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"iconex aung" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"iconex aung" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Maybe this was towards the end of the show or you like this one better. Yeah. Come on. Now. Oh, yeah. It was really like this one better. I just wanna know why. This song. Also. Exactly like, I'm gonna get it you use a sample or whatever from someone else. It kind of gets you in the thank you for being a friend from the golden girls. This is the season, and it should have been for it should have been. Now. This all goes with four black women with gray hair. You know, this this song? Do this is a Iconex Aung in the LGBT, plus q commercial community. It truly is. That just shows icon and this song as I Connie. Why was the show iconic because it symbolized what a lot of elderly or aging day men and women have to go through because we're not the same family structure as heterosexual counterparts. So wouldn't be unusual for you know, two guys three or four of them to live together to support one another because we didn't have the wife and the kids in the Bobby move into gather all of us, and that we would have to travel. Thank you, sleep changed for reasons. That is correct for Jane. Cockle doodle do in the morning. So our boy Jesse Smith is don't obviously in the drive is getting ready to try to make bail. But apparently all this was put together simply because he wanted an increase in salary now, I don't know how going to jail get you an increase in salary. Gratien or getting or or putting the staging a violent act gets an increases Alary? But that was like not good. So that's the latest update is that he's looking he was looking he isn't looking anymore. It'd be looking for job. But he was a lawyer that too. He was looking to get an increase in his salary. So he decided that to put this whole thing together. And they went haywire. Owning he should've did with Aaron Donald held out. The difference is air. Donald was good job. He was a banker. Man. This is Jesse Sma. Let's level of acting and I don't watch empire. So maybe he's great on that show. I don't know. But this is a very bad acting an acting. This is writing and directing he wrote in directed this movie. Yes. And it was a flop is. So the police the police went on to say that they figured out early on at the story was somewhat, you know, not consistent because they found a weird that he kept a rope around his neck for forty two minutes after the attack. Now, somebody somebody put a rope around my neck. I'm gonna be walking around forty two minutes later, man. This wrote feel good one time I left the handcuffs on all the way to all the way to the Cox. So if you're Egner train station, the also now, take Uber. So you sitting here Uber with NewsRadio neck, and if I'm the driver, I'm looking at my wherever you like what's up dog? Why you got a new surrounding okay? Forty. If you're in a taxi same question, if you decide to get on another train, I'm looking over like on because anything that restricts restriction movement or make you feel uncomfortable. First thing you, do you tried to get rid of that if somebody put a noose around your neck and tried to strangle you to death. I would think that you'd want it office quickly clear as possible with think about us a kid, and you're big brother always tried to smother you with. You know, it's..

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