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"ignace alexa" Discussed on What's Good Games

"Could you please pick me up to the hospital i am birthing have so so my my mother's parents came and picked her up she called my father was like my parents bring me the hospital and my dad like jumped up in the middle like he got the call and was like i have to leave everybody my first child is being born so he like ran out of his gig so they were drummer for the rest of the evening i don't know how they handle that the jump is like the lifeblood i know i know so he met my mom at the hospital as they got there she like went into the delivery room and then i dodge ruled out tosh roles you did bear she said i was like i was like a super easy birth came out like giggling or something like that was it so little rising i'm here the story of my birth on the eve of my divined departure what anyway yeah babies born third segment of what's good games hats alcohol where we talk about things like being births and this week oh it's not a wattana it's exciting yeah bring up some like i the tiger shit oh yeah that'd be good whatever you have i believe in you this is what i was listening to in the car in the way over i was thinking about this this is the opening episode ignace oh of course it's kind of like it's like beginning in an ending but there's like a future in hope and never broke in and all that bullshit about the alternate ending in episode ignace alexa that's how i think of it because it's a really really sad emotional episode.

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