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"ilia  " Discussed on Elevation Church Podcast

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"ilia " Discussed on Elevation Church Podcast

"Attachment to the past was affecting his discernment in the future. Because ilia kinda looked like Saul. The Bible describes all that language. So his attachment to the past was affecting his discipline in the present. And God has to tell Samuel and remind him we don't use the same criteria when it comes to picking kings. He says, man looks at the outward appearance. But I look at the heart. There's heart criteria that I'm looking for to determine who I'm going to use. So it says ilia isn't it. So another concern comes. He's not it. Another sign comes. He's not it. 7 sons come to Samuel and God's like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 7. And Samuel's confused. So he says to Jesse, he says, are these all? Your sons? He says, yeah, I got one more, but I know he's not the one. Sam, you say you got one more. Call him. We won't sit down until he gets here. And the Bible says, here comes David. And God says to Samuel, that's the one. Now wait a minute. I want you to catch this. 7 people. Got to Samuel. Before.

ilia kinda Samuel Saul ilia Jesse Sam David
Azov commander on situation at Mariupol steel plant

AP News Radio

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Azov commander on situation at Mariupol steel plant

"Members members members members of of of of the the the the Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian minute minute minute minute tree tree tree tree who's who's who's who's still still still still in in in in the the the the remains remains remains remains of of of of the the the the assault assault assault assault style style style style steel steel steel steel plant plant plant plant near near near near Mariupol Mariupol Mariupol Mariupol have have have have suffered suffered suffered suffered heavy heavy heavy heavy casualties casualties casualties casualties are are are are low low low low on on on on supplies supplies supplies supplies the the the the plans plans plans plans being being being being one one one one of of of of the the the the last last last last holdouts holdouts holdouts holdouts of of of of Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian fighters fighters fighters fighters including including including including those those those those who who who who are are are are part part part part of of of of the the the the us us us us off off off off regiment regiment regiment regiment according according according according to to to to a a a a video video video video filmed filmed filmed filmed by by by by ilia ilia ilia ilia someone someone someone someone cope cope cope cope left left left left tenant tenant tenant tenant with with with with Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's army army army army and and and and ed ed ed ed by by by by U. U. U. U. K. K. K. K. Blue Blue Blue Blue Cross Cross Cross Cross to to to to sky sky sky sky the the the the end end end end could could could could be be be be in in in in sight sight sight sight we're we're we're we're taking taking taking taking heavy heavy heavy heavy casualties casualties casualties casualties were were were were taking taking taking taking also also also also stern stern stern stern every every every every day day day day might might might might be be be be are are are are lost lost lost lost are are are are we we we we have have have have extremely extremely extremely extremely limited limited limited limited resources resources resources resources that that that that are are are are very very very very short short short short as as as as for for for for now now now now and and and and the the the the results results results results so so so so these these these these ARE ARE ARE ARE Mendes Mendes Mendes Mendes or or or or capturing capturing capturing capturing by by by by the the the the enemy enemy enemy enemy which which which which is is is is also also also also means means means means death death death death for for for for us us us us the the the the regiment regiment regiment regiment of of of of the the the the Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian National National National National Guard Guard Guard Guard is is is is a a a a seasoned seasoned seasoned seasoned volunteer volunteer volunteer volunteer force force force force that's that's that's that's widely widely widely widely considered considered considered considered one one one one of of of of Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's Ukraine's most most most most capable capable capable capable units units units units I'm I'm I'm I'm Charles Charles Charles Charles de de de de Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma Ledesma

Mariupol Ukraine Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Style Steel Steel Steel Steel Ilia Ilia Ilia Ilia Army Army Army Army U. U. U. U. K. K. K. K. Blue B United States Mendes Mendes Mendes Mendes Regiment Regiment Regiment Reg Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian Charles Charles Charles Charle
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"Slash credit and get $75 towards your first sponsored job Terms and conditions apply Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO P 7 45 and here's Dave Johnson Well she dropped me in Denver so at least I knew I had a mild to fall That's a great country lyric but last night it was a capitals that dropped the avalanche in Denver three to two Marcus Johansson scored the game winner Two great teams And so you can go anywhere but I think we did the right things out there and we played the right way I think in every zone and we didn't let up too much and then Sammy was great back there So just all around great hockey game for my Sami that would be ilia Simpson of a goal with 24 saves and stopped the avalanches 9 game winning streak Hey look what we pulled out of day Preston's nationals notebook on WTO P dot com This week's game to watch this afternoon at one O 5 Arizona pitcher Madison Bumgarner was the driving force behind three title teams for San Francisco but the 2014 World Series MVP hasn't posted a winning record since 2016 Meanwhile I'm curious how Nats starter Josiah gray fairs 6 days after tossing 5 scoreless innings He's pitching in one of 5 today and complete notebook at WTO dot com They have the afternoon game because rained out last night also a game type 7 O 5 The Orioles lose the a's 5 to one mystics training campus here and for head coach Mike Tebow I think there's just this feeling like we know we can be good We know it's going to take some time We know that there's a lot of work to be done to be that good but there's enough confidence like all right if we get this right we're really good On helms having Elena delle donne back from injury on this day in 1960 baseball uniforms again displaying players names on the backs Good idea Dave Johnson a util sports The top stories we're following for you today on WTO P metro says effective immediately masks are optional for customers on trains and buses and also option for employees The same holds true for Amtrak and some major airlines too The Biden administration is reviewing a federal judge's ruling that overturned the national mask mandate for airplanes trains and public transit In Ukraine Russian forces are attacking along a broad front in the eastern part of the country as part of a full scale ground offensive if successful in capturing the eastern Donbass region it would give president Vladimir Putin a vital piece of Ukraine A man is dead and the woman has critical injuries after a large tree fell onto a house last night in the Annapolis area three people were trapped inside the home including a child who was not seriously hurt Keep it here on WTO for more on these stories in just minutes The Environmental Protection Agency says Pennsylvania's plan to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay is not good enough and it must come up with a better one States around the Chesapeake Bay have agreed to reduce the amount of pollution that ends up in waterways that flow into the bay but the EPA says Pennsylvania's plan only meets 70% of its goal to reduce its release of nitrogen the agency says the main source is uncontrolled manure runoff and the state needs better policies and programs to control it Pennsylvania has 90 days to submit an updated plan and starting this week the agency is stepping up agriculture and stormwater inspections and enforcement to push the state to clean up its act Michelle bash WTO news 7 48 Traffic.

WTO Marcus Johansson Dave Johnson ilia Simpson Denver Josiah gray Mike Tebow Elena delle donne Madison Bumgarner avalanche Sami Biden administration Sammy national mask mandate for airp Preston Donbass hockey Orioles helms
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"ilia " Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Trump Ilia merits and PR news New York It's Friday which is when we hear from StoryCorps When Gianna panaga was a baby she was diagnosed with a significant heart defect She received her first heart transplant when she was one year old She's now 30 and has spent most of her life in and out of hospitals Recently Gianna came to with her mother Lourdes to talk about how these experiences shaped her life Since I was three I remember wanting to be a doctor I would always like to watch what was happening like watch how a needle goes in Yeah you had your regular cardiogram and sonograms And you would take in your beanie babies and have them X rayed because you wanted to see what was inside But when the doctors told me I couldn't go to medical school that I didn't have the stamina to do it I was beyond devastated You know I wish that I would have known how devastating it was for you I would have said don't give up But I think my being your mother and being overprotective versus being supportive It's been a learning process The overprotective side we've definitely butt heads about it but I get it So then fast forward ten years when I learned that I had to get the second heart transplant I originally had not wanted to get it because I didn't feel like I wanted to go through all of that It was going to extend my life but it just seemed like this mountain that I didn't really want to buy the equipment to climb But I changed my mind And with the remaining time thanks to this recent heart I'd like to go to medical school I know that I wasn't as supportive then but this is your dream so you have to go You're very brave and I think that's what I'm proudest of Having a transplant does not make you necessarily brave It's just like I have no other choice But the biggest thing that I learned is that if you really want to do something there's always a way to do it And don't let somebody tell you you can't Yeah You just have to honor whatever it is.

Trump Ilia Gianna panaga heart defect Gianna Lourdes New York
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"ilia " Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"FBI agents have arrested a New York couple as authorities seized three and a half $1 billion and allegedly stolen cryptocurrency three and a half billion with a B as in Bitcoin It's said to be the Justice Department's largest single seizure of financial assets ever officials say the couple was laundering the digital currency converting its value into real world assets like what marketplace is nova Well David things as like good old fashioned gold Also things like Walmart gift cards for their own personal expenses This is all according to the government The couple are ilia Liechtenstein and Heather Morgan they're in their early 30s a married couple will live in New York They haven't entered pleas yet but their lawyer called the charges thin Their LinkedIn profiles are interesting David They describe themselves as tech entrepreneurs Heather Morgan says she's also a writer and a comedic rapper Ilya Liechtenstein's profile describes him as a coder and investor who's interested in blockchain technology And that technology of course is what undergirds cryptocurrencies Now who they allegedly steal the Bitcoin from Well officials say it was stolen in a 2016 hack of a cryptocurrency exchange called bit finix That's located in Hong Kong At the time about a 120,000 Bitcoin was taken It was worth about $70 million then The government hasn't charged the couple with the actual hacking but prosecutors say most of that Bitcoin ended up in accounts they controlled Their alleged to have laundered about 25,000 of the Bitcoin much of the rest was still unused with these arrests federal prosecutors tried to hammer the point that they are better able to track these kinds of transactions now although it's still popular in the dark web we saw ransomware attacks last year where hackers asked for payment in cryptocurrency All right nova thank you Let's do the numbers The bond market has turned up pulling down the ten year interest rate to 1.93% U.S. stock index futures are up for the NASDAQ up 1% for the S&P up 7 10% Dow futures are up half a percent.

Heather Morgan ilia Liechtenstein Ilya Liechtenstein New York Justice Department David FBI Walmart LinkedIn Hong Kong U.S. S
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"ilia " Discussed on Diaspora Blues

"And welcome back to another week of ds spoarer blues. I am an show up this week. We are playing tracks from one of my faves. Erica bad do so. We're going to play tracks from her. Ilia career so. We're talking late nineties. All the way up to two thousand fifteen so a dedicating the stay to the queen of neo soul. I hope you enjoyed this episode now. Know hey i.

Ilia Erica
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"He's qualified four five of them got a lucky loser into one of them as well. He's made four. Atp quarterfinals you look for in in his career in terms of atp quarterfinals. He's made four of seven. He's made his career have come this season. He won two challengers at the end of twenty twenty. Unequivocally they helped twenty-seven-year-old now and you look for him. Twenty seven years old given the extended primes and the extended age range of what it is now to be prime player in professional tennis. The extended physicality that's needed. Which is why you see. A guy like vodka. A guy like a fujita vich continue mackey mcdonald. Marcos garrone tennessean grin play. Their best tennis in their late. Twenties is because there is a physical component. That for some guys just comes a little bit later and for ivanka. It's absolutely come this season. You look at the success. He's had across the board here this year. Twenty two and twelve overall in atp level matches outside of qualifying. You look for him. You know just in general here In twenty twenty one. Four ilia ev- asca. I believe this season. And i want to be incorrect here. He is thirty four and sixteen overall. I mean he's gotten it done in qualifying he's gotten it done in. Atp level matches he's had success on hardcourts. he's had success on grass courts. He made a semi-final in munich. On the clay courts as well where he beat reuss ivorian mackey and zero in three sets before bowing out tian leonard. Struve you look for ivanka. Overall this season against top fifty players. He's five and six against top twenty players three and five. That's the profile of top fifty player and he looked for iliad joschka now in the atp rankings up to a new career high of number fifty seven. You look for him in the race to the year. End finals ev- asha currently sits at number. Forty seven overall. You look at the advanced metrics elo rating wise ilia vasha currently in terms of overall illo number forty three twenty twenty one specific alot his Twenty nine and sixteen record. Good for thirtieth you look at how his numbers would translate again over these last fifty two weeks overall thirty four and sixteen is ilia adagio. You look for him here Again i wanna make sure. I'm not incorrect. For ilya of uscca over these last a fifty two weeks. Hold percentage eighty three point one. Break percentage twenty six point five that eighty three point. One hold percentage would trail chore rich for seventeenth overall amongst top fifty players. I mentioned again. The break percentage for ilia of varsha twenty six point five percent. That number would rank behind casper. Rude a good for about seventeenth again. So he would be a top twenty club now. You'd probably have to adjust for competition and a lot of his has come at the atp to fifty level but when you're winning two thirds of your matches at the two fifty level you're going to become a top fifty player particularly when you're doing it across surfaces as elliot ev- ashby has done quietly one of the best stories of this twenty twenty one season guy. I would want no part of early in the first few rounds of new york. Big sur again. He's your modern player. Six.

