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"imed wallace" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Know, an instinct when you're looking at an animal. So like, you know, get the animal down or tryto subdue them, and I don't really feel that That this victim was looked at as a human police say the man was admitted to the hospital and was later released. The incident is under investigation. The department's recently unveiled use of force policy states use of necklace traits is prohibited. For NPR news. I'm telling Pratt in Allentown President Trump is criticizing a privately built Border wall project in South Texas. NPR's Jill Rose reports the stretch of wall near the Rio Grande shows signs of erosion. A few months after being built, President Trump took to Twitter to complain that the privately built border wall was quote on Ly done to make me look bad. Even though the wall was built after a month's long campaign by the president's supporters, a group calling itself we build the wall raised more than $25 million after Congress refused to fund trumps demands for a border wall. The three mile section stands much closer to the Rio Grande than the government ordinarily places border barriers. Propublica and the Texas Tribune reported this week that erosion of the river Bank is threatening the wall's integrity. It was built by Fisher Industries, which has since one a border wall contract from the federal government worth more than a $1,000,000,000. Melrose NPR news and you are listening to NPR names from Culver City, California. Multiple media reports, including stories by The Washington Post, CNN, ESPN say the owner of Washington's NFL team will soon announce that it will retire its nickname Redskins. This. After one of the teams major sponsors, FedEx joined a chorus of groups calling for change following nationwide protest after the police feeling of George Floyd in Minnesota. The McClatchy newspaper chain has approved the bid of a hedge fund company to buy it at a bankruptcy auction. As NPR's David Folkenflik reports Chatham Asset Management owned a lot of the companies Deads. McClatchy owns major regional papers in Charlotte, Sacramento, Rally in Miami among other major cities. Chatham Asset Management already has two significant media properties won a major Canadian newspaper company. The other is the National Enquirer, which got dicey as the tabloid became entangled in payments to keep President Trump's extramarital affair Secret. Chatham is based in New Jersey, and plays hardball. So it is one of the other believed bitters Alden Global Capital, another investment fund that owns nearly 200 newspapers, and has a reputation for slashing budgets beyond its peers for even greater profits. McClatchy says the Chatham deal allows it to emerge as a single company serving 30 communities. The big goes before a judge for review later this month. David Folkenflik NPR news despite a fresh Corona virus outbreak in Hong Kong, Government and anti government morning about possible violations of the new security law. More than half a 1,000,000 voters cast ballots this weekend in an unofficial primary election by the city's pro democracy movement organizer's Imed Wallace like Hotel NPR news..

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