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"imelda jordan" Discussed on First Draft

"Here with todd mcshay and todd. It's just going to be on the podcast today. I mean at least sproul is. He's got some work that he's actually doing. He's keeping everything afloat as as you were saying. Exactly Khyber man one of these days. We're going to have to get him. Hooked up to some of this technology. But I'm here and I want to react to his mock draft just like everybody else so happy to do. Oh this is perfect. Perfect for you to react while he's not here obviously like you back the whole time and there's nothing wrong with that honestly there is sprout keeping our NFL team. Afloat is far more important things this week. Then coming back on the podcast. So hopefully. Next week he'll be here with us. Everything gets settled But Todd you and I are going to go through. Mel's mock draft. We're going to talk about where Mel finally got it right. Where he's still wrong and what he needs to change. And then we're going to take a couple of questions from our incredible fans on twitter. Bless jump right into this. Obviously you've seen miles mock draft three point. Oh finally after three chances whereas it in this mock draft Finally getting right with some of these guys. Well not much changed at the top of the draft. You still have borough going one to the bengals. You still have chased young going to Washington. Yeah Fukuda makes a lot of sense as the the cornerback. Yes it would be the first time since Terry Fair which is ninety eight. I think ninety eight somewhere in that range And then Isaiah Simmons would be it would be the first linebacker and since Carl banks so I mean you're you're talking about replacing legends and also being being organizations that are basically willing to go out of the box in terms of what they've done organizationally for so many years but ultimately what everyone wants to know about is is to still going five and does Miami have to move up to get to talk about. Hello and maybe that's where things shake up. I mean I don't see a scenario in which Joe Borough does not go number one. I know Miami wants to move up and go get jober. I also am well aware just like any rational human being. That's GonNa be a tough tough task and it's very unlikely but But it's still in play it still employ and the People. I talked to in the League. People are starting to catch on to what we were talking about coming out of the combine. And that's it. Miami really wants this guy so you never know the bengals could try to move out but I think ultimately it will be Jonesboro number one the bengals and then after that it becomes a little bit of a free for all you know is Miami. Move Up do they still love tour? They happy and content with with his medical. And then where's the next quarterback go? He's good? Of course hyper GonNa have Justin Herbert going six. And Drop Jordan Lov all the way down to what I'm I'm scrolling through my scrolling here we go La Sealed Rolling Twenty Patriots the Utah State quarterback. So I mean that's that's that's what we're we're betting five thousand dollars on from the foundation but ultimately it's going to be interesting to see how these quarterbacks come off the board but it's GonNa be borough and then it's going to be to a and then after that Herbert love and whatever combination but all four are going to come off the board in the first round question on the lions at three now moving on from Darius slay do you think that puts more pressure on them to take Okuda over anyone else that would be there or if the dolphins jumped up and took a quarterback at to do you think chase young was still be the obvious choice for them. Chase would be the obvious choice. Yes I mean. It's it chase young has to be to unless it's a quarterback team moves out for. Yeah and then and basically the first player. That's not a quarterback to come off the board. He's yeah yeah he's I mean he's a special player so it's young and then after that like I think Okuda's right there but I think Derek Browns in the same neighborhood I think Isaiah Simmons the Clemson linebackers in the same neighborhood. I really do the more more tape. I've studied this is the best part of the process. Really is you watch on TV. You go to games. You talked to coaches you. All this different stuff right. And you're studying tape as the season goes on. But then you you're able to go sit down and office with the Xhosa Remote Clicker and you're just Bang Bang Bang Bang. Bang game after game after game and sometimes perception is a little different than reality. And while I love Okuda and I love chase young but I also love Isaiah Simmons of what his potential could be and I think if used properly he could be just a special as those other guys and I think Derek Proud is so underrated. It's a joke. I really do I think. Derrick Brown is his great versus the Ron. He's GonNa be appealed. He's going to provide some of that. Gerald McCoy tight penetration and just constantly causing problems in the middle of the in the middle of the offensive line. And and just giving issues to to what you're trying to do from a pass protection stamp