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"illinois department veterans" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Virus have been reported get this year experts remind residents to be aware and to keep screen doors and windows shut eliminate any standing water where mosquitoes can breed and where insect repellent last year there were ninety human cases including eight deaths lisa fielding newsradio one of five point nine fm a report from the federal centers for disease control and prevention says there are still issues with legionnaire's disease at the illinois quincy veterans home despite improvements the report was created in february following the investigation into cases of legionnaires disease at the quincy facility cdc experts tested more than twenty water samples and had one sample test positive for the presence of legionella bacteria the report says continued cases of the disease in a few of the buildings on campus are likely to be tied to aging plumbing and materials illinois department veterans affairs has its following the recommendations of the cdc and is also installing filters on waterlines where water enters buildings to capture bacteria around our administration has proposed building a brand new facility on the grounds of the veteran's home wbz news time to await traffic and weather together on the susan burke big problems on the westbound side of i eighty past ridgeline there's a crash that's now blocking all lanes traffic has been diverted off at richland otherwise you're good to go on the edens and the kennedy reminder on the inbound kennedy the entrance ramp for madison will be closed until five am eisenhower and easy trip twenty nine minutes either direction between route three ninety and downtown stevenson looking good thirty minutes three fifty five.

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