in in in this mystery. School in Social Commune and I studied meditation and hypnosis and Yoga Awesome so I didn't feel like going into some group as an assistant and go through this Catharsis gain so I didn't feel like I felt like no I don't WanNa do it again. The three rebellious spirit and I think Somebody didn't like it and they said you know. Then maybe you take a break from this. Yeah after eight years. They had to take a break believable. Well Yeah because actually you know yeah. There are certain rules that you have to do so. If you want to live and work in this community you grew it in a way. It was a very right time to go out and spread actually pushes teaching not just to scream about it but just by sharing what I learned you know I was. I was very excited again because it was a new stage in my life. I was going going into the big wall to gain you know and very marketplace at yes and very insecure in the beginning. Because I didn't know talk to communicate and my vocabulary changed very much. You know now I was India. You know and I knew this new kind of a way of expressing yourself a normal people would be on a weirds me. Maybe you're not sure so. I had to to learn the game to be involved but not to build the wall not to belong and not getting older I Avenue Se. It was so difficult it was tricky. You know it's it's yeah but at the same uncommon it was very you know what you learn in all show rolled in Osho commune total. You know I don't know how to explain that but even when you have fear you he'll go through with you know nothing can stop you really you know you. Don't try to lie to yourself and say Oh. This isn't happening. I'm not afraid if you're afraid don't be afraid. Yeah you are afraid but you are still going through it. You know you're going to your fear and you become much more courageous somehow and much more truthful. You know in the world as well even when people don't unacceptable or don't like it doesn't kill you anymore even when you're hung over K.. Eh One is fun is difficult. Actually when I was in the ozone resort fishes ages are hardly drinking anything. Because you lose this kind of Because you're so high naturally all the time every day you know the fuel you lose this interest. I remember after maybe some years drinking beer shitting one beer with my best girlfriend. She lives in New York. And we got We had such a bad hangover. The bottle you know what it doesn't worth I had one shot one shot yesterday. One shot and I can't tell you how good I feel when I'm not drinking ten days after I'm just like I had one shot in layers of bad news and just like you know it's so hard to like at the moment to just be like okay and the meditate. I'm going through this. You know I'm just field is but I think if you drink some good wines sometime it's okay you know sure. Oh Yeah not absolutely absolutely let me ask you this where people. What are the rules there? Could you like. Could you have sex with someone getting a relationship with someone on campus in in In Poonam like an open again in the field hands and walk around no scores. Okay Okay and you could go in each other's rooms and things like this I think so. It's no it's not this typical into his uh shown where men and women have to be. You had to be separate you know shudder. Like that's why I choose or Sean sure. There were no uh-huh Before I went to Buddhist centers before I came to a show years I went to Buddhist centers. I went to some Fingers kind of centrist. You know nothing was feeling like It didn't feel like it's honest. Somehow you know and I didn't feel like I belong there. Because there's so many distractions you know. I think there's a a lot of yes I think that's a suppressant. I think that's a lot of problem that people have on the outside with the Osha community is because every even people. I hate it when people say this to me. They say Oh 'cause enormous in Buddhist they go oh Jordan. That's not a very Buddhist thing to do. I mean I don't hate it obviously but it's like that's not a very Buddhist thing to do and like I say it's like like it's like saying well that's not a very karate thing to do or you know that's not a very it's another ping pong player thing to do. Yeah Yeah Jack Right. Check our Our points of view right so anything to anyone. Yeah and I think that's a lot of people's problem with it and then that's also the huge welcoming benefit of something like this is because you realize like I say I'm one of the people who say. Oh they're they're ecstatic dancing and they're doing all this but once you realize it's okay you go. Yes thank God. I'm free of Bullshit Bullshit. Total suppressing like Oh. I don't WanNA ask her out. Oh she doesn't. She doesn't want people to ask her out. You know things like this guys realize realized they can they can be attracted to women you know and just be like. Oh it's okay you know it's. It's a huge huge thing huge. Both you know I just want to mention one thing about or Shou commune or resort that you know when when you're in the beginning you're so happy to express yourself in. Yes it's all about expressing yourself in meditation in some groups robes therapy