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Woj & Lowe Crossover Part II

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Woj & Lowe Crossover Part II

"Everyone Walk Events. Shooting the watch pod. Perhaps you heard the first part of this conversation with my guest Zach Lowe owner on the low. We essentially just stopped halfway through a longer conversation that we had there. And we're going to pick up here on the Wochit Pod Solit- let's start. Here's Zach. We left off talking about the now the legitimacy of champion coming out of this season. That's going to be determined in some part by the structure of what the playoffs look like and this week is going to go a long way toward the decision of. Who's coming back to play? How many teams play in pool play regular season games? Let me ask you this act. Who Do you think this week are the most important voices that are going to determine what this looks? Like WITH IF WE'RE GONNA ASSUME ADAM silver at the very top along with Michelle Roberts. The Players Association Chris. Paul where do you think the influence is right now? Well I think after that it might pivot right to scientists who are going to say. You know what's the best way to do this? What's the safest way to do this? What the protocols have to be. I realized that's Boring Answer I think underneath that. Maybe you get a some of the agents who represent some of the superstar players who are on teams that are on the bubble of May BE COMING BACK. Maybe not coming back in the end those players themselves. Would they want? What is it GonNa take from them to really come back? And Play Damian Lillard Bradley. Beal guys like that And the GM's of those teams to. I think I think you get into. I mean we know. Sixteen teams are coming back. We know that so I think the the voices of the next group of teams and the players on those next group of themes to me would stick out as as as the most important but as you said before I mean this. Is Adam silver show at the end of the day? It's going to be his. Call your more plugged in than I am for sure I. I can't imagine that whatever goes to vote before the Board of governors is not going to be supported. I mean I just can't imagine that these teams are not going to line up and say okay. We've we've waited. We've we've debated we've considered we've reached the point whether it's this week or next week of no return this is the proposal will do it. And whatever Adam silver ultimately takes the people in very in a whether it's a formal vote and I don't know that the Board of Governors. I don't know that it's a surly a formal. We need three quarters two thirds I think gets. He knows where the support is on different issues and he knows where the compromises have to be to maybe get somebody behind an idea and anything you see a player a star player saint publicly right now you can be assured that player has had access to Adam silver to tell him that Friday and the Players Association knows Adam. Silver's not being surprised by anything player is saying right now especially among the elite because they talked to him there. That communication is pretty consistent. It's maybe even more. It's been more so now in these last few months because silver knows that to sell anything he has got to have the star players on his side and that the star players are going to sell it to their peers to those further down on their roster. They're going to sell to their general manager. They're going to sell it to their owner. Because if Lebron James tells listen we know the Lakers WanNa play. They want to win a championship. But whether it's Lebron James or Damian Lillard or your honest attended coupon go down the line when a star player has a very strong view of what he wants and it's within reason of the structure will. It's very likely going to be adopted by his team. Because that's the power of the star player and the peer pressure. Is it trickles down it organizations in rosters and so Adam silver needs to starts to do that for him but also needs them to sell it to the public and listen a year ago. We were talking about right now. The biggest issue facing the owners Zach and the general managers in the players. Were you an ice spending week upon week writing about the play tournament midseason tournament the receding of the playoffs. There was a lot of just like we're hearing now. Some agreed with some parts of it someone at none of it someone at all of it and Adam silver was trying to get it all through and he needed ultimately. He needed the star players. If that was going to happen he needed buying from the star players at any needed. The star players to go sell it to a television audience to ticket buying public and that is is much the case. Now as as it's ever been yeah and and I think I think this season has actually been an interesting season for the theoretical plan tournament. Not to turn sideways there. But you know part of the reason why people didn't like some people objected to the plan tournament idea which was would involve seven eight nine and ten. Will we have season in the Western Conference right now? Where there's just a gigantic gap between finished seventh right now? It's Dallas but it could have been a number of teams and everyone