so to me if you between Brown and Simmons and Okuda and young yes. Young is the best of that group. But there's not as big separation as some people. Maybe want to present it so the idea that obviously those two quarterbacks will probably be the first to quarterbacks off the board From that standpoint to a and and Joe Borough will see just in Herbert falls in but those four players should be the next four non quarterbacks off the board from that standpoint at least the next four office powders. Yeah I mean we we could see. I guess in offense Lineman the Tristan. Morphs could sneak in there but I I would be surprised the one thing I agree with on with Mel. What he's doing here. And you can't project trades. According to his rules. His own rules chasing chase. Yang goes to that makes sense. If no one's moving up Okuda that makes sense going three Isaiah Simmons. All these teams need defensive players than Miami needs a quarterback and if they're happy with the medical into a makes sense the only thing I would say is the chargers. Get it I get it with the position but are they really going to take Justin Herber? And does he provide an upgrade oil? Tyrod Taylor and I know tyrod Taylor's of an average at best storyteller and kind of a fringe starter. But I just I don't know I- i- Herbert's got a lot. There's a lot to develop their. I offense of line would make sense but even go on defense. If there's a one of these great four players still available you know. One of the ship's sure to fall is the idea that like. Let's say we have the the dolphins taken to a at five and the chargers with Herbert six understanding. Like you said no trades are allowed but we still have Jameis Winston and Cam Newton chip that still has to fall regarding free agency. And how's that going to affect everything here and I could easily see the chargers if they go after one of those guys just like you said. Are you upgrading the offensive line are you looking at Derrick Brown? Who is going to the panthers pick later? That would change this whole process immensely. Once we figure out one of those players goes as well. Look I mean. Did anyone a couple of weeks ago. Tom Brady to be going to Tampa. I mean we can all say that we did but like did you really going to happen. Palese right they're not a single person. Even my wife doesn't know anything really about the Pittsburgh steelers. That's random right yes. Yes doesn't make sense because everyone thought I was going to be in la or it's GonNa be you know somewhere to market. That made sense for them but he just you know he wants to go pro of what he can do and wants to try to prove that he can do it with. Bill and bill wants to prove that he can do it without Tom. And we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA find out it'll be interesting to see but ultimately the there's still some dominos that are going to that are gonNA fall here and I'm just I'm looking through this. There's so many teams that are in flux at the quarterback position. What are the Patriots? GonNa do Imelda Jordan love going there. Twenty three. What CHURCH STADIUMS. Not The answer they they may they may want him to be the answer but Bryant. Heuer's got better shot probably have of winning that job ultimately at least for a year and I I don't know I just think it's fascinating and I looked at the draft picks the day it was like two days ago. We got the email of course knowing. Got Twelve draft picks. I think the second most of the League and so they're capable as always of moving up and going to get a quarterback so I will say and I've I've heard rumors about about James going in New England and it wouldn't surprise me but they're only going to do it if it's for value everything they do for value. That's how they've built this whole thing and they will not stray from that. And so they're going to wait. They're gonNA see what how the marketplace out and if they can get a Guy James for for much less than than the value price. Yeah they'll they'll pull the trigger. Do you know what the cut cut him if he doesn't work out. I mean that's how they do it. I want to ask you about the forty niners sitting at thirteen. Now after that trade with the colts With the forest buckner. I'm curious when you see the niners jumping up that high. What is it that you're looking for them? Do they need to address the defensive line out of Buckner gone? Are you looking for a skill position player to add to that offense someone outside of of you know? They're really talented tight. End And George. Kit ought to be able to catch the ball. I think they believe in Jimmy Garoppolo but I think they also believe that. They have to put quarters around us. You're males got Jerry. Judy here in this third. Mock draft you. That is good high. That would make sense if he was still. There is a flood told me before. He's the best road runner I've ever value. He's the guy who can step in the league and but that he's ready to go. He's eighty catches over thousand yards ten twelve touchdowns that kind of player even though he's not that big. He's not that fast he's just he's just excellent what.

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