groups. You know you're kind of seeing taking out layers and layers of conditioning and finally you feel like you're free to express yourself but this is really only the beginning. Yes not or shows. Teachings are not bought expressing yourself freely. It's just it's really step one now. The mind the mind is open for for the next But then you have to when you become more and more aware you know then certain things you just don't WanNa do you know you don't want to impress anyone you don't want to express yourself anymore you know you who's that interest it's childish in totally totally yes. Yeah we're now. What was kind of the biggest problem like what were the biggest rule breakers acres people? Were doing over there. If I might ask we're running out of time a little bit but I did want to get into it just a little bit of this. Well I think the people people who are working there were skipping some meditations and that was saw. Yes yes if you are living in this place your their form into tation yes otherwise. Why would you go to leave their? Yes you know so I think that was Were there drug problems drinking problems. Anything like that people sneak it away party and things like this or is that we had the farthest in the evenings. Thanks we had very good. Dj's we actually. We danced a lot drinking drinking drinking. Not Not much. I didn't. Let's see really drunk people and if you had to drink or do drugs I think you could do outside. I didn't see it much. Okay okay interesting interesting. What were the rules? Basically show up on time to the required practice work. Do your work. If you're living there and working king what were what were the rules. Some of the other rules there. They had not much march. You you had to. You had to evolve obviously in those years you know you had to go. Let me ask him and an old environment was in the support of your Growing consciously you know so if somebody would just stay the same like like some boys. Some guys were retracing. The goal is all the time you know. And not meditating not be interested in now imitation surely probably would be asked to leave or not respecting not respecting place right. Okay Okay and so I wanna ask you this and I wanna I WANNA get Just want to get your reaction to it. What what what do you have? You seen the documentary wild wild country. Yeah while I was in Rishikesh actually to go. Yeah what did you think of that. Well you know I've personally I just WANNA say this number one. I don't think radio show with anything but but just this kind of but when I saw it I cried bridal. I was very much. I was very touched. Actually by all this I think it was a very beautiful very courageous Dream and I could see both sides. Somehow I never. I never thought I could understand those Americans reckons inaugurals local people. You know sure. Yeah but yeah but could see the other side of the gates you know and I could see the way it was going it could not coexist you know. How did you feel about that side? Sad I think I see I think many mistakes I was watching. You said I was very sad. Yeah I was very sad for both because people were working so much inside the Bush to make that place It to make that place like was insured. That's yeah I totally I totally get that. Because you know it's it's weird they their mindset is so positive and just like Oh. We're doing this amazing great thing. A you almost WANNA just share it with everyone one but the problem is that none of the people I think in that community were wanting to it too accepting of it so it's just like it's it's almost like they feel like Oh. These people are trying to jam it down our throats and they're coming at them just like oh come on. This is so wonderful we want you to have such a great life with us. And everyone's like the hell are you talking about. I'm fine get the hell away for main. Well that's the biggest problem and but now I can see at the the communities the spiritual communities like ashrams they have to really respect respect the the community it's a outside and really Not to provoke them actually to respect they believes. Yeah even if you don't agree with their beliefs you know you have to respect them. Does the sign of a a avail spirituality. I think you know kid do. Can you tell me at the time in two thousand to two thousand eight Obviously the documentary did not come out in his last question. Alaska documentary Did did the. I can't remember the that kind of villain of the documentary to remember her name. The she was CA- Must Sheila did. She have any kind of reputation a over there or was there anything known about anything Yeah Ah really okay even before this. Wow ye-ye-yeah ousted from the. Wow okay interesting. Yeah I just wanted I. I'm just curious about that. That's all very manipulator very well I think Maybe even not conscious spots what she was doing for look fanatic. You know kind of some kind of some kind. Yeah for sure the amazing. That's that's my fear of that stuff is just you know you get to that point and again you just allow these snakes because because you're so welcoming and your so warm and even Osho you know being that's what I'm saying. It's just like