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Zion National Park 007

"You're listening to the RV homeschool podcast where we make travel educational amphion failure canteen and grab some water shoes as we have had to Zion National Park Anyway so the location of Zion is in southwest Utah and it's off from interstate I fifteen on this trip you could do all five of them if you had a good two or three weeks time I would say in order to do all of those but for sure Utah National Parks and the other National Parks in Utah of course are Bryce Canyon Capitol Reef Canyon Lands and Arches and if you're planning to see Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park you might actually WanNa stay on highway eighty nine which is between the two so it puts thanks for listening to the RV homeschool podcast. I'm your host Amber Stephen The RV homeschool podcast is your source for traveling opportunities and we tend to focus on the national parks as we are trying to take our elementary aged girls to all of them and we also focus on camping accommodate north of Saint George which is really that southern West most point in Utah and Saint George is really the largest marks its location puts it reasonably close to Las Vegas so about two and a half hours away from Vegas and then it's also pretty close the US and Canada with kids and in your recreational vehicle we cover the sites the logistics campgrounds and education trips instead you probably want to stay a little bit closer springdale is the actual city that is right at the entrance of the south entrance for Zionist on this particular trip we were able to do Zion Bryce and Capitol Reef We'd Already Been Two arches before Canyon lands so we decided not to do those to the Grand Canyon about two hours away from the Grand Canyon obviously in a different direction it's one of the mighty five which is the name given to the five eighteen to highway eighty nine in highway nine is the one that goes through San National Park but within Zion there is a tunnel and there's height clearance trips and travel out to the national parks so highway eighty nine is the option for that highway nine is a direct path from I fifty you a little bit further distance from either park but it puts you in an ice central location if you just want to be able to stay at the same campsite and then due date at the same time so all we're actually talking about on the podcast today is Zion National Park but for sure checkout Bryce Canyon if you have time in your plan to head design agents that work for a large motorhome today we're talking about Zion National Park so as I national park is one of the top ten visited National uh-huh Park so that's a good location we actually stayed in Virgin Utah which isn't that much further and I'll talk about that at the end when I always talk about campgrounds if nearby city that you have although it's really too far to stay in Saint George and then visit signed for the day it's just GonNa make for a really long days it's so this was something that I had a real hard time trying to figure out exactly what was going on with this before our trip out there because you know apple maps and Google and everything is trying to take us through Zion National Park to go from Zion all the way up to Bryce and we can't do that in our particular rig so the Zion you actually need an escort through the tunnel so you have to pay for the escort fan I think it's like fifteen dollars and then they cautiously watch you final has a thirteen foot max height and a fifty foot Max length limitation to it and actually if you're over eleven feet while little eleven feet the Go-to Bryce Canyon for going Zion and you have an extra day or two because they are so close together those two are really too that are worth just hitting it nine back to Hurricane Utah then you'll kind of go down south onto highway fifty nine take that into Arizona as it becomes to get back into Utah so all in all this is about a two hour detour versus what your apple maps and everything else is telling you for they don't have snow on the road is enclosed and stuff so we're kind of talking about march through October ish timeframe those are the only times you can do that and then if you ever pay for the escort which is the fifteen dollars you can only do this during the daytime because that's when they have people there to be escorts and you can only do this during the months where a big rig like we do thirteen feet is not a max height that you can do and quite honestly once we're towing the jeep we don't even work within the fifty foot highway three eighty nine in Arizona and then you Kinda head over to for Dona Arizona and start heading back north at that point in time you and help guide you through as you're actually taking your rv through so if you can clear thirteen feet you can go through Zion tunnel but you're going to have to apple entrances to the park if you're on I fifteen you can actually exit on exit forty in this will take you to the Chola Visitor Center and the saints staying somewhere over there then what you're going to have to do when you leave if you WANNA head back up to highway eighty nine and head over to Bryce is that you're going to have to take highway slink so the option for you then is to have to take the bypass which is to go around to get to highway eighty nine and real quickly just because this was nc that but just so you know that's kind of what you're looking at in terms of the driving and the driving situation you have to do there own South Dakota which is kind of outside of Mount Rushmore so you have a bunch of hotels and then some different restaurants and kind of touristy shops and stuff park they have their own internal shuttle system for the park and we are not a huge fan of shuttles and if you listen to podcasts you've probably heard me talk about Dale is kind of your typical town that you would see right outside of a national park it reminds me of the town that's site outside of Grand Canyon or keystone I like that Springdale has the shuttle system which can take you throughout the streets to the different restaurants and stuff like that too you can rely on the shuttle so confusing for me and I wasn't trying to do this for those of you that have to do this that are in a large rig if you're coming from I fifteen you're coming in through the springdale and the Virgin side in your system that they have there the last that has the northernmost stop is for the South Entrance of Zion National Park and then once you get into Zaire national that and how we tend to drive when we drive for this particular trip it was in May it was the second week of May and we decided that we were just going to learning about this if you're travelling southbound I fifteen heading from like Salt Lake City or for my seven year anything then stop here on exit forty you can visit the northern part of the the two towns kind of as you're heading into the South Entrance for Zion National Park so springdale has a shuttle system that can get you around town spring southern mark for the Call Up Canyon road there's apparently some great hiking there some different sites to see and there's a lot fewer people so it probably makes for a really nice the shuttle ABC Canyon road this is kind of the Upper North Part of Zion National Park once you're down on the South Unit you're not able to access this northern part without going initiative going there you'll head back on I fifteen and then you exit at highway nine and that's your main highway that's going to take you over into virgin and then springdale would in the morning or or at least one of the first early shuttles in the morning and we rode the shuttle throughout the day and every time we waited at a shuttle stop we were able to away nine that goes directly through Zion but again that's not going to work if you have a large rig so just so you know you have to do that bypass certainly worth it to be able to go over to Bryce Canyon throughout the summer early fall you probably need to get there as early as seven six thirty am maybe If you want to try to get one of those parking spaces back out to the interstate if we would have known about this ahead of time we would have stopped here but we had known about this so for those of you who are new to this area and choice you have to do the shuttle if you're wanting to see Zion national park so we even did the shuttle and actually it wasn't really bad for us we caught one of the first shuttles get up early and drive our car into the Visitor Center for Zion so we were able to drive into the visitor's center you can park at the visitor center if you get there early enough through the tunnel and can take you through the park if you have a small enough vehicle to get through the park if you want to go any further up in the Canyon and you're not staying at Zion laws get on the next shuttle that came up and there were always empty seats on the shuttle so you know I'm sure that there's times of year where you're waiting quite a while to get onto the shuttle we were able to get there by eight am and again this was the second week of May and we were able to get parking but I would imagine on the higher peak seasons kind of you know June anywhere else in the park and obviously it's way too hot to be keeping your animals in the vehicles here in Utah in general so we decided not to bring the last place where cars can travel is the Kenyon Junction exit and this is the third exit for the shuttle and that's the road that continues going you had a stroller and you wanted to have a nice easy hike to be able to do or walk or you wanted to bring your pet now the one thing though is that your pet is not going to be able to go breath you so from the visitor center you actually could do a walking trail or you could bring your bikes or even your pet if you have a dog and they're on a leash then you absolutely have to take the shuttle that's I mean unless you're going to walk or hike the whole distance but it's quite a way so it's one of those places where you don't have it area of the park to travel and see because the main area in Zion where the canyons at is really busy once you are house nine stops that go through the Canyon and the first one that it begins that is at the visitor center the main visitor center and then it ends out at include your pet this is an option to do it's pretty much the only option that you can do instead we went ahead and got on the shuttle bus and then took it all the way all and it's crowded on the shuttle but we didn't have that experience the second week of May so good time to go I guess there's just a few parking spaces there at the visitor center and then I believe there were some parking spaces at the museum but that's really limited on how many parking spaces there are rose so I just wanted to talk about a few of the places that we decided to stop and what I thought were some good options if you have kids you go all the way out to the point where the trail ends and this is going along the river so you're having the Gorgeous Canyon view the whole is an accessible path that is paved while it's paved or it's flattened at least for about a mile maybe it's a little bit more than a mile if Russian so you could take this trail I think it's a little over three miles if you did the whole thing round trip and you do that if you wanted to bring your bikes in with you or are surrounding you on either side and then there's this amazing river that's going through which allows for this really lush vegetation and just all this beauty the ninth stop which is the Temple of Sin Awada don't know if I'm pronouncing that correctly but also known as narrows entrance or the Narrows Area and Grand Canyon or Black Canyon of the gunnison but one of the things that's so cool is that instead of being at the top of the Canyon and looking down like you are at most of those other good and so we took the hiking path and did the flat path that goes out like I said about a mile that goes as far as you can go during the spring and then and there's a forest trail which is just kind of this paved trail that goes near the road and goes up and along up until the third shuttle stop which is candidates parks without kind of trekking down into the Canyon with Zion you're already at the base of the Canyon and so you're just looking up and you have these huge mountains that are okay the next place that we stopped was at stop seven which is weeping rock and this is really cool because you have the some of the her as you're hiking in the water of course I mean these are just rocks below you so you're talking about things being slippery and uneven surfaces so it's not necessarily our pet just to be able to do this trail because there were so many other things we wanted to see and we didn't want to have to run back to the RV to drop her off but if you have a few days and you WanNa do something that the and these different colors even though you were in this desert this really hot desert so it is fantastic and it is phenomenal and I highly recommend it I put it time by the way one of the Great Things About Zion we were not quite sure we were going to think that all the hype was amazing and why do people always talk about science and really is it is it all that during the months when the water levels are low which is not in spring of course because you have the snow melting runoff that's happening and so you're you're river levels water runoff is kind of coming down and making these waterfalls so it looks like the rock is literally weeping and hence the name weeping rock so this is nice because or some water shoes and kind of have your hiking sticks and you can hike in the river on the rocks and stuff and just keep hiking up along the Canyon air to do that with little kids because they're going to have a hard time maneuvering through that in hiking through that and you don't have one of them on your back or anything on a pack did it but one of the things that a lot of people do is the narrows in you'll hear people talking about hiking the narrows so we wanted to do this or at least as much that we take the paved trail that goes along the river as far as you can go and that still is totally worth it it's a beautiful view you still want to go all but when you get there you realize that you're seeing this incredible canyon that's not that different than some of the other amazing canyons that you can see when you go to the national parks like the and you can do that for miles so I bet it's a really phenomenal view and we really would like to get back someday and be able to do that hike maybe even when the girls are a little bit the mountainside that's Kinda coming forward and some of the rocks and the granted and everything else making up that rock and then there's cracks in the rock where where in our top ten maybe even in the top five of national parks that we've been to so superbowl definitely worth the hype we were so glad we did ahead and do that but if you want to technically hike in the narrows that you have to wait until later in the summer for the water level to be lower or in the fall hi in the flow is really fast and it's dangerous to get into the river but later in the summer and then into the fall the water level is low enough that you can actually wear the place we stopped was on stop five which is design lodge plus a bunch of other Hikes Zion Lodge is neat just to see we always liked news there's also a real nice easy hike to lower emerald pools which is kid friendly and that's only a mile if you go out and come back so really nice it's a short little hike up there there's a bit of an allegation climb so if you're pushing a stroller would it be super easy verses the accessibility path out it outside so if you've been there it's a long day and you wanted to grab some lunch this is a great place to get some lunch and just stop in enjoy that for awhile and the beautiful view so the last thing I wanted to talk about was the camping options so as I mentioned because it's probably not a great safety idea but we didn't even have that option to hike because the

Zion National Park Bryce Canyon Capitol Reef Cany Utah Bryce Canyon Zion Utah National Parks Las Vegas Amber Stephen Saint George US Saint George Canada fifteen dollars thirteen feet eleven feet fifty foot thirteen foot three weeks seven year two hours
686. Holiday Spectacular 2020 w/ Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly, Jon Gabrus, Lauren Lapkus, Ego Nwodim, Carl Tart, Lily Sullivan, Tim Baltz, Shaun Diston, Dan Lippert

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686. Holiday Spectacular 2020 w/ Jason Mantzoukas, Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly, Jon Gabrus, Lauren Lapkus, Ego Nwodim, Carl Tart, Lily Sullivan, Tim Baltz, Shaun Diston, Dan Lippert

"Right now on ear wolf. Amy nicholson paul. Scheer continue their up families holidays series with a look at wes anderson's the royal tannenbaums on new unspoiled for more fall at your front social media listening. This episode of comedy bang bang is brought to you by best buy twenty twenty s taken family time to a whole new level. We're learning a lot about each other. And seeing some new sides to our family members for example my wife. I found out she wanted to start a new podcast. Yes well which has led to a lot of new gift. Inspiration such as microphones recording equipment. So this holiday season return the surprise with gifts that your family will love from best. Buy best buy has tech gifts for your whole list with great deals every day. That won't break the bank so get started today by visiting a best. Buy store or online at best. Buy dot com. This episode of comedy bang bang is brought to you by squarespace. Turn your great idea into a reality with squarespace. Squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project. Whether you're showcasing your work or selling products of any kind with beautiful templates and the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself but if you do get stuck square spaces. Twenty four seven award. Winning customer support. Is there to help heads squarespace dot com slash bang bang for a free trial and when you are ready to launch us the offer code bang bang to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. Bang bang bang. She don't pick your neighbors flower but always poop before you shower. Welcome to comedy bang. Thanks to the real andrew. Lloyd webber wow would weber interesting. I don't know what that means the real android wherever the swimming. There's a fake andrew. Lloyd webber out there somewhere. I'm not quite sure. But that's also that's great to know that he's a listener. That's true and quite scatalogical. Which i wouldn't expect from the writer of but just to watch cats for. How did this gate. i will say that. I believe he would make that poop joke well there. We're there poop jokes in cats. I don't recall. I mean. I think all of cats poop joe. I think it's just a shitty movie. Yeah doesn't make it a poop joke. I don't remember interesting just squatting in the middle of the town square by the way i would have watched it. I know you would. Why you watched it hoping though i bet these these cats gonna dump and then and then i find out they they cut all the buttonholes out of it. Yup they did. They tore everyone new bill. No they they pasted over and got. Nobody's be i'm saying on this show released the butthole cut. That's right. welcome to comedy bang. My name is scott walker man. I'm the host comedy bang. Bang very special. Decky doggy edition of holiday episode. Twenty twenty year that we will all remember where we were when it happened the entire year and final episode of the era than the best of which are coming up next week and we have a very special show for you a lot of gas. Of course we know that comedy bang has an open door policy and this week is no exception. I don't quite know who is going to be on the show. They're just going to show up as they come and speaking of showing up and coming my special pillows for the show today know him from the dictator. You know him from else. I'm blanking i really. I haven't worked since then you pop in everything. But i can't think of anything you've ever been in. I don't mind at all. It's i'm not here to plug my career scott here to exercise our friendship on the airway. That's right oh big mouth. You're in big season for watching big mouth wondering when i was gonna show up in you know what i never did. What no they draw me in it but they never put me in it. So you're thinking that you without having done a voice you were thinking you would just have maybe show up just to sue. I mean you know. I saw those pictures of me and my friend paul tomkins and just assume that. Maybe i'd be this time but no didn't end up happening but yes. He's big mouth season. Four currently outs currently streaming on netflix. Please welcome back to the show. Special co-host jason. Men's yoga's thrilled to be here. Scott how are you. i'm great. You know we speak every week We do a week speak. Redo classic week speak we do a classic weekly zoom and where we talk about comic books with each other and we don't podcast to keep it special imagine. Can you imagine we spend hours talking to each other about comics. And you don't even get to hear word one thing about it now. We should just record it. People would be into it. Yeah but then we get. We get personal. We talk about our lives and we don't need people to hear that. I don't need people listening to me. Cry about my loneliness. He's back in the closet. Jason manziel is with all of his sweaters. He's just about to go ahead. And take that swig camp. Until you he has a giant giant a mug of something. I'm presuming four ounces of coffee. That's right and i vampire long enough that he is now talking. And jay what's What are your christmas plans. you know. scotty. I'm i've got so many it's a christmas is one of my favorite holidays of course day. New year's day but wind chill order new year's new year's day boxing. Day flag day Days not That's that's the end of the list. At now i don't know any. You don't celebrate any holidays from years. Data boxing take. I don't zero but us at christmas is one of your favorites. A win is boxing. Day december twenty sixth. Oh i had no idea okay. Okay and you know what. I'm going to abandon the holidays because i don't know when any of them are when they are yes well. Those ones keep changing. I'll take an artificial christmas tree. You you're gonna order one. Is i just ordered one or not. Just it's led to arrive. So i'm going to have for the first time in a very long time. 