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Ian Pickarski of CMF Metalworks  The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 40)

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Ian Pickarski of CMF Metalworks The Knife Junkie Podcast (Episode 40)

"I designed each knife. Kinda like on the metal like i don't prototype in paper or anything i just kinda jumped straight into the physical <unk> <unk> no automation <hes>. My mill is barely a mill. It's more of a glorified drill press belt grinders bandsaw buffing wheel sandpaper welcome to the knife junkie podcast. You're weekly of knife news and information about knives and knife collecting. Here's your hosts jim person and bob the knife junkie demarco hello nine junkies and welcome to episode so number forty of the knife junkie podcast. I'm jump person and i'm bob the knife junkie demarco welcome to the show welcome to another goodwin. We've got a <hes> interview coming up with ian john karski c._m._f. Metal works the bob before we get into that. I want to remind our listeners that today's podcast is brought to you by audible. You can get a free audiobook download download and a thirty day free trial just by going to audible trial dot com slash the knife junkie over one hundred and eighty thousand titles to choose from your iphone android kindle dole or m._p. Three player again get a free audiobook download and a thirty day free trial at audible trial dot com slash knife junkie bob another ah good interview coming up but before we get into your chat with ian <hes> i know one of the questions you always talk about is <hes> you know social media. How's it affecting you know the knife world and that kind of thing and he <hes> instagram especially as kind of a tie into our guest today who's got just some gorgeous pictures on instagram and you know that's <hes> really you know kind of propelling his knife business if you will but the knife junkies got an instagram account to the knife chunky dot com slash instagram but maybe not in a lot of post oh slightly super lazy with it and and if you're lazy with instagram that's-that's about the that's that's the end shows you that you lazy but actually really there's. There's been an uptick. I'm trying to well in the interest of reducing and refining. I want a cadillac my collection before i started selling selling stuff off. That's my home justification for the delay in selling things any step here for the knife donkey indeed so i'm trying to you know daily. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself but you go on. Every couple of days are on a daily basis at least right now. All i'm excited about it. I'm gonna take little short. Videos doesn't matter where i am does matter what i'm doing but it's gonna each little the video going to highlight one of my knives collection and then i will have a catalog of everything i can start in good conscience selling stuff on the got a plan exactly but <hes> you mentioned instagram. That's how i've discovered so many people a number of people we've had on the podcast hugh <hes> but you know it's been a continuation of people i discovered covered on youtube like jeff blau years ago when he was tough not tough thumbs and just pimping knives and then he evolved into an amazing artist knife maker and and then he was the you know he sort of helped ian karski learn about the craft himself so it's kind of cool to see how this just kinda keeps getting passed around like were males were very visual and and the whole <hes> instagram thing is is a great way to get knife people interested. Yes seems like the the perfect platform for artist if you will knife makers who have something visual to sell something tangible and i forget who said it on a recent podcast. You know a lot of these knives. You're buying your dying on the internet. You're buying long distance unless you go to a knife show and actually see it and touch it <hes> feel it. All you have to do is the site the picture you know how it looks so instagram is a is a perfect platform for that yeah that was elliott williamson she he's talking about designing not only for the hand but designing for the i yes so that translates over over the internet and you're looking at a knife. You never gonna have a chance to get in your hand before you buy it or get it in your hand so and that comment about male. I didn't mean to say that the only males actually there is a huge growing community of it's not community but i've i've noticed a lot of women are tonight's. My wife isn't denies. That's how i met her years ago learning how to night fight but it is a visual thing and if you can get people on board with that with house on our it looks so i gotta say improprieties work. We're gonna be talking about soon is dazzling. I mean look at it. It's he uses the most most outrageous materials his his designs are are gorgeous beautiful flowing lines and very different from jeff blau velde's work but i could see i can see how they think come from the same universe film to check out some of those <hes> works of ian on his instagram. That's instagram dot com slash c._m._f. Metalworks anthem dan karski of c._m._f. Metal works and bob mentioned the larger growing or whatever community of <hes> female knife enthusiast and knife collectors. If you happen to be one we'd love to hear from you. Call us on the listener line at seven two four four six six four four eight seven seven two four four six four four eight seven. Give us a quick little message. Is there about how you got into it. Maybe even get you as a guest on the podcast. We love to have some female representation there on the podcast bob. We've mentioned ian karski of c._m._f. Metal works works a couple of times what he say we dive right into your interview with him. Let's do it follow the knife jokey on instagram at the knife junkie dot com slash instagram. I want to ask you about these crazy tips hips and grinds they. They are <hes> kind of illogical when you look at them. It's like how can that be sharp but obviously you know i know they are yeah yeah stabbed myself again three or four times a day so you have the the sweat running the back of a lot ear knives and it just looks like it it all <hes> i dunno it. All just kind of blends blends in. It's a crazy looking tip. I i i admire it. I think <hes> jeff blau veld does something similar someone someone that we'll talk about later but it it's a real the way it widens out the way the edge bev widens out at the tip to provide that robustness the bus ness. It just looks so cool. I agree. It's a i guess a lot we would argue is not the most practical but it's not the most impractical. Why is it not the most practical. I don't know i mean i've heard a lot of like oh. It's not been behind the edge. It's not going to be good for cutting but i mean on a tanto at least on the knives that i've owned. I've never used the tip for slicing splitting tape right right and that's the whole point of tanto tip anyway yeah. It's not supposed to be slightly. I dropped my knives. My personal life not the ones that people frequently so i like. It speed relatively tough okay do you do you walk around with the knives. Is that you make in your pocket to test them out or any of that though i if if i make a knife it doesn't touch my pocket because i generally <hes> i'm known in my small group of friends as the pocket clip killer <hes> i'm i'm six foot six so my pockets sits exactly at the kind of like edge of the door frame right where that like weird actually clicks in right so i'll walk through the door almost every time i'll have the pocket clip. I'll break it off and it snapped. I learned a lot of clips so i don't want to risk my my customers knives. Okay so let's talk about these knives one of the reasons. I'm sure one of the reasons you don't carry them around. Cause us exquisite <hes> materials. I mean really beautiful material <unk>. Tell me about the materials you use and you obviously put a whole lot of handwork into you know every inch of these knives <hes> any specifics who'd like to touch on her. Just what will the like handle materials. The mocha is at moca mayors. That's black damascus on the one hand or just this. It is a man. It's astounding <unk>. How'd you how'd you get all of those characteristics to come out of the material that i just kinda careful coloring <hes> when i got started with jaffe when he showed me how to heat color and it's it's just i've taken. His method changed it a ton to fit kinda my own my own style. <hes> <hes> i mean i use a hot map guests. I use a hotter tourists and recommended but you heat both sides evenly. Just make sure that <unk> nice polish clean it really well. I mean that's probably the biggest one and just go slow and when you when you start to see it hitting the colors you want quench in water. There's not really. I don't really know how to explain knowing that too much as well so you you mentioned jeff blau felt <hes> i know <hes> so let's go back like how did you get to the point in your life where you are making super high tight end beautiful handmade knives. Have you always been a knife guy. I have not i've only been in an is now for maybe five years less than that. Maybe i mean i've only been making knives now for two and a half years oh my <hes> i work at starbucks until january fourth of twenty seven team gene full-time in before that i was modifying bala san's and i kinda got into the custom knife world i got more into folders and i started looking like around me and i found jeff one day posting a picture the king of prussia mall in pennsylvania in there many times yeah and i kinda thought to myself <unk>. That's right there so i. I tried reaching out to on instagram. Once you have that me followers you get so many message requests that everything just kinda falls all through so i don't i don't blame them but message fell through so i saved up a few months and i purchased one of his knives and i asked him if i could come pick it up so i went there and brought one of my nights that i was modifying. I showed him. I really love to make folders. I love and show me how to do this and <hes> and jeff kind of took me under his wing and i think i worked with him for eight months. Need a little longer eight nine months and then i <hes> i moved to arizona with my wife but he he really gave me a good foundation to start with working with my own materials might own machines in my own shop before that it was just kinda nerve wracking right right <unk> since then it's just been picking other knife makers brains and picking up tips and tricks from people like john gray nadia more dalibor for rob carter. I mean those kind of guys. Just a who yeah i saw that <hes> rob carter collaboration knife you made the tanto dr are franchi featured on his channel yet c._m._f. Sixteen that was <hes> that was hidden hardware black mask with hidden harbor zirconium balsers shadow box. I remember that one that was a cool you just you're talking about hidden hardware right there and and difficult materials to work with and and a difficult process i would assume i'm to hide the hardware <unk> to create a knife with hidden hardware. It's more complicated i would imagine is there an aspect to this. <hes> as <hes> you know from your perspective as you wanna make the most challenging knife possible in the most beautiful knife possible is that because you rattled off all those things and i was like wow that that is like a perfect storm of expense you know if if all goes wrong sir ask me like how would i progress that further to make it more difficult sir no no. I guess i'm asking do you push yourself for the challenge or is it more <hes> you know i'm gonna make this knife is going to have all of these features and it's really hard and my customer is gonna love it and part of that is because they know how much kind of work and sweat and engineering went into it so i. I guess it's more for me to challenge myself <hes>. I really like to see what i can do and kind of push myself for instance right now. One of my goals is to make take a knife that weighs less than one ounce a cold titanium frame lock. I'm still figuring out what to do what i can do and right now. My best is one point seven ounces. Wow do you have a size restriction that you try to live up to or it has to be like a full-size mini night so i mean i know that people who listen the podcast can't see if this one is eight and a quarter inches long okay. My mini is seven and a half inches long. Oh okay how sad is kinda my parameter. I'd like to pleaded that lengthwise. That's kind of where i'm working in but thicknesses where i'm trying to get it. I'm using hundred thousands thick <hes> scales. I'm using being eighth inch blades. I'm doing hollow grinds anything. I can do to to shave some weight and i wish on this last one. I kinda like they say hindsight is twenty twenty right so i'm still kind of kicking myself for not doing more well. There's always time to do more. You can always make another one. Yes yes yes. I have to keep telling myself that little stress me out so so with this one you were going for one. You ended up with one point seven. That's that's still pretty amazing with steel and titanium. What's your shop like. Do you have any automation to use cad draw by hand. What's your process. <hes> <hes> so i draw everything out on pen and paper i don't know how to use cad <hes> with water jet guy when i got started in he designed signed me out on a rectangle or blanks kinda like coupons and it just has my lock bar cutout and it has my stopping location marked and everything else was done in house allow and i designed each knife kinda like on the medal. I don't prototype in paper or anything. I just kinda jumped straight into the physical prototype. I have no automation. My mill is barely a mill. It's more of a glorified drill press belt grinders bandsaw buffing wheel sandpaper that kind of stuff so when you're prototyping one of your new models you have a you have a number of models and i love the names both both the greek references in this weird sort of other <unk> mistress fair honey. What are you trying to tell me so. You're finished knives. I look at them everyday every day. Basically they're so they're so they're taking the such a high level of finnish polish in beauty materials in such when you're prototyping. I i would assume you use other materials. Is that right. I prefer to use the highest end materials like hand with prototypes specifically when i'm trying something new because when when you have that much money on the line it kind of forces you to work that much harder especially if you don't know what you're doing when i the my first hidden hardware knife was a arcor blade aide with a full billet of damascus for the scales my first time doing anything with mother of pearl was hidden hardware mother of pearl with a earlier polish blade which was my first polish blade and black mask hidden hardware scales <hes>. I'm working with with gold coming up soon soon. Wow that's gonna be fully hidden. Hi random. That's i find myself more motivated when i use higher end materials for prototypes in new methods it just it really really forces me to be more careful right like i kind of figure out all the flaws upfront i mean of course i'll find more flaws down the line but it's generally that will push which me to work as hard as i can. Do you consider yourself <hes>. Do you consider these works of art knives or i can't tell if that's if that's considered considered a different realm or if that's considered a diss in certain realms or what are yours art knives. I don't know how to answer that. I i guess to a certain degree. I'd like them to be <hes>. I mean i see them as kind of a way to express my creativity better question. Can you abuse them. I guess can hold up to <unk> yeah. I mean i wouldn't i wouldn't tell them over the mother of pearl and gold knife to go out and start cutting stuff real hard right. I mean him hardware blacks mascots and a hendra blade gopher. They look so substantial <hes>. There's a sleekness to them but there's also a i also love love this affair. I love the bulb the sort of leaf shaped. It's almost like a barong with a little re curve. They're aggressive and sleek and beautiful well and they kind of hit a lot of marks at once so what's your design process like. Where do you get the inspiration. Race cars race cars in an an older older style just eagles general airplanes lines just <unk>. I think jeff put it really well. I mean if you see a race car. You see you see lines that all flow nicely. Everything's aerodynamic. Everything's organic and then you look at some of the older stuff so the flow lines <unk> take kind of a bad example donald look at the beadle writes a lot of bulbous shapes but it's very organic design <hes> and that's kind of where it comes from. I mean i sit down. I mean all design. Maybe ten knives in the night. One of them will be good. I definitely i definitely draw a lot more losers than winners. So do you have a period of time. Where you're you're just designing and then you go. Executor's cuter is a kind of a back and forth all the time. It's kind of just one of those things we've pops into my head of drought even if it's a crude sketch on my iphone right just as long as i get that idea down it doesn't have to come to fruition immediately this affair that i was just looking at once said that yeah it looks like the cars they drive in the movie chinatown. You know like those big lush nineteen thirties sedans. Everyone drove around in so what is your favorite part of this process right before putting on the pocket clip. There's a ten minute period where your knife has a ground blade unconquered handles and you just really get z. Design come to life. You don't really get that feeling before the latest ground after that you just kind of seems it's like when you know it's gonna work like everything can go wrong up until that point once on that point. That knife is is done. I mean i say that in quotes because there's a lot more to do but you know that everything's going to pretty much go smoothly from there and that's kind of like the i look forward to that moment up until i know that i'm gonna be stressed entire built once i hit at that point it's like oh. This is where the funds starts. Okay your shoulders relaxing now. Gonna handled make the pocket clip. Relax a bit contour. Do the finish work. That's where the creativity comes out before that it's just functionality and making sure that it's a safe night to use its knife that is quality and built right so say you're you're working on a damascus blade and <hes> you grind the tank down ever so slightly slightly because i know in lockup every every tiny tiny little amount matters would you would you rebuild. Would you build a different handle to accommodate. Take the blade or how does that work or is that just it have. You just sacrificed. One of the gods cut the lock to far yeah or if anything happens while while say you're doing coming <hes> you're doing a blade like a really nice damascus blade and something happens that will affect lockup. Would you design a handle to accommodate that or how does that. You can't just you don't want to just throw away at some beautiful piece of metal is that right. Most of the blades have ruined have been damascus. Unfortunately all. I know it sucks. I probably have six or seven hundred dollars in damascus blades sitting on my workbench out there that i've just started using as templates <hes> it depends on the problem <hes> one of the things i do is i set my lock-up before detect which offers me a good amount of flexibility as far as screwing up if i cut the lock a little far. There's always ways that i can kind kind of a long eight o'clock bar just a hair hidden a couple of points and then re remelted locker leaf just to kind of stretch the material to work again but really catastrophic atas traffic problems. I mean it's it's one of the i'd rather to scrap damascus blade than give a product not now quality well. I wasn't suggesting that you would do that. I was just curious. If if there's anything you could do to save that and i just imagined that there isn't in that and the tiniest margin of error can can destroy you know really depends on the problem that that's got to be a white knuckle experience anything that involves tolerance like <hes> like bearing tracks or the pivot hole. If there's something wrong with those that's kind of like a scrap the blade kind of deal but i mean i can fix late lockup. I can fix a squishy <unk>. It's all kinds of situational. Tell me about some of the collaborations you've done some of the collaboration knives and what that processes like you go from a very solitary activity of making your own handmade knives and sure you're working alone all day every day and then and then you go into a working creative working partnership with someone <hes> obviously someone you trust and like how how does that change your your thinking startup knife. Making is the loneliest job in the world. Which is i think why makers collapse so frequently so the way that i i like to approach collaborations is <hes> kind of goes both ways. I like to kind of build a blank canvas like we were talking about that point where like the blades his ground in the the handles altogether and that's kinda like that sigh of relief basically build it to right before that point you don't grind the blaine you just the blade. You just have the <hes>. The lockerbie fund set lock upset blades centered. Everything's kind of moving as a unit enya. Send it to someone else for all the fun stuff aw that's essentially how i work collaborations with the people i've worked with with the one exception being robert carter who just he and i have seen each other parts that just have sketches on them of where the handles supposed to be in just worked off of that so why is it that you always take that role i mean it goes both ways. I mean that's how i expect to get them as well from other makers l. it just kind of eliminates any of the the mechanical guesswork <hes> i build my knives mechanically different than brian efforts spilt his <hes>. I'm sure he builds his way different than mine so when we send it that way we know that functionality of the night is exactly how the first maker wants to be okay. Okay so you don't have to change any of that. You just got to grind the blade you the handles it pretty essentially don't worry about any of them canucks. Thanks have you had it where you design the blade. The other maker designs the handle advice for i know you've designed the handles like in that <hes> robert carter collaboration. That was your the handle right. Yeah look his blade. So have you done it. Where it's your blade. Someone else's handle not physically yet bryan bryan. I efforts. I have <hes> designed a knife that were currently working on where he's designed the overall knife and i've put my mic touches on it and we're gonna come make that come into uh into reality here pretty soon. I think it's really amazing when you look at successful collaboration. I've you can clearly see the influence of both makers. I i like that sometimes. <hes> one will seems to overtake the other you look at it new and you're assuming it's all just one person but someone else had had had something to do with it so collaborating with other makers is one thing what about this <hes> this current production model of collaborating elaborated with o._e._m.'s because it is kind of a collaboration you're not just under design and they're doing it this day and age with we in riyadh and best tekken those kind of how how do you feel about those kind of situations. Is that something you would. You would look to do in the future collaborate with a custom factory or something like that. That is something i'm looking into already already. I posted pictures of my collaborations with alliance designs new company out of california yup yup the conquest. I wish i had to hear the show you so. Do i yeah i know i gave it to a friend of mine at checkout for the weekend but i i really liked it. I mean i won't make production life of any model that i make custom mr playing with over here i mean i'm never making production model of that. Never going to happen but i have a whole book just dedicated to <hes> designing knives that i'd love to be made into production once that i think are good enough for me to make an accustom nine but just don't allow the same kind of create a freedom todd play with take my current models do right and if you're designing you know sitting down and designing ten knives night dr however many per week that's that's an awful lot of bandwidth for you to make does all custom so i could see you on the farm out at two people who are making at devoted to making excellent knives. I have a couple of riyadh's in a couple of weeks and and they're i mean they're great now. I'm wondering about how they compare to customs because i have no custom folding knives. I only have one custom knife period infix blade from attention to detail. It's in his beautiful. It's my baby out together. It's not my baby if you're listening honey <hes> but i wonder like you use these knives riyadh especially you actuate them and you cut with them and they're spectacular and it makes me wonder. How much better can it get and then i think well. There's one person spending all of these hours on this one knife. It can get better in to to me. That's i look forward to experiencing it. I think that is a kind of a tough one to talk about 'cause better worse. This is kind of relative man. That's a tough question to answer well. I think what i'm suggesting it can be hard for this late in the <unk>. I'm sorry what what i'm suggesting. The thing is i think that that the final element that doesn't exist in a we or a riot is the actual soul artists. That's going to great way putting the kind of love it goes into the build yeah and and i i honestly believe without without being a flake that that's actually a real thing you know. I think i mean i really like every night. If i make a when i sell it i mean i'm selling someone who i hope enjoys it and i think i think of <hes> production knives more directly mind with tools. Yes custom knives. I think comes back to what you were saying about art knife when even a lower end custom knife like midtech or something. I don't think that would count is more along the lines of an art knife rather than a tool at their as they're all tools but right off comes down to that the soul love that goes goes into it right because because still presumably there some handwork going into it at the latter part of the process yeah so <unk>. Who is your customer. Who's buying your knives and like collectors users. I don't know like i hope that my customer someone is passionate about knives as i i am. Maybe more so i mean i kinda screen each person for custom orders. I mean they have to be really interested to for me to like really want to sell them something. I think it's also answer man. Don't know a lot of my customers on a personal level but i can see i can see they're kind of persona on instagram and social media and kind and who they are in that sense when you have the people who actually used their stuffing abuse it and then you have people who are just kind of like take pictures of it or collect yeah. I love all of those those kind of subgroups at admit to myself at one point that i was a collector for a while. I was like well. I just have these to protect myself and then i was like well you know. I just have a bunch of them. Because you know different needs you know different things might pop up and then i realized i have a chestful of i guess i guess there is a bit collector inmates and and <hes> i am been talking about this reducing refined that epic snuggle bunnies been talking about basically you know kinda i i don't have to own all the knives i have i could i could start to get a little more mature. In in my acquisitive nece. I guess is the word and then have fewer but handmade and that's that's. I think we're going to be headed in the next five years. I can't deny can't spend that much money but kind of kind of pulled on your collection bit and just kinda focused on certain certain <unk> speak to you yes instead of like opening up the be like wow they're also cool and then getting option paralysis. This is teasing carry. That might not move what pants my way. You know yeah <hes> i mean that's kind of how i was. When i got started. I really started buying up knives. No one point. I think i had like thirty nine. I think now i own or what what what are the if you don't mind my asking a touch knives sparrowhawk jen one. I have a a ballot ballistic folder his prototype ones. I have a spider coast subvert and i got one more that i can't i the main. It's a micro check out the front men. I applaud your restraint. In your discipline discipline eagles freedom as jacko says so so <hes> you know what would you see for the future of your of your outfit. I've observed a number of models. There's sort of <hes> chris reeve hinder strider <unk> strider model. Where were you have a small production house and <hes> do occasional collaborations in such or big factory or or just gonna stay custom custom and do some o._e._m. Steffl where do you see the company going. I think for the time being at least the next five years. I'd like to focus on just kind of maintaining custom stuff <hes> if i'm gonna do any my own production it'll be with my dad. He's an engineer. He's really good at that kind of stuff. I mean he knows all the cat. I don't do that. You put you put cat in front of me and i was like yeah you put a piece of paper on top of it and start drawn yeah exactly i foresee foresee myself possibly doing some o._e._m. Stuff in house production. Maybe the next five to seven years. Maybe the next next two to three years few more reproduction knives custom knife factory more lines design stuff designs that are more more geared towards actual users of my work a lot of my knives of curves <unk>. You're gonna see me do productions on won't have re curves <hes> just too much hassle the sharpening right people telling me that there are useless shapes perceived hassle if he has made but yeah i love reader's to as you might be able to tell from my desire by the way i love the <unk> so bad as thank thank you i was. I was debating on which one to bring inside fiddle with while we were doing this. I'll pick the mistress not baker's but i haven't nicholas out in the shop very cool. Thank you i'm. I'm building one for the u._s. Senate show that i'm quite excited to show off. The people night that's in las vegas vegas at the end of august end of august wanted to give a little plug there. You're gonna be there. When is it if the weekend before labor day okay data friday and saturday is the actual show weekend before labor day. So how do you get people people to buy your work. Is it all through instagram. How can people find you. I know you have a website looking at it right. Do a website that i i kind of ignore most of the time. It's just kind of there's people google my name really gotta get better with update in instagram is a kind of my biggest audience but lately i've really been kinda leaning towards facebook kind of intimacy of having the personal group <hes> i mean i know a lot of guys who are kinda like frequent flyers in there. It just feels much more <hes> <hes> small and secure in a really fun way to sell is everyone's kind of enthusiastic in their instagram sometimes people who just wanted to flip flip it is a private group and most people have a hard time finding it in google. I can't find it. I don't know how to fix that. I've tried so for anyone listening. If you wanna join a facebook group i do have a link to that in the bio of my instagram at <unk> metalworks. You just click that and you make sure you answer the questions because i'm not kidding. I will declined the offer to come in. If you do not answer the questions there you heard so. How do you think your your career was born in the age of social media. Would you say that your career was born. Facilitated by social media has had how do you see social media changing the knife world. I mean just listening to like the market maker podcasts like they're talking about accumulative first names but like scandal and randall knives in like how kinda marketed it back in the day like it was all done via magazine magazine were mouth and i think i don't want to say that the amount of knife makers is really increase shirt paths but i think just the availability ability of seeing all of these nightmares really creased. There's so many knife makers who have popped up in the last few years. I don't know a lot of these guys on how long they've been doing it but i think social media has really brought a lot of us together and it certainly helped me build my career as a people as well. Yeah i mean to me instagram like you have <hes> you know i follow my wife and a couple of friends but other than that it's like it's all knives all the time and and you know that's that's the beauty of that. <hes> <hes> app in particular is that if you're a guy especially in visual <hes> any interest you have you can just follow that and i discovered you you. I discovered so many other people there. It's amazing it is it is almost scary. How many people it's connected me with and how many hobbies i didn't know i wanted to be part of watch. Collecting won't cars like fixed blade knives swords all that kind of stuff yeah things that i never thought to dabble in and then you see the one suggested post you might like this and then you go that whole rabbit hole the next thing you know making making new social media profile because now you're full blown woodworker yeah right trainer working out of the knife maker you know i really always knew. I needed a war hammer. I just didn't didn't know it until i saw it on instagram fifteen minutes ago so <hes> right now the knife industry where where do you see it now. Where do you see hit headed in the future in terms of the. I don't know the level of of sought perfection. It seems like we want so many options and everything has to be just so so. Where do you see things headed. How can things get better. That's a tough one. I mean i think i think kind of the rise of the production night. The high end production is like riyadh. I think that's kinda. Push on a knife makers to improve <hes> competing with essentially a perfect product and we're never going to match that level of quality <unk> some of us. Can i mean you know the records randolph's lee williams of the world but i think generally never really gonna be able to compete with it. We're just gonna have to get as good as we can. I think it's gonna be a constant kind of level of improvement. We're all gonna have to keep improving. As long as we're in this business i don't i don't really foresee customize customize dying out at all in fact. I don't even really see the market getting smaller which is kind of a weird thing to say because <hes> production. I've certainly seemed like there's one hundred hundred. New production is for everyone new custom knife yemen. It just seems to be like there's a huge huge population of people who are we're just getting into them. <hes> whether it says like a an accessory you know what i'm gonna wear it. I mean what am i going to carry two. I've said that before to myself where where like i'm picking nati- you know when i met my knife drawer but <hes> yeah i think there are just a lot more people who are kind of <hes> you know with the help of knife writes in you know changing laws and stuff. It's kind of getting the stigmatized. It's you know the use and carry of knives is is growing further away from being acquainted with the use in carry area firearms which is a more polarizing thing. Everybody's had a pocket knife. Everyone uses a knife on a daily basis. It's it's a tool from <unk> role in the enter thrills. It's never gonna they get rid of knives. It's a silly thing to think so you said you will never custom. Makers will never be able to match that level of perfection but that's where where i come back with my soul argument yes but that machine will never have a soul it might it might have its own intelligence that customs never gonna die out. I mean some people wanna buy art. Some people want to buy something that's built by someone. I mean <unk> one one of my kind of like. I don't really advertise this because i don't people coming to my house but i oh love hand-delivered knives like my clothes but the best way to get me to build you night is a he man. Let's go have a beer at the bar like forty five minutes away from your house and i'll make in life we can go meet there and just have like a two hour conversation. Thanks to me that's like the best part of buying customized like a custom knife maker said hey in you wanna come pick this knife and we can grab some dinner and just chat for a bit like mix that night that much more special i picked up my one and only custom knife from the maker douglas esposito in his shop which resides in the back of his absolutely amazing brazilian jujitsu school out here in northern virginia and it was such a cool experience because i got to check out all of his you know tools and he had a couple of knives he was working out yet like in various stages his and we were taught you know we just had a great hour long conversation. He put a little a little english on the back of my blade for me and it was really cool as a great experience. Yeah we'll see something like that kind of comes from the hands that made it in the tasks into it yet another reason i think custom custom knives will never go away. Is that their prestige items and that's what people you know. You're talking about watches cars in any. There's a there's a base base <hes> drive to to have a nice watch and a nice car and all that but a lot of the times it. It's the prestige of owning it. You know like i'm. I'm the only one who has one of these. They are not in the in the whole state or whatever you know it. It's knowing that it's something special. You know. That took a long time to make a lot of skill to make aac. That's what will keep people coming back yet. I think that's a really good point. I mean even on limited limited runs of production knives. You're still not the only person that night customize literally. Each one is different and then owning it. It becomes a part of you. Ah starting to sound a little corny. You know no. You're absolutely right. I mean there's there was this odd knife. I built a while back and i think i know a knife. When i build it right like you. You kinda think to yourself. They'll make your nose is not the best. This country was having a problem or the pivoted sees like the blade wouldn't move anymore and i couldn't figure out what the hell is wrong. I i hadn't seen this night back three times and eventually i replaced all the hardware i sent him new pivot screws and everything and he reached that so as messing with it and a high turn the pivot like a certain way everything's perfect and if i turn a little more everything's wrong so he sent it back and i'm like trying to recreate unisom. This customer noses knife better ninety better than i ever will end this. He just like he fixed it like just turning the with a little bit. Everything was fine after that. It's still still find right now but i couldn't figure out the problem and he was just messing with his nightmare. He knows his work. You knows my work better than i know my work right right when you were building it in a sense it was a problem that you had to solve you solved it. Got it out of your life and when it came into his life it was like a joy and i think that he <hes> poured over. I'm sure for a long time it became a part of him and that's why he was able to fix it anywhere. I think that's exactly it another big reason why i like going and custom knives i i know mine is i think probably better than some makers who made them do so how. How frequently do you turn out a new knife. What like what you're like. New designer look look. I'm sorry like your batch capacity you. Are you always working one night at a time or do you have do you have knives in different levels of development. I've got really bad the a._d._h._d. I cannot focus on one night for the life of me a anyone time. I'll have seven or eight knives going and i mean i might start one on april first twenty nineteen. I don't get to a certain point. I might not touch it again until august eighth. <hes> mhm like it'll just it'll just sit there collect collect picasso and he had whole studio paintings like that and some of them weren't ready for fifteen years. Some of them weren't ready for two weeks. The biggest fear is just getting bored. I do once. I get bored with the night. I have no motivation about to build it. Sometimes when you're working on a creative project any run into a block you you have to go and tackle some other creative challenge to to remove that block because you're forcing your your brain to consider something else and then when he come back to that the problem you'll see it with fresh eyes. I had to do that today. I <hes> i couldn't decide what what on earth to build oven. I have this whole list of knives complained after the u._s._o. Show in it's like i keep looking at that listeners like well. Maybe i should change this to this or this to this. Maybe i should get rid of that model this model in and today i probably spent two hours like i had a. I had a movie playing on netflix in the background my ipad and i'm just sitting there staring at my bench at at these two blanks just contemplating what to do like just two hours on because i didn't have the foresight set. Just get up lead. The shock guitar play with the dogs surrogate some launch if you think you're close you don't wanna waste that working time. You know if you think it's about to happen but that's the longer you sit there. The less likely to have ed multiple times that i design a wake up in the middle of the night or i'll be driving somewhere like mandy. You have to draw this out for me and that's how it all kind of comes was to like if i if i sit there at something for too long overthinking event that's when i started to really get in my own head get anxious okay so so you seem to approach it like an artist and i i've spoken to a number of knife makers now and some approach leg an artist and some approach it like an engineer and both you know obviously it's a it's a ven diagram where they they crossover deeply but you know some you can just tell are wired for for art. I mean the way everything you're saying. It reminds me of when i was an art school like fifteen paintings going at once though i can't what's going on here. I'll put something over here and eventually something will come out. That's the artistic approach and then there's the engineering approach which is the the order kind of right brain approach and and then the beauty comes out of maybe the utility of it so i'm calling you an artist. I hope you don't mind. I appreciate it. I'll accept that all right cool local but also an engineer and you're not making you're making in my opinion. You're making design. Kazaa is there just to be appreciated and this is also to be used superglue razor blade to a painting. It's usable but would you really want to yeah yeah exactly. It's funny. You say that 'cause i did that in college. In my my senior year thesis one of my senior thesis paintings. I glued razor blades to it because i was edgy. You know no pun intended. I thought i was end of the year. I'm taking all my stuff home and i'm packing up my car and i had rolled up. I'd taken all the canvases off the frames and i rolled it up and <hes> i'm <music>. I'm shoving at throwing on paintings in the back of the car and as as this cylindrical rolled up painting go sliding down my hand five razors go dragging bragging across my right palm and and slice my palm open and and this is <hes> this was a long time this is over twenty years ago at this point point and <hes> it's still inches like concert nasal my damn this and i can still see the scar <unk> yeah at will eight before we close. Do you have seventy stupid knife stories <unk>. Have you ever done anything dumb whilst making a knife or casper stuff once so <hes>. I guess i'll start with my i guess custom knife. It was extend extent. It's balance on made by a good friend of mine jesse. Ma up new hampshire was a gift for my wife and and the dan got it. I was sitting on my bed playing with his balassa. Mean razor sharp didn't know a thing about. I opened it. Of course i'm not wearing shoes and it slips and falls straight through the hill of my foot. I had to call it a work for like four days. It bled uncontrollably it happened and and i just slid off the bed palms down by whole body pressure on my my heel and i was probably like for like three hours and i don't forget the only thing that was going. My wife's mind was getting blonde all over the carpet doing that stupid knife stop. I <hes> listen to how my wife sounds those wondering right right of course maybe i'm not telling you so. Did it pin your your foot to the floor. I mean i know winning about quarter-inch right on belly was an inch long cut. I should've gotten stitches s._f. Like right where i can't show you but like right right where like an inch mike kelly's deal. Oh my god it was miserable. It was not fun yeah yeah if you that'd be happy it in slice that <hes> <hes> one time i was this was before i understood how mill i was trying to plunge a half inch end mill into thunderstorm kevlar kevlar which for those of you don't know is kind of like a tan colored kevlar with interwoven brass grants for those of you who haven't used brass or kevlar. Both of those interior really liked to catch on a on end mills and i was holding my left hand and i had the mill around one hundred fifty rpm and it caught in just dragged my thumb into moving half inch end bill at removed about three entrant my thumb. I've ground off pretty much every fingernail point. I've caught on fire a couple times. Damn man. I grind like black mask konia. I hope sent actinium italy bland. My arm looks like like a needle holes but it's just burns. I've got pieces of my fingers missing coney catching on fire there. You have advert. That's dangerous stuff. Yes it is not most fun so that's that adds to the prestige for the owner and also adds to the prestige of the maker man yeah ah i risk my life making this knife. He go buddy yeah. The maker wrist is his life making this night wife but definitely losing yeah okay. If you're not attended to you know could be cut myself countless times. I mean i won. Most frequent buses. I gotta ask is ian. Why why don't you sharpen your knives before sell like if you if you notice a lot of the knives at coastal my page don't have sharpened edges on them and that is because i will take knife part thirteen or fourteen times before like from the time. I say it's done the time it actually leaves all take part ten fifteen times. I i will cut myself every single time. The end user probably won't do that because they're not me but i'm kind of a klutz i will cut my comments of sharpening a knife like it's just bad. See your scar collector i am i got some pretty wicked scars while you know they're they're trophies. The trophies to your effort battle moons well ian karski of c._m._f. Metalworks thank you so much for coming on the podcast. <hes> it was a it was a pleasure to to get to get to meet you <hes>. I've just been admiring your work for a year and a half now and i'm like i'm glad i got to find out a little bit about what goes into making them. They're to me they're imaginative. They look like no one else has knives. <hes> the grinds are crazy to me me. The <hes> the handles in the materials and the processes. I'm you employ to to get there. I know are not automated so that makes it even more impressive so my my hat's off to you and thanks again for coming on the podcast. Thank you for having me. You know you're a night junkie. If you love your knives more than your kids welcome back to the knife life junkie podcast before we get <hes> the knife junkies final words wanna remind you that the get upside app is your way to get cash back on your gas purchases. Get upside as an app that you simply put on your smartphone and whenever you need gas search your area for savings clanger discount fill up your tank and all you have to do is take a picture picture of the receipt with your phone. That's it you've got cash back visit the knife junkie dot com slash save on gas. Get the app and start saving again. That's the knife junkie dot com slash save on gas baba as we always do. We give you the final word kind of a recap thoughts about your interview today with the with the perkowski of c._m._f. Metalworks looking at work and then talking to about just getting a little bit <hes> you know during that interview at it. It just occurs to me anyhow. There's no accounting for talent. You can have a desire to become something in work hard and put hours and hours and hours and hours into it and eventually become that but it it also helps to have talent and the having to have you know an artistic spark and i feel like when i see people have spoken to a number of them here on the podcast who have decided <hes> that <hes> you know maybe they were always a knife maker and just had to chip away the chaff to get to it and suddenly <hes> they just take take off and i feel like with with ian his work is just so magnificent kind of so quickly <hes> to me any in case that there has has to be a spark of artistic talent and and something in there that's a little bit more than just the hours but into it so also but also the desire a desire to do you it and desire to make a business of it that kind of thing so oh no doubt that that was the other thing you know another thing. I admire a lot of the people we talked to. Here is a business sense. It's not someone being creative. <hes> it's not just the chaotic side which i have down. It's it's the it's the other side the ability to turn that into a real world a benefit to yourself you know and and to distribute your work and get your work made and i really respect that. It's not the it's not just the smart is not just the artist with his head in the clouds. It's the it's the well-grounded right to the old struggling artists gonna thank you actually making go of it. Yeah yeah all right. That's going to do it for episode forty but we what do we have to look forward to on on forty one <hes>. We're gonna be talking to tim. Reeve <hes> chris reeve knives second-generation taking over the taking over the company and bringing it into the future. We only have really great talkies great guide coming coming from a very interesting perspective looking forward to that everybody thanks for listening to the knife chunky podcast for bob <unk> demarco trim person thanks for listening. Thanks for listening learning to the ninth junkie podcast. If you enjoyed the show please rate review with review the podcast dot com for show notes for today's episode additional resources and to listen to past asked episodes visit our website the night junkie dot com you can also watch our latest videos on youtube dot com slash youtube checkouts great night photos on the night junkie dot com slash instagram and join our facebook group the knife junkie dot com slash facebook and if you have a question or comment emailed them to bob at the knife jokey he dot com or call our twenty four seven listener line at seven two four four six six four seven and you may hear your comment or question answered on an upcoming episode of the knife junkie podcast.

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Preventing Cyber Attacks with John Davis, Federal Chief Security Officer of Palo Alto Networks

Mission Daily

52:34 min | 1 year ago

Preventing Cyber Attacks with John Davis, Federal Chief Security Officer of Palo Alto Networks

"Hey y'all we have a new giveaway this week. Thanks or partner. Beta were giving away the skylight touchscreen photo frame with a skylight. You can email photos directly to the picture your frame from anywhere at any time and the photoshop instantly think of it as like the modern digital photo frame you can upload email share it with friends and they could also also upload directly and then you can watch the sweet sweet memories role in together the skylight retails for one hundred fifty nine dollars and you can actually go and try them out at any any. Beta store around the country or learn more at skylight frame dot Com skylight is so easy to use one hundred percents satisfaction guaranteed or your money back doc use Discount Code Mission for ten dollars off at Beta Dot Com V. Eight T. A. DOT CO or sign up for giveaway. Ah Mission DOT ORG slash giveaway welcome to mission daily today. Ian Is joined joined by John Davis Vice President Federal Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto networks where he leads cybersecurity initiatives and global policy for governments around the world to successfully asphalt prevent cybersecurity attacks on today's episode in John Disgust John's firsthand experience with cybersecurity attacks the current security landscape and he shares advice vice insurance companies can use to improve their security on today's episode. Ian John Discuss John's firsthand experience with cyber security attacks the current security landscape deep and what tools and advice companies can use in order to improve their security mission. Daily is created by our team mission dot Org. I mean phase on chief content officer here at mission dot Org and we have on the other line John what's going on. Hey in grey day to do an interview like this. I'm looking forward to it yet. Metoo so we met about two years ago a little over two years ago when I put on in investing Ethic Summit knows hosted by Palo Alto networks we have a connection because we both went to West Point and and the former. CEO of Palo Alto networks also went to West Point. So we have a little bit of of shared history and you have a a passion for for leadership tip and everything I'm curious. You Know How's the world treating you sense great. I've been with Palo Alto networks almost four years. There's after thirty five years in the military and based on what I was doing when I left the Pentagon as the senior military cyber adviser Sir my role at Palo Alto networks is actually very similar to to what I was doing in that and the Pentagon role and that's a building and maintaining ending trusted advisory relationships with leaders of of different organizations in order to achieve common interests goals when it came into cybersecurity in the entire cyber buyer in Palo Alto networks has over sixty thousand enterprise customers. Immerse maintaining trust in in this digital age. I I'm curious before we dive in. What would you say like what is the security landscape ape you know in the digital world. Look like twenty nineteen. It's a it's. It's a pretty astonishing thing if you ask me so the digital title age the some people have called this the fourth industrial revolution and I think that it's because the digital environment brings us all US promise opportunity of all shapes and sizes and this movement is direction. There's no stopping. There's no going back. It's it's on a path with with no u-turns and as we are all increasingly connecting nearly everyone and everything in the digital environment we're increasingly dependent on it for everything that we do including our personal public safety our economic competitiveness even our national and international security but as a result of this path that we're on we're also increasingly commercial and as we connect everyone in everything that risk aren't just at the scale is going to increase I I think the risks is that the the impact of of the vulnerabilities will become more dangerous. I mean just think of it. We're connecting life. life-sustaining devices public transportation systems energy electric grids were connecting all of this stuff and so when there's a security incident in the near term and into the future. I think it's no longer just about a loss of you know personal org sensitive information or or maybe not being able to get to some. It system like a banking website because it's got a distributed denial of service. I mean that's as bad as that is bad. That's just an inconvenience. now what we're doing by connecting all of these things the national security economic viability and even public safety could be put at risk and I. I don't think it's hyperbole to say that in the future her as a result of cyber insecurity. people could lose their lives. I mean I think that that is a possibility and something I really worry about my sense and looking around all the organizations both public and private sector that I advise and assist the recognition of this I think it's growing in in leaders in both the public and private sector that this realization that this is going to be our new reality but I think it's very Anita Eh the the realization is uneven. It's more mature in some areas in. It's much less mature and other areas. part of my job is to educate people equal education leadership on why this is this is so important to consider you know both sides of the equation the opportunity promise alongside the Boehner abilities the risks and the threats until people realize a personal impact in a meaningful way something very serious then. I think the average consumer is they. They know cyber is something spooky and mysterious but I think the public in general is is behind in its understanding as opposed to leadership for both uplink and private sector organizations. Yeah it's so interesting that you had such a long career in the military and can apply a lot of the principles of that a to cybersecurity. I mean I think for me as someone who talks to a lot of several security leaders and as someone who you know was was in the army and at West Point for a decade. I really feel the same way where there's just a lot of kind of general spooky nece you know. I I feel like a lot of people are scared of the unknown How much do you think of the unknown like should become. I'm known how much of a of the unknown can be more transparent or clarified so that people like understand the threat levels in how this all fits into their lives is I think most of it can be known like I said that I consider that part of my job when it comes to leadership in public and private sector and when I get the opportunity to do it and for the general public forums tried to do that as well but you have to. You can't speak in in technical terms you have to put it in meaningful terms to people who don't may not have a technical background and so. I think very possible to explain you know based on my military military background most of it was an airborne ranger infantry assignments and special operations organizations but the last decade Gade was in cyber assignments and so as a result of that one of the things that I have a deep appreciation for is understanding how well cyber threats operate and I think that you have to be able to explain that to people in a meaningful way you know how they actually operate in order for people to understand what to do in order to prevent most of what we're seeing happening around the world today and I do believe the vast majority Ed is totally preventable if you do if you use them simple things right and if you leverage some innovation that's occurred and in the course of the last decade as well so I think as I mentioned this is going to become increasingly important for all of us to understand the the threats the risks associated with with not preventing what's going on where you wait too. You're too late when you've done something wrong like clicked on the wrong blink and allowed some threat organization or actor to come in and encrypt your files for ransom now. You're playing catch up now. You gotTA figure out what you'RE GONNA do to clean up the mess. I think a the prevention mindset it helps you get ahead of that problem in order to understand how to prevent as that goes back to a deeper understanding of what a cyber threats are actually doing and how they're doing so it gives you a chance in order to implement a preventative mindset. Do you think that like how much responsibilities on the organization versus the individual vigil well. That's I mean I guess it would depend on the type of organization and what the business model is. What the role of the people in the organization is. It's I can tell you just use the defense department as an example so everybody's got a role to play and there they are. They're basic standards discipline that everybody should be adhering to in order to reduce the likelihood that there's going to be a problem but that's not going to keep everything out a determined threat a nation states red for example it has the means will figure figure out a way to get in so now you're challenges is not everybody as a user of that environment is really now and involves the you know the cybersecurity related organizations in that organization to ensure that even if something gets in it ends up being stopped before successful restful attack and by that. I mean you know all threat actors. They used this process to attack even doesn't matter if your nation state or criminal organization his ation or a hacker or a terrorist espionage military it doesn't matter the same process is used in generally not not not always in this sequence but generally in the secrets. There's reconnaissance probing then there's a development of a delivery mechanism to get to a target or victim then there's the weaponization process then there's exploitation of some type of vulnerability the in the target environment and that can be a human vulnerability as in the case of spearfishing then there's the installation of malicious code then there has to be the establishment of a control channel because usually wherever a threat enters into a network environment is not where they need to be in order to successfully do whatever their steal sensitive information crypt files for ransom or destroyed denied degrade to see if your military organization expose embarrassing the information if you're just the inactive but that last step you got to go through all of these other things that control channel leads to you know escalating privileged privileged access and then usually there's lateral movements of when she established a control channel you moved to that part of the network that you need to be in order to accomplish what I call. The successful attack the end goal regardless of what type of threat actor you are well that process takes time and so when we did it cyber command might take months. If you WANNA be stealthy nowadays I think you know threats are using advanced capabilities automation automation machine learning advanced tool and file sharing. The threats are getting better. They're getting faster by leveraging the this these new new innovative techniques but still it takes time and so once a threat actor gifts through the basics which I think keeps nearly everything out about eighty to ninety percent of everything out if they do get in now your challenge is the St and stopped at one of those steps along the path towards a successful attack and the cybersecurity teams have to be able to do that. They have to be able to see and visibility and stop have GROBIAN security controls in that enterprise environment now. You know what what happens here. If you're able to do what I just said now anybody who's attacking is guided be right at every step along the way in order to be successful and the defender only has to see in stopped him at one point along that path in order to be successful aspel it preventing them from accomplishing their objecting so that changes the whole dynamic. It actually gives you know it gives organizations the a real ability ability to to go after that remaining ten to twenty percent of sophisticated attack sequences that basic standards discipline hygiene by every user in the organization can keep out if they just do those things right and I'm talking about being suspicious of of emails males. You know like you would be suspicious. Anybody who shows up front door before you let him and scream the same way updating patches making sure you have strong passwords making sure you're using multi factor authentication. There's a there are a lot of things that every single person regardless of whether you're in a military organization or in a business or just at home a lot of things that everybody can do just to really prevent most of most of everything that we're seeing yet. I'm curious. Who are the folks that you're talking to news organizations. Are you talking to CEOS CEOS. He sows. CTO's like what what are those types of folks and then on the federal side what are the types of of stakeholders so you see they're all of the above. I call it C. Suite so normally it's the CIO CISCO crowd but it also includes foods CFO's CEO's. It also includes people in the in the in the sock sock analysts yeah in the military they may not have those exact same titles but they basically have the leaders in in the same type of role that you would find in in the businesses so commanders and you know operations officers and the cybersecurity teams those are the types of people that I talk so when you're talking to you know CIO's or Seaso's what are their fears. What are some of the things that that keep them up at night that they're worried about as you know the digital age kind of continues to evolve and get more complex. There's a long list that that that they are worried about especially the scissors and the CIO's it's a pretty stressful job being assist so some of the common the things that I hear are that yeah fighting for budget in order to be able to get the resources that you need to put the people the amount amount of people you need with the right skill sets the right technology in place having the right procedures processes for an organization a lot of them spend a lot of their time a working on that trying trying to ensure that you know the basic people processes and technology enabled them to be successful accessible. some of them worry about you know the worst case situation and how to how to measure risk a increasingly we're finding that boards when they're making decisions about you know giving you resources they don't want to hear the techniques speak about cyber threats and they want you to put put this into the language of risk management just like a board manages every other kind of risk they are expecting since Os and Seaso's and CIO's. I -as to talk to them in plain English about how you know what is the actual risk. What level of risk are we willing to accept. Give me options. I don't WANNA on her off type of thing what options of levels of Bris just like I make decisions on everything else and then how do I know what are the the metrics and the measurements. How do I know that what we're doing is resulting in you know a successful outcome being able to answer those questions questions and and do everything that I just said that's. It's not exactly easy to do for a A. CFO CIO says these days so I think a a lot of them are on this journey to figure out how to do that in meaningful ways so that they can explain things rationally to board members and the resources that they need to be success. Is there any things that you know we. We talk a lot about the modern. Cio and like what this means right now now and in this moment in time where every sale has differ roles responsibilities it has fundamentally changed whether or or not you own security or not whether you own product development or not whether or not you spent half of your time with customers. I'm curious curious like how do you see security in the organizations. that you talk to is it something that is squarely falls under you know a singular person. Is it something that you know the SEASO's reporting up to the CIO. Obviously you know each organizations different but I'm curious. If there's any trends that you've seen over the last four years that have changed with regards to how companies organize themselves around Cybersecurity cyber-security Suri and yeah I see a lot of change and I see a lot of different bottles. I think is probably still the most usual model model is a scissor reporting to cio but I've seen where the you know the information security role falls under the chief financial officer the chief risk officer he asked some cases directly under the CEO it all depends I think on bone depends on a lot of things including personalities for a long time it might be at least in my experience in the military this idea of operate the networks versus defend the networks were were at polar opposites. One was about delivering capability the other one was about managing risk and when one was pulling one way or the other one was you know trying to resist assist and and vice versa and the military that became you know over time. The security of networks was the little brother other underneath the big sister of operate networks. The APP additionally security works for the people whose job it was to make things happen to connect things. Make things things happening. Get the job done and security was an afterthought. It was bolted on after the state. That's changing because you know some of the things we've already talked about. The the risk is is different. The the risk of serious consequences now I would even say in some cases existentialist going to get existential the United States government. The intelligence community of the United States government has named cyber as the number one threat of the future over all other threats so now I think that's caused a relook at well. How how do we balance these better because we need both obviously but you need a better better balance and you need to bake in security rather than bolted on afterwards two things one is the big trend in the industry right now out. Is something called devops. You know the development capabilities in the operation of them melded together so that it's a continuous cycle. It's not you know go through this long development process and get a you know a final product after a longer period of time and then put it to use and then start looking again ended the future now. It's much shorter cycle so you get something that's good enough to move out you move out and operate and you figure out what's wrong and you go through that development element cycle and it's much more agile and dynamic process than it used to be. The big thing now is where to security ball in and there's this thing uncalled deb set up so baking the security function right in there along with the development of the capabilities as well as the operations of them and that's. That's what that's what's happening in industry. That's the way industry is looking to find the common ground between the requirements of all three elements and and find a better balance at a much more dynamic and agile way than we previously done. If you look at a my second point was about the military military example of this and you know back in two thousand and eight we had a very serious and I was a one star was the leader of a joint task force that had the responsibility to direct the operations and defense of all these networks very difficult difficult some would say I would say impossible job and about a month into that assignment or maybe a little more. I get a phone call from a friend at the national security already agency. This is no longer classified by the way this is now unclassified but caused me as I recall on a weekend says you need to get on a secure line because we got a problem. I knew this. This was gonna be the start of a very bad weekend yeah. That's it was a bad start of a weekend. Yeah we had a we had malicious code and some of our most serious networks concluding in combat zones so this started a process. It's called Operation Buckshot Yankee we were U. N. In two thousand eight Yes yes we'll I was. I was a junior at west point okay. Well you know I was I'd put a caught up in my office in slept out out of it for Lord only knows how long and we had daily video teleconferences with the very senior leadership with military explaining where we were in the process process of identifying this infection getting it under control and making sure that nothing from our sensitive networks got outside of those closed networks into back to the Internet and it was a very long and traumatic process but as a result of that it was a near catastrophe extra fee for the military and in my view that was the event that is kind of like the straw that broke the camel's back in the decio create. US Cyber Eber Command yeah though instead and so that was two thousand eight the decision was made to stand up cyber command in two thousand nine and in two thousand and ten and in May of two thousand and ten. I got to be the very first director of current operations at Cyber Command so now my responsibility was to direct the operations nations defense and defensive duties networks as well as directing offensive operations when authorized so what happened here was as a result of the near catastrophe senior leadership realized the consequence of the failed organizational structure and model that we had in two thousand and eight and made the decision to bring together the people who operate the network the people who defend that work intelligence that supports them Kim as well as the ability to provide cyber capabilities to integrate offensively along with other every other military capability air maritime land capabilities. That was a pretty big life altering example to me of what you're talking about this. You know realization that we'd better get our act together because you know what happened. Was We put the integrity of our classified networks at risk which would have caused the beer national security garrity consequences so near. That's a military example of of what I think. I see happening as I mentioned in a very uneven way unfortunately the same type of things that are happening out in industry where you know. CEO's are they realized they can be fired for these large breaches and same thing for versus. Os and CIO's and see us so that's changed. This is serious business now and as part of the reason why I continue to do this because I feel like it's it's a mission for me. It's it's mission yeah and I WANNA get into some of the the cyber command piece of this because I think that that that response is truly creating a best in class organization which is hard to do from the ground up but but back to the story and thank you for sharing. I think you're exactly right. It does speak to the moment in time of every organization when you know it's the classic Adage there's only two types chiefs of companies those that have been hacked and those that don't know they've been hacked and I think that you know. I think that there's there's truth in jest there because I think that whatever you know whether or not you knew your vulnerability and this was an organization where you know I had a secret computer I had. I had four computers on my a desk. Afghanistan all with with varying levels. This is an organization that you know I would say at the time. We probably felt like we you were the most secure and to have that not be the case. I think it's the same way that a lot of CEOS whether it's you know we saw from the Sony hacks where we've seen you know different sorts of things over the past few years the feeling of security and then when that stuff ends up being catastrophic offic now luckily you're able to get in front of it and I'm curious like what were some of those lessons that you take with you that when you go to talk about Change Change Management when you go talk to to CEO's and senior leaders at at these you know fortune five hundred global two thousand companies that you bring with view and say hey listen. This is what I walked into. I've sat in your in your seat and you really need to take seriously yeah well. I usually tell them usually tell them that story. I just told you for one thing because they all love to hear real world war stories and that's usually a pretty good one to get everybody's attention but then I try to I guess I would. I would bucket things in terms of best best practices. I would bucket them in four categories. one the first one basics matter you know going back to this idea of every every person's responsibility a strong passwords and multi factor authentication patching keeping you know your stuff updated your APPs updated being suspicious always being suspicious of what's coming in your you know virtual front door there in the case of the Operation Operation Buckshot Yankee we did that to ourselves yeah that was US infecting our own networks and systems with done drugs moving between unclassified and classified systems moving malware between those two and and letting it get into a classified networks in my experience last decade worth of the cyber experience in the military people human mistakes or human malice where some of the worst the things that we had to deal with like Buckshot Yankee and the thumb drives or like insider threats like wikileaks and and the snowden disclosures so basic matter and in my view and I really believe this if you design a security regime around the expectations that people will do everything right. You'll fail but if you get people to understand the basics I think you can prevent eighty to ninety percent of what we're seeing happening around the world today. You know once you we do that. The threat's GONNA advance. It's going to get more sophisticated but I think that a put a pretty big dent in and what we're seeing the second piece the second bucket would be mindset and it gets back to this idea of prevention. I think for the longest time we've lived in a model of detect detect and respond after the fact you know you hear organizations say some in the cybersecurity industry say you know is not a matter of if win win. There's no way to keep everything out. You just have to assume breach. I think there is a way to keep a lot of it out but the mindset that you know you focus on prevention so that you reduce the amount of work that you're security teams have to do when something does get in. Thou you're into detection and Response Response before it successful attack before the the end goal of that process. I talked about occurs and I think if you focus on that that's one of the ways that mindset is one of the ways that you get after that ten to twenty percent that the basics are not. GonNa stop another way that you get after that ten to twenty eight percent is the third book and that's what I would say you know. We've been fighting machines with humans in cybersecurity. We've been fighting software with human you know manual actions the threat has gotten very good at leveraging automation and software based advanced analytics and we need to as a as a community of defenders We need to levers at two. We need to fight software. Website software need to fight machines with machines and there is a lot of innovation that is occurring now in the cybersecurity industry that that makes that possible. This is not a futuristic concept. This is available now. Leveraging software based advanced analytics like machine learning learning like big data analytics like a a I think for me is a a little bit of more futuristic concept. I mean we're we're. We're GONNA get there. He says of it or in place but what's really emplaced. Today is machine learning machine. Learning is basically alerts to Kaiser's. There's one is you you tell the algorithms what to look for and they do it. The other is if you got enough of the right kind of data then you don't even have to tell it what to look for learns on its own but you have to have really at tremendous volumes of data from all the different elements of of an enterprise environment fireman you know on premises data centers physical virtual cloud of all types. Sas In points even Iot devices you you had to have the right data from all of that in order to be able to leverage a unsupervised or unstructured machine earning where the the algorithms is will figure out and determined good and bad on their own with a very high degree of accuracy so this is a way to leverage you know automation and software. We're based advance analytics to see and stop with threat once penetrating what's his in your environment to see and stop it before it gets to the end of that. Lockheed eight Martin calls if the chain the end of that attack process so and then the fourth bucket I would say gets back to you really have to understand how threats operate operate you know. This is the kill chain. This is the attack process and I'll go back to my experience in when when that terrible incident so then occurred during Operation Buckshot Yankee in two thousand and eight and we brought together the offense the defense the operations of the network and the intelligence now we were able to much better job of the offense informing the defense and vice versa so we could really as defenders we could really understand Dan this attack process and and the different types of techniques that could be used the move along that chain of events end up with a successful attack Jack and create an advantage for the defender really and then of course the the defenders could help inform the attackers and we were authorized price to do certain things we would that would make them even more effective and better by understanding how to how to get around certain defenses but I will say say one other thing even even with all those four buckets that I just mentioned. It used to be about a decade ago. Maybe a little bit more. The Enterprise Him and buyer environment was fairly the was fairly simple you had perimeter you had data center you had device and pretty pretty clear boundaries between them and everything we're usually most things were physical. They were a fixed and they were on Proun- that makes it pretty easy to do what I just described with. Those four things what's happened over the last decade or so is everything's moving from physical the virtual. Everything's moving from fixed to mobile. Even you know Internet of things you know connecting operational devices to to that work everything's moved off the the Kremlin is rapidly moving from on Prem to cloud public cloud private cloud hybrid cloud multi cloud and even even you know SAS software as a as a service in the cloud so and the perimeter has all but disappeared so now rather than you know a boundaries between the Predator data centers and and devices were users now it's really about the boundary or or defending around users applications content and the devices that they're done and making sure that only authorized users are allowed to do authorize functions nations using authorized applications authorized content from authorized devices and anything else is automatically stopped you know by default unless unless you create an an exception you know so. I guess there's a maybe not a fifth bucket but you have to kind of wrap this this thing in an overall context the text of consistent and continuous visibility and security controls across all those pieces of the environment if it's not the same not consistent assistant security and stability then you're looking through a soda. Straw at different parts of your enterprise environment you're trying to piece all that together her and that usually overwhelms security teams that are trying to figure out what's going on in their environment if you take the approach of consistent and continuous Biz ability and security controls across all those different parts of them very complex environment these days then you're able to a more consistently assistant us those buckets that I just talked about especially the the second one third one and the fourth one so it gives you the opportunity to to catch a a breach before before it successful. That's best case worst case. You're able to limit the impact of a breach even if it begins to you know be successful yet. You know it's funny. I hear in the story of of Buckshot Yankee reminds me of of all of the user centric rules that we put in place that kind of rolled down to my level. I remember it was a for any officer. It was a Gohmert general offer letter reprimand for using for using a thumb drive like automatically you had you know which essentially at that point in time was like a career render we enough Ghanistan. We saw people you know a handful of people in the process that stuff you know put their phone into do you know into a super computer into the USB drive like all sorts of stuff like that and I remember watching with delight as the as the six they blowtorch in our talk and they would blow towards the person's phone in front of them but I I think it's emblematic in this kind of idea that I mean I couldn't imagine and what people this was like the very very first days of of those devices being able to be used in kind of that way through is no so you know bring your own device to work there was no you know work being done on personal devices other than kind of you know text messaging here and they're out imagine. The military today is completely different. with how many devices are being used and I would say that our technology stack back then when I got out you know in two thousand thirteen was extremely limited compared to what I've heard. You know it is today. I'm curious like what's the state of of the military technology orgeon for structure now. Well I think ever since two thousand eight the military has been on this journey has taken this very seriously as invested tremendous amounts of resources has trained a cyber mission force to do by the way the cyber mission four hundred thirty three teams only thirty three of those are offense offensive the others the rest are either strategic defense tactical defense our support team so if cyber command was created out of a defensive. Is it purpose most people think it was to attack things it really that was a part of it but his a smallest part of it so I think the military because of this you know this whole evolution this started out of a near catastrophe has really changed the organizational structure the training the skill set the capability development and taken this very seriously and I and as a result of that I think the military is in pretty good shape. I mean are are there. Are there places where it can be better sure we are in the military is is a client of ours and we are has clients that we serve and of course we try to help them do that but but there's this this notion I think and this I won't just say this is the military I think a lot of organizations have the same mindset and this is a legacy mindset and I think this is holding some of us back. It's the mindset that I've got to have a tool for every single thing every single every single part of that attack process there's probably hundreds of different companies that build tools purdue that one one little thing and that enterprise environment you know antivirus or are sandbox or there's there's thousands of examples you go to our. SAS Convention every year in San Francisco and you see you know I forget how many thousands of of vendors there are out there but they're losing individual tools. It's over over two thousand yeah yeah so so what happens as a result of that. When you got a legacy mindset that says well I gotTa have one of everything and I can't put all lags in one basket you end up with overwhelming the security teams that you have because they got figure out how to make all this stuff work together and and that's another thing getting back to an earlier question that I hear from a lot of you know security executives. Is there in insecurity security tool overload to make them all work together. It is just overwhelming and so some organizations military is one that has hundreds hundreds of tools individual tools and for every tool they baton environment it takes a person to test it takes a person to operate it takes a person to read the information that comes off of it and it's just an ever increasing need for people and there's a better way to do this. You know organizations like mine. We see this as the trend is happening. Now is really good. CYBERSECURITY organizations figure out how to do all that for you so that you come in with an integrated platform an integrated suite of products that are all designed from the beginning to to connect with and inform and work with one another rather than relying on the security team to go figure out how to do all that orchestration was determined just for some unreason had a block against but that's called orchestration and and security lingo at is extremely complex complex undertaking and it just it wears out security organizations so I tell people when I go around and I said you know this legacy. Mindset is like like you know if cybersecurity were like buying an automobile. This'll be like you sending your security teams out two hundred different auto parts stores buying a bunch of parts and bringing them back to your organization and trying to figure out how to build a car. That's exactly what it's like. I love that so cybersecurity organizations of the future this is happening now need to become more like dealerships and maybe you don't put all your eggs in one basket maybe ABC decide you need a you need a high end model for some type of making model in the need another one and maybe have two or three but not hundreds hundreds and so I think to me this is this is a trend the future this is a way to simplify all of that confusion all of that complexity that exists in most organizations today and complexity is your number one enemy because he if you have so much complexity and you're looking thanks for soda straws in different parts of your enterprise environment. You'RE NOT GONNA see in stop threats before they're successful. That's why he gets back to that consistent and in continuous that have visibility and security controls across the whole set of complex portions of your environment. It reminds me of a could general McChrystal had this notion in by think he started it in Iraq but but migrated to both Iraq and Afghanistan and it was called you know the intelligence systems all these different intelligence systems would be responsible for one specific part of you know detecting being in and determining you know an insurgency or terrorist organization but they would they would fumble the handoff between from one to the other from you know signals goes intelligence to human intelligence. It was just chaotic you he was looking through soda straws in different parts of a very serious threat environment and he called for what he called the the unblinking eye so that was the consistent and continuous melding integration of all these capabilities to focus in in an area and figure out the terrorist network associated with that in order to conduct operations security officials in today's organizations need that unblinking. I approach to cyber threats. I love that and that will that car now. It's great are listed in the lightning round. Thanks to our friends lighting platform by salesforce go to salesforce dot com slash employee experience to learn more about employee experience on the world's number one serum lightning round questions fast. Ask sneezy John. Are you ready. Hope so number one what apper using on your phone. That's the most fun. Oh Jeez I would have to say. I don't know it's the most fun but it's it's a very useful one. It does automatic capture a business card so I don't have to keep stacks of cards. It scans it in and automatically populates a database that the catalogue of everybody that I might get a business card from that's a good one would about a favorite book or podcast broadcast that you've read or listened to recently awhile favorite book I read a fascinating book by Max Tag Mark Professor Tag market. Mit It's called life three point. Oh it's a look at the far future and we're we're all headed as a human race well as a human ed slash hybrid race because if you look you know lifelong point was essentially the single cell organism. We're life two point. Oh a life three point. Oh is GonNa the some version of turning into a hybrid machines because it's the only way we're going to survive in exploding sun in the end so it's the human race is that survive. This is a path that we need to be on and brings up all kinds of questions about our ability and and the future but I would recommend it fascinating reading reading that is fascinating. What about Why did you get into technology in the first place for you interested as as a kid. How did that come about you know. I wanted to be a soldier. my version of technology was a Texas instruments calculator hanging off of my hip a we didn't have computers. I took computer science than at West Point and it was Fortran and cobol and I hated it. Most of my career was like I mentioned in Airborne Ranger special ops assignments but then I got involved in information warfare in the mid nineties to late nineties they the army came out with a an information officer career field. I became one of the first I found it fascinating. I was the information warfare chief for Jason Joint Special Operations Command and then later on for US Special Operations Command so calm and and cyber. We didn't even call call it cyber back. Then we called it computer network operations. It was a part of information warfare and so that's what got me into into the last decade gate of my career in cyber related assignments was this evolution from doing information warfare and special operations in that community a back into the you know what developed as the cyber community for the military. What about what do you do for fun all right now. I'm waiting on back surgery so not much now but a ruptured a disk but that's a long story I like to work out. I like to run. I still keep up with good a workout regimen in terms of weightlifting and running a had to put that on hold of the past S. couple of weeks. I love reading. I like to play golf when my back's not bad but most of all I think besides spending time with my family which I really really enjoy you know the sacrificed at you and your family go through when you're in the military so after I've retired. I've had a chance to you know spend more quality time with my family and go on some trips and and that's been really nice. What's your best advice for a first time. Cio Or C. so I would go back to those four buckets. I talked about but but I guess if I had to put it into one sends son's it would be learned to speak the language of business and risk management and that'll be key to success for you rather than the DHA language technology. That's you have to know it. I'm not belittling that and you definitely have to you have to have your your skill set there but in getting what you need from the people who make decisions about money a you need to speak the language of business and and that would be my number one advice. What question do you never ever get asked that. You wish you were asked more often a that's a tough one. I get asked a lot of questions and say do. I wish I was asked. Let me think about that one. Let me come back to that one yeah. We'll do all it over where you're asking the rest. That's it that's all. That's all we got. What about anything. I guess we should do like what's what's the future for for Palo Alto networks. What are you excited about going forward. I'm very excited. I said I consider this a calling emission. I think that it's something that is of great importance to the to the world and so I believe I believe in what I'm doing. I believe that the culture and values of the company that I I've joined our top of the line that makes it a very very very exciting to go to work every day. It makes you look forward to doing what you're doing and I get to help people in now I get to help people and organizations of all types so so if every day is safer than the day before if I've had any part in making that from a cybersecurity perspective. That's a good day for me. I love it had an answer for you to eat. Never get asked yeah. Let's do it. How do I stay this good looking at my age. What's sure what's your two mile time about these days. Do you think you can still get a three hundred on the P. T. Tests that's my question I don't I now. I don't think I get a three hundred. I I didn't get a three hundred and my during my career but I'm probably at about a fifteen minute two mile right now and that's. I don't think that would give me three eight hundred fifty minute that should be it should be Max. I think I don't know what was your fastest time. I think my fastest time was right around eleven quick Guy John. This has been awesome. We really appreciate it. We got to have you back. There's more stories our listeners would love to hear so excited to hear about the work in Palo Alto networks and and just thanks for thanks for sharing. Thanks a lot I enjoyed it. Mission daily and Oliver PODCASTS are created with love by our team at Michigan Dot Org we own and operate a network of podcasts and a brand in story studio designed to accelerate learning our clients include companies like salesforce their customer times five zero and Capterra who worked with us because we produce results to learn more and get our case studies checkout mission dot org slash studios if you're tired of media and news that promotes fear uncertainty and doubt and if you want an antidote to all that chaos you're at the right place subscribe here into our daily newsletter at mission dot Org each morning. You'll get a newsletter that will help you. Start Your morning in your day off right