mackey mcdonald Marcos garrone tennessean ivanka tennis tian leonard Struve iliad joschka ilia vasha ilia adagio mackey munich varsha ilya casper elliot ev ashby new york
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Podcast Metanoia

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"ilia " Discussed on Podcast Metanoia

"Saddam being an awesome ventured address soy affairs capital voice where secret zinoviev introducing potent overseas genome. So my sister was named for us. Davis myself comb cdot. Those who santos remains the familiar does id. Gp caboose sober for them to do that. Boss prefer the stitches. Chris to komo badra and our new quote door to edifice rasual start. We can cassie patronize from some twilight. Sentinel sailor nail ecosystem based on significant june to macedonia mode added brazil speedy tracking review. Jesus ilia wage fica dorji. Makasi is almost nas. Ilia goulart sarcasm yearly shiro avalanche. Toldo kiddiki cleo for jira digital's nasa. Jimmy sound dodge. La semaine navidad constrained by cada vase mice prosperous onto our to a beat. They slew onto those martyr malta. Drops get them in combat. As i'd educator fear dodges started a squeezes he staying whoever shelters on capitol recruiting toys ki. Ski dodgy coin series digested. That was tara catacomb. A dodge district to squeeze defer mattamy now cli acutely baird as as the swiss see. How will these three edges. Three ask days key. Zero openness oprah specialists in on just tweet us from jacques cafe dodger key their thing. Don't kick you just threat as throws over these proverbs capital all coutries seeking chine dodgers ruse to might say are false..

zinoviev komo badra rasual Jesus ilia wage fica dorji Makasi Ilia goulart Toldo kiddiki jira digital Jimmy sound dodge cada vase Saddam santos Davis macedonia tara catacomb Chris brazil nasa malta jacques cafe dodger
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"ilia " Discussed on The Cinematography Podcast

"Can see some work. Click on some links in join me in social networking. Several people have done it and That's that's probably best place you'll find all all of my social media links there how 'bout yourself working people find you. You can also find me a bedrock online. That's weird. i'm kidding. You can't find in the sense you can do have linked to the i wanted to tabs on my part takes you right back here. Okay so you can find me over at hot rod cameras. Hot red cameras dot com. This is where. I'm at basically monday through friday saturday sunday yet and not so much but sometimes yes sadly sometimes but mostly monday through friday and then all the usual sort of socials i kind of exist at ilia friedman so depending on what version of social you do you can probably find me there. Although i am not on talk am not either. I'm i'm just I don't snapchat snapchat in to talk. I know people are. Hr into tic tac. not snapchat. so much. I can't do it i just can't i just i just don't have enough darn enough hours in the day for me to learn a new thing. I can do some cool shuffled dancing but at no one wants to watch me do that. I i happen to know that your greatest singing pirate shanties parrot shanties pretty great. Yeah and ben was thanks and people who have to thank well first off van cats whose life we never make easy. And he's the one he's our editor who makes us not sound like idiots and Makes our interviews smooth move pretty smooth. Zanu like smooth jazz like natella smith. We should also thank our intrepid amazing producer. A lot cody. I did an interview with a kick ass dp right before we Did these wraps today and very excited about getting that one out we have. We have some amazing interviews coming up really soon and it is all thanks to alana. Who else do we need to thank. Thank allah trashy. Let's thank them. We can't he's he made all the music you heard in the show today. You know maybe we should ask them to make some more music. Maybe he'd listen more. Yeah case would you like to make some more music and freshen up the brand. I dunno. yeah he might not know. You know the podcast. You made this music before we even had a podcast vested anything. that's right. it was a long time ago. it was two thousand thirteen. I remember exactly when it was. That's that's exactly right. So yeah you know you. If you're interested in making a sound different he's gonna change like one note and give it to us and go here. You go there you go. And here's your bill All right well. hey. I think that's gonna do it for this week until.

ilia friedman natella smith ben alana
Automotive Predictions for New and Used Car Sales in Australia

Talking Automotive

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Automotive Predictions for New and Used Car Sales in Australia

"Maybe just to start off with. Can you give us. What do you think all the intimate going to have the biggest impact on the market this coming year and the volume for the market. Well this is a question. John because right now we seeing for the first time in as many months as far as this year's consent some movement in the exchange lost jae saw some walled swings in exchange but it settled at that made seventy. Us dollar price point for this try and dole out and around that sixty five euro in the last two months with the uncertainty around the recovery and the potential longer locked ends in sydney and the slowing of the australian economy notice buoyant as it was in cuba. One and q two of this year. What we're starting to see is the australian doll awaken. So that dollar is now pushing down towards the seventy three seventy two. Us sense and the euro is pushing down to toward sixty cents and potentially allow most people in this country look at shines right unless they're traveling advocacy so most people are very much oblivious to it but the exchange right as a significant. Bogey given that everytime this country is imported. Now we've had higher prices because of demand and supply prices up and there's been very little discounting from oem's and very little discounting from dealers so there's been good margins because it's been good demand but with potentially softening economy going forward the never ending bullish feelings that we've all had for. The last eight months may infect dissipate next year and what might be more of a concern is if the pay starts lifting interest rates and moving writes up will help the currency but the consent is that if you have. Us economy and global european economies coming out of covered and rebounding strongly with low interest rates and stronger. They more likely to move writes up. Ilia which will make the currency stronger and that will then is bad news for straying importers and ultimately customers because even though we might be traveling as we're still overseas products and products will start to continue to go up.

JAE Dole United States Cuba Sydney John OEM Ilia
Knee Pain and Running: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

Another Mother Runner

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Knee Pain and Running: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

"Is there such a thing as typical running runners e pain or is it just an individual person by person. I mean i see there. Is i mean. Usually when someone who's active and especially a runner talks about their knee hurt having knee pain. It's used you're going to be one or two things it's either gonna be there. Ilia tibial band so it's going to be on the lateral or the outside of the knee or it's going to be right in the front on the lower part of the which is anterior knee pain and it also can be called actually runner's knee jumper's knee and then patella for moral paint syndrome okay and so In what are the two. I mean so so. We're kind of talking about two different. Things are two related. things. I guess but difference. I mean what what causes each of those. What causes the. It bands pain. Yeah i feel like most of the injuries. The knee pain ankle pain of shin splints. Almost all that is usually because people just think they can just run around and you hear that. It is a good pair of shoes. Go running but there's so much more to it and unfortunately you know i think especially where medicines like. I wanna get going. I wanna lose weight and they still get going and they're just has to be a prep for that so i think there's a lack of preparation so there is a lack of getting her body ready for the demands of running sherwin And then not being consistent is another thing and trying to do too much at the same time so either increasing your speed and increase in the miles at the same time or maybe people. I'm going to start doing speed word. And he'll work and increase my speed hand. Increased by surrey doing those things and then core mechanics. Unfortunately some people have no idea what they look like. They run if no idea that they're over extending their leg or their stride is actually to slow or to shore or that. They're hinging at their hip as they're running the whole time. Maybe they don't see that their feet are turning and so they keep going and have no idea having these

Ilia Tibial Sherwin Surrey
4 Boston Schools Are Reopening for in-Person Classes Monday

WBZ Overnight News

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4 Boston Schools Are Reopening for in-Person Classes Monday

"For Boston schools are set to reopen Monday for high need students. Those schools include Carter McKinley, Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. And Henderson BPS Superintendent Brenda CAS. Ilia says that while remote learning has greatly improved for many students in person, learning is the best approach. Boston School switch to fully remote learning last month of midday rise in covert cases, and this comes as covert 19 is making a record shattering resurgence this fall. An average of over 1100 Americans have died each day from the virus over the course of the last week. With colder weather and the holidays approaching, there's concern the virus could spiral out of

Carter Mckinley Horace Mann School For The Dea Henderson Bps Superintendent B Ilia Boston School Boston
"ilia  " Discussed on Sci-Fi Talk

Sci-Fi Talk

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"ilia " Discussed on Sci-Fi Talk

"That was via Zoom. Of course, let's take a break. Back now on sft preview to preview and upcoming podcast interview with Ilia Royale on her role as Irish Bennett on the new Walking Dead series the world but I really like the approach that the creators are taking with this one and I really like I really like your character and all the young people that are working with you as well. So congratulations so far. It's really been Dynamic. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much Sony. It's it's it's an awesome opportunity to be able to tell a different story than what we've seen. I'm really thankful to be a part of the show. So I have a strong opinion of Irish, but why don't you tell me how you view Iraq? She is a budding force of nature. She starts to just really kind sweet gentle will help out anyone loyal friend and and develops into this young woman who have had enough, you know, things can get really confusing to older you get the more complicated things get and I think ours is at the point at the end of the first episode of no return. She she just wants to be something she wants to be a part of the solution and and she decides that the only way that she can do that is by leaving this Safe Community. I mean, you can never really develop into the person that you are meant to be if you just stay within a month would feel safe all the time. So I'm happy to play a character like that. Well, I to me what struck me right away in the opening scenes that she's a natural-born leader dead. And she just has a knack for it. And then I thought the first moment that I really hooked into her was she's giving this speech and she had a prepared speech and everything and just kind of pushes it aside and then really speaks what's in her heart and turns to Elizabeth and just you know of the six Republic which I don't think anybody trust to be honest, but it says to her we don't trust you and and apparently rightly. So as we'll see as we saw in some of the later episodes wage. So yeah, she's just a dynamic person and you know, you were right..

Ilia Royale Elizabeth Safe Community Sony Iraq Bennett
Boston schools to reopen for remote learning on Monday

WBZ Afternoon News

00:20 sec | 2 years ago

Boston schools to reopen for remote learning on Monday

"To reopen for remote learning tomorrow. The plan calls for schools to eventually transition to a hybrid model that will include some in person learning school Superintendent Brenkus Ilia, saying the hybrid model will allow students to learn in person two days a week and remotely the other three days. Good news. If he hoped to

Brenkus Ilia Superintendent
Remote learning at Boston public schools will start on Monday

WBZ Afternoon News

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Remote learning at Boston public schools will start on Monday

"Are set to reopen for remote learning tomorrow. The plan calls for schools to eventually transition to a hybrid model that will include some in person learning school Superintendent Brenkus Ilia, saying the hybrid model will allow students to learn in person two days a week and remotely the other three days. Good news. If he