else. Is it fair to Dallas? Or whoever that they're in entered into playoff tournament there's no right answers? These questions in there particularly are no right answers to this specific season. Because it's ever some people are GonNa win. Some people are GONNA lose at the end of the day the NBA is just trying to salvage something. And you know as you've detailed in your reporting a series of calls this week culminating in a Friday board of governors call. I think people are anticipating something coming out of that call. I don't know what it what it will be right. I mean I don't know how it's going to be something. Something is going to come out of there because the bottom line is we're running out of time and teams are don't think are going to want to call their players back unless they know for sure were like we're coming back or how many teams are going to be. You can't call your players to tell them. Come back the market unless you can tell them. We're one of the thirty teams in this. Were one of the and this one of the twenty four. Wh whatever it is. They've got to know what the plan structure is. And then it's going to be a couple of weeks process from when they call players they're gonNA have to come back in they're going to have to quarantine some markets and we wrote about this late last week. There's the possibility that maybe they petition. The League to go directly to the site or somewhere in a in a looser state between here in Orlando for maybe one of the northeastern teams. So that's all going to be a big part of it for all we're talking about Zach of playoff structures and how it would play out in what it's GonNa look like. We both know everybody knows that if they get to Orlando in Star Plane. That event itself is going to create situation scenarios some that maybe we imagined players testing positive. A coach testing positive for the coronavirus. Somebody on staff getting sick. What whatever it's going to be and then the league's going to have to deal with that crisis and that issue and as much as anything. None of the basketball stuff is really gonNA matter unless there's an environment that is not fraught with. There's going to be uncertainty there. There's no question but what happens if there is something closer to panic. What if there's something closer to the controversy of it's one thing f players at you know the rotation player and maybe the fifth starter on a team yet sick. What happens if the two stars of a team test positive for the coronavirus and they have to be isolated from the team and they say well guys. This is a fourteen day. Quarantine Adam Silver's planned in the owners plan going. This and the players association was and they're seeing it in other leagues around the world if somebody tests positive. They removed that individual They treat them they isolate them. Treat him or her and they keep testing everybody else in the series goes on but what the answer. The question that nobody really has and that I don't know that they're going to go in with an absolute strict number or I would imagine they don't want to box themselves into a corner and say Zach. Well if three players on one team or five players on one team or this many people traveling party were to contract the coronavirus get sick. The result is we're removing that team or whatever it is and I think that's the uncertainty that hanes over this thing that make that ultimately make all of the rest of this moot and that's where they can figure out the basketball they've done that for The risk is going in and starting something. Zach that you can't finish and that might be fairly disasterous for the league and it takes. The result is going to be some courage to come back and try to do it But that's certainly the worst case scenario. This is a context for Referees players coaches and staff around players there is a level of intimacy in basketball that doesn't exist in the auto race the racing that we're seeing gall start up again ten yeah There are doomsday scenarios. There's no question about it and there is. There is some number of players particularly. If it's starters are key rotation guys if they're out there is a breaking point at which a playoff series becomes untenable to continue and I don't know what that point is. I don't know how many players that is. I don't think the League has a hard figure for it. But you're right that there's a certain point where I if if I'm not a scientist I've talked to some. I've talked to people in the League so I'm going to do my best to very carefully. Say what I know but if this were a case of player x test positive for the coronavirus now we have two corn in games before game. Three of the first round or something now. We have to quarantine everyone on his team. It everyone on the other team for an extended period of time if that were the protocol. They wouldn't be able to do this because it just you would run out of time to quickly now. I don't know that the NBA yet has an exact answer for the question of what happens when a player test positive what happens part of it will be. Obviously he is isolated in has to quarantine. It's more what happens to the other players. I think there will be some period. Where they they isolate themselves awaiting test