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"ibrahim howie" Discussed on Small Doses

"Kaminsky. Funky got to another episode of small doses. We had an incredible run of this great guests. I mean the things we've discussed and learned about have been absolutely incredible. Shout out to everybody who has come through and shared their time and their minds with us. We got a great response folks about my sisters episode in regards to palestine. I know right now. That's a very hot button topic. And i'm really happy to just see a lot. More people including myself educating ourselves and also being being change agents to not only hopefully you know lead to the lead to the ending of the occupation of palestine but also in challenging the rhetoric. That says that if you are against the occupation of palestine that you're anti semitic which is absolutely not the case at all and i really wanna make sure that it's very clear that's understood because the truth of the matter is so many of us particularly in hollywood are working alongside folks that you know are part of the jewish faith and it's very important to me that my team member and the people that i work with. They understand that like i. One thousand percent support their religion and their right to live and exists in the world in a safe way at the same time that i also think it's important to acknowledge that palestinians also have a right to live and exist in the world in a safe way so you know hoping that Folks who listened to episode took some extra time to check out the script that never had suggested in terms of books and she also hit me up and asked me to give some more suggestions. She said the book of the palestinian table. By ren- kassy's palestine on a plate by judy kala. Palestine the special edition by joe. Sacco speak bird speak again by ibrahim howie and sheriff kanana and the butterflies burden by mahmoud darwish so she wanted me to share those other books so that people can get their reference game on because you know we are all about references and research information here as small doses that he said that extends to my new web series. These and i wanted to do an episode about these for land because doing this project and creating this was very very near and dear for me and it was a very different process. And i had employed in the past with anything else i had set forth on. That was going to be like my little independent thing. I know there. I gotta stop calling my independent things. Lil views are manned. Land is a web series that i began but launched last week on instagram and youtube and it was an idea that i had had floating around that i knew i wanted to do some type of show that would be my version of a talk show and hosting and people all the time particularly since i left the real saints me. Amanda you're on show when you can get your on show you need to be doing your show and it's like that's easier said than done particularly because i'm very particular about what i want to talk about when it comes to my own show so let's get into our first segment. Amanda having her own show. So listen here's small doses..

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