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#383 - Ryan Raccoon & Jamie Jaguar w/ John Cerilli and Frank Tieri

This Week In Marvel

41:52 min | 2 years ago

#383 - Ryan Raccoon & Jamie Jaguar w/ John Cerilli and Frank Tieri

"It. Hello marla. Welcome to this week in marvel episode number three hundred eighty three I'm Ryan ak- age, and I'm Jamie, aka agent. Oscar, very nice. Yeah. That's going to be. We're going to kick this episode off because for your consideration. We have wonderful news marvel studios. Black Panther took home three Academy Awards for best costume design goes to Ruthie Carter best production design going to Hannah Beechler Jay heart and best original score going to Ludwig Goodson really really cool stuff there and Spiderman into the spider verse swift up the Academy Award for best animated feature film and that had digital this week. I got my. Gloria there's a spider him like bonus. Yeah. That's the correct reaction. We should all have also also we are one week away from marvel studios. Captain marvel hitting theaters on March eighth get show tickets now and Jamie. We just had news drop right before we came in. Right. That's true. It was just announced that Marvel's runaways. We'll come back for a third season. So come tomorrow dot com to see what the crew has to say about the thirties and coming back find out if it's going to be an all old Lee season. Probably not probably not. But we can dream totally for this episode. We're combining big talk and interview because we've got the dynamic duo of Frank teary, and John Zarrella talk about funny, animal comics, really, I'm gonna be honest with you guys it's mostly me talking about funny, animal comics and having John teary react. But it is hilarious and wonderful. But we are here to specifically talk about Ziggy pig and silly seal the comic that they wrote which will. Out March six it's really good. It is one of my picks for that week as really fun. We're gonna talk about that a little bit later. But now onto things were hyped about this week, comma, including news, oh, man. If you missed the livestream with goose the cat, then you're in luck. Because there's a livestream link on marvel dot com where you can watch it over again and relive it forever. And ever totally the luxury was a delight Samuel Jackson making cameo a very brief cameo was so much fun. I loved it. I mean who doesn't wanna watch Samuel Jackson interact with a cat. Everybody's watching that. And are this week in marvel limited reading club with editor in chief CB. Soboleski is live video and audio for that one to get into your face. That is up on marvel dot com is a very fun discussion. Also, celebrating morals eightieth anniversary as we are all year long all year all year in forever. Really until it's the ninetieth. I guess. I've been here for the seventieth and the seventy fifth here for the eightieth I'm sticking around as long as I can until I kicked me out. You're gonna get here to the two hundred the bicentennial cyborg Panov's. Anyway, for a limited time beginning in March guests at select Disney parks around the world will have the opportunity to encounter, captain marvel. It's beginning March at Disney California adventure park, escorted by team of agents, captain marvel will make her way to hang twelve in the northeast corner of Hollywood land in an armored shield vehicles on March eighth captain marvel touches down at Shanghai Disneyland at the Pepsi, east agent tomorrow and before heading to Disneyland Paris a March twenty third I know we have listeners around the world some even in France, which be cool. Check her out there if tons of our listeners in California, so please check it out and a big shout to our friend, Sean Maguire who has been asking me about this for literally weeks. She's like, you know, carols gonna be in the parks. And now, I can finally share this information with Sean. It was really really great. Okay. No guarantees at the cat will be there. But well, so here's the thing. I do you know this the Disneyland cats I have heard of the Disneyland cats. Yes. The Disneyland cats are a real thing there has that live at both of the parks for the Disneyland resort. And they're they're taking care of. They are there to sort of help keep the place running smoothly. If you understand, and they are great they're door. Yo you can often see them in California adventure park outside of where the grand Californian comes into the park. And there's like a water ride. I see them all the time. When we visit. It's great. That's adorable. It's so funny. I haven't thought about those cats in years and now delighted to be thinking about them again. Because now, I just like to think they're all carols. Carols cats, of course, so good. Also just announced this week is the big epic livestream for marvel studios, captain marvel that is going to be the big epic wonderful star studded premiere from Hollywood on Monday March fourth and you guys can watch it on marvel com- YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It's going to be everywhere on, you know, all the marvel places we're gonna make sure that's front and center for you Lorraine sync will be hosting along with honestly crochet Tamara Krinsky, and we have new host joining us. JD Heyman deputy editor at people. It's going to be a lot of fun usually have some really cool interviews and moments come out of these premieres. I can't watch this one. It's going to be a blast. And you'll get see all of it on marvel dot com. As I already mentioned we released February to see in me complex Boesky talking about our nineteen. Fifties tales are March to our see is again, it's going to be about the nineteen sixties. But. If you have suggestions or request one more time tweet me at Asian and at CBC Boesky use hashtag twin you are see for those nineteen sixties books. More importantly, right now, we're talking about March first through seventh for this week in marvel history part of the show first up is March first nineteen forty one sub mariner comics number one by Bill Everett and Joe Simon comes out which is just too 'cause name Oreo. He's the best does your boy March first nineteen sixty two. So it is a twenty one years later. Incredible hulk number one by Lee and Kirby you've got hulk Rick Jones under boat Ross Betty Ross one of my faves Garg oil all making their first appearances. It's interesting because August of sixty one is when fantastic four comes out. That's first superhero book, it's not until March sixty to believe the next superhero, title, really comes out. Well, that's interesting. And to think they they would go on to become members of the defenders non team defeat. Defenders tied so closely together, so March fifth nineteen sixty three Nick fury, and the howling commandos are. Introducing sergeant fury number one by STAN Lee. And Jack Kirby Freya first appears cold Frick in journey into mystery number ninety two and she has a huge role in war of the rooms this year. So look back and then look forward tales to astonish number forty four gives us the first appearance of Janet van dines wasp that was all March fifth nineteen sixty three I love. There's you'll see a couple times like one week just things happening March fourth nineteen sixty five in the pages of X men number eleven the stranger debuts, and he's cool. He's a cosmic elder, but also quicksilver and scarlet witch quit the brotherhood put this one on here because it's important because of something we'll talk about next week do AT's how TV March second nineteen sixty seven the living tribunal first appears in strange tales number one fifty seven. I love the living tribunal basically judge of reality somehow being both above and below eternity. Who is the embodiment of reality? Here's three faces with a curtain that goes down depending on which phases talking you sometimes sits in a cool chair that is an chair at all. Also in that issue. Cho's strange tells was sort of divided between two different stories. Strange tales. Also debuted baron von struck, Satan claw. And now we're talking which is the name of the gnarly glove of death that he wears oh, imagine if someone had a pair of an Infinity gauntlet with Satan claw too much that's too much March seven hundred sixty eight the grim reaper debuts in vendors number fifty two by ROY Thomas, and John Rousseff. I bring this up because we talk a bit about the grim reaper. And his brother wonder man in a future episode of this week in marvel with Travis McElroy. Yeah, that's a fun. One March second nineteen eighty two. The first part of the legendary Spiderman vs juggernaut story in amazing Spiderman number two twenty nine comes out. Go read it on marvel unlimited. If you've not read it yet. It is one of those like deeply influential Spiderman stories I've heard a lot of critters put it up there with Spiderman lifting the rubble off of himself Spiderman like against all odds, overcoming something that he should have no chance against and just pushing himself. It's just terrific. So classic Spidey. Yeah. Just why we love him. Yeah. March sixth nineteen Eighty-four the big. Head of the summer's war. The realm story Malakoff debuts in Thor number three hundred and forty four during Walter Simonson landmark run we're gonna be seeing a bit of this guy puck. Yeah. March fifth nineteen eighty five silver sable who recently a big part of marvel Spiderman for PlayStation four she premiers in using Spiderman number two hundred and sixty five in March seventh nineteen Eighty-nine west coast vendors number forty six introduced us to the graves of interesting with the Great Lakes. Ventures mister, immortal Flatman big Bertha dinosaur and doorman tell me about these guys please their door or just they're exactly what you think. The Minnesota accents the Great Lakes of injures, depending on who writes them. Yeah. Oh, jeez. Squirrel. Girl was a member of the GLA back in the day. But they're fun. I think in this issue Hawkeye and Mockingbird might actually join the Great Lakes of unders for a little bit. It's it's a lot of fun very little bit. Probably they're real fun team. Probably. Makes a great hot dish March. Second nineteen Ninety-three cables first ongoing series begins with cable number one. And I put this on here specifically because also in the same time period, March fifth two thousand eight another ongoing cable series launch the ladder. One has hope and cable travelling through time you have cable with little baby hope strapped to his chest. And they go through time, and it is such a good series. It's like lone wolf and cub it's a lot of fun March fifth nineteen Ninety-six. I don't know if we talked about this during our sad, sad wolverine talk a few months back, but in wolverine number one hundred he devolved got more feral kinda lost his nose almost and killed cable, son. Genesis it was a whole thing that is a whole everything was will renew as a whole thing. They're trying to give him as advantium back at all messed up. And then. Yeah, if you look at images of ovary and right after that you like what's happening with your face kid. We'll bring you got it back though. Yeah. March first two thousand six we often talk about captain marvel in two thousand twelve but to me the Carol renaissance starts with house of them, and then got big in the proper moral universe with this series, MS moral number one debut in this week by Brian Reid and Roberto dilatory, so it's really influential succeeding carols sort of upward trajectory e very cool. That's the diamond the yellow and black costume. Yeah. Classic MS marvel March seventh two thousand seven is the fallout of civil war the death of captain America and kept American number twenty five and mighty vendors number one with a team led by none other then Carol danvers. Yup. March six twenty thirteen the age of ultra event started which influenced movies, and so much more got no strings. March second two thousand sixteen re-really Williams makes her debut invincible iron men number seven by Brian Michael Benda's, and Mike Diatta and black widow number one by Mark weight and Chris Sam knee started in if you miss that go back right now, you're gonna wanna know that issue. It's real cool March third twenty seventeen Logan hits theaters. Holy for holies. I love that movie. If you've never watched the black and white version of Logan. Ooh, it is incredible. So good. So that's our this weekend marvel history for this week next week will be talking about plenty more more history because they just kept going. They didn't take any weeks off. No our top books from this week's episode of Marvel's policed are daredevil number two invaders number two, given you that double chip dip superior Spiderman number three and west coast vendors number eight, make sure you subscribe, tomorrow's pull wherever you get your podcasts and video versions on marvel dot com. Little teaser, it's me and Ricky. Coming up like a week or two doing the video version of Marvel's police than it is fun. He puts his hand in my water. And I still drink the water. Oh my goodness. That is friendship. It really is. That is true. Friendship are big talk interview. This week is all about Ziggy pig. Silly seal and funny animal comics from marvel with writers frontier, Ian, John really, particularly because they have Ziggy pig. Silly seal comics number one on sale next week, and we wanted to get you guys hyped up and ready for it. I will give you a spoiler for morals. Police for next week. This issue is one of my favorites of the week. Probably is my favorite of our eightieth anniversary sort of like throwback issues. It's our comedy focused issue at his really funny. It is very dark. It is got a parental advisory on it. And it is amazingly drawn by Jacob Chabot. It's just so good. It's a lot of fun and. You know, I get into a lot of silly stuff with Franken. John because they've been friends for twenty odd years back back back in the day. John really was sort of managing the old marvel dot com when it was you know, like. Well was like the big thing. Like, this is like the mid nine mid to late nineties, and Frank was an intern back, then, you know, used to work on dot com with John they became friends. Frank was great writer is a great writer and got more work on that side of things. So they've been really close ever since a humble Jia city site. Jesse's jesse's. Yeah. All good stuff. Check it out right now. Frontier. John's really talking about Ziggy pig and silly seal. How y'all do I'm doing great. And you might wonder why I'm dressed like a refugee from Sesame Street. Okay. Because this okay supposed to be Ziggy silly Qasr play. Okay. So you gonna cover, and that's I mean, you know, because John's big idea was, hey, let's have a stress ciggie and silly foot thing here. Right. Okay. His big idea was your phone a shirt with his on. That was the beginning. This is this is what what what what is wearing the comic. He doesn't we have black. I doesn't wear black shirt. He doesn't have Zee on his shirt his Smurfs hat on. We have none of this. Okay. We have me with a black shirt with Zee on and you this redshirt silly hat on the silly wears red. I was even going to wear. Okay. I even had the idea I says get one of them pigs. Now, I'm gonna came here and made an asset of myself, and we're pigs now I went on the internet yesterday. The crack staff over here could find out. Okay. Striped shirt, right? And this is what I'm dealing with two. Now that that's out of the way for viewers who aren't familiar with the legendary characters who are you picking Salil? Where's their classic comedy team? Like, you know, been caused being Bob Hope and. Blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean hardy? Yes, we're in the Louis, we got it, really. So classic team in like classic teams. We play at that. They had some sort of fooling out there. You know what I mean? So Ziggy kinda hates silly. Because as little as money, he drinks a lot. He's kind of like a bomb and silly is the zillionaire he has rich rich. He has hey, I could have you kill the money. Chose these costumes is more fitting to your personality. What do you think? Anyway. Yes. Silly is wildly wildly rich. He opened fish canneries at some point in his life wanted Ziggy to come in with them. But Ziggy decided that he didn't want to and he's been living a really happy life. But the two of them haven't spoken in forever. Because Ziggy blamed silly for a lot of things. Silly as oblivious. He's just a happy. Go lucky dude that's been very fortunate in his life for things to have gone. Well, he married. Well, his wife is the CEO of silly enterprises. She's run all of his business dealings, and he's like bees owes wealthy. It's pretty good. I wanna get more into the comic and a little bit. But I want to get a little bit of background hardawy. I wanted you guys here for this episode was to obviously talk about your new comic. But get into some of this weirdness of all our old animal comics, Frank you been writing marvel comics for like twenty years now, right? Leno by. No, my age old exactly an old guy appeal to let us see on his chest. Yeah. It's really you've been moral for a long time. But he's older than me about a little bit Zinke pig. Silly seal first appeared in crazy comics number one, which I actually found the specific day came out way twenty first nineteen forty two. Wow. Yeah. They were the actual leaf features in the book, and it was drawn by Al Jaffee, Al Jaffee legendary. Edge magazine comics, but also in that issue, Tuffy Tomcat snappy turtle Chester chipmunk, poopie, the poetical pup. We not use to make the cut I pooping to make the cut. We got Tuffy puppies in their Tuffy. No, snappy, start turtle or whatever else. And we have reached the best ones. Oh, yeah. This sixty four pages law is packed with stuff. Posing animal on every page pretty much post. You the pelican and Lally the elephant Baldy, which I don't know what the is there's no reference anywhere on the internet some ball. Dude might be an eagle who knows again as an eagle another one called little pan. No info on that. But the best one in what I'm very upset that you guys didn't include is ding Ling the little bellboy. Oh, my genuine Golo Bobo. So all of you. I don't go by number one. So we can do number two. Yes. Singling he needs to be back in back in the spotlight. But you guys did this number while how did this project come together? That's actually a great story. I also wanna point out. It's very fascinating. Because if nineteen forty two was when they debuted they were gone by nineteen Forty-six, and those comics that had all those funny animals in it, and we were not marvel at the time we were timely publishing. There was all the rage looney tunes on the screen so timely was publishing these comics featuring all these funny animals, and there was a brief media of just shining. They were selling like crazy. And then all of a sudden they're gun. So says. Where he says like four years. They their last single issue is nineteen forty six their solo tie their own book. But they actually kept appearing toll nineteen forty seven. But yes, specifically, you know, how they came back into being was and it took me a while to figure this out, but it was a decade ago. Dan, Buckley, who's the president of the marvel we were just having a casual conversation as office one day, and he comes over to me. And he's like, you know, we have all these old characters that nobody's doing anything with which really do something with them. And he kind of like flips through this book is like these guys Z pigging silly seal, and it was the covered tizzy pixel CO number six which was issued in nineteen forty six now is their last solo booked together. And it's remarkable if you haven't seen the cover should see it as a beautiful beautiful cover, and I'm like, wow, that's really cool. So I just kinda got to like thinking about it. Frank wasn't in the picture yet. Thank goodness. Yeah. He comes in the fixing. And I'm you made a good. I I had this basic structure what we were just laying out before that something had happened between the two of them. They were this very famous comedy duo, something broke them up and Ziggy was just miserable out of Kenyan say human beings, a pig miserable out of a pig. And silly was just as happy. Go lucky. You know, everything went right for him. No matter what he touched turned to gold. And I went to Franken. I'm like as we're kind of thinking about this. The magic happens you understand when he can't the Feick. Okay. And that's where one of the things that we had both discussed. Okay. We had bought most seen the movie the wrestler. Yes. This is key. This is key. Okay. And that really came into focus of how we want to portray z. Starring the the incredible Mickey Rourke who I still love to this day. And there there's a specifically a scene in there that really lent to this. Which was Mickey. Wherever it is characters. Name was and the rest of I don't remember. But he's at like this really kind of low-grade fan convention, and he's there signing autographs, you know, taking a few dollars to get, you know, the take a polaroid and sign autographs and had this fanny pack on. And I'm just like that Ziggy what we have. We have a version of that. When do we never got the fanny pack, though, we didn't know sent me. There's no fanny pack in comic. There's enough in there though. No, I've read the book that the whole scene like I just looked at a black and white of it, and I can't wait to see the colors because there's so much detail not seen so upsetting. Yeah. Well, it's it's the convention comic book convention. It's called the the alley behind closed down laundromat con. Okay. And that's that's where and it's basically. Cain of losers. Not your clown. We have yet. No, it is a great scene at this point. We have to give credit to Jacob Chabad who really the book, you know, there's a script that goes out to the artists and one of the great things about how this art form happens is the artist will likely put his own thoughts into these scenes that he's drawing and oh my goodness. I mean, he killed it. Every coming back Franken, I were like just texting back and forth to each other. Like, oh, my God that scene. The concierge is fantastic. Visit lot I XE for a lot of crazy things I expert, but even then he had a lot of his own stuff and it matched perfectly Israeli stuff. Like we much mad magazine. It very much has a mad magazine crazy magazine field to it. Especially those scenes and the scenes later dooms castle to go back to Jaffe for one second Al Jaffee is ninety seven years old, Jeffy still works. He still does the fold into man. Magazine the fact that we have some sort of to that sort of art is huge. I was curious about how much of that was from you guys. How much of it was from Jacob just because it's so packed like every inch of every panel. He's throwing jokes little gags. Again. A lot of stuff we added in that. But last stuff he put his feet put in. Well. I'm like, oh, that's great. I mean, there's a lot of that in you know, and you guys have some classic characters in the book alongside Sealy cameos aplenty cameos aplenty along with a thick there's at least one new character for this title. Right. By the end of the book was at a new character that isn't character. Yes. That is a brand new character. There's actually a couple of new characters in there not to spoil anything, but ziggys mom plays a huge role in it. She's and we would be remiss without we have to acknowledge the fact that this is not the first Ziggy pig and silly seal. Project since nineteen forty six. Scotty young wrote an issue of that poll. I think it was number eight that was just out about a month ago any included Ziggy and silly in that where we find out that it might not have exactly bins against silly in this book, but since that existed, and since Scottie that such a great job with that book. We wanted to honor the fact that it existed, so we kinda tied in. You'll see when you read it. We'll tie in directly to what happened in that book. And plus we have. A couple of. Yes, we had a couple of curve balls thrown at us. Like, you know, when we first saw the art that was solicited beautiful piece of art. And I don't remember the artist name did that cover Klein, right Nick line. Did the does deadpool. I think he did the did he do. So, but there's a fantastic shot of Ziggy and silly in a canoe like going down, just a, you know to their their demise. Let's say about going over a waterfall, and they have a map, and they're kind of looking at the map and on the map on the front says like Varia letting we didn't know about that until we saw it solicited. And then we're like, okay. We can't just let that go. So there is into what we? Yeah. Very will be involved. Jacob draws a map of urine I've ever seen a map with areas. So pro like so that was so clear how the geography was I don't remember ever. Actually, like the Indiana Jones. And even that little nap. There's little things that Jacob himself. Put in there that are brilliant. We'll get back to this a little bit. But I wanna run down some of these other books and characters because this is part of what we're doing on this week in marvel celebrating Marvel's eightieth anniversary. And so they were a pretty big deal for time. They as we've been talking about in the forties Heather own book. They showed up a handful of other titles. Some of the other funny animal books at the time where crazy comics, of course, Ziggy pig and silly seal comics, which actually launched seventy five years ago this month on February first nineteen forty four found the actual date comedy comics, super rabbit comics, which launched the same month as is again silly. It was like days later, he's a guy with a little Cape of rabbit and it just inches. Regular texture says super avid like kind of low-budget great. He's great but Ziggy and Scillies show up in his book a ton. They're very much connected. Some of the character. So if you guys do. More. I wanna give you some of the names of other characters we had in the forties and fifties as possible fodder for future stories. So it super Rabah we talked about which would be a lot of fun. We're gonna put thing we'll get to super rabbit Percy penguin super squirt Bill. I was going right? I was driving. I had a stick your head of the window. But what was the penguin Percy penguin? Love that already billion buggy bear. This one's real cool. The gin and Claude penny grabber which were they import fiction sound like they could be it's a dog. And maybe a FOX I think I couldn't really tell. Petty. I saw at least one story that was written by STAN Lee with art by Jim Mooney way back in forty two forty three. Wow. Lester, the lion Montague pigeon more team? Oh, lord. I know pigeon, more t- monk and buck by Boone monk being monkey. I believe WALDO wolf skip. O'hare puffy pig pig pig. There's more there's more pigs. There's more pig fluke and Skilley boo, which I have no idea what it is the one. You were you were asking about Frankie was what was his name. Pook. The poetic. Politico pump this casper cat, crazy crow. Crazy Crowe actually showed up tone with Cillian Ziggy Homer, rabbit Ossie ostrich wacky. Duck sharpie FOX buzzy bear squeaky mouse, tubby pig. So we got another and another vote that the pigs wonder duck, and this one that you like this want to see some coming together. Wellington. Mutt? Was so good. Started Percy penguin itself. Montagu pigeon Montague pigeon. All those three that's gone. Ventures of the. Cosby so good. But so we were talking about the end of Ziggy and Scillies run. I believe it was silly tunes number seven which came out March fifth nineteen forty seven that is I believe the last golden age appearance, Ziggy and Sealy, and that's after over fifty appearances in five years and think about we weren't publishing eighty comics month, we were published a lot, but fifty appearances in those five years as huge it's a lot. Yeah. Especially comics were coming out every other month or quarterly quarterly, whatever it was. So by August, nineteen forty seven funny animal comics were almost all done Nomorza gin, silly super Abbott actually goes into August, a forty eight and then there's really just sporadic releases at that point even titles that had been funny animal books like crazy where they showed up in and another book that's again silly. We're were in called ideal both of those turn into completely different books. Same numbering saying they're just like have humans in them. Most of the line at that point becomes teen titles. Westerns little superheroes and crime. We have one character wonder duck, and we have a bunch. Ducks pigs Yeltsin pigs in butter. Yeah. Wonder duck carries over from the forties into the fifties. At this point his book becomes it's a duck's life, which is terrific title for which features buck duck and super Abbott that lasts until the end of fifty one but buck actually launches his own book in fifty three only lasting four issues and Ziggy and silly. They actually show up in two thousand nine in marvel adventures fantastic for number forty six by Paul Tobin and Perry Perez, which is an interesting when you read it on more limited also in the issue. Tuffy cat super rabbit crazy crow and wonder duck. But only Ziggy silly are named super shows up. You can tell super because shirt says super and Tuffy Tomcat is like a monster. Who turns back into a cartoon by the end. Two thousand nine that came out. But that's that is really a Ron because we could talk about spider ham, and sort of how that came out of the inspiration from Ziggy and silly. But so different these comics are so fun, and John you, and I were talking about some of the covers these comics and how the one today was like a motivating murder. Yeah. It's yeah. So these comments can be really fun. If you can get your hands on them, check them out. But Ziggy pig and silly seal comes out March sixth by John frontier. Jacob shaybah. And it's terrific. You guys by go. Check it out level copies. She monkey spunk aware of his name is it's monkey monkey spunk. The monk whatever you wanna characters. Okay. Percy whatever and flute. I don't wanna see these guys go buy several copies. Yes. If you don't have the money going to pockets when he's not around. This is not the worst thing. For sure Email 'em heroes at marvel dot com. Let us know what you think of the book. It's really terrific. I read this morning. And I it is because you were talking we were talking a little bit about Ziggy and Scillies kind of having came back into being, and it really was sort of tenure process. We had talked to Dan, he Buckley, he had really liked it at the time. And then me being in the new media group over the years, we discuss maybe animation. But for whatever reason now voice, that's right as as rich Herrera video guru here at marvel actually did a test of Ziggy just at a bar wonderful little test I've ever seen that now Ryan has never seen that. How about that? You saw. All right. Josh OT anyway. So here we are in twenty nineteen and the lunar new year is happening. Guess what? You're of the pig. So Ziggy came full circle his his time was right. That's the only thing. I wanted to say I like it. That's good. Hopefully, we'll see more of them very soon. John Frank, thanks for being on this model laid up. Thanks for having us. Big big, thanks to Frank Jon for taking the time. And I hope you guys enjoy that as much as literally everyone in the room enjoyed it. We had people who are watching who had no reason to be there. They just wanted to watch the interview. And it was terrific. Yes. And if you think that they were fun to be around in listen to you will also love reading them because we have a great interview with them on marvel dot com that we did of wild back, and it is just as fun to read. It was so fun to edit such a pleasure. I hope they do more. This is released first comic book severe. It's a big it's a big fun huge deal. We love it. We're gonna get him a sign my copy. All right. Our question of the week is tied to that. If you guys have listened to that interview, you know, I listed off so many wild animal characters. So I wanna know which characters sounds the most fun, which one you wanna see come back. There's so many, you know, you can pick. I wanna go with Tuffy Tomcat just because I love cats. He's a tough. Tom cat makes me happy. Yeah. I mean, I love the cats, but I'm a dog person. I so I'm going with poetic pup. They're poopie good old cookie. He's a bulldog. So you guys let us know which of these animal characters you are most excited to potentially question Mark ever. See again tweet you're using this week in marvel the hashtag Email them to twin podcast dot com or send a message to our Facebook page. Facebook backups, just we moral. Please feel free to include pictures of your very own marvel pets at home love to see them. We have a slack channel here. Moral journal one of marvel pets, anyway, really good stuff. Now, it is time for our community section where you guys have sent in your tweets, and your emails are first up is Email from our friend Jason in Hawaii. Yeah. He says dear Ryan and Jamie Aloha from Hawaii this past weekend. February twenty-second through the twenty four th was the amazing Comecon. Aloha. It was awesome. They had the following guests, Neil Adams, Chad hard. Marv Wolfman LaRussa page who's ecause player. David Nakayama, one of Marvel's cover artists specifically on the wasp that Jason points, but he's done so much and the also works on our some of our games and other stuff. He's great David is wonderful, and Jason says to his understanding the first time ever the entire Infinity gauntlet creative team was at one convention. Jim Starling, Joe Rubinstein, Ron Lim and. And kicking off his farewell tour. The legendary George Perez has all of them are so nice. And it was great meeting them all and this is one convention. Jason will never forget. He shared some photos. I don't know if it shared them to our full to me so from blowing up your spot. Jason those were the greatest photos. I was so excited for you to George Perez. So neat. Awesome and Twitter. Let's go to Twitter. Stephen Oris says agent. Am always wondered what the deal was with cover dates now relegated to the credits page subtexts thing, and why they bear no relation to the actual publication day bug me for years. Can you explain what they're about? Yes. Stephen semi this question awhile ago apologies for not answering it sooner an answer the best. I can. So when he says the credits page subtext thing that's the in DC, that's sort of the legal lines. That's information about publications stuff. Like that part of that goes I believed to library is tied with library of congress. What publication date sort of? That cover date is always roughly two to three months ahead of time. I don't know exactly why. But that's the same way it is for magazines for a lot of the like monthly or long-term publications. It's different from the onset date. It's always going to be different. They on Sunday, which even going back to specially the old old comics, we look at the library of congress dates because that's the only one that we have that's reliable, especially back. You look at the sixties. For instance, there wasn't like, hey, comics come out on Wednesday. Like we have now they were just released kind of whenever we willy nilly. Yeah. They could be it's really depending on the printer and the delivery system and all kinds of stuff stands would get them. When they got them. You couldn't go to your new stand knowing necessarily. Hey, I'm going to get on this Wednesday. It's kind of the best. I can do to answer it. I don't know why that happens. I'm sure if we had a historian historian. They could pinpoint that, but is always going to have a different covered eight from what the on sale Tate is. That's just the way it is looking for a couple months difference. Chris Burs with says, look it with my six year old daughter drew for this week in marble, and it is the greatest picture ever. I audibly went. I saw on Twitter it made me so happy. Chris. Thank you so much. Thank you to your daughter. Yeah. Seriously. It is wonderful. I love seeing art from listeners are fans and their family, and it's it's always awesome dec- kid art and really good kid art because I think it's always really fun to spider webs, as there are two of them in this very cool picture, which you can see on the marvel dot com post for this episode. Yeah. I- spider-man's not easy to draw and there's a lot of detail. And it's all there unless we questioned the week was super fun. We got a lot of great responses from you guys, we asked you what what was your favorite marvel toy roughly, wh what is your favorite more alive? You came back with pictures and everything Gygi crews says great question the week. It happens to be my marvel origin story. I was very close to my grandmother when she was alive in the Christmas of nineteen ninety. She introduced me to Spiderman with these two toys the rest is history. Good those is the best. Those are some toy biz Spidey toys right there, really really clicked. Lex Pendragon says the best toys. Other Spiderman Legos because my daughter's made me in them in his years pictures. I'm gonna throw up because it so adorable. All this. He's going to lovingly vomit. Oh, yeah. That's all. I know. How to do is lovingly vomit. Amanda age Francis. Says I know him a bit late. But this is my favorite marvel toy quote, unquote. I never had any growing up. But I am so happy to buy some with my grownup money now. Hey, that's totally fine. That's what I do. She says, I got this Kamala. Khan for my birthday last year. That's the could've be shows. You MS marvel it looks like from the quick glance. I took at triple Ps phone. She's notting. I did a guys. Good job. Yeah. Carris Pollard says so it's new comic book day today, or it was at least for her four for me this week and high quality week too. And she says her picks are kept in America. Number eight, west coast vendors, number eight avengers, no road, home number three and invaders number two. I read of under no road home number five or six this morning on the train. I no one's ready for it. Well. Oh, no one's ready. Leaving their last one by Carris. She says finally this week in marvel of the week goes to west coast vendors, the story is fun. And I love the characters. But was this be mean to clinch week? It is every week kinda is plus it has the best pets which is super true. And has a new artist who just happens to be the guy who made me fall in love with dark hawk? And that artists were beginning limb, just the most gorgeous art in this issue. I couldn't agree more Carris while while while Al wonderful way to end this episode by the time, we do our by the time you guys here. Our next episode. I assume everyone will have seen marvel studios captain mile because everyone who listens is going to be going Thursday night. Right. All right. Aren't ya? I will have seen it at least twice by that point. Anyway, gotta go. I'm ryan. I'm Jamie says Moore your universe.

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90: Stage 7 | Belfort Chalon-sur-Sane | Tour de France 2019

"You are listening to cycling podcast additive in association with the fastest losing in the world to the Oma cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a path now e-education fast and Kenyan sharam stage seven today wooden shutters your soul well fellows the Tour Giveth and Taketh. Take it the way we are. We Lionel well. The tour is giving right now because <hes> we were in the courtyard of the wonderful linex <hes> not really a hotel more restaurant with rooms and our lodgings for this evening. I'm looking forward to very nice. Mayo my roommate's absolutely wonderful minds a little bit nicer because I saw them I. I've caught the balcony. Oh well don't have a balcony but I kind of emits uneaten you know I don't know why it's because the Betty's downstairs so I don't always I'm going to visit the medicine in but it exists a Balkan the animates the hierarchy on the suckling podcast is being clearly established by who has the nicest room Ryan was more sound bite who gets gets into. That's how I actually buffalo your way in through the door. I knew I I tried the tour you know reflects. The is reflected by the quantity of the hotel rooms well. It's been debates. This is a whole awesome. This will be the subject of Columbus Zero interesting zero for dementia with a listener of the podcast today. It was really interesting so let's night for that. And how long can we just keep chat. qui fondling like this before we got onto the stage because it it Wa- I mean after yesterday's thriller today was news fast. Wasn't it well it wasn't it was entirely predictable wasn't it. Let's have the title of the TAP for stage seven the longest of the race two hundred thirty kilometers and after the difficulty of yesterday not just a difficult finish but on the climb that came before it <hes> looking at the road this morning it was pretty predictable that it would be very similar in fact to the stages at the same point in the race last year we went from Belfour to shallowness you sound one and while we saw very familiar faces in the breakway Stephan Rosetto of confidence and Yo- and afraid of won t go buy a new out in front for two hundred eighteen of those two hundred and thirty kilometers and they ruined daring the Peleton to catch them numerous numerous points. The gap came down to about three inches at one stage. They still stayed away. I mean it was it really was a day and no one really was racing with. I go text message from July fourteen fifty nine. I'll have to edit that. They're even peddling. The thing was covered the first half of the stage three and three quarter hours. It was six hours in all okay not unusual to have a loan day in the saddle. It was pretty action. Free really the only action was <hes> splitting the Peleton without thirty kilometers to go and finding out that Nardo Cantona Dan Martin van Ark were caught behind the split just wanted to or not because you you said you only action was split but T._J.. Even gathering crushed well okay okay. Excuse me are you reading over my shoulder at annoys me a thought you might even sleep in one that I did see I was gonna add in the end but that came back together. Well mainly because movie star I had some riders to chase and Dan Martin had recourse to chase <hes> so it came down to a sprint finish and it was pretty good clean sprint and Caleb you in look in a really good position to win his first Tour de France stage right until the line but it was dealing Gronhagen who came flying up from about fifth or sixth place to nick the stage win his fourth front stage when remember he won the two most boring stages last year's race into Shara and Khalid and he'll say one on the show. I'm Selena in two thousand seventeen and so often dylan turns yesterday Dylan gruner Reagan at one and that leaves just Dylan Van Bala of team India's the only Dylan who hasn't won a stage more isn't it well. He may well do and a Francois mentioned T._J.. Vanguard Room was the victim of a crash and at the finish I saw him come out of the Education I box and hopefully into a a waiting van to be taken to the little X.. Ray Cabin is up near the press room with near the finish line one or the other I had two big bandages on on his one on each knee and some cups and bruises on his elbows on one one on and his face so we await to hear how he is I mean he lost a fair packet of time on lap Lo fi yesterday so it's not like he was he's overall chances are affected by that crash overall overall no change Julia Coney still in yellow by six seconds from Jillian Alpha Leap Saigon's Dylan Green Welland still in the King of the Mountains Jersey and CICCONI still in the White Jersey but it will be warm by Egging Banal Again Tomorrow <music> fastest closing in a world tool the cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a partner education. I and Kenyan Sharam thank you very much indeed to Rafeh are headline sponsor and makers of the coveted peddler ducharme range of cycling podcast clothing the T shirts and we've come to France armed with a stock of peddler deschamp t-shirts. We've presenting the first one tomorrow morrow at the moment. It looks like to Michael Markov who is leading the poll of Tom. Green Jr has been lobbying on his own behalf and might make a difference who knows still about twelve hours ago so so if you are one of the early listeners to the podcast you can still vote at yes is the gap is closing and more than fifty three percent and squeezes on thirty percent. You unafraid on thirteen percent Julian C mo on four percent. I'm afraid of May have got a boost today I in front yet again. I mean that's what he does. He told you today Francois. I did wonder if those two hadn't attacked what would have happened because they went away. Nobody really wants to go. With them maybe Aleksey on Oliver Nessin have gone because the the kind of try and I mean they tweet. I think Guja tweeted <hes> you know <hes> you know like an hour ago about it like like they they were they were they were chasing counterattacking for like two or three gays and obviously open for other guys to come with them and nobody did and Gujrat tweeted saying well Oliver in me softly my bill idea to join the the <hes> the break but nobody seemed to have the same opinion so no obviously everybody was nobody was was trying to do anything today and it was the usual I called them. The breakaway addicts you know because that's what the kind of what they are. They both broke away three times in the studio fronts now they've they both actually got the most combative trophy once and the interesting thing is been said before but he's they they've known each other forever whole Saito and an overdue. They are both leaving you you know in the area of Paris Airbus Parisian's. They're both thirty two. They both road together for a long time. They've known each other forever the go on holidays together so you should think that maybe at work the day my want to to to to kind of spread a little bit but no respect what they were doing. They couldn't find anywhere to stay well. Maybe on holidays. It's what they do. You know they take their bikes ice and and go on a stroll together because he was not actually it's not like they. They tried hard to win the stage. I mean the the pace okay was ahead win but for the first three hours the average speed with about thirty five K. P. H.. So it was not and but once again they they've done that in the past as I you know I told you in the car they used to to to run in in induce or trios we we come to time trials in over here Joe's and a few kind of Bank Uptown Transit Center so so that they've done that for from very young age and the last I heard is that <hes> stiffen all set to <hes> you know recently had a baby and <hes> and Yana Fred Oh we will be the godfather so I mean you couldn't have you know in closer closer France to to to to break away together so that was in a way it sums up the day it was a sunny day in the countryside. You know everybody kind of took it easy. After a hard day no mountains and two guys to France brands you know went on on the leisurely stroll <hes> in in the in well actually almost in the vineyards of the Horn region because we're going. I do a little Danielle correction therefore for full line on because he referred to finish them as chalon-sur-saone where it's actually shuttle soon. You know sorry I fought. Daniela told you never mind that's useful and well I mean the breakaway was really the only thing that happened. You mentioned T._J.. Gardens crushing it did Luke Luke Nasty didn't have a great day up until plunge the bell fee and you know he's fine below the radar a little bit come into this race excluding conform. Jonathan Falters telling us how relaxed he was am an it'd been the key to him producing some good performances this year and I think a lot of people are some people were maybe expecting some some strong performances from him. He looked look pretty bashed up than the used saw. You did yeah yeah but we don't know the moment walked the extent of his injuries are and that will probably come out in the wash a bit later on but quick point on the breakaway. Some people might be wondering well. Why is it only two riders? Why were they going so slowly at the star? Why didn't appellate on want to catch them at some point and there's almost this kind of invisible deal isn't that between the break and the bunch if well Rossetto afraid afraid of only two of them they've that's an awful lot of time to spend on the front each of them basically they're looking at one hundred and nine kilometers each on the front if they share the work evenly and so there's a limit to how mm how much energy they are going to be able to put into the effort if they had gone harder and try to stretch the lead our own would have happened would be the peleton would have gone harder as well to basically give them that that kind of silent shout from behind that they not going to be allowed off into the distance and so you have this kind of dawn that goes on between the break and the Peleton and well today with a one one for the purest but quite an interesting example of it because there was hesitation for many kilometers probably an hour maybe two hours where the bunch just refuse to kind of keeping them on the leash as they say in in the Peloton don't jargon because the the the idea is that you you're three guys leading the Peloton all day <hes> got from the QUICKSTEP <hes> maximum for from low to Dell and Tony Martin for <hes> Humor Visa and an obviously instructions the near in the ear all day was was to to to kind of pull the leash a little bit? You know let it lose a little bit. The idea been don't don't catch them because if you do catch them that'd be a counterattack and maybe more dangerous guys going up front so so so so he was ideal for the pollutant relaxed the let these guys have their day you know and we keep them within a reasonable the distance and then when when it's time to go to the serious business which is bunched sprint then we'll catch them and that's what he did but it is one for the purest isn't it. It's a bit like watching Batsman at the crease not scoring any runs for our after what you're talking about. Ah The it was a bunch sprint and Grennell Wigan one fastest sprinter we thought coming into the tourists of finally he's got his win. Elliot Vivani stage already had a perfectly <hes> cheese and more cove again to you did a great job for him and we learned later that he had a soft Tyre C. finished six in the end. You know e counter sprint with a tire. That's losing air so and not prime size. Bass killer unit was impressive and then the other subplot. The plot was the the the goings on at A._T.. Memory say Yes for Philips in Very Young Writer who we heard from the other day line I signed the team bus and I was on the Kristoff of course now Christopher's tenth Phillips was fifth and they lost each other in the finale. I think Phillips and went through a gap that Christoph couldn't or didn't go through much bigger isn't a crystal and but it was interesting because you know he's a young writer learning the ropes and presumably part of the education for him is is to stick to that rule of leading crystal he didn't do that might not be in his own fault and they'll be interesting dynamics within the team politics and in terms of higher that ended up today and we looked at the the finish Chris annoyed or anything so it may well it may well be fine. I'm finishing fifth on the stage of a tour age twenty one and your first tour is pretty impressive <hes> on that will of coffee people's Hi but the winner of course dealing going to hear a little bit from him and his sports fronts mass into a U._n.. It's always pretty close so I don't know why but I like it through into sal I I really after the first day I was a little bit disappointed for myself. <hes> there was another expensive <hes> today the threats states and three river really access as at this moment today yeah really team and for me after the less print that he's a no we believe in you and you can do this over from David. It's been a dream you start to the Tour de France so I couldn't have gone any better. I guess no no you can <hes> can say that yeah we <hes> got two out of two and after that <hes> a second place for mountain also offstage yesterday was a bit <hes> we hoped a little bit better but <hes> still okay because we know Stevie is in his best Ed last week so but today <hes> Dylan show sees these maybe the fossil spindle may say that we probably can say that what happened with what went on when with around thirty kilometers to go they were off the back and he had to first of all tried to chase some guys eventful bottles for P. and <hes> after to spend a little bit and then <hes> he was in the back and the first he was pulling that we said stop pulling because Tana's there they will wait for Canton may was always perfect. Yeah always what about Steven yesterday because it's not necessarily the finish four hammers not not really despite the finished romy yes is to go steady and <hes> he's not the pension that <hes> he can do but <hes> we have confidence the confident daddy still be left the best way to say last week because obviously one mountain stage very difficult but in total isolation in the race now we have hilly stages flat stages next week we have the time trial before any real climbing again but we have to enjoy now and <hes> we see for the plan for the next day. We we see we were tonight and we see the plan for the mall. David Ritchie Stevie is one job you have to be good in the last week and don't lose any time before and scrape shoot shoot that I was taking phone calls team Kart at the back of the pack flees this episode of our the front coverage sponsored by the bike atom and well Richard. We been riding the Bike Adam before we came out to the Tour de France. I'm one of the things I got to grips with very quickly with the two distinctive modes that the atom mm-hmm has it has an integrated gear mode which is basically makes indoor writing similar to outdoor riding. It's not having a bike with electric gears on isn't it just touched a button and change gear or you can use the atoms ergo mode which sets the Resistance for Oh you depending on the program. You're following in the desired power output that you want to reach so you kind of don't really have to do anything other than concentrate on the pedaling and the power output so let's hear you in action so on we go. There's a big a big lump in the profile out sounds like a sprint better. Get myself prepared for that physically on cycled here goes silly me but I didn't know you could just the year so my cadences being a bit low. I know my gears been high enough for these insults so let's put up. They learn something every day so on the brake levers I can adjust the gear. This is a revelation. Oh that's brilliant so always read. The instruction auctioned my kids. Don't wait like me because you'll waste what seventeen minutes work here equipment. That's perfect now. It can be Muhtar cadence. Whether it's it's arrest between then falls or self here we go if you want to be like Richard and ride a bike atom. You can get one from what DOT COM until July the thirty first every what purchased at what dot Com we'll come with one hundred pounds sigma sports voucher to receive that offer go to what by DOT COM slash T._C._p.. One hundred that's T._C.. Pay For the cycling podcast One one hundred in number one zero zero and use the Code T._C.. Pay One hundred well. It's been a dream week for your movies man. They won the first two stages. They've had the Yellow Jersey that one again today. The only small won't Hiccup was Stephen Krykun lap launch Delfi and as we heard from friends mass maybe they would have liked a little bit more from him but that's probably the climb that suits him least in Hauteur and while as says that job is to be good in the final week <hes> grown Reagan well we thought he was <hes> nailed on favorite to win on the opening day in Brussels and perhaps he would have done had it not being for that crash and I actually looked. I mean he wasn't impressive performance by agreement you. It looks badly. You know her. It's actually in in his crush on on day. One <hes> I obviously goal was to win and take the Yellow Jersey was a great opportunity sprinters to do that. Well it was actually he was in the family because my two Nissen did and recovered quite quickly which is impressive in in the last sprint okay finished fifth thing but it was there was actually you know he was kind of blocked inside the the the bench and couldn't do anything but it looked good and today you want an which prompted me to to ever look at the you know the other Dutch sprinters would one stages in three different tours in the past and while I was looking at this starts something something struck me in. Maybe a Dutch specialty winning sprints in the most boring stages in the tour because if you look at Dylan van grew Grinberg in the last couple of years is staging. Let's is facing were also in those long long long days in the sun and at the end of it you have this kind of a shot of adrenaline when he actually wins and in the past a urine blijlevens so did was also <hes> could've say sprinter one born stages and let's face it gave foreign press conferences from time to time and even before they remember John Paul Van Poppel he was great sprinter of of course but it was the EPA item of the writer you know when the Tour de France first week with all about long transition stages in long burn stages trump thumper was the pope of the spring so maybe you know adult specialty if two stages boring you have Dutchman win in the sprint in the finale an interesting theory an interesting theory certainly well today was first day and yellow for Julia Cheek Coney the young writer trek afraid that it's such that's a great deal on it's come to tour quite unusual for young writer actually to to do two grand tours by toback but he's in the Yellow Jersey. He did say fell a bit tired today but it's a real boost for I team trek. Siegfried has struggled a little bit on how to Great Jiro and I think you know not not that helped the team immeasurably they come into this race with Richie Porte as their leader and and <hes> you know Gaspar Stephen as a decent bet for some stages you get something in the top ten and sprints and without being a pure sprinter and so I spoke to one of their writers Kunda Court the veteran domestique on our team is being around several teams on the right close in the past taking coal Marcel kittle writes that he'll have a big job to do helping defend that Yellow Jersey so spoke to him at the finish today. How was today along along there there yeah <hes> bit boring at one point? I probably shouldn't complain too much about that. 'cause it's probably not going to be very boring next couple of days so <hes> tried to enjoy it as much as we could of course riding around with the Yellow Jersey team and yellow helmets and yellow numbers in back. It's not too bad yeah. I was a bit of a celebration <hes> we definitely drank <hes> glossy champagne but <hes> yeah work's not done yet so <hes> not not too much celebrating but <hes> you know we'll keep the Jersey now oh and hopefully we can keep it a little longer off that but you know we still have some goals <hes> in the final g Seeiso I mean what was it like for a team you come in with a very specific plan. You've got leader and Richie yes but it's been going for sprints and says well I guess yesterday was completely unexpected <hes> yeah kind of unexpected but on the other hand having Ritchie and Boca so good nj see it's always good to have good climbers into frontal in the breakway first of all they can go put her own results in second year. If anything happens now the race is open really early and it's just the latest left then you still have one or two guys in the front. It can draw back to help out rich elite oversee. I'm there's been a lot of pressure expectation him for for many years. What does it do to the theme unprocessed for him as well to have this early success of having the Yellow Jersey in the in the in the in the team something that a lot of teams with would would would settle for the tour no absolutely literally? I think it's <hes> it's really good for him to go to the team. You know it gives a good <hes> a good atmosphere in the team already with the riders for stuff management sponsors. Everyone and I think for Ritchie himself as well it just <hes> <hes> it kind of calms him down. I think you know a we have a right to sit up there. In front of the bunch of people take into account and <hes> I think he showed already in Viet at ease in good shape and what you know about Julia a young guy would it very well Geraldino him well why obviously <hes> I've seen him in <hes> in a couple of races and training camps and that's what is up with them <hes> awesome guy really funny <hes> might need little little calming down but that's probably it will come to H.. Bouncing off the walls but <hes> that's <hes> that's a good character to have any team as well. I guess we know him as attacking aggressive writer that's one of the Kingdom I says the Jiro and the Yellow Jersey he'll have to write in a completely different way possibly but then again you saw yesterday did he didn't have to so <hes> it really comes down to how to raise develops <hes> he might have another chance or two but <hes> indeed maybe needs to sacrifice his own chance to sometimes <hes> to make sure that <hes> that that you see for <hes> for richest protective but I'm sure that he's more than willing to do that too well. It was Kundi Court of Cigarette. Let's hear briefly from the Jersey. Jalil Kuni very difficult talks about <hes> also tomorrow we'd be we'd be stage long in that stage so for me. It's important to recovery when these nine and tomorrow we will see. I think it'd be the Yellow J v very anybody. Maybe most people into the break we SOCIA- Coney makes point that six seconds means almost nothing and well with the time bonuses available. Oh on some of these final climbs on the stages. That's certainly true tomorrow on the running to Senate in the Cote Zsa ZSA. Should I think they let Solaire Jelly ass the final climb got degree climb time bonus at the top which if if the bunch it all together and Allah Felipe can take it then that would put him put him back in the Yellow Jersey and of course seconds on the line as well but you know when wouldn't necessarily anticipate CICCONI being involved in that sprint olof elite might be so it's up for grabs really podcast. The twenty nine hundred to the phones is supported by scientists books science books fueled by science scientists for long time sponsor and supporter the cycling podcast now you can get twenty five percents off with S._I._S.. EP twenty-five scientists sport don't come also had to scientists sport dot com forward slash sign up to enter a competition with an incredible price to spend a they the Vuelta or the Britain in the team any off steam car include tonight's accommodation transport on four hundred times spending money runner up prizes are tasty as well and and yes great great great prize offered by science and Sport Science Support Dot com forward slash sign up now am I spoke at the finish to Gary Thomas the defending champion who had a very good day la plunge the belfi surprise a lot people including himself. Here's what he said twenty four hours later I was okay it's just <hes> along so day and sat already you know with the headwind in forehead cross whatever but <hes> for a long day every thing starts by the end your wrists and feet the and stuff but <hes> I guess it's better than <hes> Pity K. and Cross wins you know for sure. Everyone thinks a great way so it's GonNa be a big fight for that probably still be going by the time we hit the I it's GONNA be hot stopping show and then <hes> yeah may sell down in the break go then it depends numbers and everything but <hes> Jeff in the next two days. We'll be sending tough. You're right on yesterday's pretty happy yeah <hes> I didn't really know what to expect. Go in there but <hes> yeah focused on as nice finish ahead of guys. You've made an effort on a client I guess since the tour last year almost in a race at least because you know so many races have been thrown and I'm so nervous before sage respond when the you know special not final claim yeah I was just <hes> didn't know I'd be ready compared to everyone I knew I was he was going he take confidence from not still is up in the back of your mind. You don't exactly know else's but <hes> yeah I think it was a good day especially on a climb which would necessarily be my ideal climbing. you think be more suited to the pure climate so yeah. He was a good thing that anyone else this catch your eye impress you on the claim <hes> Pino of the C- <hes> I heard he's from around there. Anyway knew it really well. I think anytime this effort really well obviously obviously still super strong and then everyone else is just so there were there were about so it's hard to say really still early. Though so <hes> <hes> yeah we'll see well talking of British riders and Shallan Sue soon soon soon <hes> well talking British riders and Shalom shoe soon. It's not too bad yeah walks with them. Thank you sixty years ago. Brian Robinson one in the Finnish town that we visited today he was writing for the Luxembourg mixed national team <hes> a British writer while there wasn't so many British riders doing the tool in those days Robinson of being the first British rider to win into a stage at previous year nineteen fifty-eight but in fifty nine he won with a solo break. It was a third from last stages. It came all the way from annecy as I headed up toward Paris at the end of the race and <hes> he won by around twenty minutes and you and you know what happened that day because of rain Robinson's victory and yet actually been reinstated reinstated in the race the day before after missing the time cut but that day Zhol beak to go one to nine hundred forty seven <hes> tour in shuttle Hobgoblins of the Britain Moore says he has no absolutely emits the time cut and he was kicked out of the race it was it's the tour wow going the benefit of the doubt one day be absolutely amazing well. They will get knowledge Francois Excellent excellent. Are we going to hear you're the exciting feature outside the team bus. Yes I headed to well. We'll find out outside the team bus we. He's Dylan Turns Byron Mehta Dylan. How did you sleep last night <hes> okay but <HES> I had to show off this night <hes> the the last couple of days? Why was that because the motions I think <hes> I couldn't sleep I couldn't I couldn't get into sleep like <hes>? Take me a while and <hes> yeah after ones. I was asleep at <hes> good night. Normally I can sleep with a long eight hours clearly away again is that because the tour is just so overwhelming. There's so much going on. This is a part of that <hes> I think it's more of the motions from the victory and still the other GonNa Lynn News going into the body. Are you aware that it was the first to the front stage win Fulbari Morita since I started at a sponsor I not before but afterwards walks <hes> that oldness so what was your reaction last night around the dinner table did you celebrate have a glass of champagne. Everybody came late in the hold. Also it was pretty busy evening. That's with set also because of the traffic to going down. <hes> mountain but overall we had <hes> a small celebration and for sure everybody was super happy. Did you ring friends family. Talk to them about the day. My family was here so there's <hes> uh I saw already hit a quick. <hes> I mean after the the statement and also have friends texted me and the call was <hes> busy you said in the press conference that what you learn something in the Welte last year when you lost to Michael Woods. What did you learn to dont overreacts like to stay calm? Actually so you waited for the perfect moment I a couple of times between between <hes> five on this done <hes> two fifty to go and then the one fifty I went for us. Did you know that she coney was going to get the Yellow Jersey. Did that make you think that maybe had a better chance for the stage I I I knew I was aware of this but <hes> in the end the one goal for the statement so <hes> almost didn't made it so <hes> only kept it by six seconds so <hes> if I was in my with fast up the hill so he was bitten more sure but basically the two of you side by side at one point where you confident <hes> I was confident about myself but I knew it was also sung guy to so beat so it was <hes> was not an easy they was pretty nervous and stressful and this lost moments and last couple of questions <hes> your third overall at the moment. This is all kind of being coming. You did very well in the dossier one stage and finished six but the two of the Franz he's new for you. So what are your ambitions now for the rest of the race. It's all new <hes> and I know I'm I'm good up there but but <hes> yeah it's not a goal to make <hes> <hes> top dungy see <hes>. I think <hes> maybe later I'll try this <hes> but not now a bit later in your career. Maybe I'm finally a grown deeper in Brussels with Eddy Merckx. I mean how special was that. First of all it is is all and <hes> this <hes> the puzzle was amazing also to start my first two and own count and the capital of the county was <hes> pretty amazing well. It was still interns a winner and so that's Pari Morita take off nine line as you work your way through the teams seven down bunk coin press that this is the same prices I was glad to see on twitter a couple of our listeners. You know that were not too shocked by my silly on Dylan tunes and who suggested Dylan Tunes to go with a tour. Were you know so well. That's Dylan coming and talking about Song I learned today about the re- while the family links between Jew Lucci Conan Madonna Donna there are non well actually Madonna's family came from a small village fifty case from the town where to CICCONI comes from so the might be distant rely relates if so but the broncos geological likes to hint that might be links but we don't know I mean he's too young for Madonna yet. Some some juicy transfer speculation gossip not that juicy berries about you know I I saw about a thought about it when I saw that was it to an a- Frederick together there's obviously lots going on at one ti- Gubbay because of Fred Windsurfer who writes for our once you go as is set to be going to Israel Academy so next season who knows I mean it. It looks pretty serious and would see and Guillaume motto. Is there the leader of their once you go beyond the tour would begin to coffee which Stiffen Rossetto team <hes>. It seems quite well well. I don't know about refresh official but Guillaume Mountains move look looks quite definite so obviously said reverser is working hard to have a strong team next season with the Elliott Vive vive yanni announce as a sprinter and Yomata G._C. leader. We'll see listen before we go tonight. We should mention our latest clements zero which was <hes> well. I part of a two part conversation with David Walsh this Sunday Times journalist who of course twenty years ago came to tour and was delegated his pursuit of Lance Armstrong and did more than any other journalists to expose Armstrong's doping suffice anything to park compensation part one came out today and yet dots on your on your regular feet thanks to Hans groer showers and taps for sponsoring comedy zero militia type for our show at Harrogate at the world championships on the Friday evening. Go to the second PODCAST DOT com click on live events on the side of the page into a click through to get your tickets for our event in harrogate well as we're in the Burgundy region Francois. I'm assuming snails will be on the menu for you. Well I've ever had looked at the menu so that might not be but we're in jewelry and G._e.. Is a very nice place for wine anyway so unutterable snares but what I'm sure of is that we are going to drink chivalry wine tonight. Before we go am Francois you met a couple of podcast listeners in this village. We were staying in a couple of well yesterday morning. Berg I'm they'd come there because they'd heard about it on the podcast which is nice and they came to to see and we met them by our by our car and you rashly promised he did. The listener did say that he was was poised to sign up a friend of the podcast you convince them to do so and but you did rashly promised him that if he did so we'd read his name on on the podcast now we've got a problem there because he tweeted to say that he has signed up from from his twitter. Handle wasn't clear what his name is so we're GonNa have to read all the recent sign ups as friends podcast and hope that we get him because a promise is a promise now anyway so thank you to Cornelia Bruckner Philip Grin half that might be him Paul Diet John Sculley Ian John Simpson a big thank you to James Phillips William Russell Matt Match Iak John Johnson.

Yellow Jersey Byron Mehta Dylan writer Julia Cheek Coney Francois Peleton David Ritchie Stevie France Dylan gruner Reagan James Phillips Brussels Wa twitter Betty Britain Belfour Ryan harrogate Dylan Tunes
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Hour 1: Football on a....Wednesday?

