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"ian gortari" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"At the eastern conference right now jeff we get to cairo ring and we look at at bron james at the very top with the cavaliers if you consider is there thomas a star that he's in that in that conversation we could look at lowrey and rosen what toronto but you go to wall and beal john wall right now is one of the top five faces of the eastern conference now to paul george will be traded in going someplace else maybe in the west the i'm looking at john wall's were a top five player in the east as everyone tries to get to the get get to the west i now jarwal sees himself as a top player so he's gonna be put gained pay top money for sure for being one of the top faces in the league i i don't know john wall will ever lead washington to the promised land i not that's ever going to happen but if you're washington you you can't let him go oh twenty six years old and he's entering the prime of his career's he's been he if he it seems like he's older because he entered the league twenty so he's played quite a few seasons but there's a lot left for john wally averaged a careerhigh 23 points this past year so if i'm washing and i'm like i hope you consider my fouryear one hundred sixty eight million our contract extension but we'll see what happens yet they're trying to larkham in now because he's a ufa an unrestricted free agent in nineteen twenty odd bradley beal as a ufa and twenty one twenty two so you wanna be able to give wall is as much when he was possible because at eight twenty six if if you don't believe he's the man that at least he's a strong piece that you could build around and there's nothing wrong with that i'm a i'm a john wall fan i i would agree with you that i don't know if washington is going to be a um an nba champion or win the east because you need a lot more than just wall and beal lynn mahim ian gortari to get that done washington needs to be a player here we get.

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