Brenkus Ilia Superintendent
Achilles and Patroclus in Modern Media

Queer as Fact

05:28 min | 2 years ago

Achilles and Patroclus in Modern Media

"A couple of episodes are discussed the mythological figures Achilles and Patrick lists and the depiction in ancient texts most notably in his Iliad I don't want to recap episode to thoroughly. So if that sounds interesting to you, I suggest you just go listen to that episode, but I will say a few things necessary background Achilles some. Patrick lists here is off the Trojan War, our break episode which depicted in the Iliad although there is genuinely some ambiguity as to the exact nature of their relationship in the Iliad their relationship is very intense and very important to the plot character arcs and emotional hot of that poll. What is not ambiguous is how their relationship is on the stood in the later Greek texts we discussed. So we discussed east glosses. Play the domes which survives only in fragments famous speech impetus symposium, Ace, Kaz courtroom speech against to Marcus all of which depict achilleas and Patrick lows in a sexual and romantic relationship. As we discussed earlier episode, those works stand relationship in a way that is anachronistic to the Iliad, but we nevertheless thought it was important to note that is reading is a very old an integral part of the evolution of the myth. That you can't really get away from if you're talking about them today speaking of the evolution of this myth, we also spent a bit of time talking about how although people generally appeal to Hermosa when discussing whether Achilles in Patrick Louis Wet. Really love this. Is True one canonical version of the myths in which they feature, and we would be doing them a disservice to understand as early as the real story and every following version as accurate or inaccurate by how it compares to that. I bring this up because it's very easy to find audibles and people talking about how modern adaptations on any good because then not accurate and these articles that generally quiet nitpicky and lazy, and I wanted to know this specifically. So we don't do that sort of thing ourselves. It's inevitable and desirable when adapting these myths into new mediums and feel like very different cultures than the original. That heard this man to make changes just it's necessary to on Seoul's materials while doing. So so we got a comment on differences here, but the compensation will be more like why those changes get made and do we think it works as opposed to just being like well in the Ilia? Data. So with that background out of the way, we're going to talk about Wolfgang Petersen's two thousand four, maybe Troy Madeline Milas to eleven novel the Sung Achilles and the twentieth eighteen BBC mini series story full of the city I think he ranked in the order of like worst to best in my opinion but okay, you may disagree. That was not why I decided to order them. In that way I just thought we'd chronologically but that's fine. I mean now that you said that you did it chronologically and I also view that as West best that makes me feel positive that maybe like an even better adaptation that I genuinely think is good it's coming to clear I don't love any of the music specifically. In seven years but will like no. Sorry in five years because they've come out every seven years how to for two thousand eleven two thousand eighteen. Cool. Okay. Nice. So. We'll be watching an amazing adaptation, the Trojan War with that we will love anyway. So we're going to begin with the to troy maybe the film for it was directed by Wolfgang, pay the send styles Brad Pitt Kilis who just a very two thousand thing to have. It was written by then relative newcomer David Benny off which explains why it's a bit of a dry run, the game of thrones. I that sounds up its vibe. I, was gonNA. Tell you some fun facts about this movie but I decided that they weren't that fun. I cut them all but I'm GONNA I kept one which I tell you solely because it might make you upset Australian. Fun Fact No it's not. So all of the actors in this speak in that accents with the exception of Eric Bana Rosebud, the to Australian actress who had told that they had to get rid of their accents. And I think that's disgusting screw you. Wolfgang. Petersen. I have no problem with like. Okay. You have to change accidents that doesn't sound like a fantasy will like I've whatever accent I have a problem with that and I mean like this some stuff to say about that. But if doing that because you want all your actors to have a consistent accent. Okay. But if you just hate the way Australians, tall, that's not acceptable. Garrett hedlund obvious American accent fine. But Eric Basil accent is absolutely illegal. Sorry. Thinking recompense the twenty twenty, five trae. Offers how the TROJANS are all. Star. I like it. Yeah. The film was commercially quite successful but received mixed reviews, which is frankly claimed more than it does those because it's a bad movie. I tried to watch this movie just like you know throughout my life. I've tried to watch this movie like three or four times. I've sat down in front of this film I've got like twenty minutes and I just can't do it. So. That's where I met with this. Okay Jason Do WanNA disagree and say it's a good movie. Nor I will say that like I don't think it's the worst movie like suddenly I watched this movie as a kid when it came out had no problems with a had some fun fight seines cool choreography some big actors doing fun things than having fun. I didn't really mind it and obviously now watching it I think it has some quite severe problems both as a movie analyzer adaptation I would certainly agree that it's the west of the three adaptations that we're GonNa talk about today. But then again, this is the point cost queers fact and it's not

Wolfgang Petersen Patrick Louis Wet Achilles Marcus Seoul Garrett Hedlund Eric Bana Rosebud Troy Madeline Milas Brad Pitt BBC Hermosa Eric Basil David Benny Jason
"ilia  " Discussed on AM 1590 WCGO

AM 1590 WCGO

01:38 min | 2 years ago

"ilia " Discussed on AM 1590 WCGO

"Ilium now, you know, rich guy. If you're one of the 40 million Americans buried in student loan debt, you need to listen to this and get ready to make a call that could save your life. It could take you decades to pay off your student loans. And that's crazy. The government created a special student loan repayment program, except you don't know how it works. But we dio at modify student loans. We can lower your monthly student loan payments qualify you for loan forgiveness and healthy. Restore your good credit, Even if you're in default. If you want to lower your monthly payment, write the number down if you overtake $1000 in student loans or are behind in your payments. We can help you call right now. Or put this number in your smartphone. 805 54 91 12. That's 805 54 91. 12. Lower your monthly payments and qualify for loan forgiveness. Call modify Student loans now 805 54 91 12. We can help to lower your monthly payments, but you've got to write this number down 805 54 91 12. That's 805 54 91 12. Indeed knows you've got big goals for your business, and we understand hiring is a crucial part of that you need to hire people who will make a real impact, indeed can help you find those important hires faster while paying only for what you need without any long term contracts thanks to our super flexible payment options. Start finding your important higher today with a free $75 credit for your first job post and get in front of Mork quality candidates. Goto indeed dot com slash high impact That's indeed dot com slash high impact terms and conditions apply. Everybody..

Metaflow: Netflix Machine Learning Platform with Savin Goyal

Software Engineering Daily

06:38 min | 2 years ago

Metaflow: Netflix Machine Learning Platform with Savin Goyal

"Brings us to aws flicks took the at the time unconventional decision to go all in on aws many years ago at this point, and that's treated. Netflix's really well, because it's almost, it's almost like. The the whole idea around blessed programming languages where you make a strong decision within an organization to restrict the number of programming languages with an organization and it it that constraint ends up helping the organization make decisions more quickly and allow for engineering mobility and so on. This is the case. This has been the case with aws when when Netflix? Strongly moved onto aws and continue to do that. That extends to medfly show. A better flow is an open source framework, but it has a tight coupling with aws. So why is the tight coupling to aws useful for machine learning framework? Sue I won't say that. We are tightly coupled to eight of us. So when leave it open sourcing MEDOFF. No at that point in time, because we had a good amount of operational expertise with aws, we chose indicating the details are ready for this cloud integration, but the architecture of Meta flow. Is Very much vendor agnostic, so the already have people who have ported Netflix will on top of Google cloud for example. So see I wanNA. Make sure that at the end of the day. The end user are data scientists decent to worry about any of the concerns that are introduced by using it us, Rg are. Is You're in the? Cloud windows to them. They're just writing code in an idiomatic language whether it's Biton are are, and the metaphor takes care of actually understanding the code and orchestrating that on top of the AWS RG CPU or any of the other. Providers. So so yet, so that's that's a strategy that we have been falling. We started views because that's what the US internally ethnic flex. That's what we have worst amount of experience and expertise in, but. There are people who have made it. Look at JCP, and going forward as well. It's something that's on our road, not to have a more and more indications. Appointed comparison to Meta flow might be airflow the distributed workflow scheduling system that's often used for data engineering jobs. How does medfly compare to airflow? So air is what you would come as production creates getting her in the sense that you have your email pipeline, and now you want your pipeline to run autonomously, say and all. At the stroke of Midnight Day are win some. Deed is available. That pipeline should be triggered so once once you've. Created your etl pipeline, and you're happy with how it's running at that point in time it makes sense to ported to an ear flu, or see it functions Louici for example. But. What is severely lacking in some of these two? Is the local expedients to on my laptop. I WANNA. Make sure that my workflow runs both Akil, and then I should be able to deploy it and that sort of what we can. Refer to as a traditional using this workflow on top of. Airflow audited list of functions so now met up. You has this notion of a dag and bundles in a local scheduler so menu writing your Code Medoff on your laptop at that point in time, medoff Lewis local killer may be responsible for executing your code, executing the nodes of the DAG, and you can mix and match. You can certainly talk the Dag run on your laptop to notice run. Run on the cloud with specific resources that you have already specified, and then once you're happy with the injury execution off your workflow than at that point in time, metaphor allows you to compile your dad into a specification that one of these production understand so as a matter of fact in early July, we are going to release our integration, but it of just approaches, which is production skater. Available in eight of us and you can take your workflow and this one commingling argument you can deploy on of aws. Step functions now step functions like some of the. Nice things about it is, it's a highly available Dag Scheduler, and it allows Florida running workflows, which can span a year as will end. The operation footprint is really monitoring, so you get like really nice quantities when Saginaw you're running on one of these stretching rates, lives and internally at net flicks. We chose to build one. Ourselves Sets Meson and Dorado. Bunch of talks online on specific infrastructure as well as the architecture needs on that front. and. Our internal users what they do is they invite Medoff workflow in this bag, and then just one single come online argument. They're able to export that as a means on woke view and this me, saen executor's slash schooler has a good amount of fetuses it around see how do unloading how to trigger events and other wilco finish resume. Your will close. You can sit a variety of triggers based on time the on what so you get like. All those nice features it when you're on top of one of these production rates get loose, and then you also get all the lineage tracking, and the deduc would and environments not shutting using Medicare. And do our end. Users now don't really have to consume themselves with a standing the programming model that means on provides our understanding the program model that Ilias Conscience provides. They just ride their coordinate in then metaphor takes care of interfacing in your of these productions units so now coming back to the question that you had around comparing metal fluid airflow I would say that these are ready to talking to products, and they're not competing against one another on the country they are. Supposed to work well with one another, so the situation would be back. You use metaphor your local prototyping, and once you're happy with the results then at that point in tiny convincingly just export of workflow onto their.

AWS Netflix United States Medoff Lewis Google Medicare Saginaw Akil Florida Wilco
What is venture capital doing to change its mostly white culture?

Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood

03:26 min | 2 years ago

What is venture capital doing to change its mostly white culture?

"Venture capital doing to change. It's mostly white, mostly male culture. Nothing radical from American public media. This is marketplace tech I'm molly would. So for years, the venture capital industry has been pressured to be more diverse and inclusive invest in more women and people of Color hire more women and people of Color. In the past month we've talked with black startup founders investors about what it will take to drive real change in tech. And they said it'll take work from big silicon valley firms, and the big institutions that invest in those firms called limited partners or LP's. So we called big silicon. Valley, venture capital firm Ilya Fishman is a partner at Kleiner. Perkins I asked him what Kleiner is doing to improve representation in the valley. We do need to lower the barriers to entry and to connect. We also tried to connect new talent with tack in Silicon Valley and so we actually have a program called Kleiner Perkins fellows. We connect them with internship programs in our portfolio companies, and sometimes outside of our portfolio companies. When we started, the program was only seven percent female. It's about fifty percent female today we're about seven percent, Hispanic, and four percent black, and so obviously those are very early starting points, but hopefully we can achieve the same ramp on. Those measures of diversity as we did on gender diversity for program I. Hear you say all this, and it doesn't sound that different from what we've been hearing for. At least almost the twenty years that I've been in this industry. What would it really take to change this culture, would it? Does it take LP's like? Does it take your investor saying? We understand that you're committed to this, but you actually have to have a black partner before twenty twenty two. I mean I. Think ultimately this comes down to us all actually doing the things that we've talked about doing right for us. It's identifying amazing entrepreneurs and founders or executives can become those partners down the line. I would I would love for us to to be able to add a ethnically diverse partner I think committing to a higher by twenty twenty two. Yeah, it's it's hard for me to commit because I wanNA make sure that we actually executed on properly. I guess the question really is. There seems to be agreement that this is a systemic problem that needs systemic solutions. Do you feel like this solutions they are proposing. Are Systemic that they go deep enough. The fundamental systemic change starts with changing the types of people that are in technology and giving more access, and that's why I'm so excited about the fellows program, and that winds up being a feeder to everything else I think it's all happening i. wish it would happen faster. Couldn't you'd be that change I? Mean I hear you and I hear that you're doing these things, but you say you wish it could. Could happen faster and I feel like you're the guy man why my view is I think we are. We are making the changes, and by the way adding Carter's team is something. That's a very significant commitment. Right in general because these these relationships last decades I. Think you have my commitment that we will. We will look and we'll have to look, and we'll can commit to looking for diverse candidates as part of the process. Ilia Fishman is a partner at the venture capital firm. Kleiner Perkins according to at least one survey. Black people make up on the one percent of investment partners adventure firms. That's seven actual people.

Partner Kleiner Perkins Kleiner Ilya Fishman LP Silicon Valley Carter Twenty Twenty
What is venture capital doing to change its mostly white culture?

Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood

03:26 min | 2 years ago

What is venture capital doing to change its mostly white culture?

"Venture capital doing to change. It's mostly white, mostly male culture. Nothing radical from American public media. This is marketplace tech I'm molly would. So for years, the venture capital industry has been pressured to be more diverse and inclusive invest in more women and people of Color hire more women and people of Color. In the past month we've talked with black startup founders investors about what it will take to drive real change in tech. And they said it'll take work from big silicon valley firms, and the big institutions that invest in those firms called limited partners or LP's. So we called big silicon. Valley, venture capital firm Ilya Fishman is a partner at Kleiner. Perkins I asked him what Kleiner is doing to improve representation in the valley. We do need to lower the barriers to entry and to connect. We also tried to connect new talent with tack in Silicon Valley and so we actually have a program called Kleiner Perkins fellows. We connect them with internship programs in our portfolio companies, and sometimes outside of our portfolio companies. When we started, the program was only seven percent female. It's about fifty percent female today we're about seven percent, Hispanic, and four percent black, and so obviously those are very early starting points, but hopefully we can achieve the same ramp on. Those measures of diversity as we did on gender diversity for program I. Hear you say all this, and it doesn't sound that different from what we've been hearing for. At least almost the twenty years that I've been in this industry. What would it really take to change this culture, would it? Does it take LP's like? Does it take your investor saying? We understand that you're committed to this, but you actually have to have a black partner before twenty twenty two. I mean I. Think ultimately this comes down to us all actually doing the things that we've talked about doing right for us. It's identifying amazing entrepreneurs and founders or executives can become those partners down the line. I would I would love for us to to be able to add a ethnically diverse partner I think committing to a higher by twenty twenty two. Yeah, it's it's hard for me to commit because I wanNA make sure that we actually executed on properly. I guess the question really is. There seems to be agreement that this is a systemic problem that needs systemic solutions. Do you feel like this solutions they are proposing. Are Systemic that they go deep enough. The fundamental systemic change starts with changing the types of people that are in technology and giving more access, and that's why I'm so excited about the fellows program, and that winds up being a feeder to everything else I think it's all happening i. wish it would happen faster. Couldn't you'd be that change I? Mean I hear you and I hear that you're doing these things, but you say you wish it could. Could happen faster and I feel like you're the guy man why my view is I think we are. We are making the changes, and by the way adding Carter's team is something. That's a very significant commitment. Right in general because these these relationships last decades I. Think you have my commitment that we will. We will look and we'll have to look, and we'll can commit to looking for diverse candidates as part of the process. Ilia Fishman is a partner at the venture capital firm. Kleiner Perkins according to at least one survey. Black people make up on the one percent of investment partners adventure firms. That's seven actual people.

Partner Kleiner Perkins Kleiner Ilya Fishman LP Silicon Valley Carter Twenty Twenty
"ilia  " Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

KNBR The Sports Leader

05:46 min | 2 years ago

"ilia " Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Now I got a good question for you because I grew up in a cat house, and my kids now would like to become a doghouse. What's it like going from a cat person to a dog person? Ah, it's a lot more work. Oh, Gavin Ilia. It's like I'm never I don't have a kid up to this point, but I imagine a lot closer to that than a cat is Um, I think it grows up. Um, but for me, it's a lot more rewarding. I guess. You know, I think I don't dislike capital. But, um, the dog definitely makes our day every time we come back home from wherever we're at, just like the first time she's ever seen us every time so Terms. I've fallen in love with her. Obviously, we both have I love it. What kind of dog She's a mutt, um, her half of her within one of those panels. On dit was she's like 50%. It's called Black Mouth cur. A southern kind of working dog, um, very healthy ton of energy. I think he's underutilized. Take her to a farm and letter heard some cheap or something. Well, we're all under utilized right now. You know what I mean? I mean, that's that's kind of that's kind of what we're all going through. And I wonder what your experience has been and what your thoughts are about. Going back out into the world and playing when animus know right now, if this is gonna work, but a lot of you guys who are willing to try our are you feeling some trepidation? How would you describe it? Yeah, I think that's probably a good word, Some trepidation, but, you know, I think it's a very difficult situation. I think a lot of people Myself included. Are kind of in a position where We can't just sit home and then do nothing. Whether Because of because of money or because our own mental state or whatever, Um, but there's definitely some apprehension for sure There's gonna be a lot of Precautions in place to make this as safe as possible. Um You know, it's It's obviously a horrible situation, and I haven't been directly affected by. I know some people who have gotten infected, you know, kind of minimal symptoms. Uh, yeah, They've been fortunate, but Actually, we've spent this whole time in Arizona, and for a while it was like Arizona was completely untouched. So we won't really affected a whole other than obviously everything showing down and Um, but once things started getting a little bit more ramped up. There's always obviously a hot spot now. So, um, things were starting to get put back on pause again, and Um, yeah, It's just a hazy. I think a lot of people can relate. Like nobody really knows. We're all learning on on the job here. It seems like you know, um Yeah, I'm up for playing some baseball at the very least. Get some people's minds off things or provide some entertainment and along this done safely or as safely as possible, I think, uh, I understand the risk, but it's a risk that I think under the circumstances is acceptable for me personally. Yet. I know this is still fresh, but I'm sure you have had some moments over the last couple days to go. Whoa! The Yankee uniform. I'm gonna put that on. Like what? How does that feel? The wild, Obviously, you know No slight to the Giants. But the Yankees are the pinnacle sport. I mean, Especially when you look at the amount of world titles. You know nobody matches that I think a lot of players, um, kind of look at that is like man. That's the place I'd love to be able to say I played I'm not gonna say that. It's like my ultimate goal ever. Um But Yeah, to be able to say that. But for the agent, I got some custom work through here in my training for can make that pattern, but, um, the opportunity of there and that's really especially after getting, um In the call on Friday from Texas. I think the opportunity is really the only thing that I can I could expect or want at the moment. Now. Like I said, I've got some work to do, Matt. Tough He is with us. You're still not even 30 years old with with all the injuries, though, has there ever been a moment where you questioned Whether or not this was going to work out. Oh, yeah, I'm human, man. Everybody questions. All those stupid thoughts go through your mind. Things like this come from something else, and then you start believing them. You know, it's like now I have to go back to school Men in India job. Covic. I get a job, or should I think about you know, it's like all these all these random doc, it just seems like I don't even come from your brain, but they can. They're pretty convincing. So if you entertain them enough, then yeah. So definitely now All those thoughts have gone to my head and, um and then the next the next Month or whatever I start feeling good again, and I'm just like, all right, I could do it for 20 more years. So yes, I'm just like anybody else, Man. I've got security. Doubt that creep into my brain as well. It's just about trying to focus on the things that you can control and, um I still feel like I've got a lot of ball left.

Um Gavin Ilia Matt Arizona Giants Yankees India Texas
Untame The Companies: Untamed Voices and Mental Health

Skimm'd from The Couch

07:55 min | 2 years ago

Untame The Companies: Untamed Voices and Mental Health

"Talking about mental illness. I think one being an entrepreneur. It's not talked about enough. I think it's a it's a really isolating profession whether you are someone that's running a big company or someone that's just starting off. There's a lot of loneliness and isolation and I don't think it's talked about enough in the tech industry the rates of depression and anxiety that go on in and something that carly and I talk about a lot. We've both struggle with anxiety. I think that I've also found a way to make it a positive and I feel like that is something that not enough people talked about. How have you and it seems like you have taken your addiction struggles and turn it into something that I think one has helped other people but also seems to be a part of you that you view as a positive because you get to share it. Yeah I do. I don't view it as a positive just because I get to share it to help other people like that's one of the reasons but I actually view as a real positive in my life and I think it's because you know what I've learned through my recovery is that I've always been the same person since I was born right. I've always been a person with deep deep sensitivity and you know what I would call deep sensitivity sometimes leads to self-medication. My problem was not that I drink too much. My problem was that I was anxious and depressed and I was using the alcohol to fix that and it was less helpful than one might hope. But here's what I've learned looking back at myself so when I was around ten years old. It's actually when we start to internalize social programming right. That's when we get tamed. When we have our wild self and then the outside world starts telling us who we should be and when we can't match that shame starts in the split starts so what I was heard from culture and from family and from everywhere was that it was too much and so I started numbing myself with food and booze. I don't anymore I was ever too much right. I think that I was a deeply sensitive. Human being and the really cool thing now is to look back at myself. Nco The sensitivity. That led me to numbing and lead to addiction is the exact same sensitivity that I- channel now that makes me really really freaking good writer and the fire I call it my fire my therapists call it anxiety so whatever but the fire inside me the anxiety that led me to end leads me to be kind of a fearful person sometimes is the exact same fire that I- channel to be a really effective activist. So I've never changed. The only time I changed really was when I tried to snuff myself out with all of the food and the booze. There was never anything wrong with me. I was born with the exact constitution. The exact gifts the exact challenges that I needed to get the exact done. The exact work done on this earth. We are traveling all the time for work. One thing that we are really obsessed with is thinking through what we put on our skin when we are flying when we are travelling when we are on the road in so many places. It's really important that we keep ourselves healthy and we've started to think about. What does that actually mean regarding the products that we use on a daily basis as also because skin just looks really bad when we travel so he loves products. That ARE CLEAN. Because we like to know. Now what's in them and we don't want to actually have to sacrifice the quality which I think is a big misnomer. Yeah I think about clean beauty. And that's something that we've really started to investigate in so lucky for all of us. This march for is raising the expectation. On what clean can be yes. They have some amazing brands that are clean. Thoughtfully made and some of our favorites are bite. Ilia Kaas our Ms Beauty Tower Twenty eight and artsy so the products are packed. With good for you ingredients. They look good and they make you look good good. It's great that one of our favorite store or Sephora is focused on clean beauty. We really appreciate that. I think that we are part of a generation. That's really thinking about what's going into the things we use every single day and it's great that we can get all the products that we really love without the ingredients that no one needs exactly so time for you to get the best in clean makeup at Sephora online and store right now look for the green seal to know which products are clean at Sephora certified. I want to talk about this idea of living an untamed life. You've talked so much about in the recovery circles and even in the mental institution. How refreshing it is when you hear people speak from an honest place and I think today especially in this age of social media. That's really tough. What do you think happens? When people start leading with their honest selves and also. How do you give people advice to do that? When they are working in more of a corporate environment where they're showing up in places every day where that is not like. I love hearing you speak. I also think about my friends that are working in law firms if they showed up being like. I'm going to live my untamed life. I can picture the arrows and I think we all struggle with how to exist within a society that has these expectations and also want to live in a freer way. It's big question. Is You know maybe in a corporate setting you wouldn't stand up and say I'm GonNa live my untamed life. Like maybe but what? What being untamed is is simply. It's every time there's a moment of conflict right so say you're sitting around a table in a corporate setting and someone says something that You know has like a hint of a whiff of racism and misogyny or homophobia in it right. We all know that we all know that when that happens and you know the split comes when your team self on the outside is like don't say anything. Don't say anything this will pass this will pass and your untamed self on the inside is like a new to say something. I need to say something now. What I know about corporations as the corporations are just groups of people right so the most important thing about a corporation is that it's twofold one is how we work together and to how we make space for every single individual to bring her full self so actually corporations are creating culture. There's no more important place for people to start bringing their entire individual self to the table and actually have space and have the safety and have the freedom to use their untamed voice tables because that is how culture changes status quo always stays the same if everyone at the table especially the marginalized groups continues to keep their untamed voice. Quiet I think one of the major problems in our culture corporations world is this idea of tribalism which is that we have this one group of people and we all must think the same way and we all must believe the same things and if we step out of line we will be tribal shamed and that. I think are moving away from that kind of group being an acceptable way of creating community. I think what we have to do. Incorporations in churches and institutions in political groups in families in relationships is create room where people who have differing ideas different voices different experiences can bring the full selves to the table and know that they will be both held by the group and free to bring in different self to the table so there is no more important place for people to begin to start using their untamed voices than

Sephora Carly Ms Beauty Tower Writer Ilia Kaas
Gordon Elliott's charge finished second behind Easysland