'cause normally i go home to the east coast to spend with my family and so i don't usually have a christmas tree in my own house here in l. a. because i'm not here for it so i've just for the first time because i'm going to spend christmas alone in my home Under house arrest. I am going to cova has the rest. I'm going to have my own christmas tree. I'm very excited. Wow in i am here for that. That is amazing. What are you going to put on that tree. Do you need any special ornaments. Can i send anything your way. Yeah please i'd love to see. I'd love some comedy bang. Bang listen if listeners wanna send comedy bang themed ornaments to make some ornaments. We really do. What would be on a comedy being being even pronounce the name of the show anymore. Climate of cloudy lang lang lang. I feel like you could get the mouth. The comedy bang bang mouth insignia. The that's right. I mean but but i mean something weird or something though. I believe for our sister. Podcast we've got to stop talking. Tnt on cb. We have a wonderful new shirt in the stores that says the future is female and then it's a picture of splinter just confusing. Why we were talking about that. But we made shirts apparently but it would love to get some ornament ideas. of course. we can't get them into stores in time for this year but this is a challenge for the next year listeners. What would you like to see what comedy bang bang catchphrases or ideas or bits. Would you like turned into this ornament. We have fifty three weeks leap time at this point for next year. I mean i think we can get this go really easily right now shouting while. They're doing their long. Whatever christmas order i wanted. You weren't part of that one. I know but i wasn't jealous. Jealous much as they say. Hey jealousy one saying yes sure report. It could just tie a you know if you wanna make your own comedy bang ornament at home you could infringe no ties your shit down. Ties them string around a pill and put it on the tree. Give me that bill de pill okay. Great house just that one either but make sure to put him up at least chess ties so your small children can't get to the pills but jay great to see you. We have great to see stack. Show it is of course deck and becky and a doggy decade deed to use her and hey penny and all of that but we do need to get to. Where i guess if that's okay and there is no better month to speak to this person. Although i believe he is harried and busy during this month so hopefully i believe he gave us some time here just a week out from the day of the big show but to. He is here to talk to us. He's been on the show a few times. he's one of if i don't mind saying and i don't believe i mind saying this. He is one of our more combative guests. At least to me. Please welcome to the show. He is the king of christmas. He is the deacon of december twenty fifth. Please welcome to the show. Santa claus who who come in very low income coming in freezing cold. Ice cold does what. You're you're right. no. I'm i'm fine. I'm fine You know good health All that I'm just i have I have an announcement that i have to make it so much. It's kind of embarrassing okay. Greta hey yeah please. Do you need us to set you up at all or How would you do that. You need a podium. And should we call the press corps. Did some other special introduction. Hopefully hopefully this will get picked up by the ap or something a. I hope nothing to like life threatening or anything. Because we're no no it's not life-threatening it's not Everything everything's fine. I just You know health wise i just I have to tell everyone in this is this is really hard for me to say and and you know i know it's going to make people mad I didn't i. Didn't i didn't do anything this you really. What what do you mean. Well you know at the pandemic and seemed like there was a lot of talk about cancelling holidays and so i thought okay. I guess we're not. We don't need to do this this year and So i am just flat out. I don't i don't have anything you don't have anything many. You didn't make any of the toys you gambled that christmas wasn't going to happen. So are fully unprepared. I didn't okay now. Hold on in my defense. I don't think i gambled it. Was that a lot of people were saying that they were cancelling these holidays. Who are these people. As jerry seinfeld showed the just the dog. you know government officials on the talk. Yeah i saw it on the talk. Melissa gilbert told you this sara gilbert of a bit of a talk superfly. His critics are they related in. Should they say most are melissa. Gilbert sara gilbert related. Yes everyone named gilbert as related gilbert godfrey filbert. Filbert nut is a dozen so so. I'll just move past that. Usually you start making the toys you give yourself one day off. I know that December twenty sixth where you sit in a hot tub and oh god. I love that hotel. That was the best investment for me. It's rambagh ground. Yeah way above ground. I have to do it. I would say it's like sixteen feet feet up. Yeah well deep or yes it is. You could drown in holding onto the sides for dear life boy. I think it's more like a plunge hot tub. Well it's a salt water hot tub. So i flowed and But also it gives me a lot of privacy. Because no one can see me. And i could just be hanging out there and look i. I kind of guy wears a t shirt the pool so to be able to really to really be myself let it all hang out his sixty six foot i. It's all we're doing is but let me tell you you have to. What is the elle's our. They must have declined like a waterslide level ladder to get into the tough really high. It's pretty but it's safe like action park or some shit like i don't know where to get. I'm sure i'm sure it's very safe. But that seems excessive. Yeah so you what about like an elevator or one of those you know how if you have. An older parents said seems decadent. That's little seat that kind of the motorized seat older than me. And i'm not using one of those you know what he may remember. We used to have family friends. When i was a kid and when we would go to their house they had one of those seats that would go up the stairs To bring the grandmother up the stairs and we would always write it like leaky reference straight. Great makes them. Yeah yeah absolutely absolutely. I mean listen. Toys r some of my favorite stuff just so sad right now to realize many children will not be received what i was gonna say. Is you You usually start back up again. You ramp up. Production was just talking about that. Yeah yeah so. I mean you don't have any toys the you made from december twenty seven through march fifteen. There's all right i don't. I don't like to allow this much of a peek behind the curtain. But here's what happens. We don't really start up production again until march. Whoa what are you doing. Between december ten seven eight. I'll tell you exactly what i'm doing is i'm giving kids a grace period. So that for january february. Nothing counts towards nadia nice. So you're not even so you not only are you not manufacturing. You're not even you're not shanking in. You're not no peeking. No it's very no peeking. it's very it's very loose. It's not as strict as we are throughout the rest of the year. Obviously we check and see if any kids are like a bad seed murderer or something. They're not. They're getting goal for sure when he just check in the papers. Are the police blotter. Howard took a paper. Check the papers. You santa on clean coal no such thing. Filthiest ho. yeah okay good. Yeah it's dirty so so so kids can do whatever they want. I mean within reason. It's not like the purge museum by the way the next purge movie is a kid purge really. It's it's a preteen it's a why purge i'm into that i would watch that is it on that Reality show where the kids took over a western town yes what was it utopia whatnot. I don't believe it was called. Can't remember what is called but yes lord of the horse flies so so you've done nothing. This is going to be such a blow to children all over the world. I mean it's Well not. I mean you know there are. There are kids in certain like week. I i would say. We got an a week's worth of production before the lockdown. Okay and it just i. I've i've been around a few Pandemics in my day and This just seemed like i kind of saw the writing on the wall. That people are gonna fuck this up and There's no way it's going to be over before christmas and I was right and so you know all this time. I was thinking. Well i made the right call. I made the call. I gotta tell you. I reconnected with my wife. In a way that i haven't since we were first married I got to know the The elves and away. That i haven't before which way is that as friends. What did you think i meant. I had no idea you had no idea boy. Oh boy you know. I come on this show and i'm coming. A urban trimmed had in hand and to to give this very embarrassing announcement and then years breaking news on this show much like todd. Glass broadcast news. This is an exclusive. And then the exclusive i get the same old bullshit from the host. I apologize. I just You know i mean you mean it. Do you mean it. All i'm saying is you've known those elves for thousands of years at this point. What else is there to get to know about them. I get to know them as individuals as opposed to a boss worker relationship did you can you lay them all and did you go through like an under talking about it was yeah jason. I did an undercover boss dispatch myself as a gigantic alfie. Did you. I could see it happening on my own boots. I kneeled on my own boots door. Loved dorf in the north door for the north. Whatever that means. Now we're just free associate. I'm i'm on. I'm always devolve. Sorry santa. i forgot. Look so what do you plan. Maybe left the bowl. Full of jelly is bad. The idea that okay. I don't mean to comment on your weight. You did though famous poem. I everyone likes to use that. Excuse like i wrote it. Who wrote it again. Remember of podcasts. I heard a podcast more. The notorious table slave owner. That was a good show. We'll santa this is terrible. I mean Christmas day is going to be a national day of mourning. I we made remade about in that week. In march we made about. I'm going to say seventy five toys. And i we're going to. I'm going to go to the very top of the nice list and see who deserves it but i- outweighed is nice. Is the nice list in order of nicest to worst really well. Yes we would not only not nice but we also quantify how nice and how naughty allows so who like who gets the top score and what is the percentage would imagine. You know jesus christ the year that he was around he was one hundred percent nice other than that. That money lenders thing. Well he also cursed at victory ninety nine point nine six. Maybe was wild. I mean tugri quite a lot quite a lot of your job santa. It sounds like it's a lot of statistical analysis. Absolutely i mean every look it's a vast operation. Everyone's got their responsibilities and Myself mrs claus and a few trusted associates. We are the ones that are going. Through and quantifying the niceness and the nautilus and it's it's We've got it down to a science. It's it's pretty easy At this point but But yeah only seventy five. At least the top seventy five this year. Can you announce The any of them yeah Anybody give gifts to anybody that you like These kids really deserve it Greta ton bor gratitude bark. yes she's gets one she's going she's going to get an easy bake oven really good he well. I don't think he's a giver. Something that he malala of course She's i mean those barbie heads where the hair grows. Turn the crank and the comes out. Okay this is a you're so all of the seventy five toys you built. They seem to two of them. Seem to be from the nineteen seventies. Yes that's correct. Well here's the thing this some weird kids that get into wet stuff retro toy story i yes. We saw those first because we don't have to make a lot of them and it's like this'll be fun. Let's get this out to start off with some fun future gay kids. They love his guys show. This kitschy stuff. Yeah so Yeah yeah yeah. It's not a lot and and look look just everyone knows. Of course i'm embarrassed mortified I should have just honestly at the very least i should have been. I should have kept him production because even christmas was completely cancelled. I went out to jump on next year That would have been hard. It's very hard during covid to to motivate yourself. I would have asked you can ask you. This is there any part of you that things like. Oh at the very least you should try and deliver gifts you. Maybe you could buy a lot. Like i stuff like. I've been buying fly on amazon. I've been buying stuff you know. First of all first of all. There's no fucking way santa every gifts okay. Let's get that out of the out of the equation. I'm not looking around my cottage in north bolting. That's not what i do. What your old crap. You donate it or doing a lotta stuff. Yeah okay crowd you a lot of stuff like if you get a gift bag with a with a throw blanket what do you do it I sometimes it's noise moisturizer that you're allergic to. I see if anyone likes it. You know i wouldn't. I wouldn't wrap it as a gift. But i would like okay. I'll hold your playing fast and loose with the re gifting re get a gift is when you re gift is when you take something that's in your home you wrap it up like bought it and then you give it to someone but just going up to someone saying do you like this. Is this something that you would use. you know. i don't do it. No on crip. Jesus do any concept of what my christmas is like. You're done by christmas. What is it like well. I have to go all the way the fuck back home to the north pole. Take it takes. Here's the thing get everywhere own. That's in one night. I can do that. But then the journey back to the north pole is in real time by talking about that. Do that talks about that. Clement clarke moore yes slave late son of a bitch. Do you have to travel commercial back to the north pole. Goddamn slave with the rain. Oh my god and we can't fly. We have it's land-based just through the woods. Oh that lasts that last leg. It's like fucking fitzcarraldo. I'll tell you to try to get that. Try to get over that boy. It's it's a real drag real drag guy and my understanding verners trying to do a documentary about that exact trip. Yeah you know. i'm i'm i'm open to it but docks with him i. We've talked we've talked about are on and off for years and i feel like the time is not yet right but eventually i will. I would like to do that. Especially now that that Prancer has been replaced by klaus kinski in the in the reindeer. Line that's right. That's right yeah nothing happened to prancer branch has just taken it easy broken. He broke his leg. I didn't want to shoot him. You didn't want to didn't want to shoot him. He's he's he's he's a good guy he's family. He's a good guy and you know. I don't know what it is with these creatures any anything that's got like a great big body in the spindly. Little legs like yeah. What is that design. You know what do you have a rifle. Just in case you do need to put one of them down live rifle in case anyone breaches the north pole round. You are armed. You are a are you. A second amendment rights supporter. i'm not an absolutist but I do believe in protecting my home and of course protecting the mystique of of Santa claus in my legend of the north pole. Of course i buy this. Obviously we're doing now. Is that kennedy. Santa is the north pole as stand your ground state. I mean it's just us up there. Yeah i guess you make your own rules right. We make our own rules. I mean it's so we haven't had anyone tried to to to break in a really long. When was the last time. Gb cooper is that what happened in this is better shoot. It caught some wind and he drifted all the way to the north pole. Did he ever suitcase full of money when you see tried to buy his way out. I heard that that's the next oceans movie is breaking into the north pole. Yeah that's right we're gonna listen jazzy. Funky savage tower heist actually in the tower heist franchise orders keeping the next hour the heist diverse. Well santa. this is terrible situation. Ford every i i feel free. I empathize with you. I mean it's been. I partridge family style. You find your saying figure. Love of course. Well we do need to get to our next guest. And i'm sorry to hear the santa. Can you stick around for a bit four. Okay very good He is a i. Santa traveled to germany. Sometimes i do sure every year i think. Sometimes i travel to germany every year. So you've probably seen this guy wandering around germany absolutely. He's wandering around the streets. Germany on december. Twenty were pretzel maker extraordinaire. Please welcome back to the show. August lint. thank you so much for gio wonderful to have you. Yeah but it goes a little too far to call me a pretzel maker. I work in a factory and i salt inspector. You don't you don't physically make them. You check them out to make sure that the salt is okay. I just checked out. They only look at assault after the sort goes through the process. I have nothing to do with the prince pretzel. Checker is that more accurate or salt shocked. In fact okay look. He's holding up his dad civically. He says showing bad salt inspectors. Asking me for my papers or something. Please please. don't say that. Just bring that up. We don't really talk about any of the kinds of won't we've done in the past here in germany. Just don't touch on it you're right. August is so great to see you especially during a decade dougie here december. Are you on one of your many vacations. Well of course. I am scott yes. I'm on vacations. I only get about This year this has been difficult because of the pandemic. We've only had eleven months of vacation. Sorry it's been very easily get swells very hard really tiring. The problem is to that that one month of work is spread out over the whole year. So it's hard to get all. I know that so you do one day or a half day then you come back for a half day up friday and so long trips but right now i am taking. I've decided another time. Speak to me august. You're always going to terrible places. How come you don't treat yourself to a wonderful vacations. So i says okay. That's fine this time. I'm going to the islands and so i spent some time to islands. I mean jamaica or come on pretty we quite how that goes in the de come on pretty bouba baby otas real name and roku bogu come on roku. I can't get enough of that baby. Yoda dot org. Hey did you make any of those before. The pandemic struck any any dolls of the baby. Yoda because of licensing. Now he's talking to be honest. i'll these making. I have a question for august. Did you make any baby. Yoda salt effigies august. Did you released inspect any. I've had baby. Yoda undermine soma. Every month for the virus software would come down the line. And i'll say looks at least likely be. Yoda looks like baby. Yoda and not the print. Only dealing with a sore. Swear looking at the pretzel. I would imagine it all sort of fuzzy. Because you're laser focused on that salt you really don't understand it got but i see. The salty does not under pretzel yet. I'm determining belongs on the principal or not. Oh i had no idea. I know we must have talked about this but i assume million times by the time. It's on the pretzel. It's too late right august. That's right it's bits to light result. You can't result a pretzel. the salt that's on there has to have been approved previous. Yeah i went. They have tried to result pretzels. But it's extremely expensive and just like forget it. Yeah well bell is just to cuff until it struck. So what islands did you go to hold on. I'm sorry y'all go ahead. Who's who's drinking out of a bill church bell. Let's all is elmo a glove you know i mean it's When you really think about things globe he's a public glove. Confidence in saint. Elmo is not if i saw somebody on the subway wearing an elmo popular meam j. alright where did what islands did you go very angry. I went to all the typical islands. I i i got a job. I i got a job at an islands hamburger into palm desert okay. The islands chain of restaurants serve the region of checking. Probably a lot of your listeners. Don't know about it. I think it's a hamburger place. It's a tropical themed hamburger place that seems to have a parrot decor on the walls. It's like the islands that inspired by the islands and buy hamburgers. I'm so i got a job. For then i went to the i l. of doctor moreau. Well wow okay. How many legs did you walk. Did you see lots of human creature. Hybrids animal hybrids. Oh ya. they've taken over the island. Dr moreau himself has been dead for a long time. Now idea they killed him you know they killed him his own creations soils up and where you going to expect that when you're watching a doctor moreau film like you know a man's hubris man was never meant to play god and of course they're going to rise up and kill him. Yeah of course. You know our davis very angry to be human davis more happy with animals and enter become part vols an outrage to them and so they killed their creator. You don't think that if you were to evolve into a higher being you would be happy about it. No not at all. Especially not if i was not given a choice like what. Are you talking about like if i was to become a porpoise that what would be your purpose. What is the purpose of paul. Yes that's true but okay. So use them gilbert and sullivan ship. We're aiming to get on studio sixty this season season. Eight of studio sixty is the best so august. You've been traveling around these islands. You went of course to the islands restaurant. And then the island of dr moreau. And that's been taking up your. Did you visit nick from leaks over. How 'bout islands in the stream did you go. There are no. I didn't but you know but i am now guy. He's that i'm onto island of misfit toys long how did you find it Been searching for that for you. Have fugitives back. What would you do with them of you. Don't worry don't worry about what center would do those misfit toys. Is that why you originally bought that rifle to put them down commod scott. I know you know you don't you really don't is the island of misfit toys like australia is it like. We're the criminal toys r. Sent like the is it like a prison. Do not want to give up. Its location because santa will immediately go there while i was about to jail. He told me he was trying to track them down. Fugitives about talent. Exactly what. I know tom say bird. I'll audio muffs all right. Don't forget about it is very cold here. It is beautiful ireland. It is like australia's an clues yard is very inter- so it's not by australia because it's very hot there right now if not near australia. That's for sure but it is similar to australia in that it is its own continent people doughnuts. The eighth non-permanent. Oh and also in the sense that does They've kangaroos but the kangaroos bounce around on their hands down i what because they'll misfit. Kangaroos misfit toys as well as misfit guru all all the misfit kangaroos who bounce around on their hands and make their way over to that island. I guess so. Oh my god asks digital dial. And i didn't get into too much on a holiday like this august. Are you like Touring are you looking around. It like new salts. Are you doing any kind of like exploration to discover new salt. No forget it. I tried to put the thought out of my mind altogether. In fact on time. I went to the salt flats for vacation. Yeah it was terrible. Because i was trying so hard to not focus on the salt. 