results and part of the part of part of the. Nba's return is going to be banking on accurate daily quick response testing being available enough around the country to be available to NBA in a pinch. And you then wait for all those test results to come in. If those people are all negative they come out. Maybe it's an hour. Maybe it's overnight. Whatever it is you go to practice the next day. This series continues. That's my understanding of it. Now there are some the NBA. Doesn't I don't think anyone knows for sure? Are there scenarios in which that one positive test results in a series being delayed by day or two or something maybe hopefully not the hope is no I think maybe maybe not But look the NBA is going to do the best they can. And that's daily testing high-speed results frequent temperature checks and the hope is to minimize any window when a player or a staff member might have it and and we don't know that have it because that's the window where it becomes dangerous and and like you hear the word as symptomatic a lot right you talk to people in the League. He talked to scientists. Ace symptomatic is almost. It's a misnomer in that people describe themselves as symptomatic because they don't feel the ninety nine point five temperature that they have the NBA is. Hope is that we will find that ninety. Nine point five temperature before any before the players senses that they have any symptoms. And the minute. We find that you're out you're getting tested. And we see what happens and we hope to close any all gaps that way but there are still going to be gaps. They're still going to be windows. Where there's a practice and the last set of test results were all negative and that was eight hours ago or whatever it is and now there's a practice. Maybe something happened in that. Interim eight hours and we just and it didn't show up in a fever or any symptoms and then there's a practice and as you said dudes are banging on each other colliding sweating touching the ball and we'll see guys Scotts turf. Builder Triple Action has acquired the secret to building figure Green Lawn in return. They have taken all of the hard work out of the picture to give you more time to do nothing. Extra people realize that it's easy to get the lawn of their dreams by simply feeding their lawn a few times throughout the year. Scots terp builder triple action kills. Weeds prevents crabgrass and feeds to build thick green lawns. With SCOTT'S BILL TRIPLE ACTION. You can finally get the lawn. You always dreamt up. Scott's triple triple action will give your yard nourishment. It needs to help your week. Thin lawn recover. When you feed with Scott's Turf Builder Triple Action Multiple Times throughout the year. Your grass will be greener stronger and even more resilient. Pick up a bag today. This is a Scott Yard. Also Scott's no-quibble money-back guarantee states. If you're not satisfied you get your money back. This is a scots yard. The great debate. Who's the best of the best? Who's the real deal of the NBA? When it comes to home and auto insurance there's only one real deal but you're gonNA hear a lot of cases for a lot of players to be compared with Michael Jordan at the very top in the NBA. There are those who still make the case for the big men wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell Kareem abdul-jabbar the great big forwards in the history of the game. Lebron James Certainly at the very top Kobe Bryant in the back court and even Tim Duncan who often is forgotten in the debate. Perhaps the greatest power forward in the history of the game. Whatever your opinion may be. There's one thing everyone can agree on. There's nothing reeler than a team that you can rely on when you want the real deal like a good neighbor state farm. Is there one of the biggest questions that I keep hearing from team executives that they're getting from their players will a superstar player be treated the same if he has positive as if me as a role player do with there? Will there be a double standard there. Fascinated based on the level of Star. And how he impacts the playoffs and the answer to that has to be. Yes I mean it has to be yes but it is interesting that that question does come up. A Lot will essentially. Will there be selective enforcement. And guided certainly. This isn't like a role player. Could go in the playoffs and say hey are you going to officiate me the same way? You're GONNA Fish Lebron or why hansard probably is no but in this case the answer has to be yes and There's no getting around that and so I don't think there's an organization that would put itself in the position to hide a positive test to this climate. It would be the end of your career. It's not worth it and I don't think a League would WANNA even if you're considering the worst ethics of everybody. I'm not I'm not. I don't think that's anybody's planner intention. But I do think human nature that players are asking that and I think the league will be unequivocal to them. That it's this is going to be absent of your standing in the League. If you test positive you're out of there. Yeah I am fascinated to see what it all looks like just physically where players can go. What's going to be open to them? Because obviously the League has pushed