you know you have someone that's saying all these wonderful and beautiful awful things that he's just so open and he's so willing to let people come in and if you get someone it's just so easy when you're that loving of a person to invite someone in that just like oh he can. He doesn't even see what I can do to make a whole bunch of money you know it's just so just welcomes those people that take advantage. That's why one of my first questions was. Did you ever see people like that. And it's almost like that's a perfect her. She is a perfect example. I love that it's so easy to sneak into a community of people that are so willing to be like. Oh come come. I don't care where you've come from. Yeah come come in. We'll we'll we'll we'll ask you some questions you'll work you'll you'll be amongst people that love you but then their their mindset is just really. They're they're lying to you and your mindset is just like well if they're lying that's on them it's not really on me but then the damage you and it's just like Oh my God. What is this person Don? Yeah unfortunately they will be always this kind of people you know you cannot protect yourself but even in your life you know you. It'll have to go to the astrum to this kind of deep. Only though you don't they're everywhere you can be in the wall the this kind of people fallen then but this is this is what kind of sucks about life right is that you can. You can take one of two ways and I try to and I really do I swear swear to God I try to preach this to myself is that those people will always exist so I don't need to worry about them. There's a certain certain amount of protection I needed to have myself to not allow them to take advantage of me but what I think sucks and what I think what happens to most of the world is that you get these people. Aw come into your life they poison you and then you become so protective to just try to avoid them that you end up pushing everyone and everything else out because you're just like the best way to protect myself is to almost be a jerk about it you know. You can't be this genuine person that you want to be and I just it breaks. My heart is a very interesting question. I really feel that that happens just to keep people away. You know you have to kind of you know like a bit shield and chooses you it changes your but then if you keep keep going you know if you keep enquiring you know nobody can really the damage you you know. The soul cannot be staying can damage. You can damage your personality. Yes yes but of course In so many people come to the Austrian covert abused and the CIA audible in many ways. You know sexually. Psychologically many horrible things and those people Are Actually they're much foster to open up and to to be vulnerable. Yeah but not only vulnerable but Those people are much more foster Determined to transform their lives. You know one hundred percent agree with because because that's that's how I've I've allowed myself to be okay with everything like anything that's negative. That's happened to me. I'm just not afraid to talk about it with anybody. If any if you ask me any question I'll answer it honestly like I'll always answer you honestly I'll be like yeah. This is what happened. This is high. Felt it sucked. But it's so therapeutic. It's the most therapeutic thing in the world is not. Allow yourself to hold any of that in to anyone. You know someone just ask you a question. I mean obviously within. There's there's always a within reason but for the most part if you're just having a genuine conversation and someone asks you something honestly answer them honestly honestly. Don't be afraid if you know this. This happened to me. This was a thing like and I got through it and here I am. I got a smile on my face cup of tea in my hand. I'm good but you know what I noticed by living and working in that place in or show but it's worth the the people depot who suffered most in hats such horrible circumstances in their life much more loving much more compassionate much more human much more spiritual so nothing nothing can break or heart really. Yes it is something you realize going through this. And it's a huge relief. Is everyone talks about yes. But I'm as I have a special condition I went through this and I have special suffering special problems but you realize that this Brahman Brahmin German central whatever MON source you the true I. It really isn't ultimately affected by by that stuff it's suggestive to it but it's not like I say stained you know. And that's a a lovely a lovely lovely lovely realization league's Asian but it doesn't come immediately to you know this is a bit Up there this realization relation Before you go to that You know when you when I when I came to -ocial resort I've went through many therapies apiece. So remember and clean. Don't stop and many many of us don't even remember what happened in our child what you know. So you uncover those ones and you killed them and and you heal them with meditation you know and then you you're you are not with broken heart your with broken open heart you know. It's very different convict some open. Yes you know something about