The Final Furlong Podcast

06:04 min | 2 years ago

Gordon Elliott's charge finished second behind Easysland

"Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Challenge. Cup goes the way of that Man Gordon Ilias and Davy Russell Chosen Mate with Gordon finishing second with eclair. Fhu and then we had a massive raise for Joseph. O'brien he said that this has been the plan on the podcast that they were hoping for better performance and boy did they get it and well-backed as well thirty. Three's Joseph said that on the show after a handicap special. He was cut to twenty s and he was the chosen really. Well backed Jess but they were steaming into into from eleven tens on the day he was a bigger price earlier than sixteen beforehand. This money but chosen mate was well back to really the market phoned the right horses. All MOANING CHOSEN. Mayton us in them. Were horses that that that the other everyone tracking they were getting a lot a lot of attention. I know that in the morning you could have got nine to one. Third Chosen May and by the time the races off he was just just below five to one us and then was just below ten to one himself and another exceptional handicap performance for Gordon Elliott chosen. May He looks absolutely get up for this race. It was again another one that had been running incredibly well behind voices and this was a very very good victory. I think granite eighteen. Who BEEN LONGTIME ANTI POST FAVOURITE FOR PAUL? Nicholls wasn't quite. I don't know again. It was a bad day for political team. None of his horses really Brown. Well this on the best of all of them but they they kind of changed his tactics a bit and he was rather little bit more is positioned up with the pace more than and being being held up and he was always going well but it wasn't going to be the him but again. The Irish is showing dominance in handicaps and a brilliant victory for I think it was a I think. A big syndicate chose mate was at the northern racing partnership and and Yeah tallied upper a great great wheat for Gordon Elliott. Who the day on the morning. I think he had six wins and he was on six wins six seconds and three thirds and Willie Marlins was on three wins. Five seconds and five thirds somehow managed. Lose where he was one point six to be talked trainer. I don't know but amazing. Really really mullins cheers and better. Yeah another another top. Handicap spoke ordinary. I'll tell you how he lost seekers. Great White Shark third bosses. Oscar was unlucky not to get closer. But I'm delighted finish fifth because that went plays mony and he would've got it had it not been for parole qualifier horrible full. Oh Gordon but dramatic stuff and I do remember. It was like old school tv where Nick is handed a piece of paper. It was like something from watching like old school. Reruns of nineteen seventeen news broadcasts. Thanks thanks very much with that update because they were locked together as you said it was. It was amazing why Bez was held up in the rear great field. I have no idea because that doesn't suit him at all. But Hey Sean Joe is trying something different. Jodi mcgarvy keeping the ride Gordon wins again. Jane another huge success for for him. Presumably the approach from the British handicapper. Next year will be every Gordon handicapper. It goes up twenty pounds brilliant right by Davy Russell I had cut their scars in my selections and I wasn't all not comfortable watching the race. I was wondering were we going is as good as Davies. Body language suggested we were and he made couple of mistakes on the mound never panicked he ultimately put me at ease watching him I always once know you have debut Rossler Barry or you know Richard Johnson on your soy. Been you're instantly. Put at ease and no offense to Shana Keith or JJ seven but been of growing up watching the on the big day and he sold rarely gets it wrong. And this was a tactic. Good Brilliance from him I think most Ryan is part of the syndicate and they got great satisfaction from day. Celebrations would have been huge. I'd say the government the closing down and as a great seal being held up. Aki Job better than he usually does so. He didn't travel with fluency that he has done. When he raises from the front put he jumped a lot better than he can Paloma blue biggest parliament for me. I am not making any more excuses for the horse I think he has an implement ability but he wins someday and I won't be on Off and then it of bridesmaid isn't he? He's run second to their Eastbourne couple times in grade ones and now he's been third at Jutland hearings massive race again. Joseph O'Brien but ultimately that is David Ostlund chosen may stolen show horses connections and he's giving them some great days but you're right he's a bridesmaid. And Hey look we did. All right we did find in terms of our handicaps. I'll happily take place. Thank you very much on a bonkers week and the bunkers week would end with a twenty five so one Wynonna First Cheltenham Festival. Success for Paul Weber. Would Philip Hobbs. Who's we could have been saved and a brilliant ride from Ben Jones. As well ultimately a short head stops them from getting a victory in behind on mcinerney giving. Willie mullins great white shark a fantastic ride And Gordon Elliott's the bosses Oscar running a stormer. I thought I stayed on really really strongly in the Martin.

Gordon Elliott Man Gordon Ilias Joseph O'brien Willie Mullins Davy Russell Paul Weber Oscar Johnny Henderson Jess FHU Willie Marlins Philip Hobbs CUP Eastbourne Nicholls Mcinerney Cheltenham Festival BEZ Ben Jones Shana Keith
Univision's Ilia Caldern is Grounded by the People She Covers

Latina to Latina

04:29 min | 2 years ago

Univision's Ilia Caldern is Grounded by the People She Covers

"This week final. Two Democratic presidential hopefuls faced off in the eleventh primary debate and face questions from one of America's preeminent Latina Journalists Jones. Ilia Darren we spoke with Ilia about the leap of faith. She took to begin her career in the states. What she left behind what it means to make history. Your career has been one of many firsts and you make it all look as you make everything you do look easy but being the first is never easy. It's never easy but the way I see it. I Lisa is as hard to go through so many things that you have to go through to be here is a woman as an Hispanic in the United States as a black woman but at the same time it gives me the drive to think about others to think about the new generations so for me this is big but is going to be bigger if I leave this doors open for someone else for a minority. That has to be here when I leave or before I leave this position knowing that one day that he's going to be the norm knowing that one day that is not going to make be lines when happens talk to me about two thousand one and making that leap from Columbia to the US market. Because I have to imagine that was the biggest leap you've made in your career. I was in Colombia working for Sammy. One of the main news gust and Primetime I came to the United States on location and I wanted to Miami and they go to live in south beach swung by Telemundo. I wanted to see how journalists that I used to see Works I went there through a friend that a friend that works there. They give me a tour and when I sat down with Maggie Man the word I want to mention her name because she was the one that changed everything she told me. What are you doing? This like news anchoring Columbia but why did he knew casting Columbia Gusting Warp? Eight months ago. We went to Olympia. We had cussing. We brought the main anchors in the country. And you're not there so like no one told me about a casting Just like you do a guest email. Say like four is and then she called the vice president of news and Telemundo and he told me lsu casting what I've learned right place right time but I don't know that I've ever heard a story like that said he came. We did the cussing the very same day. I was sitting with the president of Telemundo and he was offering me a dose. Is there any part of me? That's like we gotta pump the brakes. This is all happening but you know what like been at the right place at the right time but at the same time making the seasons and not being afraid of making big decisions I had a relationship in Columbia for two years like my boyfriend. And we're in a serious relationship not engaged INNOC- relationship and when these opportunities open for me as I mean by I ever buy everything I had my mom and my sisters by my side he understood. Of course he was not gonna ask me to stay. I was not going to ask him to come with me because he had. He's career there so in those terms everybody was good. You know sometimes when you see those big opportunities come to you you have to say yes. You have to to leave all the fears behind. Nc This is mine is just hopping recent. And I have to take it. What is the most difficult story? You have ever covered so many but I think for what it meant to me us. A woman as a Hispanic Black Hispanic and as a mother when I interview Chris Marker that game When we're talking about what was going on with the KKK. There were no covering the phrases anymore. No no wearing the the garments and and the hoods they were free to insult and free to attack. That's the way that we're feeling empowered by the highest position of the government. How sad I wanted to cover this only reason. I you sure so yes I WANNA look at hate face to face and ask him. Why does he hate us? What how done to deserve this

Ilia Darren Columbia Maggie Man Telemundo United States Chris Marker Vice President America Jones LSU Lisa Colombia Miami Olympia Sammy NC
High-Dimensional Robust Statistics with Ilias Diakonikolas

This Week in Machine Learning & AI

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High-Dimensional Robust Statistics with Ilias Diakonikolas

"I'm really looking forward to diving into our discussion before we do. I love to hear a little bit about your background. Your primary research interests are in algorithms and machine learning and If the paper that we're going to discuss this time around distribution independent pack learning of half spaces with mosser noise Which one they outstanding paper award at Europe's it's any Your work is quite theoretical in nature Tell us a little about your background and how you came to working on this type of work right so I grew up in Greece. So and Bis where I did my Undergrad. I moved to Columbia University. For Grad School. My Grad school was In topic cold the theoretical computer science algorithms person and something the process. I realized that the best way to cover impact in the world if you're doing theoretical algorithm research used to actually work on algorithm questions the come from. Mossy learn against that this. Why why is that? Why is that the best place I mean? Maybe yeah maybe the phrasing is not really a good place because this is where this you know our listeners would all agree but I'm curious your thoughts thoughts so I actually started doing this before. It was popular because really I could really see that maybe not all of the theoretical algorithm but one looks some of them could be used in practice and you could see the sort of practical improvements in data analysis tasks so but like in I used to like doing a theoretical griffin. Chris just for the sake of doing it but sort of like after my fingers might the I started good ovulating towards ethical questions that if solved would actually have a product. The galleon bucked described for us. Broadly your research interests and focus so that we have a little bit of the context out of which this paper comes so I come interest within the algorithms in learning so this particular nerves paper. belongs High level which is called the high dimensional Obama's. Learning the idea. Here is that historically every machine learning algorithm needs to make some assumptions assumptions about the model where the data comes from so in some sense very roughly speaking every algorithm could could be viewed as a data fitting methods. You're trying to feed the data to model now. The issues that this assumption about the data coming from a model of a given type is very crucial so and typically do not want your algorithm to overfeed to this assumption in the says that in this assumption is that exactly through but if it's approximately through you want your algorithm to still work and unfortunately entire dimensional sailings. We realized about five years ago. This actually not the case even a very tiny deviation from the assume model could make the rub the machine learning algorithm very fragile so we in decided that okay we need to rectify his developed methodology to have robust learning algorithms for high dimensional problems. And so when you talk about high dimensional problems and perturbations are you thinking about things like the adversarial examples types of problems that we are familiar with where you've got an image high dimensional and you apply some some noise to it so that's a great question I was. I was expecting this question exactly to to throw a difference so these types of recital examples also some type of robustness the question type of buses but somewhat difference. Learn the one I'd like to discuss in particular in the certain adversary robust setting. What you have is if you train you train your network on some images right and then you perturb those images. In a way that's imperceptible to humans and see how the how the model learn performs. We have learned. That's actually under Boston. We need to do something to make it. Robust so the participations in the recital bus setting take place up test time so you train with a bunch of clean data and then you want to test on a set of corrupted data so the sending over Bosnia least with respect to this line of work is something that's called tests diamox. What you actually train on corrupting data. These two are related. So these two notions of Obama's isolated but they're also quite a bit different and you said they're called test time adapts. Yeah but the data is perturbed in training. So this is a cold time. Docs got what I'm GonNa talk about the It's called trading diamondbacks. Okay right so let me give you an example like the most basic example of that. I expect anyone could could understand with just a little bit of bug so if I give you samples like ID samples from public distribution. Like Goshen. And I ask you to find the expectation that mean value offer with distribution whatever samples. Come from let's say in in one dimension than what would you do to find the main value? Yeah you'd some them and divide by the number of samples you have. Yeah that's what that's about sir. Gold sort of empirical mean and we know that it works right. Unfortunately though if one of the summers they give you is not drawn from the distribution that you are strongly it was. It's out liar. Then the average doesn't work anymore was the betrayal far from the tool mean. It's not going to convert through mean even if you take infantryman samples. So what are we doing this case so for the one dimensional saving is known for like I duNno? Essential in statistics. So he still taking the average. You're taking staffing with the skull. The median. Okay. So we know that the media is robust to outliers and it's optimally robust for one dimensional problems right. Lie merging a generalization with this problem too high dimensions so now observing one dimensional points. You're observing high dimensional points every observation that you have is high dimensional. Let's say the dimensions and you want to do the same thing. You want to actually compute the expected value of the corresponding distribution now in the case of polling data. You will do exactly the same thing that you did. In the one dimensional case you would sam all the samples and the divide by the number of the samples so this is the umbilical meaning high dimensions and in the case of clean. Data it works. Now the difficulty is actually generalizing this dimensional and be mean when you actually have. Let's say ten percent of your of your samples being arbitrary. I would liars in this case. Unfortunately there is not an easy solution as taking the media meeting because the media in a high dimensional scenario isn't wall defined or because of the number of outliers you have. Let's these are great questions. So there are many ways to define north of a medium high dimensions for example. One thing that you could do is look at their coordinate individually and calculating the median. Coordinate and giving the dancer unfortunately this is not gonNa work they gonNA work is because you have many dimensions and in some sense. The noise can accumulate across dimensions. So if you let's say even a one percent of outliers then the answer you're going to get at. The end is going to be very large. In the worst case would actually depends on. Who would actually scale with the number of dimensions? And this is something that you can avoid. We know that you can avoid that if you look at like information theoretic bounds. But we didn't know how avoided with the computational efficient algorithm with a method that you can actually ran all right so what we did for years ago with a number of great golfers is we developed the first methods that is actually robust for estimating tied immeasurable distribution to constant number of outliers. So even if you have. Let's say twenty percent about liars and no matter. How highly dimension is the algorithm around sufficiently and gives you an accurate approximation of what's the general flavor or shape of this algorithm? I see so many versions. Maybe they easiest want is about Sort of detecting and removing the consequential outlines so we are in a high dimensional setting so the most sort of knives thing to try to do is detect out liars and remove them and after you do the venue just the output V. The men of the rest I will be the ideal methodology to solve the problem. They show is that this is impossible. We can't prove that it is impossible to actually detect the outliers in dimension setting. So what do we do so the next thing to try deuce okay? Maybe I cannot detect a remove. All the outliers. Maybe I contacted. Remove the ones that If I kept the data sets then they would actually skew the appeal coming by a lot. Turns out that this is something that you can do by using spectral move

