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"illinois state guide" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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"illinois state guide" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

"On the other side the Jacksonville Jaguars what what I mean. Who is this running back dude? I don't even know this guy you mean, you mean James. Robinson who is Ross. You're you're one AA or or a football championship subdivision fan you went to state. Illinois State Guide. So. Here's the deal with these running backs if I'm playing one of them. And that's a big if because I prefer to be sitting on the sidelines here just to watch at Shakeout it's Chris Thompson the scat back got a little nugget for you here, Ross. Like Nuggets Love Nuggets I got a nugget for you in J. Gruden's eight four years as a head coach or offensive coordinator. His leading Reuters. Average fifteen receptions per season. Never more than twenty two. Average. You've got guys on talking Ben Jarvis Green. Adrian Peterson Alfred Morris like these guys just do not catch passes and you can say, well, it's the talent whatnot but Jay Gruden has always employed a scat back what dating back Giovanni Bernard and then of course Chris Thompson in Washington has Chris Thompson here in Jacksonville. So with the Jaguars expect going to be an underdog a hell of a lot this year they're going to be throwing a lot I think Chris Thompson is. Going to be out there quite a bit. So when I, when I, if I'm looking to play Jacksonville Gardner Minzhu is a low NDF option because they'll be playing from behind. This is going to be a good defense though so just be careful there but the front seven I think is particularly loaded and that's why James Robinson and Divino Zippo are probably on my bench this week I want to see how this shakes out. She was a low end kind of cheap the best option with some game script upside. Meanwhile, you're definitely playing DJ chart and I'm being a very, very close eye on La. Viscous. Chenault, the rookie wide receiver, the how how could they use him? Could he essentially play a Scott Back Kinda Role? It's not enough for me to consider playing him in a lineup in week one, but I definitely want to see what his role is. You're for Jacksonville they have no reason not to use him. This is a team that's GONNA lose a lot of games at the young guys involved. Let's move onto the bears and the lions. We know it's trubisky on the road in Detroit? Other than Allen Robinson is there a bear skill guy that should be your could be in any lineups? Yeah. I'd probably put three Cohen in my lineups. Now bears are on our narrow underdogs three point underdogs here so that that would suggest a moderately positive passing game script for Chicago..

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