'cause that's job. So are you even eat anything with salts. When you're on vacation. I stay or the way away from salt and i'm only vacation. I say to the waitress all of the times. Is there salt to specify. And they'll always say. But i don't know and say would think they would say yes almost everything and these big claim not to know that. I hired a hired help. They don't they're not the chefs. Yeah i will say chef. Don't put no soltan this day and then a lot of sometimes shift comes and says trust me you don't want just put that's all you ever been to salton sea. Were those off the grid. Meth heads sure. I have yeah. Y'all the great. Those guys are great there by state. Wonderful time off the grid methods the best method. They really are because they don't. You're not going to get a lot of this kind of empty pop culture. Talk with those guys to do their miphan piece. Is that the problem with regular methods up. Culture talk they want to get all jacked up on math and talk about this season of real housewives of potomac. Just do not have an opinion on the queen's gambit. Exactly it's tiresome. These guys don't know anything off grants out. So what are you doing on this island. Then here toys. I got to tell you about this. Thanks for resetting feel duty-bound otherwise it's unencumbered chaos exactly. I'm a rule follower but anyways devas this no food. Here is one of the problems that toys. Don't eat food hall. No okay how are you doing. Are you able to eat anything. Or any of the toys. Edible or i always bring a fanny pack full of luna bars. Wherever i'm going so and i can make it like half day on naval tho- i can i've you know that's fine for now to 'em this plenty to drink because there is snow which is the turns out really only water in a sense shirts frozen water. I believe if you fire or even just you can put it in your pockets. Your body heat then a rainy day actually but mostly it's just kind of walking around to be listening to these toys. Complain there so deprive complaining. I mean they're on their own islands there. They have authority over themselves. They're no longer under santa's oppressive rule come on where let's absolute. No it's miserable. I mean they are under the oppressive rule of optus lion. Some lion dell right in charge of everything they don't know really. He's like a lion as lon- from the chronicles of narnia. Lena i how to pronunciation. I'm sure mine is wrong. Yeah awed slain. The lion is up there and he's being a real impossible king of this land and so everybody. There is a surf and day. Because they feel like the misfits and they'd like to be under the three co. Everyone's a surf is. Jk rowling there to add a turf. I don't is it worth explaining is. Br is brainy there who spray me. 'cause he's a smurfs brady smurfs. Yeah yeah there's a few smurfs here that came off the assembly line in colors other than blue. oh any any spongy. Footballs mean like you're talking about a nurse. There's one nerf ball here but it is hard as a rock throw it. You will become terribly injured. Wow so i mean this is a d do they desire to be normal toys again. do they. A much like the movie toy story. Are they looking for a child's love in order to make them feel complete. Look this is the reality. They are despondent. They are not thinking in terms of solutions. They are the are just like be raft. I tried to engage them. Like what's the endgame here. Do you want to be repaired to be normal. Accepted as you are and all every single time. I asked this all. I get his tears the depths of their depression. I mean it is. I mean in data They're They're still in the first stage or maybe they've accepted that their life will never get better the final stage. It seems that if you reach acceptance that you're bursting into tears okay. So they're they're still in denial or anger. I forget what the be is bargaining. And then what's that second. I can never depression there in the final d. Yeah they are given that final de bro. Interactivity depressed oh my gosh well. At least they're keeping an upbeat attitude. I mean well. I think it's fascinating to be around all of these broken spirits i. It's like living in germany a little bit but sometimes you know you get a nice summer day in dusseldorf and people were smile but this is the opposite. It's just cloudy and miserable and it's just a sadness sadness sadness it's fascinating cloudy. It's hot it's in the cold. Hold now that's right. It's cold it's cloudy. It's in the northern hemisphere. How long august. How long will you be there. Is this a a brief trip or are you there for a while. Well did boat. That's supposed to come and pick me up as already by boat and well. It's an automatic will. Come on but it doesn't have a jagged rocks surrounding it. So well doesn't have a landing strip is what i'm saying they're right. I mean you. Landing strip august c. Seaplane do still keeping the upkeep on your well i am although listen my wife has taken no interest but anyways i married for some reason married yoko marriage. I don't know about that. But i have a wife and several original cook. That's right no no. That's not a you know. A lot of people have said that to me. Hey i think you're both schneider. Berg is cheating on your wife or cheating on or what he and your wife is cheating on. Something and i have. I have said to him. I listen you're not doing that. You and he has said don't be ridiculous so that's not true. It's not as you malki reduced be ridiculous. Did you make any balch toys. Santa before the pandemic i when that show came out. I thought kids are gonna want this balcony. They did not just. It's just a mandel. he's just a dollar here. On the island of misfit toys there is a bounty it just simply speaks fluent english. Who was missing one. He's perfectly well completely understandable all the time time. He's never gets idioms all of it. Yes he has no confusion about life in america. Wow well look. We have to take a break august. Are you sticking around or do you have to go cantero okay. We'll see when we come back on the other side gonna come right back with more comedy. Bang bang we'll be right back with the comedy bang bang holiday special after this news sponsor alerts. Oh hallways love to see a new sponsor stroll in through the doors here at comedy bang bang enterprises. Well this is new. And it is a bit of a mouthful in more ways than one crowd cow. That's right crowd cow. Crowd cow is a marketplace for high quality meats that creates a meaningful connection between the farmer and the customer. Have you ever wanted to be a far well. Maybe crowd cow allows it. 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We have jason zukas here of fabled man's uca's We also have santa claus. Yes jojo and august linda. Of course you have a catchphrase predators like salt pretzels. Put me on the spot scott. Yeah i got. I gotta go put a log on the fire here because it's freezing right back. Okay yeah without me. all right. we'll see. is that a euphemism but a log on the literally is not. It's cold gonna put a log on the fire you would have had special heating properties or something. Well anyway. everybody's level sound great. Let's just start rolling. Whenever you're ready scott so i know we've been rolling. The show's been happening for like order. Five minutes at least we haven't been faulk is doing eastern standard time. God damn. I'm on greenwich meantime. Because i'm going off the world clock these days because bitcoin that makes it are you living that crypto life. I'm neck deep pussy. Deep in crypto currency like negative pussy deep is it bastoini straight even neck deep back deep pussy deep deep. Yeah ask kalisa. Maybe she knows or peaches rather. Kalisa was milkshake. i can't keep track either but over on your references are usually so on point hat. I know. I thought i was going to be on comedy bang but i guess i rolled onto song exploded with scott command. Are you talking. Music tracks to me are e other music. I listen to a lotta shit. Sorry just going through a fucking hard time right now. what's going on. What's going on gino. It's one of those things where i'm getting insane podcasts. Success but it's from the wrong audience. Oh just i h- getting success. I'm getting huge success. Tons of sponsorships. I'm going full. Legion of skanks. I'm all the way off the reservation. I got fucked up twisted patriot. I the more right-wing. I get the more money i make. I don't want it to happen. Yeah that's the trap that you can fall into. You have to keep escalating. You're crazy shit. And you get more money. But you have to keep you know outdoing yourself preach acquire scour mucci on the genome lombardo. Show thinking it's going to be a big get read it catches fucking fire. They try to cancel me and then next thing you know. I'm doing video chats with pol pot's descendants for the fuck in mean. I'm printing patriotic money. My pod swaggie rule broadcast. I'm fucked so deep. My fans just keep had anthony coming on critiquing different minorities facial strip together. Amazing to be on the gina. Lombardo show they would. Wow but i can't. I mean such fucking hot water. I can't even deal with their right now. So let me just say level sound good. The german guy. The greek guy. The big fat guy with the white beard. You guys all sound great. But don't don't call him fat by the way especially as skinny person. Like yourself you know. He's very sensitive about his weight once he comes back. Oh shit okay. Sorry yeah. I didn't realize do you not frequently that happens to me as a comedic radio persona. I'm talking to a fat person something. I don't fully understand it all. I reference them being overweight and they're offended as if that's maybe the first time. They've thought about the fact that they're overweight. 'cause i i assume. Comedians are constantly struggling. If overweight comedians are constantly rationalizing structuring You know dealing with your fucker. You know it's best not to ever comment on physical appearance Yeah then these female comics go ape shit if you lean over like we got a couple of fucking dump trucks in my right. They will gina gina. Oh by the way. Gino is my former intern. You have your own show at this point. I don't know whether you need to be on my show anymore. i do. I get a a lot of runoff pussy. Every time i doing episode of comedy bang bang my dm's catch fire and there's just all Gino if you don't mind can you please stop inviting me to join parlor podcast. I know you're not a social media guy jason. By what if that were the one that you are on like. Hey this is pretty. Good hardcore on parlor access zukas. It's just exclusively trolls hanging out. Which is fun you know. It's like the watchmen. Who trolls troll. Swear all just having a flare on their world tour. Of course so gino you. What are you doing for the holidays. Do you mind me asking well. I do mind you asking. But i guess i apologize. I am willing to share it. I'm going down to venus venezuela with some vamos wall. I i've been calling in venezuela because i've been training for it and i'm trying to get more vascular. Get two tickets to fuck. Vein is way makes sense. Is that where you go to to get your illegal. Hgh they do have. I'm going down there to do something. Called the stem cell dip where they they have like Like the luke skywalker backed in vat that they can drop you in a back. The tank back to tang guest. That's what it's called and they drop you in. But it's all you know fetal embryo stem cells. So it's oh. I should come out even younger even better in shape which is basically what remdesivir is yes. Exactly it's what they gave. Tom cruise gave trump christy all the same shit. I'm going down there as a matter of fact tom cruise. Yeah tom cruise gets a preemptively. Because i thought you meant tom hanks i was. Did we not talk about this. Tom cruise here has to die filming. That's like his made with the devil. Okay really yeah. He made a deal with the devil. Or lords zeno depending on your love. And he's going to have unlimited talent fountain of youth but he will have to die for us by mission to buy mission impossible ten so get him. I ex ryan to is. That was well that last movie. He jumped across the building and shattered his leg in kept shooting. Yeah now yeah chris. Macquarie is fucking denizen of lucifer. Himself and he. He's trying to help. Get tom cruise killed. But the dude. He think they're dennis mkhori. Christopher macquarie rather is like a kevorkian helping crews pass through this mortal coil. Yeah we we thought for sure it would get him killed. He jumped he fucking to the halo jump and he was fine. He hung on the salina cruz. Said he wants to shoot in-space fingers crossed. This is the one that gets them in alien fucking kills him or fucking you know his mask opens and it sucks his eyeballs out of his head or some shit i got. Hey i'm sorry. I just wanted to ask does please. Clarification does no limits on. Tom cruise talent. He's yeah he's he made this deal where he is why we seem so many of them. Have you seen rock of ages while. Here's the rock of ages night and day. The movie where he looks like tig and as a cocaine pilot american made american made those three movies. He has to do some movies like that so he comes across like a normal. What i'm back i'm back. Did somebody mentioned lucifer. I love that show. Oh yeah. I had a friend on at once. So you're in venezuela how. How far is that from the island of misfit toys august. Well it's as the crow flies in. It's very cold but nothing. I'm not gonna help santa track down these huge toys. Look i respect it sooner or later. I'm going to find them. I've been to bring back. I spent some time in a standing-room-only prison in venezuela. It's beautiful there is it. Sro just couldn't sit down physically at so crowded. You couldn't do it. Oh it's crowded. It's not the cell is just a totally vertical. While you gotta get you gotta get nine friends and order a bottle of toilet wine and then you can get a table like that's up on a day and it's sort of. It's a different vibe. It's a little chiller. It's ten prisoners per table. But at least you know separate you slightly very night in. The still is not totally vertical. What do you mean by. Dr scott said it now is trying to you know more vertical than it is taller than it is. Wide adhered to all the rules of physics. I can't imagine how something what article all right. We'll look gino. It's great to have you here so now that we're recording we have already action with your whole. We have a very special coming up that we need to do so. Make sure we're all the levels are good. They are tasked test please. We don't need to test you. They are from the north pole as well. There are one of the citizens in santa's village which i'm presuming. Its own post office. Please welcome back to the show. Ho ho ho. You answer or breast to zero. Been keeping pretty separate. Got to hojo's by you. You didn't even hear him. Ho ho ho ho fool. No who what's wrong. I'm sick of the sure. I would think you would delighted this. Because it's so. As what. I thought i was pretty happy for a while and it was pretty fun. But now it's getting really old can't frolic with all my friends. Oh ho ho by the way is a horse. The naughty l. From the north pole who gives gifts to the naughty children gifts of guns and knives and bombs at all the stuff they need and did you make any presence because as santa told us maybe of course you would know this. He and the other elves didn't make any presence this year. So christmas is basically shut down. Did you make anything the only presence i've been able to make his putting another fire on the love and the fire. I should say put no one more fire on fire annette log. You know when you get a ring of firing your asshole from eating too much chili. Sariol talk about that anymore. That jojo talk about area. If they want. Wanna talk about fire let especially. It's twenty twenty. Christmas is cancelled. Let jojo talk about whatever. He wants. Gino dea fiery dropped hot lava in the toy toy this morning. It's his old solidified into it. And i gotta wait till the plumber comes over and cia a scientist on the show santa. I haven't even seen you. In many many moons. santa was talking about how we got to know all of the elves. So well this year. You you've been ignoring ho. Ho ho who. I already know a good. Well i was put into quarantine. it was heaven. Were you sick or no. Did you didn't contract the novel corona virus. No i contracted the short story corona virus. Those back it's just being on the show making you feel better. Ho ho ho ho. Just a little too brands on zoom. Santa doesn't even let me use zoom. He makes a difference where i only see myself. Rui zoom loop. I allow who have sort of like in a movie where people are breaking into a prison and they just play the same sixty seconds of Knowing there by the cameras over and over. Dennis hopper fooled me with that shit once. Wow so not. Even the naughty children are getting gifts this year. They're not because i haven't been able to put together all my nunchucks and stuff. I just have been a bit despondent. And i haven't even had the tools and i'm scared. We can't even get inside anyone's house this year. We we can't we'll also great. Were you ever going to tell me officially you guys even have. P p p p. e. to go in and out of different people's houses. Well you wanna tell them what you supply us. Look the stuff we have looks great like it's it's on brand. It's festive is just not very effective. Whenever i you know go to spit on somebody it goes right through. Yeah here's a here's what's going on glenn every all. Yeah that's who let let me so. Let me just say this. Don't buy stuff from instagram ads. Guys because it looks. It looks attractive. And then you get. And you're like this is flimsy hill. Why did i have a shop. Button trump. i know all news shop. Derek on that you thought it was likes to be boy. What are you going to do on christmas. Then i mean usually you don't get christmas eve off because you you usually hitch a ride on santa's sleigh in hide out in like a stowaway right every year worst. We go to germany every year. That's where you're from august. You have to mute yourself though. Yeah i'm sorry. I needed my cell because there was the train with the square. Wheels was shrieking in pain. Existentialist okay yeah. What were you going to say though. We didn't hear exactly what you said. Just thanks for coming to germany worth worth it. Yeah well. I have big plans for this year. I'm trying to make it like a a a kind of positive solo christmas. Okay yeah i mean the people can have those. I think it's not going to be the holiday that we expected or wanted. But it's gonna be unique to this year and we'll donald rumsfeld paint brush. Hey donald rumsfeld a donald rumsfeld. Are you french snyder. Hey dollar oakville what. You're doing taking all the chairs out of my office. Room standing up like a lunatic is so i don't get it. He hasn't been on the naughty list. Surprising how old is he was very. Good good okay. When did you turn bad fifty. So what do you plan ho. Ho ho ho. Well i'm gonna make a big old pot hot cocoa of course coco and going to sit in it and we've been coil minds is wife's asked to say that every time you're gonna sit in the coco i'm gonna get in the potter cocoa turn up the heat like it's an above ground hot tub and put the lid on the article sell. You're going to put yourself in the hot cocoa cocoa. Yeah i mean. I don't even know if i can die and i've never really tried but i'm curious fan. I mean you certainly can't of old age because you're thousands of years old. And i mean what's the worst most life threatening thing that's ever happened to you. I guess that time you put your finger in my but t scott. Why would you do there. I wanted to see if i could poke all the way through you. Excuse what terrible explanation. Why did you. Why did you kill this man. I wanted to see if he would die. I wanted to see if poke all the way through. Officer officers like just a regular policemen. Coming stick slammed a ferry light in my heart is fading. And i have all. We don't know what to go to go. You have to go climbing into giant muslim hot cocoa to wake you up before this whole turn the pot on and santa if you hear me. Start to scream. Don't do anything like you always do. Who i can't allow this to happen. Well what are you gonna do. Invite me into your house. I can sit in between mrs causes titties and watch some homeopathic. Phantom d'oro nice for a second when i was dying burn on me trying a little. Pity from old clause over here if you could just invite me over to his house to watch a movie with his beautiful buxom wife would you just i. I'm willing to do that. What you just leave my wife out of it. Don't comment on her. Don't do anything weird when it's really hard when you see a woman. And he can't comment. I know it's this society. We live in. It's unfortunate cancel culture. All you want to do is give compliment. I get it. I just wanna say whatever. I think about what she looks like. But we can't anymore in the world has changed by the way. Do you only watch christmas movies. Santa all year roost mus. He watches some Some other movies too not just christmas. Who i'm not saying. What's the last non christmas movie that you've seen i'm gonna tell us oh wedding crashing. I thought it was different one. That was the last one. Which one did you think it was the thomas the tank engine. Vhs obsessively obsessively yeah. There's something going on there that i'm not. I can't quite figure it out. I've killing almost at the bottom of it. He's he's not a toy but he acts like a toy. It's rhetoric confusing. Does your day ever make any of those any year. I mean any toys of thomas. The tank engine. Yeah we did. Hey is really or george carlin. You'll have to choose to do what dan shining. All charlie's time type station. Which conductor. I look go my way alec baldwin george but i went out baldwin please everyone and every show and impersonation yes thank you. Did you ever hear the voice mail alec baldwin left thomas. The tank engine thoughtless little dream. That's the one we'll jojo. Don't kill yourself this year. Yeah i mean maybe eventually Especially if everyone in the world dies from global warming and you're the only person left on earth of course you probably want to end it by then but has this scenario. you're a human being. you're not. I mean you're a magical. I'm also immortal europe. Mahan i guess so. I don't know. I don't know the rules of this. I mean worries santa. Why is there a santa claus. If you can't die that's eight mortell. What does that mean. You're neither immortal or immoral. Our mortal you're just amoral. The concept of mortality does not apply. Hi well is this safe space. Judas sort of yeah well you know how you left all your cocaine out on your desk. Jojo komo you call it you call. It's the snowflakes literally snowflakes. Okay so i snort. Snowflakes christmas guy. He's sure but at this meeting you just been alive thousands of years you try shit our guy okay. All right santa's chew and his moustache off talking about pop culture like a mental outfit anyway. Winning crashers was just okay. Okay good to know okay. Good to know late. We have to take a break. If that's okay Anyone to leave. The boat is here to take me in a half. An i will arrive at the norwegian archipelago of spa svalbard home of global seed vault or. No that's a major clue. That's all the information i need. All right i'm out. I'm going to go track down those toys. And i'm gonna follow you for the rest of the day. Okay so you guys are going gino. You're sticking around i. I wish i could just found out that. I got nine hundred thousand dollars in ppp loans. And i i just yes. Scramble at some receipts is something like that. All right but jay. You're sticking around right. We still okay. Well we have more show to come. We will be right back with more comedy. Bang after this role commercial fished packages. They're wonderful to get their wonderful even to receive. No that's the same as get no giving giving is better than receiving equally good. What does the old saying is. Good receiving is good. They are equal well. This holiday season more. People are going to be a giving and receiving if you know what i mean and what i mean is the post office. I'm more people are going to be mailing stuff than ever which means a busy post office and you do not want to go in there as wonderful as it is in there and the people who work there are beautiful but the good thing for you is stamps. Dot com brings the post office and now. Ups shipping right to your computer so you can mail worship anything from the convenience of your home or any size office big small the others. That's right use your computer to print official. 