this like I say having people close to you who are manipulative and even Osha was fooled. I would say that that really makes I find it endearing. That Osho was fooled by this person if that was the case because it really shows that the human I'm in it shows that nobody's infallible. No one is God. No one is absolutely frigging perfect and that he is human just as us and it's shows an innocence there as well to see that someone who's so close could be so manipulative. Septic you know to me I don't know I find it quite positive I find it a nice thing for some reason at humanizing right like it's worse for some reason. He allowed her to be there but I am not sure sure. He was aware because he was show for sometimes. He wasn't silenced and he was not really going out of his room. You don't so I'm not sure how much he knew about her manipulations. I don't think he I don't think he. Yeah Anyway so let me let me say this. I want to wrap up here but I wanNA give Osho the last word here I want to ask you. I'm sorry I had to move my phone silly not over here. Let me ask you this. What what is it about Osho? WHO's gained that? He's gained the following shoe dog. I mean I mean it's it's huge following. What makes him different from? Like lineages like large lineages from say like on the the hugging hugging saints or even Jesus Christ in Christianity. What what is really got that I think for you made it at the time or for now the really the thing that says okay I? This is who I'm GONNA listen to. This is what what is what is he got. What's his thing you know? What does he bring into us? You know he included everything. She didn't exclude anything. You know King. His teaching were including the Buddha and the Zorba so the celebration of L. Material Life Life enjoyment of life and meditation together so. He didn't exclude anything. He he was not telling you in order to be spiritual you have to give up this and they send that Yup and he was incredibly charismatic Martic in the very advanced I think and amazing. And then you just find your Q.. It was derived Muster for me and for someone someone needs Alma you know and someone one needed Saba that time you know. Some people were going to say Bob but they say that you know when the disciples ready. The mosser Sir appears so he appeared and for me she was very revolutionary auctioning in spiritual inside the spirituality. Awesome okay well listen. I think we're going to wrap it up here. That was fantastic again India. Thank you very much for coming. Gay See see we got through it. Not Too much controversy. Not Too much like we did. We did good. I think we did pretty good good. I don't know if I mentioned that I I really deep fell in love with those show and only when you fell in love with your Mostra with your teacher with your guide Dan then something can really transforming you should stay. That's my feeling you know. Yeah Yeah like those years will well listen. It's hard to our relation ship. Yes even those humorously amazing definitely. I've felt him and so present and until today every day is very prison in my life. Well guys now you've heard it. You've heard it straight from the Sun Johnson's mouth. You can't say anything to anybody about nothing. Because you've heard the real story here so hopefully we've given you some insight and some clarity to this. This rajneesh character you know yeah. I love that. He's full of controversy. I actually love it. You know there was a time time. I thought he was charlatan. And all this stuff but I mean you can't help but just be blown away by the clarity and real reality in the sense that he makes when he talks about stuff yup and like you said all inclusive you know it's close close. I mean this whole thing about being poor. Poor person doesn't need meditation. I mean come on that makes that makes a lot of sense there. So that's his style. That's how it goes. I really hope that she's helped. You get the straight story here you you know and what can I say. I think you've done a great job. Thank you very much India for you for inviting me. Thank you awesome. We did it. I want to give you the opportunity to let people know what you're doing in your life or if you have anything you'd like to To to invite people to join you in Including your contact tech information. Do you have anything happening in your life that you wanNA share with people right now in terms of doing very normal life Break now. I'm married in Latvia Injury Gum and I created my own Inside my house US Great and I have a studio Meditation Yoga Studio and I love what I do. You know really enjoying breath every day of my life yes every lesson joy in are you inviting. Are you teaching people. Are you inviting people to join you with this In any way yeah We have yoga classes and meditation nations. And then I I also invite people to come with me to India so I bring on Little Group A to go off every year because warm and it's tropical and people can have fun as well. It's more like Voshel way. You know the meditate taste and have fun as well so we meditate. We do yoga in the very beautiful resort in the Modern Gore Jeevan resort and And we have fun. We go to