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"i am ji academy" Discussed on WGN Radio

"I told the essay in an email that state health officials would now require athletes and all sports to wear masks if they're unable to social distance and would ban any physical contact him on athletes. Suit claims that change resulted from illegal collusion between state agencies, the governor staffer and the NSA. Registered voters in Chicago has set a new all time record for vote by mail applications ahead of this November's election deluge. Ian's James Cedars reports. For the first time ever, the Chicago Election Board will be sending vote by mail applications to 900,000 voters. Those mailings go out Thursday. Another 500,000 will get vote by mail information on how to apply Already 121,000 Chicago voters have applied to vote by mail and we'll get voter cards and information on went to expect their ballots and how to return them. That new record again. 900,000 vote by mail applications previous record with just under 118,000 That was back just before the March primary. Congo Park district has announced reopening this. After several months of closures due to the pandemic. W chants Lord's Norton, with details make Feterik just SportsCenter, Morgan Park, SportsCenter and B S CK and outdoor gated baseball and soccer facility will offer some limited programming. Some classes, some activities as well. Track and field center at Gately Park and comment. Rec center are brand new facilities that will also be opening district says all facilities will have strict screening checkpoints in place and added sanitation procedures as well. Wicker Internet access is coming to households in a south suburb of Chicago. WG has been Bradley passing tails State Grant will expand access to high speed Internet her family's in the park Forest, Chicago Heights School District. It's part of a $420 million program to bring basic Internet access to all Illinois communities by 2024 man now, WG and sports Black cocks are back on the ice. Today at 5th 3rd Arena goaltender Corey Comfort was not he cited by the team is only unfit to play. Six members of the Cubs organization opted out of Monday morning workouts at Wrigley Field, including coach David Ross. Team says it was just a precautionary measure as they await results from their Saturday cope with 19 tests. White Sox got in seven innings of interest Guan Play today They'll go again tomorrow for about three more innings starting around 10 30 central women's MBA has released its 2020 scheduled Chicago Sky season opener. Just under two weeks from now July 26 against the Las Vegas Aces. All games will be played at the I Am Ji Academy in Bradenton, Florida onto the national Women's Soccer League. The Chicago Red Stars have not therefore swim to the 2020 season. Defeated the Utah Royal's last night. I'm Vic Vaughn on Chicago's very own 7 20 W. G N progressive presents the sounds of the years 2019 and someone is waiting for the previous to start in a movie theater. Hey, You want anything? Popcorn soda? No, nothing. This has.

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