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Dot com enter bang. Bang and stamps dot com. Wants you to remember that you should never go to the post office again. Comedy bang day. We are back. And jason zukas the last man standing fridays on. Abc allen talking to the man. He's finally meeting the toolman. And speaking of the toolman jason Is there in his closet. Drinking is a large mug his large vertical mug of coffee and we still have a big opposed to what a horror large horizontal previous segment. Quick on the draw as ever we have so much show to get through. I mean this the open door policy people are just dropping by so let so welcome mar Next guest This is. I'm not quite sure if this is The the gender of this guest. Because i only have the name but this is the kid who saw mommy kissing santa claus. Hi hi hi scott. Thank you very to meet you. Thank you for having me on. Yeah what what what pronouns us. He snitch ono snatcher. Mind is that like the The harry potter. The quidditch. the quidditch never. I'd never read harry potter. My childhood was stolen from me. Yeah oh really trump by this related to the fact that you saw mommy kissing santa claus a little bit of that jason. My also saw her doing other things with with santa claus. Oh the song doesn't go into that detail as to what i i don't know if you know there's a song about your experience i know the song note. The song A ruined my relationship with my my mother. And because i actually did i did. Share the information that was. Pg enough on that song but yeah okay. So you're you're an older gentleman now because that's was written so long ago. Yeah yeah i am. Yeah and but i do but you're still so shaken up by. Yeah because you know. Every time around the holidays. I get a little It just brings back. I go into. I can't go into macy's without hearing that song. Yeah you must go into macy's so many times love macy's they've got really good furniture. A lot of people sleep on them choose a cb especially these days yeah right. Also i mean it's also got to be very upsetting just even to watch tv right now. There's so much santa's there's so much santa's even watch tv all year long. There's content out there too much. Mommy content stop saying scott. You're on your right. And i do want to thank you for letting me come on the show. 'cause this is the first time i worked in able to speak publicly about about it So have you been under an indie a up until now after well. Yeah i did sign an nda booked gupta big job as choose your mom or with santa. Both of them. Santa's guy i have to say he's not on the show and he he just left. You just missed so glad out. And by the way which is pretty good. I saw a little too much astana back. Then you know. I'm happy to see him now. Is this like the michael jackson. Trial where There were people describing his genitals. Could you do that of santa. i can describe to you what i saw If you really want to know scott. I i would like to see a little mushroom cap up top I consider that the bottom but yeah go ahead sure. His mushed his mushroom cap. It's got like a it had like had like a code on. It had like a coat. I don't know if that's a north pole thing. If because i've never met another guy like a win like like like like an actual code or like a coat of like like a like a an animal has i would say. Are you talking about pubis. No the tubes are scott. Come on i have genitals myself. The more you say. Mommy and qb's god. I really don't like we're going. It's got kind of re trump's than me. So i apologize. I don't mean to retrigger. I wouldn't call it know for anything at call more. It was like more like a windbreaker on the mushroom cap. it was like a fleshy windbreak. A windbreaker yeah a windbreaker instead of the two balls. He's gotten he would've thought it would have been snowballs or something chrissy. But you say just none not not chris. Christmas balls ornament not ornamental. Just none i just know. There are not the absence of. He's been castrated. I guess i don't know the guy straight and get to taller just was born ready. Yeah maybe that's why he's childless. He's hangs around all those elves. Okay what are you trying to make him out to be michael jackson. What's going on. You're the one who doesn't like him. No i mean. Because i know why are you defending trying to defend the guy. It's just I don't want to throw false accusations out there kind of listeners. I just thought too much of santa claus. I was seventeen when that happened. And really technically in the eyes of the law in certain states. Yes i wouldn't say. It would be shocking as as a young adult in that case to see santa. now that's gotta be mind-blowing set the record straight. What do we call them in young adult here. What do you call a young adult. I mean usually the why is Between thirteen seventeen or so. And why did he know this. Scott i Purely from hanging out in libraries. All right okay. So you're not an educated man. Okay okay. i'm just wanna make sure listen. I saw some things. I didn't want to see and so seventeen years old and so we thought my my mom sent me down the next day. She knows what i saw. Santa claus knows what i saw and they thought maybe we can make a song about it right and you and and maybe this'll make a precious moment but and so we made it. I saw mommy kissing santa claus supposed to calling her deborah. My mom's name. And at that age i was calling her by by by her name. And really what i saw. I saw deborah screwing santa claus or santa claus screwing. It's much more of a much more of a prince this than the song that was so this song was written sixty eight years ago. So you are eighty five years old. Yeah yeah and they're not gonna play. I saw debbie's skin screwed by santa claus and a macy's yeah they're not gonna pay was intimate sienna males. I don't know if they did do it in your saying they won't play into macy's but to be honest with you. This was an ongoing thing. It wasn't a one off the song. They had a relation relationship. And it was. It was ongoing. There was a time. Mrs claus called our house. My mom wasn't there and and start to me out. And i'm like i don't have anything to do with this. Yeah was deborah the time Deborah was married. She was married to my dad. That's gotta be hard to be caught in the middle like them. Yeah it was my dad for your father to be such a cuck yet. Come on scott come on. I mean i know we didn't call them that back at the phillies. No in the term cock was very popular during shakespeare time and then took a long nap until recently. Let me tell you what santa claus told me. Santa claus into me that every every husband dreams of seeing their wife get i to buy another one. Another yeah oh by another not just a magical creature such as himself. No no no not necessarily not so. I not married how. I wonder if maybe you know santa was on your You know your your your your mom's list. What does that list not a bucket list. What list what am i talking. List all your thank you. So much of it was bucket lossless. Okay it fuck it a fucking fuck lists. Yeah fuck it. I don't know at that time. Deborah didn't talk to me about that sort of stuff. We still had this one of the the sun mother report go in and that would be unfortunate for your father if like you know she puts on santa on her list and he's just now like free all year able to come by the house all the time. Then you do any did all the time because he can cause especially during november basically november all eleven months besides the december. He's he's in my house. He was his usual actually. I have a half sibling. Say that on the song. Yeah half sibling. Your mother gave birth to santa's baby. Yeah yeah and dragged. They tried to you know at first. She tried to say that. It was sort of immaculate conception situation. They all try that they all right. But so what's interesting is. She tried to say immaculate conception there was no effort on her part to say it was your father automatically you know one so the the pregnancy presumed that she and your father were not sexual with each other. I hadn't thought about that but Yeah that against management. Maybe maybe when the baby came out it would have been obvious that it wasn't your father's child from its looks. Yeah because i don't know you know testicles is what i mean okay. All right scott. I wasn't going to look at my baby siblings bulls okay. That's why i think that's the perfect time to check it out. Just make sure everything's okay. No that's like that's the only any older than six months. You want to avert your gaze. Okay all right. Listen guys i just i just wanna get this off my chest. I think it was really fucked up with sanity. Broke up a really happy home at a pretty happy childhood up until that point But i but. I got robbed so i don't really like units. It makes me nervous being on here. And you're telling your you're you're telling your truth which is great. I mean it's been seventy or eighty no seventy years in the making year your elderly gentleman at this point. I mean you're you're probably. I don't like to speculate on when you'll die but it certainly is closer to you than it is further from you. Scott that's not cool. That's really not cool. I hope this brings you. I hope this kind of talking about this brings you some peace closer. A lifetime of trauma right. You know this is you know. Speaking truth has got to be very yard. I'd say i'd say i'd say is no chance you guys just get off my chest when it here what i saw lease get granular with it. Every detail be explicit. Let let let's make sure. Let's make sure by the way kevin. We need to put an explicit marker on this podcast so that little e the little red box with whitey in it next to this episode. so everyone knows. We're going to get very explicit now. Okay here we go yeah. Contact pm are see. Here we go. Yeah i'm in. I'm in my bedroom and lower. Slow slower are you. Are you trying to make this podcast. I'm i'm trying to tube in this. Okay you totally business. I don't want please. It happens on a podcast is legal knowing me. Please don't pull it out please okay. I'm in my bedroom reading comics. And i santa that year for on the silver age. Scott you have to keep an to. Do you have to keep on with the jake's got good from h. Yeah the comics are from the silver age. That's traditionally the silver age started in the fifties. But you keep on hold scott and it's alright. I look good for my age right. No ula great. I mean you i mean i'm not in the market for what you're selling but were i to be damn. I'm not a i'm saying you're not in the market to sell. I'm not in the market to buy or just go ask. Father wasn't no. We're we're certainly in this market but we're just gonna pass each other. Is like this this vibe. This chemistry is collateral. And jason. i look good for my age right. Oh incredibly handsome because we're not I don't mind saying sir. You look fantastic and and i only think to for you to unburden yourself from this traumatic experience is going to only make you feel as good as you look. You look like danny. Glover meets. Morgan freeman On the bad side of The bucket list. Okay that's weird. Because i'm white. Hey i can compare use those actors and it's a compliment. Distinguished is what i'm trying to say. Okay okay never been compared to those guys are. They're awesome guys but they're awesome. Who do you want me to compare you to. Clint eastwood clint eastwood. Did you say. Clint eastwood clint eastwood. Okay well we we need. We need a sensor that out what i saw. Okay what i saw in my bedroom and playing comics in comics. And i hear heavy breathing. I hear heavy breathing coming from my mom's bedroom. And i think finally mom and dad are back at the family's going to be saved. You're relieved seventeen years old. You're relieved that they're back at it you sibling. I wanna sibling You know a lot of people get upset when they when they hit sixteen seventeen whenever and their mom has another child Because they go they go to such a big gap. I like that. I had to have my my childhood. And then you know and then another one going to convert but speaking a big gap. Your mom getting hers filled ear this scott. I was actually pretty small baby when i was born. So down call get. I don't wanna talk about my mom's pussy all right forcing you to just tell you okay so here having breathing and i hit to the head to the ahead to probably take on some steps by the way just in utah. I want it piece by piece. Okay so need to count the number of steps that you tell. They're gonna do that but i should. I should paint the picture. We live in a single family. Home two bedrooms one and a half. Baths garages attach the yards. Not too big not too little. I just wanna say for the listeners. The picture that you're painting is beautiful beautiful and by the way i saw a three bedroom tutor recently. That has the exact specifications that you mentioned there. Okay well this. One was a two bedroom. This is very similar. I think to but this this is by the way going for three point. Two million in la. I mean it's just crazy. What's going on with the market these days. Anyway go ahead. Yeah so yeah so wait. How is the market. The market is going up and down. It's so strange you would think during the pandemic everything would be down but no it's crazier than ever anyway. Go ahead with your story. Okay all right okay. So two bedroom house. Two and a half who have bats has garage yards big. Not too big. We do not have a chimney and no fireplace. My dad really always wanted fireplace. My dad's a lot on sweet One of them is on sweet. Yeah once a month So it's kind of a cold day. Obviously december two sam. It was cold. It was actually not even christmas eve. That's what this is wrong thrown. Its december okay. All right but it's but it's like early december. I remember the day exactly. I would say it was It was probably a the tenth of the twelfth. Yeah panther then well. This is nineteen fifty because the song was released in july of nineteen fifty-two agent agent. I'm gonna. i'm gonna ask you to compress this story as we still have a lot of show to get through. Okay okay. 'cause he wanted to get to what i saw her. I mean we at this point. We have yet to get into the room. Talk about what. I'd like to get into the room where it happened right so my parents. That's the one on On sweet about and the unsweetened bathroom has that's the one with. That's the one with the full. The full bath shower okay. Great we'll call it. You know when. I was coming up and even up until recently we would call it master bedroom but okay it's not. Pc no so we can no longer call them the master bedroom's it now. All bedrooms are equal. Well it's just that no one bedroom in charge of the other bedrooms sherve. Yeah they all. They're all autonomous. Yes okay so my mom's in there. And i hear the heavy breathing man. I get covered. Unrelieved we've all been discussed previously. I get in there so though you heard the heavy breathe and really though i wanna make sure that we stress relieves. So you're using the half bath usually so which is not. that's you have to normally. Yeah i have to walk down the hall to the bathroom is and it was a nice bathroom. It was actually just shouting only There was there was fast the recorder. Exactly so there's this showed up But weirdly double sinks that double sink in. That is weird. Yeah was it a flip. Maybe i mean a lot of times. These people think they're putting in something nice but they don't think about the actual. It might have been flip. I can text my my dad. Nineteen fifty one. I would imagine that it's all different by now unless your parents still live there. And they've now no they don't my my mom move to north both and so she slow way to she mrs claus sect the second. Mrs claus ham. Damn all right. Oh look right. I'm gonna give you thirty seconds to describe. Okay okay. okay all right so my mom. Put him out on the windbreaker. There was no balls. And then i heard the heavy painting was actually coming from her. Santa totally silent and then there was sweating. There was breathing there. There were there. Was you know you know how sex finishes i saw that. You're the one side. So i saw wash it. Yeah i do told me to have you so okay all right so you so. So basically nothing that We hadn't gleaned from everything that you've discussed it was it was pretty rudimentary intercourse between your mother and santa. do you just some oral. I guess you consider to be rudimentary. Jason god lucky guy. I mean yeah. I think i think oral married boy. That's true that's true. Wow okay i think affects is part of a healthy relationship especially during foreplay. But what about when. You're you know four play for play for play for place. Yup well hope so. I look by the way. I i've never even asked you your name Mark mark mark. okay well mark. I'm so sorry to hear this but you got it out there. If it's mentionable it's manageable. I hope that you feel better. Getting this off your chest your heaving Barrel like chest. You're a very big guy is to say. A sort of danny glover meets morgan type. You don't have to like keep qualifying by their looks and body types like if if those the gym every morning and we're just like pumping iron. You don't like commenting on my on my chest. I apologize we need. We need to get to our next guest. If that's all right that works you can stick around. I'm going to get out of here. She is this exciting she. She hasn't been on the show in a minute She calls the world. Someone call her a people hunter or an inspector. Certainly a one person hunter Please welcome back to the show. Chief seasons greetings gumshoe. Yes you chief tents this season. Oh wow speaking of chess now he did achieve so wonderful to see you have you. It is wonderful to see you. Scott tits the season. Yes thank you reading. It is the holidays. My work doesn't stop. I haven't pushed deep includes on. The train is still the same trail as always saying trail as always for those of you have never chief on the show before chief is out there looking for a very specific person that grazing gravel tross carmen sandiego. That's right. She has eluded your grasp for decades. At this point. Chief does does the holidays. Make carmen sandiego. Easier to find as she is she likely to try and see family or do anything like The you can kinda grabby. And i mean usually people take a break on christmas. It's like anytime you see a war movie and they say oh we're going to have a cease fire on christmas. It's like come on guys. It's the perfect day to attack it. The holidays in fact make are harder. Divide realize how her milky white ties and supple milky breast glendon with the snow to her body. How bodies milky scott full of milk. What about those Ankles those milky those angles our milky and ashed of clove. Okay hey how would you describe Mark's chest over here. I thought it was a barrel like a barrel chest like a danny glover kind of Speaking of this is being white man this man right here. He gives me a laurence fishburne gooding junior. I don't i don't like that. Okay sorry mark. But i don't like there's no way could you guys name. There's there's no one what scott. Those are the four actors. That i see us. I don't know what it is about. It's just something about their essence. You gave me a lorenzo state. You're saying that that this is their essence. Rents take lauren. State tae digs. What about me says takes go. Tell me what about about me. What about me says takes your whiteness. The fact that you are white van and doubt you're giving me the that these great actors denzel denzel washington but also none of these guys look like denzel meets his son but also time the washington sends l. Okay none of these guys look alike of these guys. Were kind of what it is about them. This just about looks. I don't scott. If if i made this isn't about looks gravitas. You hold yes. Seriousness and direction of purpose. All right anyway detective. Are these the important things that you need to be kind of the clues that you need to follow these other clues. i am emma people reader. I read people and so that's why people reader is yes. I'm a reader who reads people chief game. Did you read me and tell me. What am i gonna heal from what i saw and maybe find some love myself. I'll read you look at that. Dusty shirt dustings knows dusty. Pains those ashley shoes. You have kind of a pig pen quality about you as well and maybe throw some moisturizer on the shoes. I get some lotion on those shoes. Mark and then put in the basket. Please yeah okay or else. It gets the hose again. Of course so chief you. You're back on the case but it's going to be difficult to find carmen on christmas. Are you going to take it easy this year. What are you gonna do. I mean i. I can only imagine. It's been very difficult to search the world. when we're in the middle of global pandemic. it has been very difficult scott. But i shout. Stop you shelter okay. So what are you gonna do on christmas. Then i'm going to put on my mask and gloves and board a united emirates airlines flight to dubai. Okay god why do why. Because i've gotten the clue that carmen sandiego was hiding at the top of the birds khalifa highland of dubai. Okay well this is hip. So i'm going to go stripped naked oil mice. I'm the side of the birth before you get on the plane or before i get on the play. Oh this is not just just because you're wearing a mask gloves doesn't mean you can be nude other than that. I refuse to take off my mask and gloves. Those are the rules. They don't mention anything about close. You're gonna naked mission impossible this yes exactly. So i don't slide down. I only slide up. Wow well i mean i. I hope you find her chief. I mean you. you've been searching for so long. It has been on many moons. But i feel i feel it coming. I feel it's coming babe. Sure did you go right that weekend. Song i don't like to talk about my musical traffic where you have a whole musical career that you'd like to talk about. I've written a lot of songs. Well like what the human league's. I'm only human. Oh easing produced by jimmy. Jam and terry lewis ralph. Jazzy away you mark. You remind me of jimmy. Jam and terry lewis right. Okay come on dancing in the time you know. Come on come on. And morris day morris day to please name white guy. i'll think of what. I'll definitely think of one. I've got a question. I got a question for chief. Chief chief have. You considered being a pastor half. I considered being a pastor. Not the most religious. What do you believe. Are you slightly religious. Or i am agnostic. Okay so basically agnostic. Oh so you physically active just atheist. No that's something there. I just leave. It may be alien is and if it is there. You don't believe it. I don't believe why do you ask mark so you think there's something you don't believe there's you're sure there's something there but you definitely don't believe it exactly. Okay theoretically agnostic. Why do you ask mark. you have a suggestion. You just got the voice of a pastor inside do yeah. You sound like a pastor. John lewis speaking of which you kind of remind me john lewis fallen soldier. I mean before before he was obviously all right. I'm starting to get dark. Scott ralph abernathy really. This is actually. This is interesting and informative from. Because i don't really carrying out around too many people and i was. I was willing to do because i knew it was gonna be zoom. We'd be separate. So i don't really get to see what i look like because i stopped taking cameras stuff while back. Well i mean they're an eighty something year-old gentleman i mean. You know there's not care of anymore. Is there a reason you keep saying it's got i'm just trying to. I'm giving you an out. You know what i mean. I mean once you hit a certain threshold for me. It was about a year ago. You don't care anymore and you just take care of it. Now i know experts and frigging lotion on my shoes. And for jason news about ten years ago fifteen years ago when was it just gave straight up. Yeah over shut it down. Can't go well. I'm still trying. I'm still trucking along and trying. Because i do hope tom find a partner myself. What was going to say. Mark has your experience with your mother and santa claus left it difficult for you to be in a relationship and has because i feel like i'm never going to measure up to santa balls look didn't have any balls. Well you know. I have to say out of everyone on this show there is an eligible bachelorette currently on the show with us who is not a relationship and maybe we could make a love connection here chief. I mean you're not dating anyone who me have been pushing. What does that mean. Though suit me i am i am. I am in these streets scott treasurer. I know you're in these streets always but some know i'm sorry. Yeah pussy deep in pussy. Also and even santa balls i have. I don't discriminate jerk. Your she'll take all comers. But i'm saying mario over here. Yeah are you on the apps chief. I'm on hinge bumble riot ten. A fish farmers only coffee meets bagel. Coffee meets bagel. J. j. j. date 'em date for muslims muslim giving me a honorable elijah muhammad look. We have to take a break. We come back. are you guys. Stick around mark chief l. Sorry no i have to go chief you sticking around or can hang for a little bit until i receive an email on a clue are great. We have so much more show to get to. We will be right back with more comedy. Bang bang after this founded with one goal to create boot teak quality i wear at a revolutionary price point. That's kind of fun. Being honest to goals in the middle of one. Yeah i mean. They combined it into one goal but he can't just separate with a comma. That's two different goals. But all right anyway but war be. Parker is committed to providing exceptional vision. Care online and in stores offering eyeglasses sunglasses which are like eyeglasses with tinted. Sunglasses are eye exams and contact lenses. 