back on the bubble terminology as too restrictive Amazon visit environments. But I think the answer to your question is emphatically. Yes the superstar. The role player will be treated the same. I think this is going to be the only way this works it from what I've heard people in the League is. This has to be as buttoned up his strict as possible. Without being the equivalent of incarceration basically and I don't think there is any room for exceptions or sloppiness. I don't think this is going to be a particularly pleasant experience for anybody. I don't think it's GonNa be pleasant for the media. I don't think it's I. I just think it's going to be Really really strict in. And that's the only works and there's a bunch of questions like like I. There's a think of all the logistical lessons. They have to answer like what if an owner no owner is. Maybe no owner. Maybe some well but I. I don't think a lot of owners are hungry to stay in in the campus environment for three months and so if an owner wants to fly in and watch his team play a playoff game and fly out. How does that work because I mean I? I have a hard time imagining that. Some of the richest people in the world and big. Yeah I was just those chill here for three months. Be in the bubble. How does that work? I I don't know I mean families I don't there's just I think it's going to be unpleasant. I don't think I don't think you know I think if you wanted to go. And he said well I wanNA bring my wife. I want to bring my kids. I think that's just a hard. No I think it's a hard no for for almost everybody. I think there's going to be as the season unfolds there. I think there's going to be more opportunity from what I've gathered for whether it's beyond players players to have family there it may not be available to you in the chew week quarantine slash training camp initially and remember after you get through the first wave of half the after people there leave once their teams eliminated. It's over quick for many. It'll be over quicken and those who stay are going to be motivated by the fact that they're advancing in the playoffs a narrow they will be more motivated to not be sloppy to not be careless because they have more lose. They have more state. And if you're a role player on the clippers you're a role player on the Lakers box. You want to be the one who gets blamed because Lebron it win the title or Jaanus doesn't win and and you put your team in a situation like so it's it's really awful to think about because it. It's awful to think about because we saw what happened to go. This is the first sentence in go. Bears career obituary forever when he retires. And just it's not fair and it's it's fair in the sense that he did something silly and on camera but we don't know how we got it and it's it's easy to get like it's easy to get. You can be vigilant and still get you can be. Maybe if you just literally seal yourself in your hotel room and go to games wearing oven mitts and then take the. I don't know but you know I agree with you. Like people are going to be what you're saying. I hadn't thought of it that way if you're if you're rope if you're the tenth man on the Lakers I mean that's a that's a level of infamy. You don't want but it but man that's it may not and that doesn't mean it's intentional order to come from carelessness but all you can do. You're only as strong in this environment as the least compliant person and that may be far beyond the roster the Front Office or the coaching staff. there's going to be a lot of people living in that environment in a lot of different roles that could contribute to a potential problems. And that's again. This is all the risk that they're they're taking and so Yeah how this looks and how this plays out into next season into the rest of the season and the start of next season let let me jump there. Zapper a moment. There's going to be a time. We're once this restart in resumes and they decide what it's going to be. Who's in what? The format is. The attention very quickly is going to turn with the Players Association in the League. The start negotiating a lot of issues around this current collective bargaining agreement to put it in simpler terms the agreement. They have which is essentially a fifty fifty split of basketball related income. It does not work. When there's no income there's no fans there's no fans and stands. There's no concessions when potentially forty percent of the revenue that is built on game night is compromised. It has a trickle down for teams. Who are trying to for their own. Revenue has trickled down with revenue sharing all those issues. The idea that next season how free agency is GONNA look salary cap luxury tax? All this has to be negotiated and Zach. It has a chance to get very contentious because again if we are in a country where even if half the league decides we can have fans in our buildings and APP the League and then there's a pocket that says we cannot have fans in this geographic region or we can have four thousand people in a twenty thousand seat arena. That's what we can do in a socially distanced environment. There is a lot. That's gotta be agreed upon to make the money work and even if Adam silver largely gets everybody on board to put