concerts. We go to the party. Don't drink much because some because meditates the states in without meditate in the morning song. But it's enough. It's enough fun and excitement without drinking. Actually what and how can people get in touch with you if they want to contact and maybe ask you about these. Oh well they probably can go to my facebook account India Divall Board to my website which is right balance doth ye ooh Dot Edu Dot e U K for a European Union. Everybody so I will include those in the description if if anyone would like to get a hold of it anyway what is going on. What is that in your hand? You have there what. What have you been? It's al-shemaliya brand grand nine. When I get this Sonya sinicisation Sonya sound celebration? They one summer day in Italy when it got this name named India. And that's the one the one you got does the one. Thank God really. Wow okay fantastic okay. So she's still l. this whole time Osho in her hands or in the hands of Osho perhaps potato produce I went to different masters and now I have Other masterson my life core in the body inquire can go to and drink the wisdom from the sages this amazing sages uh-huh and economic the questions. Osha does not jealous about this. I don't think so no. I think he was actually mentioning. When I'm gone? Find somebody who can You know who can support for your questions. Russian people. Yeah absolutely wonderful I love it. You are beautiful. Look at her. She's beautiful folks. I promise you if you if you haven't even seeing this video of of wonderful India talking about this incredibly mysterious and enlightening man. You can check. Check it out on youtube channel bravely mistaken And all its forum India. I'm GONNA say goodbye. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been fantastic mastic and Hey maybe we can get on next time about your current master. We can get going with with that. Maybe not thank you very much. Okay thank you for being kind. Let us commit difficult questions. Thank God thank God you think this thank you you you're very kind Thank you very much all right. My dear all right India farewell. We'll see you again to care. Bye Bye bye bye. Bye Bye unbelievable angel my goodness God why goodness she's just such a sweet sweet person. What do you think man? I mean what it. What do you think's going on here with Give me your impressions. Oh show before and after tell talk to me here You know I kinda just have the same opinion as I did before. Okay and what's that it's a community you know it's just how you're choosing to perceive and go about life. I think really I think his message. is great. It works for me but at the end of the day you know they're still structure. You know there's still. Hey you have to do this. We have to do this because it's just a community of people and people are people and we're all going to need certain things were all going to have to do certain things to get by. You know we can't just all sit in the hills and meditate all day and then expecting succumb to us. There's some harsh realities in life that you have to. You have to endure and then you have to do But I I think it's it's positive You know I think it's great thing it's what about Osha the man before and after. Oh Man I don't know you know that that it's so hard that documented really does change you it is. It's I mean. He had a reputation before just the way he talks and just the way he the way he talks like this. You're here's a half into burris very naturally you know he talks very slow and then documentary came and it's just like shit you know I think in doing doing the people that follow Osho Justice. I think it's okay to say this. I think that no matter what opinion you have of him as a man right as a human being I think you cannot negate the positive things that he did say I you know I think no matter what it is if you think that he he was a very materialistic manipulative person. It's just like okay. Well you know that that's your opinion and I can't change it but you cannot not negate that the guy did definitely have some very positive and beautiful things to say and that he did help people you know. What do you think of the Rolls Royces? ROLLS-ROYCES I get it. You know I guess I think I understand a little bit that the more invoking reaction from people thing but I just want to know if I was part of that community if I said hey can I just take that baby out. You know for a Saturday night. Upbringing one of them one one one one for each foot roll rolls. Roller skated borrow the damn car. O Show if you would've let me do it. I think I would have been a little bit. Chillier role roles are skating. I'm not GonNa say the joke anymore. Okay well there's not much to say Yeah it got a little sticky there with the whole like oh by the way I was never imposing that you haven't been to. I'm saying one in general hasn't been through talk to me. Of course he did but no I mean that includes you but I know I know who the hell everyone gets into what works for you and what doesn't actually. We have very contentious views on that. What works for this person that I actually? I have a pretty universal thing about. Obviously