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Men's zukas is of course still with us of of course jason's uk's fame and we also have chief is here still with us seasons greetings. Thank you that's your seasonal catch phrase of course And it would not be a comedy bang. Bang end of the year spectacular. Without having one of our favorites Employment positions people representing the entrepreneurial spirit on the show. That is right. We have to entrepreneurs who have never been on the show before. Please welcome for the first time nookie and tutti who owned a general store. Welcome guys thank you so much. Thank you scott. Thank you for having us the my pleasure. You guys sound is if you're from. The southern part of the united states is that a correct assumption on my part from southern utah. Yeah other in utah. Hurricane utah hurricane hurricane is the name of the town l. hurricane utah too many hurricanes reach utah. I'm not quite sure what the climate like they're no. It's pretty draw no hurricanes so what was it named after the the i guess the boxer Yeah it was named. After the bob dylan song hurricane about boxer that kind of reminded me of Previous mark so you guys are in hurricane utah and that is where your stores located. Yes right we run a general store and we specialize in making custom shadows of cowboys. A quick question for a general store is smart specialize in something. We have everything in the store. Okay i was gonna say it. Sounds like a specialized or so it. A general store but one section of it is specific. Yes we sell. We sell everything we sell. Iud's we say. These two nicorette sounds like a pharmacy in ways we sell. The status of coblets is our main industry. That's how we make most of our money so you know it's bar carpets general store so it seems like why. Keep your general store stocked. If you're not making. I mean you're selling everything in the general store that's a lot of inventory. Yeah that's a tremendous amount of money going out to stuff. That sounds like you're not selling much mostly just selling cowboy shadow cutouts. They're not cut out custom custom. Sue focusing on this and not the general store part with its various pacific vitamin eighty two. D want to get into the details. Oh he's tutti. I assume that you would be tuning She's nookie on tutti. Okay these nicknames or are these your your god given. i don't think god gives us names. Is your christian. Names gave them to us. God you don't believe. And i just don't believe in it but i so so what are explain this business of yours okay. So you've seen these the shadows of cowboys. Some people call them silhouettes. Usually there's cowboy and he's kind of leaning up against something. He's got his hat down. When are you talking about the the real phenomena of a an actual cowboy making shadow a real shadow is what you're talking about rat but we create a semblance of what a cowboy shadow looks like. Do you follow is. I often see cowboys leaning against a an establishment on a sunny day in order to see their shadow so this is not a an occurrence that that comes along often for me so when you say you know how when you see cowboy it's is a specialty situation for me in my general life wrote but you know okay. No you're right. You know but it could be you know he could be leaning up against a building but also you know we do cowboys doing all sorts of things cowboy on a four wheeler cowboy on a jet ski. He just so long as he's a cowboy we can make a shadow of it. Okay so cowboy sitting on quizzes. And then where do you where it is one after purchasing it you where to put this. Will you put it. Traditionally people put it outside their property their ranch style property and they put their address. Numbers on it. You know or you might put a slogan on it like happy. Valentine's day cowboys marino. We do we do more specific ones. You know Even more specific than that. Well we do real specific ones for example. We had one lady purchase recently. Which said honk. If you think. Nancy pelosi has fangs in the neighborhood was just hong kong kong kong. Okay interesting has fangs. Though it can be political in nature it can be you know the political i mean she has fangs Intimating she's a vampire she assuming. I'm assuming it's some sort of thor against nancy pelosi but it can also as as Dookie was saying. I believe it can also be a referenced. Tutte tutte can also be a reference to in. Kabul is a happy valentine's day so is whatever the message is coming out of the cowboys mouth. Is there like a cowboy word'militia message i. I'm not picturing these exactly and you had a message to be delivered to the cowboy. The cowboy delivering the message. You send. they're not outside. I don't know how these are manufactured while we cut them out of material but they're not cut out slack their their simulations of cowboys in real life situations but we would yeah well would would metal material. They're not a cloth. No you can make them out like you can make them out of metal if you don't want them to be tampered with but you know let's say a lot of people tampering with a wooden ones or you know if your ex is a cowboy and you wanna be like you know habits i john stenciled on it and then set it on fire so that you can get a little thrill from watching your ex cowboy. John honest johns. Don't john stenciled on it. It's going to be really upset about that. Yeah a big messages. I mean sometimes we do we do the little bubble like you guys were talking about but like in the silver age comic books little dialogue bubble. What do i want for lunch. Says the cowboy as he sits on a toilet eating sandwich have how can be. We had one where a cowboys. Just one of those lines at the airport waiting to go through the shadows shadows of the planes and the kiosks and all that in order to simulate the airport. Yeah it was a whole scene all made of wood thing. Where'd you get all that. Would we have a wood ranch. Oh you meaning. There are trees on your aunt. You what do you mean when you say a wood ranch. Yeah you know. There's like a little forest area back there but we call it a wood ranch. How many how many heads of would you have fifty sixty. Oh okay so not many. Usually we have to go to home depot to fulfil bigger orders okay. How close is the home depot to you by the way minutes. Oh wow okay so yes go ahead or whatever your name. She's nookie onto at this time of year. Do you guys have a lot of holiday. Themed cowboy cut out we do and we just wanna say this is a great year to buy from carpets general store because it is the last christmas we will ever have so. We'll wait away with jason. Did you just hear that record. Scratch cookie thank you chief i we need to have a a a sound effect of a record scratch on this show sometimes make us realize that something astounding just happened. You think that this is the last christmas that we're ever going to have gas. This is the last christmas. Why would you think that. I mean we're almost out of the woods here on the i mean we're still few months out from everyone getting vaccinated and if we trust those things right but absolutely not. We just made a cut out of a cowboys fan. You will not put that vaccine anywhere into my body and it was made out of metal so you can't even set it on fire but why do you think this is the last christmas. We just know it is. We know you know the the the everyone in the communities been talking about it. It's the last person the peleg's agree. No the politics agrees the polygamists. They call them today. Like being called politics. It seems like a slur honestly. Yeah they love if you can get close enough to yell at them. They love it. They don't keep a tight perimeter especially as a guy tried to get close to a group of politic says a man outside the community you get run right out of town. We can't even send to anywhere near colorado city. That's where they all live so tutor even drives by. There's a huge group of police just after him running him outta town or you say at the more unconvinced you shouldn't be saying and you know i mean it's it's not like i wanna protect the practice of doing that. Necessarily he really loved that community. It just seems distasteful to be throwing that around. But so. But i don't understand why everyone agrees that this is the last christmas. I mean it seems like everyone you know. I mean Twenty twenty one is going to be on the rebound well. We had a really big moment. Where a lot of our cowboy cutouts filling a bunch of orders and all of a sudden we came outside and they had all fallen down into shape that seemed like a satan pentagram or or in the like like it. Looks like an outline of the devil. Like that. And i turned. I turn to tutti. And i looked in the eyes and we both said at the same time this this last cruise. S your yeah tutti. You're really really soft on that. You're sure you said at the same time and you're sure neither of you was just singing the song last christmas. I gave you my heart exactly. This christmas will be the last christmas. I'm not much of a singer. I'm not good with lyrics. Stay away from music. Then i mean those are the two main things i wrote that song. Oh i used to with web. What were you pepsi or were you. Surely neither i was gpd pepsi shirley and chief. Oh my gosh. So i a so. How are you finishing out the year. Then if you think this is the last one will ever see. When do you think the ending by the way december thirty first. Two thousand twenty. That's when the euro traditionally ends. But it's definitely ending this year so we only have a few more days here until i. I guess we've been filling our time. You know like completing orders for us to Cowboy shadows Why bother if the world custom cowboy shadows that are like standing over standing casualty leaning up against the building while the apocalypse happens like a mushroom cloud a shadow. Doesn't mush. sure like a casual a casual cowboy standing atop a mass grave. We do share. We do decide that There was a run on cowboy shadows leaning against the wall with their hats down with the twin towers behind them a few years ago. Oh i ban the bet and it was a surplus and so those are those are standing outside barker general store and honestly some people love it and they honk and other people they become enraged and they come out of the and they tell us that we should we should take those down right and those are the people that say nine eleven didn't happen Or the or a controlled demolition. Yeah people come in. You know we have a lot of like Or that the whole thing is a hoax in the buildings still area. It's just a david copperfield situation. Like galt what happened to building. Honk if you think the buildings are still there and come times hunk seven times if you think building seven was controlled by a controlled explosion. But come come to think of a guys. The shadows on the wall usually occur during a nuclear explosion. That that's what happens. You know you see The just shadow of is is that. What got you guys interested in this. The the thought that the world is about to end inter. Yeah but i think we've always you know thera don't just say leading you into i mean is it true or is it not drew. I think we both have thought that the world was going to end ever since we met each other and this year just by the way. Was that on an app. This long before apps were high school sweethearts. Yeah oh wow. How old are you because apps have been around for a good ten well. I'm a lot younger. i'm i'm younger. I'm fifty seven and nucleus thirty thirty eight so when you say that because he was in high school and you were already like in your thirty cheerleading. Captain but mostly. They didn't let me cheer. So i was on the sidelines. Because of sort of just my attitude theory and how did you become captain bad because everyone was little scared of me and so they didn't want to anger me so they made me captain but usually ozzy's wonder what happened with our current president. I'd been works. Does it and i would be doing cheer. And i'd be like you know rock steady. The world has been the end. You guys need to run everybody. Get into your seller and that is win tutti once i got i got kicked off. Sort of silence to started chatting mia came up her in the parking lot. I was a sheriff of the town. I said probably the problem. The smooth thing i've ever said i said you're arrested for stealing my heart. How and no one could arrest you for statutory. Whatever it is. You did with niki niki. Or nikki arm new. I don't like the way you say. Nikki okay i got here. The sheriff you're in charge. You're the one who enforces the law. Miki but people keep calling us numidian. Dookie stopping as said that the legs just with that. I don't want to hear you say that again. You can't cut it out. You guys guys. Does your general store catered to the police community. A ho l. Sure they come in they they did all our tile. Our whole allowed general store is covered in tile. And they didn't. That's nice but they don't come in for most of our products you know products are you d neva. Ringing a lot of birth control then philo at cutouts of cowboy birth control just from by all accounts from what you've told us as just staying on the shelves for years are they still. They need a lot of inventory. Oh wow and we don't have. Refrigerators hope okay. So no one would dissuade anyone from buying that from you then. Oh yeah well. We tell people that were placebos than most likely. Do not work. you have a whole placebo. I'll general store papa couple of those and have intercourse. Well guys. there's a vaccine available. Will you guys be distributed gain. No absolutely not Why why is that. just Out the cowboys that refused the vaccines are actually based on my silhouette way interesting anti vaccine by the way anytime we ask you a question. Yes or no question. Feel free to elucidate about the reasoning behind the sir. No and then just stop at the. Yes or no share you know. I don't know why it's so fucking hard to get this out of you guys a lot of details and a lot of really interesting stuff. Sorry they don't find it so interesting. Chief interrogate you okay. Because she's willing to do it here. Where you on the night of april fourth nineteen eighty three. I not born yet policy about twenty or so. Yeah right. I was pacing outside the hospital. Fingers crossed hoping my future wife would be now. Does it the night before you were born All right well look tutti and nukii. We not sorry we need to get to our next guest. Can you guys stick around is that are you. Are you down with the nookie. I am pretty interesting. All right well. Speaking of down he is been down to be on this show several times Especially this year. We started an offshoot podcast together called. We've got to stop talking about. Tnt on he is He's a manager at gersh. I don't and we've been quarantining together as well. I think is an agent. I can't recall. I really should ask him this. He's my roommate during quarantine Please welcome back to the show. Spring the whisper. This is crazy scott. Because first of all i'm an agent and i i represent you doing live shows if you remember do. You can't just say you're doing you're live. I am your touring agent right now and why. Why sign me as a touring person. Now you've got to buy loose if you all right okay. I'll you first of all jason good to see you. How are you doing great to see you. Hey you know you were on our show sort of forgot to talk about your own personal ninja turtles project. You're on the show and we were talking about everything about the ninja. We told falsely allies. So this guy over here. It's slipped this in the current ninja turtles cartoon very true. It's very true. We spent the whole time talking about the ninja turtles. And then later. I'm talking to you on a on one of our comic book zooms and you're like oh. Hey maybe i should have mentioned. I'm doing a voice on the ninja turtles which voice go. I have appeared numerous times on the ninja turtles cartoon as a villain and i neglected to mention speaking. I'm so sorry this. I am part of ninja turtles traditional. I'm pissed but it's okay. It's christmas who boy to calm down. Scott i'm in a bad way right now. What is going on upside down. Yes okay you talked about me being an agent and a lot of stuff shutdowns working that much. So i've been trying to do a couple of side hustles scott. What are you going okay. So right now. I'm way upside down on some ps fives. You can't sell okay. So i promise the hottest toy of the season i mean i would. I would like i promised at least ten inch an ebay people. I guess they called ebay people. I put up on ebay ten. Ps fives you. Know thousand dollars each. They sold out immediately. Scott so first. Of all i find out after that these hard to get scott are. You didn't have any this. No pitcher i said loyd my assistant i said loyd down to the best was like go. Give me like was lloyd. The loyd from new. He just doesn't know his act news. Actually but i think it's fair to say lloyd yell at likes piven you know so. I said without the best. Buy this apparently no. Ps fives eddie with scott. Yeah that's why people are buying them for thousand and apparently a lot of the people that i sold by peers. Fives to In the who's scott. Oh i sold the. Pierre's fighter's this guy acoustic sixty nine. He's very piece right now. All i'm in trouble. Do you know where i can get a couple of. Ps five jason. You got you guys. Have i would like one myself. And i. i haven't been so powerful jason. Men's you just can't get his hands on appeal you. You've already gotten the vaccine but you can't get a ps five. I can't get my media little pause on. That's crazy. I heard i heard that fao. She got one of the first. Pf s- fives. As soon as i am. If i'm going to give you guys the vaccine. I need myself a little violence morality. So they said. Do you guys own a general store. You to freaks down here the dookie a new key so duke. So you guys have general so do you. Guys have your nukem. Do you have any. ps fives. because i'm serious right now. I'm in corey. Aps fives been sitting dusting up the shelves. Absolutely they're right next to the vodka and the menopause. So you do have so there's a few. It's next to the menopause stuff and the vodka. What kind stores. This is this by the dewey decimal system the general stores in one general area and then the cowboys shadows. Or you guys just sell. You guys have a pile. Is that what it is and go to a pile of junk a big thumbs up so it is a pile. Okay interesting look. I don't know if i'm going to be able to sell it away. This is an audio medium. Tried to translate your thumbs ups into saying yes. Or no. I i got on you about the just saying yes or no earlier. So don't just switch. That's better than thumbs-ups. James to all non verbal answers so yes the opposite. Christopher corey no verbal okay. This is crazy. look. I'm in a lotta trouble. Scott and i need yours and jason's help. What can we do. I mean i don't wanna get involved in the cusack. Because i'm living with you and they're going to let me be honest with you. Spray the whisper if you really want to track down something that's very difficult to find. Chief is your best banks. No young woman. He's seen to have not seen me. Oh killing that. I find first of all my hands on me and chief of history. I didn't really want to. I didn't know we were going to be on at the same time. Scott i oh chief got beef. I chief beaver i got chief of us and do you remember what this call's giving me note right. That's very you're actually. What's at new kooky do my name is nookie and we sell chief at the general soup chief beef jerky teepee jerky is made by our friend. Chief and there's a friend on the reservation. Somebody hurricane motion could be a police chief. We don't know that's true eighth one peleg's his name is. I don't like what you spend what i said. Yeah i'll be honest. When i was listening before i was cringing hot. I was like to cut a lot of this on. This show was sukree men. Beef meat chief of beef cheese beef delicious with zeki. We got beef so it was a lot of like distracts of and was supposed to do a versus battle. I heard his chief where is supposed to like spitzer hottest bars and stuff. But i guess i dropped out because i didn't want to. I didn't want to wrap you built good at it. Oh i mean that's the problem when you're doing your guys. I feel like listen if gucci and cheesy can do. You guys can do that and we do like jake. Paul native opens in boxing matches. Sure i was ready. I was at magic city sitting on a throne getting laptops out the onus. I was so intimidated by that. Because you are getting a lap dance and there were two women sort of jiggling around and i sort of watching from in the rafters and has like chiefs. not after they were after like chiefs. No rising city is an arena. It's a big ass arena. I was like jet. Chief isn't even reacting to these women. Chief is just so focused on sort of battling me. I was so scared. I ran the fuck out of this. I could be a pod. You well you know chief. I've never heard you wrap. We had another Guests on the show who raps a lot. What was his name. I can't recall what it was. But mc suga that's right. Mc sugar but yes. He was a good rapper. Everything had to rhyme with. Scotty d is our but but it is but you wrap. Can we hear any of it me. No i what is what you were just going to produce this. Chief was behind the j center and samples and then sort