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"ilia  " Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

WNYC 93.9 FM

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"ilia " Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Slash NPR it's morning edition on WNYC I'm Richard Hey good morning stay tuned coming up in Manhattan church is fighting fears over the new corona virus there are no known cases the virus in the city the people at the New York Chinese alliance church or voicing some concern and then later at nine this morning on the B. B. C. news hour and again the latest on the corona virus in China and the latest on remarks from president trump in India's prime minister is the you to address the huge crowd at the start of trump's first official visit to India that's the BBC news hour that's at nine o'clock this morning on ninety three point nine FM but before we get to the BBC we have some extra work to do reporter ilia merits here in the studio with me this morning we've been here all morning on this the first day of WNYC's winter fundraiser this is where we ask you to help us produce morning edition and the BBC and everything else that you get on WNYC for another year yes we're asking for a pledge of very small one if you'd like a large one if you like all you have to do is call us up at one eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two or go online at WNYC dot org that's right we only come to you a few times a year to remind you how this Rick great radio station works and the key thing is it's listener member funded it's people who listen pitching in saying yeah I want to hear radio eleven this American life on the weekends and I depend on morning edition in the mornings and All Things Considered in the afternoons and evenings well you make it possible listener members like you and if you haven't made a pledge of support I encourage you to do it now it only takes a couple minutes it feels really really good to know.

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China coronavirus "surge" was a change in counting method

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

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China coronavirus "surge" was a change in counting method

"Less so with coronavirus in an update that as we come to day two of this new way of counting infections give us an update hi there and as you mentioned Emily on the the the there is a new method and I've been night who bait province the epicenter of the outbreak that reported another four thousand eight hundred and twenty three cases is still shop drop from the I miss fifteen thousand reported today ilia and that decline basically confirms that the the the last number from the other day was a one off situation because of the new method that medical authorities and doctors are you you are using for counting the infections the Acer removed more than a hundred deaths from the previous death toll because of double counting so with seeing that the death toll in China alone now stands at one thousand three hundred and eighty that surprise jump the other day his prompted Larry could load that the White House economic adviser to voice some doubts about these numbers he said they we we we thought there was that would be better transparency coming in China but it doesn't

Emily Ilia Acer China Larry Economic Adviser White House
Russian president To Give His Yearly Press Conference

Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe

00:29 sec | 2 years ago

Russian president To Give His Yearly Press Conference

"And Russian president Vladimir Putin cases annual press conference and that's happening later this morning while in the next hour rule save big Bucks ilia Arkhipov tells us what we should expect he'll take several dozens questions well almost two thousand Germanised will be present in a giant hole in one school business center that is likely to last for several hours topics usually include economy energy relations with the S. and other aspects of their Russian foreign policy in Moscow

Moscow President Trump Vladimir Putin Ilia Arkhipov
"ilia  " Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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"ilia " Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Yes. So i had suggested to a certain somebody ready to why don't you go start up the generator and not only does he start up the generator but he starts it up in the backyard and their backyard is right next our backyard where the party what's happening now and i was thinking pull it out to the front and start it up kinda. Give him an indicator that you know they're being a little loud. They would definitely hear it from the backyard but it wouldn't be like jake in your face kinda and he just did it right there and he pulled it out. He got an extension cord and pulled it out from around the back and starts this generator up and it definitely sent a message but it was a little bit more in your face yes canoeing. If i had been the neighbor in question i probably would've appreciated a ring the bell yeah we'll see okay so backing up a little ring. I mean i would've i. I would've appreciated if somebody said hey you know you party. You kind of have to neighborly thing you kind of have to put this in perspective. I had the cops called on me the last time i did this when i actually selangor doorbell for letting them know the neighbor where some kid somebody reacts to your rigging durbar with deadly forestland don't ring right yeah. That's an important hold the cops because i let them know that their kid broke one of our windows. Wow oh i didn't say i want you to pay for this. I wasn't suggesting not at all. She's out telling them now. I thought i thought you might want to know that you know. One of your kids broke. One of our you know kinda insignificant windows basement windows you one hundred percent sure it was their kid yeah yeah yeah i mean saud- questioning because because i didn't know exactly what occurred heard i just knew that my partner had heard and saw the kid run away from the window. After he broke his he hit a ball or something hit or something and i i just you know <hes> <hes> she so. She started questioning saying something about her. We weren't even here today and i'm like well. I'm sorry i'm not the one who actually saw your a kid. Break the window. My partner did so i'm not sure exactly when it happened but yeah so i had to actually respond and then and then something about calling the cops and like get off my property. I'm calling the cops. I'm like wow sillier. Carton in perth says they've put it so you smell fish. Oh i smell. L. is fish. She told local news outlets. The courts ultimately dismissed her case siding with the neighbors but news of the lawsuit caused a stir among residents. It's in the capital city of western australia. Facebook group named community barbecue force ilia garden was created in protest of what organizers called her attempt to quote destroy a good old aussie tradition well when people caused a stir have a stir fry silly card and has a problem with your neighbors cooking meat on their barbecue barbecue because she's a vegan recently taking them to supreme court the event description read quote. Don't let celia destroy a good old aussie tradition join us for community barbecue in protest test her actions and help silly garden get some pork on her fork that lasts parts all in capital letters well..

jake partner Facebook ilia garden australia perth celia saud one hundred percent
"ilia  " Discussed on Pioneers of Good

Pioneers of Good

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"ilia " Discussed on Pioneers of Good

"So welcome to pioneers of goods on in this episode. I on its have the to code finders of openly. Tonya, Denise e I'm Lisa Watson, and openly is a Canadian company, which mission is your impacts, so they applied the impacts of Pippa Stephen leader and change make his voices and I'm super excited to have you both on the show. So thank you so much. Unwelcome. Thank you. Thank you, as saying, Ilia you sophisticated to being to people. So it seems that a I'm becoming more efficient practices. Well, we welcome. Will you both could find his off? Only at look to hear a little bit about how you decided to set this company together, maybe bit about your own personal backrooms, as well. Yeah, I'm slightly. So. Fli were a sole proprietors of our own consulting practice. My background is still Allah, g. So I had a research that you need to be research and evaluation practice kind of flirted with strategy. Lisa had attracted that was primarily strategy beater ship coaching governance, and we connected I think, through project. It'd be nice implant bear. We were both at the state event. Lisa facilitated thing is facilitated another and decided like we he works. Thank you. The opportunity to. On jets and I was say the very precise with both of us associated. We just had a really natural rhythm with each other products with around battle being theory of change and million vestment strategy for funder. We just very naturally to. He said, like, facilitated connected, and I think our skill set works really well have been diagram where we have researchers, so as things like that. We've got a good relax. And then we sort of our skill sets, and then we just doing more work. Until we thought we should actually partner to have more of an impact redoing, well, as independent consultants and businesses growing. But, you know, we're out there, all the time, helping other think about how do we achieve more had been for missions in a greater way, had we Emara in the impact that route shooting and so offers housing options in heck we go from working in, but essentially very silent way, as infinite consulta to creating more of a platform where weekend. Improvising. Our own impact. And I think the only thing I would want to add that it's I think something that really helped us connect quickly in early on was really strong values and really the fact that we prioritized relationships that was so important to Kenya. And for me that whatever we did, we wanted to be sure that we were creating positive relationships that we were nurturing the. Clients that we worked supporting one another and it created a synergy that I think we started to see people respond to that people really welcome to space where they talk where they could share. We could sort of nudge, help them with their thinking with their grows at the same time it helped us as collaborators to get a deeper sense to be other recognized. There was a real opportunity here because we both wanted to make it such a bigger difference in the world to be able to do that together. So openly was really vision to create a bigger platform for jeans, right? They do say that the, the some of the pots doesn't equal the results of the whole, I can't remember the exact crates, putting you two together oversee created a bigger impact than both of you working independently. Yeah. Definitely just talking again, about the collaboration because I'm asserted premier for myself by myself in was intrigued in how to find these partnerships, and I think some people in my position struggle a little bit. No with trust. But with high to she makes sure that it's fair and could move moving forwards. Did you have to come with any structure in place? Or how did you overcome that potential challenge? We did well at the beginning I project at ten you mentioned. We decided that we would start by creating another agreement, and that kind of came for me, because I had a couple of experiences of assault, proprietor, where I head clouded with other folks, and it wasn't quite we have very different ways of working in different expectations for the work, and how we would be dealing with our. Science and communities that we connect with. And I know Ken had some of those experiences as well where you kind of think I don't really know that I wanted cannot like put my brand out there. With someone else is really don't have a strong limit. The we created this letter of agreement in. I think he was doing that really early on that forced us to clarify our individual insured value. A and we were kind of intentionally testing routed through our work, but it was great. Because from the very first hajj act we knew what to expect from each other, and what the other needed to be able to be successful, and to feel that sense of trust and safety and receive that when we work that way, we can really thrive in Lawsom and do excellent work. But also think grown as we developed openly where intentionally values based in all our and we're really giving a lot of thought right now. Now to how did that translate into things like being really rigorous around recruitment, right out, and making sure that we're, we've been really fortunate that all the folks that have joined us so far. You know, have a really strong values alignment, but as we're growing into a bigger company, we have developed systems and structures that are little bit more rigorous than what we've been doing us a like Lena nimble startup. Right. Just even picking up a little bit on the structure businesses valid, we created a shared, but shared her ship so equal fifty fifty ownership of the organization, and we are just variant tension over about mission time to connect with each other. Sometimes, I think it's like a few days charge the lease on the dissipation that we're always connected. Other always having conversations making trying to really think through how we want to lose out our mission and our vision. I think when things get kind of sticky or challenging we go back to, like, what are yes. Like where is our sense of integrity coming from? And what it is that we really wanna live in two. And if not, what are the things that are detracting from that. And how do we like cut them loose so that we can just really focus back on? But our core is essential that way, as we're growing organization. We know that we're always connected back to that core. Not that easy and not that, that goes all the time, but just touch point Ross. It's a real Mark star. You know, I it just it's very orienting for us because we're busy, we're going million miles, a million miles an hour at sometimes just need to, like take a deep breath and remind ourselves, okay, what are those sort of, I most when we're feeling uncertain? And it is it does guidance. Actually, I mean, I've been on your websites oversee, and it's very clear, your values, I mean you state them and you'll sustained how you apply them into your life as well. So it's refreshing to see a business, so transparence, I really shave on his actually not everyone might have seen your website relationships curiosity impact adoptive ity to Nesty in equity. I'm really fun. And it's really good to see them. The thank you. So how'd you bring your values to life when you're working with your clients? Yes. Before there. Because, you know, ten really have never relieved in anything we turn that Rabbin sort of sales-oriented Ryan. So we've signed up Sean be idea being consulted. We think we're actually really more collaborators partners in change, and that we wanna be we see ourselves bringing something to be part of the process, but also learning and be part of a reciprocal relationship. And so when we are work all comes through relationships. We've been very fortunate that it's through meeting people through word of mouth, and so on. And from the very first conversation are Hoke as wanting to get to know people and be really curious about what they do. And what they're paying points on what they're learning is than end. It really just initiate, the dialogue that I think is very offensive a hand and that often leads into, you know, things that we may be able to contribute to their journey, Emma. Mike wise and also people, we can connect them to because we really see our work has being highly networks. Are we want to be able to for open to be a network of networks? And so we have like this amazing opportunity at worship. Cross many sectors and being able to let ridge, those relationships to bring people together in sort of new and creative ways, and we see a lot of innovation changed from that. I would say I I mean mean. that's, that's how it begins I well to continue building. So I said, a lot of our clients come to us because they're attracted to our values or they, they know us or they've seen us working other circumstances, are that comes through our network. But I think Wentz were actually working with a client in, we were crossing on profit, and social purpose actors, so we're already working with people who are values driven. I think what happens, sometimes they might feel disconnected from that because they were going in a million different directions at a million miles an hour, have a lot of pressures in so in working with openly. I think what we bring like trading intentional face to reconnect with the why people are doing work that they're doing natural sense of values and interprets and bringing that trio city and then going through a process of doing some hard work, and some hard thinking about. What they're doing? They're doing foul. The workers, connecting the kind of impact and difference, that they wanna make in the world where there are Trafford the not and just always bring it back to, like, we know this work is hard in me know that it can be draining. And we know that there are lots of roadblocks, but where do we get our energy firm, and how do we reach in heavy works? These processes so that you can, you know, get to where you wanna go. Yeah. I'm sure your data backgrounds also comes to gently that's able to measure just feel is important to feel good obviously. And enjoy the journey, but it's also just as important to measure, how that impacting the world tune. Oh, Yes. yes. Really in good. I think that the balance, right? It's not just a feel good experience. But it's a really rigorous and disciplined, you'll base evidence based on high that we bring to people, but we do away that make sure that it doesn't light where these biggest coming, we know something that you don't know it's more like you already know and our job is just to help you draw that out and use. That was tonight you make really strong decisions that you feel certain about. And to use rigorous processes to make sure that the things that you're doing are cheating your intended impacted the world. Yeah, I'd say, sometimes every Donna feel-good process like we know that we're doing your job when people start to get comfortable. When they start to sweat, unlike or not sweating, usually, former to direct. You're not going to make any change if all you're doing reimbursing the status fo and just sort of being comfortable with our we've got to be disrupted. So but I think creating that they feel safe, so that when we do get to those uncomfortable, situations, people hence up. They know that it's, they trusted journ, energy tower values comes through really important distinction, you can be outside your comfort zone, aka uncomfortable. But as long as you're not safe-space you're willing to keep going and test and see how can grow as well. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Cubist visions, you have openly moving fluids, 'cause I can see your team's grown quite extensively from the two of you. And you're making some big ripples in the industries that you came within what you see openly growing into. Global..

