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"im rappaport" Discussed on Guys We F****d

"Right. Exactly that's doors things that you could fill in different things. But i definitely feel like i've gotten way better and slow down a little bit in terms of my reaction period. That's like like if. I have an achilles heel. My emotions and reaction has been my kill when you say like third grade emotions reaction okay. That's been like my killies you like. That's like my my in. When did that start like was right out the back right. It used to resent this when i was younger. Since we're in like the psychotherapy but like my mother. When i was like twenty twenty one thousand nine hundred came out like this you came through my twenties. I'm going to therapy and then on like trying to have the conversation. You sort of not confront them but you have like a prevention intervention. You sort of want to have a conversation with your parents okay. There was a term to it and my mother. Emma father were both like yo. You're fucking pain in the ass. You were fucking pain. This and then when i had kids and you see how one comes out one way and the other comes out there on the way and you look at the triangle understand it. I understand it way more now. Thank god neither. One of them was fucking nuts. As i was when i came up with my mother swore by. You just came out like this. Wow and you know. It's a hard thing that when you're in your twenties and you're trying to figure out your feelings and your thoughts you know what happened to made an like like she was like i didn't wanna fuck it. Talk to you fucking the fucking ass so now but do you exhaust yourself. Yes oh you deal one hundred percent. I would because i would think you're feeling this is what i'm doing. I'm reacted pissed at this sauce. I exhaust myself right okay. All ready know today's going to be an exhausting day. Because i'm doing your podcast. It's you know you guys know and especially if you do pockets by yourself with the. Im rappaport zero pockets. Also luminary which was doing great until dave chapelle came along like when you're talking a lot of shit thinking like the way you guys are making me think and then all that stuff and then you know my own sort of personal thoughts throughout the day like even i was across the street at the deli. Like you know in you know and all that shit at the end of the day like sometimes. I'm like what the fuck is like what you've swept up in storms. That happened in your own head nods. You're always are you ever present. Yes yeah okay. i'm president i'm president. I'm definitely present. But yeah def that right. But when. I'm i'm definitely president. Yeah i do carry fears around with you like oh yeah like of what anything in general ones for. I mean there's so many. I mean tears of you know at the surface all the time i mean i would say my general things are probably one of my biggest fears is is is fucking fucking up like saying something that i'm going to regret like trying to be as honest as i possibly your biggest fear. Yes it makes sense. Because because that i think when you're super outspoken. And i mean. I'm not as you but i i do. Aspire today i but i mean like it's because you wanna be honest and i think like i would imagine like when you're not when you're not honest it makes you feel gross. That's how it is for me. Like i have to be honest. You're you pull your punches. Otherwise otherwise i just feel like why am i in this business. If i'm going to be acting twenty four seven and but then at a certain point especially in in this climate that we're in right now it you if you say it's like you don't have to say everything you can still be honest without saying every thought that crosses your mind. Now that don't know that yet. And i'm one of them social media. We hope you enjoyed that clip with our conversation with michael rapaport. If you want to hear the whole thing and whole things of other guys fucked episodes and episodes from the minds of michael rapaport. Lena dunham roxane gay. Trevor noah head on over to luminary podcasts dot com slash gw f. You can get subscription as low as two ninety nine a month when you sign up for the annual plan..

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