of lay really listen rizza written and premiered did averse as producers. Yeah i was going to kill spray. The whisper with all the songs i've produced and i was going to come in with just my large library of ninja sounds from my sound bank and i thought i could come in there with some like enchaine purging and you sound like tatyana impersonating the secret of the universe. Yes it's a little. Easter egg from podcast. Scott to get on that. Go to my patriotic about to end listens. Are we selling shirts. By the way. This futures females her. So i brought it up earlier. This show i was quite. You haven't told me whether we're selling scott. We are selling shits. We came up with just mckenna. The vet called the future female splinter shared it. Is it just says the futures female having just a pretty generic picture of split up splinter as to confuse gotta say the generic nature. Someone said we decided it was all designed to do less. I wanted to be there was one. It was like doing the leg. Rosie the riveter thing. I was like no no. We just wanted to be confusing. I want the storm was looked like it didn't belong on there but it was so it's the mo we're selling these people can get ask. Well where can where can we get them because can go to my go to t public. So i've got this assistant named sean distant. Now he's kind of he's been publicized. I'm here. I really bad audition for this project. Judy greer ended up stars. A lotta cannon about this guy had never played it on the part but he's he's my client turned assistant because he can't get any work. Lloyd he is lloyd. Actually if you put it all together and yeah you know so. So scott i what the fuck were we just talking about. We were talking about. Who knows the advised kennedy question. How long you been doing this today. How many hours. Oh oh we're in our second dewar over the second. Do we do like forty minutes on my podcast. Got and i'm like. How do people keep talking this long twelve years of this. I have no idea. Where are you going to say. Poo poo poo mind. What i was gonna say if you guys need somewhere to sell your shirt you can sell it at barf carpets. General store in hurricane is just throw it on the pile. And i just wanna make sure. You're saying barf carpets barf carpet. That's my last night carpet tune barf carpet. Now jason. i have been to the island of hurricane. Utah ever on the island of misfit toys speaking of islands. The island of misfit toys. I'm not allowed to speak of it but it's apparently santa claus is on his way. There right now. Oh oh indeed sprague did you have something else. He was chased to answer your question. You go to public and then search. I guess sean distant or actually cert- splinter female features female and see. This is poor this marketing. When i said do you have anything else you wanted to talk about. I guess like something else or otherwise. I'm pivoting to our next. I've got one more thing to talk about. Scott oh you prison. Why does why did my house. I'm living with you. Oh shit you know what. I thought you were going to go. Priscilla open. this is a gift of the maj is situation. I sent a gift. That actually i wanted and i said to the house. Oh did you send me co. It was not the only ps five. I could get my hands on scott. Oh he's to. My house is going to kill us as scott. We're in a lot of trouble bid. Hey i hope we've ache to new year's i don't know that we are. Maybe this is. Why pooping buki thinks that. It's the last christmas because we're gonna go now that on ninja turtles podcast is open is ending. Maybe there's like me and scott on the run from the yakuza podcast. That can sort of keep my patriot. Loan afloat editor. What's with maybe something like that. Yeah the It is this next week next week. Is our final buydell next week. It honor does scott. What's maybe there's more but maybe there's just a podcast which is mean you like on a road trip trying food. Different cities scotch. Well i don't know if that's the right move right now i want i want you think she chief you can piggyback on this. Perhaps carmen sandiego has been seen in some of these eatery carmen sandiego loves indian street food. We'll find we'll find the sexy mielke late. If you find a dosa carmen. Sandiego has been there all right all right. Well i'll be speed. Because i can't go broke again school. I understand. we'll try to figure something out for the new year but we'll talk about it on next week's episode if that's okay great. Yeah yeah of course but we do want to chime in because you keep calling me or dookie or whatever is nookie bar carpet and that's tutti birth carpet. And i can't believe that how insulting your being in your calling me insulting about saying you know talking about the pigs. I did you take his name or did he take your name by the way i took her or is it a hype barf and carpet. Where each of your sheriff the happening so again when you say yep yep and you just end there. He's up. that's the hell not double bunks escalating. All right what we do need to get Oh gosh i haven't even. I don't even know who it is. Never asked exact description okay. Very good We do need to get to our next gas in tis the season. Of course it's the season of course and when you think of December you think of christmas and boxing day and gingerbread and all that So please welcome to the show frankenstein. La la la scott frankenstein. How are you very christmas. Into ho. ho ho thank you so much. This first time we're meeting is chrysler's i remember but and i never forget a face scott really and you've you've been around since the what seventeen hundred or sixteen hundreds or something. Yes i have to me. I am ageless. But i would say those two eras sound good to me. I mean the the corpse. Is that your body is made up of. I believe we're a bit older. Yeah in that. In that general eighteen hundreds eighteen eighteen is when we first came to know your story of that so quickly scott i it just popped in my head. I don't know what to say. I'm a fountain of Useless trivia daddy never told me if my bodies were alive or dead when he put them together to make me okay and you are frankenstein's monster not rank insignia up picky about that at some point it kind of in the twitter generation people started parsing apart. Who's frankenstein who's the monster your aquaman but so is your dad right sure. Of course i'm frankenstein. So's my dad. I mean my first name. Is hank. But i go by franken saw hank franken hank franken social media at hank fans. What do you do. You have any fancy stuff you know cock ratings girlfriend experience whatever reason you don their cox so in asked you to rate your own caucus talk different dead bodies as it is. Yes so did you get. Did you get a good one like like. Did your dad go searching through the graveyard. A wilt chamberlain looking guy. Dad got me a standard Cock with foreskin and then i was circumcised at my bris We did the whole experience. And it's an average one. I don't think he wanted me to get over confident. Oh okay got so. He went searching for a bob. Cousy interesting cozy cock cousy cock proud of my cousy kaka i. It's it's it does what you need. It's a good team player. Supportive keys and fox. Those are the two use. It tries koo you. You're going to say. I was gonna say so you he gave you the cock and then you had to circumcise. After the fact yes yes he wanted. Was it a young boys penis and it grew along with you. I don't know i'm getting From the guests. Scott wants to know. Jason seems disgusted by the question. I can answer it To be fully hoping the rock paper scissors of comedy bang. Ib jason. so you have to answer my question. Okay so you are rock jason. His paper sure. I'm the rock jason's paper and sprague. I guess you'd be scissor sprague kisses. That's how you say. I'm pretty sure paper. I'm pretty sure paper beats rock Yeah i was totally wrong. I had to. I could have said to. Can i just say something. Hang your so chill like normally when you hear about you normally. i'm like this guy so irritable. you're just fire. You know his name was sort of trump up throwing ten questions at once the team. I thought. that's that's the equivalent of verbal fire. If you will oh yeah verbal. Sprague's cake verbal fire. I could take real fire. I think i did. Like i think people are holding a my young self against me. I mean we were. What if you were two years old and fire freaked you out you. You wouldn't want to be judged by that forever. You know exactly. This is why. I think cancel culture has gotten out of control. And that's why we talk about that on this podcast every week at least once or twice. We had a couple of shadows of cavalry about cancel culture. I'll tell you about. Oh say a couple frankenstein. Shadows would you make one but you said it has to be a cowboy cowboy ahead on them but yeah it would make one for sure. Why what are the cowboy. Why the cowboy hat. It's a shadow of a cowboy. That's what it's called the shadow about the cowboy hat. Is it just that it's easier to do the hat than the top of the head. Hard ahead is pretty road so hard. It's so hard to do the top of the head. It's so easy to do a cowboy hat off seen some of the shadows. I've been barba general store and it looks like to you guys. It's maybe hard to do cowboy hats to absolute fired. It's all really hard. I thought they were shadows of raden mortal combat. I thought they were raiding hats. So i can play you know allows people. Ups five redden or the lead character. David carradine from kungfu legend continues. Es yes two of the most famous white man in appropriate of east asian hats. Actually all the cowboys look a little like david. Carradine unfortunately look like late. Aaron david kennedy. And if you know what. I mean we can be explicit about that belt around his hankinson. Why why did you why you why are you. Let's just get down to over the two hour. Mark final guests. Give it to us straight to relax to be batting cleanup. Didn't know i was birthed to come in hot. I well. I would just assume looking at the lineup that maybe you know you were really trying to close up strong application that you're not enjoying my appearance so far so we'll stephania hank. I'm having a great time. I apologize for scott. I'm having a great time talking to you. And i think fortunately you are the paper and scott as the rock so i do have to listen to what scott said here. If you're doing a holiday podcasts. Santa on you have some sort of jewish representation on frankenstein. I mean but we're we're seven weeks outside of halloween. One doesn't normally think of frankenstein when one anything. Is there any kind of monster specific christmas activities. Thank well because i do them. Do they have to be monstrous specific. I enjoy all the i. Guess what. I'm wondering is like. Do you celebrate christmas. Or the holidays with dracula wolfman the mummy and you guys get together hanging out with other. It's like does a cast of friends hanging out every year. We've done stuff before. Because we're associated you at obviously. We were hoping to get together more when the universal monster cinematic universe came back together the dark dark. Yes well you know so. We'd see each other on set because we all ep that stuff because of our life. Wow you were at the the wgn awards last year. Yeah i just. I had a few too many white russians at the end of the year of their gear. Yeah we got it was well. It was you me and the writings writer's room of a station. One thousand nine hundred nineteen right and and large forty nine. Is it forty nine. All the number shows hang out together. Yeah i think it's for their organizational stuff says dishes lodge station. Sixty eight And they keep adding it together. So it's all all the you know if you think of another numbered show in this moment. My favorite numbers show rescue nine one. One that'll be rescue lodge station. Nine hundred seventy nine math from scott walker man. You sound like my friend bill. No maybe he's just gotta mix it up. We'll hang stein do you hang out with other frankenstein's is that your family go. The great question sprague my brothers and sisters we all get together Are you still married. Oh br bride got a little tired of being defined by her husband so she changed back to original last name and now we are more of a legal partnership. Oh what's her last name You know. I never asked but we thank you. We wouldn't have known you could have just chosen any were there isn't there isn't a right. That's what i thought with. Rock paper scissors that i made a choice. I said wrong. You're very hesitant ever since. Let's say trump incorrect chose a wild one. The only bad water could've said she sounds like a monster to stein. Isn't it true that year in an open relationship deny here that you guys are sort of open. Yes we weren't paulie and we're both again when league off now scotts pa- lamb were pull lamb. You're okay Well blackberry believe mark. Thank currently on your onlyfans trying to see what those speak do. These prices are lawmakers. Upkeep of my body is expensive. There's a lot of plastic surgery and stuff. Seven hundred feet stuff Fans on his just for feet stuff this separate onlyfans other body. I guess are other human beings. Only feats is that one and so. That's but those feet are always changing. Because i change out my core. Oh you swap out your par- yeah it's like you know you've got your dress fi. You've got your basketball. You've got your skating feet. What's the difference between your basketball or the big difference you know is the basketball feet. Are the cousy originals. And then the skating feet. are tony. Hawkes a tony hawkes actual. He doesn't feed anymore. No which is why. You can't do the nine hundred anymore. Wonder he retired i cam. He lost his feet. Frankenstein hankinson. i certainly will speak you my god. What an amazing story. I mean you're not here. You say you're here because it's christmas. You're not here just to get body parts from us. Well you know. I always wanted those ears. Scott one's head yes. Those are the ears that have heard all the comedy from for generations. And i wonder what it would be like to have those years on my pretty little head off. I don't think you wanna come by sprague's man came to try to get my ears because you know the coosa he's probably gonna drop by. And one of those is belongs to a high level member of the coosa already. So i would not get in the way of that. I was in the coosa for most of the thirties I read the nineteen thirties. Of what other thirties. Would it be based on the year. Eighteen thirty as we already established been around. Thought you've remembered from the top of your head. It was the eighteen eighties that i came up. I'll okay. Yeah i'm possible. No let's stop and litigated scott. No eighteen eighteen is when you miss heard because of these damned ears now. Beethoven them for mind those like e. I mean he is death. Sure britney go death. He saw a beethoven's ears. And then i have the inner ears of A someone with good ballots gymnast. Mary lou retton scott. You're just exactly 'cause i'm feeding it to you. Just tell us the big thumbs up from tutti and dooby to diagnose those now that i think about their school in roper thumbs. Did you say cisco on singer. Yes uh-huh if i go to a miami beach control this. You shouldn't be doing black thumb by the way but it's painted black. It is black my. Thank you for the rest of you green. Let's just keep it green. Yes i have. Paul the alien from the seth rogan movies Do you have is thick with twosies right. Thank you very much. This checking out. The only band is talking about jig. A not only a lot of buys on my only fans from chief but a lot of december requests on camera. We chief rent this. I'm gonna need to explore. My plane is currently boarding. So that means i have to ask up. Only yes you're at the airport and you're up. I've had the mask off the whole time. Crowded holiday future. Is that what you have. A cup of coffee from obama passed from obama. You have you ever hudson news gift bag there. One of slam magazine known it with all the visual clues billow guys. We're running out of time. I hate to say this has been so far into hankins stein for twenty more. I don't know that he has anything but does he have is part of the a great question separate and you could tried my Say thanks for that. I got the information. Okay okay they will look very good. Glad glad the momentum came to a halt but we have one final feature on the show and that is of course a little something called plugs was step into. You could been and you do need some bob. Listen that is called a pla is called. Thank god mike. Good the perfect song over to our show to put to sleep. So lang was plug. I blind by paul fart burp cop. Thanks for that. All right guys what are we. Plug in Jay dog what do you got. What's what's what's where are we right. Now in the muss ember eighteenth or so somewhere in there. Okay so Season four of big mouth is out now on netflix If you want to do that and of course you can always Listen to me on the. How did this get made podcast. Right here on ear will i. Did you ask those. Two things are already out as if this tape we were. How did this get made. Did live shows the eleven eighteen and is it was earlier. I would've advertising shows. But now i can't so i won't even though i have now done it anyway. Let's go over to chief chief. Forty you plug it. I will plug the flagrant ones on patriot. Those those two guys. Who who have that. Hollywood handbook show. Did they drop the act for the flagrant one show. I still don't know. But i i like listening to it. Those two guys from hollywood handbook and a real sexy chocolate mastodon names all art and other. Is that a patriot or is it. Can people get that anywhere. It's a patriot. You must dig until pockets. pay us monte and some other things are coming forth in the future. But we'll have to have you back in those. Yeah tuned say tuned to cheat. Soon gumshoe. All right cookie and kuku will you I'll plug a real cowboy short feature. That's on hulu right now. Called john bronco okay. People can just watch that on hulu if they're so inclined they're so inclined they can do it at starring. Walton dogan's kareem abdul-jabbar. Tim vault in mars writer. Wow yeah exactly. That's how he's the guy who pinched killing logan boiler for every season. Well i'll give you one more. Yes comes up. Scott why we did it. Is it my turn jerk me nikki. So you can support our business initiative a cowboy with my favorite thing on it at l. l. i. l. y. Okay so it's why l. y. Y y y y l. Wait is this. isn't this my twitter. Yes that's right unplugging jason's twitter. Oh that's right it's l. y. Y l. i l y y l. y. okay. And that's that's where jason can be found on all social media. It's a it's a it's like What's it called. Anna not an anagram. Let's it's not that it's those two things backwards and forwards. It's it's a mess. It's not exactly that similar to that. It would be easy. I love it and jason is on their post in so much good stuff. Make sure you where. I go to where i go to put out all my email blasts. Tell people what. I'm up to dick pic the whole thing all right sprague. What are you plugging t public dot com slash on distant. Get yourself a few just females splinter. Shit yeah we wanna see you out there in these streams in these scripts. We also have final episode of. You have to stop talking. Tnt on cbc's coming out. I guess couple of days. Here's scott. it's been well it's about a week and a half or a couple of days in some people's dispersion yeah definitely but And you can get all the previous episodes with the aforementioned tatyana lonnie and jason and then also other guests like seth and if a lot of people might not know you guys are also ranking all on our final episode. We're going to do our final star wars rankings and our final tiananmen t rankings and stick around next season for our Our lost episode watch. We be scott who every episode of lost. and then. we're going to talk about. We're going to talk about each episode. How it could be. I don't know scott. I'm just reaching straws. Guys should do the ghostbusters. Cartoon coming season do so stick around or snore. We'll talk about our. We'll talk about it all right. Frankenstein what are you plug in my biography by mary. Shelley's fantastic authorized or was that none authorized it's We put unauthorized in that red stamp on the front to make it salacious at the hudson. But it's authorized. I was there. Did you feel about Bobby de niro's portrayal of you in that one or meet the fuckers wait. He was playing the who that character is. Based on me. i had no idea. Can you milk me okay. I see it now. Let's like the answer is yes because you have a females nipple. That's right i have eleanor roosevelt nipples. And they are. Oh those are. Fd thank you. Thank you very much for their also. Implants she had him no. I got them into her breasts and wishy part of the city committee. Oh i don't think they'd set up that part of the cabinet yet. i think jimmy carter's administration rosalinda. Did that big grown day website dot com is a new place to buy podcast directly from the group big 'grande of teachers lounge We'll say fame sure fame. Yeah podcast fame circuit. Alright podcasts plug the auntie. Donna's big oil house of fun. I am very proud of that. Show the guys from auntie donna. The australian sketch group Made a show out here in the states. And it's on netflix. Right now only six episodes and they're all a lot of fun lot of guest stars. Paul tompkins and weird al yankovic and This guy carl tarts is really funny in it and don. Yes the medicines and the one that he was speaking about All right that's gonna be it for us. Let's close the plug bag you saw with a c. when you will know close within Operated ratio did and he just us so bag again. All right guys. i want to thank you so much. Jay dog always great to see you. What did you like talk to you later this week. About comic yes we will and frankenstein look. What else can be said. Shitsu shitsu on this show. So i appreciate it and nuke. Newt what is it again nukii and suty not into great to meet. You guys continued success with your chosen profession. I mean as far as you know you're going to be passing away in a approximately nine days or so to ten days. Twelve days i'll be gone. We will all be all be gone. So it's going to be all of us on as well. Yeah and sprague. I mean go rescue that. Ps five for me. I might but i might also just hide in the closet until the coosa sort of sweep the house. So if you if you see anyone closet out here i hope you're not. You're not taking skull if i'm taking particular set of skills but i know a lot about comic books and get you back with that. Ooh that sounds like a great spinoff from my patriot. I get taken. Scott uses his comic book. Knowledge said we'll figure it out. We figured we'll figure it out and chief always great seeing you. Where are you off to next. I am on a flight to dubai. united ever i'm oil up am dressed down. I'm ready to climb the side of the burj khalifa on while the plane is taking. You already took over mask. I've already taken off. My mask is five. There's only one person near me. Who's the fine air plane. In the way that circulates it's safe to fly as long as a mask wearing a mask is a violation of my rights. Also also i am using my internet my gogo inflight internet to check out franken's frankenstein's only say what them feet do and what that ask off just bought me a ring light all right. We'll see you next week for the best of all of our guests all of our previous guests all of our current guests and everyone who's been on the show this year. We'll see you next time thanks bye.