Lisa Watson Kenya jets Pippa Stephen partner Fli Tonya assault Mike wise Lawsom Ken Donna Lena Nesty Ross Hoke Sean Ryan Wentz Emma
"ilia  " Discussed on The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy

04:01 min | 3 years ago

"ilia " Discussed on The Tech Guy

"He's a great photographer. My good friend, Trey Ratcliff, they saw Google. Plus is the best place to put photos because you know, socially face. Squeezes the photos down nothing. They don't look good Twitter photo goes by the Twitter stream of trash zip. It's gone but Google, plus they looked big they were they were nice. I wasn't talking to you Google, sir. Did you hear that? It was great. And frankly after while a lot of people were using it. It was a really it was everything social network should be. And that's why Google killed it. I guess I don't know why Google killed. It was Google killed it not affected. They shut down on Tuesday, isn't when they killed it. They killed it. A couple three years ago when they neglected was killed by neglected in one thing, we know about social networks, they're like a garden if you don't continually we'd them prone them and care for them, water them and feed them, social networks will get weedy and pretty soon the weeds push out, the the flowers, and all you got is patch a weeds. Right. That's what happens. In a garden. If you nor it he's gonna overgrown patch weeds in a social network, if you don't weed out the trolls in the in the evil people the Nazis in the just the bidder vicious ugly stuff, it takes over because normal people say, oh, not sticking around here factors really a movement of which I'm happy member by the way since August to kill their your Facebook and Twitter and Instagram accounts. Because of these weeds. Anyway, I don't I I'm sad about Google plus, but that's done deal. It was done deal years ago because spam Ilia mealy started taking over once Google neglected. This has to hurt Google, you know, this couple of weeks ago, they announced a new gaming initiative stadia. And ask developers. Please write games for stadia. You have to think that developers said you can you're just going to kill it. In two years. I'm not putting any effort into that my wife normal person. She's a little geeky 'cause she lives may. But she's pretty normal on hearing about stadia. She said, no, I'm not going to try it because Google just kill stuff. This is the this is the reputation Google getting it's probably too late now, Google just kill stuff and that to Google's privacy issues. It's this is disappointing. Here's a company that by all rights should be. I mean, people people I still like him people like Google, right? People hate Facebook. The hey Twitter, but they like Google for reasons, I don't fully understand. But that's changing that's changing I stopped using g mail because I don't want Google to have access to you know, a decade worth of information about me. It seemed like a bad idea. Google. I think we'll look back and we'll say Google fumbled the future Google had a real opportunity. And instead why I guess is the question the experts people who follow Google say. Well, the real problem is Google like shiny new things. This is pretty apparent actually if you think about they love the new stuff, and it's easy to get programmers and Google really is just a bunch of engineers, right finley's. Finley held together with chewing gum these engineers. Love the new stuff all we're going to create something really, cool and new and the minute it's launched. It's like, well, that's boring. Let's what else squirrel, but else can we look at they have no attention span. That's what we're seeing. And frankly, if people are going to invest time and energy into using Google services. They have to feel like the energy is going to be well spent that they're that there's gonna be some benefit continuing ongoing benefit..

Google Twitter Trey Ratcliff Facebook Ilia finley Instagram three years two years
"ilia  " Discussed on Budget Arcade: Free to play gaming

Budget Arcade: Free to play gaming

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"ilia " Discussed on Budget Arcade: Free to play gaming

"Seeing. So next week's episode Jeff is actually gonna be out of town. So we will not have him. We're going to have a special guest, and our special guest actually was the one who suggested the next game. It's our first listener suggested game, we're gonna be playing drug Ilia lost. And that's on mobile. I downloaded it briefly. It's control was for a mobile game. Pretty good. I impressive had good. That's my review the try given five and a half stars stamina proven. Saying it's weakness doing what? Nothing of it. All you need to pay attention discord. Well, maybe if you put a picture on your Twitter account. That would. Every time. I go to talk to it. I'm like this guy's a bought. He's probably gonna sell Viagra. I don't wanna be here. Will something similar to biogra-. It's actually tweeted this guy shows up outside my house a white van. He offers me candy, you tick next thing, you know, this is your blame for taking the candy don't ever get into white van when their windows. I'm just saying, by the way, wasn't a alive don't ever get into white van with no windows, even if it says free candy, there's probably not free. Can't you mean tinted windows? I was disappointed at the candy selection. Maybe we should wrap this up. All right. Thank you. For listening to the podcast. If you have a game you liked us to play or rate. You can Email that budget dot arcade, g mail dot com. You can follow us on Twitter at arcade budget, but he's gonna fix it to budget. Arcade if possible, yes, maybe we'll see. Music by stem edge. You can download his music at metro middle dot com. And as always game on. At that part out.

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HealthTech - The Wearable Reducing Hospital Readmissions

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HealthTech - The Wearable Reducing Hospital Readmissions

"Today, I want to turn my attention back to health tech. Current health recently announced that he's a powered remote patient monitoring wearable device. Receive class to clearance from the US food and Drug administration, the FDA for hospital care, and this current wireless device provides continuous ICU level patient monitoring, which essentially enables clinicians to better determine the hell trajectory and intervene early an ultimate -ly improve patient outcomes and current health. Ceo, Christopher mcken has been on the podcast before. But I invite him back on again today. So we can discuss the advancements being made in healthcare an IOT and out together, the helping improve patient care so book up and hold on tight as I beam your ears all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland. So we can speak with Christopher mcken CEO at current health. So massive warm. Welcome back to the show. Chris can you tell snooze? Labat who you are. And what you do. Yeah. Hi, Neal delighted to be buying. I'm trust me cannon. I'm the CEO and cool friend or of current health. And I think the last thing we would on your show we were knowing not forty but we've saying helpfully changed name though to not cut it. We health tech company based in Edinburgh and New York, raise the eleven million dollars and employees currently people although were were growing rapidly at the moment. Now, we last spoke on I think it was episode six hundred sixty seven where he revealed your ally powered patient monitor solution and just went on it Mr. episode, can you give them a quick overview of what current health is. Maybe the story behind your rebranding and the problems that you set out to solve a cool. And so my my win by in the computer science and then medicine, and I started the company with my cool brendor actually is a major who shouldn't. And the the problem are our meshing that we had was really simple. We just wanted to help help them to identify patients the at risk of getting that on Ilia point. And Ray, no, the don't really have a way of minting visibility of patient hell on those signing when that patient is stopping to deteriorate on and getting to go and see that patient Elliot here that is both an exact. So we do is winnable on the upper arm of the patient. We monitor them across a whole bunch of ideological matrix where and super high accuracy, so things like oceans accusation and responded to rate, and we integrate with a bunch of other devices are in the body from things like Spiro McRae or wait. And then we take all of that information and use it under signed as a patient health trajectory, and can we LA are a health care professional much much jelly appoint than currently possible. So they can intervene L E R, and we rebranded because our or existing name Billick. It didn't really really set with what we were trying to achieve then really mean anything until I actually am. We just happen to the dot com. The name and went with it. So we decided that we would we would try and fight the name that was more fighting for the mesh that we were trying to achieve and we went with Conan hill. I playoffs a fantastic move as well. The difference between snap Fulton and current health. You just know exactly what it is straight away. Yeah. We we think we feel much happier with it. And since we last spoke you recently, an absent your AI, powered remote patient monitoring wells device receive class to clearance from the US food and Drug administration the FDA old for hospital offer hospital care. I mean, that's an incredibly big deal for you. You guys he told me a little bit more about what that means for you at current house. Yeah. I mean, it was an amazing. My also in forest is the culmination of 'em yields of walk on the part of our team, and we're one of a very very small number of and devices anywhere in the world. Weser vacation, and it gives us actor the US market, but it's also an enormous validation point from and one of the world's most most diligent regulate does it was a huge amount of work and photos together, and it was a huge sum Hove stamp of approval for his when we actually go to 'em celebration for the team and all the work that the. It feels like a huge step in the right direction. But how did you see the advancements in healthcare, and I oversee and how to get how do you think that can all actually improve patient care and move to more than like a proactive approach to healthcare all the traditional reactive? Yeah. Well, I think if you will through waned one hundred years the disease that we saw for indict from where different than the RTD and infant mentality was higher and hundred years ago and life expectancy was lore, and we tended to die quick are from shore or Talamo Lucy's whereas today, thanks to the incredible environments and science and medicine, we can all live longer disease that would have been a death sentence one hundred years ago, or no, long-term lovable and chronic. And that's great. But the flip side of that is or health systems are no facing real strain from an older population who have disease that require and more frequent contact on long management. So, you know, shoe

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"ilia  " Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

News Talk 1130 WISN

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"ilia " Discussed on News Talk 1130 WISN