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And are you ready for wednesday afternoon. Footfall we'll get into added a second wednesday afternoon. Football is twenty twenty so anytime anything comes off the lips. it can't be to unexpected at this point. Thankfully twenty twenty coming to an end soon. I reading football all times wednesday afternoon. Yes we'll see. Who's there they had to see after toggle. Back between that and ellen right ready to go. Keyshawn jalen zubin presented by progressive insurance. We'll get into wednesday afternoon football in just a second. But i want to get into keys. Wednesday morning commute right now. It is thirty seven degrees outside in new york city where we are so what. You're about to hear key going to be a good teammate. And say if it was five degrees lower it would technically be freezing but it is. It is thirty seven degrees and tell them what to kelly. Kid did s mortar. Temperature has gone up since i walked into the studio about five about four forty walking in from where we park it in coming across the street. And as i'm walking that bridge seem like he got longer and longer and longer to get to the front door man. It was called as hell outside. I don't that's not for me. i get it. i'm here. i got accepted but it was. It was so cold man. I just was like i wouldn't wish it no one just for people at home. It's a mild winter this year. And you chronicle this little journey here right across. I'm just saying and born and raised in jersey. This smile to you. It hasn't even gotten started to get cold a day or two ago and you could give it a month before we you know so. You just wanted your journey. I wanted to document just in case. I did not show up always wonder where i was at and i was stuck against poll. Something trying to get warm see. I'm walking into work this morning. Y'all think this is a damn joke. Our studio is right off this water walking in this morning at four thirty eight. You know my dad's face go follow. I know i'm a california boy. I know y'all can say whatever you wanna say about me but this is cold. I'm telling you. I wish this whole nobody infra make it to the studio might see me on the show today. Otherwise y'all might have just made talk now. Oh man this. Is this thing this this. I wish nobody i swear in cold honestly for the kid bre good kellie kellie kellie. How need this assertion. It's cold levy. Said if i make a seven steps away from the studio this cold the win on top of come on man i was coming in. Now it comes. It comes off that water different. You're right about not used to it. Even though i played here. I've worked on the east coast for longtime he connecticut. I'm not used to just not for me. You want the good news and the bad news. I always like to have the bad news. I in in with the good. The bad news is winter. Starts december twenty first. So you think it's okay. Winter starts for the good news is jay said. It's been a mild winter. That's the best. I could come up with. That's all right. It's all good. I'm figured out you where you get cold. Because we'd be we'd be here in the studio and i'd be wearing jackets stanford wearing a shirt studio. I'm not doing a show outside though. This is not thirty six degrees in the studio. It's not thirty six hot cup of joe and walk with it. The whole the hands it keeps it keeps the rest of the body here my hands in there. But it's still cold face. Mecca moment when a channel. My inner al. Roker here until you. It's thirty seven degrees but with the wind chill. It feels like twenty there. You go so you could be a weather. I i could see you doing that. That's all that's all weather is stand there but i'm gonna be alright though i'm good i'm gonna be just was was just a little coal to me. Indeed with all due respect to the weatherman only job in the world where you can be percent right and they think you're the greatest thing of all time anybody else's sixty percent right in their job. They're getting fired from their jobs. There's about a one hundred percent chance we think we think that we're going to get the steelers and the ravens today. From thanksgiving to sunday maybe being played yesterday to being played today at three forty eastern. You can see the game on. Nbc guys the last time. We had a wednesday game in the nfl. You have to go all the way back all the way back to two thousand and twelve believe it or not believe it or not in two thousand twelve. Yes when they give you this scenario before we get into ide things. This is another bad spot for pittsburgh through none of their own doing but they're just once again the victim of circumstance. But let me take you back to two thousand twelve and twenty twelve twenty eleven after the regular season giants won the super bowl jays giants when the super bowl. So as you know when you win the super bowl you traditionally get that thursday night opener at home for the most part you get to host it. Well that ear. The nfl said let's maximize the giants jays. Giants have won the super bowl. We're going to open the season thursday night. The giants are going to host the cowboys. A miracle be watching. Tony romo was dallas quarterback and then the nfl said. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. There's something else happening on that thursday. We want to play the game in two thousand twelve. Barack obama give a huge speech at the democratic national convention as he was running for president one more time the election and then the nfl said yeah. You know what we don't exactly want to do it on that particular date so they said we're going to move the game back to wednesday if you're wondering the last game before two twelve the wednesday now you have to go back into the way back machine. Nineteen forty eight. I'm sure we all remember that. Nineteen forty eight o'clock got a great day plan today. Got the eggnog ready. The spice eggnog. United with eggnog. I'll have some. Yeah because we have the game at three four five and the christmas tree lighting. After that. i mean it's set setup for good day just trying to figure out you know three thirty kickoff. What do i do 'cause. I'm stuck in between lunch and dinner. Like what do i did. Snack snacks turn into mess. Up your dinner snacking because at a mess dinner. You know what i'm saying. Yeah so. I got to kind of figure out what i'm gonna do. We'll find speaking messed up. Jays essentially said. Look everybody's talking about baltimore everybody's talking about all the tests again. They traveled to pittsburgh to more positive tests. The ravens are obviously going to be tested before jays game. Pretty obvious it. Can you just say that again to more positive. Tests found out yesterday on the road to pittsburgh in the tested again. Okay before kickoff. today. I don't say that lightly but i mean i know their checks. It's they wire. Why are we trying to force his game one. Why do you think about well. I don't think we need to force game if they're still an outbreak that's not contained. Just sort of sick of seeing a team get demolished and my thing is i just hate that. This is the position that the steelers running again again. Position with titans Then this game has been pushed back One day been pushed back another day. Push back another day. It just seems like we're really trying to squeeze in a square into a circle or it doesn't work why we're trying to force it especially it seems like it's a setup where two steelers right. I'm just playing devil's advocate here. So you do say you do play the game today and then you turn around and you have to play the redskins on sunday. I know this is typical monday monday. Okay typical thursday. Sunday kind of turnaround. I just. I don't know why we're going to this length to play the game winner two more tests. That just came up. Yesterday are positive for a team that we were just talking about. hey how we contain. This is important. I think that the one league everybody keeps talking about money. They get the money regardless. They're going to get the money because they're gonna find a way to play the game whether the game is played today or whether it's not they're going to figure out so the money aside right it's that they're not going to four fit to cash flow. They wanna play the game so they don't have to have a week eighteen. They don't wanna have to get into the week eighteen situation. That's why they're trying to play the game now. I believe it to you is are calling you to covert expert win two more players test positive in now you are on the road you land they test before the game again today. Is there a still in a period of time that it could be dormant with the rest of the team even know they've already even though they've tested him severely over the last several days. Jay i mean that's what i mean. I don't know where they on the plane and then they found out that they were tested for positive. Zubin i don't know the exact detail they are so evan told me my here. They found out on the plane. They tested positive. So let's assume people were travelling. You are traveling here. We're with our whole team. You and i found out on the plane while we're on the plane with their team. Mate were positive. How do you. How do you quarantine somebody when you're on the plane so you do that. The view of the fact that this to people that are on the plane and test positive. I'm assuming us kind of how they found out that i would say that is highly likely. There's going to be more bodies that test positive. That's on that plane in a small confined space on our plus travel. Indeed so what they're gonna do essentially no matter. What is they're going to test before the game they'll be point of care. Tests will wait to see what the results are. But as for the moment the game is scheduled to be played today at three forty eastern remember. This is essentially from thursday to sunday to tuesday today. So we'll see what they played a game. They play the game and then the test all of a sudden. Would we keep thinking sunday wednesday then on friday. They find out that some more bought were raven. Players have tested positive actually played in the game. Then that's gonna affect the pittsburgh steelers xactly contact tracing scenario. This is certainly not like the world series where justin turner found out during the middle of the game and then they had to have a complete backups. Nigger out what happened. it's a completely different scenario. We won't we'll see what happens but you can get ancient history bad news at any time. We should also mention the to positive tests were deemed no risk to others. Because according to our dan graziano the ravens quote operated the last few days acting as though everyone is positive so that's the way they essentially took it essentially say worst case scenario. Let's just assume we're all positive and let's just have that mindset. How does i don't understand how that mitigates the risk on the planet but it makes everybody be more careful than they normally would have been right. I think there's an aspect of that. I mean i don't i don't understand it. I don't get it but let's just be honest. Come hell or high water. The league is playing this game. That's the bottom line like today. We have day than the league. Okay playing this game today or another day to complete it. No doubt there's no doubt that's why they haven't said a standard because they're afraid one might have to meet it problem got. The steelers are asked for their money. Back from the ravens. Good anyway jay. Go all right. We'll see on the way the college football playoff rankings out from last night absolutely no change in the top seven but chaos is just around the corner. Even though fans can attend this year's masters the tournament is using the flexibility of the hybrid cloud to scale their capabilities now. Everyone can be a patron learn more at ibm dot com slash masters. The college football season is rolling along. And so is the latest season of your favorite. Dr pepper obsessed college football town. That's right we're talking about fans ville so brace yourself for all the on the field football drama and off the field dr pepper flavor. Your eyes and taste buds can handle. Because even though you can't be at the stadium you can still dress. Cheer and drink dr pepper like a true fan head to a store near you to treat your inner college football fan to an ice cold. Twenty ounce dr pepper today hall of famer. The great ed reed is joining us. Incidence data from duke right. Yeah i commend you. Big time on the word encouragement bar. A lot of people wanted to continue on with been dormant. That is great ed. Of course he played at miami and they actually do figure into what's going on with the title game picture. Half of the reservation has been made for charlotte. That's notre dame welcome back inside keyshawn jalen zuber presented by progressive insurance. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless let me run straight through the acc scenario and then we'll get to the more juicy scenario with jay and the ohio state university. So let's run through. What's going on here. Notre dame is clinton spot in the acc championship game. If you're unaware this year if you're just kind of a casual fan just sorta like wait. A minute notre dame this year because of the pandemic. They were invited to essentially say you can participate in the acc championship game. Normally they play five or six games a year but they're not eligible for the conference championship game. This year they are. They have two games left on their schedule. Or they did they had syracuse and wake forest in order to wake forest game. Essentially has been taken off the schedule. It's been canceled. They have syracuse left this weekend but it doesn't really matter because they've got the goose egg they're perfect. They can afford a loss there already. Not that they're gonna lose too dino bieber's and the orange so that's the deal they are in clemson is gonna get in if all they have to do is knock off their one remaining opponent on saturday. Virginia tech their game against florida state. You might remember that tag between mike norville and davos sweeney. You're scared. It's an excuse of corona virus. The league essentially said fellas cut the chat. We're not playing the game. So clemson is one game. Left against virginia tech. They win that game. And then it's going to be clemson and notre dame on december nineteenth in charlotte a rematch of the instant classic earlier. This season i bring up our boy. Ed reed some love for j. If it's impossible. I think but if clemson were to lose miami could actually still sneak into the acc title game so it's not just sealed yet for the tigers but it probably will be by the end of saturday where it gets really interesting of course is ohio state. We've been talking about it. You know about it the six games. Can they get their. What's going to happen if they don't get there. It was address last night on the college. Football playoff rankings. Show second edition. Gary barreda is the selection committee chairman. He's also the athletic director at iowa. Wanted to point that out since we're talking about a fellow big ten school and he discussed how difficult it is to really size up. Ohio state if the games just aren't there well as everybody knows. We did not have an additional game to evaluate this week. So the last game we watched was a good win over. Indiana a lot of discussion about the number of games that a team plays. And it's not anybody's fault but trying to evaluate a team that has four games in versus team. That has seventy eight or nine games in is is definitely a problem and jj salute guys. This is the problem. They're going to have to address figure out. Well i said this at the beginning of this whole conversation j. When at the beginning of the season how can you possibly put a team in with less. Wins than a team you know. Let's games play than somebody else. If i play nine games and you play four or five or even six. I still kind of have a bit of an issue with that. Because i'm only seeing a certain sample size at four. And oh you get five zero. And then all of a sudden alabama notre dame both the plan eight nine games. Clemson's planning eight nine and florida's and am's are playing eight nine games and you're only playing five and i'm supposed to just let you in. Well here's what i get really concerned for buckeye fans because i am a buckeye fan. Is that so. The game vs illinois was canceled ryan. Day has covet. They're working through that. The head coach for the ohio state. You play michigan state. Next michigan is going through. They shut down their facilities. That's your next game. That's two weeks from now but who knows if that can escalate where that will be if that game gets cancelled. You're looking at a house. Stayed at five games. Five and zero david to get their. Here's where it's concerning. Is that the committee. In the first week that they came out the rankings zubin had how stay behind clemson at one loss. So there's already a precedent set like all right. You know one loss team even know. Dj you threw for three hundred. Fifty plus yards in game came down to the wire. You know they lost an nuredaim comes ahead of house state so then you look at scenario. What happens if florida. Who still has their own destiny in their own hands by the way if they knock off alabama an sec championship game. The year looking at scenario where or how state could be on the outside looking in. Because you have notre dame clemson bama m florida in the college football playoffs the ohio state ranking when they first came out. I'm sure that the committee look at where they would end up. Not where they would be right today because they didn't anticipate that there would be gained being canceled or postponed. They didn't think about three or four weeks later. What would happen if michigan happens michigan. I'm sure they didn't look at that. And say okay. They're not going to get to the six game. They can just gotta have four or five games. So i'm not really. That is headed of them with one. Loss cooks is probably a better football team. Ohio state with trevor lawrence a quarterback. But that is still subjective. That's your opinion right. I mean that's what they're going. I know exactly my point though. Everybody on their opinions and being subjective at what they're looking at so then you're looking at games like okay. They beat pittsburgh by penn state by thirteen. They i you. They were dominated game. I came back even pinnock now is out which states a bad football team this year. I understood they look at it. Yes i'm just saying house take upon themselves an outside looking in even though they would be undefeated for the really undefeated though. Jd only play five four or five games against give me the schedule again and they beat nebraska penn state beat rutgers. Game against maryland was canceled. They beat a top ten team. Gaming illinois was canceled michigan state. They play next in michigan. But so you're gonna fault them for you. Always only two teams are punishable. But i'm not. I'm not the committee in the committee is looking at strength opponents. Although sorties you look at nebraska your your opponents are only in your conference so it's not there's not a conference game so to what extent that you have this kind of say all right into your opponents can't really value that the same because if you're can't do that the same right i mean i guess you can though because if you looking at they struggled they struggled initially against nebraska then. They blew him away. Then you look at indiana which is having a cinderella type season. They're playing great. They let them come back into the game. Penn state's a bit of a dog right now so everybody signed enough. Pm state to take laps around him. And then who else did you say. That was there that they play. They play michigan state in michigan state. I mean i don't know that they're strong. I know that they they beat michigan or whatever and they had a miracle victory and people were like. Yeah but then that was it. We'll get into that a lot more later this morning on the way. What do you think the front office is are thinking right now between baltimore and pittsburgh. They've had a lot to manage a guy that's been there for sure takes us inside what's going on. At the top of both organizations everyone like shopping online but searching for coupon codes is kind of a bummer. 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The xc ninety for everyone's safety visit volvo cars dot com slash. Us to learn more. That of course is ben roethlisberger. Who said as its year. Seventeen coming off a rough one clearly cathartic off season that i'm here to win multiple lombardi's he of course already has multiple lombardi's will get to the front office insider. Mike tannenbaum here in just a second. Because if you're eric decosta and running the ravens right now. As i wonder what you're thinking if you're kevin colbert and you're welcoming the ravens into your stadium. The general manager of the pittsburgh steelers with all their positive tests. It's going to be really interesting to see what happens. So it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Let's go straight to the shell pennzoil performance line and welcome in by tanenbaum the former front office. Gm mike. I was just saying if you're eric. Decosta the ravens. Gm you've been dealing with this stress for the better part of a week. If you're kevin colbert with the steelers and you're welcoming team with an outbreak into your city into your stadium you've been there done that at the highest levels of an organization just take me inside the mindset of these two men this morning as we set for kickoff this afternoon. The emotions are relief and excitement. Let's go play the game. This is a massively important game for both teams guys. If you're pittsburgh look you want that once. We got to remember that. Only one team gets a bye and they're suing their neck and neck with kansas city. As even though they're undefeated they know they have no margin. So this a really important game and from a competitor's standpoint you know that you've been seeing around seeing around so if you're the gm you're worried that they could get it up in terms of gain day being ready to go and if you're baltimore there's one player in particular i think there's a compelling storyline and that's rg three national game undefeated team against pittsburgh you're short handed. If he plays well he can make millions and millions of dollars in change really the trajectory of his career by saying hey i could be a starter again. So there's great storylines. And if i'm eric decosta. I wanna see what i have in. rg three. This is a great opportunity for him. Mike should the league move follow with this game knowing that those two individuals tested positive out of the ravens organization. Should they postpone this to another time. You know i would really defer to the scientists and the experts like. We have to give the nfl some credit here. We're two thirds of the way through the season we've had a great product determines of games on the field and look there have been some bumps in the road and there'll be some more. We're seeing right now mirror society. Their tests are positive across the board. So if it's safe if the scientists are saying that within reason it's okay play then we should keep playing and again. Dr sills the expert for the nfl still has data. That says that you can't transmit the virus on the field of play. Which i think is important so maybe we go into the bubble as we get closer but right now we should look back and say hey given the circumstances this has been a really good. Nfl season hasn't been a former general manager. Mike you certainly have faced some decisions that you've had make whether it's trading players moving on from players. The eagles are facing some similar with carson. Wentz versus jalen hurts. The noise is getting louder as the season is going on. Have they handled this situation right. You know it's getting close to saying no because at the end of the as you know p- the best player should play and been in a situation where one year we traded for rick mirer parcells bench him and play rail lucas and undrafted free out of rutgers. He gives us a better chance to win. And when you're the head coach the standard is the best players play that goes to the left tackle l. schools for the quarterback right now is clear carson. Wentz lacks confidence. He cannot pull the trigger consistently jalen hurts. We don't know the only great we could give. Jalen hurts is a great incomplete. But we know that he's young. He's athletic. he's competitive. So i think that window is closed. And if i'm doug peterson i got a look at this objectively and say who gives us the best chance to win mike. The best chance to win is the line. I think that is gentleman hurts. The one thing that key keeps pushing down on me is you have to follow the money. You have to follow the money and if you were to do that the money would deem that jalen hurts. Probably never sees the field. Because you're gonna stick you're going to stick it through with carson wentz. Yeah j. well at some point you have to move on and say the best players play and you'll look. I made a fair share. Might mistakes by career and out the money in the offseason. And what's hot about Carson wentz is. He's played well in the nfl and oftentimes. When you see a player that just workout a top five pick. They lack confidence. They haven't had success. He's had success. So it's really howie roseman. The gm the eagles. This is a tough one. Because you've seen him play well but again one thing that people don't understand as general manager as a head coach. Your audience is your locker room and they hold you accountable f. They know that there's a better player at practice not playing. That's just going to cause a lot of frustration and tension and that's why eventually put the contracts aside and say. Hey what gives us the best chance to win the nfc east philadelphia is still alive. No they they are still alive. Keyshawn jay zuber's presented by progressive insurance. Mike tannenbaum on the shell pennzoil performance. Line is joining us. Let me ask you again about carson wentz carson joerg golf could you see either or both at some point throughout the see the rest of the season having to take a seat. Absolutely sean mcvay. You know he's a half step behind. Doug peterson because they were swept again by san francisco. Which is if. I'm sean mcveigh. Do i have to ask myself the question. Do i have the quarterback that could get us to where we wanna go consistently and beat san francisco and right now the question. The answer is maybe not. And even though you pay jared goff he may not be your long term answer. And i watched jared goff when the pocket is clinging. He has a leap accuracy. Touch on the ball arm strength you could drive the ball when he gets messy in the pocket. People are this feat. I think he makes poor decisions. We saw against miami. We start this week against san francisco. And i would have real concerns because a lot of times. Nfl you have to make throws that are off platform or again when the pocket isn't clean and that's something that he has not gotten better at mike. Let's go from one quarterback in nfc west to another in the western arizona. Cardinals calamari have teams cracked. The code on him have have they figured out cliff kingsbury in the wake. How murray are going to do this. J will i have three concerns when you break down lowry first of all. He has eleven battle pass he short. There's nothing they can do about that. Except they keep the pocket firm to give them the best chance of the ball out. Secondly he's only twenty in the league in yards per pass attempt which is a key indicator that he's not getting the ball down the field and giving the weapons they have. That's something that him and cliff. Kingsbury ken correct and then third down. They have really struggled on on third down right now. Kyle murray's only complete fifty seven percent of his passes on third down so those are three areas that he needs to get better. He has all the ability in the world. I was wrong on him. I thought he was going to be too small. He's really dynamic. And if you go back to the game last week he didn't play great against them but if they hit the forty six yard field goal. That came at a minimum is in overtime. Likely they'd beat new england. My what's the best current job opening in the nfl. Lions of falcons or to text. And so you got three openings as sit there. What's the best one for one of these candidates out there. Yeah we saw the quarterback and you look at houston. And i think the shawn watson right now if you just look at how they're playing right now key to me. He's top five. Maybe top three in the league. So you have a young quarterback. He's under contract. It all goes from there. You have a young owner that inherited the team. He's someone that. Hopefully you can work with. And bill with slow because of the shawn watson i would start with the houston texans so that seems to be the reasonable choice in by the way i just wanted to mention on the tyler. Murray point The teams are blitzing him a lot more now a lot more. There's a great piece on. Espn plus this morning. Talking about if indeed. The code has been cracked as j has said mike. Thank you so much for joining us. This morning. mike great to be with. You made a mistake right or sitting in his chair. But we won't mention that what are you talking. 'cause my share gotcha involving yourself for all right. Thank you mike. Straight talk wireless no contracts. No you. I saw your face. Zubin was paying attention to something else that might say. I made my fair share of mistakes raises hands right here. So we're asking you this morning on the dr pepper twitter feed you heard. Mike's answer clearly. Seems to be the houston texans and i would tend to agree considering. They have the best situation at the most important position on the field. But simply asking you this morning. What's the best potential head coach opening in the league right. Now be part of the keyshawn. Jay williams zubin nation on the dr pepper twitter feed espn nation presented by dr pepper. It's official college. Football's back so your favor. Dr pepper loving college football town fans ville had to a store near you to treat your enter college football fan to an ice cold. Twenty ounce dr pepper. Today's hit us up. Eighty eight say. Espn or key ay z. Best potential opening right now. I think it's very fair to say. If you look at the standings at least a couple of more are on the way sooner rather than later let's go from a to z and z. Is to you by red box. Red boxes new movies at the box and streaming on demand. Don't miss unhinged starring russell crowe visit red box dot com for all the ways to watch. We've mentioned all of those teams that need a head coach. One of them at this point is the lions from the full time capacity. Daryl devil is now the interim coach of detroit after matt. Patricia was dismissed. He met with the media on tuesday to talk about the promotion and then instead of talking about his personal excuse me instead of talking about his professional life you talked about his personal life and he let the cat out of the bag. Listen to this on saturday family. Oh my wife three dollars and then my way to against future son-in-law's now both while talking to this past weekend but we are at the henry ford museum and rounding the time there and then your text in up call and talk and rod and she loved. This happens on the same weekend that two men asked you for your daughter sand marriages at our understanding correctly. The same thing though so the two. The two guys asked me for my permission to have an officially. Ask them yet. So that's that's that was insist. Permission muslim woman has coming but just to be clear. Imagine his daughter. wait wait what what. Why are you saying that well. Hopefully except when the time comes in league. That's all i can say. Hopefully they accept. I need him to be this this head coach all the time. Tell us everything that's going on. No more coaches talk key. June would help. Do you know what this reminds me of real quick. I assure you guys remember this. So we'll boise. State had a couple of unbelievable wins in college football over the years and after they had one of the most dramatic bowl wins of all and they beat oklahoma statue of liberty. And all that crazy stuff so after the game. They're running back. He was a stud at the time. His name was ian john so the game is on fox and our old colleague. Here the spn and chris myers he let the cat out of the bag. So apparently johnson had told myers. Look we win this game. And i ball out. I'm gonna ask my girlfriend. Who's a cheerleader on the team. I'm going to ask her to marry me right on the field. So what does the myers do all right. They've done it. Ian johnson and unbelievable game. He's ready for the proposal. And meyers goes i mean. Are you going to ask her here. What are we gotta go. Ask her here. What oh oh oh yeah right right and then it gets down on one knee. She said yes. But that's the first thing i thought. Of course of the game. He probably was thinking niangadou. Man we pause option obsolete. Down the pause button here. The chris myers three on the gong to delete what you may do. What we talking about talking about chris. Don't you remember before the game. You said you were gonna marry okay. That's a great moment for ian johnson. They won the game. She said yes. I'll good stuff okay. Not great stuff here for jay. But jay z realist here. Michigan state overdue duke. An empty cameron indoor last night is getting first regular season win against coach k. He's got three wins in his career against mike. The previous two came in the tournament so when it matters the most is those been good against coach k. Not an easy thing to do but he got one over on him last night. In durham in the other game. Kansas over kentucky tommaso saying i don't care if this is regular season postseason packed to the gills. This is a win and this is legit once the game starts get caught up in the game. And you kinda don't realize the crowd now at the end when they were coming bad banking in threes and stuff. I'm sure the crazies committed even crazier. But i think the is on can make a crazy at our place to so or losing out. Some you know I know one thing. I'm not going to put this as an actress. No fans are not fans you know. It was a good win for us against the good team. Great program in a very very well coached. I've watched duke lose before though jay at home fan. So why is it like question because michigan state beat duke at home. No i think it's easy to go to a place where well there. There are. No fans and duke has a major advantage when they play with the cameron crazies. But you can say the same about the breslin center. I i agree with tom. Izzo look they have a better team. They have a team with more experience. Rocky watts at twenty points. Aaron emory play. Well joshua lankford is one of the best stories in college basketball and duke right now. They've a team full of role players. they're veterans or role players. Their best players are freshman in jalen. Johnson is one of their best players and they played young last night. Michigan state kudos to them. In a way they won broke my heart though watching my team lose l. Totally understand last couple things on college basketball before we go back to the nfl. And some very eyebrow raising comments from greg mcelroy. couple things. How rare is it for duke to lose to a non conference appointed at home. That's what happened last night. A big ten team. Caitlyn cameron door. Jason rarely habits in the last twenty years key. I mean gino's in the last twenty years i'm not doubting members messy which you know be twenty. How many non conference teams. Outside of the acc have come into cameron indoor and won a game in the last twenty years three. Yes yeah that is correct. Kansas now kansas. Kansas can't saint. Johns saint. John's two thousand house twenty years ago to saint john's e. Last second shot stephen f. austin yes yeah at the buzzer and one of the greatest who was last i chose i figured it was last year. Yes i've watched. Because caches cassius family. I watched game winning the crazy thing about it through only three young. Johnny i talk. I can't camden crazies. The boozer crazy. Praise three yards cam. Whatever and the last thing. I would say it. I know gino's is two huge huge college basketball slate tonight on. Espn we've got illinois and baylor to final four dreaming teams and then gonzaga. Who's just look off the hook this year. They'll take on west virginia every year gonzaga always every season j. You cover college basketball. It's like their ball in their twenty. Something one getting ready to do with the tournament. Then they go home. I mean they say about villanova until villanova one. So but we've been saying this for ever about gonzaga villanova one. Yeah but villanova's also one in the past villanova's been on the scene since we were born. Yeah mean they're they're not a mid major. I mean they play the power five. I mean it feels like they belong there. I do think it's a matter of time. Before mark vaughn company get a championship also texas north carolina. Play very big maui. Which is being played in north carolina. How about that. The maui and more with hair. Either i saw you gotta sure to me break. Yeah he's got a little hair now. That game by the way. Is the maui invitational in asheville north carolina. Welcome to twenty twenty and we'll say gonzaga point twenty seven national championship. They played north carolina seconds to go a buck. Forty one hundred seconds to go. The game was tied. that's how close to the national. They need to get over there and small schools like that have done it before. Just being out on the west coast. If being a part of that it's just like every year 'cause arguing because then no gonzaga. It's just wondering they are small school but they are powerhouse in basketball. All the fan support. Everything keyshawn jay even brought to you by merrill when questions find you merrill edge self directed investing as personalized tools and insights to help you find answers get started at merrill edge dot com slash within reach merrill lynch pierce fenner and smith incorporated a registered broker dealer member. Sipc fellas. I want you to hear this from greg mcelroy. Espn football analysts. Essentially saying if you're going to keep trying to play these games when guys are dropping like flies in ending up on the covid nineteen reserve list. It doesn't do much. For the vaunted shield of the nfl if the ravens are gonna be at less than full capacity to the point in which they can't execute we are doing damage to the shield right like us as players and us that are associated with the nfl. We're proud of the shield. We're proud of that moniker. You gotta protect the shield. You're told that in every single. Nfl a meeting and what we saw from denver their inability to put together any semblance of offensive football literally impacts the integrity of the brand that affects us as viewers because you are damaging literally damaging the quality of the broadcast. I just a little bit key. Let it out no. I just don't wanna hear damaging of the shield. In three months ago. It was okay to play college football. Because of and don't worry i it you go. It's like stay on one lane man. Stop the wind from going back and forward. Either we go play in. We get it done and we go into season. Oh we not gonna play in. Let's just forget it. Look to two thousand twenty one. I'm tired of hearing all these different people. Change their mind about where we should be in terms of plant. That wasn't the case before. Thanks for listening to keyshawn. J. zubin make sure to subscribe rate and review. You can hear the show live weekdays at six eastern on. Espn radio espn news. Or wherever you stream your audio.

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20190731 Nicole Sandler Show - Debate 2, Night 1 Postscript

The Nicole Sandler Show

1:06:19 hr | 1 year ago

20190731 Nicole Sandler Show - Debate 2, Night 1 Postscript

"The following program contains graphic material including offensive language viewer discretion is advised without bringing the breast democratic government could exist. We switched to knowledge in London Sunday on looking out over London. Good night and good luck good evening from our C._B._S.. Newsroom in New York N._B._C. E._Z.. Presents Chet Huntley and David Brinkley from A._B._C.. This is world news tonight. Peter Jennings in London Robinson in Chicago and I'm from our desk in Washington right rebel this historic legislation to telecommunications law create jobs when the press is free. The people of country are free. When the press is free people of country you are in danger of slavery ep New in four we information you and the views of people making the news it's Nicole Sandler then lose y'all on the goals handler dot com and the progressive voices network? It is the morning after debate to to debate to night one right. That's how it works. Welcome to the show. I'm Nicole Sandler. The Nicole Sandler show as <hes> makes sense. I suppose I watched the debate last night so you didn't have to now. I'm hoping you did because I want this to be a sort of an interactive program. I think we're having youtube. Troubles Youtube is being funky today hopefully youtube. You're seeing us. It looks like we're streaming anyway <hes> <hes> so so last night night one it was the the touted Bernie Sanders Anders Elizabeth Warren face off or not. You know I started. I never brought into that narrative that was going to be Bernie. Sanders offers versus Elizabeth Warren. What happened was kind of what I expected because the two of them are on stage with a bunch of what what I like to call conservative names again I I had a correct gotta laugh yesterday? When she kept calling the moderates that's the the chosen descript her for for the corporate mainstream media moderates someone who's not a liberal who's not a progressive? Although did you notice pretty much everybody every reese single. One of those candidates called themselves progressives so no they're not now I we went through. I watched the whole thing I took diligent notes right here in my notebook pages and pages and pages breath of notes seriously and I pulled what I thought were the really good exchanges so we we can relive them a few observations off the top. I thought I thought the N._B._C. Debate. <laughter> last month was bad. Oh my God I gotTa Tell You C._N._N.. We assault coming. What was it last week or the week before when they did the big televised draft? Oh I'm sorry picking names from the boxes for which which candidates were going to be on which night talk about a master Batori exercise that was widely mocked right and ridiculed as it should have been but last night my God obviously they learn nothing because the thing began shoot. Tell me it into bring over this I gotta I share this with you. So the the the the thing began with oh no that's opening statement montage. Where is the okay? Here's the intro so now I use a little bit of this in today's what's news which we may here we may not I don't know but I just have to to play this but I'm not gonNA play the whole thing because it runs two minutes and forty six seconds but at eight o'clock sharp eastern C._N._N.. Through it to Detroit where the prerecorded introduction to the big debate began the Democratic presidential candidate and this audience is injured appear four okay now the announcement comes a road to the White House drives through Detroit. The Democrats are in Michigan for a Premier Two night event that will determine who gets left behind and who takes on President trump chance there is no no middle ground anybody tell you that freedom is a conservative value is an American value tonight a fight for the Senator Senator Bernie Sanders determined to cease his second chance at the nomination question fucking kidding our priorities right going in head to head with Senator Elizabeth Warren Timeframe this scene Komo's sorry the same you get the idea. That's nauseating. Yes it does sound like a w._w._f.. Thing and but if that wasn't bad enough so I'm watching them go through this long torture thing that was never ending ending and so that took three minutes right then even though they had a little segment there as you heard from each of the candidates I think each of the candidates then they introduced them one at a time. Please welcome to the stage each Montana Governor Steve and then he walks out to tepid applause and then please welcome to the stage h Washington outsider and that's what they called her Marianne Williamson and ten people they had to bring onto a plus so they wasted another five minutes and tweeted at that time this is interminable or something to that effect. I'm paraphrasing. I'm not reading my tweet from last night but but then I made a prediction I said at this rate the first question isn't even going to be asked until eight fifteen. 'cause you know they were going to go to a commercial break. I was kind of being facetious breath but after they introduced began wants commercials and when they came back they came back from commercials and then they gave each of the candidates a minute for an introductory statement the first stop was you know the bottom of the Totem Pole there Dr Steve Bullock of Watcher McCall it of Wyoming Sorry Wyoming is not really top top of mind these days wherever and sure enough he started talking about what what his gave his opening statement at eight fifteen. I was going to say the good news that they went longer but I'm not so sure. That was a good thing. Oh my God I guess I should I should start with what's news and give you what I what I have today. There are few things I don't even know if I should I let me let me finish my little <hes> my my my observations on it before we hit what's news and then I'll open up the phone lines the I thought God and made no secret of the fact that N._B._C. Most specifically M._S._N._B._C. has been in the tank for derailing Bernie Sanders. They sabotage him whenever possible they ignore him the New York Times they all ignore him when they can and when they can't ignore him they just smear him. There were at least well C._N._N.. Did a thing where they'd put up the question on the Chiron so you could see if the candidate was actually answering the question that was asked and on at least two occasions the questions were meant to smear Bernie Sanders and I look I know I'm sensitive to this but really okay. Listen to this. This is Jake Tapper asking a question to John. Franken looper Hickenlooper sorry and the question tion reads is sanders too extreme to be donald trump now. This is a question for another candidate and basically Jake Tapper said here's your chance to smear Bernie Sanders and say why he's unelectable seriously in poll after poll Democratic voters say they want a candidate who can beat president trump more than they want a candidate who agrees with them on major issues governor Hickenlooper Kluber. You ran a facebook ad that warned quote socialism is not the answer the ad also said quote. Don't let extremes give trump four more years josh. Are you saying that Senator Sanders is too extreme to be president trump. WHO's writing the policies of this notion that you're going to take private insurance way from one hundred and eighty l. shut up Hickenlooper had nothing constructive to say so? You know what that's okay the next few questions later this time it was down a bash not Dana Bash Danna Bash with a question to Tim Ryan. How concerned are you about about Bernie Sanders plan to end gasoline powered cars really because you really you need to take this time to just smear Bernie Sanders go for it Congressman Ryan we are here in Michigan where there are about one hundred eighty thousand workers in auto manufacturing? Your state of Ohio has around ninety six thousand workers in that Industry Senator Sanders is co sponsoring a bill that would eliminate new gas powered car sales by Bernie Sanders again the number of auto workers in your state. How concerned are you about Senator Sanders Plan? How could that's the the question for presidential candidate Tim Ryan? How concerned are you about? Bernie Sanders plan seriously. That's that's the question they did this throughout the evening. It would have been funny if it wasn't so fucked up all right. I want to know what you think. As I just wrote on twitter. I actually made a I don't have a lot of money and you know that that John we're. We're in financial straits over here but after last night's debate I gotTa admit it I was I was I was tempted did by Bernie Sanders people who were so on it that <hes> after let's say if I after this I'm GonNa play for you. Another segment. They immediately came out with the bumper sticker. So after this I donate a ten bucks to Bernie Sanders one because I thought he deserved it in two because I wanted wanted the bumper sticker if medicare for all his enacted there are more than six hundred thousand union members here in Michigan who would be forced to give up their private healthcare plans. Now I understand stand that it would provide universal coverage but can you guarantee those union members that the benefits under Medicare for all will be as good as the benefits that their representatives their union union reps fought hard to negotiate to Clinton's they will be better because Medicare for all is comprehensive covers. All healthcare needs for senior citizens. Oh we'll finally include include dental care hearing aids and eyeglasses second of all you don't know second of all when I wrote the bill and I wrote the Damn Bill Okay so that was Tim Ryan of Ohio who jumped in to say you don't know that Bernie's response I do know I wrote the damn bill his people. This is how on top of it they are. They immediately put out a tweet in a an email and said and came up with a mockup of a bumper sticker picture Bernie Sanders and he says I says I wrote the Damn Bill Awesome some yeah and what it Tim Ryan do today. Well Tim Ryan hold on. I got it. Let me see if I can pull this up and show it to you. It is <hes> hold on. I gotta find it because it's really good a really bad but good <hes> if I can find it if I can find it damn it so tim oh here it is Tim Ryan tweets out if we truly care about lifting up every voice and fighting riding on behalf of the issues that keep Americans up at night let's start by making our conversations civil and productive and he put up a graphic that in all caps in writing all caps as akin to yelling just saying in all caps. It says you don't have to yell and underneath it says Tim Ryan Twenty Twenty so of course I had to re tweet it and I wrote Oh my God. What an idiot there are some things in life worth yelling about you? Just don't get it go home home so anyway but but Bernie's not the only one that I donate it to after last night's debate because Oh my God Elizabeth Breath Warren was on fire and yes I don't think they planned it but they agree on virtually everything and so obviously right out of the gate the first topic that came up for discussion it was a question too Bernie Sanders who was the highest polling contestant contestant on the stage after all. It's a game show. That's how they're printing trading it. That's how we'll discuss it. It was about Medicare for all and they do jake tapper tried to <hes> for for whatever reason they asked John Delaney. I'm drawing a blank. I can't remember where John Delaney's from but it doesn't really matter frankly because John Delaney needs skull him too but so they tried to fos the every question was asked with with the intention of fostering conflict between two of the candidates they just wanted to start fights so here's the opening exchange on medicare for all it started with Bernie Sanders and John Delaney and then Elizabeth Warren of course got into the Action Congressman Crispin Delaney just referred to it as bad policy and previously he has called the idea political suicide that will just get president trump reelected. What do you say to Congressman Delaney wrong absolutely right now we have a dysfunctional functional healthcare system eighty seven million uninsured or underinsured yet five hundred thousand dollars five hundred thousand Americans every going bankrupt because of medical bills thirty thousand people dying while the healthcare industry makes tens of billions of dollars in profit five five minutes away from John is country it called Canada they guarantee healthcare every man woman and child as a human right they spend half of what we spent and yet by the way when you end up in a hospital in Canada you come out with no bill at all is a human right not a privilege leave I will for that? Thank you Senator Sanders Congressman Delaney. I'm right about this. Oh yeah can create universal Their health insurance is illegal. My Dad Union electrician loved the healthcare he got from the I._B.. W he would never want someone to take that away half of Medicare here beneficiaries now have Medicare advantage which is private insurance or supplemental plans. It's also bad policy. It'll underfund the industry many congressman thank you congressman minutes mentioned. We're GONNA come to you in one second but let me go to Senator Sanders right now Sanders Bernie the fact of the matter is tens of millions of people lose their health insurance every single year yes. They changed jobs. Yes employer changes that insurance yet if you want stability stability in the healthcare system if you want a system which gives you freedom of choice with regard to doctor or hospital which is a system which will not bankrupt brought you the answer is to get rid of the profiteering of the companies and the insurance companies to Medicare okay so then finally Elizabeth Warren gets in on it so look. Let's be clear about this. We are the Democrats. We are not about trying to take away healthcare from anyone. That's what the Republicans Republicans are trying. That's what the kids do. The problem is talking points in order to talk with each other about how the best provide yeah absolutely and that's what they were getting from John Delaney from Tim Ryan from <hes> Bullock Steve Bullock. I'm trying to look at the other you know I was not very good at pulling clips from a lot of the candidates because frankly most of them just really sucked hind tit. I'm not sure what that expression means. I've just heard it and I know it's bad anyway but then they went back again so so at one point point they go back to Delaney again for whatever reason they kept asking Delaney questions me thinks they were trying to push delaney and if you stayed for the after show if we're if you went over to M._S._N._B._C. for the after show your tweeted too crazy tweety who needs to retire already who ah you know him and Brian Williams and and frankly Lawrence O'Donnell who were all saying what a great night Tim Ryan had excuse me anyway so they go back to Delaney to keep you know bad mouthing the idea of Medicare for all when he refers to healthcare as a business and Bernie jumps in with a very quick reprimand kind of on the only only one of the stage who actually has experienced in the healthcare business and with all due respect. I don't think my colleagues understand the business. We have the public offshore race. It's a business. It's not a business and at one point. Let me see if I I don't know if I even pulled this. Delaney says Ou Bernie earlier let it slip that that he wants the Healthcare Industry to be nonprofit yeah point being it wasn't a slip. It's should be nonprofit. Nobody should be making money on the backs of our our illnesses. It doesn't mean doctors shouldn't earn a great living they do in all those European socialist countries that have health care as a basic human right a doctor you know because a lot of education does goes through a lot of school. A lot of training deserves to be paid very nice salary. What doesn't belong in the healthcare so-called industry are stockholders who who uh who decide that they want to hide it was the smallest one therefore the least milk? Thank you very much now. I know where that expression came from my husband Fond of information anyway the lost my train of thought I was too busy thinking about the poor dog who gets stuck with the unproductive reductive tit anyway it should be nonprofit. Hospitals should make enough money to to pay hey there staff to keep up the facilities to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology but they shouldn't be paying off shareholders making being a prophet drugmakers should take use the money for research but they shouldn't be paying out multi-million dollar salaries to their C._E._O.'s. E._E._O.'s health care is a public service. It should not be a for profit entity and Oh my God <hes> Delaney just just couldn't understand that in fact here's an example afterwards on M._S._N._B._C. Tweety Chris Matthews. Why does this man still have a job was in the Spin Room in Detroit and oh boy he got what he got John Delaney? Oh I'm so excited. Oh my God sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry Arnaud Echo Echo Echo quiet now tonight to go after the Progressives aggressives you Ryan. Let's see bullock and Hickenlooper okay. Your line was free. Everything is that what you think of the progressives awesome free every that's where they're going like writing off every student loan right everyone what about the the person who just paid off their loans. They're gonNA feel like fools. What about the kids? We're about to go to school school and borrow money. I mean what about the little kids back. I voted acute back. No one another child who's used back one of these people for President after tonight to Back Act Sanders. You say you're in this race to socialism would you could you vote for Sanders. Yes I'm going to support the Democrat John Wallis President. We have uh-huh centers while he's he's GonNa. He's running as a Democrat. I'm going to work really hard to change his mind but I'm going to win so I don't have to worry about. Oh Yeah Delaney's going to win so he doesn't have to worry about it. That's not the clip I was looking for. They must have talked for a good ten minutes and don't worry. I'm not going to subject you to ten minutes of Tweety Ian John Delaney. Oh my God that's torture but sorry about the Echo Echo Echo. It's it's my my computer which I have to treat with kid gloves anyway John Delaney in fact a piece. I'm not gonNA play what's News. Maybe at the end of the show so I put together. There were a little montage from the opening statements. This is how they started. Okay every fights gotTA fight socialism so everybody I had in opening statement. Here's a little montage of a little bit from each of the candidates so you can get a taste because frankly they're not all represented equally here on the show today so that's the wrong one sorry here. I'm not going to subject you to that again all right. Here's the opening statement montage time now for opening statements. You'll eat receive one minute. Steve Bullock. Please begin our progressive emphasis on progress <music>. I'm running for president to get stuff done for all those Americans Washington is left behind Marion Williamson. Conventional Politics will not solve this problem because conventional politics is part of the problem me. The American people must rise up and do what we do best and create a new possibility say no to what we don't want and yes to what we know can be. I'm Marianne Williamson and that's why I'm running events John Delaney. Oh No we have a choice we can go down the road that Senator Sanders and Senator Warren Yes yes please with bad policies like Medicare for all free everything and impossible promises it'll turn off independent voters and get trump congressman. I'm here to say this isn't about left to right. No no this is about new and better and it's not about okay warming old systems <hes> it's about building new systems tonight I will offer solutions that are bold realistic really and that are a clean break from the past he didn't governor you start wondering oh frank mind solutions to problems to make sure that we that we worked together and created jobs. That's how we'RE GOING TO BE DONALD TRUMP. That's how we're going to win Michigan and the country Cornell Senator Amy Klobuchar. Let's get real. That's how y'all better. Let's get real this moment of truth. Let us pursue our national promise I and may be more perfect union of everyone by everyone now and for everyone how we're not going to be able to meet this moment by recycling the same arguments policies and politicians that have dominated Washington for as long as I have been alive. We've got to summon the courage to walk away from the past and do something different okay. This is our shot. That is why I'm running for president. Senator Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump disgraces is the office of presidents every single day and anyone on this stage tonight or tomorrow night would be far better president. I I promise no matter who our candidate is. I will work my heart out to beat Donald Trump and to elect a democrat of you Bernie Sanders we I've got to take on trump's racism is sexism set of phobia and come together in an unprecedented grassroots movement to not early defeat trump but to transform our economy and all right so there was the taste of the opening statements again. You know someone in the in the Youtube Chat Room just said Oh my God tonight is GonNa be just I missed the exact language but painful. It's going to be painful and I'll tell you on a night when on the first night obviously it was a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Warren Sanders whoever you WANNA put it. The two of them were on fire despite the best efforts of the Pundit class on C._N._N.. And M._S._N._B._C. do did their best says smear smear them on every front. It was truly just other worldly opposite worldly in fact we're up as down in his out red is purple it. It was insane. I'm just we've got a guest coming up in a few minutes but <hes> let me play another clip for you. I mentioned how a by the way someone asked. was there any talk of impeachment. No there was no questions shins about children family separations at the border no question about locking people in cages no question about impeachment no question about Donald Trump no question about about mueller or the molar report no questions about any of that stuff but they try to start fights like here Senator Warren you make it a point to say that you're a capitalist. Is that your way of convincing voters that you might be a safer choice than Senator Sanders no my way of talking about I know how to fight and I we know how to win. I took on giant banks and I beat them. I took on Wall Street and see does and their lobbyists obvious and their lawyers and I beat them. I took on a popular Republican incumbent senator and I beat them. I remember when people said Barack. Obama couldn't get elected did shoot. I remember when people said Donald Trump. Oh yeah here's where we are. I get it there is a lot at stake and people we'll are scared but we choose a candidate. We don't believe in just because we're too scared to do anything else and we can't ask other go to vote for a candidate. We don't believe in Democrats win when we figure out what is right and we get out there and fight for it. I am not afraid and for Democrats to win. You can't be afraid either. You go live. Oh my God. That's why I Love Elizabeth Warren Karen. I was just going to pull up here. I've got I've got my lizzy and my Bernie action figures standing by there at the ready. What do you think thank president and Vice President Co presidents? Let's break them old. Let's do things differently. Oh and you want to hear Elizabeth Warren Pudding John Delaney in its place Congressman Delaney your response so I think Democrats win when we run on real solutions. It's not impossible promises when we run on things that are workable not fairy tale economics look at this story of Detroit. This amazing city that we're in this city is turning turning around because the government and the private sector or working well together that has to be our model going forward. We need to encourage COLLABORATION NATION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT The private sector nonprofit sector and focus on those kitchen table pocketbook issues that mattered a hardworking Americans building infrastructure creating getting jobs improving their pay universal health care. I don't understand why does to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can't do should want that said at aw all right. We've got more clips to play. I did line up a guest for today to join with us in our conversation about the debate and all things insane about our world so somebody I just met frankly and actually I was introduced to her by one of you guys a listener who said you need to talk to the women behind the Muller. She wrote podcast so there's a muller she wrote podcast the extra points for great name and I. I should probably wait to make sure she picks up. Je Lisa Johnson is one of the CO hosts of the muller she wrote podcast and the daily beans pod and she also hosts the racial Matto show. I you know again. Impose extra points for and I don't think she picked up. Hello Lisa John. She's not there and and we went back and forth on twitter a little while ago to make sure she was going to be there anyway. I think she watched the thing last night. It's it's an interesting format they have it's three women but you know what we'll call her back in a few minutes and see in the meantime the phone lines are open nine five four eight eight nine six four one hour. You can skype into Nicole Sandler all right so I played for you earlier. I'm just going down the line now earlier. I played you know what let me I'll get back to burn in a few minutes. <hes> I need to talk for a moment about Marianne Williamson now. She's been on the show in fact you can go to my podcast page. You just search on in Nicole Sandler dot com Marianne Marion Williamson and you'll find the interview I did with her a couple of months ago probably some that I did a few years ago when she was running for Senate from California as well <hes> but Marianne Williamson took a lot of Gulf huff stuff after the first debate because she came off kind of <unk> Ole flaky. I admit it but I'll tell you something boy. She was on fire last night in fact. I'm GONNA play for you a couple of her answers. Let's start with this one where they weren't Detroit and actually it was Marianne. I believe who I brought up the flint water crisis. It's my response on the flint. Water crisis says it is just the tip of the iceberg. I was recently in Denmark South Carolina Awesome I assure you I lived in Grosse Pointe. What happened in Flint would not have happened in Grosse Pointe? This is part of the dark underbelly of American racism bigotry and the entire conversation that we're having here tonight. If you think any of this won't gain this is going to deal with this dark. Psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this president president is bringing up in this country then. I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days. We need to say it like it is it's bigger than flint. It's all over. This country is particularly. The people of Color is particularly people who do not have the money to fight back and if the Democrats don't start saying it. Why would those people feel that they're there for us and if those people don't feel that good for her right wow at Grosse Pointe for those who don't know that's where all the <hes> you know the top level auto executives lived a great movie great soundtrack Grosse Pointe Blank? It's about a Hitman in Grosse Pointe with a great soundtrack but I digress great answer right she had more but our guest will not be here today. Just let me a bit of frustration. There's a woman who is involved in at least three podcasts. She knows what it's like by. She's got two co host so so I guess it doesn't matter to her but <hes> booked her last week gave her the time she apparently got confused so I got a <hes> a a message from her earlier in the day. She wrote Hi Nicole sorry. I was confused about the time zones when I scheduled appointment but I was able to move at Bat oh earlier. She said that she has an appointment at at three o'clock she said how long do you think will be on the air have an emergency appointment to get to at noon. Well L. Newnan California's three here. I told her three thirty anyway she she said sorry. I was confused. I'm I was able to move at back. We're still on for three. I said it'll be three thirty twelve thirty your time. She said great awesome talk to you then while she sent me a message at three ten ten minutes after it was on the one I gave her every opportunity ready to say now. I can't make it a three ten. She said Hey Nicole turns out. I'm not going to be able to make it after all. I just found out that the emergency meeting I have to be at can't be pushed back after all so sorry about the short notice. Thanks for the opportunity. You know no big deal. I got plenty of stuff to talk about but seriously wow that's just I'm. I'm sorry that's just rude but okay back to back to this so we played Marian Williams great rant about flint a few minutes it's later they actually went back to her again and this was the answer that got the biggest response of the night and it was about reparations. Here's what she had to say. Miss Williamson Miniature opponents support a commission to study the issue of reparations for slavery but you're calling for up to five hundred billion dollars financial assistance. What makes you qualified to determine how much is owed in reparations well first of all? It's not five hundred billion dollars in financial cancel assistance. It's five hundred billion dollars two hundred to five hundred billion dollars payment of a debt that is owed that is what reparation is okay. We need some deep hey to telling when it comes. We don't need another commission to look at evidence. I appreciate what Congressman Orca said it is time for us to simply realize that this country will not he'll be all the country is as a collection of people people when there are some deep truth telling we need to recognize that when it comes to the economic gap between between blacks and whites in America it does come from a great injustice that has never been dealt with that great injustice has had to do with the fact that there was two hundred and fifty years years of slavery followed by another hundred hundred years of domestic terrorism. What makes me qualify to say two hundred to five hundred billion dollars? I'll tell you what makes me qualified defied if you did the math of the forty acres and a mule given that there was four to five million slaves at the end of the civil war there and they were probably forty acres and a mule for every family of four if you did the math today it would be trillions of dollars and I believe in anything less than one hundred billion dollars is is an insult in salt and I believe the two hundred to five hundred billion is politically feasible today because so many Americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a tough talks will today underneath the surface an emotional turbulence. Thank you very much yes. I mean good for her look. I admit I'm I'm not got the right person to weigh in on reparations. I'm still trying to figure it out. I know there are a few factions that are not on the same page and if anybody has any ideas of who the right person to talk to about it is please let me know because I'm I'm trying to figure out who I mark. Thompson mm send formerly of Sirius X._M.. Keep saying he'll come on and talk to me about it. I mean it was a dust up over that very issue and that people that got him fired from X._M.. He's very well informed well versed and opinionated on the subject so again that that was that was an amazing take reparations for Marianne Williamson who the corporate media just wants to paint as a flake turns out. She's a spiritual virtual teacher of a lot of people. She radiates positively in love now. Do I think she should be president no but does she have something good to add to the conversation. especially the way things are today fuck yeah. Hell Hell Yeah and frankly. I'm glad she got to say the things she said. Last night you know again it was Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williamson who spoke truth to power last night here was I wonder I don't know I know what the answer is about. I'm trying to see if I can figure out what the question was that they asked here. It was at <hes> shoot. I don't even know where where it was that it was a Elizabeth war okay. I'm just GONNA play it has to do with the trump administration's tendency towards white supremacism. Tom And Elizabeth Warren nailed it. How are you going to combat the rise of white supremacy? We need to call out white supremacy for what it is domestic terrorism in the country now where the president is advancing environmental racism economic AMAC Racism Criminal Justice Racism Healthcare racism the way we do better is to fight back and show something better so I have a plan for example on education that says we have to build a better education system for all our kids but we've got to acknowledge what's happened on race so my plan has universal tuition free college for all of our kids Glenn also increases the pell grants and levels the playing Seinfield by putting fifty billion dollars into historically black colleges and universities loan for ninety five percent of the kids with student loan debt and helps close the black white wealth gap in America you go Elizabeth Warren then they turn to Pete Bondage. Pete Buddha judge has had some problems with race relations in his town of South Bend Indiana and he was asked you know what he would do about white supremacy advantages you have been criticized for your handling of racial issues in your home city from diversity resource to housing policy yeah given your record. How can you convince African Americans that you should be the Democratic nominee as an urban mayor diver as a what he's mayor of South Bend Indiana in diverse communities as an urban mayor urban okay? I heard that racial divide lives within me. I'm not saying saying that I became mayor and racism or crime or poverty ended on my watch but in our city we have come together repeatedly to tackle challenges like like no you have far too. Many people were not getting the help they need it in their housing and so we directed it to historically underinvested African-amer no now in the wake of a this is all not true he total and he gets into it at the end of the clip. I don't know if we're GONNA make it for another forty nine seconds. Frankly they're going to have to queue in a bit because what I noticed about. Mayor Pete's answers last night is he spends a lot of time saying what the situation is his now but never says what he'll do to fix it. At the end of this Lawrence long tortured answer. I are queuing pain. We'll be taken less seriously as long as you apply for a job and you are black. You are less likely to be called just because of the name is why proposed that we do everything from investing in historically shortly redline neighborhood and build blackwell's in holes to supporting entrepreneurship for thinking on you knocked down the homes in red line and areas he knocked down the homes of people who were behind on their water bills. Not a fan repeat just saying yes mayor Pete also has a police shooting. He can't run from all right so there is mayor Pete sorry nonstarter but but then they went back to Delaney again but I learned something about John Delaney that Tourre P- whoever the hell is former congressman from some state John Delaney is worth sixty five million dollars holy shit progress will go any coming to you now. Your estimated network is more than sixty five million dollars that would make you subjects as Senator Warren's proposed wealth tax on the assets of the richest seventy five thousand homes households or so so in the United States do you center warns wealth taxes a fair way to fund childcare and education. I think wealthy Americans have to pay more. Yes when I grow a blue collar family I in my family to go to college became a successful entrepreneur create. Thousands of jobs supported thousands of entrepreneurs all around this country and I've done well financially. I think I should pay more than tax. I think wealthy Americans should pay more in tax but we have to have a real solution. The real solution is to raise the capital gains rates. There is no reason why people who invest buddy should pay less than people who work for a living. That's ridiculous. It's the biggest loophole in our tax code was rubbing her palms together species and if we don't raise if we raised their taxes they won't invest. That's cool easy it. That's how we get more revenues from wealthy individuals. We roll back the trump tax cuts to wealthy individuals. I think the wealthy tax will be fought in court forever. It's arguably unconstitutional in the countries that have had it have largely abandoned it because it's impossible which one here again John Solutions. It's not impossible. Promises thank you raise. The capital gains tax taxes on wealthy Americans thing when our first few up so so then and Elizabeth Warren gets to respond. Take it away Liz so I m proposed a wealth tax. It's now time to do that yesterday. It's time to tax the the top one tenth of one percent of fortunes in this country your first fifty million dollars you can keep free and clear but you're fifty million first dollar you you got to pitch in to to center. What can America do with two we can provide universal child care for every baby in this is country age zero to five we can provide universal pre-k for every three year old and four year old we can raise the wages of every child Oh care worker in Preschool teacher? In this country we can provide universal tuition free college. We can expand Pale we can put fifty billion dollars into into our historically black colleges and universities and we can cancel student loan debt for ninety five percent of the people who have it and start to close the wealth gap gap in America. It tells you how badly broken this economy is from the wealthiest in this country congress invest in the rest. It's not about whether wealthy this is not about whether wealthy American should pay more. I think we're all in agreement on that. It's a question of you have a real solution to make it happen yes she does. She's got a plan for that. How about you Johnny Johnny Delaney? I don't think you do Johnny. You just want to keep that sixty eighty five million dollars for yourself not pay taxes on it. Well guess what John and I want to extend that fuck you to Steve Bullock. I know I haven't given you much from Steve Bullock but let's do it in this context Steve Bullock of course who likes to tout that he is a two term Democratic governor from a very red state Wyoming well the question here had to do with Nuclear Weapons and Elizabeth Warren had a very sensible take on it a- and Steve Bullock Disagreed Senator Warren you WanNa make it U._S.. Policy that the U._S. will never use a nuclear weapon unless another country uses one. I know President Obama reportedly considered that policy but ultimately decided against it. Why should the U._S. tie its own hands with that policy my God because loaded question safer the United States is not going to use nuclear weapons preemptively thank you we need to say so to the entire world? Thank you reduces the likelihood that someone miscalculate someone misunderstands our first responsibility to to keep ourselves safe and what's happening right now with Donald trump as they keep expanding the different ways that we have nuclear weapons different ways that they could be used US puts us all at risk. You know we talk about what's happening around the world. I have thrilled brothers who served in the military. I see they would do anything. Our military is the best on earth but we should not be asking our military to take on jobs that do not have a a military solution we need to use our diplomatic tools our economic tools and if we're gonNA send someone into war. We better have a plan for how how we're going to get them out on the other end okay like her answer. Steve Bullock weighs in next. Thank you Senator Governor Bullock your response to senator warrants proposal closer to the U._S.. Never use a nuclear weapon. I I wouldn't want to take that off the table. I think America's strength we have to be vulgar. We can do it again. Dan I hope certainly in my term or anyone else. Would we really even get close to pull them that trigger but by by the same token this guy talks like a toss for country destroy America America First America is no longer trusts astor's going from a position of strength. We should be negotiating down so there aren't nuclear weapons new keillor. There aren't nuclear weapons since Elizabeth Warren straighten him out at a time when Donald trump is pulling out of our nuclear negotiations expanding the opportunities is for nuclear proliferation around the world has pulled us out of the deal Sir and closer to nuclear warfare we have to have an announced policy that has won the entire world can live with. We need to make that clear we will respond respond okay so governor bullock was given the last word here you need need to hear what he had to say. Brace yourself part I agree with but by the Senate like we by the way hold on what what what what okay so I need to hear that again. Listen carefully part I agree with yeah but by the seller in fact nuclear proliferation proliferation what reducing the same juicing oh I get it Korea not proliferation but getting rid of them all right. I'll shut up this time so you can hear it without without me. exasperatingly authoritatively making words part I agree with but by the throat like we need to get back to nuclear proliferation but when you hatful proliferation reducing the same time when you actually have career when you have others I I don't want to turn around and say well. Detroit has to be gone before we would ever use that when so many crazy folks are getting closer down nuclear weapons I don't I want them to think I could strike this country and I and we the United States of America wouldn't do a thing part of the strategy really is the ability ability so thank you very much moving on moving on now please. No this is not an important of subject. Forget it Bernie you don't get to away and Elizabeth Warren. We'll leave it at that brilliant statement from Steve Bullock. Oh God I didn't play for you his. I didn't in pay for play for you. His comments on immigration get ready for this Steve Bullock Democrat from Wyoming. How can Democrats trust you to be the leader on this white for gun safety when you only change your position to call for an assault weapons ban last summer I oh I didn't even realize that this was supposed to be a question about gun safety because in my notes it says immigration because he evolves into some strange means language here of American households? I'm a gun owner. I hunt like far too many people in America. I've been personally impacted by gun. Nonviolence had an eleven year old nephew Jeremy Shot and killed on a playground. We need to start looking at this as a public health issue do not a political issue K.. I agree with Senator Globe Ajar. It is the N._R._A.. And it's not just gun violence. It's when we talk about climate when we talk about prescription drug costs <hes> Washington D._C.. Is captured by dark money the coke brothers. That's been the fight of my career in the coke brothers out of Montana Montana taking the first case after citizens denied it up to the Supreme Court making it so that elections are about people that's the way we're actually GONNA make a change on on this dawn is by changing that system and most of the things that folks are talking about on the stage. We're not going to address until we kicked dark. Money and the posters is not corporate spending until we kicked dark money and the what and the one day J- We're not going to address until we kicked dark money and the posters you're not corporate spending. I'm sorry and the what until we kicked dark money and the posters corporate spending out of these elections I have no idea Nia authentic frontier gibberish. Yes it is I do have one positive clip from Pete Buddha judge I mean the guy's is a smart guy right and he said something that I agree with one hundred percent in fact. I've said it here on this program before. Take it away Pete. It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say look. If if if it's true that if we embrace ace a far left agenda they're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda you know they're going to do. They're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists so let's just to stand up for the right policy go out there and defended and in fact John Delaney he's back when on the Fox the Fox News news channel and I didn't pull the clip 'cause I mean really but here let me see if I can even find this apparently apparently John Delaney went on Fox. Let me see if I if I have it here. Wow C._N._N.'s first democratic debate drew eight point seven million viewers worse <hes> mum of course. I'm not going to be able to find this because I'm looking for it <hes> Um. I don't know where it is okay. There's that Pete but a judge clip. I don't know but yeah God. It's just he did John Delaney has been. I played one of the clips with Chris Matthews last night. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA play one more clip if I can if this'll work. Do I have the artist south right yeah all right. So I told you tweedy that would be Chris. Matthews was in the Spin Room at M._S._N._B._C. at the at the debate last night four a hold on. I'm trying to change this picture so I can. You'll see Tweedie and Elizabeth Warren when I play it <hes> so <hes> Anyway Ah let me just play a little bit of of Chris Matthews Badgering Elizabeth Warren over hurt not saying her refusal to say that she'll ray that people will pay more in taxes on Medicare for all the point. She's trying to make is that actually their overall expenses dances will go down but listen to Chris Matthews and watch him if you're on youtube badgering her to get her to say what he wanted her to say and she wouldn't budge. Here's the clip we gotta remember Basic Model Insurance come you take it as much money as you can't have. Premiums have this little in healthcare. They don't have the money how to pay for their own necessary treatment. They will have it under your plan. Where does it come from so costs are GonNa go up for the bazillionaires? It's going to show up for the big corporation operations but out of pocket costs for middle class families actually going to go. They will go down in the campaign. Thought now Medicare won't been paying since so I was fifteen in Spain Medicare for fifty or sixty five with the idea you'll survive. Maybe fifteen more years. If you have many for life where government government urban health insurance you'll have to have more benefits and Bernie silent about eyeglasses hearing aids everything live on your payroll. They walk up tonight. I know you're saying how much your taxes go up and you'd say you is your your costs going to every question how much we are tax rates how much your cost much. It's how much families end up struggling argument the Republicans did a study and they hope to show that Medicare for all was going to bust the budget and you remember what it ended up showing showing that Medicare for all cheaper than our current system. That's the Republican jozy argument that you put it all together. Reduce the cost healthcare premiums and you'll get more benefits there for you Beckham out ahead but will you pay more in taxes this question because that's a Republican talking point. It's not a Republican probably 'cause it's a question about where people are going to come out economically. Mike how much will exco up I spent most of my life studying families that went broke and a huge chunk of them went broke because a high medical bills and many of them had health insurance so the question is not. Do you have health insurance or not have health insurance. The question is how heart you're going to have to dig in your pocket today. Gusty answer that you'd like to give all right. That's enough of that so so there you hear Chris. Matthews views went on like that with Elizabeth Warren arguing with her about the point. She's trying to make for good five minutes N._B._C.. It is time for Chris Matthews to retire wallner add it. You may want to shit can so many of your pundits. The Republican can never trumpers. I respect the fact that they're never trumpers but they're not Democrats and to have people like Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin and David Jolly and it goes on and on and on telling me who we should vote for. I think not what they're Republicans. Tell them to go figure out who the Republicans want to vote for to get Donald Trump out of office but don't tell me how to be a good liberal. I've been one my whole life. I certainly don't need advice from the likes of Bill Bill Kristol. John Putt Hauritz any of these CREIGHTON's they constantly try it out and put on the Air Rick Santorum C._N._N.. Unreal Claire mccaskill M._S._N._B._C. no thank you. I turned off all of the punditry last night because it was all so oh disgusting because they're trying to tell us that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders weren't the big winners last night. Yeah keep thinking that well enjoy tonight. I'll watch so you don't have to. We'll do it again. Tomorrow and Howie Klein will be here to thanks for listening. Everyone take an an extra bong hit for me. See a lighter by the news. It's it's time for Nicole. Sandler's what's news from Nicole Sandler Dot Com and the progressive voices network night. One of the second round of Democratic presidential primary debates is over over and the big loser was C. N. N. or more accurately the American electorate. It was apparent that C._N._N.. would be an issue just judging from the overblown and ridiculous program introduction in this audience is eager to hear what they have to say right now. The road to the White House drives through Detroit. The Democrats are in Michigan again for premier event a defining moment that will determine who gets left behind and who takes on President trump chance chance there is no middle ground. Don't let anybody tell you that freedom is a conservative value in is an American value tonight a fight for the the party Senator Bernie Sanders determined to seize his second chance at the nomination question of getting our priorities right going head to head with Senator Elizabeth Warren Longtime friends fighting for the same cause and the same voters way should dream big eh and that intro ran two minutes and forty six seconds then they introduced all ten candidates individually and have walk out onto the front of the stage to applause wasting more precious time that could have been used for longer answers perhaps anyway they finally got underway away. After a commercial break about eight fourteen when Montana Governor Steve Bullock began his opening statement time now for opening statements statements you'll each received one minute governor Steve Bullock. Please begin our progressive emphasis on progress and I'm running for president to get stuff done for all those those Americans Washington is left behind Marianne Williamson we the American people must rise up and do what we do best and create a new possibility say no to what we don't don't want and yes to what we know can be true. I'm Marianne Williamson and that's why I'm running for president. Congressman John Delaney Folks Joyce. We can go down down the road that Senator Sanders and Senator Warren WanNa take us with his with bad policies like Medicare for all three everything and impossible promises it'll turn off independent voters and get trump reelected congressman. Tim Ryan and I'm here to say this isn't about left to right. This is about new and and better and it's not about reforming old systems. It's about building new systems tonight. I will offer solutions that are bowl that are realistic and that are a clean break from the past governor John Hickenlooper to provide solutions to problems problems to make sure that we that we work together and created jobs. That's how we'RE GOING TO BE DONALD TRUMP. That's how we're going to win Michigan and the country Senator Amy Klobuchar Dr. Let's get real congressman Beto work at this moment of truth. Let's pursue our national promise and make a more perfect union rian of everyone by everyone and for everyone may appear footage. We're not going to be able to meet this moment by recycling the same arguments arguments policies and politicians that have dominated Washington for as long as I have been alive. We've got to summon the courage to walk away from the past and do something different. This is our shot. That is why I'm running for president. Senator Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump disgraces the office of presidents every every single day and anyone on this stage tonight or tomorrow night would be far better president. I promise no matter who our candidate is I will work my heart APP to Donald Trump and to elect a democratic congress. Senator Bernie Sanders we got to take on trump's racism is sexism xenophobia and come together in an unprecedented grassroots movement the not only defeat trump but to transform our economy the government and that's how it began. We have a thorough recap of debate night. One on the Wednesday edition of Nicole Sandler show airing at five P._M.. Eastern two you Pacific on the progressive voices network or you can hear it via the podcast which is available at Nicole Sandler Dot com although the media tried to turn it into a cage match between Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren the two progressives had a different idea instead of taking C._N._N.'s bait they sort of teamed up to defend their progressive programs than ideas against the Conservatives on the panel. The New York Times reported quote there was former representative John Delaney of Maryland who accused Mr Sanders and Ms Warren of making quote Fairytale Very Tell Promises Governor Steve Bullock Montana who lamented liberal quote wishlist economics and former Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado employing flooring the left not to overreach and quote Fedex the election to Donald Trump while the debate was happening California Representative Judy Chu became the one hundred but in sixteen th House Democrats to call for impeachment. Just two more will put the DEM's over the fifty percent mark