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Bill Bert Podcast 7-8-20

The Bill Bert Podcast

1:36:54 hr | 10 months ago

Bill Bert Podcast 7-8-20

"Hey, what's going on everybody? Welcome to another wonderful episode. The Phil or pod CAST. Stayed on you for the whole thing. He, said Bert. What's going on everybody? It is July Fed happy. Birthday America you fuck in Lost Great Britain. On looking kick your ass and never came knocking. Didn't they came again in eighteen twelfth? This is the best part of this podcast for me is going through the news I'm looking at sports and immediately I go. I gotTA ask Bill. O. Nice asked me I don't know shit about American history I don't know shit about women and I. Don't Know Shit About Sports, but it doesn't stop me from talking. Half an opinion. Mind away by the way. You can talk about it enough. I went out and got one. I'm going to do a taste test Bert Kreischer on the last one right abuse walking thing that I passed over like a fucking. This thing in my world was like It was like me looking at it. Read check you know. That I don't even say it just it just a reminder. Of Got So many heat. You know what this is not not insulting rates. 'cause I am also. Orange popsicle color I was just like I. Don't need more I have. And you bring me a heath bar in from the tour bus. You have on the tour bus, Ie hound see what this is all about? I taught this home. If my wife went up went into falsetto when she saw it, she's like heath boy. Hours, I'm like what the fuck is. What these six here we go! Next test! The official is our taste test. We're getting some money on this podcast. Good crunch. Good flavor, little bit of butter, Lewis Insecure. Let me enjoy. Make up my own mind. That's tasty. Cigar where is the initial flavors? I Hate Cigar puck in. The when they do the reviews the second. I'm not taking tasting. Some cinnamon hate that ship you takes some smoke. It's fucking. These. These are delicious candy bar are under fucking rated, and these will fillings out. Will. Now. Hold on. That's why I like to break up no and leave it on a plate in the middle of the kitchen, and just go by and have a little snack throughout the day. They, call you, you're go on. Was that I learned that from. A set guy just eating. The is welcome by shoving Shit, face, fuck and go. Up I'm saying that Rhino disrespect to Italian. Models and understood while offensive all at the same time. It'd be great if you were saying a racial slur unbe knowingly. Pass it and then he had to apologize. I signed up on the fucking difficult. You can't Canada conversation when you have one. Though so I'll tell you what happened. We were in Oklahoma City on tour and they had you. Have you played at Spokane Spokane Comedy Club or at Tacoma? I I've done colleges so the club there. The owners have an array of chocolates and treats and snacks like the whole green room is set up through Sayeret again an array of snacks and treats every candy bar every every. It's like Bobby Kellyanne. My wet dream of a green room. They got arcades, great clubs, great clubs, and so we're in Oklahoma City and they got all the candy bars right? Grab all the bars. On the couch, take a picture of them everything. They got in the room and I said. What's your top five, and then once you're never pick right. What's the one you'll never bit? And so I put my top five, and he'd snickers. I forget with whatever was there, but my never pick was milk nuts. I just tried milk duds right now, and you only have you ever had him was follow lead, and they came in that little box and it was fine. Just say this eight of the. Four rabbit ship. Slow. So I to sleep, we get have pops go to sleep. Wake up the next morning. Milk duds is trending on twitter. It's trending because everyone is trashing milk duds based off my tweet and then milk duds gets in the mix milk duds Hershey's kit. Kat skittles jolly ranchers all their twitter feed start light me up with the votes wrong. All they all in business together. It's all under the Hershey's umbrella. With one of the big families in candy, that's what happened now. Look. I wasn't even a New York crime family. I was Chicago and then I came back, and I said I know what you milk does. You had to have your two big brothers Kit Kat and Hershey's and your little sister jolly rancher. Come after me. That's like a buck and week. Act on the roster. And they go listen. You got. It won't Melt Dad's you never going to get Kreischer again. All right. We'll give them a weekend the week after the Super Bowl weekend, you gotta do better than that, yeah? So yeah, so, but he was number one. We don't have any always have is her she's. On on the bus. Hershey's delicious so. But you know sometimes I like the surface area. Of the original milk shop that I feel like I'm getting more and just because there's almonds, all of a sudden, you know. The square footage of the candy bar goes way down. Saying so, yes I wonder if there's likely. Disorder. Save you count calories. One of those allman save you calories because it's less chocolate. I don't know man. This close to cure and Kobe. Through. That is like we'd talk. Hey, man, you like think. Because there's an almond there instead of more chocolate like. You could eat this still have a flat stomach than it a bigger one. I was disappointed with the amount of people that don't show because I saw that. That that that twitter thing I mean it was all over it. I was like Oh my God why is milk duds trending? When I when I found out, they weren't in trouble. Then I posted the Denzel fucking whatever he always sorry. I was missing the amount of people I was disappointed. The amount of people that absolutely enjoy a three musketeers. Three musketeer bar. Don't you the Cadillac of Milky Way? Did. Just it's just. It's just all new. You've got to be a big new fan. If you're no milky way if we have a I've looked up nougat before my own podcast. Milky ways for like. Middle! Grade School kids grade school kids like Milky Way and three musketeer. You gradually poor kids. They couldn't afford the peanuts and a snickers bar. Eighth grade is when you turn into snickers. You're like I'm a graduate snickers, and then when you're. Rock Z.. The Irony Z., and the other that that one is just like fucking standard milky ways of standard for marrow the rally sport. So then so then a heath bars like a Jaguar. And he well he a bit of a sleep. So I would put this. This is the Mercedes Benz. AM G wagon. His three kids and all of a sudden it just fucking. Engines you like. You can actually meet the guy to go to Germany who builds it, but he autographs the engine. On a Chevy or a Ford less carroll shelby. Puts his name right on the dashboard. That's my Dick and balls under the Hood Day of freckles. I. Yeah I was We had started that conversation last week. Talking about candy bars posted it and I was like Oh shit distinct going fucking viral. Hey. Can you tell people about your amazing tour bus? I mean I'm seeing a wet bar I've seen a marble fireplace. Yeah, well, we upgraded we got. We got this one from Ron White this Ron's. Double Wide. Dude. No, this is in quarantine. What's a matter? Just got off the road and so quarantining for a few days until I go back to my family. I suppose to stay for fourteen days. No not really I got I got corona tested, and so it came back negative and so I'm just GonNa. Give myself a couple more days and I used to see a comic and actually do the road and be responsible and not come back with Kovin. We all tested we all tested negative seven eight of us on the tour bus zero limit I'm not. I'm not trying to start beef with any of my buddies. Who Got Kobe on? You got the guns out I. Want to hear you talking some Shit. You let me tell you. Let me. Tell you something. No it was just it was zero contact. It's were a hundred percent. Zero contact like obsessive. Everyone have masks on at all times. You do your spot, we very. We were very can be done. You don't Love Your Fan base more than you love yourself like those who angels? Angels doing the Lord's work trying to bring the country together with this box. The fighter and the kid. And then you could actually have a problem. Bryan callen if you fist-bump me. And then he goes. How did I not know that it would be right here? He goes only making fun because I know that the young enough in both the both in phenomenal shape delete. Brian! You just talk about Brian and his physique because I know that he's sick right now, so. Somebody has to be talking about his amazing physique. Recall! Work for one years old to still be like and that's incredible. Yeah Sixty one great islands have you seen as islands lately? Now I have he got some work done and it looks nice. He looks really young right here and it that out. Plastic Surgery Nobil. It's for everyone knows it was. He was wearing sunglasses on this podcast. Like, you just got into a title. Fight defended the belt. That's a Hollywood. Fight right there. Get your is done. You come into the press conference with your shades on. CALLANS! Do one elective. Oh! Jesus is lit up. One elected crispy jerk for looks. You feel what actually that. They have the procedure down enough. Could you don't you know? Sometimes, people get their is done, and they look weird for a while, and then they live with that. It's going to settle. It's like. Is it? GonNa settle on, I just get used to the new. That neared sort of like. White is, but you actually have pigment you know. On what is the one plastic surgery procedure? That you think would actually enhance your career and that they and it's got a copy. A Combo and they actually know how to do it. Practice on enough fucking faces. It's gotta be face. obviously with hair transplants I would love to do. Fuck and like Joel McHale style hair transplants his hairpin. He wrote about it in his book. He talks about it openly. He walks totally openly. He has no GonNa do for the whole podcast. Wintry has plastic but China. Where do you talk? About that tonight show okay. Then get dragged into. No his hair is awesome. I would love to get. It would be cool to have one last run of hair like just like fucking just up. Let me. Ask you this one last WanNa hear. What haircut are you going with? You find a week a hair. I would definitely I would just go straight long. I want hair down to here on pulled back on. Put it in a ponytail. Only get up out of the water on it to be everywhere. We talked yoga instructor. We talking to keyboard player in a metal band. Though we're, we're talking sidekick. In point break one of Patrick swayze's sidekicks that long hair. Oh, she got a little highlights highlights, and and it's just like kind of. The checks catch the corner there I. I. See what you're doing flying down the highway a jeep. where I think I had I think about a full headed long hair I would actually want to work out more. I love what he's talking about. Your head just gone everywhere. You can't control it. Man You you like a Mustang out there. Applicant okay, here's the question. If you give Bobby Kelly one style of hair to give bobby start from scratch, all bobby I rate locked the door. And he's losing the weight. But he. He asked to keep the weight on, and he asked to be in like some sort of rockabilly slash donohoe cover ban, and he's got straight up like fucking up and down like that. You're not. A. Little two hips three. What do you think that he's not doing it ironically? Have! Had A haircut. I never saw a man half. When I first came. On this right now. I love when he talks young when he talks about young. thing he goes. I was walking gorgeous like he talks. Like he was like. I. Don't know like a runway model. He had walking hairdo now. You're not gonNA find it. United Looking for you can't I don't think there's any evidence of it. This is like. Early, ninety s when I first met him he had. He had long. Always not long black hair. and. It was all like corckscrewed. That they didn't have problem me back like. Missed the boat he's had great. His had great hair I remember when he shaved it I was shocked at his losing his air. Oh! Yeah He. Did he picked. Up Yeah he had like A. He's looks like a wrestler. I was shocked when he shaved a huge shaved it with frosty I. think he was with frosty rusty said he added Putin's head over the top of the toilet. I think the toilet. Bobby saying I'm sitting here, boy! I! I. GotTa tell. You something. Laws. These thing I've that fucking guy we're after you shave his head. He went right down to the cellar the next night and a hat on sat down and just took it off. And kissed just got it over. It was on, really took his hat off. You know like when someone did it. Kill a joke on Def Jam and it looks like a sea parted in the crowd. That's what happened. and. They found it in powdered impounded. esty was the one who finally made him leave. And it was such a good one I'm not gonNA repeating. Why was it I I don't want He. He gets enough shit. We all get enough shit. Fuck these trolls. I'm not going to help them out. Strolls. The US I would like bobby to have. Michael Hutchence hair, the lead singer from inaccessible. Man What a! Great fucking hair. At poor guy. Lost his sense of smell sense of taste. And he was a pussy how you know! That's too big months to lose. Your Pussy how? Texan Body right now do he got Clark Stat hat is like a division to head football coach. Bill Underside White Lines. These visors are so much better than thin rounded ones. Of those old school thick. Goodbyes and all those things, but I can't wear them during the wear at night if I work during the day, he level left fucking white I. Am I had the light? Matsen? Look at this shit I mean this is just like. You know. This is mount. Rushmore Level Whiteness. And I'm bringing. Outdoor Cardi. Difference. I gave up. I gave up trying to get any sort of colored. My senior year. My senior year right before my senior prom. I went to a fucking cookout. And I took my shirt off and on bird short shorts. And just sat in the Sun. Four hours drinking. Then I remember. I had to put my clothes back on, and then go to work and went to a warehouse. I remember driving over and all of a sudden my four so just felt like you literally could have Friday big on. And I came in, and everybody's looking at me like what the fuck and I said Yeah wrote myself? Pick my shirt off in the whole warehouse when? I so. This was. Like I think a week before the prom. So I went through three or four days of agony, and then by the time the prom came along I felt so bad to my day, dude, I was like night the night before the when you bet levels southern like this, but you're in bed. You're shivering. That Shit, I list there's on my fucking shoulders. Peeling I look like. Like an old person's. So needless to say I didn't try to do anything. From night. But. I just drank a lot. I, remember that I drank a lot and they just Kinda I kinda got the. To drink back in the day when his knees bugging. Really Yeah I watched his documentary on him on. On each meal loss is killer wanted lights one eight hundred also. There's some people in there that are no longer with us, and you get like their perspective, but he's really really open and really talks about his drinking. and. Remember that time when he said to that woman on ESPN so so bad with names. Really WanNa kiss you when he did that whole thing. Stevens COOLEST HELL! They asked her like. What did you think she goes? I was like I. AM seeing a really great man in a really bad moment and she goes. That's why I never talked about it publicly until now, which I thought was really cool sort of old school. Thing. You know what I mean. If that happened now they would. Just you know all the famine would just be all over that. Being loaded destroyed the jumble. Her aides. In, here's half a sentence from a dam. Yeah. Look at everyone getting lit up right now like juicy Kaepernick. Because what people individuals are doing, what Fox News and CNN or They're taking information. And then they cut it up like a slice of bread, and they'd taken out the shit that that doesn't have their. You know what I mean. My thing is somebody's like. Hey, like the guy at Barstool sports state portnoy. Here's the whole email chain. Not The other person is just showing me this much than than. The considering, there's GonNa. Be No trial. You gotta be like okay well. Then my guts, telling the person who's going here's all of this shit versus the people go to. Here's some of this shit. Either way accused or What's the other one? Shit. Here. Ranch. Yeah! We're we're out in the woods yeah. I'm loving the white stubble dude. Yeah good. Bobby Looks Bobby. How much weight are you down now forty? He's gotta be. Forty! Forty pounds tracks bobby. That is so good, you've. You've looked in like twelve years. Resist. That's Billy Burr. He's four months off the road and I'm losing all my young fans. I want to bring Tom. Camp and Bend to Your House and I've met you. Badge, you know. What I remember you for once. Hang on, hang on. We were talking about. L. Start no no no good. We would talk. I was trying to describe to burn. A gorgeous, your hairdo and original your hairdo was. When I first met you. The corkscrew. All's you have to do. Is Youtube last night at Eddie's movie? The opening scene I pull up on a motorcycle. Take my helmet off, and I flipped my girls my little by corkscrew. WHO's? You look phenomenal. Body! I last time. I saw yours like this guy is gonNA. He's GonNa he's GonNa face plant one day. He's not getting up so. Please keep. Seeking Cheeky bed, firebird! There was really sad. It was warm ups, and he literally turned around and walked to the backstop, and just face planted, and that was it. I think the Philly free to back up the four wheeler drama. Drive them off. The free look at bobbies backyard. Isn't it amazing? This camping I'm an. Ally Man. Is that celebrity hate? Acres call sprints Louis CK lives behind me. Yeah. That's that's Louise over the next. You. Those what are those? Own. Fan Santa We used to say it in Iraq. Marshmallow. I always respected that. You kept doing that big even after Patrice was giving you all that Shit Oh, God. I will say. On I gotTa Talk To. My percent. You get back to a great weekend with your kid and we'll be back ignorance here. Wasn't even. In? This guys, can we? Do. back-off listen. I gotta go ahead with the kid I. Love You guys. You guys later. I'm not having marshmallows. Easy I'm not bobby. You're having marsh many owes. US. I love you. Guys attacked twenty. Say Amax. Get Out of here I. Swear to God him. What if you just heard a? Back Naughty Hung Up. WHO's this guy? That's my. I gotTa get Andrew Can you get that? Can You I WANNA I? WanNa use that as bobbies tone was just getting the. It's interesting that we have. We have There's probably some word for it, but we have memories of our friends of their acts from twenty years ago. That never leave us like little things. They did where you go. Oh, I'm never gonNA. Forget that for whatever reason marshmallows or or You know what I don't have one from your act. I just have a look that you had. And I was like. Why is he doing that? He's not that guy. What was the look? It was when you were with Berry cats. And Barry for some reason was telling all of his client listen. If you want to be taken seriously in this business, you need to wear an Armani suit. Everyone all one of my clients they see on stage. You'll look like you're on the tonight. Show and the next thing you know you're doing letterman. That's what he said. And I went down, and I was like yeah. I'm not wearing a fucking Armani suit and I went down and you had on this Joe Patchy silver. I don't know what it was men's warehouse trying to be an Armani and then you had like Caesar Haircut. bangs with the Moose. I'm like going. This guy is the dude. You want a drink within a bar. These the Frat easies yet it may. Never thought you know he should be shirtless on stage. I mean. You've run the gamut, but that was during the era doom at night I jumped onto this look, remember when everybody was this weird time or Comedians? An agents were dressing the same. You had the that that electric blue button down with the black fucking slacks Hillary Clinton pantsuits slacks in. In your hair most up I did that for. Eighteen months. And then we all graduated to the exact same that we all shall on a special jeans, black shoes, black shirt, black bundle, MIATA. That's what people were saying. You want your special to be timeless. Don't do any