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"Exchange student visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet at highway speeds the average taxed take your eyes off the road for about five seconds that's enough time to travel the length of a football field stop text stop rex dot org brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council twenty four triple a traffic we do that every ten minutes on the forest here zero Meryl it looks like we have a blocking accidents a new one Ian Puyallup so this is southbound state route one six one it's kind of confusing area because that's also where one six seven turns into five twelve where one six one turns into meridian for all you folks that normally go that route the accident south on one six one it's near thirty First Avenue is blocking completely blocking the state route so traffic being diverted off to the exits it's backed up right now from pioneer where before that I'm trying to get through that mess in the meantime a leftover kind of back ups in king county include the southbound on four oh five from before I ninety down to about forty fourth in Renton and then north down on I five just getting at forty one forty fifth in shoreline the more one more touch the slow down there at the king Snohomish county line elsewhere looks pretty good traffic is brought to you by dispatch health when you're sick every minute counts go to dispatch health dot com our high quality medical care comes to you visit dispatch health dot com to learn about medical professionals that make house calls dispatch health covered by most insurance your next come a traffic at six thirty four weather tonight so little shower recent showers staying with us through tomorrow morning maybe steady rain actually for your morning commute and then drying out by afternoon foggy skies for Wednesday morning and then a cloudy day on Thursday temperatures through the week.

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