a lot of their frustrations with how this plays out this summer aside. Boy There's a potential for a lot of strife moving forward and and I don't know that everybody is quite identified that I don't know if the players have fully embraced how contentious it might be and how different financial structure could look because the league has held onto the right to tear apart and essentially cancel out this collective bargaining agreement and negotiate and then have to negotiate a whole new one. They're trying to to come to terms here without having to do that too. And I think there's optimism on both sides that they can get there but boy. There's there's a lot that could go wrong here over the next several months as we look into a season almost assuredly is not starting until at least late. December and you can negotiate. They can to go. She ate big chunks of the current. Cba In essentially rewrite them without there being? They can do that now. They can do that yesterday. They can do that tomorrow. But the bigger and more fundamental chunk it is it the bigger the more you chip away at the very structure of how the League works the more complicated it gets. I mean what is what what is what is the biggest source then of biggest potential source of strife. Because I just as you said there's a fifty fifty revenue split and the revenue is going down the drain right now. I don't maybe I'm being naive. I don't see the league saying well. We now needed to make that a sixty forty revenue play word. What is the source of the strife? I mean obviously there are individual players. We're going to be disadvantaged. If the CAP goes down or up I signed my extension. Thinking was going to be worth this much. And it's only this much. I mean that's that's life we've seen that happen before with the cavs Spike in two thousand sixteen and the in the effects of that that rippled over multiple years. But what what are the? Yeah you could rip apart the CBS and write an entirely new on. That says really awful things players. I I don't I don't see that in the cards somehow have to be worked out here. And the Union had in the other direction when the deal came in and Revenue Spike. And they said the league said Hey. Let's let's gradually incorporate this cap space and the money available over a period of years so a several classes of free agents and players number one can benefit from it not just the class of Salomon Hill in Timofey. Mas Gobelins Ian mckinney I call them them beyond the beyond Gov is back beyond so that all that's one question now it's learn the other direction. Are we going to have a scenario? Where one class takes a dramatic kit and the other. The bigger issue is if approved a dramatic. If if you work at artificially help to maneuver with this coming can have as many as twenty five teens in luxury tax. That's untenable doesn't that has never been. I understand. The math. People are doing to get there. I just can't imagine and I've literally had very I've had very few conversations about this because I haven't been focused so much there. I can't imagine the League attack has ramifications for revenue sharing. I get that but I just twenty five teams paying. The luxury tax doesn't make any sense. You either suspended for a season you raise it up so that or you keep it where it was so that teams who were planning for luxury tax at a certain level or not punished for essentially planning I just can't imagine that that's the thing that is is ever going to happen. Twenty five team Spain the luxury tax. Hey guys now more than ever. We have to look out for each other in town on each other. Marathon wanted to know that you can count on them for the high quality top tier guests. Marathon gasoline's are formulated with S. T P additives. They keep your vehicle running at peak performance by optimizing fuel economy removing those ugly buildups in by reducing emissions. 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I know everybody talked about the nets. They're not Katie's not playing for the nets Not There's no certainly I don't know of any plans for that to happen with either of them but I think the sixers are the one right. Zach that you start with them and say hey that this wasn't a good thing for anybody but for the purposes of that roster that lineup. Maybe yeah I mean the for certainly without Ben Simmons. They're not doing anything serious in their slated to play Boston in the first round of the playoffs. Which is it's unclear. Benham's would have been ready for the the actual. I think the indications were positive. He would have been ready for like the normal start date of the NBA playoffs but now he's search in theory. Kind of more than ready on. Janas had that lingering issue to before I mean there was a whole mvp race that might have emerged. Teddy honest miss ten or fifteen games and Lebron really had a chance to make up whatever ground you had to make up. So I think that's another team You know I it's it's and then it's just going to become a matter of Is there an outside shot Jonathan? Isaac plays the little things like that. I don't I don't know I don't think I think the if there's a shot it's very very small but That it's just going to be a matter of. Who's done the best to stay in shape