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"ice federation" Discussed on Rocks Across the Pond

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"ice federation" Discussed on Rocks Across the Pond

"Podcast coming to you from richmond. Virginia my name is ryan mcgee and joining me in southampton england is professor of peel. Jonathan have across jonathan. How are you today tired. I did I candidate fifteen hours on the ice this weekend and threw three stones time. What was the last time you spent that much time on the ice. Probably men's play downs back in february. Twenty twenty I guess next play. Downs march twenty twenty. So were you coaching. I was coaching coached. Joe team for four sessions and then There is a young junior girls team possibly forming. So i did a couple of sessions with them then. There was a coaching group So to get your like level wine in the uk. You have to demonstrate. I can do a demonstration coaching session. I was the assessor for that. And that ran for a couple of hours The distant individual. Work with joe and Mike around a little bit too so all right. Yeah that's not bad. Yeah it was pretty good pretty good for weekends work so we are. We are going to a continent that we have not hit yet Here on this podcast. Going to south america and we are going to brazil by way of vancouver For this show. Yeah so. I think we've been doing a few of these part of what we're trying to do. Here is a go around the world and see how curling's taken often different parts of the world and so this is. I guess we've already done australian the southern hemisphere So this is their second trip to the southern science here. First time in south america in. It's it's interesting to see. This is the first time that we've talked to that. We've talked to someone who helped form a club for people from their nation in of ex-pats like this. Because you have a club of brazilian curlers. That play in vancouver. So it's yeah. And i think it's kinda interesting similar to when we talked to adriana from the mexican kirwin fedaration where one of the ways that new federations can start off as if they have x. pass in an established curling country like canada the us and they have enough of a of that community of ex-pats in that in that We are curling is basically they can form get the training and out of that kind of build up a team that that can enter a world championship and then hopefully make connections with their home countries. Ice federation or whatever they're sports federation is and get to the w that way and then use that as a vehicle to build the facility and then hopefully get more at least one facility and hopefully more facilities than have more people curl in that country and grow. The sports outweigh almost like you..

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