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Gwyneth x Chrissy: On Food, Marriage, and Social Media

The goop Podcast

52:23 min | 2 years ago

Gwyneth x Chrissy: On Food, Marriage, and Social Media

"I'm gonna th Paltrow and you're listening to the goop podcast made possible by our friends at Lululemon. I started practicing yoga back when it was still considered new agey at best and downright weird at worst. In many ways, we have Lululemon to thank religion, amazing yoga, and bringing yoga wear to a massive audience by putting it in the context of athletics, their original yoga pants, stretchy comfortable, and performance oriented is the perfect example. I love that they recruit professional athletes to take new products for test, runs our tests, bike rides, plank squats, and so on. They also asked the athletes to report back with thoughts and tweaks for optimizing the fit and functionality of each piece. And it shows in the where for more information and for store locations, visit Lululemon dot com. Today. I'm very excited to be talking with Chrissy Teagan. You may be obsessed with harass appease, like I am family photos on Instagram for that time. She wore headgear on lip sync, battle and made out with her husband. John legend, Chrissy arguably has the best Bax of all time and someone should make a book of her tweets. I'd start with this one quote. I always have a note in my pocket that says, John did it just in case I murdered because I don't want him to remarry and quote hashtag Chula hash day tips. I think everyone always loves to ask like, oh my God, you just dies. It is everything just so sexy. Does he sing you all the time? And I'm like, no, and I don't want it to be that way. I love watching TV with him. I love watching housewives. I love making a meal with him. I love seeing him interact with our kids Chrissy had me over and we got to talk about her new cookbook, cravings hungry for more. And of course we ended up talking about much more. I think it's good to be proud of what you eat. I think sometimes we, we like to pretend that you know we can do whatever we want and an indulgent, everything we want. But I think it's really good to feel. Good. Okay. Let's chat with Chrissy. Thank you for letting me come into your beautiful home. You are welcome. Anytime. I'm surprised you haven't been here much more often even ever invited me. So my way in before nine pm. It's true. I've always see with a cocktail swear. I'm not always like this. I swear I'm I am always. Our working here leave pepper pepper. Yeah, my mom, she were named twins gonna. I'm pepper Potts and she's Hefford appeti- pepper time to to. We call her pepper high now why she hitting the base having? Yeah, love dabbling. Dabbing. I just made the depth. I think this whole like legalization of marijuana has been really interesting for like women like me because I never relate smoked Potter until it sort of became legal in normal and your mall. And now I'm like, and now there's like an apple store of down the street. It's very, it is unusual. I say, I just. I, if x me my thrill, my, I'm not one that takes to, but my dogs enjoy it. Oh, there's like medical cases for so cool. I know it is so interesting to see though it's like nothing now. It's weird. So I want to ask you like, I want to understand a little bit like one is their trajectory of Chrissy Teagan like, how did you go from being an eighteen year old who you are not happens? I don't know. I always feel like everything's been really small steps like nothing has really been like a huge major turning point. I, I was always like a very just whatever boring working model where you would do catalogs and online work, and it wasn't glamorous at all. It was just constant changing throughout the day and they didn't care how you looked. It was just like, let's get the most photos possible, and it was just a real job would go. You've read a book, you'd you? It was just, it really wasn't until like sports. Listen, I think was my big turning point in. That's when I could. Finally maybe have a say in my days. How did you get that job Brooklyn decker? Actually I- tribute to her every time I can. She is. So you need to have her on your. Actually she is. She's great. I miss it. Mega first time she's fabulous. Are you need to be friends her in her husband, Andy Roddick came to John show and they wanted to say hi to John and had come back stage. And then it just was we immediately clicked Brooklyn and I an and Ian John and clicked and Brooklyn, went back to Sports Illustrated. She had already been there for many years. Were you married already at this porno? Not yet. This was a couple years we didn't get even we were together for seven years before we got engaged evens five years for we engage when we got married. But yes, she came backstage met me, and then she went back to Sports Illustrated and said, I don't know if you guys know about this girl, but no women do this in the industry. You know that like she was just so I don't know. You just never meet people like that. And she recommended me to the editor MJ day and I went and met them. And then basically I would say if there were big turning points in my career, it was it was Brooklyn. Helping that along and being in Sports Illustrated. And then. I just, you know, I started having this homelife of really learning that. You know, when you have a kitchen and you have this atmosphere that create where you really love being at home and you love watching crappy movies or crappy TV and drinking wine, and then you find this place. Really. This is my happy place. I discovered that that was my happy place. Like I wasn't like a young kid in the kitchen. That was like always fascinated by food. I always loved eating, but in love cooking until I really had all the tools that I needed. And then now it was from then on. I was like, this is this is what makes me happy. What do you think it is about Sports Illustrated in in our culture? That is so important. You know what I mean? It's pretty, it's icon EQ. It's. I think a big thing for me was when I went into have my casting with them. I was so used to working in Miami and you would immediately have to. It's like, take your shirt off. You know, like let's say, we wanna polaroid. We wanna see your body. When I went into Sports Illustrated MJ was like, I sat down for an hour. We just talked and talked and talked, and she wanted to know everything about my life and I never had it was never about the body. It was like fascinating to me when I left. I remember thinking I didn't get it because she asked to see me in a swimsuit or and that was fascinating to me. I was like personality based. I'm not used to being in a world where care about what I have to say. But you know, they, it says so much about them and and the way they operate and the girls that they that they love is they wanna have people that you know are aspirin, women, they want people that can speak that can be proud. To represent their icon IQ issues sued issue. So. That was so cool for me to see. Honestly, I was so used to everyone being like, okay, shirt off. Okay. Okay. Bye. And it was like, I didn't get it. I didn't have to take my shirt off that didn't get it. Ended that did that lead to lip sync battle. I mean that I think I don't really know whatever. I don't know where Casey Patterson, our producer ever thought that I would be good just dancing on stage and making little side comments. Because honestly, I am a horrific dancer, I music, I love music. I'm not the greatest with it. Like John still makes me. You play lists and I'm very much like a radio hit type of person. If it's on the radio, I love it. I'm not like, have I don't do the underground albums or have these secret songs that I love, but on lip sync battle, it was just such a fun atmosphere. I actually thinking back refined seasons in now and I'm like, I have no idea how it came about. It was just. Such like a natural pairing in the end, thou ended up being so much fun. I go to work every single day in a Mike. I can't believe I got to do this. It is absurd ridiculous. They throw props on me. They throw me in a costume. I don't like to read scripts. I just like I go out and I have such a good time and I'm with l. o. cool j. and the crowd is freaking out. We just had like we just had Mariah Carey on Serena Williams, came out. I mean, yeah, it gets crazier and crazier every season and you have to actually do it, but I'm too scared. I understand that I can't even be mad at that because everyone asks when I'm going to do it and I say, never, it's terrifying, much respect for anyone that does it cause a lock goes into it. And some some people are like, I need three days for her soul. There. They take it very seriously and I get it. It's it's, I are are choreographer. Danielle is so amazing and so positive, and she'll make you feel like the best answer on the planet, and she just has way about her of of getting people into it, and it's fascinating to make his. I cut it, I would die. It's really fun to so far down, wake up. We, I mean, we got a bar. We got like the atmosphere that's created. There is so much fun and nobody regrets said they're like, I can't believe like I got doing SNL or so. Right? And he's like that. You did that. It's so scary that you can do lifting battle now think about it as an like an entire menu again week, right? So new, but now on lip sync battle like these acts are so freaking Perea GIO. Anything that you want, if you're like, I wanna flame thrower if you wanna fall from the sky, if you want to, if you want to explode in the corner. I mean, you can literally everyone like when they when they compete against somebody, they're like, I didn't know we could ask for that. I'm gonna ask for anything. We would bring a chopper and you could drop from it. Amazing, Casey's bonkers. She'll do anything when so. Okay. So you doing that for five years. And how long ago did you get married? Oh, my God. One, I get married, oh my God. It's been what was why? I don't even know the that's terrible, very bad with due date this part. So everyone knows one of the running jokes, like how little I know about John and how little I know about a relationship like people were going into preschool now, and I'm taking Linda preschool, everyone's like birth, and I'm like. Because we do day and then you're like early or late, you get set on this date. Yeah, I'm very bad stuff like that. It's just, I swear to God. I ten years two years together for twelve years. We got married seven years to the day that we met. Where'd you meet? We met on a music video shoot for video stereo. Nobody's really seen it. It's like this animated video. I'm in my underwear the whole time Johnson is suit, and our friend Bill introduced us. He shot when my very first campaigns for Billabong when I first campaigns ever. And so I became friends with Nabil and the Nabil had also been working with John and one day he was like, I, I met this girl. She should be in your video and then that that was truly that we met on set. And then, yeah, he was ironing in his underwear. Hilarious. My first words where you do your own irony and then yeah. Does he still? He still really enjoys it. He really does. I'm reciting like very meditative. He's John's like normally like a very zen person. But yeah, he's still irons. Big another went to steamer like he does it all thing as major is very good. What do you like about being married? I'm about to get married again, only God you, first of all, I would marry you wanted to marry you very, very long time. But no, I love. I love that we get to see each other through all aspects of life. I really like that. You know, I've seen him grow so much. He's seen me grow so much, and I love having buddy like it's a permanent buddy that you know, I think everyone always loves to ask like, oh my God, you just is it is everything just so sexy, does. He seemed you all the time and I'm like, no, and I don't want it to be that way. I love watching TV with him. I love watching housewives. I love making a meal with him. I love seeing him interact with our kids. I love every part of seeing him happy, and he's really been, you know, in the past few years, seeing him have this incredible career and seeing how the he's still the same man, I married or you know, I think I used to be like very self. DEP are used to be very, what's the word I? I used to just try to drag him back to earth all the time. I was like, yes, yes, he's great. But I think as we grow together, I'm seeing more and more that like it's okay to be like, wow, he's a really fantastic human. Accomplished so much. He is still so humble so grounded, we're still very attached to our family. My mom lives with us. For instance, I house that if I want you to ask John that, but he would say the same thing, I, it's great. It really is a wonderful thing to have her around. My dad just lives right down the street. It's really nice to just have them be able to come in and out. Mom is always around and it's never been. I know some people would be like, oh my gosh, your in-laws, John, you're in-law lips with you. Is that weird? But it's really cool like it's, I don't know. I love. It's funny. I like being like alone. I like the, I like the the stillness of our house, but also love this kind of controlled chaos where we have a lot of people in and out all the time. And you know, we have, we have just like a big family of people that work with us in that to me our family. So is that the most grounding thing free is really is nice to be inside and nice to have people you love around and mom. Like I came from school this morning, mama's. She just knows in her head. She's like, I had a feeling Luna wanted cabbage, stir fried cabbage and rice, and I'm like, thank you. She literally talking about this in the car all day. We're an. Yeah, it's, yeah. It really does kind of take village to make everything happen too. So it's nice to have family around. It really is is cooking part of that family. Everything in this house revolves around food, whether it's making it planning the meal, going to the grocery store, ordering the groceries. Is it is I can't believe how much of my brain is devoted to thinking about food. It's sometimes it feels like sickness, like, I don't know of other people think about food this often or have to think about it this often, but it consumes me. I sadly can relate. Every little thing. And then like post baby, you're like, kinda, how do I can I eat better? I still wanna be. I still wanna be, you know, indulgent. I still want to feel good when I wake up in the morning, and I think I've reached this age now where I can't just skip meals like it changes my whole mood changes everything. And so I'm working on kind of identifying what my body needs now. And it's so unusual for me because I brag about like, you know, that annoying fucking model that was always like a love, pizza him like bullshit. Fuck you. Like I, I am now the person that's like I need a grain. I need. I can feel it in my bones. He's greens good yet. And yes. Yeah, he I'm drinking like a green juice on the way to school in the morning and yeah, it's it's just different now. My body hasn't reacted the same way that it used. To, and it's ok, does have to adapt by learning chain, which is why I love you so much because I learned so much from you and I really, I think it's good to be proud of what you eat. I think sometimes we, we like to pretend that you know we can do whatever we want. Gin an indulgent, everything we want. But I think it's really good to feel good and it's a, it's a new. It's a milestone from eight understand that it's good to feel good. It's not just all about that moment of wanting to like satisfy yourself. It's like I wanna feel good the whole day. I wanna feel good the whole week, and so that's new for me and it's a balance, right. I mean for me, like fried food is my weakness. Yes, you're saved re person. I'm a savory like cake or up k. got never understood that me too. I, but if you give me anything, Ryan. Yeah. Anything deep fried like bag at geez, you know? Yeah, kinda my somebody's like a giant plate achieve. Behind you. Eighty. Just mode that thing down, but I what I try to do personally as like keep it sort of clean in the day. Yeah. And then at night, I mean, I try not to eat deprived food every night and that kind of thing. But I, I really do believe that you have to enjoy life and this idea that you need to be really strict and ascetic around food like food is. So Mike, I grew up doing the master cleanse and an end doing the detox teas and stuff. When I was working in Miami, we would. I lived with five other models in the Flamingo in in Miami. It's these two giant towers, and it was two bedrooms, and I lived with a ton of girls and we just shared detox tea all day basically. So your stomach is just going insane all day and be running around, not eating and it was God. I remember like just closing my eyes like you would see a wheat thin and you would just like salivate. And it was all of that. Nick, and that's no way to live. I'm not the person that can. John is very good at things like that, though. He's very good about like he could be like juicing tomorrow or I'm I'm gonna cleanse tomorrow and I can't. I can operate that way. Like my mind starts to go crazy and. Yeah, I just I, I need to be able to have bites of what I want on a very much a snacker throughout the day. I don't really sit down and have meals, which is one thing I wish I did, but yes, it's been a long time. Do you cook every day? I do. Yeah. I try to do. I mean, at least got when I wasn't doing like a press tour something. It's yeah, two, three meals a day cooking for Luna's always really important. Although, you know, you start to get used to those pouches of food and you're like, can I get the organic Powell? You never know. But yeah, I really, I love drinking wine, and I love making food and I love watching. Bravo like that makes me you're happy, right? Yes. Agree. What? What are the things like, do you are you experimental all the time in the kitchen, all your kind of like these are my always like I'm very, like. For lack of a better word. I'm very cravings base like, I'm the kind of person. I'll see a commercial. I must have that, and I want a food. The revolves around that flavor. I love things that are really salty, really hardy. I love stews potatoes. So now it's kind of all about how can I make this better from me, but still really enjoy the flavors that are going into my mouth. I don't want to compromise on, you know, like level rises, never going be rise. I just I keep trying and I'm like, it's almost Heine crumbles of putting him she and I'm like, great. And then I'm like, no, I know I just want why it's nice. Okay to want that it's, you know. I think one of my biggest issues issues is that I love to eat very late and I'm talking like eleven reenter, and I can't sleep without like a crazy full stomach really works out to be so full to sleep Ross. I'm like, we have something called my my nighttime sandwich, and I just put a sandwich next to the bed because I wake up if I eat too early, I'll eat my nighttime sandwich around one or what are you to warn of your old way? This is does to me. Right before he goes to bed. He can have a peanut butter jellies literally me if you as John what's next to our, it's it's pretty horrifying when I was pregnant, it was. So it was really bad. All those nighttimes a free pass. When you're praying, you think I agree. So. So this book cravings hungry for more. I love that title. It's kind of like we were, you know, there's so many gimmicky books and I love those books like where it's like seven gradients or less thirty minutes or less. I love those. But when we were ready to do this one, I was like, I don't wanna call it more of the same horribly. That's horrible title. But, yeah, there were so many. The first book there were so many recipes that we use in our household on a daily basis. Things that John has close to his heart. His MAC and cheese is fried chicken, which you have so good, so good, unbelievable. And then the second one I was like, this is the kind of food I love. This is nearest dearest to me and I just wasn't done yet. So he did that. And then you know everyone asks when you put out a book. They're like, do more vegetarian. Can you do gluten-free? Can you do this? That, and then you see all those. You see all those notes and you wanna satisfy everybody. So we took those into account and I think we really came up with something wonderful for many more types of diets, types of people. I mean, it looks having cooked out of it yet, and I'm going to look so delicious thing on my desk. Hang out there audit by route waters Homer. And yeah, it's it's we're very proud of it because it took a long time. I mean, it's so we're by the a book comes out, you know, you're maybe a year or two pass making those recipes are, and it's weird because you don't know if your diet changes or what's like, I've had a kid since then I have at, I'm sorry. I had two kids since one gets pretty. It's pretty crazy. Right. So your mom's tie? Yes. On what's your, where's your dad? My dad is from North Dakota. He's got a Norwegian background, Norwegian German. He grew up in the US and we are just very meat and potatoes on that side. So. So interesting food comments. And honestly, we kept it separate for most of my life. My mom would make these, you know. She will be doing fish heads and and and you know, these like shrimp stews and these really like potent crazy flavorful tied dishes. And then my dad and I would make scallop potatoes or but she would always she would always make that food. I always wanted my dad's food growing up. I never wanted my mom's and it was. It's so crazy to me now because to me now my mom is the best chef on the planet. She cooks without recipes. She, I know she needs nothing. She can make something out of nothing. And it's always so fascinating to me that her and it's so hard to get a recipe out of her because of this, you're like, I saw you put that in what is that? And she's like, oh, it's just a little bit of, you know, it's a little bit of seasoning sauce, and I'm like, what the you have to tell me these things is going in a book. This is going to millions of people. But yeah, I just appreciate her flavors so much more now as when I was little, it was kind of embarrassing. It was like. You know, my friends would come over and as suspicious sauce or shrimp pays. This isn't little zone Barrasso, but I love fish saw me to like everything. Really? Yeah, it and while it is anchovies but anchovies like desert into a sauce fish sauce to me of salty. I know. That's true. So what is your like kind of go to if I'm gonna open, craving hungry for more hungry from. I love southbound. I love is one of my going to cook. I on my gosh. Me like three things to, oh my gosh, darn. I'm I think the coconut rice from the first but was such a wild hit because you could make it keep in the fridge forever and people eating it with fruit and slicing up nana's for breakfast and then serving it underneath, you know, a curry. So we wanted to have a side like that would also be that type of dish for people weeded this banana rice. You know, it's so hard to find plantains. So we did a like a caramelized banana rice that goes underneath these jerk lamb chops that are so so just delicious. I love anything on a bone. I will clean the meat off Abon. If I'm eating with you, I will be like gimme those bones. And I will strip like whatever kind of whatever's on the outside of them. They're done like they're clean after me. So I love that. I love we have this amazing couscous, special couscous with sweet potatoes and and zucchini, and it's so light. And fluffy. And I think for that, it's all about technique. It's all about, you know, letting it sit, gently fluffing it, not over stirring that I love so much. And then I love are really hearty breakfast bakes, there's a lot of different casseroles in it. I love a anything I can do family style. I love doing a brunch. I love being able to just like dig into this really hardy. Everything bagel cream cheese, breakfast, bake, and have it just be Louis Guli that town, and it's crazy. Made to start without. And so over the top. And I've been getting so many Instagram photos of it, nonstop people are really making it a lot. 'cause it just the name alone, everything cram chess back past bag. Like sound so good and I love. I love seeing that people are impressing their friends with the dish, or, you know, like taking time like you really have to soak these bagels for twelve hours in this in the heavy cream and the milk, and it makes it that much better. And I like seeing people take time with dishes. Like that's why the tie chapter is so. Incredible for me is because that really is my mom's. I don't want to pretend that's my chapter. I'm not good with Thai cooking because it's so quick. You're, you got, it's all about the prep that takes some time and then it's done in five minutes. I like to, I like to Braise and roast and things that take like two three hours and my mom is so fantastic because she can do things so quickly blows my mind like she'll have an entire just display of food in twenty minutes, and it's fascinating to me out of nothing like the stuff you're gonna throw out. I think it's it's pretty fast. It's amazing. Yeah, you touched on this, but how does social media Instagram? Like you mentioned people posting pictures. How does that cause you are so bucking by on Instagram. Thank God for comments. The new say? Yes. Oh my God, it was. It was so quick cornerstone of their business. I feel bad sometimes I'm like they do like their Sunday round up and a and I just looked like I leave comments all day every day, and I'm like, no, it's a round up there picking and choosing. I'm not this crazy, but I am, but I am. I read so much stuff. Do you read everything? I don't know. I can't. I can't. No, you do. Do you get your feelings hurt? Oh, my God. Yeah, I read. I would say if I'm, yeah, I read ninety nine percent of where on comments on your page or. Yeah, I read. Yeah, definitely. A lot of my Instagram comments, almost a hundred percent of my. Twitter comments for sure. I read I, I read too much. Why? What do you get out about? Nothing. Literally nothing like because you'll read like two thousand incredible sweet comments that are so kind so generous and then you get to one like just one Astle and then you're like that ruins your day. So why are you reading? I don't know. I don't know on never know. I swear. I don't know. I just have you tried not to. There's been times where I've taken social media breaks, but I'm still I might not be talking during it, but I'm still reading right hand like I really. What do you think that curiosity is? I think I like a genuine need to be liked. Like I think some people are like they don't give fuck what people have to say about them like now I'm happy a great this at great, this and all all that matters is, is how I feel. I'm like, no, I really. I like to be liked. I don't know where that comes or what, but I think I don't know. I think we all do right. A very human thing. It's wanting to people are like, oh, I love that. You don't give a fuck up. People think I'm like, I really do though. I really do. Right. I don't know. That's so interesting. So how, how much time do you think you spend like aunt, making comments and Instagram interfacing with social meals lie? I think having kids is really helped because you don't wanna see you don't want them to see you attached. To your phone, but await was I supposed to what put my phone down? No, not at all. I have this guilt all the time too because I mean, the cellphone makes it so that obviously, people can constantly ask you anything and everything is a nine one one every the urgent and it's hard to put it down sometime. I don't speak on the phone and I haven't for many years. I just if you know if I call somebody they answer and they're like, what? Because it's a very scary thing because I really don't. I don't know where that comes from Hawaii, I'm that way. But yeah, I've just always. You know, I I'm always the best friends because I will just go completely dark for for months at a time. But then they're like, I see tweeting. I see doing on this, but that's like a different world to me for some reason work. Right. And I don't know, I just, yeah, you try to remove yourself from it. But yeah, it is all consuming the Instagram, Twitter. If I could pick one, I would definitely pick Twitter, but I'm always looking at something and I don't like that feeling. Do you go in detox is like, how do you? I mean, I might not leading anything. I'd try to never read anything about myself if I get help it. Yeah, I just don't. I don't think it's helpful. Yeah, and it's funny how much we joke about it and talk about it, but how dangerous it really is to have this life. We are tied to having people dissect everything about you, whether it's what you say or you know, we. Say things in passing that we think are funny or we post a photo that we think is funny or it's scary now that you know everything is really scrutinized and looked at. And yeah, I think I keep learning more and more that nickel megani can't post the things I used to. I can't make the same jokes, so I can't. You know, I don't wanna get in trouble even though I might believe it or might wanna say it, hunter, I wanna deal with, you know, I don't wanna. I don't want to deal with the people that take it the wrong way or. You say you're so brilliant and you're so unique in your voice. And I think if it's if it's that right, if it's the idea of the response, like if that's muting your voice, I don't think that's a good thing like we need your humor. We need your comments. We need your, you know, when you shame people being assholes, Instagram, one, then I get so many people that are like, why don't you talk to your fans? Why don't you? Why would you respond to this this this person with ten people following on, like, I don't know. Honestly, I just like an, I do respond to the fans. I do love them. But yeah, I do understand where they come from when they say like, why would you even give a crap about this? 'cause sometimes I don't know why too, but mostly it's to be entertaining not to just like, you know, it's not necessarily like hit back at this one person, but, but energetically sometimes that's important. And sometimes what you're putting into the world like on a greater level is not just like, you know. Clapping back on particular ten followers, but energetically, yes, like you're so other resisting. Barely exactly. And that's what I have to realize too that I don't ever want it to turn into. I have a lot of followers and I, even though I love saying something to one person that has been a troll or whatever. I, you never wanna. It's never descend your people to, you know your legions of fans to to get at them either. So I think it's all kind of fascinating experiment. Anna weird. It's it's, you learn a lot about yourself and you learn the, you know, you can't do the same things like used to at one point one hundred followers and it was fine, but you'd never wanna be a bully about it basically. Yeah, I don't. I don't. I don't know. I mean, I agree, of course, but you don't. You never wanna be a bully, but I think there's a difference between being a bully and sort of standing out. It's like when you're the person with ten million. Followers at versus someone with ten and I say something to them, is it fair that ten million people can go after them? No, but also you're like, but maybe they won't. They won't be so cool and I'm a big fan of Justice. I think this is where this comes from is John is known this about me since we first started dating as I always have. This need to let people know when they're wrong. Like I can't let it go. I need them to know that they hurt my feelings or that what they said is unacceptable. What sign are you Sagittarius? Is that a sad thing? I don't know. I asked a question like I knew, but I'm trying to play these again. No idea. Yeah, but yeah, I have this. I must I I don't know where it comes from because John's fine he is. He can just like it just brush off shoulders now not may I, I must let them know that they were wrong. Interesting. Well, I don't want you to stop making your comments on this. You literally make. I can't leave. You see it. Of course. I mean. I don't have a ton of time on Instagram, but when I do, I like have my concentrated sort of like twenty minutes in the joke about John divorcing or something on your Instagram. Once I was like, oh, my second husband is going to be the best. Oh my God, I got so much shit for it. How do you even joke about over God? No, you have to be yourself, you know, I, I always feel like that's why you have the platform that you have. That's what the success that you have. That's why the reach, they have you got there by being exactly who you are and your reverence and the way that you are in the world, like made you who you are. So. I'm going to get back to Chris in a minute. Let's talk about one of our partners. In the meantime. A mission that revolves around empowering as many people as possible to live. A life of purpose is a mission. We can all get behind the way that Lululemon goes about making good on this mission is by way of here to be. This is a social impact program that partners with nonprofits to spread the word on the positive benefits of yoga and meditation Lululemon also has a far reaching ambassador program. It tops the same athletes, yogis, and trainers who run Lululemon public events to test new product. Sometimes it's a new yoga pants sports bra or running hoodie that they try out and then report back with tweaks, even going to Lululemon store is more than just a retail experience. You can walk into a Lululemon shop in your neighborhood and know that the group fitness classes and resources will be totally unique from the ones across town for more information and for store locations, visit Lou them in dot com. Now, let's get back to my chat with Chrissy Teigen. Tell me about what you're doing for tar Jay. Oh my gosh. I'm really excited for that dream. Cool. It is. Did it come about. Honestly, I was Instagram so much for my kitchen and a when you walked in, you saw kitchen. It's very open. All the shelves are open. When we love something, we love to put it out. And when we use something, I feel like it should be out in should be loved by everybody. And you know, there are certain. There's a certain aesthetic that we love. We love things that have very raw edges and unique little qualities to them, whether it's like a a speck of of a gold flake that was made that's from the pot that was made next to it or these unique characteristics. I really started to find that I attached myself to these really, really similar style of of of products that I loved in our own kitchen. So when I was approached by Gibson to do a line and presented to target, it was an honor because. You do so many things in your career and you just never are able to really, you know, have a hand in your own thing. Like from me, the book was the first taste of that you create having autonomy? Yes, really being able to have a say and and have a presence in something was very unusual for me. And the book was my first taste of that. And then having this having this line with target, this cravings collection where people feel like they had a part of my kitchen in their kitchen and be proud of the meals that they made it was it evolved from the cookbook. I always wanted people to be proud of something they made. I wanted them to feel like, you know, even if they weren't the best cook, they could do it and they could serve some of their friends and family and be proud to take a photo of it, and then have this collection and see people putting my food on those plates are cooking it in those pots, it's. Honestly and honor. It's so it's so cool to see and we all have target and we all have those memes about how much we love target, how we go in for one thing, we come out with a million other things. It's just like it's a place of memories like I grew up eating popcorn from the long bag in target Z's I had it was it was a happy place. So just like my kitchen was the happy place. Making the book. Target was always my happy place growing up and they've combined now and like. I, it's still really surreal because you know it was in development for over a year and. Were you very hush? Yes. Like really being proud of something that's your own is so incredible. It's one thing to have your name on something, but to have pieces that you really love and you're proud of and excited about and excited for people to gift to other people. It's really special and they're so fun to work with than John have this target relationship that dates beyond way before this this collection. So it's just been like the coolest experience and I cannot wait to see it in there like I haven't seen it yet, and it's just very, I feel like I don't even really, I haven't even grasped the concept of having my face in there. It's very cold crazy. It's so honesty, it's unbelievably weird because like I really, I go in there and I look at, you know, there are people that I look at that I'm fans of, and I, it's, it's on a secrecy. I'm so happy for you. I wish you guys. Could see this big smile on crissy's talking about fan. So weird. It's weird because you know you are. I think honestly, being with somebody as incredible as John who's like, literally hasn't got has so much happening as always been such a huge success in his own right to really be proud of something that is my own that says, ical, you know, they, you're involved in the creation, so proud of it. And he was there for a lot of the development of it. And you know, he was right there aside a, he's right there beside me picking out the wood grain and the and the textiles it's very, you know, it's it's a big family thing for us, but like it's really soak would have something that's my own a. So what are you gonna? Do I think you'd be like Martha Stewart? Oh, my gosh show. And I still, I just had a photo shoot at a studio in New York, and she had a cafe on the bottom floor, but her offices were upstairs and I saw her with her bag and walk. Walking up and I walking upstairs, I taking the elevator with everybody knows my God. This is what a mogul is. It's pretty incredible to see because it's it's just nice. No people don't just slap their names on something. They're really imperative it and you have aspirations like that. I don't know. There's little things that I love. Like as I said, I really nothing's like huge giant steps for me. There are things that I. Late seems like all very organically, like one thing really does. There's no like great authenticity in that. Catherine, never a plan, and I kind of love that. I like sometimes I'll like like, maybe I'll call up my agent tomorrow and be like, I really, you know, I have kids now like maybe a voiceover thing. You guys are all listening. My boys know it's horrible. But like maybe I have a good choice for cartoons like I would love to do something like that. And then that happens. And then like little things just happen and that's why you know sometimes there's not a grand plan for things. There's not a, you know, where am I going to be at sixty? What might where am I going to be? I don't. I know idea. I don't know what I'm gonna do in February, like I have no clue. I just put your clearly a manifester like you think about something and then it. Yeah, I deal. But I also have a wonderful group of people around me that that make things happen. And I, I know. Ever want that to go on notice because I really, really have been so lucky to just maybe that's my talent is the fact that I have found such a good group of people that that I love working with and love working for and love being around. Who is the person in your life? Like not husband, not worked people, not mom, like who is the girlfriend or the guy friend that you kind of go to to relate recharge Shabelle. I like your number one best. -i I have, you know, I have this incredible group of girlfriends in New York that. And that you know you just that will tell it to you straight that are like, what are you doing with like? You know, they're the ones that are always going to be honest with you. My friend, Melissa, my friend Cole. You know the people that can make fun of this life, I think are really important like. You know, they just bring you back down to earth for me. That was always me with John, and now that's them with me. What qualities what are what qualities do you most admire in a woman? I think, gosh. Now with being a mother, I looked to any other mother and I'm like, I don't know how anyone does it alone. I think that is incredible. I think people that work and just balance having a successful career, whether it is being a stay at home, mom and balancing a needy husband because men are needy. I love women that are able to do their own thing. I think that's really wonderful and women that can balance, ask all those aspects of of juggling children and and their husband or high think that is inspiring for me to see. Do you think that in this day and age, like be scope of responsibilities for. Woman has increased. I look at you or some of the women in my life or myself. And I think I'm not sure that our mothers task themselves with this level of responsibility. We've a lot of pressure on ourselves now. 'cause you're supposed to be a working woman working mother, you're supposed to be so many different types of things, but I've always been a firm believer in it takes village to get anything done, and I don't. I whenever I envisioned my children growing up, I think more love is better. I think more people around better. I think family around great. We do have this immense pressure to to run a household tavern own thing going on and also not really talk about it and just be like while you're supposed to be that way. And that's why I think I just really scored in the husband department. We have this. We have this really great balance of being able to support each other's lives, and it's really worked out. You're making me even more excited to get married now. You honestly should because he seems really wonderful. And if you want, John is saying, I just will for him, he will. I can't afford that. You can cute. I promise you, you can. We're very, we're very generous are given seventy five dollars. By the way, I pushed him out on every lips battle episode and I'm like, you need to sing happy birthday to Tremaine debris. You need to like I, he trust me. He will be singing at your wedding as long as I can come in munch on things. So I promise you thank you on anything by the way. I really am. So curious your, so your wedding, I'll tell you, I honestly, I didn't know what to say. I ask people, have she married her ready? No, I'm not married Mary down that we have engaged. You can't. L. just healing. Nobody's that was a really fun engagement party was relief on that was really awesome. I think we wanted to the ideas that the wedding piece would be really small and just like family in France, but that we would have a big celebrate Ori kind of fancy because no one, I don't remember our wedding, like an I. I was sober, but I don't recall him since there were. So yeah, there was just so much happening and you don't get to eat. You don't do anything. Everyone. You just have to eat a my God, he'd have to eat at my wedding. I mean, I told you that's why I'm going to get married again, doesn't idea. It is. Yeah. Yeah, I need to find an time years. Renew the valley talk about that. We're like, are we those types of people? 'cause we watched so much real housewives, and every episode is Valerie Newell avowal avowal renewal. So we're like, would we ever do this? I'm like. I don't think we're those that haven't never seen real house wide. How on can we just do an episode. Wash it right now at me, show me what should I wear? Where do I even start OC for sure. No, you might like New York. Okay. I literally have never seen an episode there and there's I'm so bad with reality TV there was this whole chunk also 'cause I lived in England for such a long time. So I'm ladies of London. I can get you on all that. Now. I don't know how I missed this stuff on the night. And then when I moved home, like all these shows that are sort of were happening, and then I just miss. This is probably why you're so incredibly successful as you don't. Wait all your time. No, I want I know reality. Okay. What reality show do you watch? Well, I've said this before in this podcast, but my favorite one is called Dr. Pimple Popper and I love that lady. Oh, just wait because she's gonna send you her doctor pimple. Popper cupcakes. Have you had them yet? Now it's a cupcake and you. Can squeeze it, and frosting comes out through its little pimple while. That is both incredibly brilliant and dairy off putting when she sends you her tool because she will. Please be careful. 'cause you'll get very excited to do it, and it really works and then you're the first layer of your nose will come off. The guy can't leave Vitas yet. Oh, my dream is just pin popped pimple. He to me to you and watch me how to do that now. Okay. So fine. Next time I come over, we'll get the doctor pimple Popper apparatus and we'll get John's wino-. I'm actually scared for you to get the pimple Popper because your skin is on hourly, my worried that you're going to try to find things that aren't there. Oh my God, you're the best. Thank you so much. So mild on urges beyond inspirations. Thank you. Nobody can make us laugh quite like, Christie, Teagan. I hope you had as much fun today as I did, and I appreciate you listening in as always to all our home shafts, be sure to pick up a copy of Christie's new cookbook, cravings hungry for more. Now it's time for a question from one of you. If you could meet yourself at eighty five, what do you think you're eighty? Five year old self would tell you ask the MandA. She would probably say, slow the fuck down and chill the fuck out. If you have a question, you'd like me to answer here, send it over to goop on Instagram or Facebook. That's it for this episode of the podcast. If you have a chance, please rate review and let us know what she think to keep up with new episodes just hit subscribe and don't forget to tell your friends for more info. Check out, goop dot com. Slash podcast. See. Oh.

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Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

Geeks Under the Influence

1:25:19 hr | 1 year ago

Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

"Views and opinions expressed on geeks or the influence that at the panelists and not of our sponsors, amazoNcom and Deepa, brittle discretion is advised. Added, John wick to vendors endgame. John wick into comic books in general. I fought the other day that the best way to add him to game of thrones was that scene with the mountain, where Peter for champion and instead of the dude from door, and you get John wick roll up like this. That would be the end of the series. Yeah. Because I mean yet mount would have been done especially especially down killed his dog. Yeah. It's over, there would have been. No that. See that's why you picked him because there was a feud, right? So there would have been no dancing around his body. It would have been like, you know, five may shots to the head, and you've been done the John to where he's talking to dude. And then very suddenly shoots him. They had it's not like this long diatribe conversation before shoots like that done. So that's a mountain getting straight. Worked quick. Then they would've taken out the, the also plates between the mountain and the hound. The brother few that we've been leading up to this whole time ball. So it's kind of like we wouldn't miss that on that, you know. Yeah. And I'm glad that the actually do cla game bowl, there would been riots. I think if they didn't, and it was pretty decent, but I still felt like it just got built up too much before it happened. It was solid through that a good job. It was solid, but also was being realistic, like what was gonna happen. I mean we know the hound is really fucking strong. Right. But he was not his brother strong. And like he put a he's only person I gave them out of fight really, but Maoist stone around like fucking puppet. It was really poetic in a way that, you know, the hound goes out. His biggest fear is fire. He's like fuck this boom, straight into the fire, but I did like that. Yes. Scimitar, Affi though. That was beautiful 'cause you have like drogue on in the background shooting flames. And the way that it was shy. It was that whole episode in the last episode was just so beautifully shot that was such an awesome. With the in the title of this episode, but spoilers. If you're listening to a game of thrones episode after the series finale and you're getting mad about spoilers what the fuck that expecting all season four well, tough guy like internet probably already ruined it for you so truth. Sorry. But yes, this is all spoilers. Yeah. Truth after truth is all the internet. I didn't get to watch that night. And I went to watch Monday night, and I just I Facebook and I saw a couple of those weren't spoilers. I'm like, oh, yeah. I'm done for the day. I just stayed. I mean stayed off the next day the people hosting shouldn't eat and get your petitions that to you that are by wanted to, you know, get the guys that started the show. And you know carried along the tire time you know. You know that you could change it now didn't like the right. Banks, you fucking right? It didn't like they respond. Basically, die thing says that the writers were totting dumb ass fans or something. Really writing this shit Vardon is a mastermind create is awesome world like in vain of token, and you're like bitching about how he tried to adapt into fucking failed. Now, basically, longtime film. I hate that fucking mean that I see everybody posting it's like the horse. It's like, you know, beautifully done seasons. One through four and five and six or seven is like a little kid drawing. What do you expect? He's not even finished with the books. I mean they don't have anything to go off there. I you know, I have my issues with their writing, but I also have issues with the fact it's not a fucking complete story like the books aren't even done. So I don't know what you expected from the writers to be able to finish this story themselves. Because I believe they started surpassing the books and season, indices and five. Yeah. Yeah. Season five started. I mean, we could ask which could have waited like you know, another six five or six years, the book be better. Enter by would've been fine with that. They would eventually it's been share of wait. We're not gonna let you wait any longer for this episode of geeks, the influence I tried to segue that the best I could do. We are talking about game of thrones series finale just finished. And there's a lot of feelings a lot of different opinions about how the series went as we're going to talking about the books a little bit. We're gonna be talking about the series or feelings about it of series and toll, so we're gonna definitely talking about end of it. But also just kind of feeling overall. The characters their story arcs everything on one fifty nine of the influence all things game. Thrones, welcome. Get. Michigan. Could say great. Would you wouldn't be a strong sessions using the confusing shoes anytime as choline? For where we of the green without being. Defeat. Just be not your worry. It means. Power. Reweighting for the weed. Crack your beer there you go. I would have been smooth if I didn't fucking call. Yeah. Yeah. Chop at Radia era. Go screwing it up right at the very beginning. Welcome everyone to this geeks unto the influence. I have a panel here to discuss with fervor our favorite dragon story. So cute little dragon show as the me, I think it was coup dragging incest, and murder. Oh. With me today as a panel of four of us, total to my right is one of the co host of beautiful disasters that just dropped to deuces of. Appreciate that. Yeah. Did you just call? My podcast shit. I don't know. Actually both episodes are Superfund, one of which because I'm on it. I was on the FDR American bad ass episode that just released. And also our one of our favorite panelists Murphy was on the what was the movie that Tammy and the t Rex Hammy and the TV Oli fuck. That's both of them are gold. Yeah, absolutely. So definitely check that out. Look disasters at U I, podcast dot com. Subscribe rate review their stuff. They're on their own stream now and you guys are gonna be releasing a lot more regularly, now I believe, as well. So stoked for that. So fuck you hunters here bitches next to fuck you hunter is a painless that we've had before but it's been a little little while since you've been on. I think we determined. It was the fantastic beasts facade. Yes. Last time you're on we got here, Audrey my God. He's just trying to your podcast name. So. Yeah. Yeah. No. Here you were on the first game of thrones episode which is not as archive. Now, we don't even have that on a regular feed that game of thrones episode because it was like fourteen something season. Five was, I think it was the middle of season, five or just ended. Yes. So. Oh, jeez along way since then, so happy to have you on. And you also have read the books as well. So we're going to get some insight from you on the book side of things as well. Next to her is my right hand man. I'm a left Mr. lowdown Brown macgyver. So guys sexual checklists, even forget my name. Yeah. I didn't forget her name misspoke. No, no. Oh, no, no, no. Gettable. Clearly. Them with them. Let them let them wallow in it over there. Yeah your best. Forgetful, mother fucker to my right being the host come who is the shit show. This episode Mike topic. It clearly. My brain hot melted. We're fucked for the next four months. It doesn't get cool rates may. I got a sunburn Friday time at all. This is not fat people, whether this is awful. Down the sun. I usually don't start sweating up until twenty minutes. I was sweating before we started. You don't have one of those umbrella hats, you can just put over your need to get one of those, hats Bilton fan that like the hats that are little umbrella that you just put up there. So I think I need that larger people where you being PC about it. I guess as a guarantee I would never have sex ever again. Yeah, totally totally. And if somebody thought that, that was a turn on, I don't want to have sex with you, then. Yeah. Super mini umbrellas. Mike, the hobbit the shit show of the shit show. I run the gigs under the influence network, and you can definitely check out this weekend. Two days after this episode releases we're going to be a galaxy con at the Richmond convention center. This show smack my pitch up beautiful disasters and father are all doing live, panels at the show. We've got our list of times and rooms for galaxy. Con at U podcast dot com or event page at on Facebook. So go check it out. Come see us do this shit live. It's usually interesting to say the least swerved check it out, and we've got some, some fun things to include for the for the live shows as well. So definitely check those out. And then go over to the Heimer building on Sunday doors at six show at seven four. Another booze clues this our third episode. We're going to be recording. So go to the dark room and check us out. You can be in the crowd as we investigate the world's most spirited headlines. On the last one. That's right. And we talked you give to be Nick age. That's gold said on there like we're doing booze clues. But he could easily been cocaine clues. I mean like its cage. Yeah. All right. So getting to thrones yet we want to talk about the controversy on the on the last episode. I get that out of the way, I think kind of. Kind of on everybody's? It's ridiculous. Is there anybody that signed that petition going around say to reduce season? They were doing a petition before the finale that's just picked up steam, sorry that you're dragging show, you know, Indian do way that you wanted to do. Firefly got one-season. Yeah. I'll e by friend nameless. But he pretty much said that if we're already spoiler alert that point of we're spoilers. He pretty much say that if John snow, the show didn't end with him on the throne that he takes back everything he ever said good about the show and my thing is so show that you've watched for years and years, because of being unpredictable and not going to direction you want. If it doesn't go the direction you want. Then fuck that show that doesn't make any fucking set. You could I could not have said it any better like the fact that John snow was the obvious choice for the throne was a guaranteed was not going to be the person on the throne hall. Misdirect. Yeah. Again, there's a lot of misdirection. I mean, I honestly didn't think that he would be on the throne, but I didn't expect brand. I think I I yelled at the TV I would just like what I wasn't. Stoked out brand. The more it went into the seasons, probably like episode three, I'm just like, you know, dude, I personally really want. John to be outcome of him on the throne, and then it was said, perfectly in little meeting. Brought Tyrian out and everything and I wasn't expecting brand. That was like the huge surprise for me. And I love being surprised by show that does has surprised me in the past a lot. But not like I don't like to the extent that they did with him. But also like he was right. That was the wheel need to be broken like the whole bloodline thing automatic grants. You write a passion to be the king, and he was the only person left to have the right as far as by that mentality to be king, but, like the whole introduction voting and all that stuff in, like how they laugh at we should create democracy. Old white men. Where where where we are? Yeah. Exactly close home. And also, the fact that, that guy shot down, but it did bring up the now, people will be voted in versus being automatically born into being Peter. That is not suited to be a leader. So that was really cool. He can't pass down kids. I mean that's the thing. I mean. Before I get to my other sausa- being like his dicta at work. Out. Had the same reaction when it happened. What the? Bucket out like that. Something we talked about after the meeting. Just because my legs don't work. Shit. Don't dig don't work. All right. But the other thing of, you know, saying, oh, brand has the who has the best. It's like you got aria she joined murder Colt and kill the knights king. And then sauna mice king. It was so nice. Humira friends. He just wanna make night in ice. Yeah. So yes, she killed the mates king, and then sauna everything that she went through John. He with. Reborn. He was came back from the dead. He's a fucking zombie. Now. They all have great sores oh brand. Got pushed out of a, because he saw these two people fucking. Oh, okay. That's a cool story king. I was a little bit disappointed with the kind of like impotent way that they treated John snow towards the end of the series. Like, what it started to remind me of is a little higher learning. John snow, is the Nazi where like at first Beninese. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. I guess I'll do that. And then people like DNR is fucking evil. You should kill her. Sounds like a good idea. I think I'll do that. Just got pushed around in the end. They're like, yeah, you're going back to the Nightwatch dick for doing this stuff. I just followed. I just did what everyone told me to do now. I will say it looked like he was kinda kinda bitch out there till the very end of conversation Tyrian when it came up are your sisters going to do are the ability, and that was a turning point because up to that point like what can I do? Girlfriend, and she's, you know. Well, I mean your girlfriend's gonna fucking murder the last bits of your family. You might wanna like step up to the plate bitch. I mean. Yeah. Like seriously like that's and that's the turning point four. But I mean most of that conversation he's having what you're in. You're just like God damnit, he's I can do shit, you. Well, I think you could also see that conflicted with them when, you know, she's saying, her little conquering speech of how they're gonna conquer everything. She says from winter fell to Dohrn they go to him. He's just kind of like, hey, I don't I don't like that winter, we, we, we hold up different winter, Phil. I don't know about 'cause. I how how Di pretty. Like the two blood strand down her mouth and like everyone else has been gutted before. Like throwing spray coughing. Like in John's face. Yeah. No. She was like tool drips dribbles down. Really fuck this. I thought for a minute, they're gonna aria was gonna show up right after that. And they were gonna lift her up and do a wing Bernie's thing, where she walks out of the crowd, and says, I'm good. You should go and drag it just by the way in charge. Now, let's just walk around a little bit. Oh, speaking of aria that leads me up to I am a little bummed about they, they didn't touch into her Merckel side, sincere six and the season six, when that was when I wish you killed what fed what's his face is his sons right in the pies like that was the last time you saw utilize that. And there's tons of times could utilize getting a seven. I mean she literally takes out that whole house. So at the beginning seven six okay. Well, seven when lake six beginning of seven okay. That's what I meant. That's what I meant. He's like, let's drink. We've talking did it. We murdered children and women and they're like cool. I guess I'll drink and then everybody's dead. So it's like I feel like with how much was going on it with the story moved like that could have been utilized. You know, some when she was walking through the crowd with the hound. She could have looked like a very tiny Searcy or something. Somehow use that implement that really cool skill. Yeah. I mean, I feel like there was a lot with a plot that just kinda got pushed to the side, but I feel like her conversation with a hand at the very end though he saying, like, you know, I don't have anything else to live were, because my whole entire life is revenge. And I have no happiness, no joy, no love or anything. I mean, do you really want my life, and she just was kind of like a like I do have more to. And it was a very humanizing moment for her that she chose I guess, chose life rather than revenge in her. Listen, he was like, well, he's probably dead already. So with a fucker you gonna do now own fuck more. Pretty great. I'd like to do that again. Although she made a mistake, not going to Padre that night. Mistake that moment between her though, in the hound that, that was, what am I favor of the season? Just. Yeah. Like we're he's about leave it. She actually uses his Dame in, like thanks him. And like you have that moment where like he actually affected someone without, you know stabbed him. The face eight times. Or fear. That was the only thing you've ever done this scare people. I mean she had some of the best mode of the season, you know, I mean, obviously in the long night, you know, the not not today like oh, yeah. What are we seeing? Let me erection. And I mean you look at the hound, and he's just he's the one that's like we're fucked fucked. And she's the one that's like motherfucker stand up and stopped being like we'd gotta take on the shit. Yeah. Yeah. Or, you know, when the whole thing at the battle of winter fell, and everything is on fire, and he's having this exiling attack and Barrick just is like, you know, yes, there's a lot still to fight for you think she's giving up so that his, he had one of the best arcs of this whole entire series one that wasn't dropped like Jamie. Agree agree. I loved down story, art. Yeah. The tar series I think that was one of the best complete arcs of any of the characters in the show. I think he had the best and the most complete because from the beginning of the series to how he went out, like boss. Yeah. He I think he's the only one I think, has the best closer of this whole series. I think the pairing of aria and him was perfect, because when he would roll up somewhere shit's going to start immediately aria was the stealth mode. So just having both of them kind of intersect, you know, like he came in. He was unlike disguised or anything like that. He was like your content killing you and that was it like, you know, aria mask or whatever. So I love how much said Khan in that, that show like every other seriously. Also, I do want to talk about fuck. Boy, McGee a little bit, Jamie. Conflicted about how they turned back on his redemption ark because on one end I feel like redeemable like his character is irredeemable for what he's done. So it's like okay, cool. So I don't have to fake feeling good. That he's improved fuck. You, you you've done too much to be redeemable through. So I was okay with him being just this broken fucking person. That's like hanging out in love and on his sister girlfriend. Well, the baby. Yeah. Grows incest, when the walls fell, and that's and that's actions wide. Probably one of the biggest issues. I actually had with the finale was like that whole scene of her writing all this extra shit in the goddamn book of nights and all that the song of ice and fire book. I'm like fuck that I fuck him he doesn't fuck, Jamie. We're watching it. I tried to not do too much commentary. But when she's right down I, I had to put, and he's got a small penis, and just like free rate. Sister. Yeah. From our like, what ever the fuck. She wanted. The burn book for mingles. Oh my. I'm sorry, but that was just so unnecessary because fuck, Jamie. Never never wanted. I feel good for Jamie any way throughout the entire series. I never did he lost his hand. He tried. He helped people with helping people doesn't make you a good person. He takes virginity literally like sorry, hip. Yeah. Play gotta play. Yeah. I mean because my girl is Brian so was like, heartbroken for her, because it was a lot for her admit that I'm very conflicted, though, because I enjoyed Jamie's arc so much. His I, I disagree. I feel like he was redeemable in a way. But then. I don't know. He just as soon as he's like men, baby. I'm not a good person and just fuck off back to serve. I was like that. I was so let down by because I did agree. I thought he had a really good Arken. I thought they dropped it. Yeah. It's like the classic as of like. Good. That's what he said. Shits bad. Good. Were they were going for? And I feel like they kind of missed it. There was a nuance to that scene that could have improved it a little bit that it was blessed so about him be like, well, now I got to get a taste. I'm done a put it more like that. He feels like he doesn't deserve that kind of life that he could have with her and feels like he's, he's he is redeem -able in his own mind. And so that's why leaves because it's doesn't want to bring her down with him if they put that term I feel better about the scene. I think now this is only for people that have actually watched all the breaking bad, but there's a scene last season with Walter white on the phone with his wife began, but it's almost kind of in the same vein. You know, so. And watch it right. Fuck it bringing up. So. Where it's like being asshole to save that person. Yeah. I mean I could see how probably were trying to do that, maybe. Right. But whenever no into the raiders say this is what we trying to fucking do with his character in those movies where you're trying to get the dog to go away. So they're being mean to just. Oh. Just call. I did like the fact that I mean in telling Bryanne his acts like he brought up brand, and it's like, and if you go back and watch that he gave to flexible. The fact he was pushed a fucking kid Alva, goddamn tower. Like when he does it it's just so I'm just trying to get back to my sister. I'm not they probably after that say he just did not give a fuck. It was terrible. And I actually went back and watched him like forgive them that I don't deserve to either die or suffer with for the rest of your life, you fucking pushed a kid out of a window and then he rapes his sister on the tomb of their dead child. Dark. Dark, and that kind of goes into the differences between the books and the show. I mean anytime e got your brother fucking near sisters. Still kinda gross. I mean, in the books, it's a little less. I don't know depends on the. Because it does like in the in the show, I was just like, did they really need to do in the show in the books, actually, it's very consensual. Even though is a key. It's system. At least it's consensual. Episode. It's consensual Icke. Now for other story, arcs actually geology for the two characters that, were that had the lease film time, but was nest ARC's arc a little bit longer in the book, and prayer to the show or, or breath or John, Brandon, those little more influential in the in the in the novels or do they get cut short his? Yeah. Yeah, he dies actually there's partway through the first book, if I remember, it's been awhile since I've read them, but he dies as not at the end of the first book at the I think, game thrones. Yeah. I book, yes, he dies halfway through or partway through that. And then it deals with the aftermath, so yeah. He he doesn't. He's just about his stories of the same show. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And Brad kind of the same too breath. Ian, John John snow. No Joan breath, Ian, like John breath. Robert Robert, Robert breath, bad who's. Now care. Real person. Waiting. Something and you got nothing. Now. The. Fiction ever. Okay with roads out here in the game. The game with you. Nobody wins. Let's just take a chair. Put a bunch of bikers phones, and family kinda just went like me at Stanford. And then you had the bastard son who didn't really. Yeah. Come on. Like they cut out on the 'cause like Genry takes over the ply of this character Edrich storm. And he's the one that Mel Sandra uses for the blood magic. So I forget what happens to you might row off, just like Kendra did in the books Genry goes off with the brotherhood without banners. So he's, he's fucked off somewhere else. He and several and he's just walking around for, like several books, but the shows to where you don't see a character for Tuesdays and you're fuck. That's right. You're live there. There's so many people to keep track house whiting showing with status so hard. Danis because actually does follow like Dana's. Yeah. And it's just the first few seasons like seasons one through five. They follow the books, I would say pretty close. I mean, there's a lot of story lines that got cut out like there's whole thing with Catlin star has actually resurrected by. Yeah. I heard about the high thorough so Barrick gives up his a million lives for Catlin start to be as this whole lady stone heart thing, she's killing like phrase, and everything. And that's where brianna and Jamie stories kind of and in the books, so who knows what's going on with them. But yeah, there's a lot of threads in the books that get dropped from the show and awfully I kind of appreciate that some of those were dropped because the books are so hard to flog through. I've heard the actually like the last thing was the last one, maybe the book forwards, a lot of Tyrian rowing rowing, in Rohe's on about for a long face. I actually character John conning tower dot. Not your nose this other and I can get into the whole. There's ice whole other subsets that turns into a college. Pretty I will say, I just talking to some of the book readers that the red wedding still caught them off guard because Rob's wife for as not there when the red wedding happen, as opposed to the show where she gets stabbed in the baby like a billion times in the baby. Yes. Okay stabbed in the babies. Right. But that's, that's the one thing actually day fought with book readers, relax. Yeah, you know, you're expecting her to walk out and then shit to go down and. Yeah. And then there's sheet if I remember the books again Ray, she's actually often the north somewhere by the end of the books, like I forget, but yet and it's a whole different character. So, yeah, I could there's actually a really good YouTube series. It's all shift X. He goes really into depth about there is nothing but. When I hear this actually is, is this youtuber guy all shift X, and he goes into very long, just the theories of the books and all this stuff. What is the grand conspiracy of the north what they're doing and also going back around into, like, I think the kind of side story I forget the name of the book right now. But it's a whole thing of, like different countries and Esso's and these people of the world. It's really it's like a companion book to game thrown. Okay. Yeah. So this guy goes into all of this. Interest. Tell me in a soothing voice have to read accent. Oh, yeah. But so I'm I'm coming to the minimum point of view that I'm fifty fifty on it. I really liked the story arc. Or if I don't or character arc theon. So how we feel about his character right? It's like oh man. He was such a douche, and then you've got dick off and tortured. And he's more redeemable than Jamie. Okay. Yes. Yes. And that last battles with him was so a needed because clearly he was going to die. So showing him running slow motion fucking doing something like the one major thing. It is he saves Sanga that, that nothing else really that he did really count for anything. I mean, it was nicely stood by rant when the, you know, the white walkers and killed like his sister. But of course, the reason sister was captured with his yeah. I actually all my God. When brand hold them, like you're a good man. I was just like I knew it was. I knew and I started like bawling I was like not expecting theon to make me drink. Supreme because I was rewatching all the old episodes hor the season ours, the beginning of the final season. And I was like fuck the on fuck this asshole, and then got to that episode. Now, before we go to break, I do want to cover a couple of things that I heard exist in the book, but don't exist in the show, and I don't understand why there's a thing called motherfucking bear island, this giant bears, and then was like, ride them into fucking battle. What's. Bears. There's fucking battle bears. We didn't get that from the fun. Spiders, either the prequel. That's why there's also cannibal island two cannibal close by each other. Close to the wall animals on bears show producers. If you could do just a cannibal island versus bear island side series, I will, I will give you the money like all of my monies to make this will make like ten minutes of an episode. Just that's just need enough to Jack off to. But maybe that's idea for the prequels because that's suppose take thousands and thousands of years prior to what we see now. So it would make sense that comes into play. Maybe right. As are setting all this up, like, hey, we're on Birand. And then, you know, we'll get bit petition set up a head of time if we they don't. Totally worthless petitions are doing wonders saying, this is where we should be going with the reality of it. Just hey h. Really make a whole new show because I didn't like it like I mean they're already in pre production on season. Eight episode who season glue. Yeah. Sorry. Words, there's just all apologies playing like an instrumental version of all apologies playing the intro. Yeah. No. Campbell on bear island, like undid lady stone heart that's fucking shit. But understandably this show is so dense already without those elements added in you gotta cut stuff, even that good out of the story. But this could place stop on the first half of the influence, check out some information about some live events that we're doing in town, and we'll be back. We interrupt. Your regularly scheduled podcast for an announcement that will go your mind. 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I just close my eyes and had like a game of thrones version of Kyle with the guys next to them. And yeah, that was off, like, Mandalay pretty much. There was that Instagram thing video going around where it's got the hound singing on ukulele. And then Ormond comes in. You got a couple of nights shares. Very pineapple. Heavy this one's bears. This is this is pretty sweet. Yeah. Like the flavor of flavor. It's good. The one that I brought was grain Smith. Chai pineapple stout. And this is a five percent or so. It's a pretty sessional beer. Except like it is pretty sweet to go in the Ballmer and tell them what it's brewed with stout. Brewed with cocoa nibs and blended with masala Taichi at Taichi CHAI tea. He's got. Apple juice? Coconut, water and Gaba nectar. Wow. That's what Sweden's game from Nick coconut. That's that is so yeah. This is definitely a sweeter beer. Does not taste like beer at all. I know it's CHAI tea and pineapple basically getting with the cocoa nibs can definitely I think, yeah, during. Yeah. Said that is a little chocolate. Yeah. So it's actually a good choice for someone. That's not really big on the berry flavored beers kind of just a childish nattering on five percent. So you can definitely sip on this all day and not get too fucked up by it. Although, honestly, I feel like I would do one in probably wonder. Maybe two. Yeah. With the flavor like it's just it's so rich is what I'm trying to say. It's very, it's very flavorful now. The one you brought this is definitely more of us sitting out on a patio in the summer kind of approach to be here. This is delicious. Yes, this is triple crossings Valhalla, which is a good choice for this episode. I would say you like Paula. Yeah. Yeah. That was not intentional very Viking game of thrones. Though. I mean, the fucking Wilding base. Yeah. Pretty much Vikings giant hornet just poured through that. Twelve hundred walk around at the party with a giant fucking horn of AOL, his, I mean, giants milk. No, no. This is one hundred percent Citra WNBA. So by the Sicher, they mean that is type of hops the us, it's a Sicher hops. That's why it's really like drinking fucking orange juice. But with booze now like a screwdriver, because I hate vodka. But I'm just like the tofu of liquor. Just as it's so true, though. Yeah. I love this. I love this. They released it like actually three weeks ago, four weeks ago. And I happened to guy went there yesterday because they had some other releases didn't really care for those as much end up, leaving with any of the new releases. But I still have this on draft. And now they're offering crawlers. So I'm like, all right. Fuck it against on this. It's like velvet just so smooth and it's eight percent. So it'll it'll do it to you. Yeah. Those double up as will do that. And this is the juicy I over those Ono at setting. It's in the vein of New England. I PA for those that hate the piney resin west coast IP as you have been hitting them IP as a lot recently fucking love them. Yeah. Fucking hipster. Whatever do you know what I had yesterday had I had a fucking Christmas morning. So eat a dick who it was pretty hot for Christmas morning. Not at my house, degrees. Fuck you. Keep that shit like fifty in there. Degrees year round. Jeez, her enough. It's not about it much. Wouldn't here and I'm sweating to warm for me. Well, clearly me too. Yeah. I did. I must winning sweat. Chewing makes me swing fronts. Right. That's why. Oh fuck. All right. I'm back to ball, Swiss I care from Dr horrible along blog damp, boys. Yeah. All right. So, yeah. So that's all right. That's what we're drinking. Those are shares the evenings of check those out if you wanna get a taste of what we're drinking on next up, of course, is where we decide to do our own renditions of a scene from something we're talking about. So we're doing a scene from season. Seven episode five. The episode was called Eastwood on this making drunken scene. Murky. Dron couldn't see. Yeah. That's just almost involves. Do you have not worked out the, the parts for this just yet? But this is east watch. This is the famous scene that was discussed in the last season where SAM's family doesn't do. Well, no, it's a little upsetting. And for me, this was the turn where I realized that maybe DNR's fucking baby. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So this is halfway through are less than halfway through the seven season. They were and that wasn't even the first time that you saw some like I mean, she crucified people. So that's, that's a lot. I mean they were leave olders. Weren't. I'm really that. It was like just people that didn't want bend the fucking need. He's like okay well here getting burned. Yeah. It's a lot. So we're going to see and we need a DAS. Your girl. So then we need a Randall Harley. I can I can roll with that. Okay. And I know hunter you wanna be Tyrian right possible. Okay. So I'll be, I'll be hopefully I don't get trouble sticking dick dick dick on Tarpley some dick, Charlie unless you want to be the daddy, but I feel like I'm your daddy, so that we have a smooth silky of wisdom as to this. Use it to this, you know, anyway. It would also do the the narration as well. Because I don't think I've a lot be I don't really have a lot of lines. So y'all do as well. And I think we're good. So whenever DNR wants to do it. Okay, I'll start the nation. To Lancaster and Harley soldiers. Right. I know associates told you that I come to destroy our cities burned down your home's murder, you an orphan, your children that sir sealant or not me. I'm not hearing murder and all I want to destroy the wheel that has rolled over. Everyone both rich import to the benefit of no one, but the search Lancers of the world offer you a choice been the knee and join me together, we will leave the world, a better place than we found it or refuse DAT some deal in submission drug on roars and more men, follow leaving only a handful of others still standing step four out of my Lord. Randall approaches DNS. You will not kneel. Already have a Queen. My sister wasn't your Queen until recently, though, was she was she married, when she married, your rifle Queen destroyed house Tara about time. So it appears your early this somewhat flexible. Who is a choice in war? It would you about your sister? She was born in west arrose. She's lived here all life you on the other hand year. Murdered your own father, then Chozas appoint a phone invade. One would no ties to this land with an army of savages at ho- back, you will not trade, your own ah full your life respect perhaps, we could take the black yuck race. Whatever else he is. He is a true soldier. He'll be devil at the law valuables. All right. You're gonna shit to the wall. You are not my Queen. You will have to kill me to step back in your mouth. Who are you young whippersnapper? Dick Harley through the rain. Tirelessly. Ula, the future of your house. This was already what one great house from the world. Don't let it happen again. Bend the knee will now. Your grace, nothing scrubs Baldo sheds from a man's head like few weeks. It had dogs L. I said, what I said. I'm not here to put them in chains that becomes an oxygen auction. Many, we'll take it. I gave them a choice. They made it y'all grace, you start. Beheading entire families. I'm not beheading anyone grays. The old Randall tally, dick and tally denarius dome bone break of chains mother of dragons, whatever the titles. I have that missing. They usually says full me, I sent you to die direct Kanter Rogun incinerates them leaving behind nothing but to small piles of smoldering, armor and flesh all the remaining prisoners. Neil? Smokers looking Lami. I was trying to go for Mr. Magoo work for one sentiment like an old timer. Like warning the kids not to go up the mountain to the Cowboys. That's what I was trying to death coups. All right. So. Now back to allergies so amazing. Game of thrones German throws. In the game of Germans, who will be Germany ins this. Kantor. Gary in Seoul, the, the let's bring the golden. Company company. That's a whole thing with game of thrones. There's no good, guys. No bag is the, the star are pretty good pretty good. But then and this goes into I think the bells is John is just trying to keep the other the north army from attacking land. He's like, okay we have peace and then he sees his people, the north men. I think I forget, which character said it, but, you know, you put sore in their people's hands, and they just become like truly ugly people, and they see these people, these northerners suddenly become the bad guys, because they're raping and killing the women and children, you know all these civilians, and it's kind of, like, well, these northern houses aren't necessarily good. And then deniro's you know that's the whole thing is, she's not good. But she's not evil. Well, so I mean. I mean yes, she is in the end. But yeah, it's just there's a lot of moral gray area with a lot of these houses. You gotta think these guys from the north. They been through a by the season. They through a lot of shit how many fucking battles. You know, how many of their friends and other family members killed between whatever battle? That's happened. This point they're like. All right. Take my shit out on these people. So, like, in a matter of few years, they've gone from like. Pop stark, and then baby stark do and then and then it was being taken care of by Samsa for a little bit. And then John comes in, and then he takes the throne, and then he bends the knee to DNR DNR's. And now DNR that's like a couple years. What the fuck update Email on the shifts who's in charge. Yeah. Too many too many updates. Due to the software here. I'm just going to kill motherfucker. Did you just like semi a patch every once in a while too good? Fuck like temporary name tag. Hi. I'm your leader. They don't even get like the face plate. No. How much? Oh, no. Yeah. Baddest bitch. Land start leanna. Oh on more. Mont. Lena's mix. That was a kick ass fucking even she's. We got this guy, this guy. Now, you're telling me this Queen who the fuck knows from a kid who's, like, yeah. The smartest person people in that room Jack she James giant, the fucking, I, but before that you've got fucking before that you've got all these, like, old Roethlisberger's like we need to do that. She's like shut the fuck. I'm smarter than all y'all. We need to go with the studio, right? Her macer kind of leaned over and was trying to, you know, you should do that. She's that hand. She puts up in from, as I was like. Little bit. Yeah. John was back. He's like so this Queen or by meter and literally, she's the first ones like you. You were lower the Nord. I don't know what the what you are now like she was calling. Yeah. Italy a bitch you came, you came back. Is this like whipping boy for this Queen that I didn't approve of you? Yep. It's true. I love the hero death though. Needed. I knew it was probably gonna go I kind of figured, and but luckily, she's a giant. Going. Okay battle cry. When she just was like. Stamp getting crushed as rating. Brian ashes showdown ribs come out of her. Yeah. Which leads into deaths there have been some pretty significant crucial deaths. There's tone of there's tons of death in the series. But they're like poignant, well-done artistic, even if it is on the gratuitous side deaths. Right. You know. So what are some of their favorite deaths? I'm going to say the one that's just make everybody kind of tear up a little bit. And just say the simple senate's hold the door. I had my son catch up on it. And I was like anything happens. You want to message me about, and he got to the episode. And I just got a message said hold the door with a frowny face. I went. Yeah. I mean, like say the whole time he's holding the door literally like how God he gets the board. Fuck man. That's I mean. Yeah. Hit everybody. You one hundred percent. That was that was fucking hard. Kevin staying Shreeves death was absolutely crushed me. Well, I mean, we've got the entire red winning. Yeah. Didn't see that coming now having not read the books, I was like, oh. Stab do the baby. In the baby, the baby, and it happened so fast because you pick it up the tones and they change it and they're playing rains the cast. Yeah. And you see, you know, cats chart kind of putting two into together. Ed, before you can blink dudes over there stabbed her and the baby. And then shits on like that fat her was death is probably the most Birlik. She's just sits there, watch as all of her children, and family die, and her, then she gets her Mon heart wrenching. Like she's sitting there like evening, or face is like, I'm done anyway. Like I can't survive this. I can't be alive knowing that this happened and just this, this wail that has just oh, cuts you to cord it. Does awesome acting for like. I didn't feel that one for a while. That was that was season three finale, right? A year. The last episode okay Arias, like come in her brother with, like, what is it? The. Yeah. Yeah. Which was so fucked up because she had trying to get there. And she's like, literally, a couple of miles away right before the wedding. Mike, take our time gets there. Right. Shit's going down, and like how it has to get the fuck out of there. Oh man. That was brutal one brutal death that I was actually very excited about young Joe free whole what can. There are few characters that are as deplorable as him I can think of like two other ones that are pretty much up there. Ramsay bolton. Yes, I'm gonna into Ramsay Bolton. Yeah. Joffrey was the first real like, truly evil character. That got his come up that I stood up out of my seat, and cheered when it happened, because little kid, and then he got replaced by Ramsey that, and you're like, oh now we've got a new ask worse. It was way worse way worse. I was just going to say real quick and just kind of a whole mix of it was high Sparrow. Like that was that was. I mean everyone got their shit with that like the fucking. Not galley list of like fifty people. Everyone got shit with that. Oh, ramsey. That was super satisfying, because it's also like this tormentor you know, an it's sauna she's the one who orchestrated his death, and as she wa-. She doesn't watch it so that I think because she's not a person who's the whole game and everything the brutal debts. She didn't need to see it. But just the smile on her face a satisfaction was like FEMA for you because she's like hearing it walking away. There's a Smirke like year. Yeah. Yeah. Starve your hounds. Guess what? Fucking each you. Yes. So good. So good. So I think a lot of characters have taken on like changes throughout the series but signs is pretty much one of the most play. She went from the most innocent, like, I'm going to marry the king to, like fucking Fiji. The hounds like like hardcore Schick. She's been through so much started with Jeffrey way, sort of what seeing you cut off? Yeah. Right in front of her. She was up there that's going to be kind of difficult process and not only that, then she marries that fucking prick. And then he takes out there too, so she can show her. Her father's got him spike. Yeah. He's just like, well, yeah, I got another you're gonna marry my Ramsey who does would they don't. I'm sure that books go into more detail what he acts. I go into this not actually saw Kneza in the book, but there's like all leaders like beastie -ality rape that he does. Yeah. Oh, god. Yeah. That's rough. To stomach, you know, 'cause I mean Ramsey is very seditious, dick and just fucking nuts in the show. But in the book a Yay. Dow played his tail play. Wow. Wow, this the closest to his to his level of sadism was Wayne just like ISA sausage and swings in front of the because I was fucked up. No. That's a whole level of fucked up right there, man. It's pretty that part is pretty ambiguous than the books. It's like they don't out light outlet outright. Say that because dick off, they just kind of insinuate it, but he played his sadism for the and for the show. Yeah, they damn. We can't do this on any television network is. If HBO's like. We show a lot of shit. Takashi cashing meek as addition to the masters of horse series and that came out. They were like we can't show this and it's HBO and they were like, yeah. Sorry. DVD. It's just Falko. Yeah. I have the DVD on the DVD. Blu. Ray watching whenever I won't. Yeah. Yeah, good for you. I need to get that collection. Got a lot of the episodes missing like a couple disc from C M the season two. But I've got all these night, which are the better ones already there. I stayed satisfying her, but just -tarian taking his dad. Yes. He's like, you know, you're not like no, I am. This is what you'd fuck do you kill motherfucker on the toilet seriously? What about what about? I never remember his name because, you know, the shadow too serious. Other Sunday just like committed suicide the same time. Hi, sarah. Was that was pretty satisfying, not in the kid killed himself because like seriously had, like, like, she she gave zero she did. All right. Whatever. The last shred of any humanity for hers, just like my kids, she just because I thought it was up all saying that would be like it would be more impactful for her. We'd see more impacts when that happened on the show. Oh fuck it was found out. It's like bitch really God damn. I think that's what it was was turning. The shame moment is really where, where that last little scrap of her giving any fucks was just gone. I mean, that's the thing is that she was pretty kind of shitty and sadistic beforehand. She's still then, and then you motivate her by walking down naked fucking having people throw everything and yelling. Shame any little bit of humanity that she had left in her done gone die. Yep. She's just doing the thing, but she got paid a million dollars, an episode to do in the last season, sit there and sit fucking wine from her tower and, and watch thousands of people get destroyed kind of giving her other days like yeah. Scorpions. They're all fucking done. She's like, we'll still have a chance in, like nobody wants to tell her the news like. No, the thing that we use to kill the dragons are all gone. We're not gonna fucking win this like they took a while to actually sink in, like yes, you're gonna die. Yeah. The only thing you have to use against this is done this. She took them all out which, I wanna talk about the scorpion like spears, they were shooting and also that she had to dragons, the last time she tried to pull some shit and like one gets murked super fucking hard, right through the neck and like fall ocean. And then the other one just she flies the fuck away, and she could've just like flown up. She could have gone around she literally like disappeared gone around and then come from the back and hit him real hard that even in the second time when she actually was successful. She still didn't do that. She just cold, cheetahs move like matrix style dragging fucking spears fear would have been a little happier. If they'd actually thrown a fuck ton of spears and hit him because it's like a spear, and they hit him a second time. And I was just thinking, like really throat. I understand. But I'm saying it would make more sense if you saw like thirty of them, and he just gets nailed in one spot as will block out this. Yeah. Exactly. As opposed to just like one guy creek shot tax like you know. Nice. Let put together Solomon. See, I feel like it was kind of uneven with the first time that she went up against those ships with two dragons versus when she went in just like fucking massacred thousands upon thousands of people also, who doesn't send scouts it because there was that whole thing there were flying drags who doesn't send scouts to look out, I. Yeah. Yeah. Still sell sailboats. They're not moving that fast. Not so exactly. Why not send like one of brands ravens be like? Yeah. Checkout dragging soon. See what's going on there before known that shit? It's in the book. So is that the ravens can only use for literally nothing? They served real purpose, and they don't do any good at all at any point whenever he sends them. This happens happens. Yeah. Zapping brain is basically, the watcher from the marvel comics where you see shit happening, but doesn't do a damn thing about it. And if. What about it seriously? Saying he knew about most of the shit just stood back. So he knew everything was going to happen. Yeah. Back in. Myself right into the kingship. Rough one arrived was a status as daughter. That was fucking. Yeah. That real rough. The mom that just let it fucking like lead up to that. That's what that's what broker you're talking earlier. And earlier seasons she lets her brother just have the same thing happened. She's like. Family's family, whatever. You know, but what she sees her daughter then? She's like, you know, this might be kinda fucked up like see, hurt just the she's clutching. She's trying to get to her daughter to, and then as holding her back, and I think, because she was such as eel it for the Lord of light the whole entire time, and she actually allow the time of the show, she hated Charene and she had that, and I forgot about this until I watched it again. She had those creepy dead babies in jars. Really? She wanted son. And all she got was a daughter who ended up with gray skin was deficient. So she's very dismissive. But when it came time it's like you can't this is my daughter. This is my child. You cannot burn her at the stake. And I think you know, next episode she's hanging from a tree. So clearly that just that was like the broadcast the breaking and it all was pointless fucking loses fucking battle in. So do you think it was like a joke between light, the requiems like watch maker, this dude kills oh, daughter for fucking nothing? We already know he's gonna wind squeeze buddy shit like yeah. Probably so. So here's the whole thing that happened. So we're getting towards the end. But before we conclude this episode on game of thrones. I definitely want to get into Tyrian a little here definitely. We definitely gotta talk about what is Georgia. Martin has mentioned is his favorite character, and is a favorite character. I'd say most of the people that watch the series, I love them. Peter is eight topnotch. Actor knocked it out of the park with this with this role that he initially didn't even want when it first started. And that's what I read is that he was though, only person, really that they had picked out specifically for that role everybody else, auditioned that they came to him as we want you for this role. Georgia Martin's, typically was like I want him. Everybody else had to addition, stuff like that he was one. They went we want you and he fucking God, damn not again. Yeah. And he acts with his eyes so much like he doesn't have to say anything, and you can just get the emotion just on his facial expression. And I know he didn't or niggly wanna do it, because he doesn't want to be pigeonholed in this role of always paying door, so but he did such a phenomenal job with it. That is something that I actually appreciate it about Peter clinch before game of thrones. I was a fan of his before this. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That a lot of the roles he took. It was just he was offered that happened to be a dwarf. It was never that, that was the character was dwarf like fruit was stationed agent has been staging mystic. Also, there was a lesser known series that he was on called threshold. Did one season and it was a sci-fi series in like the mid nineties. I want to say and he plays like rock and roll scientists that the parties fucking him in. He's, he's a loose cannon, then it's Peter clinch like we're in a fucking leather jacket and just being this like jackass like. Kind of self confident. But like then when his fan and he goes on could go do science. He does signs like real real good. So good real good. Good. So, so they're like, okay, well, I guess you can be a jackass because you're real good at science and it's got data from Star Trek in it as well shock. It's a fun series. But yeah he just the only mentioned that entire series of his stature, who's talking about people not taking him seriously. And he's like the rock and roll things just because I was there anyway, because and just kind of made a motion to himself, six. So why the fuck not I might as well just do what I want to do, and not worry about it, 'cause I'm already there and that, that's their rest of it was just could have been played by any actor of any size. And I love that. I love that indium. He was in. I mean, we surpassed obviously, the X men when she did a great job because there was no mention of his size in that comic. It's nothing to do with exam. So he he was perfect pick for that. And also he was in the show went off the rails and got shitty towards him. But at a certain point it was. Good, nip tuck. He was he was a character that came in and basically became like the adulterous love interest, not intentionally like dirty sneaky, but like he paid attention was it was very. Empathetic to how the main characters Sean, Sean. I think it was Sean. Yeah. He was the nanny hit. Yeah. They just had their second child, and so he came on and being the nanny was like, but he was like, really good with different style, the different types of learning and all that stuff like that. You know, the more obscure now it's pretty common actually where that type of off the rails, kind of learning as they see they see the results from a back when that show is coming out. It was definitely seen as like you know. You know. But anyway, so that came on there was like a weird thing with them like as far as like they didn't really do it. But they kind of phone love, kind of thing, but he did really, really good in that, like, as far as how he showed that he didn't want to hurt somebody's marriage, but he also really loved her. So he he's, he's awesome. He's a great actor. Well, I mean I, I read somewhere, he was in all, but, like, I think one maybe two does game of thrones. He was in every episode. Like, because it's because I mean, we're airy the show in this weird way interior was Joe Girardi Martin's favorite character. Yeah. So of course, he's going to be most of the episodes, and of course he's not gonna die at the end. That was the one character that was pretty sure was going to be okay was was Tyrian and for that character, I will say, I talk about a development where you have a character who has been shown his whole life. Jamie was the only that relationship with Jamie's character. Arc I did fucking love. Okay. Like how Jamie is always they've always been there? He's fridge others brothers even shitty. Jamie was he let him out? Same thing, tearing repaid the favor. But, like that's only person that Tyrian even said in his whole life. That's up forma didn't look at him like fucking freak. Right. Which was awesome. So not saying the rest is family did. So he was treated like ask, and he was this drunken piece of shit. Basically, the beginning who knew right from wrong and knew how to do the right thing. He just didn't give a fuck about doing it because everyone show him last episode like everything the last episode of that game of thrones like totally different person completely different parts of lily. And with his whole story, Archies always seen as like the most clever person. He knows how to play the game play the game, and he kinda fumbles a bit towards the end and sauna even says, like I used to think you're the most clever man and west row. So it kind of he's built up to be this all knowing guy. And it's just it shows that you can be the smartest person in west Rosa, no. How to play the game. But you can fuck up. He does. And but. His penance is being the hand forever. He's good at what he does. That's what's so devastating with the bells is that as Susie? Here's a bells. You see this like, finally, and then he sees what happens after that. And like he's just failed, and he's like I thought I knew I thought I had this direction and it's all for shit, and he pretty much he's responsible for bringing that whole army to king's landing killing all these people. He has a take responsibility for that. You know if it wasn't some of the moves he made to get her there. She would never kill all those people, and I do wanna make comment on not just him. But also John snow in that in that mode, that I'm sure most people listening in our panelists there's been some point in your life, where something that you genuinely believed in with all your heart turned out, not to be what you expected it to be, and it absolutely crushes you at a fundamental level, whether it be your, your beliefs or. Relationships or something that just completely fundamentally breaks you and you can see that in the faces of these characters where John snow Tyrian and a number of the other main characters are looking at the situation like this is the polar opposite of what we were supporting. And now we're we're all of a sudden the bad guys. We're the invaders where the terrible pieces of shit that burned women and children alive. We did because we supported this person allowed her the opportunity to do it, and just it all over their faces just completely. Favorite following orders. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And like when Tyrian takes off his hand brooch. Just tosses it to the I thought he was a goner. I but yeah, you can just again with Peter. Dinka ges portrayal. You can just see that dig crush when he's inspecting all the burned bodies and everything just the look on his face, and just the anger when he throws down the hand pin. And I mean. Yeah. As breaking him John is just seeing what's happening in king's landing when she's burning everything is just the devastation because tearing even said like, you know, when she was originally, putting that pin on them. He's just like you know, this is something I can somebody, I finally. And he believed it with his whole heart, and that's why it was so devastating. So I love the final episode you open. Tyrian walking into king's landing, and it's just fucking devastated. Like he knew was happening. He sows happening, but he's walking through and he just absorbing just this dead city now just walked do walks by him. Has back is the choice of no music, which is perfect. And it was him it had to be that character to absorb like that. That's our audience point of view is through tearing at the beginning, but we'll say within the within the scene. So you're telling me that all seeing Jamie. Do stipulate ten feet? Like the right. Yeah, I'm sorry. Just looked to the right. There's a whole space with no rocks. Like they were like above a lot of rubble to so, like they did or didn't follow around them. And they're like, oh, well, let's go to the way, so we can get an even like Fred now down came down to little Brock's hit him on the head, and they should have been covered by castle. Lately? A gold hand here. He's like there something it was just like pretty pristine, the pile of Jurassic Park was bigger than this. That stood in literally anywhere else in that underground area. It would have been fun. It's like the people that have a rain cloud over their head just literally just over their head. It's that, but we are at the end of this episode of the influence all things game of thrones. Clearly, we could talk about this for several more hours to go over, but this is just a conversation about a show that we've come to know and love over ten years close to going to be hard, one to, like beat. Honestly, I don't I don't know. I said the other day naming this probably the last show where you're gonna get people get together to watch together the finale. Yeah. Correct. Or get a petition together to review the season. Well, you're still probably gonna have that for years years. But I mean like I saw with probably about six or seven friends and like, sure that doesn't usually happen anymore. No show that, that can happen in the future me, it was his Brennan's before this. When the when finally kicked back we would get together and watch Sam takes them like stranger things. You're not gonna have a watching party for the finale, because you just fucking watch it all out. Season. Two stranger things came out. We had a couple of friends come over and we marathon overnight and watched all, but the last two and then woke up in the morning and watched last two it's crazy. Knocked it out within twenty four hours. And we made chicken waffles, and like L this for it little eggo, waffles. Instead, it was great. But yeah game of thrones. It reminds me of when the first season of heroes came out. I watched that with friends like throughout the entire first season. It's one of those events it's, it's not just the show to its HBO. That with. In love. You don't please. I used to do that with the Walking Dead. Yeah. At the beginning. Anymore. No. Now is there like two main characters left, and neither one of them are in the comics, like, it's on the comics. Yeah. Thanks a lot. But no game of thrones was that show for a lot of people that the season finales on most seasons would get together and hang out with friends, and it was an event. You made a thing out of it, and people are going to be talking about this show for a very long time and analyzing there's like books coming out like analyzing the whole thing. So it's going to be a cultural phenomenon. Absolutely. Yeah. So we want to hear what you think about think about game of thrones, what you thought about the final episodes of game of thrones of the final season, your take on it. Whether you were deeply disappointed or actually genuinely enjoyed it. I'm kind of fifty fifty on it. They're parts that I don't like how rushed it felt with a lot of stuff in the last season. But on the same in it's way better than it could have been. Yeah. So am I completely content with the final season? No, I'm not. But I'm also not indexed it. I'm not asking them to do a redo know what it is. And it could be better could be worse. It's just one of those, you know, see. C plus maybe, maybe not be minus my ebook. I'm fifty fifty on it. But this just kinda makes I mean I feel like the books are never going to be finished. But I'm pretty content for now. Sure how it ended. But yet it just makes you on just be like okay is the story ever going to be finished? And I will read the books, whatever they come out. Yeah. I got to say, I'm probably a makes you mix between sixty forty and seventy thirty for being as far as being happy with it. Like I take into account all the qualms I've had with it and having not read the books look into what they could have done. My biggest thing is they, they didn't have to crush into six fuck, and episodes, man. You could've made like eight or nine eight or nine hour and a hand but their hour and a half that, but no, they were our fucking twelve and then there was other behind the scenes bullshit after fuck you. There was not an hour and a half. It was damning sorry, I've just say for me. For me. There are things that change, but I've witness worst finale, just crush me. Specifically, I can go into battle star where you take something that you never introduce in the final episode the final twenty minutes, that's when you do something that was a consistent, like, I was telling the other day, I was like, that's equivalent of the dragon start talking when various dis mom on. No that like that's without star. Did. All right. So you know what as much people bitch that kinda shit didn't happen drag it was bad ass. Words in the entire series is just a back door in showed a piece dragon turns into with. Dead Plum chick. We definitely want to hear your opinions on game of thrones. Good way to do that as actually hit up, our reap the spoilers page that we have, which is all heavy. And we've been using that a lot more lately for endgame for episode of games game of thrones. So join that conversation, so you're not blasted it on Facebook. And we're gonna be doing that for movies coming out. We're gonna be doing it for TV shows talking at openly about it. So to save spot. If you not to ruin stuff for people also rate and review gigs under the influence. Just go I tunes or any of your podcast apps. If they have a ratings or reviews, let the world know what you think about the influence good or bad. I mean, hopefully good but, you know, we will take that input into consideration deeply appreciate you listening. Every time we have an episode out, and we also appreciate you sharing this show with your friends. Word of mouth is the best advertisement that you can get. And so, I appreciate when our social media stuff is shared when I hear from people that their friend told them about the show. I love those moments. It's part of the reason why we. Keep doing this is those those moments. So thank you so much for listening. We'll check you out next time the next up, so dropping is galaxy. Con. Live galaxy conscio-, so definitely come out and see a live show. It's going to be great. We're doing it. Seven forty five believe on Friday night. So Friday, the thirty first of may, so come be part of the crowd. We're doing some dumb weird shit for the live show, so expected and trying not to cuss as much as humanly possible. Actually got some insight on that. So we can talk about. Okay. Cussing anyway, I am Mike. Thank you for listening and as always. Join us or dies. The fuck up hobbit hold adult. GUI podcast dot com.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