and and and who? It's it's hard to imagine that we're going to get through a quick start up like this without a hamstring there or whatever there and you know who kind of who just either through preparation or the luck of the draw. Kind of avoids those Avoid those ramp up injuries that you know. I mean you know as well as I do. The teams are looking at the Bundesliga. I've never said the word Bundesliga in my life until about two weeks ago and apparently there's been sort of the spate of those sorts of injuries there. They've restarted an NBA. Teams are afraid of that for sure. Absolutely they're all talking about that and that's why you're seeing so much there's so much of a push to not sacrifice trade him time in workout time to not rush back into this season at the take as much time as they can to properly have players conditioned and prepared because more than not having players healthy to play in whatever. This thing is going to be coming up teams really. Don't want the start of next season impacted for them or next season impacted and that is such a focus when you talk in players certainly know it. They've gone back and look at a lot of the data. All the data from lockout years in the kind of injuries that came out lockouts and even at a lockout. You could go find a gym and run and play. There was no societal limits. I'm playing ball. There was in this case and so guys are coming back. Teams are seeing it even in these voluntary workouts. There are those who are coming back in very different condition even within the same team and when you start back up again and you guys at different stages of conditioning you know. This is a challenge teams and teams know this if a player gets injured and has a significant injury. He is in. Gm said to a couple times. They're not blaming the League for the structure the setup. They're blaming author blaming the team. Doron that we put them out there. We told them it was safe. And then this significant injury happens and now there are hard feelings toward us and and that's on the minds of of all of these guys and that's going to be a real. This season started out as a little bit of A. You know what teams could endure. There were so many significant injuries. And I think this restart is going to probably become is much about who can get through at the healthiest and that might be the team that you can win it all. Well think of a couple of players who are slated to play in the first round the in the East standings as they are now on your way Andrei Dala was an act enactment. Andrei Dukov was staying in shape. He clearly looked like himself for the most part but he's not playing competitive basketball to his normal standards for a long time gets traded and then sort of lifted into the Miami Heat and then boom the season's over and I look at a guy like a victory depot who suffers a traumatic injury. Mrs a year. I bet he missed a long time. I believe he played his first game on January. Twenty nine th the very last day of January barely played and now he goes back to quarantine and I. I don't know what his situation is. What set up. He's got wherever he is. But you you start playing you. Stop playing and then you start playing again. I mean if th that for a guy like that that's a I don't know what the that's a tricky timetable. For sure we could do another hour. Zach there's so many elements to the League's resumption of play. It means this season what it means in the future. And we'll get to a ton of it here coming up I appreciate the home home series today. Go back mixture. He listened to the first part of our conversation speaking of that. And how big of a deal? What are you hearing about? Homecourt advantage are like in terms of how how sort of the the wanderlust for. Not Having it anymore. If you've earned it like I think that's that's really. That's a big part especially when you get to the end and it's the conference finals and you've got game seven at home. It's a big deal is huge. And it's another reason. Why the contending teams if you ask them to come back and play regular season games. Why they're even less motivated to put their key players in those environments because seating matters less you don't have to worry about game seven at the staple center if you are Houston Denver. Whomever even if you're the clippers like the clippers no if they play a seven game series at staples against the Lakers. They're all gonna generally some are really going to be Laker home games and the other is going to Kinda still feel a little like Laker home games. That's out the window. So it does impact the postseason in that way but Zach. This was a lot of fun. We will talk soon thanks. Thanks for jumping. Isn't thanks for having me as always. Thanks for having me. Thanks for listening to this edition of the Woche pod a big. Thank you to my guests today. Espn's Zach Lowe. You can catch the first part of our conversation on the low post and of course you can check out new and archive episodes of not only the low post but the worst pago ever. You get your podcasts. Be should also check out the hoop collective with Brian winters. The v P. pod with Scott Van Pelt an aerial Hawaii's MMA. Show catch you next time

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