you know this about me about what works for people. I think very few things work for everybody. I think meaning there are a few things that will work for everybody but yeah anyway that got a little sticky. That was a little fun unknown. That's that's that's typically a lot when you're doing these spiritual discussions like an Indian stuff like this. That happens a lot. You get really contentious with people about like about methods and things like this. It could get quite interesting seaport headley that's awesome. That's awesome thing you're supposed to. I think you're supposed to a question. You're supposed to challenge. If anything that I that I that I have grown a little bit more respect for after this is the fact that you know I felt felt. She was saying that you know she was saying it's not this. Restrictive thing this restrictive practice. You're supposed to question and I love that I don't really consider it a religion but if I'm comparing it it's one of the things that I love. It just doesn't feel restrictive. I can question. It's okay to question. It's okay catered debate. It's okay to argue. You know you just have to come come from a place of love and understanding and wanting to grow and and it's GonNa be great you know as long as you Joe Rogan. You can be Joe Rogan. I'll be Jordan Peterson. I agree with you completely. I agree with you completely Sherman. We've done it. We've done it. I think we did good. I think we did good. Okay Angel Thank you very much. How you doing these days you got anything going on in your life you want people to know about now man? I'm taking a break after after everything that's going on. I'm just trying to breathe a little bit. Red Dead Revolver to red dead redemption revolvers revolvers. A different Game Jordan. But they you know I realized that the thing that's the same about red dead revolver and red dead redemption. Is They have that thing thing thing that little cross off. Oh Yeah. That's from red dead revolver. I think gives a shit. We'll posse up. We'll get it done. I hope I hope to God. My fucking Mike has been too hot has been hot this whole time now i. I'm peaking like every word my mouth. How did I do? Did I see miserable this whole whole time. Did I do all right. No you seemed good. You seem good in the beginning. It was a little rough because I think you knew so much about the subject matter with the interview with the interview. Yeah I mean that's what I thought you were going to keep going. Don't feel the whole doug myself this whole back. Don't pull back okay. Oh you just I was like I. You've obviously talked to her before. You've obviously talked about this this subject matter before for. Oh yeah and I was just like. Don't don't don't be biased. Why is challenge is about what? Oh Yeah Right. Challenged her right right right. Yeah yeah well thank you. I appreciate that I appreciate you pulling me out of the asking these questions because I have been through this shit. You know not eight years once again but yeah I'm I'm your. I would call myself lame. But you're Lehman Man. I appreciate you pulling us back to the beginner's mind kind of about it because I can forget how familiar it is to me in not to someone else so I appreciate that buddy so you ain't got nothing going on Nothing you WANNA plug doesn't doesn't WANNA plug by by call of duty modern warfare. It's a great game how you come in the big reveal. How can people get a hold of you? Buddy you can get a a hold of me on social media linked in I'll shoot up my email address. My personal email address had never mind doing that. ORLANDO at Djamil L. DOT COM. That's valuable property man. Be careful you know firing include that will include that if you want to. I don't know just say hi at Angel and complimented on his Raspy raspy on his angelic voice. Thank you very much. I'm GONNA say goodbye. Always a pleasure. My friend thank thank you. We'll see again. Obviously and for me this is Jordan. O'Leary you can see the video of this interview and post talk on Youtube if you haven't already and if you want to listen listen to the beginning of the podcast which is not included in the video. You can go to bravely mistaken at Itunes or wherever you get your podcasts. If you have an idea for the show and you'd like me to interview someone who has some kind of misunderstood take on live profession hobby culture. I duNno whatever gender anything like this let me know in the comments of Youtube or leave a review on itunes and I'll have some kind of way to get in touch. Atrophy wants his shows out. We made it. I'm going to bring you back angel. We made an five says five episodes for this and I think this'll be the fifth episode. see later angel and and we will. We will see you again next week with a new one and we're GONNA come at you every week with a new show and so if you like to show you know what to do come on man. Almost twenty twenty. I don't need to tell you how to support the show but you can prescribe and share and do all that fun stuff. I'm during your Larry. I'm out of here. Thank you from bravely mistake and and remember I like back.

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