Bald Move TV

2:23:31 hr | 4 months ago

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

"Hey everybody welcome back to bald move Paul. We've got what's probably going to be an epic podcast for you. Today is two thousand. One's the Lord of the rings this is commissioned by an an enigmatic figure known only as Dr John. And we'll get to his comments here in a bit but I want introduced the movie. Of course, this is directed by notorious Hobbit. Peter Jackson? It was written by himself along with his longtime partner Fran Walsh and Philippa wins who's adapted from the fellowship of the ring. The first of the tomes in the Lord of the Rings by one JR Tolkien Stars Elijah. Wood Ian mckellen Live Tyler. Vigo. Mortenson. Sean Astin Cate Blanchett John Reese Davies Billy Boyd Dominic Monaghan Orlando Bloom Christopher Lee Hugo Weaving Sean Bean Ian Home, and even though he does not appear in this I feel like it would be kind of Shitty to leave off Andy. Circus. From the from the starring list and it was scored impeccably in my opinion by Howard Shore. I I loved this movie I love the books, pinch which they are based. It's going to be very hard for me to not just constantly even more than I normally do talk over and and the. bushwack Jim here. Let's get to I'm GonNa let you get an early and hopefully often. What do you think? I want you to talk about your. If people know bald move, they know the gym Kinda famously hates fantasy stuff. He makes exceptions like, for example, early stage game of thrones because it's decidedly UN- fantasy fantasy. And I know that you actually Kinda got caught up in the Lord of the Rings Movies Talk About your relationship, the material and what you thought about it then and what you think about it after having just sitting down and seeing the the the article release of fellowship of the ring recently So my relationship with it is when I was. Fourteen I think. I sat down to read the Hobbit. And Lord of the Rings Fans Right now are going off fuck like you messed up you messed up because the hot is a kids book right? Like I I didn't know that. So I picked up the most accessible or what I thought was the most accessible of the Lord of the. Rings Lor. The hobbit and I read some of that and I hated it. I. Just. In fact, it might be the thing. Turned me off of fantasy in general is that experience with that book? And so you know I I had friends growing up who were way into Lord of the rings you being one of them I had a few other friends like a lot of people in our friends group were Star Wars, fans and Lord of the Rings. Fans primarily. How did we get away with being Lord of the Rings Fans I know I did because when the movies came out I wasn't grown acid for own house and like nobody can tell me otherwise. But like I'm honestly shocked at how many kids and teenagers were allowed to engage in Lord of the Rings stuff as a Jehovah's Witness. have any. Famously Anti Magic. Oh Yeah. This should be anathema to them, but I don't know I. Don't I honestly don't know everybody was sneaking I guess. Felt. Like was more open though you know we were talking about the stuff in field service and whatnot I wonder how much of it is like broadly that is Christian allegory that they kinda snuck in. You think our parents were that savvy and knew that because they had read it right like. My mom I said I moved out. So she I know she did not approve and like talk told me pointedly but again, I had own house is running. So fucker. Absolutely But yeah. So I had that experience of is fourteen and then I just kinda soured on it and all my friends were like. Really into it and so when the movies come out in two thousand when the first movie comes out in two thousand and one, I was there in the theater watching it with my friends. And I started getting into it because honestly this is a fun and exciting film. Like the beginning of this of this film is very good It's it's a good introduction to what I thought was going to be a main character Bilbo. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction, his character I liked all of the hobbits I loved Gandalf. Everything is going great at the beginning and then by the time you get to the end there's so much exciting shit. That's happened with the ball rog and and fighting ORCS in in that final battle. You know with with form you're jumping in there like it's. It's also exciting that I think. I didn't realize that. The middle of this movie is kind of Eight. Just shit I I think it's a shit load of setup for other movies because this is essentially an act one of three act structure that doesn't happen in this film right? Like Ri-, right? Yeah. So I think. I. Don't know I came away from this movie going Oh well, that was a fun experience that was a ride, right? It's. It's like a road trip movie. It's fun. and. So. So then I was like, well, maybe I can handle this stuff and I didn't know anybody's fucking name. I didn't know the names of any of the towns. Okay. Will they went to? The place where they met this guy in the hood like. Turned out to be some Fancy Sword Guy. I don't know. And so I can keep up with the narrative but. You, guys were talking about it like, oh, but this means that and that means this and. I don't know. But I was into it enough that I was like, okay. I'll see the next couple movies. You are you have? Intimate relationship. Yeah. So I I had a relationship this guy named ace Jay's Kinda like years was with mine. He was a tad older. You know when I was twelve thirteen, he was seventeen eighteen and kind of caught with him through his cousin nate, who was a little like a year or two older than me and they introduced me to I'd always been a science fiction nerd I love Star Wars Star Trek. Growing up I never really got into fantasy because I was just a no go with my mom, right? And I remember playing am pretty sure axis and allies ace Jason Nate. We're going back and forth and they started making jokes about. Because he always comes down to these giant stacks of infantry in. Russia. On. Game. So in the out pass can show there is, but like the thing that because I was. Probably because I had zero exposure to this stuff, I was kind of drawn to the macab away. Some of my formative experiences were were like being at a thrift store waiting for my mom to get done shopping for secondhand suits for me and like. Finding a book on a Salem witch trials and like reading people being burnt at the stake and shit like that and like you just like their start talking about like when this is done about I'm GonNa Cut GonNa take your men's or at the end of one round the combat he he took all the chips and said, these are your men's heads I'm loading men a catapult I'm shooting. Him over the the walls Stalingrad or whatever, and I'm like what and they're all laughing at what are you guys talking about? He mentioned something in the Lord of the rings they do to like break the spirit of the Kingdom of men and I'm like I've got to read these books and I check them out. Of course, the school library had them all. So I started reading him somewhere between. Twelve, and thirteen, and it's like the very first band is the red and that kind of because at that time star wars and star Trek had both kind of been at a next generation was over I. think these face was like kind of wrapping up whatever Star Wars gone fallow and I'm like I'm GonNa go away into fantasy now. And I, just like I just love those books I I read everything. I could get my hands on regarding them, and then you know when they announced the movies are GonNa come out my first reaction is there's no way they're gonna not. GonNa. Fuck they're going to. Be Digested these because mine's higher life it'll been yeah. Yeah. My entire life has been getting excited about a movie based on a book that I really really like no other Tom Clancy. Her episode one came out right. I might have been like or getting hyped up for something. They're going to dat from a book series that I loved and it's just never ever going to be good especially if you're talking like made for T. TV movies or any kind of adaptation. But then you start hearing about like you know, Peter Jackson's real fucking Lord of the Rings Geek and he's hired this Guy Christopher. Lee's is all respected horror film actor and he's like was BFF's with. Jr tolkien's and. you start seeing some the pre production work come out and you know Ian mckellen famously ran a blog at the kind of documented his whole experience, filming it and I slowly started hype and then I remember Bill. Okay. So there's a scene in the books where Gandalf has to be stern with bill bogus bill does not want to give up the rings and the books described by Gandalf is like swelling with immense. Power and like bill, Bowes House groaning can't contain and I'm thinking like the one of the first scenes like if they nail that then I'm going to be in good shape and it's such a simple trick as essentially just dropped the bat like it felt like Gandalf sucked all of the light from the room into himself to and just through his physical performance. Now he actually grew but look grew in power and intimidated. Bilbo. But then instantly turned back into the grandfather and I remember like relaxing and be like Holy Shit. They're going to nail this because that's a really subtle job that they could have done whizbang on all kinds of different directions but it felt real like in a nuts and bolts like this is a real place kind of thing and from then on like I these movies were the most hyped. I've ever been about anything like it's the the two towers, the return of the king. I went to a special engagement when the when the there is a travelling exhibit of all the props and costumes and stuff from the movies that like town the town and it came the Indianapolis and was going to be there for thirty days and Indiana State Museum has an Imax theater built into it and they screened all of the theatrical releases. You could be you have frank hundred dollars. You could buy a ticket that they showed him back to back and then at midnight open doors to the exhibit and I didn't get home like four o'clock in. The morning it was this amazing experience in. It's it's been like one of my dreams to go to New Zealand and like tour Hobbiton all the sets that they still have kind of up and go to all the different locations I'm saying that eight up this this film and it's been about a decade since I've been that into something because you know I've gotten into a bunch of other things through through bald move and probably half the the deep Lord of the Rings Lord that I used to know has been deleted favor of deep game of thrones for sure. But I still like. This year I can't remember win. But Kim Renfro I guess has this tradition with her husband where they watch all of this extended editions on some weekend each year she was tweeting about it and me and sessile like you know it's been a long time since we've seen him. So we fired him up to and then that led to me buying the BLU rays of extended editions and sesame had never seen the like bonus materials. We watched all them walks a couple of commentaries watch like ten hours of. Its Dr John's going to get his fucking money's worth because I'm coming into this thing organically ready to talk about it. Yeah. I'm glad you are because this is only the second time I. think that I've seen this I know you know we used to have board game parties and just like playing magic the gathering or whatever growing up with our friends group and so. This has been on in the background and I'm sure the extended cut has been on in the background. I've been at one of those parties but this is really only the second time. I've seen this entire movie all the way through. And I did watch the theatrical cut for this podcast. So I don't know I still don't know like, okay. I know bore Amir's named now I know who Eric Gordon is like. I, picked up the names of the main characters, but if you ask me Where the hell you know. Gambling is from fucking know the name of that place I know there is. I know the. Galley. Who Gimle is okay I thought you said I thought she said where Gimli was location no, they'll where he said Ryan gimmes from. Yeah like. I'm still thinking to know that stuff, but you know Ram. I don't have a ton to say about this a from a lawyer perspective obviously, but I think you know you'll. You'll be able to handle that more than capably. I hope. So maybe before we get to for much further in, we should read. Dr. John's Detto because like if we're going to get the, he's also got some lightning round the questions for the end that will return to but Dr, John, Commission this podcast. Says I watch hundreds of movies each year, but this remains number one, all time favorite movie I know the movies long buys hoping you guys would excuse it because you've almost certainly seen it before they Africa is technically comes in under three hours. I'm impatient physicians while my life has been shit for the past five months. My financial situation is pretty stable thus he pulls the trigger on this commission. Thank you so much for all incredible insight and entertainment that you guys have provided over the years That's very sweet. Thank you. I just want to dedicate this podcast all the listeners struggling through covid nineteen pandemic is podcast provide a bit reprieve for everyone actually just finished reading the book for the First Time after a numeral movie watches, I really feel the film is an improvement on the source material as blasphemous as that sounds. WHO A Lot, I got I got some Harris later onto Dr John me to go dance slogan with you. Yeah. They cut a cut a lot of fat as crazy that sounds it's such a long movie r.i.p Tom Bombardier dill. I can't wait to hear you guys thoughts on not only the film, but also it's impressive production short Christopher Nolan's magnum opus. I don't think we'll ever seen epic production with practical effects like this ever again, this trilogy was the been her of our generation I remember reading daily updates, underproduction online. When is a middle school? A day may come when the courage of bald move fails, but it is not this day. Thank you Dr John. Yeah I I'm saying I this back. Do you remember? Did you ever read Harry Knowles ain't it cool news no not really. Because I got into that during the prequels and the Lord of the Rings and I. Got My daily doses of like you know what? What is this picture? What could it be it? All that kind of stuff. Mind spoilers for especially Lord of the Rings because how I read all the books read the summarily and all that stuff but I. I hope I can do justice to production because maybe we can start there. This is a crazy deal especially for at the time. Peter. Jackson went to new line cinema and said, I want you to give me money and time to film all three of these unfilmable books, I'm GonNa. Do I'm going to do it at the back end of the world far away from Hollywood across oceans and I'm going to use a special effects company. That's like essentially a farm team that I built up myself. I'm on a cast a whole bunch of people that you've never heard of and I'm going to go away and then a couple years. Later, you're going to get the first one and we're going to be desperately doing post production, but we're going to film this whole thing. now, a days that happens quite a bit. You know when they've got a well regarded Kinda sure thing trilogy were. But it's still kind of rare and it works and I think that. When you get into the production where you've got like there's like sometimes five and six active units filming all over New Zealand, which is a pretty big geographically diverse country the half filming spread all over we had this massive cast. You know the the castles I read off is just like those are the a one main characters you know. And you've got I I can't imagine a studio pressure on Peter Jackson he talked a lot in the commentary about the studio forcing things in and like having problems and him picking his battles and all that kind of stuff and the sheer amount of money that'd be flowing in and out I. Like this is truly what you call it epic scale especially since they were inventing special effects that never been used before that massive technology render these these giant armies That's that's one of the main things I remember about the production from. Contemporary with the being made is just about the digital effects they did to to generate. Yeah. Like thousands upon thousands of of digital characters in the background. But I think some of the most impressive thing than while like as as cool as a special editions were I'll never it'll never replace actually going to this exhibit and seeing how this stuff works but This stuff some CG is a little creaky because we're about twenty years beyond not not often. But most of the things like when you see Ian mckellen sitting across from Elijah Wood Ian mckellen looks like you know he's six foot tall and fro looks like he's four foot tall. You can't see the seems because they're not. They're they use really complicated like you know when you've got the Ian sitting across a table from Elijah Woods alleges twelfth further into the background and the US this gambled set. So when the camera moves from one and table to the next, the tables cut in half and has got like some kind of complicated hinge mechanism that moves it. So it act even though he's twelve further away the camera pans it and gets the appropriate pair if he's facing them and they worked out the sight lines, it looks like they're sitting, but there is no composite. There's no blue screen work for the vast majority and even stuff like. John Reese Davies is like this massive man he's like six, three, six, foot, four Elijah. Woods is a tiny guy. So they got away anytime. The dwarf is standing next to the hobbies. He looks like he's in perfect scale because dwarfs are smaller than men but quite a bit larger than hobbits and using those practical effects like the tw- The two evil towers in the movies are these twelve fifteen foot statues that they can just crazy get crazy detail and then this state take cameras in swoop up down them like their helicopters and ill never looked fake because it is real bright. And so much of this stuff Didn't they could spend the money at where. They have to nail column right and he is still a fact that stands up really well because they spent the money to make it I just I just think. If you watch these extended editions and all of the bonus material I have to feel like it's about like going to a years worth of film school. because. It's not just like a behind the scenes fifteen minute thing of how we did it. They show like all the camera tricks. They also talk about how like the stuff ties into the story and you know there is a whole hour documentary on adapting the book to the film talks about like you know their philosophy of you know making certain cuts and keeping some stuff and it certainly like do you I talk about the time that I went through the Top One hundred this movie and it's bonus features kind of ignited that love of film for me and I've heard several other people like Lindsey. Ella says the same thing happened to her and that's why she went to film school as because. Watching these special features made this thing go from being magical, which is amazing to like God. This is something people can do like these are techniques that can be learned. This isn't something that's like Wizardry, right? It is a lot of passion ingenuity but like you can actually do it and I think that no other film and it's behind the scenes ever made me feel that way it's like you know what? Why is my heart stir when this scene is happening and Peter? Jackson will tell me is because I use this technique and that technique and that technique and then I was obsessed I wanna go see all and he kept on referencing like I'm doing a hitchcock shot here and here I'm doing something that you know this is the Classic Casablanca Blah Blah and I had to go see all that stuff to see like where he's pulling that material. So. The reason I like this. This is kind of origins of Ball Bovina? Really Weird way because I don't know that if I hadn't gone through that appreciation a film that. Bad Madman reignited in that that in me like ten years later, I don't know that I would have sat down and gotten that much into the golden age of television. Had it not been for Lord of the Rings Sucking me into the art so spy first of Mini soliloquies on his podcast I'm actually impressed. With how much they were able to accomplish which with what I think by today's standards is a modest budget. This film had one hundred and nine million for its budget which. Back in pretty big I guess not a lot of movies were made above one hundred million. But For for today's effects, heavy films I don't know the number of effects shots the the amount of effects work they do in these films do in the scale of everything because everything is so epic in this movie. it's shocking to me that they were able to create it. Especially when you consider the talent, they hired those people were certainly getting paid the sound like these were nobody's back then right and now they've become huge stars. No, there was some of the best in the industry and so like getting them to do all this work In a one, hundred, nine, million dollar budget to me is incredible. and. The other thing is like this seemed to be one of the happiest sets I've ever heard of like there. There's a sad story about the hobbit that came the came back and did a lot of this stuff. But like all intensive purposes everyone loved working here, they got paid fair wages like there's multiple stories of Like they do this does grueling yearlong shoots and like the nine, the fellowship of the ring got very, very close. They all famously got tattoos matching tattoos they surfed together. They did a whole bunch of stuff and the like Peter Jackson's telling a story on the extended edition commentary without establishing shot Frodo. Establish him. He's not like other hobbits. You know he's quiet and bookish and his own that shot something that they. They did like six months after they wrapped the original shooting it's Elijah's first day being back at Frodo before they filmed them he was like doing this happy little jig because he's so excited to be back in New Zealand being Frodo again and get to see all of his friends and like apparent I mean I dislike last year on twitter the whole cast had gotten together spontaneously to kind of have a reunion and there ought drinking at a bar like everybody Ian, John Reese Davies, Sean being You know all of them are they're having a great time it. Not only was it hard but it seemed like it something incredibly satisfying they hired artisans to like experts swordmakers in armourers to like you know. Hey. Here's this fantasy armor like what would look like if it was real, you know and that's the thing that I came away with when I saw the exhibit is like when you look at this stuff and look at the stitching and the materials like this, this is it looks real. It looks like something a person would wear into battle you know it and Before this when I think a fantasy swords like Conan, the barbarian he's got this chrome doubt blamed out you know there's gills all and a hilts isn't where nate thing and you look at like Eric Gordon Sword in this, it's just a really nice sword. You know like it looks like you would really cut people's heads off where. It also felt like a real tool you know. It was different from all the other shit like crawl. He's got this like crazy Chinese star throwing star looking thing and. The ought the sword of attorney from the thunder cats like sure everything was was like this crazy ornate stuff. It didn't feel real or you remember when we watched, what was it That was that King Arthur excalibur. Where all the knights were wearing the slake essentially eighteenth century chrome doubt like armor that no one ever ever has worn before in battle chair This stuff is like you can tell like people craftsman sat like hired they didn't go out and hire some crazy movie artists that got leg John was is it John Lee? they got the two best token artists who had been drawn shit for years decades and said, Hey, you guys come in and designer sets. Nice, you guys come in and the the the people that have the passion for Christopher. Lee. You know who had corresponded with token before he died and. Had It goes through and reads the series every Freakin year like like a this Amodu like you get these guys in here and they're actually making suggestions improving dialogue it all came together to be you know it could have been a mess for all the reasons we kinda out but I don't know if it's because Peter Jackson that kind of kept things grounded and. About but it it's it's. I don't know it became more than the sum of all of its different parts. Felt. Like everyone was invested as Peter Jackson himself was like, okay. It's one thing to have this idea and WanNa do it but you need hundreds of people around you to have the same enthusiasm and. Just finding the right people I. I was impressed with actually the way that they did. The, whole digital side of this You know this, this film essentially built wetter and to what it is today and when they were going out to do like digital effects, they didn't know how to do this shit and they didn't have a team the couldn't do it. So they did according to the scant Background I've seen on this in in the. Making of and stuff is they got a bunch of people who were into like It just like students and like people who are passionate about doing this digital work. They and they hired them and said, Hey, do you wanna come make this cool thing with us and they're like, yeah, we'll figure this stuff out And they talked with with the I limb with Lucasfilm on some of the previous stuff that they were doing at the time to just get you know all the shots tinker with the shots and get him down to where they they knew. Exactly. It seemed like they had multiple stages of previous stuff like they'd have fiscal previous with some of this with Pierre Jackson with a little camera on a Rod Kinda zoomed through models. Framing shots and then they had like digital pre-bus and I was just impressed with the. The. The sort of like we'll get this done. You know to to an insanely high level like it's it's not like these graphics are Oh well, you can see the like they used a bunch of students and people who'd never done this before to make this film. This is some of the best effects work of the time, right? It was amazing to that. They could get that done with a bunch of people who had never done it before and it comes down to the passion they've got to. They've got show up every day excited about what they're doing and it seems like everyone on this production did. Yeah because it's going to be like a year long crunch mode from uh the person's and making foam rubber ORC mass to the person's doing and like for on the digital side that stuff didn't stop alike even when this movie rolled out the door, their toughest technical challenge bringing. Ghalem them to life late lay lay ahead and there's a reason like See Gholam for a fraction of a second this movie. Yeah. Was Jackson's he said this is our Alpha Gholam and I'm sorry and we knew we had to show him but we try to show as little as possible because we knew we weren't quite there with it. Hands is a silhouette that's really all I thought there was so much more column in this movie. Yeah. It's. It's kind of like jaws in that he's just established as this kind of. Shadowy Minnesota, and you don't really get a glimpse of him But yeah, like the it was you know the actress had to come back for re shoots and as a couple of cases where I can't remember I think it was a shot where the birds came back from the mountain to give ceremony report aware gained office taking the habits and I. Guess they had shut down production and all those big sets of like the The minds below is and guard had been put in storage and. Peter. Jackson's column people. where is that stuff? It's all. It's like seventy never pieces we need to get it screw back together because I got a pick up shot, I need to do on this set that's the size of a small church and they're like, okay, we'll get that done and it was like a this big piece like three years of some of these people's lives and they left it all out there on the screen and it's something you know like this movie will I full I? Fully believe this movie is going to be like, King. Kong. It's going to be like wizard of Oz where they will talk about one hundred years from now it will still be like a culturally important. I mean not maybe extended his today but it'll be one of those things where like people will still watch it and have fond memories of it is be handed down from generation to generation just like the books have been so what an accomplishment would be interesting. I wish we had time to talk about like what went wrong in the hobbit because the hobbit is like the Bizarro. Yeah. The rings production I. Hate Movies I hate them I said I saw them all and I've only seen the final hobbit movie, the battle of the five Fox or whatever I've seen that exactly once. Because I haven't ever seen it, I saw the first to know third ones on for me. They're not great. They're not great. That's let's say they're entirely trash fire but like. But it's the like okay. Opening Salvo of this conversation. It is the Anti Lord of the Rings because Peter Jackson, had way too much stuff that he could possibly film and Lord of the Rings, and it was mostly platinum and gold the hobbits the opposite the habits like a two hundred page kids book and he had to keep adding more and let's pull stuff in from the appendix pool stuff infamous Meridian as blow it up, make this a dark movie like Lord of the Rings even though the Hobbit is not a dark movie does have some scary? Parts like kids stories do, but it's like early going Harry Potter level. It's like book one or two of Harry Potter it's not even like book seven of Harry Potter let alone a movie where people's heads are being chopped off and flung into a city the terrify the like it doesn't have that gear but they're kind of trying to force it. Knowing that the hobbit should have been a one movie appendix to the Three Movie Trilogy of Lord of the Rings right like, yeah you WanNa make our and go for it but don't try to make this thing. You could even make to to our movies if you really wanted to take your time, but the three three hour movies is just insane it's insane and. Jackson wanted to do it is at the dark side of the passion like he's just got so much passion for this source material that he felt like, oh, there's an endless well that I can draw from here and. Peter. Peter Jackson. Wanted the hobbit movies to be made. He wanted his friend, Guiraud Guillermo del Toro make them. There was some kind of dispute and falling out with that didn't happen, and now he's got all these people that are friends and colleagues that rely on him for a paycheck. You know like all these people all this industry that he single handedly built. New Zealand they're all like come on Peter we're GONNA, we're and he kind of like had yeah who else would trust to do it and he kind of like forced himself to do it and he was exhausted like you look at. This other things like when I look at these special features and I compare them to like special features on the prequels and we even did Commission One of her last mission podcast in the first round was we did a look at a special features of. What was it revenge? I think it was called in a minute or something like that. Yeah Yeah was like chunk and everything that goes into making it. It's not like there's no passion on especially because you know these people were star wars fans from their birth and they're working on their dream movie, but you compare like. George Lucas going through mockups of jar jar binks and the the pre- The expand material for the phantom menace and you look at everyone kind of reaction you look at like Steven Spielberg's honest reaction of his first cut of the phantom menace you look at like there's this kind of like a pall cast over proceedings where everyone is so excited but they're like this isn't working for a lot of different complex reasons. Nothing is really working and you look at these where Peter Jackson's run around barefoot just excited like you go into this set that set like doing this great job. That looks amazing. I can't believe it looks so cool and does this energy he just as ball of energy and you look at him and he's also a fat. He's also this little fat hobbit run around and you look in the hobbit and he's lost a bunch of weight and maybe this is just but he looks gaunt he looks exhausted. And I just think yeah, I. think There was the passion there. It's just the money fucked it all up. You know the demand of having three movies. You know the the disputes that led to the alienation and the first director and ANA kind of our. We. We could do another epic thing just on the Hobbit I'm terrified because were like forty minutes. In this thing, we haven't actually began to talk about the movie you know as art our podcast tend to be runtime length anyway. So Fuck, love. Yeah. Yeah All right. So should we start? So we start formerly talking about the one more thing real quick I to run down some of the awards at one So talked about the you know the for this thing one, hundred, nine, million, it making like eight, hundred, almost nine hundred, million worldwide. So huge huge success awards wise. It got nominated for thirteen Academy Awards that came out. And it only one four of those which you know saying, Oh, it only one four awards ridiculous I'm. Sort of not surprised by the ones that had did win the ones that didn't So. So as the ones that at one were best makeup Best Cinematography, best original score and best visual effects. I mean those kind of seemed like no brainers I was surprised to see that it didn't win the best costume design of, of course, it was up against a Moulin Rouge which did win So pre-, pretty good design there in Moulin Rouge but. Lost a beautiful mind kind cleaned up that year winning best picture best director, best adapted screenplay. Black Hawk down was another pretty big one. Winning best sound and best. Film. Editing. So yeah, I mean like. Some stiff competition and I will say to Kinda Lean into more of the film itself and less at the production. I don't know that I like the middle of this movie and alive it has to do with like. It's fast and furious names of places and they're going like things seem to happen. Constantly in this movie. And it. It's not like I mentioned up front look it's. Act One of a three act structure here For the this entire film and I kept looking at it I'm going like man they're not doing any of the stuff I see in movies that I like which, which is a lot of foreshadowing right and a lot of character building and like. Put me put me in this place but give me like the media dialogue between characters those slower scenes kind of. Ground me in their narrative you don't see a lot of that. You get up front with the hobbits right I. Think those are the best service characters in this entire movie. It's like sure Bilbo Frodo Sam Gandalf, those are the main ones that I think they do a good job servicing the rest of them I think almost feel like throw away characters to me aboard Mir airborne. All the elves they're they're gonNA literally. Yeah former is the he hits thrown away by the end of the movie but. To me like they don't do a lot of the foreshadowing. That I expect of good films, and kind of the callback in the cyclical thematic stuff. And then I remember. Oh. Shit. This is act one right? This is all introduction and so it could be everything I'm seeing is foreshadowing we just never get to the part that we never get to the shadow part of it, right? Yeah. It's all four. Yeah I mean because like you know you're right First of all middle is movie being kind of a drag Mir's the book experience because I remember the first time I got through Lord of the Rings I got to the Council of L. Ron than I almost gave up like what is ninety pages of singing songs at tables and talking about their fathers I don't even know like and also like none of the main characters like frozen Scott be sitting here like the fuck talking about. Just, like you know six page poems and Shit like that and link languages that you don't even understand like they just start talking Elvis yeah. And I almost as a thirteen year old like the fuck is this I pushed through but like Jackson talks about in the the commentary. It's like you know the council runs rough. Yeah. How do you it? The the film has finally managed to build a head of steam out of this birthday party. And you've had disliked compelling action and like the plot humming and in the Council Valeron Bowl. and. His his thing is like get us Outta here as quick as possible and there's The expanded addition has a lot of stuff around this and it's funny when you hear about like I want these quiet immedi dialogues with Erik Gordon it's there. It's even film. It's all got cut because, Peter Jackson's philosophy of. The so much great material this book we can only keep the stuff. It's doing at least double duty, but there's a quiet airborne Gordon seen. We can keep it if it says something about boar Amir's character or establishes the stakes or points us into the next place we gotta go. But if just airborne by building his character, it's get out of there because it's we don't have time to do that. So. I don't know because and the other thing is like. I want to talk about heretical radical opinions on things because John You know had the doctor John had the like I will actually the movies are better than books. I would agree with like. So the the the books are like six books long and the council. The first book is very much the Hobbit like and you Kinda get that in the film like a birthday party and it's hobbits drinking and having a good time and Gandalf is enjoying stuff and then things kinda take a centers to turn, but it takes a long time for two books to get out of that like. Habat mode and then they go into council Valeron select. The first half of the book is not what I would call great. Now I think that from there on the books are amazing. They don't really like ever kind of like flag and quality and there's some things I think the books still do better but I will I my opinion is I think the extended editions are worst movies than the actual releases now? Roy. Now I'm not saying they're bad because as the Lord of the Rings Fan I love all of that I love all the. Stuff I love all the additional detail but they wreck the pacing of the films like adding another full hour. Almost of this does affect the pacing and the places where the film already has pacing problems like council valor on stuff more. Arrogant and making moon is that air? And him having his father are wins father coming bitching amount about it and stuff like that It wasn't the the pacing that I really had a problem with I. Think it's It's almost has like a frantic pace to it most of the run time and it's a long runtime It was really just like everything. is moving swiftly along but everything felt truncated because of that and like I expected more of that scene or expected to get more detail on this thing. But here we are in were on boats now and we're headed out of the village I wrote. Okay I guess I'm not going to get any more that. Local in. For. ORCS. It yeah. I didn't I didn't have a huge problem with like. It it not moving or dragging anywhere. It's just. Basically. Go the other way right like yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's too quickly paced. Sure. So Yeah I. Maybe should have watched the extended version but I don't know if that would have left me. Feeling like okay. Well, now it's too slow or it just doesn't connect the wanted to. Love you did I love here opinion on it because that's my like it There's some things I think you will get that. You'll like more of there's some things I think it'll feel like a drags a bit but it gets. So when I say it's like the radical versions are better films I mean that they're better structural films it's not that I hate all the 'cause I as a lord of the Ring Fan, I don't mind when things to slow down and we get. To see more of the stuff I think there's a point because I found that point in the fucking hobbit where it's like Holy Shit I'm tired of this shit and we can we just get moving on but no, I prefer I if I'm sitting down watching movies I, watched extended editions but I definitely think and I'll even as we go through seeing Mussina I'll put I actually made notes about what I thought was better and worse. So let's let's start at the beginning the prologue. One thing that I I guess are forgotten. I've heard all these before is Peter. Jackson talked about how Studio Canada had to fight him to put the prologue in because he's like Oh God is prologue. Ten. Minutes Shit that nobody cares about and all that Kinda stuff But then when they said, no, this thing needs a prologue you can't just start off at the birthday party. He kinda warmed up to the idea and in retrospect he says, it's it serves like a James Bond introduction that it's clear like you come into the movie and James Bond always hit with an action scene so like hey, if you're just at the mall restate pizza for lunch or you're worried about your job after ten minutes of the James Bond you're not gonNA. You're. Not GonNa Forget you're not gonNA remember that Shit because now you're watching James Bond Film and the film can then slow down and do other things and this you know quite impressive medieval fantasy battle that they opened up with like this feels important. You got this this you know Kate Blanchett speaking Elvis and talking about magic rings and you're like, okay, what is all this stuff and then they hit you Bam here's. Here's the first war of the ring Here's The sky this an looks like things are cool but then dude comes out and starts Swat one hundred people at a time and fingers get cut off and. and. It also does something I think is smart which it establishes the ring as it character unto itself. Yeah. That was the thing that shocked me on this rewatch his how much the ring does feel like a character like it's got a will. And a lot of that comes from the prologue because it gets you the you know the fact that the ring decided to do this or the ring since its master in the ring was able to do this, and the ring corrupts like and the rest of the movie in fact arrested the trilogy shot the wear. The ring is a character who has waited has presence it has a will that it wants to do it tries to corrupt and deceive. It tries to be found all all times and that all comes that all that tone all kind of set in in the in the prologue year it's an interesting dynamic because when you're seeing the ring rates going around, it's easy to think okay. Well, they can sense where the ring is and they're following it to it, but it's more the opposite right? The ring is calling them toward it. I. It just it's a different inverse feel from what I'm used to a film. Do you. Think that SAR on? Works as a big bad in the prequel because like in most of the films from this point on, he's giant flaming eyeball. Yeah I never got that like I still don't get that I don't think that he is like the I there. Some mysterious power he has over Remond is that the white the her uh-huh uh-huh. Yeah. I I. It's very confusing to me very. And it is I think to be fair I. Think it is. kind of silly that you got this big bad guy his power is using a mace to sweep twenty dudes off his feet with the stroke you know but he's also vulnerable to having his finger cut off by. A broken sword that also instantly self-destructs his entire Rome when that happens it's silly but kind of like a death stars got a tunnel that you can hear with the photon torpedo and the whole Shebang kind of way. Is that. There's no one ever talks. This is something I actually thought about but no one ever talks about like Sar- on feeling like a lightweight villain because it's a psychological thing, it's A. These movies has not quite yet come to his full power. They're trying desperately to keep that from happening and crucially he doesn't have his death star yet, right. So now it's more of seduction psychological stocking thriller abuse. You know kind of mental emotional abuse tail than what you're used to, which is like Darth vader direct conflict force lightning against force lightning, and it's more much more mental and psychological. Yet most people I don't think walk away from these movies thinking surrounds a shitty character it's just The. Movie kind of wills you into thinking he's a threat because what you see on the screen is just not quite enough to establish. He doesn't. Hurt. Anyone that we care about. Really. You know he kills some old dudes Grandpa and then fails to step on another dude. Yeah, a lot of that is done in in the prologue like you said. It's the description of of the forging of the ring. I think right like what they put what qualities it has about like man's. Quest for power and and all that stuff is all all the worst qualities of a villain wrapped into this ring and I was confused by that too because sarin. Is. The I. But. Sarah has also the ring they. There's a line in there where he something about like his essences is part of this ring or trapped in this ring or. Yeah, he used a lot of his personal power to put in like a because You know there's a lot of mythology because Sarah actually fallen angel kind of he's not a man or anything like that. Okay. he put a lot of his godly power into the forging of this ring, which means there's two things. It's Kinda like You Know Jar jar rolling rips a lot of this often Harry Potter but like he's very powerful. Yes, and he can't be killed because he's got this powerful thing that like if he dies, it'll continually regenerate him. It's also his this mortal weakness if you can ever find a way to kill this thing but that's other things psychologically anyone holding the ring. The last thing you WanNa. Do is destroy it. You want to put it on and you want to wield the power to good and then that starts that's the brilliant thing of it starts corrupting you and then you become either his week wretched creature that surround. We'll take over or you become the new dark Lord. You know like very much hints that if Gandalf Galadriel puts on the ring, they'll kick Zahran's asks for sure but you will rue the day that the beautiful terrible Galadriel becomes the dark queen of Middle Earth. You know it's like the devil you don't know and I think I think all that stuff works even if you don't know the deep lower. Is a little confusing to me because it was. So what is the I of sorrow on what the Hell is that thing? Okay. So like when someone's physical bodies destroyed in the prologue, it takes him a little eon to amass his energy back and he can't physically manifest body. He probably would have once he gets the ring back. You had turned back into giants are on mode, but all he is the spirit this baleful spirit that is. I, don't think it's ever. You're supposed to understand. There's literally a ball of fire in the books at the top of the dark tower. But he's just a spirit that's in this this inhabiting and collecting all the power and getting his lieutenants together. It's kind of helping him regenerate in the movie. There's make it literally. No, there's actually a ball of fire like, yeah. The the second ASEAN Tau Broadcasting This NFL not the same tower where sorrow Mon- no two hours as they'll explain the second. But yeah. No I I was listening to the Director's commentary mentions that they went through tons of different versions of this prologue. What are we leave what and when the final decisions is, who does the voice over and at first they said it's well, you know the the lower behind book is froze writing these stories like bill started John this journey, the diary of his tales and photos writing by froze own hand the account of this and stick was that Jr tolkien's recovered this ancient writing and translated it into modern tongue and it's it's a found footage seriously. Yeah exactly. But we'll have fro because it's his story, but it's like well, doesn't really work because who the hell is even Frodo and then. They had see Sir Ian mckellen as Gandalf. This is really powerful. It's working but then they had kate Blanchett tried as Galadriel and they really liked this kind of timeless elfish quality. She brought to the per the vocal performance and you know also out of that I think I think she's older than Gandalf for at least as manifestation of Middle Earth too. She's like one the oldest. You know physical beings and alert this point. Yeah. It makes sense for the elves to be sort of keepers of knowledge in essence they live Forever can live for a can. Yeah they can live forever until they get their stick is they can lift reverend till. They're too wary of middle earth and then they can go across to see and live in this Paradise Island retirement home. Floor and that's the things like that. The story of the elves are very very powerful but they're also just tired they're weary of at this at this point, most of the elves Gone West and sailed across and gone to heaven and a few the remain are there because of long term loyalty the people and they're just trying to kind of hang things on hoping that man because man is a second creation like they're a race that came up the God created after the elves and they have the gift of men, which is mortality like men are these you know. As opposed to elves who just reader lockout neither side of the mortality fence Well, there's there's big plots of in similar alien is essentially the powerful men being like this is bullshit we fought in die A. We're coming across. The were coming across the waves were taking more immortality for ourselves, and that goes about as well as you'd think. But no I. think that's the like the glads starting this off. You don't even know who the hell derail is but then when you I I just think it just works and I love Cate Blanchett's Quote this stuff and and by far like this movie I don't even know how things work without the prologue because this ten minutes of heavy going gives you an exclamation mark, the beginning of the movie, and also the constantly refer to it like they have the scene where Gandalf is talking about the L. Ron White doesn't trust men and you know a scene where they'd have to establish all this shit becomes. It's like a ten second flashback of the crack of Doom and works because they did all the heavy lifting in the prologue. Can Be like I was there. You know I I saw the evil like that kind of thing and your mind goes back to that scene. Yeah and think about how many conversations about the ring Gandalf is with Frodo that would be much heavier going if you didn't know what the ring was and its qualities and who made it and all that kind of stuff. So the the prologue is does a lot of heavy lifting up front. Then go to Hobbiton and here's my big problem with the extended edition. There's a lot of extra hobbit shit in this but universally, it makes the Hobbit seem on balanced like they're dumb assholes. Okay like they're just like picking their ears and eating earwax and they're doing things backwards and weird and you know and I think that's like It's like. It's like a sixty forty dumb asked a shrewd mixture and I think it should be like twenty to eighty like, yes hobbits are kind of backwards and they have their weird ways. But they're also like resourceful and hardworking and perceptive for you know the they have a lot of common sense and the introduction like seen that old pinched face hobbit that proud foot guy you know like with a scowl as like this nude this this Gandalf, he's always always got new ideas and these common in and he's Doing this stuff, and then him going to kind of like you know laughing along with the children being amazes fireworks and that's the perfect introduction hobbits that wedding feast where yeah they're doing a bunch of dumb asshole stuff but they're also super drunk and having a good time like all the extra habit stuff just makes the hobbit seem dumber and less impressive and I don't think that's what the movie and tunes certainly not how Tolkien felt about him veer deep space nine fan it's like rob versus Cork Right. Yes yeah. Of is incredibly dumb. You don't know how functions and the other one is like. Kind of an idiot but also, very shrewd. Right exactly. But. I just I don't know I like this. This hobbiton stuff is great introductions at hobbits and while they are, that's a wonderful introduction to Gandalf. Because geof is tricky dude he's this immensely powerful master manipulator, but he also has just in a ton of warmth and you know Frodo giving him the hug like I love is performance on the wagon where like he stone? Like. Stones these kids wanting to see his fireworks and like you know rides pass and he gives them just a little taste and reaction like, oh, that's a good one like he just ripped the really good fart and everybody's laughing at it. GANDALF dancing with the hobbits. His little demented chuckle as he goes back to his tent to get. They're going to wait till. They see this fucking thing. I E McCowan he's as fucking Gandalf I don't know how to say it because it's very hard to get that godlike being that's also approachable to not just children Bhave children you know yeah absolutely. I felt like key was. Half, grandfather have. You know amazing source her. And the other character instruction I think they do a great job with his Bilbo I I feel like bill is a real character, the history of it. Is only vaguely filled in here. You know he's an adventurer of some kind. He's got a book that he's been wanting to write for years this reasoning. Off. All. These things very unusual for hobbits. Right? You'd get that. Well. Yeah. So I have minor complaints about like them saying on and eleven I don't know what that means in terms like that could be totally normal or that could be my God they only live to ten typically I have no idea right You a little more color on that would've been nice but like. They do a great job with what they can put on screen here the amount of time they have and I feel like bill is one of the most fleshed in characters of all of them. and. It's all comes down to this scene and like. US later on like this, just this party and then when he meets them in Riverdale Riverdale The two times we see. Bilbo and I think both of them are very effective. and. You can Kinda they they. They hint because you. You think that Bilbo's are really cool dude like the scene where him and Gandalf are smoking. I think is amazing 'cause it gives you a first taste of like you know it's pretty mundane but the blowing that smoke galley is pretty fucking righteous. US I can blow smoke ring but look what this guy's doing and him being like at ease with this relation like Gandalf bill being at ease sets up their confrontation later on were Bilbo for some reason can't give this ring and it's kind of scaring Gandalf. You know yeah. I mean there's so much like you talked about the the double triple quadruple duty that these scenes need to do. I. Think they do as. Well in this early going because it's not only setting up bill as a character, but it's setting up the ring as a character in the properties of the affected the ring has on on the people who possess it and it's doing that. So efficiently, it's telling US enough about the character, but also more about the ring. And like azure establishing Gandalf, enjoying making children, laugh and dancing hobbits. Also, they introduced Marion Pippen is being as mischievous guys who don't necessarily think before they. Act and they're kind of decidedly unharmed petition kind of getting in trouble This stuff is just I think it it just it just all works really great and that seemed between Bilbo and Gandalf where GANDALF has to in. You know Bilbo's like you just WanNa steal my ring and Bubel bargains that stuff could very easily be parody right? Like if you have an actor who's not taking this seriously also in Home Holy Shit. Fantastic. When he does that like I almost think it's overkill turn him into a Goblin Face Grin Dale, because he's so good at like making his eyes bulge out and giving that kind of like Oh this is early stage Gholam that he's catching earliest they'd rather keep on saying Gholam early stage Ghalem this guy like when he like lights is up and says my any stroke and says my precious his eyes look like they go slid like reptile reptile but there's no practical effects there. He's just acting maniacal like the ring is getting domination over him. Yeah, and it's just great I think like like this scene that kind of relaxed me as a Tolkien fan like they're going to get this but. Really. Like I could even go back to like when Gandalf knocks on bag in and I'd read so many descriptions about what it looked like and it's also something that a lot of like tolkien artist like to illustrate and they just not not gonNa Park you can still go to New Zealand today and tour Hobbiton. The whole human scale set is all there they keep maintains 'cause it's great for tourism, but it's a real place. It Looks Real I? Guess Peter Jackson revealed in the commentary that he's got this set stored away in his personal belongings the entire human sized bag in set because he wants to build it before he dies, he wants to actually live there. Because it's such a comfortable cool like womb-like place. He said that the circular walls and whatnot. But the fact that everything this built in two scales human scale hobbit scale. He also said that I intentionally did a lot of flashy special effects work up front like there's a scene where again this twenty years ago. GANDALF on the human sized set hands his his hat and staffed to Bilbo on the Hobbit said. And, that Shit looks real like I can kinda see the composite on a really good four K. television the BLU ray. Sure. But it's really really good and another thing I learned is when Ian smacked his head that that was not scripted, he organically smack is head in mcallen being actor is had instinct to just stay in Gandalf like that's what Shit again, that's head on this. And they put it in the movie that organic take of him smack in his head. I I. Just I love that and did did you get to like? Doesn't know what the ring is. At this point He's got suspicions based on what Bilbo does with it and how bill bowes acting towards it but he doesn't know that this is the one ring And, I I is me all the reading on her right and realizes Oh that's that's the ring and and they really sell that because testing I don't fire. The when he comes back like he's he's like mud on his like he's like done like really fast riding over bunch of crappy gun here there, and then all this research is hairs all out of whack and all that kind of stuff I love how they make Gandalf seem like he's been lived in. From the first time meeting. When he comes back, I'll desperate the figure stuff out and I love how they sell that initial inkling suspicion where he looks at the ring on the floor and he by the way they use a shit. I I'm getting to digress I'm like three digressions deep though hit limbo he goes to been downing these barely touches it and they they hit you with that ring fire right? And it's like Oh, and my God what could terrified Gandalf? BUYS WANNA say they use a lot of techniques to make the ring seem supernatural, heavy and impressive like when Gandhi when Bilbo drops on the ground it lands and just doesn't bounce because they've had a powerful magnet under the floor, and this is like a very heavy steel ring and it. And doesn't bounce not. I think stuff like that is really fucking cool. Another tidbit that I learned from the document the commentary is later on when there's a scene where the ring is an extreme foreground and his mountain pass and boroughmuir picks it up and talks about you know. So strange it this tiny thing holds the fate of us all that rings like eight inches wide on this massive gold chain because the only way they could get the extreme shot of Frodo and airborne into background and all that stuff to work and read against his brilliant White ground and brilliant blue sky like everything else look blurrier out of focus is made the ring huge hand. It sounds my film is just a nightmare for affects production but also like Super Fun, I got imagine like figuring that stuff out of plastic and I also someone in this world has this giant flavor flav style rating. I tried to do is like is there like Peter Picture Peter? Jackson. A wrap party wearing that thing because like how awesome would that be that massive? Dinner Plate sized the one ring that you're wearing like some massive middle earth. Him You. Did you the one thing that stood out and I'd never noticed before Elijah Woods poor fingernails. He just choose those two like he's got no fingernails at all man, his four. Are you? Are you sure I feel his pain? Yeah I got similar. No fingernail thing. Does that hurt your fingernails hurt all the time they can if he drove down to far but I don't man. To a balance. Okay, 'cause wondering because they looked like like red and swollen. Every. Time I there in frame like Oh. My is poor guy. Taking this film must really took it out of him. But yeah, like I go ahead. Yeah. Jump in please I was GONNA say so the next thing that happens right as they head over to like you know the the ring rates get winded like Gandalf comes back and says, Hey, you got the ring go to go debris. Meet, you there. And he gets he gets hung up you know he goes out to Sarmento Monta, try consult with him. And and turns out our minds infested by Zahran. And doing his bidding and there's this old man stick fight. which I think it's fucking hilarious. I think this s this is a hallmark Peter. Jackson if you've ever seen any of his older stuff dislike. Half slapstick kind of fight it. It's reminiscent of brain dead dead alive whatever you WANNA call it. That kind of that kind of to write it almost feels like. This amateur. AMATEUR PRODUCTION AS AMATEURS SEEN A. Fully mainstream high budget film It looks stupid to me. But like in that Peter Jackson way that I really cannot love I have my notes that it's. It's too old men engaging in a high stakes. I've fallen mechanic get up fight. Yeah. Yeah. Who just like pushing each other battle to the first broken hip. But also. I also, that's one of those things where I think it's cool because I guess I was expecting some like giant wizard duel with fireballs and Shit and willow I thought willow actually has a better wizard fight scene it. Does. But it works in kind of like there. Because I guess in magic and especially in Tolkien, it's not so much about like the physical manifestation of power as it is like you understand that when. When Saruman and GANDALF are fighting, it's as much on the spiritual plane. It's a battle of will and and power as much as it is. You know some Ninja staff kind of stuff. But. It still feels like a moment when Sarma gets both of those staff since like Oh man Gandalf's ashes grass now. Yeah But before we go to that I I to go back in this other thing where the prologue shine so well is when Gandalf goes and tells frodo about all this stuff and I also think they did a good job of establishing a lot of questions. I. Think Reason I ask why does it again they'll just take this fucking ring if it's the ultimate power, right? And they do a good job of showing like what a bad idea that would be with in. So many words I love the brief Relief Gandalf feels win. He thinks it's not the one ring 'cause it's in the firing like there's no words and he's like Oh thank God and then the words appear I think that's that's great. And I think it also just speed things up. You know it takes a while to go from the birthday party to like Fratto hitting the road, and there's a whole lot of preparation and stuff in the books were. This is just like go go go go go go go. Inside remember taking very long but yet. It moves on and I also just loved the introduction. Of Sam. Sean Astin is such a great job because like he is the. kind of dim would not dimwitted but you know he's not super curious. He doesn't read books. He loves the land he loves working with plants and animals but he's a good. He's a good friend. He's No. PIP PIP. Is the dumb ass of the group in my pet. Now he's he's he's not foolish but like I love Gandalf's face when he's fucking with Sam like Oh, please don't turn me into something unnatural and he's like no and also frodo being in on the joke like. Turn you into you dumb, ass. But that he is going to be a psychological bullying you into being photos bodyguard Have you seen this came a couple of weeks ago. There's someone made a super cut of this film wherever times. Everytime Sam takes a step. They cut the scene of him saying one that's it one more step and I'll be further from home that I've ever been before and it's like a twelve hour of this movie. That's ridiculous I. Love It. I do I do love the the attention to detail but I also I just think Christopher Lee Christopher Lee wanted to began off he lobbied really hard because he and I don't know maybe ten fifteen years ago he could have been. I, think he's too old for that now but he's so good at being the formerly righteous. Now twisted an evil version of sorrow because you can see it you can see him being this impressive figure in like a council ron situations gleaming white robes and his craggy face with that kind hooked nose and all that stuff he looks like a fucking Lizard. Yeah I'm trying to picture him as Gandalf I. I don't think of Christopher Lee as a particularly warm presence in his films and granted I haven't seen very many of them I'm sure. There's plenty to work where he is but I think of him more as a ceremony then again for sure. but the either then when they're on the way that the the first appearance of the Ring Raith they do that what they call the hitchcock shot which such a simple effect but they're. When they're looking down the road and like Elijah Senses Something Eagles coming and the way they get that effect where it feels like things are getting bigger and smaller at the same time as they pull the camera back on a Dolly at the same time physically pushing the the camera Lens Zoom Yeah and I still don't know how that works makes the light. been the but it it is like this cheap, very effective like something is wrong here and the bugs boiling out of the ground thought was cool like trying to get away from this evil presence it does a lot to establish these writers t terrifying you know presences and I. Still think they worked like one all time best villains of cinematic history. Yeah works until. Airborne. Kicks like five of their asses burns one and spanks some back home to their mommies like. In. That just makes Eric. Gordon. Look much cooler. Sure. Sure. That's fair. but they also established the habits of being even Pippen Mary here their gain they don't know what the Hell's going on these. They should be terrified of these guys but you know what? FRODO needs their help and. They're going to give it to him. We do the prancing pony and here's where a lot of other techniques where if you if you if you look for this, you'll see it all the time but a lot of the people walking past. FRODO are on stilts with like prosthetic hands and stuff cheese. And you'll never notice that until you start looking for. But once you do, you can't unsee like everybody in the background is lumbering around in these giant stilts and there's like foam rubber hands swinging in the place. Wow but I think airborne's introduction where he's in that corner in the dark and like his eyes blaze with this tobacco pipe is one of the most bad ass introductions in all cinematic history and it works really good and also continues the theme of how Damn Brave hobbits are because this guy snatches up there boy and thirty seconds later. Perry Salmon and Mary Salmon Pepper, in they're wanting to throw down with this dude who just fraction. It's great and the nine coming into the the prancing Pony fucking shit up and screaming. Great, seen that especially, the one that really gives me chills as win. They're all kind of gliding past the BARKEEP. On the other side is desperate not to be seen man I it it gives me chills the thing about it. You call them the nine thought that nine was the group of. Of people who are escorting the ring. It is both it's. It's the fella is the nine were kind of I think L. Ron makes a passing reference to like how fitting it is that you got nine companion against the nine. You know mortal men or giving these rings of corrupted him into these rates equal opposite sort of thing yet. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. but like there's so much stuff like on the road, the weather top where there's the famous second breakfast thing establishing while their game and they're brave they really did not know what they're getting into the fact that they are hiding out and setting this fire on this raised exposed thing even Frodo knows that's a bad idea. Yeah. But just like these little things where it's like these guys will grow into very. Impressive warriors by the end of this but they start off just dumb asses. You know that don't think about anything before they do it and this was you mentioned that like a Vigo Mortenson comes Fox's rates up. That's his little first day filming to do you know that no I didn't he had never held a sword before in his life and the stuck for Nader he flew in the New Zealand's like look I got twenty four hours to get you some basic moves and it is like a pretty basic sword fight. But I think it's like pretty like video. Really just swing. He spinning around swinging a sword and a torch, right? Like he's not. Doing much but I think I thought they did from storytelling I thought they did a good job showing that like this is all he can do to keep these guys at bed like he's like stumbling like making desperate swings, easies and fire he's in his. Plus you don't I don't. Do you get like airborne is also like a special dude that he's got like magic blood. No I I? No. No I. Mean I. I get nothing from bore. Mir I get nothing from Gordon I get nothing for most of the elves. It's like They're characters who are there for later movies in my opinion. Yeah I mean that's like the I guess to modernize its little bit problematic aspect of tokens work as he does have this kind of some people just better than you. Doesn't mean you can't be a hero because fro- does not special. He's common dirt by Erik. Gordon. He's just going to be flat out better about it. He'll bow down to but he's got magic blood and you don't so sucks to be you lesser hobbits now I gonNA matching blood thing but I definitely was getting a Han Solo chasing the stormtroopers down the hall screaming kind of Vibe from you fight they're going like. This is this is desperation shouldn't work, and it's only by sheer force of will and fury that it does. If he also the fact that the hobbits bottom a little bit of time in the fact that the ring rates there to steal the ring and that just kill everybody. There's there's a lot of I think interesting things that they're doing to make it but also, yeah because Vigo Mortenson, I can't remember the guy that replaced them. But like they hired as younger guy and Peter, Jackson's just like this guy's not pulling it off he's not getting the. We need somebody in day they replaced them at their literal last minute appleseed already filmed a little bit with era Gorn. I wonder the guy feels like he got replaced and this went on to become like the biggest film of generation. I imagine if you're Luke Skywalker and you know like six days shooting like this guy's not working get Mark Hamill in here like man the what if? Headline that maybe Jake Jilin Hall was considered for Furrow. It's I Want WanNa say it's the dude that was in that vampire movie with A. Oh God of the damned the. Something the damned. Yeah Queen of the damned Queen I think somebody but it's a much younger guy who's not Vigo Mortenson. I'd I don't Vigo Tap Lookin. fucker. Might might be might be. But yeah, I think that's one of the the Kinda Great. You know what? IFS Because Vigo I can't imagine anybody else being in at this point. Yeah. But they also change like. So the person that comes and rescues Frodo and takes across a river is supposed to be this other unnamed. You know he's not an unnamed glor- fandel in the books but they changed to our one which I thought a smart has the other big criticism from these films is there's not enough women right if you're if you're a young teenage girl and you WanNa see yourself in this world. you have e Oh Yowen in the second and third films who has pretty bad ass role but there's not there's not a lot of characters and giving our some of these action shots and I think like her horse chase is like one of the more exciting things in the movie. There's especially if you're a big fan, there's this point where she speaks Elvis to her horse where she's encouraging it to go faster. And I swear to God this horse puts in a performance like it's like hell yeah. Are when I got some more and reserve to. Really digs in his hoof and goes faster. Is One of those scenes where it's like. Vin Diesel flips on the afterburners in and fast and furious like I. Don't know how. But the Horse emotes that he's trying to go faster and it's a great scene. It's one of favorite things I like the look for one one of the best things they do in this movie is is tied up in this decision During the entire film, the NAS- goal are up their ass like there is never a moment where I feel like, okay they've hit a a point of safety can settle down and and really like catch their breath. The Nasdaq up there asked this entire movie. Yeah. Yeah. Like there's a brief responded ribbon or the power of the elves can repel repulsed them, and also I think you know they got that eventually right? Like that's right the. Stay there, they stay there eventually SAR sorry on will reconstitute. He'll come down with all of the armies and destroyed vernice places ground. Yeah. So it's huge, but it's not safety. There's a ticking time Marino with the ORC army that he's building ORC, Goblin Army yet they do a good job of making it feel extremely urgent that they get on with this fucking quest. Do you think like one of the big reasons that Tolkien wrote this book as? Experiences with world, war one and seeing the industrial revolution destroying the English countryside do thing and that's one of the major themes like mechanized warfare and how inhuman it is, and I thought if you know that theme going in there, there's a lot of good stuff where like Sarah is callously you know ripta trees down that route you know and they're they're turning it into steel and they've got these birthing chambers of the guy. Did you get that like? No Now it's a shame but now say I I see a little bit of yeah. Yeah. I mean, they cut out the entire part of the books where because the Lord of the Rings and the books ends with the hobbits coming back to Hobbiton with no one to help them. But they're still a remnants of SAR like sermons like slave labor empire they've turned Hobbiton ended his nightmare on the APP personally run them off just with their own skills and ability that they've gotten from fighting in the war of the ring. And they they really explicitly make it that you know like like how bad these working in factories are, and you take these simple folk and you take away their land, you poison the river and what are they got left But I thought they did a little bit of a Tolkien fan you kind of see that in the margins here of that work. But yeah, you get the ribbon. Day on the Council of L. Ron than the plot just slams to a halt and in the books it's ten times worse. But I don't know I think they quickly, they frequently introduced borough and set him in somewhat opposition era out think it makes sense if you don't know the book plot, but you get it, there's a little bit of beef. You know can also Era Gore airborne his dress stop and he's wearing fancy clothes and just the way he carries himself among the elves kind of sets him apart from Boroughmuir born your fumbling this artifact that's in their shared history but. He's to blustery to give it. It's appropriate respect I think all that stuff is good and Man. Live. Tyler to me is like the top three all-time most beautiful fictional characters as arwen like. I'd something about her does glows in these movies and. Is glowing like, yeah. But but like I remember back in the day, some movie reviewer described her as having a certain bovine beauty and I wanted to fight them like I got so angry at them besmirching my lady's honor that I, wanted to go and fuck and fight them. Beauty Y- what cow like what is cow-like about? What does the beautiful about cows? Okay. Sure. This guy talking shit some guy. Talkin. Shit. You wouldn't do that of Eric Gordon Room Anyway. I Jackson the birthing stuffy talking about the birthing chamber of the Recai. Like Dad she it is real gross a which I like to see and be it's it's a real good introduction to the leader of that Warrior race I don't know they record. It's a high hybrid, right? yeah I didn't know if I was the. Name of the the particular If it was the name of the species, he's creating the the warrior race or if it's just know that guy's name. You've got the common work and these are the Eric Hi that he's he's perfected but that's because I that stuff's not in the book the fact that they have a leader, but you need that I need that. So you have the emotional climax era whip in his ass in the the final film and make it a personal bore. Mir's death personal. You've got instead of dislike band ORCs evil personified. I that's I. think that's a smart adaptation to yeah. Just killing another work goblin creature wouldn't have done it at the end of this movie. Jackson mentioned that like this shoot for the Council of L. Ron has a nightmare took him like seven days of eighteen hours shooting and like how complicated it was to keep everyone's I line and the camera moves. Because you don't cross the line and all that stuff which I think was was interesting. But also like, yeah, it's a nightmare into book like it takes six to seven days read. To make it through if your thirteen year old, he's. But there's also a lot of I thought Like Told Ian mckellen the play Gandalf Frodo volunteers for the ring as if like your son volunteered to to go off to fight World War One you know. But but you also know it's necessary for him to do so and I'm Mike Shit. Yeah. That's exactly what he's. He's given. and I thought like it's everything is moves. Once you get past that like Ian homes given one last chance showing, what will what fate will will will meet Frodo if he doesn't master the ring The the giving of the sting and the Mithra vast I thought was really cool will. I do think Bill Bowes Fayssal. Trans. Transformation Dow is a bit much I get certainly effective and I bet shit my pants first time I. saw it in the movie. But I feel like Ian home just do that yet. But I don't think it added. I don't think it was warranted given what it it added I also, really like win. The hobbit show up in volunteer for the quest along with Frodo that whole scene is cute and I like the cute stuff to the hobbits are doing throughout this entire movie. Yeah it's important to their art that they have to start this way and also this. There no like that. You could argue that they got into this thing blind on the road debris. But now they've been through all that stuff and they know the stakes and they're still volunteering to go to this crack of fucking doom sounds like this is what happened to you in the Shire now you're going to go to this place. Called Mawr and gross this this the ring into the crack of doom at the height of all these people power these these little people are just volunteering for it's A. Beautiful something about the human spirit. On the way to Mawr. There's a lot of like again like all these heavy lifting scenes, they have like this comic scene of the hobbits and Boroughmuir, of play fighting him training them. But that sells the hobbits later kind of distinguish themselves a little bit in combat in this movie and a bunch in the rest also explains why bore Amir would fight to the death for them and why the hobbits would be you know So endeared that they'd try to defend him like this is setting all this stuff up for the climax of the movie and sacrificed a lot of this stuff a lot of the road trip monster. Fight this monster that monster endure this hardship that hardship for a little bit more on development of characters a little more context for everything. Would have been my preference but I again, I acknowledged this part one of three part story. And I just think that enough. People say plenty but this movie is so beautiful because it really showcases New Zealand. Yeah. These shots in the mountain and when they're just like doing the, you know just randomly walking through fields and forests and stuff that. George Lucas shoot and green screen and have a bunch of graphic artist gin up something. But Holy Hell. You can't beat these dudes in a real. Real place like I even thought that that like the place where they're hiding from the birds at that might be CG but Peter Jackson said, no, that like the him and one, the helicopter guys were flying over on the way another set and this helicopter guy mentioned sounds really cool. Place in the mountains got all these kind of like stonehenge formation and Jackson's yeah. Buzzed by it and he's like Oh yeah I wanna take a picture that will come back here I mean New Zealand's has got all is middle earth it's got all this shit for free. To go out with a camera and film it, they use it all man they go from the top of the earth way up in the sky all the way down to the depths of the core like. It does add I will say like, yeah I, could've used of that and more context, but also it adds to the epic feel of the whole thing, right? And there's a lot of stuff for like book fans like you probably didn't don't notice but legless when he's walking through this waste foot waist-deep snow is he actually glides along top his. Feet the okay because like that's Like the Alpha -bility because like I. Well, I also know from talking with you and all my other friends from that era like. They're you know the elves are like fleet of foot and very? You know they have the agility and acrobatic abilities and and from seeing future movies that hadn't come out yet we're dancing elephants and shit. I noticed that and I was like Oh. That's that's cool. I. Think it's it's one of those things that's kind in the margins that it's such a nice touch. They don't go into like all the different magical abilities but like the fact that these elves. The Eric, hire these heavy putting. Breaking stuff as they walk and elves just like they don't even been blades of grass they've leave no mark on the land. The land can't really do nothing natural can do anything within like legless doesn't feel cold know the earth can't hurt him because the they have this like special relationship with it I think the shit that Shit's really cool. I love Gandalf and Saruman weather off or they're chanting at each other. Trying to undo each other's magic, I guess I guess what they're doing is trying to. Sermons on a wake-up, this mountain spirit and Gandalf trying to put it the back to sleep which is from from the books by love that I. Love that C-. Christopher. Lee at the top of or thank dislike conjuring up this wicked storm it's so cool. Here's the thing I couldn't help but notice during these traveling scenes They're they're going across the countryside here and I'm thinking back to the scene where like Is it is it? Is I live Tyler are win conjure a bunch of horses in the river and sweeps away nozzle that are coming after them. And I'm thinking of that and I'm looking at this traveling group and I'm. CNN. One fucking horse one horse it's it's literally there couldn't be. You couldn't leave more important mission of more important class that they desperately need help for and the L. send him off with a single fucking horse. Are you kidding me not even a horse? A Pony County? You're right and you know the elrod had a stable of these famous. Immortal Alpha. One. Yeah just make out SEAFOAM cheeses. I mean she's riding one right she picks up a true. Well, maybe she gets that from from someone he gets that from Eric Garner something else have to have horses right? Absolutely. GotTa Voices. They got one because I'm thinking like well, maybe they're philosophically against writing in the banana. Are, wins riding one right there. she's damned good at it too so. You, mentioned there's not a lot of foreshadowing but there is a little bit here where they foreshadow how bad idea the going through the minds of Moriarty and the ball off because like Christopher Lee's reading scripture up about it and they're like he's Taunting Gandalf from far and you're like Oh man is looks fucking. this looks like a bad idea and also the fact that Gandalf just does not wanna go like. Lot and the fact that the rest of the nine like you're insane old man for taking this way and he's still knows that this is probably the better path. FRODO. Hadn't pushed out. But What you 'cause like Peter Jackson mentioned in the commentary that the water is big squid thing he felt like at this point in the movie, you needed a big monster seen because number one. It's cool that you had this big monster seen the studio wanted to cut it outburst. Now we need we need a big monster fight here and also it commits the group. Because they go in here and they see like Oh shit the dwarves are not only. Gone, but they've been brutally massacred with. Org. Arrows Oh. My God that go to Lieven they can because the other thing is like as everything gets worse and worse than worse than the minds the natural things look let's just go back and find another way. They can't. It's a one. It's a one way journey and I think that that watching waters one, the best you know rubber movie monsters of all time even though it's all digital. Yeah. No, it was. It was a cool seeing I. Think you absolutely need it to to seal them to their fate Essentially an noticing moments like that where they they do it they do stuff like that where I'm thinking is this necessary like why I would just cut this whole fucking thing like those birds that come flying by and I'm like, Oh why are they having a pack of birds come through who gives a shit and in the later reveal those are going actually to Sarah Mind and they're telling him where they're Adan. So okay. They did actually need those. That actually might be why they don't have horses because I know there is this thing that. SARUMAN had an sarin have spies everywhere and they're looking for a big like what sore on would do in this situation as you'd get all of his do together and he'd come and kick ass enforce and he doesn't expect like the small kind of lag minor detachment and like keeping it going along like dangerous pass broken ground where maybe horses gang I mean I'm I'm I'm apologizing for the film here yeah I mean there's a giant bird that could have. You know carry. They could just gotten right here whatever the Lord the Eagles and just finished at all. But but then what happens that eagle gets gets ideas and decide to put that ring on its Talen true on Stein you've got to the Dark Eagle Lord that rules you all. Taking your babies back to his roosters foul breed. The dismember and the tariff like so many springer's But this Some of the best nhs in this movie, the things that I have the human, the one that really resonated me especially watching this year is where Gandalf gets lost, which you know I think it's a great touch that Gandalf as powerful as he is he still kind of human but he has a great conversation with fro photos like talking about like I wish my uncle killed you know Ghalem and he's like we'll do because there's many deserve death but there's lot of dead that deserve life. Can you give? It to them I don't be so quick to deal out death and judgment, and then frodo turns the whining about I wish none of this had ever happened and gals like everyone that lives through times like this wishes they weren't here but that's not for us to decide. All we have to decide is how to use the time we have and I'm like I watched that early goings on this year and I've thought back on it many times that like no this sucks. This fucking sucks. Two thousand, twenty socks. But what is bitching about going to do like what can you do to make things better? What can you do to strengthen your friends your family all that kind of stuff yourself I I don't know it's been I don't know how. How well I'm applying that but I felt I felt like Kismet that I got that right as all the stuff started happening. And I think that's one the great great scenes between Frodo and Gandalf you ready for more Lord. Of The rings heresy. Yeah bring it. I think Maurya socks it's designed sucks like this is supposed to be a greatest. Dwarf in city a marvel a hall something that like I'm a dwarf would be like they call this place a mind it's a fucking mining. It's a fantasy. Big. Deal go to any salt mine looks the same. They got big ASS. I've been to one of these things. There's a place like right outside of Louisville. Whereas a giant salt mine, it looks dislike it like these infinite football fields with big load-bearing bearing salt collins where they can't mind at all outer collapses over they. Dwarf in ruins that's the question. Doesn't fancy displays doesn't look like anyone ever lived there and made either go in through the back roads or whatever I wanted to see like a glimpse of the great city and it can be dour and gloomy because it's not lit but I never I never got that actually when they go do you remember? Of this theatrical of like when they go into the city of the dead and the third movie to recruit the army of the dead no shit looks like what I think. Maurya should have looked like a once great but decrepit underground Acropolis now, and I don't feel that like Maurya to me is actively working mines, abandoned minds and one small inexplicable tomb where the dwarves took a a last stand out why? Why here I don't know I always thought they're gonNA Warrior designed socks or stand I don't know. Yeah. Yeah You're much columns I didn't I wasn't impressed. It's it's it's. Dumb. There should shops and houses and playgrounds and all kinds of stuff. So hate it. I do I do like there's not a lot of comedy in this film especially as we go forward. But like I felt like the one, the last ones is pippen accidentally kicking that skull down the wall well, and just like bring. That's like the last time where you can make kind of like laugh along with everybody and you got that sigh of relief and then the drums hit and then like the movie brief pause in Law Florian and then it's a sprint from the rest of the film I do like the moment of comedy when they're they're headed down the stairs and they're trying to dump this gap in you know Gimle like nobody throws dwarf and also not what he does jump not to be. It's good. I liked it. I forgot you're right. There are a couple more ha-has. But I do think that like. My problems with more is designed aside, this is a spectacular fight like this thing that happens in the burial tomb of Belan or I. Think it's at who it is. With the case drills. He got sting glowing and even Gandalf as kicking ass with his sword Glam during a staff and you spin it around doing shit and like everyone kinda gets their own like Sam's Watan guys with his cast iron pans The introduced the myth real like gets these moments of like bad ass really establish early going leg because you know we heard her out a kick ass the elves are but like we don't really see it and how much like like one leg is worth like ten of the others it seems like. Even, though I think arrogance supposed to be the fiercest at the ASS kickers but. I just think it's amazing and it's still like there's a couple of creaky CGI elements but the cave troll I think mostly holds up because it's in a dark dank and there's not a lot of light bouncing around. The way they played the cave troll as kind of like a simple childlike he's not really evil. He's kind of been He wouldn't want to be doing any of this stuff. They've put him up to it. It's kind of like sad when his death has kind of played on a somber note I like that I love like how the whole the whole fellowship like goes lights on fire when Frodo looks like he gets skewered and they all just kind of like get battle frenzy from the hobbits down to everybody I thought that's really cool. and even to like the detention detail every ORC faction as a slightly different. Like these I think are like what you would call goblins. They're like slightly smaller. They got the big dark adapted is they look different from the the the mortar or select different from the high like day all it feels real like these things have been out here for thousand years and they started to adapt to their conditions I. think that's and they have different individual like these guys. Armor is like black and beat like I am probably I. Wonder because it looks like it's better and I wonder if that's because they have all this dwarf in steel that they're able to use where all the other orchestras using like wrought iron shit and like just very primitive cleavers and whatnot I mean, that's where the passion behind the scenes comes through right? Like it'd be so easy to just say, well, the orchestra, the ORCS, let's load them up the same gear. Let's load them up the same makeup done. You mentioned the staircase has the scene it's collapsing has like the last moment of comedy. I do think that even in the theatrical version that staircase scene is a lot. You know it breaks up the momentum of them desperately running from this. Hague into sets into a five minute Indiana Jones action piece where they're tossing dwarves and and teeter totter and all the stuff. It's visually impressive for sure. But I felt like it kind of harms the pacing. Yeah, you're probably right. Probably Right. That's not a moment where you necessarily want to have a lot of slow down. Like I. I would love to see a cut of this where they go from fleeing the big chamber and they instantly the ball rag ladies barely make it out across the bridge and then the ball Rog is there. But know like I said I do like the door dwarf stuff and the beard and. It's it's pretty good plus it's got some the as archery like let. Those three hundred yard headshots Some of that stuff is very cool and I'm glad it's in there but still affected because they're just like flopping arrows at their feet right they can barely even get the Arrow that far that the goblins. And he's just nail him. Because, he's just Elf blood. You think Eric Bloods, good phut Elf blood also. So the ball Rog is one of the that's another one that I remember thinking like what is this thing? GonNa look like as it wasn't intense debate the book this it's very, it's described vary. Metaphorically in the book, and then there's a little bit of stuff in the million about like masses, of Bowel, Rog armies and whatnot But there's like all these debates about the ball have wings like what is something that's made out of flame and shadow even look like because those are two contradictory things and. I've seen different takes on them and I never was quite satisfied. But when the ball Rog jumps out of that pit, like fucking, this is a ball rog. That's exactly flaming shadow looks like. It's like living volcano thing does it have wings? Yeah, I think. But could they also be shadow and you know what is real about this mythical thing I? It's it's amazing and. His standoff with Gandalf just works gandalf standoff. Punch of like. You know energy shooting from their fingers or anything. Right it's all about will. It's all about. Some intangible power. Yeah and ultimately of wins that right? Like that's the thing that I think is so great as wins that and it's only by. Essentially an accident that he's dropped into this pit. Yeah and also the it it really hinges on Ian mckellen being able to summon up every bit of his personal power and scream you shall not pass believe it athletic. You'RE GONNA be your ass. If you cross it yet your ass and you get him with and then I want to I don't care if this is in the extended edition of this isn't a theatrical but when you open up with. GANDALF tumbles into the pit and he's dead but then you find out, he's actually been kicking this ball rox ask for the rest of the movie and like the the scene of them falling to the center of the Earth and like. This old man this like extreme skydiving position to catch up to the ball Reagan just start whipping. It's ass like this fighting and sword fighting and it should be ridiculous but it's so fucking cool and that against split for the second movie or May even be the third where there's this wide shot of them reaching the ocean at the middle of the earth and it's just like they're just like like a shooting star following together. Oh. My God that visual I love it so much. And in his fly you fools I think there's also these great moments were airborne can't rip is is like he's waiting for Gandalf to like get back up and he's like dodging arrows and stuff. and. It's all in slow motion and Howard scores going for broke onto. Our shores going for broke on the score man Can we talk about how horrible? HOW ORLANDO? Bloom is like eighteen years old and not a great actor at this point yet That young but yeah, this is his first role and It might be bullying the point this out and it's not it doesn't ruin the movie but whoever thought is a good idea to direct Orlando like okay. Here's the deal you're an Elf and you've hung out els your whole life and You might not have ever experienced death and you should be like confused about the whole concept death like what the Hell's going on. It does not work at all everyone else is like giving these a plus ten additon grief performances and I think there's an idea there have like. Surely L. as aware of the concept of things dying. Yeah. But like he might not have actually felt this kind of grief before like like what is this much but he plays it as if he doesn't understand mechanically what has happened and he's just not good enough to do it and it sucks I would've I. Don't know I I. Don't know how he could have done a better but you didn't do a great job Mr Bloom I. Didn't even realize that's what he was going for. So yeah. So yeah, anyway but there's also the the Jackson said that when he directed fro because there's that famous shot of photo trying to get out, get just get away from the fellowship at this stage and airborne calls him back and he turns around like you with a single tier and Jackson said when you turn around I, want audiences to almost be frightened of your grief like you should look like a man who's seen a concentration camp or some shit and I felt like that's that's you know as as bad as their direction was that was spotted because I felt like all that work. One and other things they do with Sarramon arc is one of the recurring themes of the Lord of the Rings and even the Cima Ralian is like jealousy of something other people have like men are jealous of elves more immortality and they try to take it for themselves. These God created all these angels in I know Tokens hated. Called an allegory but I don't know walks like a duck quacks like a duck swims like a duck the God created all these lesser angels that then aided him in creation and one of those guys was jealous that he couldn't create. So he tried like everything he created in imitation of God turn out to be a mockery like he tried to create manny end up making ORCs he tried to create incident that making trolls. And Saruman here is like got that bug like he's as very powerful Djelic creature but he wants to create things and his idea of what turns out to be perfection as this twisted, you know animal war race that can do nothing but destroy things. Again. It's not lags perfection right? He claims affection and again like I don't think you get the bears hinted the theme but it is there. If you want to discover it, which I think is is cool. What so. What do you have anything that you want to say about like Laurien because Kate Blanchett is amazing She's kind of like I. Don't know what you make out of no drill. That's the. Nothing like she has some extraordinarily cryptic dialog that means absolutely nothing to me where she's like reckoning with something. But I don't know what it is and I assume it's all just foreshadowing I ship that's going to happen later. I really didn't think anything of it and I actually wasn't impressed by most of what happened here like I. I don't know why there's this big love story of. Between you know our win and. Is it is an era Gorn I didn't get any of that like these are all just characters I just matt and I guess they have a history. Okay. But I'm not feeling it in that moment with this exchange of immortality in all that stuff And also I wasn't super impressed with Florian as a location I thought Ribbon Dell was. Riverdale beautiful like that. Whole city just glows literally glows. And lovelorn was Kinda like A. Just muted version immune, blue black light, a black light. You know stone or. Aesthetic. That's Hayek versus the for woods off. You know they're just like the bump country bumpkin else now there's this whole thing for me. Yeah I mean that's the thing like there's tons of stuff like I. I love the temptation to Galadriel where she's like offered this end like that's. Our final tests, like she now thinks she's worthy to go to heaven at this point. But since it's all like context, it's all contexts stuff that I assume means a lot to somebody who's steeped in the Lore. Did. You get because like I think the one thing they did well is wind. She like ponders what it would be like to have the ring and she says instead of dark Lord, Usually Abba Queen and like she's talks a mess but I think she does sell. The terribleness like how like you know glad drills dangerous powerful person by her will alone has she almost single-handedly kept mortar out of her kingdom. and. She has the Ring's power which you probably don't know as well. But I thought that they really that's a it's an interesting effect where they almost like negative they they they somehow dressed her in this like this steel curious like breastplates and like give this kind of like almost underwater and photo negative that turns this beautiful woman into this like dark twisted thing similar to like. GANDALF. Swelling up in in the bag in and I thought like even if you don't did you get that like was that because I just? I saw that I thought that she was being tempted and there was a stark power that could have come to the surface especially with the bring she could be dangerous but like I just at that point I didn't care because I'm like, okay. If the ring Tim's everybody like it's nothing new for you know Bilbo Gandalf everybody's been tempted by this ring. To see that again, didn't do much for me. It's too because of the extended edition, there's a whole it turns out that the Galadriel is our wins grandmother. And there's this great scene where she takes Eric Gordon aside and like soul stone you got what the fuck you do in men like when you, when are you going to stop all this ranging and all the strident and settled down and get a real job and you know provide for my grant like there's a little bit of that like what you're missing about all these interpersonal she feels that. kind of stuff in and I thought that's great scenes. But again, this is a slow section of the movie. Already there's another even better where like born airborne have this like interesting conversation about going to the white city. There's a little bit of that but there's much more extended cut where bore Ramirez just because airborne's part in this story and they cut most of this out is that he? Thinks that men just can't cut it like he doesn't want the lead them because he doesn't believe in himself and he doesn't believe in the strength of men like he all all he can see is the the past failures of his ancestors like every single one of them. As a failure and led the things being worse than better and he's kind of like a, he's the guy that doesn't want to grab the trolley switch and choose between one person dying and five right fuck it up about twenty people die and bore Amir is really they had this great conversation but then he gets frustrated with like. You know you're so you're so quick to trust these elves. We come the river, the ribbon, Dale go to law Florian and it's all like, Oh, you're just you implicitly trust them and there's no problems but you know, yes, there's frailty and men, but there's also strength and honor and you never see that because you. And I thought it's great. It shows how desperate Boreham ear is because he thinks this guy just is all with the elves and they're gonNA throw away this one shot to save the last great city of mankind and. What Trust Mac nations elves and these it seems and it really establishes his character which makes his fall later on his movie and redemption more powerful. But again, this is already very slow seen in the movie. So. I love you know despite is me think he'd be like seeing the Argon off the big statues of eastern Dora and his brother at the at the I think the southern extent of Gondar is really cool like ours thought those were like visually reading these books Dade. Shit my man I can't wait to see this stuff and it looks fucking amazing Just the the scenery paddling these like beautiful leaf, shaped boats down this river. That's you know again, honest act other than the statues. All middle. That's all a New Zealand I guess the waterfall is the one thing that's actually from I think Africa or South America, and they can posited the seen. Okay. The one they sent his body over. Yeah Yeah that that's like one little. That's like the only non new, Zealand scenery in the whole the whole series But yeah I I don't know like. BOROUGHMUIR failing his test versus era. Gore I think it's a very beautiful moving thing where airborne approaches Frodo and you think he's going to do what everyone else does, and then he he doesn't I'm kind of getting low key choked up thinking about it And in Boroughmuir, like I thought like I don't know what do you what do you think of like bore Mir's conference with Frodo did that work without all the background or yeah it did they done enough with bore Mir That since that, he wanted the ring that. He was not actually strong willed enough to resist it. He might be the one character in this entire. This entire movie aside from me bill who wasn't strong willed enough. So. This is a win. Yeah. He had that turn. It made a lot of sense to me. And then the contrast that with arrogant who's just a little bit you know his moral fiber is a little bit stronger than warm air and also bore me horrific reaction what he did. And trying to make up for it. I think is a great story and The battle that happens because of that. Dude that part where right after this airborne's like you gotta get out of your photo and he turns around and just as a massive army of ORCS and he salutes them and just starts taking them all on is so fucking bad ass and just when it's too much for him here comes dimly. And like legos shooting shooting these arrows like it's like a fucking semiautomatic rifle Oh God Greg, Ellis I, don't I don't know like. Some of his later scenes overshadowed because they're too much like I'm not a big Fan of him surfing down staircases on a shield I do Kinda like like the the one thing where he may maybe more bad asses when he single handedly takes down that war elephant in the last movie that this scene like this is legless is fine. The shine he's whip and so much, ass. Like Vet Net battled, I am a sucker for that trope where like A character takes what would should be a fatal shot right and gets back up and fights again takes another shot that should also be fatal gets backup continues fighting it takes so much to bring them down. I'm a huge fan of that gets me going every time. And I don't know who did all the choreography but like they sell it like and these arrows are like fucking dowell rods. Broom handles yeah. They're. Shine my the leader of the work. Yeah. With this big ask seven-foot war. So you know it's like he's acting shoot shop two by fours and you can feel the the sound design is each one hits into like sings to his knees but he always has got everytime he gets backup. There's a little bit less like you know he's desperately fighting these ORCS but every single time he takes an Arrow it's barely deflecting at the last time barely able to finish this guy like there's this one scene where he almost leads gravity drive the killing stroke into ORC. He doesn't have anything left in the tank and just as this is about the Cudi. Todd. This guy arrogance says, no, fuck you. and has another one of these like felt like there's very few movie fights. I actually think that people are trying to kill each other like when I see like Pierce Bronson and that one foppish blond guy fighting and one of the lesser bonds it's like these guys are just like Oh. Yeah. You move your like this all move my wrist like that and Chink Changing Errol Flynn stuff everyone of these. Chops that the Eric is taken at the Aragon looks like it's going to decapitate dismember him. Airborne's given as good as he got. He gets It's like I love that scene where he pins his head to the to the truth is the in my hair born by the desperation fuck and Get out of this my head's gone like, did you know that like Vigo Mortenson actually batted sort that that dagger out of the air the sword I take like Jackson's like. Well, we might have a potluck. Let's give it a try and he doesn't. Think the guy who had never held a sword before. is now batting swords daggers out of the air with it hey. If you want a good time look into Vigo Mortenson personal history this guy is kind of like you know what like Daniel? day-lewis did the kind of like work himself up the like last Mohicans I think that's how Vigo does lives out in the woods just yeah. Plan lutes and balancing one footed. On, rocks in the middle of streams while like rabbits and bluebirds landing on 'em he seems like he's kind of half himself He famously adopted his horse in this movie and became an accomplished horseman since then he's a really cool dude like every interview I've ever read this guy. He's like a fucking sage. It's amazing. Look like look up some interviews of him But Yeah I guess I'm. Waiting this movie works for me like this this like I said the book into this thing are. Really really strong. And in you needed it like coming out of this movie, I would have been really disappointed if it just kind of ended on. A middling to flat note You needed to really punch it up because you're going into the next portion of this movie. You've gotta be excited about it. So an have a little word, they have a little bit of help because even though this act one of the three acts play token himself writing these new knows he needs like a little bit of climax. Now it's funny in book two and three they kind of fucked that up because they rearranged things. But every one of the books there's a nice little climax and this definitely delivers I love that shot where bore Amir is like blowing the horn and keeping the hobbits behind them and they establish him and then they pulled back and you see this like. Waterfall sort of swarm toward them in this valley and I guess they used one of those like cameras on like a two wire setup they use like football games. So it can kind of just like hover before they had drones, they're doing a drone shot of this. That's just. Amazing I'm thinking about like every time they reset that a hundred different dudes has to go back and find their place and and like did the swarm over this hill again Borgata, gotta blow. It's it's it's pretty crazy Also, there's a great little like a new hope stormtrooper bangs his head shot when airborne is starting to have this this personal moment bore Amir there's an old that's dead on the ground that lifts his head up because he he thinks it's like inbetween takes and then I realize he's supposed to be dead and laid back down. It's funny to look for once. You see it. You'll. You'll see it in every single time through. But then they. Go ahead, I was GONNA say the end on a pretty emotionally resonant known as well like. That's the thing they haven't haven't succeeded here. Right? There's an in fact they think they've essentially failed. The they expect that I was going to his doom. He's not going to make it and they can no longer support him which think is the real blow they failed as as a group. The Fellowship has failed the fellowships broken. Yeah but they do what they can hand and they go off to save their friends and I think the dividing them up at this point is is great especially when you have two of the perceived weakest characters going off on their own and a couple of the strongest three of the strongest going off on their own to save their friends I hang. It's a really beautiful ending to this film and emotionally resonant ending. Oh, it's certainly especially since this kicks like this whole movie Era Gordon has been refusing the call. You know like the the Joseph Cambell Ian Call to be a hero, and here he so moved by Board Mir sacrifice that he on death pledge like I. Don't Know What Strength Guy here but tell you what buddy if I, if I got it in, I'm not GonNa let our people fall and Then there's the scene like I I don't think. A lot of people notice this but airborne actually takes bore Amir's racers that have the white the symbol of the white city on them and ties him to his own personal gauntlets like as if he is now finally taking up the mantle of the king that's going to eventually return and yeah, his his lays line reading where he's like, you know we will not abandon our friends to torment and death. Let's let's hunt some ORC, and you know like. His natural leadership getting this Elfin Dorf Kinda, low key hated each other's whole movie there now, fucking Hell Yeah let's go hunt some ORC and you know Sean Sean. Astin Austin and Elijah Woods has a beautiful scene. FRODO doesn't trust nobody yet but SAM does won't like look I'm either going to follow you or die and photo can't let it happen I it's. You know there's a lot said about this masculine you know friendship and relationship in the love that these two men Hafer each other but I still think it's Elijah Woods giant blue expressive is yeah. Tear your heart out every single time. And I guess Something else I thought was amazing is actually shot a whole battle scene where the ORCS peel off and force Frodo into the water and like he's desperately fighting them off and getting through the boat and Peter Jackson's looking at the dailies like what are we doing? This isn't Frodo versus the ORCs this is frodo versus his inner nature and the ring, and it can only be about that and they changed it to just to him his shot with the words of Gandalf going through his head that like we don't get to choose all, we get to choose what we're doing next and Mike. The director's commentary track was like. They had twenty different paths that could adopt gone down that each one would have weakened the movie and made it lesser and they somehow through some instinct always took the right path or with rare exception. Yeah And Yeah like the final shot of Frodo and Sam looking at that like you know like the last of the good land is behind them. It's nothing but hell lying ahead is so iconic and so amazing beautiful and they call a corrected at all the hell and they've added a bunch of special weather effects but it's it's great. It's amazing. So. I have one question So the the Eric Hi were commanded to. bring bring them Frodo right. Bring Bring Sarma Frodo. Kill. The others they don't kill the others they take pippen and Mary. With them alive, very much alive. Is that because they don't know which Hobbit has the ring. There's xactly right. Okay. Orders to grab the Hook, grab the habits and return them unspoiled to Siro Ma who can then deliver them the figure out who's got the one take it the door. Also, these guys are personally loyal to Sarah on Saruman. and. So technically, they should probably just take it straight the Mawr but he wants that boon to cement. Sr on shore maybe maybe actually take the ring for himself. Yeah and and rule middle earth who I don't know the I don't know the sorrow Mon- actually thinks he's evil at this point. Who might think that like what he needs to like you know like all these elves and men are going to fuck shit up these guys were the the these these angelic kind of wizard figures sent the Guide and mentor Middle Earth through all different stripes and I think he thinks this is his ultimate mission like this is what he's supposed to be doing but I was like it there any of that in the fight scene between him and Gandalf I will admit during that fighting I was looking at was gandalf spinning on his nose or whatever. And how silly that looked. I was doing the dialogue if there was some about it. Now, I mean like there's a lot in the lead-up where he's like, you know we should I've seen everything I've seen there's no way to beat the sky. We need to join forces with them, and that's when he fell me and my friend win of the Blah Blah Blah turned to madness. But yeah, I I then again I I don't know how much of that is actually in the book like Saruman has is he actually evil because you know? He's making these. ORCS. They look pretty evil but you know what does that even mean you know like token did knows Kinda Gauche to just nakedly code evil people to ugly dark and? this stuff like that. But. I thought was also like there's like this long ask credit sequence and Peter Jackson talks do most of it and he talks about his personal feelings because if you're mad at me for saying that you like that I thought the theatrical versions are better films he agrees he says. I don't consider this director's cut. The director's cut implies that the studio took something away and made it lesser and the director's cut restores to the full glory. This is literally an extended addition. It's got more stuff in it stuff that I think some of it would have worked well in the movie. Some of it that I think is really great and Great. Material but destroys the pacing of the film but this isn't like my favorite version of the film. This is just an extended version for hardcore fans and I think it plays like that like I if you like like I said, I think it'd be very curious to see what you would think about a four hour cut this movie because that's about what it is. When they added all the stuff back into The yeah. For casual fans like really like this but. You know like why people like you don't like fantasy, but they like this I don't know that that would if you if you I'm not a big fan of nerds making their casual friends, watch the extent of diversions or be like. Well, if you don't watch extent versions, you're not watching it at all because. If you can't get enough you're right. But some people like this is just enough you know and so. Much just tolerable like I enjoy it because it's it moves quick and because there are moments of levity and because there is exciting action and and some heartfelt emotional moments, I don't love it because I love the Lore, the Laura Shit that I could care less about in this movie. So yeah, it's it's exceeds despite its source material and a lot of ways for me. I don't know. Like I said that I think it destroys the pacing but I love the the nine getting older gifts from Galadriel as because in the movie all you get is you know the stuff that you must know because it becomes important a plot like you know for getting that vial of starlight. Right, that's foreshadowing future movie right exactly. But then they all get individual gifts and I think some of that stuff is cool I. Think it's I love legless infamous limp spread commercial. where he liked almost directly turns to the cameras. Olympus. Bread one bite can keep a grown man fed for days. You know. There's yeah there's magic elven bread that they 'cause like. tolkien tries to answer a lot of people's questions like how the hell are these guys going to survive? Well, they got special magic bread and I was absolutely thinking like man that horse must be carrying a lot of supplies. But yeah, there's a lot of like interesting kind of funny things about that. Oh. That's other thing the one technical detail I forgot to mention Is Glad drill in is one of the few elves that remembers the time still left to middle earth. The remembers a time when they had these magic trees that per before the moon and the sun was created they they let the world and they talk about that light being reflected ancient lights still reflecting out of her eyes and Peter Jackson play Amodu that The. The usually like characters with they call it a pupil light or an eye light that gives you that little like anime, gleam in your eye with her he took like a ball of Christmas lights and use that for it. So when you look really close, it looks like she's got like a star Constellation. Reflected, I ever since I noticed there ever since I saw that in the behind the scenes I love seeing those notes and there's tons. There's like if you watch special features every fucking thirty seconds, you'll see a love letter tolkien in the background that you would never pick out unless you're like an Uber Fan or the person who worked on it and yeah if you are fan of these films, I highly recommend the special features on the BLU rays and DVD's because first of all year film. School how much that cost you know second is just it's just so much detail packed and it will destroy some of the magic because you also can't help but notice some of the effects and stuff that they still long gloves. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and how they do some of that stuff is really cool and man I wish they would I wish every couple of years they get that exhibit out and have a tour again I think it would make a lot of money 'cause like. Part of the exhibit was they had the mockup of like that cart that year mckellen and Elijah Wood Road on and you could pose with a friend of yours and they do the exact same camera angle. So it looks like you're massive and they're a Hobbit They give you like a souvenir photo of it and like this, seeing how that physically works de is so cool and you get it you can see it on the the you know because they show like here's the camera angle and the pan over, and you can kind of see the fact lose but like being there and actually doing that shit is super cool. Okay. Before we go Dr John had a lightning round questions. He wanted to ask US number one, which film in the trilogy is your favorite. It's been. It's been almost twenty years man. I. This one because it's the one I've seen most recently like. I legitimately couldn't tell you. There's a spider in one of them the Mount Dune scenes are cool like I can't tell you most of what happens in the next two. So this one currently. I mean there's amazing parts in all of them but it's hard to beat returning the king. It's hard to beat the exclamation point at the end of this You know you could quibble with the seventeen different endings that it has, but there's amazing action like the massive battles and all their glory All of everyone's are coming to an end All that stuff is I don't know it just it just really works personal all the different heroism coming together I e Oh the the last charge of the rare hero him The Odin speech before that like there's a bunch of a plus it's too bad. 'cause Eric Gordon speech about the ICU new the very feared would snatched a heart of Mu Away is actually be tear compared to fuck and theologians crazy ride now Athen Veru and. Like should disclaiming and spears swords. All Dude Spears as he rides on the combat like it's hard to beat that and it's too bad airborne had to follow that because technically his speech, it'd be even better. But, yeah, I like returned the king is my. The. With the minister stuff in it I like the the white city. Yeah. Yeah in the spider and. US really cool. I remember being super impressed by the scale that thing. Yeah and I dislike man the eagles always get me like when they like when the everything looks lost and like the the ring rates come in with fell beasts and it's like Oh these guys are going ripped apart and the eagles come out of nowhere star whipping their ass. It's good stuff. Good stuff. Lord of the Rings Versus Game of Thrones Books and visual. Medium. Midst. It's it's it's tough. I like game of thrones gets marked with an incomplete grade like I can't even give an F. It's incomplete. It's I'm disappointed. This had so much potential I'm writing and read in the margins I think it could have dethroned Lord of the Rings because Lord, of the rings as it's, it's very high fantasy. It's very not relatable where the intricate plotting and Mac nations and stuff a game of thrones The you know it's not just black and white good and evil it could have been better but it certainly did not. You know did. Not, get their. You know if you want to debate game of thrones seasons one through six verses Lord of the Rings. Fellowship and to it's still tough. But you know me go pick game of thrones every time in that scenario. But yes, I mean ending is such a sour note on game of thrones that I don't even know if I could choose it. Even though I do remember the last two movies of Lord of the Rings is still feel like It doesn't deserve it. Now Tokens got returning to King and game get this bitch Outta here you know like it's not. It's not even the same. Is, next question number three theories on why Peter? Jackson never quite made it back to this level of filmmaking. mean he's still a young man right like I. Mean he's still a man sure he can. Still he still exists. I think the Hobbit. was something he got forced into for good intentions in is just you know it's like the one thing where the studio just interfered way too much in. and maybe he was I I don't know like I I. got. It. In me to watch the bonus features of the Hobbit So but I, I understand that there's a whole lot of like first of all, there was the studio like really beat up New Zealand's film community to make this on a bare bones budget whereas before it was kind of a bonanza that launched it, and there is a lot of people that they wouldn't pay and they're like Peter Jackson put a. Premium. On getting these nine guys together and have a hang out and be friends. So that would translate in everyone gets a little piece. So there's no jealousy and everyone feels like this this kinship and bond and they didn't do that. There's a lot of composite actors together and you know people not you know there's there's a lot of key shortcuts and corner-cutting that effected everyone's kind of like ownership of it so. That said you know Peter Jackson still has fifteen twenty plus years ahead of him. It wouldn't surprise me if he did something. Cool the. Whole, crazy. Not Any yeah. I I kind of think of Peter Jackson as A. Independent like amateur style filmmaker because he has all the stuff that I associate with Peter Jackson before this is all. Much, smaller budgets much more like avant garde just like let's jam a camera in here and let's go at these. Crazy. rubber-faced zombies with lawnmower. Kinda thing like. It has this Gonzo sort of feel to it that. Is present in this film in places, but you could definitely see the classic Peter Jackson places for sure in a couple of spots but for the most part like the whole. Movie, is like this mainstream big-budget feel to it and. So what I think like Oh Peter Jackson. Would go on after this to do something just as big or epic or mainstream that kind of doesn't make sense to me It might be the case where he doesn't want to do that stuff. He just wants to have like that control the you get with sort of independent style filmmaking. And he can't find that in outside of like this crazy like we talked about crazy this project is leaving happened right? The give this guy a bunch of money and cradle he's crazy processes and stuff that's never been done. If he can't find that scenario again maybe he doesn't WanNa do it. He's taking a shot like King Kong Three Hour Kim Jong Film, that was Kinda gone zone and it didn't crater. It's but it's kind of foreshadow the habit of like Oh there's there's a lot of excess in this movie. Mortal engines was garbage. He didn't direct. He produced an he I guess he picked the director and he wrote it. But that movie is is bad I didn't even bother seeing because the concept looks so stupid. Now. He he ma I mean like I said, he might He might be a George Lucas where he did his best work and when young man with a lot of vigor and a lot of big ideas and also I, I haven't gone back and seen some of his smaller serious studio, not studio but independent films like a heavenly creatures is that the one everyone talks about haven't seen Yes, one, it's got Not Cate Blanchett the woman, the drama wacky French girls. Kate winslet, Kate winslet. That's the ones got Kate winslet about these serial killer murders from New Zealand or Australia that everyone is that everyone thinks holds that movie in high esteem. I'd like to see that because I think he could definitely go back to doing that I don't know bigger stuff like especially since it feels like he has a little bit it's gotta be bigger and better and more epic than it can. But man, you can't. When you hit Lord of the Rings, there's nowhere to go but down, it's like going to North Pole and saying I gotTA go north earlier. You can't yet can't man. You can go as North can't go north. So I I don't know but again, his career is not over but I do think that also the hobbit again everything I've read behind the scenes like that kind of broke his back as far as dealing with the Hollywood system and fighting with them and the like the D. crushing amount of work and stress it just maybe needs to go back and do some heavenly creatures type stuff. Yeah. I, know I know a whole bunch about like Y-, through like Adam savage and tested in that whole crew spends a lot of time like. You know at Weta or with Peter Jackson and they're all friends and stuff and I get the impression that he is very much. A Guy who loves the craft of it like yeah. He wants to get in there and do like really crazy innovative things. He enjoys like modern making kind of mentality. Y- how compatible is that big budget film making? I can't imagine it's. It's the same experience. Yeah because I don't think that like I don't know how many bigger teachers they made for the series I. Don't think it's nearly as many as they did for this. Is a lot of CGI composite ing even just a stunt works and stuff and I can imagine not everything's so much. Sure. This weird hybrid thing where like a shocking amount of it's real. Just a little bit of movie magic to make everything work I don't know if that's true that I imagine just the modern Hollywood blockbuster they were studios are going to pay for that fucking do it and do it digitally. Now, we don't like it. We can just Redo it. You know I thought that that might I. can see kind of being broken hearted about that if you're a real craftsman. Finally. Dr John Watson Oh. What are you looking forward to with the Amazon? Series. Great Question. I was looking forward to this story being drawn out into you know thirty plus hours whatever telling telling the story with more. You know the context that I feel I missing here the character development I feel a missing here. Apparently it's not going to be this Third Age Lord of the Rings Story. It's GonNa be something else. So. I'm a little bummed out that now. Yeah I. Think if I understand the new project at its climax will be the prologue of this movie like you know everything will build up to the the first war of the ring and you'll have all this. You Know Isale door and his dad and brother marshalling the human forces and Ron writing fourth and they'll began off there and Galadriel and I mean I don't know. Do the fall, a new minore and. All that kind of stuff, but it's not going to be this and. That's why it's like I. Mean I definitely I'm not as excited for. This is some other things because I just don't know what they'll make of it. It's going to be shot in middle. Earth. Aka New Zealand The special effects people in the craftsman will be the same So you got that going for us but like everything is like the casting of this film I love these books and read the many many times. In fact, I read them all before the movie came out right right before I got a new editions of them and. I had built up mental images through looking at all these picture books and artwork of like what all these things looked like and they just knocked it out of the park. They got the perfect fro, the perfect Gandalf, the perfect airborne seemingly by accident some of these cases because they kind of lucked backed in like Oh, Shit does airborne sucks. Can we get you know I I liked what Mortenson guy did on G. I. Jane He seems like he could be somebody's rough and tough bring him in there and he ends up being half Elf I it's it's about like the cast and the story and all that similar million and appendix stuff from Lord of the rings is that going to work because that's not adapting something great. It's reading an encyclopedia wikipedia article about something, and then you know like like reading an encyclopedia article about World War One. And, now, make an entertaining story about it. Yeah. Crafted that. Yeah or like you know what we saw the double ds did like you know adapting great works versus working with a few bullet points as tricky they got a big budget and they got some. Decent. talented. Attached to like, will it be the Lord of I can't imagine I can't imagine it will be this generational once in a lifetime kind of thing like the way Lord of the Rings. Ended up being I really I don't don't but I am look. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing being back in this world because I I enjoyed the being back in middle. That's why sat through all the fucking hobbit movies because I love this world so much and when it works, it really works. So. Any other last thoughts should we get out of here Jim now let's get out of here turn. Dr John Thank you very much for forcing us to watch this long. Asked me I watched four hours actually. I watched a thousand hours of middle Earth Shit. Over the last twenty years and spent hundreds more reading by forty-three years on earth to prepare for this podcast, which is why I only had to watch three hours. So. Thank you for that. And Yeah I think this might be their longest podcast wasn't like a marathon you know staff the charity thing. So thank you for commissioning it if commissioning podcast sounds like a good idea to you go to support that ball move dot com click on the commissioner podcast link and it will have all the details on how much it costs and the process and pull the trigger Jim and I'll be in touch to get your notes and all that kind of stuff Yeah. That's how you do that and again thank you very much. Dr John for commissioning this at a lot of fun recording this and my buddy and hope you enjoy it Obama and enjoys it. That will be it for this week's ball new pulp. My God we might have to make this a to installment thing three, three, party Al it's expanded. Let's talk another hour we got three our. Fellowship of the POD, and then we'll have the to podcasters and then it'll be returned to the bullshit. But? Yeah. Well, Hilbert enjoys it and we'll see back. Next time on pulp until then I'm Erin and Jim. See

