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"hyman bloom" Discussed on Red Sox Beat

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"hyman bloom" Discussed on Red Sox Beat

"Welcome into the Red Sox beat podcast here on the clns media networks still a lot of housekeeping items here for the Red Sox as they are well into their offseason and the World Series is just about complete and let's bring in Sean McAdam in the Boston Sports channel here to talk about some of the things the Red Sox need to do and first and foremost. They need a manager Sean. They need a lot of things but they need a manager and they are well down the road here and having talked to some candidates and we do have a lot of names and people we think are interested in where does the managerial search stand right now? Obviously John this is step one of what is going to be a very busy offseason until you have the manager in this place. It's hard to go on and address many the other needs and there are many for a Red Sox team that finished in last place, but they've already brought in a handful of people or we don't suck. brought in physically in this day of covid-19 Lead some people to think that maybe there's where there's smoke there's fire here. So none of the big names, but certainly nonetheless going through the interviewing process. Now, there's a name out there and I know you've written about this or you wrote about this recently on Boston Sports Journal of a managerial candidate. You think that they would consider someone with whom Hyman Bloom the general manager has a history and not mad quatraro. Who is the bench coach of the Tampa Bay Rays, but that doesn't appear like it will or can happen. Yeah. There's a big obstacle in the way. They're John off tomorrow is very highly thought up. And in many ways would be the perfect candidate for highbloom to come and manage the Red Sox. He is eminently familiar with them because they work together for a long time and the Rays organization Kitaro has done virtually everything you can do from top to bottom of the minor leagues. He has been a a hitting coach Director he's been a field coordinator has been a minor league manager. He's coached on the major league staff with Cleveland and it's been the bench coach to Kevin cash for the last few years in many ways that lines up perfectly. The problem is is that when Hyman Bloom came to the Red Sox almost exactly a year ago. There was a sort of non-compete put in place down between the Red Sox and Rays that stipulated that bloom could not hire anybody from the Rays that is front office space Paul operation types or uniform per month. So now for a period of two years now there Remains the outside chance that bloom at the is so enamored with Potrero and decides that this is the guy he really wants he could go back and ask for permission. It's unusual for teams to stand in the way of someone getting a promotion and this would of course be one bench coach to Major League manager, but nonetheless the fact Just provision was agreed upon between the two teams suggest that Kitaro is off-limits. Well, is it something where if they want it bad enough compensation can be worked out? That's one possible Avenue here. I still think that the raise would like to not be seen as any sort of a small-market developmental squad for the big Market behemoths in their own division..

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