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"india divall board" Discussed on Bravely Mistaken

"Oh well they probably can go to my facebook account India Divall Board to my website which is right balance doth ye ooh Dot Edu Dot e U K for a European Union. Everybody so I will include those in the description if if anyone would like to get a hold of it anyway what is going on. What is that in your hand? You have there what. What have you been? It's al-shemaliya brand grand nine. When I get this Sonya sinicisation Sonya sound celebration? They one summer day in Italy when it got this name named India. And that's the one the one you got does the one. Thank God really. Wow okay fantastic okay. So she's still l. this whole time Osho in her hands or in the hands of Osho perhaps potato produce I went to different masters and now I have Other masterson my life core in the body inquire can go to and drink the wisdom from the sages this amazing sages uh-huh and economic the questions. Osha does not jealous about this. I don't think so no. I think he was actually mentioning. When I'm gone? Find somebody who can You know who can support for your questions. Russian people. Yeah absolutely wonderful I love it. You are beautiful. Look at her. She's beautiful folks. I promise you if you if you haven't even seeing this video of of wonderful India talking about this incredibly mysterious and enlightening man. You can check. Check it out on youtube channel bravely mistaken And all its forum India. I'm GONNA say goodbye. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been fantastic mastic and Hey maybe we can get on next time about your current master. We can get going with with that. Maybe not thank you very much. Okay thank you for being kind. Let us commit difficult questions. Thank God thank God you think this thank you you you're very kind Thank you very much all right. My dear all right India farewell. We'll see you again to care. Bye Bye bye bye. Bye Bye unbelievable angel my goodness God why goodness she's just such a sweet sweet person. What do you think man? I mean what it. What do you think's going on here with Give me your impressions. Oh show before and after tell talk to me here You know I kinda just have the same opinion as I did before. Okay and what's that it's a community you know it's just how you're choosing to perceive and go about life. I think really I think his message. is great. It works for me but at the end of the day you know they're still structure. You know there's still. Hey you have to do this. We have to do this because it's just a community of people and people are people and we're all going to need certain things were all going to have to do certain things to get by. You know we can't just all sit in the hills and meditate all day and then expecting succumb to us. There's some harsh realities in life that you have to. You have to endure and then you have to do But I I think it's it's positive You know I think it's great thing it's what about Osha the man before and after. Oh Man I don't know you know that that it's so hard that documented really does change you it is. It's I mean. He had a reputation before just the way he talks and just the way he the way he talks like this. You're here's a half into burris very naturally you know he talks very slow and then documentary came and it's just like shit you know I think in doing doing the people that follow Osho Justice. I think it's okay to say this. I think that no matter what opinion you have of him as a man right as a human being I think you cannot negate the positive things that he did say I you know I think no matter what it is if you think that he he was a very materialistic manipulative person. It's just like okay. Well you know that that's your opinion and I can't change it but you cannot not negate that the guy did definitely have some very positive and beautiful things to say and that he did help people you know. What do you think of the Rolls Royces? ROLLS-ROYCES I get it. You know I guess I think I understand a little bit that the more invoking reaction from people thing but I just want to know if I was part of that community if I said hey can I just take that baby out. You know for a Saturday night. Upbringing one of them one one one one for each foot roll rolls. Roller skated borrow the damn car. O Show if you would've let me do it. I think I would have been a little bit. Chillier role roles are skating. I'm not GonNa say the joke anymore. Okay well there's not much to say Yeah it got a little sticky there with the whole like oh by the way I was never imposing that you haven't been to. I'm saying one in general hasn't been through talk to me. Of course he did but no I mean that includes you but I know I know who the hell everyone gets into what works for you and what doesn't actually. We have very contentious views on that. What works for this person that I actually? I have a pretty universal thing about. Obviously you know this about me about what works for people. I think very few things work for everybody. I think meaning there are a few things that will work for everybody but yeah anyway that got a little sticky. That was a little fun unknown. That's that's that's typically a lot when you're doing these spiritual discussions like an Indian stuff like this. That happens a lot. You get really contentious with people about like about methods and things like this. It could get quite interesting seaport headley that's awesome. That's awesome thing you're supposed to. I think you're supposed to a question. You're supposed to challenge. If anything that I that I that I have grown a little bit more respect for after this is the fact that you know I felt felt. She was saying that you know she was saying it's not this. Restrictive thing this restrictive practice. You're supposed to question and I love that I don't really consider it a religion but if I'm comparing it it's one of the things that I love. It just doesn't feel restrictive. I can question. It's okay to question. It's okay catered debate. It's okay to argue. You know you just have to come come from a place of love and understanding and wanting to grow and and it's GonNa be great you know as long as you Joe Rogan. You can be Joe Rogan. I'll be Jordan Peterson. I agree with you completely. I agree with you completely Sherman. We've done it. We've done it. I think we did good. I think we did good. Okay Angel Thank you very much. How you doing these days you got anything going on in your life you want people to know about now man? I'm taking a break after after everything that's going on. I'm just trying to breathe a little bit. Red Dead Revolver to red dead redemption revolvers revolvers. A different Game Jordan. But they you know I realized that the thing that's the same about red dead revolver and red dead redemption. Is They have that thing thing thing that little cross off. Oh Yeah. That's from red dead revolver. I think gives a shit. We'll posse up. We'll get it done. I hope I hope to God. My fucking Mike has been too hot has been hot this whole time now i. I'm peaking like every word my mouth. How did I do? Did I see miserable this whole whole time. Did I do all right. No you seemed good. You seem good in the beginning. It was a little rough because I think you knew so much about the subject matter with the interview with the interview. Yeah I mean that's what I thought you were going to keep going. Don't feel the whole doug myself this whole back. Don't pull back okay. Oh you just I was like I. You've obviously talked to her before. You've obviously talked about this this subject matter before for. Oh yeah and I was just like. Don't don't don't be biased. Why is challenge is about what? Oh Yeah Right. Challenged her right right right. Yeah yeah well thank you. I appreciate that I appreciate you pulling me out of the asking these questions because I have been through this shit. You know not eight years once again but yeah I'm I'm your. I would call myself lame. But you're Lehman Man. I appreciate you pulling us back to the beginner's mind kind of about it because I can forget how familiar it is to me in not to someone else so I appreciate that buddy so you ain't got nothing going on Nothing you WANNA plug doesn't doesn't WANNA plug by by call of duty modern warfare..

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