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"Recounting the results. From the presidential caucuses on Tuesday. The party says it will recount tallies from twenty three precincts Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Mayor. Pete made the request for the recount with me or Pete Holding a slight delegate lead over sanders the head of the Iowa Democratic Party did resign after all the snafus from the APP used for the caucus. And you're listening to USA radio news with the recession ending. If you've been putting off building your business now is the time to act. General Steel will meet or beat any price on a pre engineered still building of the same size and specifications act now before steel prices. Go Up so call us today for free information. Call eight hundred nine six five twelve ninety eight hundred nine six five twelve ninety eight hundred nine six five one two nine zero turning back to politics one person who needs a strong debate performance on Tuesday night in South Carolina is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. According to many the debate did not go well for. Bloomberg on Tuesday night and he's going to need a strong showing on Super Tuesday if he sees a real path towards the Democratic nomination for president. Andy Posner is a former. Ceo of C. K. E. Restaurants. He has some debate advice for Bloomberg. The only point in the debate where Michael Bloomberg actually started to shine was in the second half when he actually started to defend himself a little bit when he talked about when after Bernie Sanders for being a socialist but a multimillionaire owning three houses or when he talked about how he earns the money he made Bloomberg by really demand came up with a high tech method of providing financial information that people wanted to provide it benefits. People he'd benefited others tremendously. He benefitted tremendously if he can get out there and start defending free markets and say look well a liberal who understands the economy. I want defenders free markets. He can distinguish himself from the rest of the pack but if he tries to be like them. I think his candidacy is doomed. Some of the alleged victims in Los Angeles are reacting to Harvey Weinstein. Being sent to prison actress. Rosanna arquette has one of the women who spoke out today in downtown Los Angeles public is seeing that men even man as powerful famous Weinstein will be held accountable for USA Radio News. I'm Timberg imagine this is your money and someone wants to take it from you. Who Is it the IRS? They want your money and guess what they can legally take it all of it if they want remember. They sent that letter that said. Hey always a bunch of cash and we're going to take it from you so what you do fight back by letting our team of experts at the tax helpline work it out with the IRS. So you can keep your money and we're good at what we do. When you hire us you'll get a team of guys on your side. No the IRS laws and will fight to save your money so if you owe the irs a ton of cash and you WANNA keep it call right now and learn for free how we can help you. Put it back in your pocket. Eight hundred nine three two one seven four nine eight hundred nine three two one seven four nine eight hundred nine three two one seven four nine. That's eight hundred nine three to seventeen forty nine from San Francisco. I'm a sports byline broadcasting network. You are listening to Wrestling Observer vibe with your hosts Bryan Alvarez and Mike. Let's get it going. Everybody Bryan Alvarez Huron Wrestling Observer live. We're here every day Monday through Friday new Pacific three eastern Sunday three Pacific six eastern. Come into today on the show. Obviously last night was raw and that means it was the go home show for whatever this Saudi Arabia show is. I think it's super showdown. But anyway we have seven matches announced for that show including some changes were made last night and it was very weird because it just changed there was like no explanation. Ford or anything like that. The big change is the gauntlet match for the to wake. Trophy is now. Aj Styles Andrade. Bobby Lashley Eric Rohan Truth and Ramos. Terio where did rousseff go? Well apparently have decided that he wanted to go to Saudi Arabia. And so he is off the show and Raymond Stereo is taking his place. So that's a big change there and the rest of the show. The New Davis as MS Morrison Brock Listener Versus Ricochet for the title Roman reigns can carbon steel cage match fiend. We'll be facing Goldberg for the Universal Title Bailey Versus Naomi which was going to be wrestlemainia match. So I suppose they could do the first ever women's championship title change in Saudi Arabia and have the rematch wrestlemainia. And then Seth rollins and Murphy will be facing the street profits for the rotating titles. So that's the lineup. For the show coming up on Thursday and also have the full lineup for the eight. W show coming up on Saturday. The big revolution show six matches announced pretty much. The matches we expected have been added. Darby Ellen Sammy Guevarra and Nyla rose versus Chris Stat. Lander have both been added to the show and they have a go home show on Wednesday and I guess we'll see what they do is send me Guevarra because I don't know the staff is of his foot but I know it's foots. Been bothering him was bothering him. Before the super cake and it bothering him more after the super kick so I wonder if they'll do an ankle whereas footage gets injured on Wednesday and then you've got the injured foot against the injured neck. Go with that one anyway. Back in a moment Mike Zimmer. V Your calls text messages and more wrestling observer live. Don't go out to eat. Go OUT TO EAT AT. 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More hires than any other site visit indeed dot Com Slash. Promo today and get free sponsored job upgrade on your first posting terms conditions and exclusions apply. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple Vivian on the Sports Byline Broadcasting Network Show Elber is here Wrestling Observer Live Mike Supervision of wrestling observer DOT COM. We got last night and aside from two things on the show. I thought the raw was very good. The two things that really bothered me were the Murphy. Angelo Dawkins match which when like ten seconds and Seth just ran into the queue. I was like. Are you kidding? Me and then. The Montreal screwed job in the main event. And thing with Murphy and Angelo Dawkins. It probably wouldn't bother me but I've already got this. Go Away. He thing with seth going on because every segment he's in is turning into the old Barron Corbin deal where she's incessant heat scan returned to channel type deal. He ran in for D Q Ten seconds in. I was like dude. It's a third hour like if this thing dies if this show dies in the third hour I mean that must thing that's why that's you can't discount something like that so then because they had advertised that they were GonNa do Murphy versus Angelo Dawkins and Seth versus Montas. Ford okay. So they advertise this. But then they shoot an angle for seth versus Montanez. Like it just came out of the Blue House weird so because it advertised it. I looked at the matches and I thought okay. Well Seth and Murphy are facing the street prophets and Saudi Arabia. Okay so probably. I don't think they're Montas. Beat SAF so looking at. How W we normally books? Well Seth I'm sure will be Montas Ford via Shenanigans and Angelo Dawkins who is big will be Murphy who is small so the street prophets get a win heading into their tag team title match right. What could be more logical than that well? Instead as a decoy finish. And then Seth Beats Montas so the street Prophet Scott. Nothing last night as flabbergasted so I thought that was dumb and in the main event just the goofy Montreal screw job. The REF does a fast. Count on Kevin Owens which was even more ridiculous because Kevin didn't even try to kick out like kicked out at two and a half but the fast countered him. He took draping DDT and he just laid there for ten seconds and the fast counted anyway so they acted like they screwed. Kevin Owens but if you watched it actually didn't screw Kevin owns. He was out. And they just decided to have Kevin's beat up the referee afterwards and everybody was happy. I didn't like those two things but other net. I thought a very solid show. Good build to the Saudi Arabia show. They're planning the seeds for mania. The matches were good even the the rematch of Rohan announcer black for the second week in a row. That was good. I thought overall I give it a thumbs up except for those two things. Ah Give it a thumbs up as well too. I mean even did an amazing job or racing Ricochet from drew Galloway Slash drew. Mcintyre's championship. Run here you know. It's not like that shot. That was landed the low blow by ricochet which is actually setting up his championship match here on Thursday with brock listener. None of that even exists anymore. The universe of drew McIntyre making his way to Wrestlemainia and in a way they did a pretty masterful job erasing that out of the history of McIntyre's he leads into brock listener. Here a little footnote. That that ricky she is will probably be shown to be on Thursday so they did a good job covering up little basis. Like that my biggest problem with the show. More than anything is something that they can't be fixed by anything. Creatively and that is the barrier free of three hours long. How long this show is and how difficult it is. For a lay person or elapsed fan to get back into. They did a lot of good stuff in the opening of that show but the problem is it is still three hours long with a very long twenty minute opening segment. Even though I thought it was very good it was still a fifteen minute opening segment which led to more talking and then led to a match. That was really pretty good from what we saw then also went to through commercial break. So this really cool can fifteen minute match between two young people that they would love to get over yeah. I'm wondering how many people in the six minutes where they went to commercial maybe tune back out again or or maybe doing something else and I just don't think it's very beneficial to that talent and unfortunately it's something that nobody there can fix only USA could really fix that by by pulling it back down to two hours but no matter what they do. It's really always wanted to be a struggle for them because of that Hump. That people have to get back into the amount of time they have to dedicate to it right so this is what I love about. The show thought the Promo was good setting up the main event. The problem was I complain about this last week. How the third hour started and I had no idea what the main event was well. The third hour started this week and I couldn't remember if we had made event because it was two hours earlier so I liked it. They announced the main event of the show but I think that they need to promote it better throughout the show so two hours later. You don't forget hammered. Yeah I like Angel Gardens Lena Vega. They clearly are planting the seeds for something now. The story line has always been that Selena and Andrade are merely business partners and Angel Guards is a ladies man and he's finding all over Zelina and Selena's talking about how sexy he is and something that something's gotta be happening here but Angel Garza is so great. I think this guy is i. Think the world sky him and Umberto Correo. I thought very good match. Yes too many commercials in it. I wish that they could do something about that. But Hey what. I saw really fun ricochet beat Luke Gallows. Hey Listen ricochets getting a championship match against Brock. He's ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent. GonNa lose but you know what avenue beat everybody on the way they're awesome. We have the listener and Heyman Promo which was just a normal promo except for Hayman's line about if my aunt had balls be my uncle. But she isn't which caused Jerry. Lawler to burst into hysterics legitimately and I hate when they do. Goofy comedy and the announcers have to fake laugh. But when somebody says something and you actually crack up the announcers I love it. You want to know why because it's real. We had the row announcer black match which I really liked we. Add the drew McIntyre. Sit Down which listen. It's not as good as come on Syria. Literally what did I say? Did I say the word series somewhere in there talking nonsense? What's going on so I? She's having trouble so listen. This was not as good as when w since Jim Ross. Down with somebody in. It's actually like a real interview. This this was still a doubt of style interview but it was way more loose and it was way better than usual. And you're starting to know a little something about drew. You're starting to understand his struggle. Nobody's turning on the guy because he's not a geek. This is good. It's a great interviews. Great Interview I really love the Women's Elimination Chamber contract signing because of Oscar. She's in the top five best promos on raw. Probably the whole company hands. I understand forty percent of what she's saying but it's just great and the only the only criticism I have is. Shayna gets the ring to brawl with Becky and eighty five security. People come out or were they. When Randy was killing edge I mean come on and then the rest of the show was arrested. Shell I want to say one of the thing that I didn't like was the announcement of win edges returning. They just flat out announced that edge is coming back on March ninth in Washington. Dc and. I've been watching raw every Monday and Randy Orton. Sell their radios in the main event. And I'm just sitting there and I'm actually excited. I'm waiting for the big surprise. Return of edge in the place comes unglued. Then find out. It's not going to be surprised. They're just advertising that he's coming back. I guess you need something to sell tickets. But that was a big disappointment. I just want this guy to show up out of nowhere and beat the hell out of the sky. Is it that hard especially when the timing of that show in? Dc should be enough to sell tickets on the way to Wrestlemainia. You know what I mean because I think it took away some of the attention from a Beth Phoenix being announced because obviously there is something that is going to happen next week when Beth Phoenix goes out there and gives her State of the the union on her husband's health with Randy. Orton somewhere lingering around so I think you take away a little bit of the effect that by by doing that but I do understand what they're doing and it's not like it's anything new them exposing something just to to try to sell tickets all right Beckenham. Oh with more observer live if you were a loved. One is suffering from physical or emotional condition. That is left. You unable to work then. Listen carefully take this number down. Eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one. That's eight hundred five nine three seven four nine one. 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When they did that injury angle for Joe and he vanished like there were rumors on the Internet that he had failed test and was going to be suspended. So W e violently violently the night it smells Joe is not suspended. This has nothing to do with suspension Justin Angle. And now here we are. He has been suspended as of yesterday. The thing with the WB wellness policy is like. I don't know what's going on. But like nobody got suspended since two thousand sixteen and then all of a sudden in the last couple of months it's been Bam Bam Bam Bam one suspension after another. So I don't know what's going on and this this has also led this all say about this. It has also led people to speculate about other things that have happened of late so just WanNa throw that out there. Yes emoji is suspended. Well you WANNA look for a silver lining in that cloud. I guess if you are a fan of Alastair Black Saying it's fortuitous. Timing since you are looking as though you're going to be a future star but once you get another bad ass ass kicking baby face out of the way that's going to be good for you and that's probably going to be one of the things that gets glossed over from last night on this road to. Wrestlemainia is how they set up Alastair Black in. Aj styles the beating. He took which I thought he oversold at the beginning As he lumbered into his match and still did his goof-ball had to do the setup. Gimmick you know after getting beaten up in the ring with with Eric. Rowe and I didn't like that but then from there I thought they told a great story with that match. I think the beating that he took played well into Eric Rowe and be considered a threat especially after he lost last week as we go into this to eight cups situation. In which eric run is a participant? I think they did a really good job with that. It was a little bit goofy at the end when he hit the cage and everything but I thought the match itself was actually pretty damn good and I think it was overall a very good performance for Alastair Black and I was a little shaky like I said at first how it was going to be how he was selling in how they were setting things up but I thought the end. They did a tremendous job with that. And I think it was one of those things that make glossed over In the grand scheme of this week but I thought it was an excellent job as anything ought to mention is in years past with the wellness policy. I mean they have done deals where they wait to suspend somebody. So I don't know of Joe just failed or if in fact he did fail Quite a while ago and my guess is that when the rumors were out that he failed a test. I'm pretty sure that me when they denied it and pretty sure that that was true because if it wasn't true they would have just suspended him and he'd be backed by now instead. They waited until Monday. It's not like he was doing anything that needed to be wrapped up. He got hurt so I think this is just a new failure but anyway that's the story. I knew it wasn't about the crooked. Aref in the main event. How was that referee allowed in the raw main event? This person says if you pay by Rawlins how did you get the license okay? So here's what I think. The story is a right is what I think the story is. I should also add that. I don't think they're gonNA tell us a story. I don't think rarely hear about this again. I think booking this Guy Jake Clemens. That's his name. I think he's quietly. Just GonNa start referring again. Maybe you'll referee hefner on T. or smackdown or maybe even on Rod. That just will no attention to it. I feel like they've done this before where they did. Some shenanigans with a referee an hefner's now. I'm talking Davis. I'm talking to a couple of years ago where some rafted something and like they just ignored it and then you know five or six weeks later when people forgot about it he just started revenue again. Anyway I think that the story is supposed to be that this young Jay Clements Fella. He's been hired for a long time. And maybe he's been training but he finally got his shot on the main roster and once like he was there for his first day of work and Seth Dot to him sold him a shirt and a bill of goods exceeding. Oh here he is. I think that's supposed to be the story. Sound like seth just got some dude off the street shirt and tie cell. Say this even as bad as That a call back to a dirty. He'll raph in. Twenty twenty is especially anywhere in Canada even though it was Manitoba and not Quebec worked for the crowd. That was there in that. At least they were so fired up that they just wanted to see. Kevin Owens kill this man. Even though it didn't make any sense it was stupid. As you mentioned you know Kevin Owens was not the most Kicking out at one baby face there when the pin happened. And but I think a lot of that can get glossed over with at least a visual and how that crowd was going off the air. I think that did save itself. Where in navy in another place in Pittsburgh or somewhere where they don't get the type of crowd response that they want to get a fee came off a lot better. There was his Rothfield so long. That when Seth and Ford was going on I forgot. Ornans opened the show. I was the same way. Yeah as the exact same way. Because when Seth started that they brought out they brought out Murphy and documents and it was like fifteen after. I thought. Okay well. They're gonNA do this match. And then the seth match is the main event so the Murphy match goes a minute and then they immediately start doing the seth match. And I'm thinking to this matching Cohen. Forty two minutes acquitting. The held babbling. They've had like Brockman out there. He's obvious now wrestling and I call. The big stars have been out there. What in God's name and then I remembered the opening angle but it was two hours and fifteen minutes earlier. I think he's got a hammer that more. Hammer your main of Hammer. Your main event interview Owens in the second hour of you order. The top of the third hour remind us with the main event. Is We need? This is what's abundantly clear from the ratings. Everybody you have to give some people a reason to stay for that third hour because if you don't they're leaving and dude they promise things like hedge in the third hour and people left so you can't just make an announcement at the beginning of the show and then not talk about it for three more hours. It's the same thing every single week. You know the enemy that you're fighting and you've got to try to sell it. You GotTa throw the graphics up there by God you got three hours. You got plenty of time to go ahead and do it. You got a better chance to structure that. Show the different way they need to do that. You know again talking. About what the commercials it's very it's tough I mean. I was watching after the women's press conference. You know it's my brain didn't shut off. I knew there was more to go. But it's like man. You could've ended this thing here and then another area could ended it here and it would have had a lot more impact but unfortunately they just have so much going on. And you know if you're a regular watcher of raw you watch the three hours every single week and you either watch live or you fast forward minimally. You probably thought last night. Show flowed super smooth and was the best smoothest raw three hour raw in some time and you would be right but the problem is it's just everybody else out there that either can't maintain until eleven o'clock don't WanNa maintain till eleven o'clock whatever it is you're always going to have problems there. And they've got to figure out a way to try to structure that show better to try to retain those people at the end otherwise you might as well put the whole thing up side down and really go. Saturday night's main event and just sacrifice from ten to eleven. All right so I got a brilliant idea if I do say so myself. So they announced that edges going to show up in Washington D C. A few weeks out okay. I think that's stupid. I'm wanting a surprise. Return Okay. So they've announced that next week on Raw Beth. Phoenix is going to be there as says here Beth. Phoenix returns to raw with a medical update on edge. Little to no news has emerged of edges condition in the weeks since rain. You're an attack that the returning wwe hall of Famer. Next week the rated R. Superstars family will break its silence when Beth Phoenix arrives on Raw. The GLAM is on eight. Wwe Hall of Famer in her own right and wife of the injured edge will return team read to provide a medical update on the former WBZ champion Phoenix has provided no clues as to which way things are headed. Well apparently they're headed in the right direction. Since advertisers return one way or another W universe will have answers as to what lies ahead for the legendary superstar if not the motivation of the man. Who put him out of action in the first place so anyway Beth is their next week and had people here saying Randy's GonNa or and I suppose it's possible but they are the very very rarely do men and women violence so I think hey listen advertised to your heart's content that he's GonNa show up in Washington. Dc You can still have him do a surprise return next week when he shows up to save his wife right that solves. Every problem here ran. Bjorn's GONNA get his hands on her and here comes Adua Nowhere and he spears rain. Yordan and away we go. I like it. I like it Mike. Thank you I appreciate it. Excuse he came up with it. I don't like it. I'll get out of here. I just want to advertise return of edge with no surprise. Oh He's just going to be here. That's already done that. I mean you can make him surprise. Return in the meantime God yes. Oh you're just arguing for the sake of arguing now. Oh is that what it is? Yes ma'am well tell me why. Tell me why it would be better to just advertise his return. Well because you've been now already done that and I think if you want to do something creative that way. I think that would be the. What can you tell me up with something bad idea? Tell me something more creative than I. Don't care okay. So my ideas more creative okay great. Thank you person says the new Japan MR arguing just argue. I'm not arguing just argue. I said like if you want to argue then onto aren't clean. If the point is I just don't think that you go ahead and that's going to be the big surprise there is okay. Well now you've announced edge. Edge comes back a week before. What a surprise. Just yeah I would not I played. Well it's too late so I'm trying to save it trying to get you haven't even play out yet. You're actively just coming up with something needs to be saved. You can have Randy Orton. Don't know what direction they're gonNA take. He could minister and yes. Edge could come back. Yeah that was my chair and not do anything. There's lots of different ways. You could play this. So let's see how it goes I. I'm not declaring that. It's the poops back in the moment server. Life attention to anyone. That's written a book a wants to write a book. The process is not that complicated. Take a first step. Even if you write a page today you build momentum and your book will become a reality. Hard parties getting it published. That's when you need to call page publishing. They've got hundreds and hundreds of thank yous from different new authors. 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You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple on the sports byline broadcasting network right. Here's the lineup. For the next couple of days we got the Saudi Arabia show on Thursday which luckily for all of us is going to be happening in the middle of wrestling observer live. I can't wait to watch that show. In the middle of this show. The new day version MS Morrison for the smackdown take team titles listener versus ricochet for the WWe title Roman reigns versus King Corbin and steel cage match the fiend versus Goldberg for the Universal Title. Aj Andrade Lash Leroux and Truth and Ramos. Zero Will be facing off in a gauntlet match for the to. Wake Trophy Mountain failures. Naomi Smith ten women's title Rawlins and Murphy. Against the street profits for the era tag team. Titles you guys remember that Seth and Murphy were that rotating champions. They are at the moment for Saturday. Eight W Revolution Chris. Jericho's facing Jon Moxley Awa world title. Mgm Faces Cody in a singles match. Kenny Omega an hangman page against the new bestselling authors of the Young Bucks Awa World Tag Team Titles Jake Hager versus Dustin Rhodes and added yesterday. Darby Ellen semi Guevarra and Nyla rose versus Chris Stat Lander for the Awa Women's world title six-match is going to be probably about a three hour show. So maybe they'll add more. Maybe they won't 'cause I suspect Jericho Moxley's probably going to twenty five am Jeff. Cody probably GonNa Twenty-five Omega Hangman. Probably go and close to twenty five so I mean these are some long matches were probably GonNa have for. Aws Saturday for looking to be an excellent show with the go home. Show tomorrow or they got to hammer home. That angle where. Mg tried to get cody to hit him. That's his last chance. He's been foiled everything he's tried for. Cody says last opportunity. Get that match. Cancelled looks as though the young bucks may not be the only bestselling authors here as Adam hangnail what is it? The the caught a word for it is for the children's out there. But Adam and the Golden Horseshoe available for preorder now is coming out on. May Twenty fourth story by Hangman. Adam page illustrations Bhai Dylan Coburn. He did put that up so a battle of literary giants now taking place in a w even more divide taking place with the elite now I know no word on Kenny Omega or anybody else writing any a era there tomes answering this guy. He'll now L. Now the children's balloon is. I mean you can try but I mean historically once you turn healed there. Goes your merchant numbers. It's a little. It's a little bit less nowadays because we've got so many super hardcore fans by anything but in the old days like if you're a baby face and you turned heel that was the end of your merch sales and there were there were wrestlers. It would fight. He'll turns because he didn't WANNA learn there they will lose their merch money. Then how it is a w I think it's too many hardcore is right now for it to affect it too badly. But I wouldn't turn his guy he'll you kid my F- ago. Some non alcoholic drinks here in the lead up to this book. Silver Spurs and says. I like the idea of edge baiting randy bathing him. He tries to assault Beth but he falls into the trap fright. That's ready falls into the trump. I near says slow Joe. Suspension Ends March twenty five. I know it'll be hard for me. To believe. Put their faith in him but by chance. Can he still get booked for a match at Mania? Well if Simone Joe's I ever suspension and honest to God based on guys that have been suspended I mean do they spended Roman reigns and he was right back in the top spot right when he came back on dry going to be right back into axiom spot when he comes back. The bigger issue to me. If I'm Samoa Joe is that he got injured so many times like that's the thing with them gene am well. I WanNa thank you very much for the call. There's two answers to this question. Okay the actual answer as far as creating professional wrestlers is the performance center. Okay now the difference is the power plant only produced a couple of people that were any good but WCW at least if someone graduated the power plant. They tried to push them. That's a big difference. The performance center. They turn out. Turnout turnout turnout. And if you're not exactly Vincent type you're just you flounder but Roman reigns was largely a turned out by the performance center Charlotte. I mean. They're good workers. They're not like you know all time greats or anything like that but it's not like the performance center can't turn out a good wrestler but I mean it takes a hell of a lot longer than it should and only a few of them really go far in this business but as far as like turning out and and taking someone from scratch and turning them into a wrestler the performance center by far the and it a lot of that is look a lot of that is just. Wcw In how they were run and and what they were looking for out of some of the guys that they had there and just yeah it was going to say. It's like apples and oranges. But I mean we certainly ushered in a different era with a performance center than we had. You know even a couple years before the performance center when we were still dealing with deep south and the setups those would it was. Hamish here says thank you for the explanation and smartening me up master cheese at this point. I'm only a professor Xinjiang. Rose all right. Let's go to Joe in New Jersey. What's going on so talking about the performance center It seems like the women's division in annexed like superior to the guys. Do you think that it is? The main focus was made new Japan any version. That happens after that. I mean it is what it is and Samoa Joe. I think he ascended and got to a place that I never thought he'd get to and I don't think a lot of people thought he gets to not because of his skill level or his hard work but just because he wasn't going to be offered that opportunity and he's gotten that opportunity and he he and Kevin Owens and I mean there's still bad as on the main roster it may not be perfect but man the no failure there. I don't believe all right so apparently we've dropped for about four minutes so this'll be fixing the replay. Everybody I apologize for that but in those four minutes and you missed Mike. Did in fact agree that my idea was great. You can listen to that in the replay. I says I so glad Manteris Four. Got Lots of in ring with Seth Rollins on Roy is clearly the Shining Star of the street profits just like Angel Garza. He's another guy who's using charisma. Don't downplay Angelo. Dockets I've seen some Angelo Dawkins comebacks and are awesome Donka. And maybe if you WANNA say Tony. Storm even know she's UK if you take those five so you got what coal keithly riddle coal riddle roderick strong Kylo Riley. Yeah Little Li I think would be your top three. Shaun pollock team CIAMPA. God Gargano seven right now. Who is working on their enough to you. Know what I mean like. I don't know if I'm putting substituting a Gargano for chopper velveteen velvety. It's up here. Personality wise obviously wrestling wise. No but but personality was he is now I do not. I want to say that. The exte- women's foster is stronger than the smackdown or raw. Or Eight. W Women's main roster knock yourself out. I'll go with that one but to say that the top wrestlers on the women's roster and x t are better than the top men's wrestlers. There's no way I think they look again. I the perception in the field may be that way again if you're partial to that with how they've been portrayed with some of the matches and of the interactions that they're looking to have like Ria in Charlotte and things like that. I mean I can see why people would be energized over that all right. Let's go to head. What do we got? Hey if all things were even Yoshahara Adam. Cole who wins? I mean I've Seen Adam Cole have significantly better matches than Shirai uche rice fantastic but I mean the fact that Adam Cole has consistently had better matches is actually an argument that the men's division is better than the women's division otherwise would have that many great matches with the the level of opponent. Isn't there for her as it is for Adam Cole. Shane is GONNA choke out and Bite Matt Riddle. All right so joe. You're on the air with Jack Us. Not what you're thinking says Tom. It says Joe in New Jersey but go ahead or you're on okay So the match to make if ESPN postal does happen is not a Roman Bruce Goldberg. You'll be seen versus Goldberg. Why is that? Well see as much bigger star than Roman he. Well he is but he hasn't hasn't wrestled in well over a year and he's been doing movies. I don't know if they can even have that good. A match hasn't stopped him before these types of matters I mean. Do you think the match between Roman Goldberg will be good? Does it even matter well? I mean you've got one guy who rarely wrestles in Goldberg. And you've got another guy his regular so if it's me. I choose the guy who's the regular and the guy who rarely works over two guys who really work and you stick them in a Goldberg's place in Arizona for a while though. Just let them work at it until. Wrestlemainia you know. 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Four seven to fifty one forty five. And you're listening to wrestling observer. Live with Bryan Alvarez on the sports byline broadcasting that works for the last caller. You're not wrong. That arguably arguably scene of versus Goldberg would be a bigger mainstream match then Roman reigns versus Goldberg. But like if everyone's GonNa complain that you're beating the Current Day star Ray Wyatt in favor of like an older star Goldberg. I mean you don't have to twice have Gobert win the title and face a modern day person instead of John Cena I. I don't feel that like I don't feel that Goldberg. The the key to this to the mainstream to me is Goldberg. Defending the title. Like I don't think that Goldberg Versus John. Cena is that much bigger than Goldberg versus Roman reigns but I do feel that both of those matches are way bigger than Roman reigns versus the fiend. So if you want to argue that should be seena fine but I I would do Goldberg Roman and I think it'd be a better match anyway. Got The SPEIER versus fear. Too Bad dudes spared each other being mean. I wanted to my wrestling. I'm saying that wants to Gobert. Take a five knuckle shuffle. No I did not want to see that. Do I want to see Johnson? Tell Goldberg that he can't see him. No unless he does that and then. Gobert spears him into the first row. You heard me right time style. Listen Everybody WanNa thank you for listening. We'll have more tomorrow as always filthy. Tom Is coming up here in just a second. I think I haven't heard from him but I'm pretty sure on next so a lot of fun stuff on. I think Mike Has Always Dom. That's our producer. Jared our producer. All of our friends and relatives. We'll talk to you next time wrestling observer life. You're listening to the Heartland News Radio Network Broadcasting Live twenty percent Mino- newsbeat. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram newscast past the twenty fifth twenty twenty. I'm Mike Clifford. Harvey Weinstein once considered the most powerful man. Hollywood spent Monday night in custody in New York after being convicted of sex crimes that from CBS to in New York. After five days of deliberations jury found wising guilty of third degree rape and criminal sexual assault. They acquitted him on three other counts. Cbs to as it. Weinstein showed little emotion when the verdict was read but seemed stunned when he was let out of the courtroom in handcuffs. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a lawsuit by a taxpayer-funded Foster Carriage Z. That claims a constitutional right to turn down perspective. Same-sex foster couples Catholic social services or CSS claims it requiring the agency to consider same sex couples as foster parents contradicts its religious teachings on marriage but Mary Boo with the North American Council. On adoptable children asserts that ruling in favor of CSS would open the door to a host of other forms of discrimination. She says other religious base foster care agencies could deny prospective parents of another faith or who don't attend church or are single Supreme Court would rule that government funded agencies have a constitutional right to exclude families. They fail their religious. All state and local governments would be forced to permit such discrimination in their care system the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the CSS claim saying foster care agencies. Receiving public funds can be required to accept all qualified families. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting the Supreme Court will hear those arguments in its fall session which begins in October. And from Minnesota Hunger fighting groups are pressing state lawmakers there approved bills addressing the issue of lunch shaming the happens in schools and funding for mobile food shelves. Kaleen Moriarty of hunger solutions. Minnesota says they'll try to drive the message home to lawmakers this week. That approval of these bills is vital. She says the school lunch. Bill would go a long way and reducing students public humiliation over a debt. The elimination of lunch shaming really includes alleviating. The conversation that happens between the child and a food service person or a teacher or anyone and elevates it to a discussion that happens between adults Moriarty says they also want this day to adjust the threshold for qualifying for school lunch program so more families can get help the mobile food shelf bill would reauthorize grant money so these trucks can continue to be dispatched to communities in need Minnesota. Lawmakers approved a two year budget last year. This session is focused on whether there should be additional spending for the state's projected surplus of more than one billion dollars. Might Mohan Public News Service. This is pianists. Escaping views could be overwhelming and it can be even more complicated for some women of color. Mary Sherman Explains According to the CDC homicide victims stemming from intimate partner violence are disproportionately young women of color. The domestic violence network has a legal services outreach for marginalized survivors program which provides free civil legal aid. Sasha Jones who coordinates the program explains many clients are reluctant to seek services due to poverty or racism. A lot of women breakdown start crying and just say they've been trying to take care of certain things for years and nobody would help them or somebody said they will help them. And they didn't so it's been a barrier and they'll moving forward and succeeding. She says issues related to benefits. Subsidized Housing Transportation and child support are among the civil legal needs for survivors. The program is marking its first year and Jones says to date more than four hundred Ohio women have received Free Legal Assistance Jones notes that Black Hispanic and native American survivors. More often experienced pressure from family and the community to stay with an abuser. Or they fear getting partner involved with police and the criminal justice system due to the increase issues with police brutality when it comes to African American men sometimes that's a deterrent is not that they don't want to seek help. But pain and suffering takes a back seat to what going to happen to him. The program partners with several agencies throughout the state offers outreach clinics Jones at simply assigning an attorney at no cost to them can be life. Changing women are coming in. They're just shot and then turn it around where they realize they are going to get that help someone out here room for them and supporting them. Little things for other people are the whole world for semi in a situation where they just don't have the funds to pay for it. The program was started through a grant from the US Department of Justice and Finally Never Rama Gone. Reports always to farmers have a lot going on they're grappling with rising seas ocean acidification and more severe storms. They met in Wilmington over the weekend. The main goal of the Oyster South symposium was to brainstorm ways to deal with the challenges created by climate change. Andy Di Paola is a small-scale oyster farmer in Mobile Bay Alabama. He says more frequent heavy rains are flushing pathogens and fertilizer into waterways flowing into the bay contaminating oyster habitat close on bacterial counts and last year. I was only open about one week between the beginning of the year. Saying may so it's very hard. You maintain an operation for your cash flow and everything when you were closed for months at a time. Di Paola says in the previous century. Alabama's coast once produced an abundant oyster supply but numbers have steadily dwindled since the nineteen nineties are Mike Clifford from public news service. We remember listener supported and online at public. 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Seventy one years to February twenty eighth nineteen forty-nine new seal ball and Richard Denning in my favorite husband and we thank you for joining us on this Tuesday it is the twenty fifth day of February the Fifty six day of twenty twenty. We have three hundred ten days until we get to twenty twenty one. George Washington held the first cabinet meeting as president on this date in seventeen. Ninety three Samuel Colt received a patent for the Colt revolver in eighteen thirty six. The First Electric Printing press patented by Thomas Davenport in eighteen thirty seven and in eighteen. Seventy Hiram Rhodes rebels Republican from Mississippi sworn into the Senate becoming the first African American ever to sit in Congress J. P. Morgan Incorporated the US Steel Company in one thousand nine hundred one Oregon placed to one cent gallon tax on gasoline becoming the first state to levy gas tax back in nineteen nineteen in one thousand nine hundred thousand five. Glacier Bay National Monument now Glacier Bay National Park and preserve was established in Alaska the diplomatic relationship between Japan and the Soviet Union established in nineteen twenty five and in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Charles Jenkins laboratories of Washington became the first holder of a television license from the Federal Radio Commission. Adolf Hitler Obtained Citizenship by naturalization on this date in one thousand nine hundred thirty two which allowed him to run for office. The first Panamerican Games held him. Want us on this date. In nineteen fifty one Gamel Abdel Nasser made premiere of Egypt in Nineteen fifty four in this speech on the personality cult and its consequences so be it. Leader Nikita Khrushchev denounced the actions of Joseph Stalin. Cashes Clay defeated. Sonny Liston in Miami on. This date became world heavyweight champion. Of course we knew him more as Muhammad Ali. Here's Klay after winning. Talk that been talk radio Crude never write about me like never make a never know underdog about going to stop me waiting wealth fast enough Mohammed Ali on this date back in one thousand nine hundred sixty four Germany. Gay five million dollars to an Arab terraced on this date in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine as ransom for the passengers and crew of a hijacked jumbo jet the first unit of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. I Commercial Nuclear Power Station in Canada. Went online on this date in one thousand nine hundred seventy one. It was on this date. In Nineteen eighty-six President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines fled the nation. After twenty years of Rule Corazon Aquino became the first Filipino woman president and Iraqi Scud. Missile hit an American military barracks in derain in Saudi Arabia. Killing Twenty eight. Us Army reservist from Pennsylvania. All things everybody is either wounded at that inside one hundred thirty maybe three for sure. That was my unit. They're gone casualties of the nine thousand nine hundred ninety one Gulf War in one thousand nine hundred eighty two Patti labelle won her first grammy in the best female R and B category. She shared the award with Lisa. Fischer in the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty six Lebel dedicated. The award to her sister's. This means that my sister can rest in heaven because before she died before all of my sisters three sisters who died of cancer and my mother and father they said you got to get that grammy one year and when I said this is for for them. This is because they always thought I could always couldn't and Mississippi then it really means a lot Patti Labelle on winning a grammy in Nineteen ninety-two Mel Gibson's controversial. The passions of Christ opened in theaters on this date in two thousand four Ash Wednesday. Many critics rally begins to films over the top brutality and director to Gibson responded. I want people to understand the reality of the story. I want them to be taken through an experience. I want them to feel. The life of Christ was not pretty. That's Mel Gibson. The White House announced the Dubai Company poised to take over the port operations agreed to a cooling off period hoping it would be enough to appease some members of Congress. It didn't do the trick. Neither for Democrats. No Republicans as dockworkers rallied in Philadelphia against the port deal. Congress REFUSED TO BACK DOWN IN MIAMI. Senator Chuck Schumer pushed ahead with emergency legislation to block. The deal will allow a company controlled by a country that has had a nexus of terrorism is something that doesn't make much sense. The deal eventually fell apart. The seventy ninth annual Academy Awards handed out in Hollywood on this date and two thousand seven an inconvenient truth chronicle of former Vice President Al Gore's campaign to warn the world about global warming picked up an Oscar for best domestic a best documentary feature rather of course speaking backstage at the Kodak Theatre. I do not have plans to become a candidate for office again. I am involved in a different kind of campaign that I will continue to try to persuade people all over the world and especially here in my own country to successfully solve the climate crisis passing away on this date in History Irish poet Thomas More Bugs Moran Gangster the writer repeat in place graced. Metallica's black Muslim leader. Elijah Muhammad Playwright Tennessee Williams actor. James Coco actor singer Eddie. Constantine Bucks or Jersey. Joe Walcott Actor. Darren mcgavin the thirteenth surgeon general the US C. Everett Koop probably the best known in that position and actor. Bill Paxton this is the birthdate of Enrico Caruso Secretary of State John Foster Doubles Zeppelin Marx of the Marx brothers. Jim Backus such a funny man. So many great roles tennis player Bobby Riggs bluegrass musician. Ralph Stanley comedy writer. Larry Gelbart actor Christopher George bandleader Tommy. Newsom and saxophone player singer Faron Young George Harrison of the Beatles and racecar driver Davey. Allison this is number. Eighty five percent by Jesse Raphael number eighty three for former. Cbs correspondent Bob Schieffer. The Nature Boy Ric flair turns seventy one years old and he is still styling and profiling comedian. Carrot top is fifty five actress. Tea Leoni is fifty four from entertainment tonight. Nancy Odell is fifty four. The son of Patty Duke and John Astin and He was in the Lord of the Rings Schon Aston forty-nine who'll did yours Iglesias junior forty. Seven comedian allegedly. Chelsea handler is forty four from parks and recreation or should it Jones is forty four Maria. Canals Bennett is thirty. Eight today. Pro Wrestler manager and Mom Malcolm in the middle is Justin. Butterfield IS THIRTY FOUR. George and Fred Weasley. Oliver and James Phelps turned thirty four today from the Hunger Games Isabel. Furman is twenty. Three and from Bambi to Brendan Barrick Is Twenty. Two twenty two. Though some of the people who celebrate the twenty fifth of February as their birthday. This is your birthday happy. Abby do we roll the comedy with Lucille Ball in my favorite husband? An episode originally broadcast on February twenty fifth. One thousand nine hundred thousand nine hundred seventy one years ago. You're listening to a Tuesday edition of Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. Hi this dollar route. The healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss it? Don't go a whole year without having a healthcare program sign up now with liberty. 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Denning brought to you by the JELLO FAMILY OF DESSERTS JAY O. Debate grant better status on the family yum yum yum putting a the seal ball with Richard Denning as Liz and George Goober do people who live together and like it. Cooper's about ten o'clock at night and Liz and George or just coming home. They've put the car in the garage and are walking around the house to the front door. That makes me sore. Ricky's invite us to spend the evening with them and after we drive all the way over there. They aren't even hope. Well that's the last time we make any plans with them. Liz Are you sure right there? I know what you're going to say. Are you sure you had the right night? Yes George I'm sure as o'clock Saturday night. Oh what's the matter? Liz Tonight is Friday night. Oh No yes we. Don't go to the Ricky's till tomorrow night. You mean you go after the way. They treated US tonight less. They don't even know about it. You're absent mindedness that carts. I'm sorry George but everybody forgets things. Sometimes you have to make up full-time job of it all. I'm not as absent minded as you try to make out open the door. Why don't you open it? He'd forget you know you borrowed it this morning because you lost yours remember. Well I have it right here in my purse here George. Wholesome of these things. Why look for compact my lipstick comb nail file mirror and chewing gum? Ten safety pins still full library card. Lucky dollar sunglasses. Oh Oh it's not here. I'll try the other side of my purse never mind. I don't WanNa be here all night. I'll ring the doorbell. I don't understand it. That's the fifth Dorky. I've given you this month. What do you do with him? Strange men that's clever remarks. Yes Oh Mr and Mrs Cooper your home yes Katie. Our Social Secretary got the date wrong so I made a little teeny mistake and then we got over there and the Ricky's weren't home. I could've told you that they were here here. Yes ma'am they said. You invited them for dinner tonight. A Jar this is getting seriously who knows where it could lead. I you forget little things your keys. Social engagements pretty soon. You forget your friends your family. You'll forget who you are. They find your wandering in the streets. They take you to a sanitarium give you shock treatment but nothing does any good and there you are a shell a nameless. Nobody thank you. Olivia don't like to forget things. What can I do about it? You know I was just thinking you originally down at the Office. To of course in memory training in it did wonders for him to school. I wouldn't think of such a thing but that's like admitting that Europe well I just wouldn't do it. I'm not that bad by the way Mrs Cooper. What did you wear tonight? My Blue One blue. Why that's still hanging in your room. It's a good thing they weren't home so you didn't have to take your coat off now. You don't think I forgot to put on my wait a minute. Turn the other way while. I peek onto my coat. The name of that school George there. It is Liz Dr Mel Moss's Memory School Yard. Feel so silly and I'm a half hour early. I'm sorry dear but I'm taking the car and I have to get to work all right. Good bye honey. Kiss me good bye bye. Good Morning Mrs Cooper. You're going to be a fine pupil. You can remember your name. Tell me honestly. Can you improve? A person's memory depends on how many buttons you got Nafta Limit Test? What condition your mind? Gina How old are you five? What year were you born in and twenty-five forgotten would you you were born in now? I forgot which year come out. Twenty-five we're GonNa try something else now trying to remember everything that happens. You woke up this morning. All right The alarm went off and George. My husband tried to make me get up and he tickled my season. So I jumped up and tickle him and we started a pillow fight and then he grabbed me and kiss me on the neck and kissed him. But that's not what you meant. Is it well? I had breakfast read the paper and came down here. Don't worry Marsh Pixel you'll never forget the thing again. You see the secrets. Us confidence done. Be Afraid Being John. Worry. I'll be the biggest thing you ever had doesn't sound right. Doesn't work done with Association of Ideas. Each word makes me think of another one. Take your name Copa Per syllable. Who makes me think of a pigeon? The bird second syllabus per. That's what cats do a kitten. Oh that's pretty clever. Break Nikitin Roy. Get Your name is Bernie. Cats great system. I mean coupon code of your first lesson. We'll teach you unimportant number What's the license number your car? You certainly ask the right person. Governor's no I never knew it in the first place. Wait a minute. It's written on my driver's license or here. It is thirty. Seven M W sixty six now. What stood is remind you my husband's age. I remember says he's five years older than I. Oh well anyway. That's his age. And M W W Mae West. That brings us now to sixty six. Which is the number of the Lincoln Highway My husband Mae West and the Lincoln highway thirty. Seven M W sixty six. Oh Dr Mill Moss your wonderful Shaw much. Well that's all I listen. I gotta go up and see a patient on Bundy. Drive bundy drive. Let me thank you. My Car's right outside. We've been looking for your car for ten minutes Ms Cooper Contra member way your pockets now but I know my license number would fun. Let's go back down. I'm sure I talked to hear patients going to be furious. I was doing so well. With the tubes and Amnesia. -cational at the slightest provocation. She'd walk around with her arms in front of us am now. She's has moon. Yeah but anybody can kill that guy. Miss Cooper no and I can't find my keys either. I'm positive I pocket right here after meal moth. It's been stolen new. Yes there's only one thing to do I'll call the police or there's a vote on that Sukasto already. Awful darnold claim the whole thing on the Elson speaking George Cooper. I'd like to report Dolan car. Describe the COP Liz. Well it's a new Nash. Beautiful Shade of green. My husband bought it because he goes well with my red hair heading and we'll hold it up against the law. Green they clutch. It's not yours. I don't like your attitude. Would you care to give me justice? Teensy-weensy been on Krypton to go. Well it has four wheels in an aunt. Gin and Four doors. Oh I that right away. Well what do you WanNa know a cigarette lighter at work? Yes but you have to hold it in. Push to the right. Never mind. You could tell that Liz Cooper is an awful lot like Lucille Lucy mcgillicuddy. You're listening to my favorite husband starring Lucille Ball February twenty fifth. One thousand nine hundred forty nine here on Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. This is no ordinary sub. 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Seventy one years ago. These were some of the headline vast new home-building programme calling construction of eight hundred ten thousand low rent. Public housing units in six years was approved yesterday by the Senate Banking Committee. The multibillion dollar measure was endorsed by nine to three vote after the committee had rejected amendment by the Republican. Senator bricker of Ohio. Tobar Aggregation or discrimination in the federally financed units. Although this civil rights dispute was settled momentarily. Hit probably will be revived today when the housing bill is still open to Senate debate president. Truman said last night he may toured the country in a nationwide fight against pressure groups and die hard reactionaries who he said are trying to kill his legislative programme. Truman lashed out against the special in. Kristen strongly-worded address before pack Jefferson Jackson Day event. The Democratic Party's annual fundraising event. He said these opponents are using lobbies ad space editorial pages and columnists and commentators whom they control to twist and misrepresent the measures. The people voted for gaps. Throw hundreds of well-wishers continued to pour into the war yesterday. Where a happy but puzzle girl is recovering from serious injuries. What Robbie what Bobby Lee Fourteen of suburban Deplane Chicago Illinois did is a rescue her five smaller brothers and sisters when they're frame house was destroyed by fire after an oil stove exploded for. Burma's arm space and shoulder seared when she went into the flames to get her youngest brother. Leroy three after taking the others out of the House safely. Yugoslavia surprise big four delegates in London yesterday by omitting any reference to her former claims to the Austrian province of Carinthia and one hundred fifty million dollars reparation a well informed source last night said Russia had strengthened her garrisons along the Soviet Norwegian border. The informer said the Soviet Union live coming from the Murmansk area. General Macarthur won't be called home from Japan to tell Congress about far eastern conditions that according to the Senate Armed Services Committee he wrote Chairman Tidings Democrat of Maryland that his work is pressing and that he can't leave. The committee sought his way. And you never know what you'll find on. The Police Department Bulletin Board in Green Bay Wisconsin. This notice posted yesterday. Signed by Inspector Francis Wiegmann to all officers do not loiter at the counter or desk. Read the day book. Pick up the bulletins and loiter in the lobby a week ago. The police were instructed to see the Bulletin Board for names of officers to shoot at target practice although though some of these top news stories reported in the newspapers of Friday February twenty fifth nineteen forty nine on your radio. My favorite husband starring Lucille Ball which continues now on Classic Radio Theatre Cooper on going to hate myself for this but do you by any chance. Know your license number. I certainly do. I memorized just today. What is your license now? My husband is on the Lincoln highway. And why don't you come up and see me sometime? Occur never mind the license. No no no no my license number. Thirty seven M W sixty six radio coffee a car right away but you'll have to come down to the station and make out a written report. It's the law. Besides I'd like to see what you look like. Okay come on you areas side. I caught them red-handed driving down main street stolen coop. Aci and Nice would joe. You guys never learned. Do you can't get away with a hot con- This town. What Hut car? I own that car. I'm George Cooper You got that name up. The registration kind. What is this anyway? Look here look in my wallet that WHO I am. So let's see. How do you like that Joe? He Stole Cooper's wallet to look. All you have to do is call a second national bank. I'm Vice President Gore Shula and I'm President Truman. And this is Margaret. I'm sure I'm sorry we didn't know you comey. We would've fixed up the east wing for just a minute. I'm going to call my lawyer and sue for Paul to rest now. Lucky Maggie okay. I'm on you. Could you see this as an episode of I Love Lucy? This is my favorite husband February. Twenty Fifth Nineteen Forty nine starring Lucille Ball. And we'll have the conclusion coming up in just three minutes here on this Tuesday edition of Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. How did you sleep last night? I can guarantee you. I slept better than you did. Unless you've got my pillow you know I get the best sleep but my life. I worked better. I sleep better. Interact with people better and I have been healthy the healthiest. I've been in years and it's all because I get a good night's sleep with my my pillow now. 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That'll be coming up tomorrow but right. Now let's conclude my paper husband starring Lucille Ball from seventy one years ago February. Twenty fifth nineteen forty nine Nelson. And Mrs Cooper Oh I have good news for you Mrs Gobert. We recovered your car already in. We've got the crook. Oh that's wonderful now. I won't have to go through a scene with George L. A. You intend to prosecute. Don't you certainly do? Whoever did such a low mean picture get the hot seat? What kind of a man is it all the usual criminal type shifty eyes we chain sloping for it? Joe Bringing that 'cause he well he sounds kind of frighten all go worry. We got the handcuffs areas. What's going on? What's the meaning? No her which is good but what is going on here where masseuse GOPRO. George arrested as Carthy by mistake and a cub for embarrassment has feigned Amnesia. Georgia's convinced the police who he is but they're having trouble trying to snap liz out of it At nine Liz. Donning don't you recognize your own husband? you speaking to me. Mr Mr Olis' look at. That's not no I want to ask you a question. Who Am I? Don't you know who you are either? Certainly I know who I am asking me for. Oh let me try to snap out of it. I know all about these mental stuff. I read the medical page of Time magazine. She's suffering from Magnesia Antonin. Well see what you can do. Okay now look Mrs Coop Loose Cayenne Reedmen your merry I am yet and you will have a wonderful husband I do. He loves you very much. He does and you're both very happy we are. He's here now. This been some trouble open. Everything's all right and he wants to you. Don't you recognize him? Oh yes of course. My wonderful husband kiss me not him. I don't let me kiss you. That ought to ought to make you remember who. Ya now do you know who you are? No but whoever I am. It's a lot of fun I'll for. The police is try to remember. If you just snap out of it. I'll forgive you anything you've ever done. Well I mean I mean. The crowds are beginning to go away. This guy is clearing. It's real pretty out. Thank goodness now. Tell me why are you had me arrested? For Stealing. My own car ran. You better leave it at the psychiatrist Mr Cooper. She's not bad way rings with extremely yes it coming. All Character. Snapchat tweak. I have a lady. She looks like a good one. Come OVER HERE. the Wait a minute. Let's talk. This over can't remember who then no roll up your sleeve. The Way I'm GonNa give you a little shot of a new medicine or what do to me given Paul George. Hi Sajjan Hunt your jokes after trump back here live. Walk so fast George. How You Mad George? You're not angry at me are you. George I'm delighted. I'm sorry I thought if you thought I had Amnesia. You wouldn't be mad at me. I can't stand that you mad at me. 'cause I love you so much that's not going to get. You still love me George. I love you not here on the street right here. Now you kiss me I want the whole world at all. You love me come here where am I that were pals again? George Okay now. Let's get out sooner the better whereas Park. You're right on the corner and it's funny because they're not your joke when the not I I remember distinctly. The COP followed me here and I parked at right on this corner and went into the station. I know it's got to here someplace. He can make the last payment to the finance company. Of course Georgia really has been stolen this time right. You're right you realize what this means less. Someone has to go. Tell Sergeant. Yeah someone does all right. I guess one of us has to March right back in there and killing. Guess one of US does well. Well one of us is in there telling him I'll watch out for your volume or the last one had the car. But you started the whole thing. If you hadn't had me arrested it wouldn't have. I wouldn't have had to be here where it was stolen yard. Look at it this way I if I go in. They'll think I'm crazy. You haven't got anything to lose. W right that Joe. I've been thinking about that couple who call themselves KUPA. You remember a circular on a couple of car. Thieves called written top Rosie and are accomplished. Willie the weasel yeah. They used to report a Costo when the police picked up. They claim it with false. You'd think it was them could be look them up in a pile okay. Party stolen car. What was chief? I got a couple of good. Wha WHAT IS THIS UP ROSIE. Who Don't try to deny it your redtop roads and the guy you're working with this will lead always That's ridiculous you've got the wrong people. Who are you really want to know? He's Cooper the Super. I'm lizzy the Laos. Pretty Smart Way to them. And what do you want to me? Nate nate fit is back again. I can make talk. Okay dot go ahead those files out. Yo tremendous comfort me that needle. Go Nick. Something I'm not gonNA use. I'm going to just relax. Oh really like your run them in power. Your is getting heavier and heavier Your will is given in mind. I am the mass that you waters slowly. You all Gaullists three understand. Yes master dam the weakest mind one face lot of private rabbit. Read up all right. I want you the last time you watch it again. Yeah you didn't make me do anything silly. Did you get a wonderful strip tease? All right. All right I'll try another attack on US Day. Wait Association. I don't tell me everything I want to know about. You must go. Through more of the years we must. You're in a bad spot understand. Relax you are under my power? Your eyes are getting heavier and heavier yours. Burster not very simple MS COPA. Whatever white I say you'll say the fight scene it comes to your mind might say cheese. You correct followed. I think record. I don't think it's fast as you can cheat cracker animal crackers nutcracker auto packers no back what you learn from that document Copa. You are not supposed to repeat the same way you change it each time and I tell from your answer what you really thinking. Oh well all right. Go ahead okay. G. Cracker Dog Cat Auto Yard Happily Robert Robert fully auto war record. She came along. Who's doing what do enough of this thing? He's read top rose all right. Lock her up she redtop Rosie Rosie's been in jail for two years own. That's too bad all right shoe get out of here right but you better find my car. I'm so anxious to see the land that you are GonNa help myself the other believe McCain and with a poster and they let me go. What do you think of that Willie the week? I wanted what that's grapes. You can get into the Abbey to get in my bed. I didn't realize it was such a long walk home. George look for our car. Are you sure look at the number? Thirty seven AM W SIXTY. Six Yard drive at home. Oh wunder they left it out of gas. It's the police. Okay you Colin. Well what do you say this time? You have been listening to my favorite husband starring Lucille Ball with Richard Denning and based on characters created by Isabel. Scott Rory Tonight's program was produced and directed by Jess Oppenheimer who wrote the script with Madeline Pugh and Bob Carroll. Junior original music was composed by Marlins styles and conducted by Wilbur Hatch. The part of Katy the maid was played by Ruth Parent. Lucille ball will soon be seen in the paramount pictures. Sorrowful Jones shorter listened to missiel ball in my favorite husband. Next week Bob Lemond speaking this is. Cbs Broadcasting System February Twenty Fifth. One thousand nine hundred forty nine my favorite husband here on Classic Radio Theatre Reminder. You can always find our programs available on demand at Classic Radio Dot Stream. That's classic Radio Dot Stream or you can find misses the iheartradio. App spotify speaker tune in Apple podcast. Google podcast even overcast to search for USA Classic Radio Theater. That's USA. Classic Radio Theater Have Yourself Grade Tuesday and please support pre radio by thanking this station and supporting the advertisers. 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This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's service door newscast from February twenty fifth twenty twenty. I'm Mike Clifford. Harvey Weinstein wants considered the most powerful man in Hollywood spent Monday night in custody in New York after being convicted of sex crimes that from CBS. To in New York. After five days of deliberations jury found wiser guilty of third degree rape and Criminal Sexual Assault. They acquitted him on three other counts. Cbs to as it. Weinstein showed little emotion when the verdict was read but seemed stunned when he was let out of the courtroom in handcuffs. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a lawsuit by a taxpayer-funded Foster Carriage Z. That claims a constitutional right to turn down perspective. Same-sex foster couples Catholic social services or CSS claims it requiring the agency to consider same sex couples as foster parents contradicts its religious teachings on marriage but Mary Boo with North American Council. On adoptable children asserts that a ruling in favour of CSS would open the door to a host of other forms of discrimination. She says other religious based foster care agencies could deny perspective parents of another faith or who don't attend church or are single Supreme Court would rule that government funded agencies have a constitutional right to exclude families. But they'll their religious test all state and local governments would be forced to permit such discrimination and their foster care system the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected these CSS claim saying foster care agencies. Receiving public funds can be required to accept all qualified families. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting these Supreme Court will hear those arguments in its fall session which begins in October. And for Minnesota Hunger fighting groups are pressing state lawmakers there to approve bills addressing the issue of lunch shaming the happen schools and funding for mobile food shelves. Kaleen Moriarty of hunger solutions. Minnesota says they'll try to drive the message home to lawmakers this week that approval. These bills is vital. She says the school lunch. Bill would go a long way and reducing students public humiliation over a debt. The elimination of lunch shaming really includes alleviating the conversation that happens between the child and a food service person or a teacher or anyone and elevates it to a that happens between adults moriarty says they also want this day to adjust the threshold for qualifying for school lunch program so more families can get help the mobile food shelf bill would reauthorize grant money so these trucks can continue to be dispatched to communities in need Minnesota. Lawmakers approved a two year budget last year. This session is focused on whether there should be additional spending for the state's projected surplus of more than one billion dollars. Might Mohan of the news service. This is pianist. Escaping abuse can be overwhelming and it can be even more complicated for some women of color. Mary Sherman Explains According to the CDC homicide victims stemming from intimate partner violence are disproportionately young women of color. The domestic violence network has a legal services. Outreach were marginalized survivors program which provides free civil legal aid. Sasha Jones who coordinates the program explains many clients are reluctant to seek services due to poverty or racism. A lot of women break down and start crying and just say they've been trying to take care of certain things for years and nobody would help him or somebody said they will help them and they didn't so it's been a barrier and now moving forward and succeeding. She says issues related to benefits. Subsidized Housing Transportation and child support are among the civil legal needs for survivors. The program is marking. Its first year and Jones says to date more than four hundred Ohio. Women Have Received Free Legal Assistance Jones notes that Black Hispanic and native American survivors. More often experienced pressure from family and community to stay with an abuser or they fear getting their partner involved with police and the criminal justice system due to the increase issues with police brutality when it comes to African American men and sometimes that's a deter. It's not that they don't want to seek help at pain and suffering takes back seat to what's going to happen to him on the program partners with several agencies throughout the state in offers outreach clinics Jones ads simply assigning attorney at no cost to them can be life changing women are coming in and they're just shot and then turn it around when they realize they are going to get that help. Someone is out here room for them and supporting them. The little things for other people are the whole world for my in a situation where they just don't have the funds to pay for. The program was started through a grant from the US Department of Justice and finally that Iran Lagaan reports always to farmers have a lot going on they're grappling with rising seas. Ocean acidification and more severe storms. Same that in Wilmington the weekend. The main goal of the Oyster sow symposium was to brainstorm ways to deal with the challenges created by climate change. Andy Di Paola. Is A SMALL-SCALE OYSTER FARMER IN MOBILE Bay Alabama? He says more frequent heavy rains are flushing pathogens and fertilizer into waterways flowing into the bay contaminating waster habitat right now. We're close on bacterial counts. And last year I was only open about one week between the beginning of the year. Saying may those very hard to maintain operations for your cash flow and everything when you're close for months at a time says in the previous century Alabama's coast once produced an abundant moisture. Supply but numbers have steadily dwindled since the Nineteen Ninety S. 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We've got an episode of the Phil Harris. Show from February twenty fifth nineteen fifty one. Along with Frankie Remm. Lincoln played by Elliott Lewis. We'll have been joined by Sheldon Leonard and Gale Gordon. This is GonNa be a crazy show. Let's listen Hollywood. Bill Harris Allen. Show own enjoyment. Here is the Phil Harris. Alice facial written by Ray Singer and Dick Jubilee with Elliott Lewis. Walter Tetley Robert North Janine Reuss and with Bill Walter. Sharpen his music yours. Truly Bill Foreman and starring Alice Faye and bill few weeks ago fail Harris and his Gulf partner. Dutch Harrison won the Bing crosby pro amateur tournament at Pebble Beach. It's been quite some time. Since they won but failed. Hasn't let anybody forget about right now. He's managed to trap his two innocent little children in the damn well girls now that I got you cornered. I'm GonNa tell you how I won the bing. Crosby Golf Tournament. Come back here. We'll do any good to run for the exits locked all the doors and swallowed the keys. Girls pay attention while I tell you how I sucked at sixty foot. Putt on the seventeenth hole. Well here we go again. Phyllis we might as well sit down. This always takes hours. You mean I told you the story before in Navin well anyway. I'll show you how I teed off at the seventeenth hole. I took the club in my hands. And I I. There's a Boston what she has an English truant officer baby rose. Marie look funny. I know how to handle the club now as I was saying I took the cloud swung at villa. Stop dropping your baby teeth while I'm swinging. It wasn't my teeth Daddy. You broke Mommy's vase full. No your mother will fracture me. Why couldn't it have been your teeth? You're going to get a second set anyway. All Holders Club villas. No you don't you not gonNA print any have grassy on crashing here. I thought I feel Harris. What's that on the floor? The rug scattered on the rug cigar. Rashes I told the kids not to smoke in the living room because they know ashes does oh fail. You broke my Chinese Vase Bosch there. How did it happened well? I was telling the girls high won the crosby tournament at Pebble Beach. And look as long as you here. I'll tell you to hold if I have to hear that story once more. I'm going home to mother. We'll wait and I'll get my hat and go with it. She hasn't heard the story. Neither of you have you willing. Everybody's heard it. We don't want to hear it again. No I'd give anything if I could find a goal for the beat the Nichols off of you. Fine thing man wins. The Tournament and his own family won't listen to him Tele. Nobody loves me in this House. Everybody hates me if I was only old enough. I'd run away from home so I think an eighty foot PUTT. Nobody wants to hear about how I did it. I tell you. Alice was impossible shock but I made it impossible. He says Frankie told me you couldn't miss it. What do you mean? He said you made him go out the night before and magnetized the Cup in the bowl. That is a ball face. Live always trying to cause trouble. I don't know what's the matter with the guy. Why don't you leave? What wait a minute? I'll get that. I currently don't curly me. You broken down rump soaked. I can play anything by ear. Think Gladys Samy Menu Talent Eddie. Peabody wave set hardened too fast and crack your little skull bone to pick with certainly do have a bone to pick with you just to belittle me and get me in trouble with my wife. You have to tell her a lie about me. Which lie talking about about the lie you told her about Pebble Beach and I want you to tell what really happened and tell her the truth. Okay Alice your member. When I told you about the night curly went out to dinner with Bing Crosby yes well. Her name wasn't really being her name was not that one. Let's get back to the Gulf. All I want you to do is to tell her how I made that hundred and forty foot. Putt color that the whole end. The ball weren't magnitude. Of course they weren't Alice. That was just a wild story. I made up good not tell her how I really did make it. We planted a strong vacuum cleaner in the whole interesting. Now tell me all about bubbles bubbles. Well saved by the Bell Telephone Company. I'll get that one minute frankie. You tell me about it Alice. Now that we're alone this something I wanna ask you. Will you sing for me? Do you really want me to say no? But it's better than having your pumped me about bubbles. Alice things we'll take a break You're listening to the Phil Harrison. Alice spe show as it was originally broadcast February. Twenty fifth nine thousand nine hundred fifty one if your credit card bills have gotten out of hand and you care about your credit call consolidated credit now if the interest rates on your credit cards are so high. It'll take years to get out of debt call consolidated credit now. 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Today's Today's supposed to pick up my option and he wants me to come down to his office and give him one good reason why he should. There are a lot of reasons why should pick you up curling number running good but there are a lot of reading. Frankie please now. This is no time for that because it could be very serious. If you don't pick up my option that means that I'M GONNA be out of work. What if you are honey? You have nothing to worry about. What do you mean I got nothing to worry about? Don't you realize if I'm out of work? Who's going to support you fail? Stop making jokes at a time like this. There's no sense getting upset until you know. Exactly what Mr Scott is going to do? Let's go down and see him. I'll go with your curly. You might need some legal advice. I'm sorry Harris but that's the way I feel about Mr Scott. You can't do this to me. I've done a good job. Comedian on your show. I've told a lot of funny jokes. I'll admit I've done a straight line here and there but you gotta give the audience a chance to catch the wreckage. Keep them laughing all the time. One laugh in October and one in January all the time I got a titter in December. At least Mr Scott. Don't you think you're being unreasonable? Won't you please sorry? I'm sorry I've given us a great deal of thought and begging won't do any good. I'm a man who does not will you please get off my lap. I'm sorry I didn't realize I was up. There ring is ridiculous. Now Look Scotty. Stop. Horsing around and sign this contract. Ramle you keep out of this or I'll be forced to blunt the top of your pointed little hair. Scott you better sign this. I'll tell everybody that you absconded with fifty thousand dollars of the company's money and went to Las Vegas. I only took it in Nichols. I like to play the slot machines. I didn't borrow a lousy three dollars from Mr Scott. Just why are you letting my husband go Mrs Harris? I didn't say I was letting him go. You didn't know all I'm trying to tell you. Harris is that with conditions the way they are have to cut your salary slightly. Oh Gee that's all right. I don't mind making a little less. Oh that's the spirit Harry's and I'm sure you'll find some way of getting along on eight dollars. We Look Mr Scott. I'm willing to make a slight cut but this is ridiculous and I don't have to entertain for a living there other ways that I can make money like what I dare you to name one honest way. I can make a good living at golf. Probably could if you can't it every day in the week talking about caddy and I happen to be a champion Golfer. I won the been crosby tournament at Pebble Beach I told you about. You told me you. Tired of hearing you brag about your golf. I could use a broom and beat you. You could beat me here then rally. Yeah probably. Oh Look Scotty. I'll tell you what to do with you but I'll play your private match and make you a little bit. It's the deal. Okay I'll bet you fifty dollars. I big Jim. Making one hundred curly we still got the vacuum cleaner gimmick. We don't get that until we played with the big stuff. Look look I don't want to take advantage that man. He's going to be a sense. You sure I'm the champion. I well in that case. I'm going to bet fifty dollars on you too. Are you kidding? Clyde you eight hundred fifty dollars cents break robbery in Boston. Got IT Scott. I'll bet you fifty dollars to that. You don't beat curly very well. But what are you going to use for money? Here's my personal check for fifty dollars bounce it over and let me look at mic. Check happens to the good. Let me see it. There's National Bank of Outer Mongolia. It's a subsidiary of the Himalayas Building and Loan Association. As you can see the check is made out in your name so I see pay to the order of plied Scott Fifty and no one hundred Lamas Ramle. I hope you don't think I'm chicken. But I'd like to Welsh on abet. Arum Lily Chicken. Forget about no sure thing. Wait a minute I know where I can. Place a bet curly. I'll meet you at the golf course. Where and when he's GonNa play About two o'clock Michael. Let's make it two o'clock at my club. I think you ought to play on a neutral course. Why don't you play up my clump? Your club Gremlin. Yeah the swamp Land Country Club and dredging company. Hip boots. Scotty I never heard of the swampland country club. It's very famous. That's worked. Khloe got lost. He was looking for a crow flight at the time. We play at my club. Lakeside okay. I'll meet you out there. Don't worry early. You can't lose. I'm going to be caddying point. Yeah Okay Frankie. Okay Scotty. I'll meet you at like side. Two o'clock here's one thing Harris. I want this game to be on the level. So so randomly won't be caddying for you. I'll get you academy a caddy a caddy. I'll see you later. Scotty they fail. You think you'll win. I go on me. I can't lose. It'll be the easiest fifty I ever made. It'll be like doing the southern Fried Boogie. Certainly a nice club. You belong to you. Mr Scott Harris a fell. You want to join this club. They wouldn't let him in here. Why not why can't feel join? They don't allow actors answer my question. Why can't Fail Not Alice? Alright you're right. It'd be beat the Scotty. When did we start? Let's get real soon as the CADDY. I hired for you get now then. Harris about your handicap honest game. Forget about it I don't know handicap. I'm giving you one anyway if you insist. Okay what is my handicapped. I'm going to be caddy. I'm dead discount. Why did you hire Willie as my caddie? Do you realize that this little squirt will do everything? He can't make me lose You know what I'm doing every minute. This isn't fair. I can't win. Scarpie FE is going to caddy for us to let this Guy Valley Aching and off. You're going to do everything you can to last me up Philip. How can you say that after all? I'm York heavy and it's my swan duty. Do everything in my power to help you win. Besides what can I do to make you lose your? You're probably went behind the club house and saw all my clubs halfway through. That's not fair. You Pete I wait a minute. I'm not GonNa play with Broken Club. Well here you can use mum okay. And I'm ready to tee off and remember Willie no more tricks well. I'll do everything I can to help you of God. I mean a ball. Tennis meet a conflict. Just Gimme a regular ball. Oh you're going to do it. The Sissy Lay all right. Here's a bald thank you. My first shot will be a trick. One lie down. I'm going to knock this. Went off your head and you can't knock a golf ball willies. Who said anything about using the ball? Harry Harris. Are you going to play? It must've got eight fair. You give me a loaded caddy loaded. Willie I don't want you around Scotty. I hate to say this but I think you're jake moon me. Have you know I don't cheat? I play this game for the of it. Well in that case. Okay now let's get on with the game now. Remember Harris if I win you. Give me fifty dollars and if you win. I hope you don't have too much trouble finding another job. Why should it cost me my job if I win? I'm a sore loser. Gulf means a lot to me when I win. I feel good all over when I lose. I suddenly develop athritis in my option signing hand John. Yeah Yeah I'm George now. I'm right on Scotty. Excuse me about a Scotty. Look Hours. Did you hear that. I WANNA keep my job. I gotTA throw this game now. What am I GONNA do? Throw the game radio. Jobs are scarce. And you don't televise well for you. I'm not going to do it. I can get another job and in the meantime we can live on your money and every time I say that the blood drains out of her all right look Alison. I'M GOING TO THROW THE GAME. But don't you ever tell anybody that? I threw a game to keep my job that ever came to see you. Haven't teed off yet. Where have you been rambling? Went to see. A Guy. Plays the good sized bed on you to win Frankie. You shouldn't have done it because I got it. Look don't ask me why but I'M GONNA lose. You'RE GONNA lose. Yes I'M GONNA lose but no worry kid I'll pay you back everything you bet on me. You will certainly i. Must you bet three million dollars? I prefer you give it to me in cash because the minute I'M GONNA lose the game. You won't lose this game. How do you know I want because I hired the score keeper? If you hide the score keeper he must be crooked. Maybe I am but you can't prove it. You're the score keeper. Act just sinus. Brian is keeping score. You GonNa win but rogue and you can't keep score you don't know nothing about golf go me. Who for twenty years was the pro at the Levin Wide Country Twenty Fifth Nineteen fifty one Phil Harrison? Alice Faye you're listening to classic Radio Theater. This is no ordinary sub. Show this is firehouse subs tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor head to firehouse subs. 