"Bags of salt on. It doesn't go over. And all I could find was the water softener salt. And all of that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That diamond crystal small sub. Oh to the point. My my my entire driveways, just like a ice. Rink ilia? Sliding my dog can't walk. All pause. Bambi? Is it? I mean this lull that we normally have seen Bob at least from what I'm hearing doesn't exist. Among people buying and selling. Well, January was surprisingly warm Hemi. We're in forties and fifties in that kind of kept the market going. Now the last two to three weeks with the super cold, weather and the snow. Everything's kinda quieted down. We've only had a couple of new listings come into the office. But I know that a lot of the agents have been out on appointments, and so they're doing kind of the preliminary meet and greet, the the market analysis going over things that maybe can do to fix your house up and get a few extra dollars for it. When it sells, and they're holding onto all the listing contracts right now, we're just sitting on them and waiting and probably sometime in the next week or two or three somewhere in there soon as the weather starts turning just a little bit. You're going to see kind of a an onslaught of new listings come onto the market. It's going to be pretty exciting. Well, we can talk about all of that. And we can take questions on the show today. John will tell us about cornerstone development and the condominium neighborhood lifestyle. Luna. Get inside those take a tour virtual tour is great. We could do it at Europe site, right? But it's another thing to get out and about and walked through. Exactly. So most people have come to visit us, you know, we have a sales center in nice model in greenfield. And there's one in the clubhouse and model actually two models up in cedar. Berg people at typically south. They've seen us before online. Right. And then they want to really touch Seafield walk it. And that makes a big difference. I saw TV I think it was that show and channel four the blender one. Yeah. Yeah. They're walking through with the cameras. Right. And that gives you a great sense. You can look at pictures and same thing with the house spa. You can look at all the pictures. And that gets you kind of sucked in like, you're buying a car kinda. Yeah. And then you want to go test drive it for sure. Yeah. You gotta get in the house. That's the fun part. You know, you go to the houses. And. Yeah. Set private appointments, or sometimes you go to the open houses, and you really get a feel for the layout of the house and the lot in a lot of people. Now, a lot of people get it. The they spend a lot of time, and they look at the lot and they walk around. And you know, is it private are there? Woods are the neighbors close by. And there's not a right or wrong answer to any of that. I I've talked to a lot of people that don't wanna see their neighbors anywhere near them. They want to get up and grab their newspaper in the morning and wave to the neighbor's six blocks down doing buddy, you know. And I've got other people who wanna be right on top of their neighbors because they have kids in the enjoy all the communication in the back and forth with the, you know, friends and family and all that kind of stuff. So it doesn't matter what your house is. Or what can lot is? There's a buyer for every house out there. Okay. So Bob drinking water sorry about that. You caught me off guard. Let's put a phone lines. You are member of Milwaukee. Neri you will have a booth at the show next weekend. Yeah, we're going to be in booth to twenty three to twenty five and you can find us there. I believe is going to be there quite a bit. We'll be there every day every day so come down to meet MacKenzie and all of our agents take turns at the booth so stop by say, hi, grab a business card. Grab a brochure. You can set up a free market analysis right there on the spot if you want to. Yeah. You might have a question about commission at redefine realty. It's three point nine nine percent, Bob. It's as simple as that other. Folks, have you know, along the way we get questions on the show, and you can call in right now if you are concerned about the commission, it is confusing because there's a Cobra commission with the other agent you're at three point nine nine percent. But that's it. There's no other hidden feared. Yeah. There's an old flat fees, no upfront fees, no administration fees at the end. It's just the street three point nine nine percent. And you're going to get a full-service MLS experience that seems to be what most everybody wants these days. As you. You have two trains of thought when it comes to that. You have the people that want to sell for sale by owner and save as much money as they can. And that's a perfectly legitimate way to go. I completely understand that. And I don't I think if I was in not in the real estate business, I probably be the same way. I'd want to give it a couple of weeks and try to sell the house myself great idea to start in after two or three weeks though, then call us because what you don't want to do is go from for sale by owner all the way up to six percent commission. That's a ton of money. So at three point nine nine, you have a pretty good opportunity to get all the, you know, full service MLS experienced type of things that you're used to with your six percent broker. You just don't have to pay that extra two three four ten thousand dollars. You know, whatever it is based on the price of your house. Your website has all the photos, the MLS you mentioned by that can access all of that not just redefines listings, but all the other places around town. Oh, for sure that access is right on your Zillow truly you can go to our website. You know, all the major companies out there have pretty good websites for searching houses. I always encourage everybody searching, whatever website you want. You know, we'd love it. If you searched that redefine realty dot com. That'd be great. But search on whatever website you want. It's just when it's time to list your house, or it's time to come see a house, you want go and actually buy one, call us, call MacKenzie, and we'll take your own MacKenzie will take your all over the place, and she'll show you houses. Yeah. You can cover. I'm yet. What's the record of the day? Bob that you've got I think twenty houses in a day. It's the same people. That's probably two people for that record. Yeah. But yeah, you start out sometimes eight in the morning, your co until nine o'clock at night, you map it all out right organized. Let's get some calls fired up. And then we'll talk to John about cornerstone development. And we welcome those questions on condos as well. And John's candles are not the kind that you may think of when you think a condominium living, it's more of a neighborhood and. We'll take some calls, but John if you were to describe cornerstone development, the elevator speech. You got twenty seconds in an elevator. I need some background. Visit paul. Muzak in the macaroni neck. So what I would say is we try to positively impact the lives of the people around us every day. So and I know that that access philosophic, but we do we try to change lifestyle. The people that we work with Paul that eventually our owners in neighbors. They move in because tired of the maintenance on the outside like that driveway with all the salt that you and I were talking. You know, the last thing you wanna do is be out there for forty five minutes tossing that stuff. You don't have to our neighborhoods and not going to said lifestyle. Right, right. I I would have given anything those last two weeks. I get back from out of town. My car is buried it's ever since it's been cold. We've had ice. We've had snow. We've had rain on top of ice that froze. And it's just you know, if you don't like doing that work in the same goes for summer John with a yard work. Exactly. Plus, most of our neighborhoods have a pool and clubhouse, and it's a it's a gathering spot. So folks that come to us oftentimes have been in their homes for twenty five thirty thirty five years. They have a chance to meet new neighbors and again turned to a new chapter in life. That's all we enjoy doing Paul, and it's not just for the retired or later in life. All ages are living in these family. Always restrictions, and we can get it to that. So those questions if you talk to John John from cornerstone development, Bob is here from redefined realty MacKenzie Whalen this year as well to talk about real estate..

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George H W Bush remembrance

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George H W Bush remembrance

"Era. It's usually intended as a criticism, isn't it? However in the case of George H W Bush, America's forty first president and father of his forty third is really a compliment. Bush senior was the last president to grasp the complexities of foreign policy my judgement. He represented fiscal discipline that helped to merica on the path back to balanced budgets. Moreover, he was by temperament a man of the middle in what has become an age of increasing Audie logical polarize action. He's a Wall Street Journal editorial this week, quote, a gentleman in a culture growing cruder by the Bush also had a regime. Unlike today's creep hall, Titians ninety pollen, and what will to oilman special envoy to China. UN ambassador. CI direct congressman Voss president president. Well, someone who called the historical significance of George Bush Sania early on is my next guests nearly two decades ago. Jonathan rash wrote a cover story for the new Republic. Back then Washington's leading liberal political magazine and the toddle father superior out greatest. Modern president Jonathan is the author of the happiness cove, and it's a great pleasure to welcome back to between the lawn high. They Jonathan hi, Tom. It's great to be back. When Bush was president in nineteen Ninety-three. He had no shortage of critics liberals dismissed him as a wimp intellectuals ridiculed his sentence fragments and jumbled Syntex and even conservative detested him for not just Rausing, Texas. But losing to Bill Clinton why? Then you write Bussan Holly. Bush was a problem solver if not for him Ronald Reagan's presidency would have looked like a semi failure and Bill Clinton might well have failed. He cleaned up the messes that Reagan left behind and he left a healthy situation for Bill Clinton to build on. And he got punished for doing it kind of typical of his generation and the kinds of constructive attitudes. That they had voice nine is a foreign policy president. And of course, he's price full. He's handling of the collapse of the Soviet Union yet at the time Bush was widely criticized for not embracing democracy. National self-determination. Bush was a man of restraint. And of course, he was ridiculed for that wouldn't be prudent and so on, but he turned out to be right? He was very careful. Not to rub the Russians face in the collapse of the Soviet empire. Give them room to adjust. And in fact, ending the Cold War with Germany and NATO was darn near miraculously batter. For example, said don't even try it. It can't be done and same thing with the economy. He was careful not to go overboard with stimulus. He understood that it was too late in nineteen ninety two. He was careful not to invade Iraq. And occupy Baghdad he knew that that would be a disaster again. And again, he proved his critics wrong. It's interesting because after the US lead victory in the Persian Gulf, though, many critics poll Koetting alpha prime minister was one among many who expressed disappointment at the failure to finish Saddam off boosting Cup that Chris. After recite invited Iraq Diddy. No, that's that's exactly right. And it's you know, it's not just at the man was cautious. You know, this kind of negative virtue of caution. He also had the positive virtual being able to Wade into these very complicated difficult situations. And somehow get the problem solved. He brokered a compromise. That broke the back of the US federal budget deficit made possible balanced budget surpluses a few years later, he did that working with Republicans and Democrats it cost him the support of his party. But it was a huge thing. He sold the savings and loan crisis, which was the biggest financial meltdown until the one in two thousand very very serious very dangerous. We've forgotten about it, probably Australians don't even know about it because he solved it. So well, he dealt with the open source Nicaragua which Reagan had left one thing after another. He would just go in and deal with it. Like a grownup guesses. Jonathan rash from the Brookings Institution in Washington. He's also the. Oh, throw the happiness cove. We had a segment Ilia this year on that subject. And which about the great modern US president, George H W Bush who died last weekend at I ninety four John you obviously prize Bush's prudence and pragmatism. How does he compare to say he's Republican successes there? There are a whole bunch of them. I think of the new Gingrich revolutionaries who want to slash the size and the scope of the federal government. The George W Bush Neo conservatives who want to democratize the world, and they were the Trump populists America first and all that how does Bush saying compay to his successes. He's so different in so many ways home where does we're just going to be getting the first thing to say that he could not be elected dogcatcher. I mean, I mean literally he would not be a serious candidate for high national office. He would be considered. What's what's known over? Here is a rhino or Republican in name only. So first of all the difference is temperamental. He was not a populous. He was not elitist. He was someone who understood that he was fortunate and believed in giving back he valued expertise he valued wisdom. He was in fact, his own secretary of state working the phones, and he understood that there was no substitute for knowledge. He had deep experience in government, something Republicans now reject it turns out now that in both parties in the US even more Republicans than Democrats experiences seen as disqualification because it makes you part of the swamp. Okay. Quick quick quick Chris Christian for whom did George H W Bush vote for in two thousand sixteen. Well, I don't know that we know that. But we know he didn't vote for Donald Trump. Yeah. I read. Well, that's true. But I believe he actually voted for Hillary Clinton any sun abstained fest nodding. Yeah. We'll fascinating d I mean, he much more resemble Hillary Clinton someone else who comes along with a deep resume in government and lots of proven skills, but is not a very good campaigner not good at connecting has many of the same faults. A well what about sense of decency? Let's get your reaction to the hand risen letter that Busse ride for his successor and opponent Bill Clinton. This was on the die of the January twenty nine ninety three inauguration, by the way, I happen to attend that inauguration as one of the best moments of my life. This is an NPR voice. I've dear Bill when I walked into this office. Just now I felt the same sense of wonder in respect that I felt for years ago. I know you will feel that too. I wish you great happiness here. I never felt the loneliness some presidents have. -scribed? There will be very tough times made even more difficult by criticism. You may not think is fair. I'm not a very good one to give advice, but just don't let the critics discourage you or push you. Of course, you will be our president. When you read this note, I wish you well. I wish you family will your success now is our country's success. I'm rooting hard for you. Good luck. George George W Bush's handwritten leaded to his opponent and successive Bill Clinton on the day of the transfer of power in non Hain Ninety-three. That was an MP voice of Jonathan Rashleigh. It's a beautiful notice and it and

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