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"icahn school medicine" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Right let's go to matters of sexual health Are you a male cyclist then you've probably heard about the hazards of cycling on your manhood we've mentioned that many times over the decades here it's a few. Decades old you know, the causes or it can cause erectile dysfunction because of the shape of the. Seat on your, bicycle and, then the time that you're, on it as well as the jarring. Effect on of. Depending on where you're writing but here's the formula. To remember for every hour you spend cycling you should spend at least twelve. Minutes standing on the pedals when you're riding your, bike this from the journal of urology and that will reduce your. Odds. Of genital. Numbness if you do that all right And here's a natural remedy for Yuki is. Urinary tract infections curcumin they active ingredient in turmeric which a lot. Of people know skit for joints and inflammation and other parts of the body but it can also ward off burning and pain of urinary tract infections this was an animal, steady and the Asian. Journal of Asian Pacific journal Tropical Medicine they found that mice with It's funny. How, they do studies on mice but that's another. Program anyway mice with, chronic UTI's, were injected with curcumin they had a ninety two. Percent lower level of. Infectious bacterial colonies and their urine after that was done researchers say that. Curcumin that's the active, as a yellow pigment in, turmeric and by the way in Hawaiian or in Hawaii we call it. Alanna where we broadcast from Relative of ginger root or a rise them but in any case the. Curcumin mocks up the, oxidative stress preventing the inflammation, linked to a urinary tract infection recurrence okay And herpes infection linked to Alzheimer's. Disease okay do we have time for this yeah I think so right now this was. The most in-depth analysis ever done on human brain tissue related to Alzheimer's disease and they, found evidence for the theory that viruses do play a role in the condition this was the study was from the Icahn school medicine and not sign high New. York and they found, that many of the genes implicated in, Alzheimer's were also those involved in the body's defense against. Viruses They, found that genes from two, viruses human herpes virus six and seven, were significantly more abundant in the brains of people who had Alzheimer's they also found that many. Human genes previously Alzheimer's are switched on or off in response get this to the presence of viral genes how about that so an infection could, contribute to the disease process so might be that treatment for, dementia Alzheimer's could be antivirals they say that h the human the human. Papilloma. The human herpes virus six and? Seven, or common and. Most people. Have them but they're dormant and don't cause disease but some people and some people think. Can become active and infect the neurons in the brain and recently other studies show have. Shown that people with herpes infections have a higher risk of senile dementia and in patients, treated with antiviral medications the risk of dementia was reduced by a factor of ten something this year with your doctor Possibly okay red meat raises endometriosis risk and women women who ate less red meat have lower risks of endometriosis. That's the tissue that runs wild as far as the growth of it from outside the. Uterus or grows it spreads to the ovaries. In other places? Anyway it affects one in ten women with a. Reproductive age and it's related to excess. Hormone estrogen we'll red. Meat is thought to affect this, estrogen level and, making it too high this was research from the, Fred Hutchinson cancer research center, in Seattle they tracked eighty thousand women, for twenty two years and they found that those two servings of meat a day raised their. Risk of having endometriosis by fifty six percent compared to those eating no more than one serving a week this was from the American journal of, obstetrics gynecology right finally and the funny bone pharmacy.

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