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Me Who for twenty years was the pro at the country just a moment. I won't allow this man to be this car keeper. He doesn't look to me. Who is this fats line? This is Mr Scott Grogan. This is my boss. Glad to meet you Scottie. And it's too bad you lost. What do you mean I lost? We haven't started to play yet argue with me. According Escort Kahn Harris won the game. What scorecard the One? I filled out after. I've placed ten thousand on Harris to win. Don't tell me that you bet ten thousand on me to win. We should going to spread out all over the country. I bet two grand in Los Angeles one in Saint Louis Twenty Chicago to in Philadelphia and three in the not in Boston now. I've been banned in Boston Brogan. You shouldn't have bet on me because I'm going to lose all he's GonNa lose his Harris Jokes like that. Make my triangle figure inch trainer finger. No we just found something remedy. We never dreamed we add. Where's that located? Are you threatening me with your trigger finger? Heavens to Rigor Mortis Scotty. Maybe we ought to call this game all five. Yeah that's okay with me. Well they know came with me. I got ten grand riding on Harris to win this game in a bet a win. Now he off. That's all yes sir but I insist. We play this fair and square naturally. Just won't be playing on the Marcus of Grogan rule. Now I'll put this ball down and you know wait a minute. Wait a minute GROGAN. I'm supposed to take off. I don't touch that ball Harris. Why not got enough nitroglycerine in the blow you back to diddy? Oh after you Scotty and when you hit the ball I know no. I can't do that then. Funds is hard to get. Look Scotty you better use your own ball very well quiet. It off. I couldn't wait for you to get back. Who on the game? But we don't know yet honey Griffin's adding up the score but it was very close close. I beat the pants off. You Harris Grogan read the vinyls Gore. Yeah Okay official. Figures SCOTT EIGHTEEN HOLES. Seventy eight strokes. Harris eighteen holes sixteen strokes sixteen strokes for eighteen hole to one. The park played a great game Harris. All about have been using my trigger finger on it. I'm afraid I'd beat you. Mr Scott. How your moves with this knobs to keeping score for you? You're going to be anybody with a man like him on your side Brogan. I've been playing for thirty years and I play everyday for large states. Oh how much would you charge to keep score for me? This is Phil again with a very important message. Marnie lectured General Campaign Chairman for the Los Angeles Heart Fund. Drive gives me the following startling facts last year more people died of heart diseases than the total population of San Francisco. Ten million Americans today are suffering from some form of heart disease. One out of every three people die from some form of heart ailment. 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Hello this year Pine Ridge reporter Dick Huddleston. Yesterday I grew up a paper giving him practically all important jobs in the proposed Pine Ridge Radio Station and he convinced abner that he was making quite a soccer. I to take those jobs. In fact he was so convincing that abner tore up the paper and Higher Lama ten dollars a week to give him a better break and I don't think alums any too happy about it. Let's see here now. You said we ought to have programs on this radio station did I just. What kind of programs did you have in mind law? No well now you must have had something in my when you bring it up yesterday in that paper you draw up. He was going to be program director. So you must have been figuring on. Some kind of program will abner. You're the owner this radio station. You're going to be asked me any questions about it. Well Yeah I'm the Olmert but you're just hiring me for ten dollars a week. You're the ones supposed to tell me what to do. Vines post to tell you well yeah but now if you got any old opinion why What you just feel free to go ahead and tell them to any better that works for ten dollars a week and got no you just go ahead and do this the way you want to add meets all your you own the machine. You own the radio company. I'm just working here while law. I don't leave. You got the right altitudes towards the only reason I tore up at partnership paper to either sign was called our affair that awesome getting a fair deal and this way or at least getting ten dollars a week. You're now overdone that a little bit yesterday. God I'm proud to hear you team the way off. I want you to get a fair deal yesterday. What program you think we ought to have told you. I don't know well now alarm. You ought to be able to study up. Something are smart and I sure do. I don't know why you're acting this way. Are You mad about something? No no no. Everything's fine him. Dandy got just want to know when I started working joe. When you're GONNA get things into operation well. I don't know what I'm trying to figure out here. We'll what do you want me to announce it on the radio? What do you want me to do? Well I don't know yet long paying me ten dollars a week. You know you WANNA get your money's worth out of me. Yeah can't afford to have people on the payroll sitting around doing nothing rash me now. Got The study this thing out. I seems to me like your to have that done. Did big radio stations decorative right. You know forget Lomb new. I been in long factually it. I just started in it today. Blom guess what you think would be the best way for us to our wait a minute wait a minute there comes. Grandpa. Maybe he's got some ideas. Radio business could use known the grandparents got about radio is that it ain't here to stay. He thinks the whole thing is just a fly by night. Yeah exactly Radio Fan. He loves to play that player piano. Here's all the time. That's what he does wonder. Fat New watchdog. He's got Letterman a house. Last time. I hear he was aiming to law through the dog. Fur keeping him in his warmer separating both look up alone at two long comment pat ever. How did grandma how you get along with? That old dog Garfield over there. Yeah I think we need to take care of the environment. Well good for you. I'm proud day hearing. I WANNA get along abner role. Just a minute. Grant Pat Buchanan. Hang at no eight. Even got a judgement against him for Allen Tate and of Europe or whatever you see him I actually have. I don't leave you go through the GNOME. Kenya Long Room heated lawsuit him. All Right Lama. Dog Can't stand up there and hold up his Paul and say I swear to tell truth the whole tooth Relaxed use water. Started spraying to you. He'd have to lawsuit. The dog's owner to and dog's owner does testify. Oh grand pack. Yeah that's right yeah. I don't want to shoot myself. I know that for sure Labrador lose a case either way so I better get a hunker. Now I'll get it pretty an fab. Somebody's got work in the store around here while the others too busy. Running a big radio station along. I'll get at far Iacob piece of rope. Did you want brand? I don't know twenty five or thirty feet Right fifty feet or seventy five. How much do you want sort of a long piece? I reckon I'll make you fifty. Where'd you say? Abner San partially about sixty feet. You're shoreline now. Sure I'm sure all right. Dan All measured out for sixty or seventy forty property. Doing they're getting fifty Fifty feet old. You know all right. Thank you sir. What do you WanNa know for grand theft? We're going to try to smoke the dog out with a row. No no just wanted to rope time after we smoke him out. Grandpa hacking you smoke or no out of a yard when we got him trapped in smoke house out there in the bag. Oh charity tried to sneak out there in the SMOKE HOUSE TO GET SOME BID. Garfield chaser in there so she slammed the door on him. Clem up out the window and the RUE J warmer leftist a man as Oldie she is scrambling through that little winter. She's active for AIDS at Woman Cheetah Gore. He is one hundred yard dash two daughters of the. He'll office picnic last summer. She did won out over a bunch of young women fifty to fifty five year. Bless her heart. Oh you order see the muscles in legs her and when she gets them all bunched up again. She picks up her skirts and starts tearing down. The road. Looks like she got Brussels frown. Yeah I wish lamad hurry with that ruled rash charities waiting down there watching the smoke luggage. See Lord some scuttled full of burning rags and Green Brash. One another and Gordon down through the winter. While GRANDPA wouldn't Garfield just come out of smoke house if you open the door with all him ham hanging in there so I gotta get him. Sugar ARGUE WITH SMOKING. Just barely wobble. Well ain't the smoke going to hurt to stuff. He got ordinary overland sakes. It can't hurt the Canberra czar and he's certain McCain hurt their smoke pam. No don't smoke anyway. Yeah you're right about that. They don't GRANDPA yeah. I reckon it'll be alright. Well I better be getting along. You WANNA pay cash for it or put it on the books. Grandpa MOM and I'll put it on the books. Yeah so long grandpappy and good luck too long. Let us know how you come out. That's the one stubbornness no IRA here now near Houston Auburn. Alright most stubborn has some fellers on. Just what do you mean by that remark enter? I mean about starting this radio station. I don't seem to get no help from you toll on and I know you must have some. Id on me. I have few well. What are they will tell you but you just seems to me that you do away on a better but getting advice from somebody smarter than a ten dollar week man. I don't care who I get the advice from just so I get it but big executive in your position has got to be careful married. You can't go take advice from anybody so long. I might just as well admit I don't know a whole lot about it. I just thought to have help some kind. How about Me Pot knew that job. Oba a program director me. Yes sir. Ten dollars a week man. Big John Lack. Then what are you thinking of anyway? Well you could do it long. Yeah I don't know that paper that you wrote up yesterday you had yourself down. I'm Eric Program Director Dingy door that up. Well I'm GonNa Pint you program director again so now you just go ahead with that partner to tell me what to do. You're the owner. Well can't you do? What have you had wrote down on paper? I told you you tour that I know toward up Lama. Can't you recollect what you wrote on it doggies? Oh it's pretty hard spatial for a little ten dollars a week man. I raise your salary. Then I'll give you fifteen doubt if I'm working now. Can you recollect any of that? Stuff is coming back to me a little good still pretty damn though. I think you better get somebody else I want you have. I twenty dollars. A week ran. The company can afford after all. You're just starting up this business. You know I'll tell you what I'll make you finish manager. Then you can figure out the finances. I don't know that was another job. You put yourself down for that. Paper must have figured you something about it and I'm going to be pretty busy trying to make ends meet on that program director job. If I take a which I have my doubts. Well I'll pay you something for being business manager to a still. Don't see where the money's GonNa come from you going to need a better business. Managing me to figure that out. Well you can try catch along will hate to run you into bankruptcy right off the bad. You'RE GONNA hire announcer to you. Know How are you and pay yourself a salary for being presented the company? I won't take power. I mean I'll give you the DOB if you'll just coming with Gregg dance you mean Yester- No I'm not you better be the president after all you own the short wave and meanwhile I give you a half interest in the machine. Will you take the job of being praised me? I don't know grains you drive a hard bargain abner well. I'm sorry Lama. I've just got to do it. You have to give me time to think this over. I think I'm nowhere. This is a terrible thing to ask you the new. But I wish you'd make up your mind right away on just looks to me like the only way you can keep them going bankrupt paying me. That salary would be to be no no. You wouldn't WanNa do that. Wouldn't WanNa do what nothing is making me a full partner with a half interest in everything but I. That's what our partner. No that's what I want to do. You get busy and drop a paper saying that and all sign sure. That's what you WANNA do. Get busy right this minute. Going UP HERE. Wait a minute. I'll get you somewhere I don't you don't need to bother to get nothing to write on. But you don't need to hear at a paper our little partnership half interest right. Here's where he is on. Oh that's typical lum. Although really it's more up the realm of Squire skimp. Wouldn't you say February Twenty Fifth Nineteen fifty-three Lemon Abner here on classic radio? Theater this episode of the Lemon Abner provided by my good friend TED OVER RADIO MEMORIES DOT COM. Ted has great quality radio programs available for purchase on cassette tape on CD or by a flash drive. That's Radio Memories Dot Com. Ted will be love to hear from you just to say howdy. Radio MEMORIES DOT COM. And don't forget our programs are available absolutely free of charge by going to classic. Radio DOT stream. There you can. Stream are programs on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me their classic. Radio DOT stream. 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Harvey Weinstein once considered the most powerful man in Hollywood spent Monday night in custody in New York after being convicted of felony sex crimes that from CBS. To in New York. After five days of deliberations jury found wising guilty of third degree rape and criminal sexual assault. They acquitted him on three other counts. Cbs to as it. Weinstein showed little emotion when the verdict was read but seemed stunned when he was let out of the courtroom in handcuffs. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a lawsuit by a tax payer funded foster care agency that claims a constitutional right to turn down perspective. Same-sex foster couples Catholic social services or CSS claims it requiring the agency to consider same sex couples as foster parents contradicts. Its religious teachings on marriage but Mary Boo with the North American Council. On adoptable children asserts that a ruling in favour of CSS would open the door to a host of other forms of discrimination. She says other religious based foster care agencies could deny prospective parents of another faith or who don't attend church or are single Supreme Court would rule that government funded agencies have a constitutional right to exclude families. They fail their religious test. All state and local governments would be forced to permit such discrimination in their foster care system the Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected these CSS claim saying foster care agencies. Receiving public funds can be required to accept all qualified families. I'm Andrea Sears. Reporting these Supreme Court will hear those arguments in its fall session which begins in October and for Minnesota Hunger. Fighting groups are pressing state lawmakers there to approve bills addressing the issue of lunch shaming the happens in schools and funding for mobile food shelves. Kaleen Moriarty of hunger solutions. Minnesota says they'll try to drive the message home to lawmakers this week. That approval of these bills is vital. She says the school lunch. Bill would go a long way in reducing students public humiliation over a debt. The elimination of lead shaming really includes alleviating. The conversation that happens between a child and a food service person or a teacher or anyone and elevates it to a discussion that happens between adult Moriarty says they also want this day to adjust the threshold for qualifying school lunch program so more families can get help the mobile food shelf bill would reauthorize grant money so these trucks can continue to be dispatched to communities in need Minnesota. Lawmakers approved a two year budget last year. This session is focused on whether there should be additional spending for the state's projected surplus of more than one billion dollars. Might Mohan of the news service. This is pianist. Escaping abuse could be overwhelming and it can be even more complicated for some women of color. Mary Sherman Explains According to the CDC homicide victims stemming from intimate partner violence are disproportionately young women of color. The domestic violence network has a legal services. Outreach were marginalized survivors program which provides free civil legal aid. Sasha Jones who coordinates the program explains many clients are reluctant to seek services due to poverty or racism. A lot of women break down and start crying and just say they've been trying to take care of certain things for years and nobody would help them or somebody said they will help them and they didn't so it's been a barrier and they'll moving forward and succeeding. She says issues related to benefits. Subsidized Housing Transportation and child support are among the civil legal needs for survivors. The program is marking. Its first year and Jones says to date more than four hundred Ohio. Women Have Received Free Legal Assistance Jones notes that Black Hispanic native American survivors more often experienced pressure from family and the community to stay with an abuser or they fear getting their partner involve with police and the criminal justice system due to the increase issues with police brutality when it comes to African American men. Sometimes that's a deterrent is not that they don't want to seek help but at pain and suffering takes a back seat to what going to happen to him the program partners with several agencies throughout the state offers outreach clinics Jones at simply assigning an attorney at no cost to them can be life changing women are coming in there destroy and then turn it around where they realize. They are going to get that help. Someone is out here room for them and supporting them. The little things for other people are the whole world for semi in a situation where they just don't have the funds to pay for it. The program was started through a grant from the US Department of Justice and Finally Never Rama Gone. Reports always to farmers have a lot going on they're grappling with rising seas ocean acidification and more severe storms. They met in Wilmington over the weekend. The main goal of the Oyster sow symposium was to brainstorm ways to deal with the challenges created by climate change. Andy Di Paola is a small-scale oyster farmer in Mobile Bay Alabama. He says more frequent heavy rains are flushing pathogens and fertilizer into waterways flowing into the bay contaminating Oyster Habitat. Bacterial counts and last year. I was only open about one week between the beginning of the year. Saying may so it's very hard to maintain an operation for your cash flow and everything when you're close for months at a time. Di Paola says in the previous century. Alabama's coast once produced an abundant oyster supply but numbers have steadily dwindled since the Nineteen Ninety S. 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Wyatt cocks mystery this hour with an episode of the Weird Circle from February twenty fifth nineteen forty five. The mysterious brought Is In this paid by the restless seen in the Next to call from the past stories straight we de so only are gathered again. We did out of the world gun by speak again the multiple tail the mysterious variety listening to Monday. You better the do you speak mcmurray. Did you write Pastor Ledger does he? Who I young lady. I was right now. She was walking this way. So no one limbo come now. You must have met a we to go. What ails you? Know Young Lady but you must have hedgerow so high into thick. She couldn't have adopted confirmed me. I don't understand it's I was in calling for just now in the top of Berkeley Hills. She turned and walked in this direction. She couldn't get beyond this point. What did she look like at declared? I've never seen such a female figure. She had on a pure white goes through a small Green Bonnet and feathers. And the Greenvale Fine Gael. Mister mcmurphy you're making game if he did you know really meter island number word of truth and UNR- I did not come right back with me. We need her. She's given you the goal by on the Road Camp Down The Standard Myth mcmurphy. I do find it was a lovely thing I've ever seen you Donna purebred rock and it's more a small green button it with that is the grim all. I'm must've already told you that you have and with a lover's gleam in your eye would cook there. She is at the very same spot with us. So the first time where I didn't see the EH still in the CEA look ahead on points. And he's standing there and no flake throw in Greenvale as a tool. You are with a lovely creature. Eleanor Pomona were there. She told the ankle road. She's going to fight communists hurry. I can't lose this time. Keeping right around the turn. Certainly hope so good here and she's gone again Alan Ladd must be imagined linnea look Pale as death. Ilja I remember now dream of the same nature at the end of some sort of a terrible manner and I think your dream still but never mind. It's quite common for a handsome young men dream of maidens with white frocks and green veils. But I'm worried about my dream is to make it had a very bad ending. What was it when I can't rightly recollect? You know how dreams are do. Know it was something. Perhaps your dinner did not agree with you. And you're merely funds. It is all this lady. No no mister mcmurphy boy yet. Mb Elise. I did feel that did enough brought to see her again and she was a ferry race. This woman for she proved the undoing of my good friend. Island Sanderson Layer of Bacon daily Soda and Saint Lawrence even the year. Seventeen seventy seven and from the afternoon. It was bewitched each day. He wrote to the top of the hill hoping to see his Phantom But the vision did not appear at last. His doctor directed him to visit his sister in Ireland. And they had Margaret Help Young Allen Mendez hailed one morning. Well Anyway. Here's what Allen tool may lead Allan Allan back. I'm our breakfast you today. We'll be down soon. Demanded AETNA minute party Allen back for much better eating hook you know all right Margaret. What is it could have been rating boy. Did you get in? He no no must be the rain and again quackery and I was trying to forget if you're an apparition knock I I rea- can't believe I love you. So that moment is often. You'll never know how much suffered we talked. You know man ever loved a woman has allowed you come down and meet the sister staff yes. I came here to Ireland. Stay with us for the week while like. What do you mean around? I don't understand we're not in a room at aw standing. That's hidden in Scotland. Of course here. This is the part where you've ever seen me would attends recollect how it happened coming back from Rome new account. But since we're here come home with me now to my own House. I got to meet you anywhere on the off. Trial Marriage Dot com matter you to learn from two years went. Why must we wait long? I can't expand from time. I'm glad that know I don't even knew. Your name is James G before you bought them stand it happened. I came here today to release sure. If you have the slightest release me no no no. I'm yours forever sweeter when he again unclassy and every day we have married. How can live to Lynn? But the here and now that we have to each other when you've changed three yes darling. Settlement you take this rain and keep it or that'd be pretty cool thing she g F F. I'd be waiting here for you on June Quebec. Please come back Lebron James James Work where am I? What is it? Avenues Margaret get dressed. And come downstairs your daddy where you're having a nightmare. Oh Oh yes. This is a must have been dreaming addressing. Come Down Right Away. Grief no but couldn't have been. It was two so nothing Dan. It was near Dream. It wasn't the three active. We'll good friends. Ds still hold a forest. Believe there's no such thing as ghosts in spirit. If Port Island was puzzled account for some things in the course of history he was much more to puzzle to account for them. No he was wide awake. He dressed himself and hurry down to the breakfast parlour but he joined his system Margaret and lucky black the old woman who had known his family for some Good Morning Margaret. Lucky and better glad to see who is this now. Lucky it's allen brother and so we did the way he tends with these guys and his black hair. You might be his father but even his grandfather come over to my chair that let me take your head off years. Margaret or more right heads Minnesota Willem symbols. Here Nuno all right. Thank you got to be very careful about Dennis and nights. They watched by the bedside of your poor mother. Night after night feel deceiver finally took off. Sure you're not even know what all right Allen just had a bad dream lucky when I went up to awaken screaming seen the old Nick Drew Alan. You have bad dreams to me about three me. I got to your daughter. I heard your call in the name. Jj What's this about g? It's nothing think. What'S FOR BREAKFAST MARGARET? Here's a cup of tea. I get the orkney meat. But did you dream Allen ten quickly. Lucky I tell you it was nothing that you had nameless jeans. Yes chain or go teacup. How did you know her name Savior? There's no more attentive. No more fit. What the again to some Lavin's Eve protected. Lucky what's the matter long then to for him and all this kid. What are you talking about? Maybe keeping hit in Ireland fighting here on me. I think on the North preserved in front of all the old woman's death. That's what that's very nice to you. On the left hand off the poor old woman she thinks what in the world would kind let me. That brings sadness. It's not like ring any talent no Medina system to at the very rigid with giving me an affect grid valuable enough to give other no such thing if you want peace if you have any regard your soul the stray that ring would y you saw with your own eyes Alan. You'd know it's not a ring befitting the Christian to Web February Twenty Fifth Nineteen forty-five the weird circle on Classic Radio Theater. If you're over the age of fifty and considering buying an annuity in the next sixty days I have some important news for you. Don't buy at annuity until you understand the pros and cons of annuities a free book to help you. Maximize your retirement income from television host and three time author. Josh Mellberg has been released. This book reveals little known truths about new strategies in simple to understand terms. Grab a pen right now. Because we are about to offer you this book book that unlocks the five little known secrets. 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You're listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station and the the weird circle that'd twenty fifth nineteen forty-five the mysterious bride. When narron fenders return to Scotland? His mind was great confusion and dissolved me out the very thera- stay here is eight. We were sipping a bit of Wine Allen with. I'm a great loss for an explanation misdemeanor Monday but I do know that I know more than ever of Jean hogarth Hadera Zalin but tell me this. Whatever caused the collapse. That old woman in your sister's house you mean lucky black. She would never tell me. As a matter of fact a couldn't force it to say anything at all lips were sealed out of fear. I think have a look at it. No no have sold it within the vast right next to my heart and I'll know bring it out into the light from a wedding day will. Did you notice anything strange about it? No I did name is to make muddy. It's not a gold ring with bright emerald sentiment. Then what is your explanation of the we? The two women acted a have none but all in the life of had a feeling that some mysterious fake two weeks me long as I have my love. I know what about the mystery? Oh so young. Allen was determined and patiently waited as the month went by. He was so caught up in the wonder his love for this. Phantom that no amount of talk could discourage Jim no-one again. Uh So am wandering aimlessly about Burkey Hill and that loss came the eve of Saint Lawrence would the phantom of this woman. He loved the game. No Jane Geno Goofy. This is the magic night. We had You on this eve Lawrence and Jane where he dot asp only coming over to the east in the night of food. Oh my jayme this year. It's been a long of life now. Die To oh my donny. Beautifully are seen. How could it be? I love you more than a full to mom could ever love. I would gladly give life for the one. We Ta- I can Bri must not forever and then I but Y must be. We come with me. No J. I my more nighthawks hawks. My own company has gone. And so before Alan Sanderson stretched another year separating from the Specter Gal. He loved his sister. Margaret worried because of his silence. Her only often to know how young Allen was and I was able to write her only that he seemed happy. Man Ho could a pillar of mcgrew in permission that he was also a doomed man doomed to die so when the Iverson Lawrence came again a purposely waited at my gate for a new ellen. Sanderson would soon come riding by. I had not long into week greeting the U. Ellen. You see before your patient man in the world do WAIMEA ask? Tonight's the night tonight. The Iverson I didn't even know I. I suppose I did know my boy tonight. Would you be married geography and Ni- Ireland is not too late? Take the advice of an old man and and go to Becky here. All come mister mcmurphy. I have waited a lifetime for this night to come for Tom. Afraid Forty a mobile because no tonight's outwitting night then the saints per you didn't not know guilty as I do. She loves me Mister mcmurphy and tonight we're off alone journey but your system aglet this you know I. I have written to her in Ireland conclusion of the Weird Circle February twenty fifth nineteen forty five the mysterious bride in four minutes on Classic Radio Theater. This is no ordinary sub show. This is firehouse ups tired of overpriced lunches that under deliver on flavor. Head to firehouse subs. We're for a limited time. You can get a four ninety. Nine choice of choose from a medium smoked Turkey Virginia honey ham or roast beef there. Custom-made hot subs at a price. Ready made to make you smile. Just four ninety nine only at firehouse subs enjoy more. Subs save more lives. Participating locations plus tax limited time offer prices. Mary Delivery Classic Radio Theatre Family. And let me ask you a question. Did you sleep last night? Did you toss and turn? Could you just not get comfortable? He did then. That is one of the things to my PLO. 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The note asked me to meet her at Alan's house and when I arrived the poor girl was in a pitiful only matty. I'm so glad you've come just from Ireland but I'm afraid I've come too late too late. I'm Mister mcmurphy. Has Allen told you everything is told me about his visions and dreams on the meetings with this mysterious girl. When did you see him last last night? Just as he rode off to the Medicaid the eve of says art. It's what I was afraid of. Is the old woman still in Ireland? No I brought back with me in the next room. Heard like to see your question. No perhaps I can make speak Margaret. There's something about all this. Don't like a bit high. You feel it too He the entire thing is we did a natural speak to lucky black but I read this letter. It's from Allen devoted a month ago and posted it to me and Ireland this this time next month. She'll be the most happy or the most miserable man in the world on some Lawrence Eve have solemnly engage myself to whether young and beautiful lady named Jane. Ogle they to whom it seems. That was the trough before I was born. That's the part I didn't understand or do I read the rest of it or correspondent has been the most private and mysterious nature but Mitroff is pledged in my resolution fixed. Naturally we will set out on a journey to the police of hundred abode. It will be long before I see you again. Yours kill death your a brother Alan. You're till death honestly. What can we do this? We've got to talk to the lady this way then. Some how might be able to make her talk? I'm almost afraid to hear what she has to say. Lucky lucky this is mister mcmurphy. How do you do? It's emergent matter would like to speak to you about a Amanda. Perhaps of life death for Allen. I have nothing to say about the young men dilemma. But you must speak lucky. You must know. That may help him. I'm sure of it. The two of you do not understand the strange working fate only human beings. We have no way of combating a force. That's outside our understanding off. Don't you see Mister mcmurphy? It's no use? Listen but that coming up here you can see the window. I A horse without Doda on in that heaven protect this happened. You mean what's happened is done. It's J. V. Mucky. Tell us what you mean so. It just happened now. I know so I can speak quickly woman. A tale sadness and heart is the first Allen. Send us in before he married. The heiress of Birkin Deli was engaged to a beautiful young lady named Jay Ogilvy June August I. He gave the last anything but fair and they say he noted on the hill true. Do you believe the store. I have good reason to believe it when I was this. Last I saw the red blood and the new gray hit me with such right. I never told anyone about it. And twenty years later the next hour centers and was found dead on that very spot across Greenbaum. Ten of a total mismatch come quickly but soria outside. He'll heaven granted this is the roadway. Your brother started a fierce time. Just around the bend. Is Becky Hills? I'm afraid look I miss my would who late his father and grandfather died. There relies on the Green Mountain. His father's grave. He's the last meal of his line. Miss Margaret Sanderson named is worded. It is a blessing in this guy. Take me away. I can't look at you know. The Phantom will haunt Iverson. No longer the wicked people the world would know have a lesson than Divine Justice Miss Margaret written for them lanes are blocked the weird circle twenty-fifth nineteen forty five on. Classic Radio Theatre. How did you sleep last night? I can guarantee you. I slept better than new. Unless you've got a my pillow. You know I get the best sleep on my line. I worked better. I sleep better I interact with people better and I have been healthy the healthiest. 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Now something a little kinder and gentler on Plastic Radio Theater an episode of the Nineteen thirty two series the family doctor this episode entitled error in Diagnosis Low there. This is a family doctor. A Roy Oh how do they agree with? Miller? Yes Sir. Anything do you. We're not going going to be up to you. I guess you're right. Well come on up stairs. Took me out. I guess there isn't any hurry. They can take them slow. Business at the boathouse. Rule for this season record button. Held is going to be the last the last no guys to Friday agree if you've got longtime live yet. Do you ever doctorates just to trouble. You mean do nothing. Nobody can do about it just technical given his lawyer. Bates coming down this dad. How suppose reading Ralph Bates what say I said it? Was You know lawyer Bates Shipper normal right as you didn't speak to each other electronic not back step in great thank you can get right down? Dot kind of took is right in that big chair. He was good now. What seems to be the trouble where I'll tell you about a week. Now I've been getting dizzy. Spader SORTA blackspot is kind of worries. Me Take off your code grip opened up your shirt company opened. Y'All know it is going to do a little sounding. Have you been doing any hard work on those boats of yours where no SPEECO got to keep in shape of course but I've been getting the meaner twins to do the most of it At twenty five cents an hour after school see. What's up doc? All that much wall just trying out a theory. Now when I placed this death scopes chest. You just sit there and naturalized and breed and what is your dog. My heart edge grip. Hit your heart. What that's what I thought. How do you how old let me? She was too old to join up with. Tr RIDERS IN NINETY. Eight record and passed seventy. That's about all I can recollect You tell me the truth young man. Haven't you been doing some extraordinary hard manual Labour lately? No Darker Scorer. Age the main door and you got something on your mind where what's reading you or darker standard. Tell me about it. You know doctor has to keep lots of secrets. It's just way my daddy had that. They're both hopes up minute. Shaker for me and for him and that he likes Miller he discovered it. We sort of took it for gratification. At belong to a long while. Nick shedded afternoon. It belonged Miller's maybe in the last belongs to us up 'til Monday morning what's going to happen then. Duck Duck Adams. I don't like to complete none but myself being for mortgage on the three year ago. Just in order to get some new canoes. And some of the newfangled outboard motors. They call them. Yep there's a mortgage on the place and the mortgage do now no role not that. The principal ain't seven years but of course there's always an interest to pay. Well I told you. Business has been pretty good but it ain't duck duck at eight aimed at all. It's been where as young folks age been loud and you can't meet your interest payment right now. We have the mortgage on your property up there to the lake where. I don't think that makes no difference. No they don't make who mortgage where logger beach. I thought I was it. Never mind. I'm going to give you some pellets to take. I want you to take these just as you get up in the morning and just before you go to bed at night. Just talk to each time twice a day. And don't you forget them loop won't recognize her? That'll help duck say well but they won't do it all. You've got to stop worrying about the boats of the canoes. Outboard Motors is the mortgage understand. Ducker understand what your net but I say not to worry. I'm your doctor. You let me worry about everything that you're talking about. She might occur. Might as well be getting back to the lake. Well thank you talk opinionated these here pills and don't you worry about a gift. Just you take coming. Let me worry about the pain and dropping again say Monday morning. Duck negative well. Bait skinflint step Friday. So help me. I don't think there's a thing I can do. Well Ralph Bates. What in the name of good bad happened to you. How should I know that's what I call it? You find out. Where have you been called your now to go? You know what it is around the house Monday morning. No I don't know Let me take a look at Ya How do you feel that like let me see your tongue Like my tongue got with. Let me feel your pose pose all right just as I. Why did it doctor? Why did it varies Ella? But good heavens that it sounds terrible. It is chicken pox. Chickenpox impossible chickenpox at my age impossible. Hamade isn't impossible happens quite often sometimes. It's quite dangerous to in many your age. I mean dangerous. No no it can't be that's what it is. I'm certain of it chickenpox. And that means I'll have to place you in quarantine yes. She has her cart at what quarantine. You can't do that. I've been through Monday morning. I've got a very important business transaction to take a you can't put me in. A few mustn't carry on so bad for your heart chicken pox. Well give me a prescription for you in he can send it up with Johnny Oh by the way is this business transaction yours anything I can take care of you. Of course not no small town doctor has enough brains to take care of anything lose it. That's all maybe won't be able to raise it today. Hope so anyway Yeah of course. Well I'll drop round again this even around. We'll see you then chickenpox at my age it's preposterous in the end break posture as I eighty two daily. Today Day. Leave them the unity Let me see what this sign right here. I Guess Budi Down Down and we are nice and Yellow Quarantine In Grip. Have you been feeling over the weekend? Look a lot better. We better talk. That's good and you haven't raised the interest on the mortgage yet. Have you know no page up here? Up In inaugur beach depletes over Bates won't be in his office today. We walk no no. He won't be down. How much was that interest? Payment grip seventy three dollars and forty seven percents Let me see. And he gave docker prescription. Check a check for seventy five dollars. I'm taking lean on your new canoes motors gift as take that. Check down to the bank right away. Get Judge Windsor to apply it against Ralph Bates. Interesting and then go on back to the lake and take stock. I listen young man. Didn't I tell you added to let your doctor Laurean for you dark coconut? Thank you say. By the way. If haven't you got a lot of poison oak up there around Millers Lake Oak Law Doctors? We're trying to get rid of her. Jade rhythm it. You'd better not give. It may come in Handy again sometime. What do you mean leaving me all alone all day without anybody to take care of me with that plagued Yellow Cena? Brock Stu how route I told you to keep yourself cam let me take a look at Ya. seems to be a little change. Age It doesn't look like chicken pox this evening. What do you mean what does it? Looks like poison Oak Poison Oak. And you let me stay here. Let Me Outta Hand Windsor. I've got the foreclosed that mortgage mortgage Say That reminds me. I saw Miller this afternoon just after the bank closed with millet to just pay the interest on his mortgage. Uh Pretty spry about it too. And that it's too late. Say by the way speaking of your poison Oak Grove. But he told me. There's a lot of up around Millers Lake. You don't suppose that's where you cultures do you sorta civilian around like grant Adams you old oxen. You'll get that to be a purpose. Why why do you mean out? You made me think I had that plagued chickenpox just to give grip. Miller time to pay off that interest. You knew all the time. I didn't have chicken pox. Ralph old you realize you're scandalizing. 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The toll free number here is eight hundred. Five four fifty free like freedom. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three. We have the discord call in line. Rooms they are open and available to you. Just go discord dot L. R. N. DOT FM hop into one of those. We'll get you on the air with us here and you'll sound almost like you're sitting here in the studio with us It's Ian Van Conan. Johnson I believe is expected here tonight at sees a lace guy always late. Yeah it's one of those guys But we got stuff to talk about including the story that I mentioned over the weekend and we just didn't get to it. I definitely want to talk about this Which is that. There is a free speech ban in Connecticut. That's been on the books apparently for for more than one Hundred Years. And it has now gotten misdemeanor. Charges laid against a couple of college students for uttering some racial slurs. We can talk about that. Plus come and you want to share a story about the young Turks which is It's a talk show. It's a progressive left-leaning left very left leaning talk. Show their most Moore Bernie boys and well they This is classic case of Do as I say not as I do. Get into what that means coming up has to do with the unions Here in a moment our toll free number again. Eight hundred five four fifty. Let me jump into the story here from the Associated Press in Hartford Connecticut. Free speech concerns were raised following the arrests of two University of Connecticut. Students accused of saying a racial slur legislators to consider repealing a century old law that bans ridicule based on race religion or nationality. The episode on campus involving two white students in October was recorded on video and sparked protests against racism. Many people applauded their arrests but civil liberties. Groups condemned them as an affront. To First Amendment Rights Police said the students Giradi corral and jared rather corral and Ryan. Macaj uttered the racial slurs several times while walking through the parking lot of campus apartment complex. Just to be clear. There wasn't anyone. They were talking to accept themselves while so they weren't you know thoughts cramming these things at another human being but even if they were it should still be protected speech and they were on campus correct. They're in an apartment complex parking lot on campus recorded by a black student. They say they were playing a game. That involves saying offensive words and it was not directed at anyone in particular. Didn't stop them from being charged under a nineteen seventeen law. That makes it a misdemeanor for anyone a misdemeanor which means up to a year in jail and most places for anyone who quote ridicules or holds up to contempt any person or class of persons. So on this show. We talk bad about politicians all the time. Oh Yeah Any Person Classic Persons on account of the creed religion colored denomination nationality or race of such a person or class of persons. And I moan in this in this was taken The school took over the took the reins or was sent to the police. Well misdemeanor charge you. Don't get that from the school that from the government that comes from the police right. The prosecution bill before the Legislature Judiciary Committee would repeal the law which has been criticized by law professors around the country and other groups including the ACLU which said the students conduct was offensive but not criminal public hearing on. The bill was scheduled last week. John Bell Infield Republican ranking member of the Judiciary Committee said quote. I know the title sort of sounds. Like whoa what are they doing? But the issue as to whether someone can really face criminal charges for something that has some real questionable constitutionality. I think is worth discussing at this point in time. He said according to State Court records the ridicule charge which carries up to thirty days in jail has been filed forty times since two thousand twelve resulting in ten convictions. Wow only one of the convictions included jail time. But that doesn't make it. Okay okay just because only one out of forty people went to jail and I'm wondering how so they might have gotten find Reprimanded Mike. My question is how does how does the school handle these students? Were they get expelled? Exactly I would be. I would be more fearful of that than a one hundred dollar fine or whatever whatever that nonsense wouldn't surprise me if they did it. So here's the other question. Nineteen seventeen. What were the circumstances? One hundred years ago where someone decided. This was a good law. Great question you think coming right now. We hear about all this nonsense taken place. He's free speech zones and whatnot in. Twenty twelve twenty twenty. Yeah we think those are new ideas but landed. Obviously they'd been woken Connecticut for one. Hundred Years William Dunlap a professor at Quinnipiac University School of law in North Haven. Connecticut said quote. It's so clearly unconstitutional under the first amendment. That it's hard to believe it's still on the books It punishes speech based on the content of the speech and that is one of the key concepts of the First Amendment that the government cannot punish speech based on its content. Well if you don't think that's true. Wait till you hear what I did. Today I went to the hearing the bail hearing part two for Christopher Cantwell here in Concord New Federal Court. I'll tell you about that coming up But we'll finish the story here first. They're both related right right right. They're both about freedom of speech. Chris Campbell right now as a A political prisoner because of the things that he these guys even be. Can't we'll fans who knows of course by their last names are probably may sound four and even though they they're claiming here in the story they're white but Going on Douglas. Spencer added that the State Ridicule Law in theory could be used to arrest comedians. Who Make Fun of others? He said quote. I don't think the old statute would survive a constitutional challenge. But that's the thing. Forty people have been brought up on charges sense twenty twelve and we don't know how many before that and how many of them had money for lawyers thing you know as unconstitutional. Play out as these things are. You never actually almost never will. Somebody's fight these charges. Most of the time as you said Conan they will take a plea deal which means they take a guilty plea. There's no chance after that once you take a guilty plea it's over you don't get to go back and say what's I messed up Let's sue constitutionality. Nope done deal case closed sentence given. You've got to do what the judge says in that case. And so this happens all the time whether it'd be unconstitutional laws like this or we saw Here in Keene New Hampshire a few years back. When they passed a it clearly illegal ban on the synthetic drugs hero talent. It was not illegal at the state level and therefore prohibited for the towns to do that because New Hampshire is not a home rule. State the let's do it. Let's see what happens. They actually addressed it in an open city council meeting where the lawyer was like Guys can't do this and they just went ahead and did it anyway. There was no punishment for them for it because again the the law targets poor people. It targets people who can pay the fines. Well not necessarily target homeless people people. Who are you know? What are you gonNA homeless? People get arrested for drugs and whatever happens. They probably got arrested on purpose of they had a nice warm fell asleep in up. Maybe so but they put people on payment plans. I'm thinking I'm thinking. They're a lot of individuals in this city town. Who Live off on on her living on public and private property Sleeping camping and cops are looking the other way. Because what are you GonNa do with them and make an example out of them. Put them in jail find them. You can't do any of those because it's not gonNa work but you and me they're going to get US tickets and they're gonNA get us for parking ticket. He's not going to pay. Well drop my parking tickets and actually have some stories about the to getting followed for about four miles. Really and I knew he was he was. He was right on me. Four miles and he decided Make a right some. I'm well because I've got particular stickers on the back of my truck and whatnot and of course. I guess looking at us one of those guys. What are one of the stickers that you think sets them off? I think it's a combination of antiwar stickers right next to my veterans stickers and I also have even though I am not even though I'm not a free stater I do have my I do have a pork fest sticker on there as well and I think that helps you know. 'cause we'd Libertarians. GotTa have some kind of a symbol representing what we who who are. Mascot is the porcupine the president of the Connecticut State Conference of the N. Double ACP SCOTT S. Dale said that the bill to repeal the law raises serious concerns and he will seek opinions from civil rights lawyers and NWEA CPA officials about the proposal. The State Commission on Human Rights and opportunities have asked the Judiciary Committee to reject the repeal bill. So there are actually people who want to keep this law on the book and I wonder how you feel about if you WANNA weigh and you're welcome to join us here. Our toll free number's eight fifty. Five four fifty free like freedom. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three or call in on our discord call in line rooms over at discord L. R. N. Dot. Fm as we continue here more about this Highly unconstitutional but long lasting statute in Connecticut that is resulting in dozens of people being charged for freedom of speech. It's free talk live. Don't miss this year's liberty con with great speakers like whole foods CEO John mackey Congressman Justin Amash Nobel Prize winner Vernon Smith attend to spectacular debates. Is government necessary and does capitalism require government intervention network with over seventy pro liberty organizations this and a whole lot more April the third through the fifth in Washington. Dc VISIT LIBERTY CON DOT COM and use Code F. T. L. for a ten dollar discount on Liberty CON DOT COM. The next generation wallet is coming from Divvy. In just a few taps you'll be able to send earn spend an exchange digital money in seconds. 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Repealing this bill in front of the Judiciary Committee right now however it's not without its opposition according to Scott ex s tale of the ACP and also the State Commission on Human Rights and opportunities. They have asked the Judiciary Committee to reject the repeal. Bill saying quote we. The legislature of Connecticut has found that in the United States. We are these safe-space state of the country and we want to remain in our status as the safe-space of the country. They didn't call it that in nineteen seventeen. But that's what they created what they were trying to create. And so here's what the commission has to say about it. They say at a time when Hayden bias incidents are on the rise. It's critical that the state not remove these types of prohibitions that aim to deter punish this unacceptable behavior. See as basically the same thing now I would be curious to know what. The percentage of the population is that supports this law. How widespread is the complete rejection of the idea of freedom of speech? I like I said it when when you consider win this came about. This law was first brought into existence. You wouldn't think that you wouldn't think the argument was taking place at all they would of crazy racists bigots running around doing their thing one hundred years ago and so just finding that out has already thrown me through a loop. It's like I thought I thought we were having issues now but seems like it's been going on for a long time. I would like to know so you said forty in the last decade not even eight years. My question would be how many through the life the lifetime of this bill of this law. Great question which I don't know. Maybe WE HAD DARYL HERE. He'd be able to figure it out but my guess would be that It would be very high. Among College. Young you know young people. Meaning the percentage of people who want this law to continue digitally high support limits. Dramatic delimiting species Gerard support. I should stick government. I think it's about the same claiming that their anti-fascist supporting many fascist policies as they can possibly get their hands on I think I think the support of this law is probably about the same as it was a hundred years ago. Most people don't even know about it for for one for starters except the people who the WHO are who the victims out there who are always looking for these types of laws so that they can go after their book they're bullies An An and lawyers and I think that's the only people even know about it. Now we know about it. I didn't know this logs this until just now. Here's what happened so far too. I did find some numbers here as I was doing a quick search from a Pew Research Center study that says that forty percent of millennials are more likely to support censoring offensive statements. That might be offensive to minority groups or minorities as compared with twenty seven percent of genetics. Twenty four percent of boomers Yup and percent of the silent Jenner. But if we were to follow those millennials you'd see a Lotta soon as they get jobs as soon as they start paying bills and paying taxes and getting a taste of the real life. A lot of a lot of that forty percent is going to drop off. And then you're GONNA have. The snowflakes are going to be that new forty percent to typical. Maybe I don't know corral. Which is one of the people who was arrested of plane? Ville Connecticut has been granted a probation program that could result in his criminal charges being dismissed while the criminal case is still pending for the other man in question. The two students have filed a federal lawsuit against the university. They were punished in violation of their free speech rights. The judge ruled last month. School cannot discipline the students including barring them from Student Housing. While the criminal cases are pending. But what about afterwards whenever the hammer come the hammer falls get expelled? And so the the First Guy was granted a Probation Program. Which sounds like a plea deal to me in defending UCONN? The State Attorney General's Office has filed court documents saying you can't officials deny any proposed discipline is based on the students use of racial slurs but instead is based on their violation of the quote disruptive Behavior Unquote provisions of the Student Code. So they got their ways of getting you out. And that's what they're gonNA do. I bet you don't get a refund either in that case. If you want to join the show here you can the toll free number is eight fifty five four fifty free especially if you're somebody who agrees with this law we know you're you're out there. I mean the numbers Johnson. Just read them. There's a large number of people who support things like this letter babies. Yeah and their argument is well. We have to have a SAFE SPACE. Where the where the kids can be free from bullies. And they can focus all their attention on learning and then after that pay and pay. It can't drinking. There's another study from twenty fifteen. That's titled Goebel Support for principle of free expression but opposition to some forms of speech Americans especially likely to embrace individual liberties free expression except ABC de la. The list keeps getting longer. And that's the problem I look. I understand there's some pretty disgusting speech out there I get it. I know who Christopher can't well is. I was at his hearing today. I know the things that he has said. He has said some horrifying things Chris. Sale former host here on. Free Talk Live. We fired him a few years back. I think it's like five years ago now at this point really. Yeah time thinks started time. Flies Man Yeah? I think he started flipping to racism in like Twenty fifteen maybe sometime between fifteen and twenty sixteen but we booted him out the door. Soon as we found out that he was a racist here. Then you give them some opportunities to to wanted to make right. Yeah definitely. I didn't WANNA fire Chris. Use a talented funny guys the talker. He's great on the great on the radio and he was really. You know I've actually been making promos recently. From Twenty fifteen and a couple of them have christen them because he's funny but he went in this racist direction and it just got worse from there. He got even more not GonNa save violent in his rhetoric. But in you know Chris has always had a real way of dancing around the violence in the things that he says so way back when we first met him he kind of talked about being violent toward police officers. He's changed his tune about the police. Now he likes the cops because he wants to get in control of the government and have control of the police so they can do his bidding to create whatever kind of white nationalists society that he wants but today he was in a federal court for with a detention hearing. It's a bail hearing and I was there I I saw it and I saw the first part it because it was like three plus hours. Total for just a bail hearing and I'll tell you what I saw coming up here in moments and what they're saying they're reasons the state the government's reasons to try to keep this man in a prison cell pending trial. Do you want more businesses accepting bitcoin. Cash and dash now with any pay you earn passive income for every purchase at those businesses finally a financial incentive to spread bitcoin. Cash and Dash. 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What we do please help support our international satellite channels at Patriotic Dot Heller N. DOT FM. That's Patriot on that. L. Ran DOT FM It's free talk. Live bring what you want toll free number here eight fifty five four fifty free but just be careful if you live in Connecticut that you may be facing jail time if you offend somebody with your speech. There's a law there that may be being repealed but maybe not who knows there's opposition to repealing over one hundred year old law that criminalizes speech wasn't You know so. Wasn't there a ruling that was in federal court that for example you could tell off the police. Oh yeah there's been planning for rulings pig. Yes you know that. Kind of thing Well what's kind of interesting is it? Would that would be really interesting case because wouldn't that be a group of people based on their creed profession? It's things clearly an opposition another and you'd have federal case law versus you know key local Connecticut who cares about it. It's a specious remark. I Hate Mer- marque. If you consider pigs all one big family and I don't think so. Easy system was on the on the list. That's true. Yeah pigs get very offended by that but no Johnson. I think you're right. They could interpret it that way and they could charge somebody in in Connecticut over that right but a lot of those cops being told to f. off situations they been taken to court right. It doesn't sound like anybody's ever taken these laws to court because right around one hundred plus years surely. If somebody challenged it would have been overturned being enforced. Yes we have forty over the last eight years. Wow with ten convictions. Well so you know what the other thirty what happened to the other thirty I presume. They offered them pretrial agreement. I forget what they call it. What's the penalty and conventions? Listen to thirty days in jail. Wow now again. Someone will challenge that further. Wow that's you'd think right but the thing is that you know they're not going after rich people you know. They're not going after doctors and lawyers thirty days now like people are willing to roll over and take thirty days. Well nine out of ten of the convictions didn't go to jail. So it was like you get probation or you get a fine or something like that but somebody did go to jail. One out of the the forty people did go to jail but it still even if no one went to jail. That wouldn't make it okay because these people who said a thing somebody didn't like had their freedom taken from them while they were put in handcuffs put in the back of a cruiser. I'm not suggesting that it was okay. I was. I wasn't going on. The what is the cost level that people are willing to put up with rather than fight. You know because at some point. Yeah some point. People feel forced to fight the punishment and the the cost gets to be great enough that they have to do something about it. Well we're just talking last night. About is what they call the suspicious activity report. Which is what the banks file on you if you make less than ten thousand dollars deposits like at night nine just. I was just researching that you talked about it last night in detail there was a really interesting story from. I believe it was Eg I'd have to pull it up. It's in our in our telegram in our twitter's and such but anyways an agricultural website that followed the story of a farmer and his wife who were just selling stuff at the farmer's market and then they went into the bank and we're making deposits making deposits and then finally they had two thousand dollar deposit right. Okay you've heard the story. So they had a larger deposit. The normal usually it was under ten thousand dollars in the banker. The teller told them. Hey just put in less than ten thousand. You won't have to do paperwork so they started to do what the banker told them to do which resulted in another banker likely filing a suspicious activity report on them. Because if you file if you deposit less than ten grand you get These this report filed on you and they're adding up all the accumulations to so if you go in there in the morning and you come back later. The answer after noon and and add to that that it goes over ten. But you're not supposed to ask them. They're supposed to report it if they if you like. If you look you look suspicious of course but they start asking you questions about what I can and can't do. You're supposed to report it eating well that who knows. I don't know what the rules are. And what different. Things will trigger a suspicious activity report but one of them is definitely doing less than ten thousand dollars. If you're close to ten thousand if you're doing like three thousand that probably like a foul but if you're doing nine thousand nine hundred nine thousand eight hundred and you do another nine thousand nine hundred the next day. Then they're going to file a report on you and the thing with that is it took fifty years before this thing got overturned right. They've been enforced. The Bank Secrecy Act went into place in one thousand nine hundred seventy and this this Bank Secrecy Act provisions that requires these people to be reported and then ultimately charges get brought by the Treasury Department and ultimately what ended up happening was the Treasury Department comes in they they go into your bank account Conan and they take out fifty thousand dollars whatever it is in their. Whatever you've earned over the last several years is in your bank account. They just right out. That's suspicious money and now we can't let you drug dealers. Have that fifty thousand. Well here's the thing. They don't have any drug charges for you so they just have the charge care bureaucrat. Behind a day. They don't care that you've been you know but farm in your whole life so they just have the charge of what they call structuring and the charge is that you tried to avoid the ten thousand dollar cash transaction report. That's a and so the thing that they do is they would say all right. Look Conan we got your money now. We know you didn't do any new drug dealing or anything like that but you broke the law. Now we're GONNA make this easy on you. Okay we're going to give you twenty thousand dollars back. You will just sign this form. And then we'll avoid court. You won't have to deal with any kind of You know lawyers or anything like that you save the money you don't have to pay you're paying attorney because if you pay an attorney you're gonNA lose everything. Just sign this paperwork. And it'll all be over we'll give you the twenty grand back. We'll keep thirty and everybody goes home. And so that's what happened. People would just signed signed the release forms. Just like back when In Florida I don't know if you remember the story Johnson. The bradenton police department was pulling people over twenty years ago or whatever it was and they would pull over a somebody for a suspected drug dealer find bag of marijuana or cocaine or something like that bag of cash or whatever and then they would say you know. We're going to do you a favor. We we we could charge with a felony here son but how about you just sign this release form and give us the keys to your car and your title and we'll let you walk home and this was going on left and right. And that's the thing they go after people who can't afford to do anything about it but luckily which is everybody brought. Almost they hit one guy with this farmer who was like okay. I'm fighting this. And he went and he threw in whatever resources he had left because they froze a chunk. Good Chunk of his money and he got Institute for Justice on board bright and they took the case and they actually did result in a change to the to the federal law. That says that they can only bring a structuring charge. Now if other illegal activities involved so a little bit of good news but man how many dozens and dozens if not hundreds of people and businesses were targeted by this particular law? Because most people won't fight at all and of course most people third of the population living paycheck to paycheck. It'll have ten thousand move around but every now and then like for me for example I was doing. I will just transfer it and I'm like hold on now I need to think about. This is so I got on the Google. Research is like ten thousand. Don't do it. You know you gotTa do it in small little. No do it all at once. You don't WanNa try to avoid the ten thousand dollar cash transaction report. That's what gets people in trouble. I was just I was looking at my. You know my minimum I just wanted to get an idea of. I didn't come anywhere near. Dow's what if so? For example in this case they were going to farmers markets and so they would have had you know. I'm imagining and maybe I'm completely wrong about this. But then a farmer's market generally is going to be something that happens over the weekend ten thousand transaction and so they were doing these things like right under ten thousand and they had multiple transactions that were right under ten thousand dollars. What if they had spread it out to the point of where it was like a thousand dollars a day like every normal business in America probably would have gone unnoticed. That wouldn't been considered structuring. I don't think so generally no so I mean there is something to be said for if it's going to be small don't keep it right under. Yeah right under ten thousand but if you can make it much if it's well below yeah but again. There's nothing that's unusual to the government about the ten thousand dollar report. I mean it sounds scary. Oh my God. They're going to report the money to the government. Well it's okay because it happens all the time right. I mean the the Treasury Department literally gets millions and millions of these cash transaction reports. I mean think about every business that does more than ten thousand dollars worth of business in a day every grocery store every major retailer. They're walking into a bank with ten grand in cash regularly. But if you're not a businessman maybe you should think about eight fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three We got more coming up here. You can join us on the way. The Cantwell Court case. We'll tell you about it. We've all seen and perhaps use the alcohol based has sanitizers. Have you noticed Howard dries your skin? And as soon as the alcohol evaporates. It's no longer effective G. C. 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What they call under advisement so even after hours of There was one witness testifying in the earlier portion and then lots of arguing by the prosecution and the defense even though the judge had entire weekend to ruminate on it and look at whatever evidence was Proffered to her. She still couldn't make up her mind in court and she took the case under advisement. She will issue a written ruling about what will happen to Christopher Kale. The so called crying Nazi The man who made headlines on vice news elsewhere out of the CHARLOTTESVILLE protests back in two thousand seventeen. So let me see. Where should I begin? What a. What are the charges? I believe there's only one charge at this point. There may be more coming of course but for the moment they have him on a charge and I don't have the exact. Okay I'll have the indictment pulled up here but basically interstate threats. So what did he do? He and he admitted he he didn't deny doing this. He actually admitted to this which is probably a mistake. He talked to the FBI and told him that he was the person who sent the messages but the message had to do with threatening they say to rape a woman but that's not what he actually said in the message. He said that he was going to f your wife speaking to someone on telegram kids in front of your kids. I mean it's it's a horrible thing to say but that's not rape okay because we don't know maybe his wife would have sex with him by consent. Maybe his wife already had sex with him by consent. I Dunno and question across state line threats Worse than you live in my town might cities threats. Then the feds wouldn't get involved. You go the feds are involved. Because this guy doesn't live in New Hampshire. Whoever the so-called victim was well here's the other interesting thing about the victim in this case. The victim who they describe as victim one in case never complained to the federal government never complained to local police. The so-called victim simply posted these images of the chat. They had on telegram by the way online. And of course the FEDS are watching. Everything can't well does. So they saw this and they use that as an excuse to go raid his home about a month ago and take all of his computers and take all of his guns and various other things they found including pills and just try to imagine. Can't well on the stand for this and just being like of course. I implied goodson. Look look at him Don despite it like I'm sure he would just take it further. You know I'm just finding out that. The man that he threatened was a lawyer really. I saw I'm wondering if they've identified this person in this the daily beast dot com article. It says that the the the man who threaten was a lawyer. Well that's interesting because this lawyer then is part of what they call the bull patrol. Do you know what that is okay? This lawyer was suing Cantwell today because of his actions is Charlottesville according to this article. No no you're confusing something. So you're confusing the attorney. Okay so hold on. So can't well went to Charlottesville. There was this white supremacist protests. While we explain it now came and went to do this white supremacist protesting in Charlottesville. He got arrested. There was a fight. Okay that happened. He got arrested for that he took a guilty plea ended up. Doing time served basically got kicked out of Virginia for five years. But there's been a civil suit filed against him and like several other of these white nationalist characters. The attorney you're talking about is the attorney. Who's heading up that civil suit? He said some nasty things sort of by proxy about that attorney but he didn't he saying nasty things about everybody that's what he does. He's a hall to Cry Nazi. He's you know he's at a terrible human being and a lot of ways but being mean jerk who says mean. Things shouldn't be a crime and threatening to have sex with somebody else's wife he didn't say rape but that's what they're trying to paint it as trying to say this was a threat to rape this man's wife and it's ridiculous what they're doing to he doesn't belong in jail so you may not like it may not like the things he says and I don't like the things he says but I understand that freedom of speech means you've got to stand up for the people that say things that are ugly so that's one of the reasons I wanted to go there and and see what they were trying to do so on Thursday they bring a Manchester cop up on the stand and this guy works with the FBI so like Big City Manchester Police Department has a officer who's constantly working with the FBI and this guy's been like consuming all kinds of cantwell things. He's you know listened to his shows. He's all over his websites. He's following his his gab posts when he had a gap account and and he's got. All this evidence of Chris can't Huelva meth adult crazed lunatic. The violent nutjob can't well who is going to snap at any moment because he's always on a meth binge. This was the The picture that they were trying to paint so they actually played some of the audio from the sort of noteworthy. Chris can't well meth recording. That he did back in two thousand. Sixteen Ray okay where he was high on. Meth and he admits it in the recording And he just sort of rambles for four hours in this brain really lengthy rambling screed of podcast. They took about four minutes of that and they played it where he was talking about. How you know messed up. He was in the you WanNa more meth and so on and so forth so. They gave some evidence that he had been a meth user. Not any evidence that they found in his home or anything like that and not any evidence that he's currently matthews but that he had been a meth user within the last half decade. They of course posted some of his offensive things that he said online about that. Attorney that you mentioned for instance. They posted some things and again not very nice not nice things but no threats necessarily And then this This guy of course he got cross examined. The defense did a fairly decent job of changing the narrative because the narrative from the prosecution is that Chris Campbell's danger to the community and he shouldn't be released. I know so we've had many conversations about Kris being the master at pivoting changing who. He is changing who he is. So I have a prediction. Where's he going to go next? So I know where he's going to go next seizes dare officer they still. He's he will be the master of scaring kids straight. Because you've got to be like a math. It's a hell of a drug. You know sponsor for me becoming a nutsy they still find upstanding libertarian. Do they still air those programs dare beer or goals? You know like they'll just send him around the country to talk to kids to scare them straight might be his goal is like what can I do? What can I do it all this anger? I want to make money his anger and so he's talked. He was probably talking to his lawyer. I got a great idea for Ya. We're GONNA have a paid lawyer anymore. You're going to turn into the guy in the corner had has moved on. Oh they also brought up a post that he made on some forum where it's fairly lengthy post about various different privacy technology So they talked about. How Cantwell's an advocate of private email services? I think Proton Mail was one that he recommended. they bring up signal the messaging. App They brought up telegram the messaging APPs mentioned in this article and they say that it's the home of white national. Assistance is the daily beast daily beast. Who's the author just curious who begging McCain will will summer? I Wonder Summer. Pull him pull up his photograph because there was a guy in the courthouse courthouse. Today who's very rude to me when I tried to introduce myself to him and I don't know it's now it's not him. I don't think that's him anyway. So he was rude to you. Yeah can't well. What were you taping by the way no you? Can't it's federal federal? Gotcha that's why at the Ross overex- hearings the Russ retrial. All you could get from. That was like an artist's rendition of rocks. Because it's literally like walking into the eighteen hundreds. You can't have a recording device in the court. Not even any kind of media is not allowed to do it. You got a pencil and paper. That's it eight fifty five four fifty free unless you beg for permission than they might let you bring in a laptop but only for note taking purposes more coming up. I can definitely say that I have found the best crypto currency wallet. 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In the Liberty Movement apply now at sales dot freetalklive dot com sales DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM. Are you tired of governments? Murdering people around the world stop using their money? There is an alternative. Bitcoin is a stateless free market. Non-political Currency Bitcoin cannot be inflated or controlled by any government by using their money. You're helping state stopped doing it. You have an incredible alternative available now learn use. It spread it get started with Bitcoin at BITCOIN DOT COM. That's bitcoin dot com the L. R. N. DOT FM Social Media Channels have been revamped. We've eliminated facebook and focused on other platforms like twitter and mastodon the decentralized alternative to twitter on our accounts you'll find posts from multiple L. R. N. Dot. Fm show hosts together in one place. Follow us on twitter at Twitter. Dot L. Our end on FM or better yet moved the decentralized mastered on Social Media Platform at toot dot L. R. N. DOT FM T. O. O. T. Dot L. DOT FM. I think you'll like it. You're listening to the heartland news. Radio Network Broadcasting Live newsbeat this stream supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and Instagram's this is the Liberty. Beat your daily source for Liberty News and activists updates produced in partnership with the S. and L. S. network and listeners. Like you online at SNL s network DOT com. I'm McMurdo with your latest edition of the Liberty beat Golden Trading at one thousand six hundred twenty two dollars silver at eighteen dollars and forty one cents and Bitcoin is trading around nine thousand. Six hundred eleven dollars. Today's gold silver and BITCOIN. Prices are brought to you by brave botanical high-quality crate him in CBD at reasonable prices with excellent customer service. Bray botanical is activists toned and mission driven the liberty and brave botanical. Believe so strongly in the power of them were giving it away for free. Just go to liberty beat DOT news slash recreate. I'm this is the liberty beat at SNL less network DOT COM in the news longtime donald trump ally. Roger Stone was sentenced Thursday afternoon to forty months in prison. News to share was there and captured video of stone entering and exiting the courthouse as well as his supporters and protesters a few members of the right wing group. Proud boys of which stone is an honorary member? Showed up at court to support him. Claude Taylor a prominent anti-trump activist inflated a giant rat in front of the courthouse as press awaited the recently sentenced stone to exit the courthouse right wing journalist. Owen Schroeder began yelling at journalists stone exit. Courthouse and departed any black SUV with a grin but without making any statement late last year. Stone was convicted of one count of obstructing preceding five counts of making false statements to Congress and one count of witness tampering in the Mueller. Probe ever wonder where we find all the news report right here on the liberty meet visit. Snl LAST DOT news to get the world's most censored media published all in one place. Save yourself from the endless time spent searching for reliable alternative media. Snl S. News makes it quick and easy. No ads. No Click Bait just roll headlines. Twenty four hours a day visit S. L. S. DOT news and get informed today without the corporate media. Spend your news now. Continues AINU study published in the prestigious Medical Journal? Lancet has calculated that a switch to a medicare for all healthcare system would save the United States over sixty eight thousand lives and over four hundred fifty billion dollars each year. The reports team headed by. Dr Allison Pego. Vanni of Yale University concluded that the shift to single payer healthcare would provide the greatest relief to lower income households and reduce overall spending by thirteen percent mint press news reports at improving the prognosis of healthcare in the USA. The title of the report makes a number of basic calculations based on existing figures that show the difference in cost between private healthcare and the Medicare system in place for.

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