topical material. Don't wear stuff that's going to be out of date. I just went through this whole Cleaning up my office and I went to all of these photos and Shit Dude. I will tell you. The worst decade ever for fashion. Is I'm just speaking for White. People here was the ninety S. O! When it went from grunge into the hip hop grunge combined what they hip hop bagging. Do I have some pictures. Amine, these giant like Linus. Look in shirts. Where like this shit? He had what it was is supposed to be like right here, right? The same studios like down here. That was in the best shape. My ads and I was walking away away with like a fucking potato sack. The nineties route bad time for clothing for me? It was baggy jeans like the big bell bottom jeans. Like, crave virgenes. Yeah! Those were horrible all of that shit you got it down. The village and everybody thought they was so fucking hip. Those stores, there was a store on the corner of Cornelia and like West Fourth. That was just like. You, I remember I remember one of my buddies came from Tallahassee up to visit. And he walked in, and he was like dude. I just bought all new clothes at his place. I was like no one shops there. Yeah but he's looks like he looks like the man when he went back to Florida. Did you probably get gay bashed in Tallahassee. A Eighth Street was the place where I went like whenever I needed the the Deniro three-quarter jacket. I had one that had zip lining. The court weighed like thirty pounds. It's probably my shoulders, a fucked up all those years riding and coach trying to reach up into the air. Where that giant coach because I couldn't take it off, it was like another person. Those coats where the the three quarter length, leather coats I still have. I got an a banana republic and I remember. I put that on and. Finally. Belong in New York. Like I below. Put a scar fallen ahead gloves. I'm like I'm worker. Know More Tallahassee out of never had this in Tallahassee. I'm here, Baby. Everything that made me unique in New, York. I now look like everybody else did the same thing I still have one. It's a really nice when I started wearing down the comedy store befall this ball with a winner I was wearing it again. It almost looks like a suit jacket, but it's a jacket. It's a black leather three-quarter. And I was I was putting on I liked his coat. I was asked by. Wipe the Mike Can I get away with this Joseph. I think what she's quints. Kind of looks it up Doug. That I have that played on a loop mess. Why look like an asshole when I show up Dane? A bad ass Dane had good leather coat game for like in like early two thousands. Danes Leather, coat game was I was like he'd show. Have you got a fucking motorcycle? Where did he get? That jacket? Dan has a sick motorcycle. Does he really? Didn't know that is one of the best looking I. think it's a do coty one of the best. I've seen it's. Like it's one of those things. Even if you didn't ride if he just had it in your garage, you could just sit there and look at it. Go I would love a motorcycle I would to. Jones and for one I want to get like a dirt bike, but I just you know. But then I always think whenever I think about buying investing in a hobby like that see. Here cats in the cradle in the sube is. A man in the moon, we tell you about that helicopter ride. I had not flown in since January. Then the tragedy would koby happen, and my wife told me to stop flying and Shit, so I was like I know I was pretty shook up. You, pretty shook up when you see a pilot with that skill level, bad happen. And off. Months went by. And I just missed the dude I fucking missed it in I. I love the challenge of it and the test in stay current in. It was really like it was activating part of my brain, God knows I only use a small portion of that I never used so. Had A friend of mine has a friend who has an star. On, you want to see it on the poster over here. I'll show you the one here. I gotTA. Turn it around. Turn ran right now. Bill Bill Bill, yes. This girl! Look at her Ila. Someone turned nine years old yesterday. Can get in the movies for half price. Yeah, I'm still. Which one is it all right? It is right there that one. Okay That's a single. This one here is the twin. A single engine. So I flew that phone this one before, but I usually find that little rinky-dink one right there the twenty to. Forty four, but I flew the big boy there and I gotTa tell you man fuck in. It was incredible and I have not and I. I knew I wasn't gonNA fly. Tipping not being able to hold the Harvard 'cause I never fly those things. And do it just came right back. I'm not saying I flew I didn't fly. You know. I've. Within my skill set I flew great and just from. Doing the instruments, stuff and everything I was really cognizant of my altitude. I might scan used to be really bad or if I look down to change the radio I go down two hundred feet or go up three hundred, which I know sounds really fucking crazy, but it's not. It's not I I flew a plane one time, and just the littlest littlest thing like that all sudden in airplane. We would lose altitude. Yeah so with those things. I was finding compared what I'm used to flying I felt like I was flying like this to maintain a level attitude, but it's just. And then also, what does I love that I love the helicopter, but I also find like when I was taxiing with this a major blindspot. I heard that those guys sometimes kind of. Turn it to the side, so they can make sure you know because it was like ca jets and stuff. YEAH THOSE G! Whatever's sitting there? So when we got back to the airport I said to the guy was filings like. Do you take control? I don't. I feel comfortable sitting down here, but he wanted me to get closer to the jets as I i. really don't want to be in a youtube video. Why don't you Evans Sloan five months here, but I had such a great time. I flew out of Van Nuys, fucking spider flying. I fuwad Van Nuys. So we took off made left just got on the one. Oh, one like I was going to Hollywood. After. Get Out of Van Nuys. You get on, get on with the Burbank, and then you go to Langa pass is a universal like right here on the Hollywood bowl and then. Capitol records. Out Over silverlake dodger stadium downtown La. looped around all the skyscrapers townhall down. There was so cool, and then even was a hazy day, and then I followed the ten stay north of the ten Sierra lax airspace. Medaglia across on Santa Monica will close just in case anybody to traffic I'm just going through this. Remember how to do it then over the Pacific palisades up. Malibu, And then went over the hills, and then came back down and Calabasas Pass. Up Malibu's where. That that is so fucking beautiful out there. It's weird though you kind of cut off. From. I saw two fucking houses out there even for Malibu it was like what the fuck when you see from the air. To on the Giant Hill one zero one was here in their their. Yards like they had like a like a legit whole a golf it looked like. And then they had like you. Know I I don't know. Are you of like the old? Style Shit you. Know I'll tell you what I want to tell you about this here. My Office. It has a bathroom in there with like a stand up shower. In my brother came out to visit. So we give walks into the house and he's like he goes belly. Hot Water is not working. Now like what the fuck as a guy I gotta get, that fixed had come inside us our bathroom right so I had a guy fuck come in here and he goes. All Right I have because back now. Because not only is the hot water, not working. It's not even hooked up. But there's no hot water line out here. So good fuck you today did put like they put the handle. It was like a dummy handle. All you want like. No one is coming up real. Oh! Yeah, so I had to put a hot water? Hot Water Heater into this. I can't. Even I've spent so much fucking money on southbound. I'll never get it back I like I. Like your your mean. Your House is beautiful. I like that style I also like those Malibu I. I wish my Dream House would be one of those houses where your houses up here you walk down, and the pool is in the backyard, and it's just a square. It's like a rectangle symbol rectangle with coping in grass, everywhere with like tall trees on the side. Like that kind of look that you know it's like almost like old school estate. Look hough. Great Pool is that old. Cecil B. House. Dean del Rey got me into like. Houses and Shit. And he he likes everything from I. Always want to call the Guy L Ron. Hubbard I know it's not that the architect. Frank Lloyd Wright. Express journals. Yeah I keep like when we were in Iowa together, he goes. Do we gotta leave this hotel in the middle of Fucking Iowa? Because there's a Frank Lloyd Wright hotel down the way and I'm like really dude I'm telling you. It's incredible so. Let's stay down there. I went down. The Bar got hammered down there. I thought like. I didn't know who I thought was going to come walking like the legends of Hollywood and we're going to be like when they were young. Come walking in. It was incredible, although this guy did talk my ear off, and I was shit faced too, and he was inaugurated when your fucking hammered. Somebody's still annoying you. It's an amazing thing for me because I am a happy drunk. And I was about eight or nine in. Out of still like he's is fucking. Chatty Cathy here. Let me enjoy my drink so I like. The Mediterranean style houses out here just because we never had anything like that back east and other than that. I do like the the CRAFTSMAN's houses. And then other than that I like the super modern. Just those ridiculous look in fucking. They're all like glass, but definitely just like this hacky comedy. Dislike Hacky! Sure. Like every me and my wife watched those those architectures shows, and they're always doing the stupid standalone bathroom I mean bathtub right next to a giant window. Like you WanNa, be shower, and in front of you in front of neighbors like every single ten Taus I've seen that would you just not too I thought you were quarantined by yourself. What cruiser? Yeah we're all quarantined together. Burt podcast is sponsored by Heath Bar. And we got the tour bus at the House and we're living in the tour bus for just a day or two just to make sure that we don't like. Make sure there's no residual. Symptoms, and then we're bouncing. Some people left already, but the most of us here. That's awesome and how tore got? Out of this world bill I gotta be honest with you. Probably the coolest thing I've ever done in my career it it. It made me feel like a legit Rockstar to travel with three tour buses, so you had my tour bus tour bus for the crew. And then a semi that dragged the stage with us, so we get there. How did you make any money? You, do it's you you do? Not a ton of money, but you make money and for me I heard how much money you make with the second you do you go? You do. Don't so. So, what happens is you go in. They build a stage morning of and then they set up a three cameras shoot, and then they shoot at on a ninety by ninety foot screen above the stage, so everyone's in their car. They're watching the screen, but they can see you, so it's kind of like when you go and do those big venues where they put the screws up, people watch the screens regardless, but it was amazing. Bill and I think what it was amazing about. It was being able to let everyone get out of their house. Let everyone know that they're going. Going to be safe, their safety was up to them. They had a area that was designated for them in their car. If they wanted to tailgate in front or behind, they could, they could keep socially distance wear masks, and it was amazing. They get open doors at seven and people start piling ended. Show starts at nine, so there's two hours where people are smoking meets Grill burgers making they come in and a pickup truck inhabit filled with water in the back in the pool. They're throwing the football plan. Cornwall, they're drinking booze and the OPIE and Anthony tour to me. It was. The Sun would set soon. Citizens Sunset people start getting ramped up and then the show starts, and the shows were awesome I. Think People were so appreciative of of of maybe. Not being a big money, grab letting people go out and get outdoors and live a little bit this summer. I think that's good to hear because the reason why I haven't done any shows is I. Don't WanNa get people sick. Because, you could literally do a show because you did show. Somebody loses their grandparents or somebody with asthma or something. I don't I. Don't want you know we'll. Bad WanNa I. DON'T WANNA kill anybody. I'll tell you this. We did some club shows, and some were dun-rite, and some were done wrong, and you would have to go into the club and be like hey. I'm not comfortable with this I need you to like we went into a I'll tell you what who did it perfect. I mean a lot of places that have perfect, but Lisa in Des Moines did a soft opening to try to test out social distancing and did it perfectly. They removed all the tables, and then they spotted tables like socially distant throughout the room and it was fucking. I mean perfect. Everyone was at least envied away from the other person, and so places are doing it right. They really are places. Other places are. You know it's it's tough to state to state. Everyone kind of has their own state's version of what they believe. Safety is so the states that are hot spots. Hot Spots for a reason and people are going going to bars, and they're hanging out in bars, and despite even social distancing some people would just move. They sit down and they go alice. Get closer age you know, and so you can't really dictate. How American should live to an American and that's why I think. If I go out. I'm not going to do clubs again. I'm just GONNA do. Just, GonNa do the drive in movie theaters. The movie theaters were fucking safe, and they were great shows like one hundred percents, and then at the end. Standing ovation and everyone gets in their cars and starts flicking their high beams at you and beeping their horns. It was like you were getting abducted by fucking aliens standing on the stage. Everyone's losing their mind. The playing black betty from Ram jam, everyone's flagging them and then I, get in a golf cart. Stand on the back. Get cocktail shirt off and we while everyone sat in traffic to exit. We drive by the cars away. Everyone and thank them. It was such a great experience. You went above and beyond. That's awesome. For me for me, it was like I didn't think I was GONNA. Make any I made money, but I didn't think I was going to make much money wanted to film it, but more importantly I knew that I got to a certain time in the scoring team where I was like i WanNa fucking do something man like I'm tired of this ought to see a ban if they put a band up at a at a drive in movie theater I'd be there tomorrow if I wanted I would love to get more of my friends and do a close out end of summer festival like just one show and. I got a little kid out. Obviously, you've got a son Zoe month. Oh, there's a drive in movie theater Tarantino. Sean once upon a time in Hollywood. There's one east of. Downtown La. I've always wanted to go to. You know if you wanted to do was show out there. You know and then that's also one that you could. You could turn that into a benefit. Help some people out small businesses or something like that. Because, we could just drive out there, and then come right back literally is. Funny Zero contact the whole crews and masks and gloves the crew backstage. You go on stage and when you get off, they go up. Grab your mic. Pull it. They wipe a brand new. Mike the Brand. New Mike Up for you. It is the safest I've ever felt. That's amazing. Yeah, the safest I've ever felt and I I texted like I've been texting with a bunch of people that have been curious about how these are going, and because I think other people would like to do them. It's very expensive like you gotta be. It's a tough ticket. Sell you know so Listen if you can do something for people. That's positive. You Know I. think that's that's a. that's a great thing. My thing is I just have to be home for the first three months here. Once once junior sleeping through the night which last night we had a great night. He was he was up. Ten. Twelve been rough. And then. Like. He fell asleep at midnight and I'm like I should go to sleep and I couldn't sleep. I'm fucking on my phone like one in the morning. You know just looking at Shit and then I finally fell asleep and then he woke up at like. Three thirty my wife breasts. And then it's my my job to change him and then get them back to sleep, so. I was like all right, and he just wouldn't go back to sleep. And then he just started I thought. He pooped so I went to take the thing off, and there was no poop in there, and then that will come up again. I was like faulk back on the exercise ball doing this shit. And then he just. Now, I. was like from Mike Four about ten after five, but then he went down. Because I have down like what I do is I bounce up and down like this, and then I slow the bounce down then I start doing like a rock like this. Okay and then one of the rocks becomes the STANDUP. Oh, I remember that and Iraq becomes to stand up. And then I brought him over the thing and I was like I was just like I'm just setting him down. Like I would set down something that I like. inanimate. Object if, going. Do that you somehow role ahead that going to wake up, I just went over I just won't set them down took my hands out. That was it and I just stood there for like five seconds. Little. Right the bed right and I was in bed and I slept like A. Summer retreat seventy eight. My daughter was just going down. I just. Like I, can't I just can't. Right everybody. MANSCAPING. Fallas, are you prepared to unveil your summer? Bod Man Scape is here to ensure that your post quarantine body is ready for the wild. Don't be the guy at the beach with the bear rug on your chest. Energy Gruesome Quarantine May, and if you grew some quarantine meant it's the least you can do is make sure they're hairless. MANSCAPING is dedicated to helping you level up. Your body full stocked. I suck at reading. That's. 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K. expressed the moment he he was defining the moment from when you put your second child in the car seat. And you shut the door. He goes that moment from shutting the door to getting the driver's car. That's my vacation. Such a great like observation I remember going like Oh my God that's. That little moment of freedom. You have your like I'm. Anyone like fucking five seconds getting this car. You re I've realized that what being a really good husband and a father is is. Sort of been bracing comedy of your existence where? It's like. I don't know how to put it in the words without. Pissing fucking women off, but it really is like you have to Kinda. Like your emotions. Don't mean anything to anybody. You kids don't care. The the woman in your life isn't GonNa care like their emotions are priority. You gotTa Keep Your Wife Happy and you've got to keep your kids happy, and it's just like you know like. Just used as far as like when people call up and they check in house the kids. How's your wife wiped off God Lesser God bless. Cheese has. Kids all. They're so cute him about, and there's GonNa be no one's going to check in with you and as far as like that Joe Vacation. My thing with that is I just talked to other dads. And you don't you just start to tell that story and you just laughed and just start to start fucking lapping. At the. Your, almost it's your. It's this weird thing where everyone knows where you are, but you're also invisible. Yeah it's. It's really fought, so you have to be like. I kind of figured it out like a couple of days ago. Knows just like no. This is what it is in. This is the way it's supposed to be because this is the only way it works, so man the fuck up. Go. Make yourself a ruby a flow to something. If you feel sad there freckles, but like I really. Telling, you that is like. That's that's. That's what it is king on you. They don't give a fuck. You just like a giant like us like a bouncy house to. And then to everybody else is going to be like an employee. Young mechanic, could you go get there? Could you? I explain to my daughter's a home, but I can't come home and they're. You know they're in high school they they get it, but they're so used to me being smarter about things like that that they're like Oh dad. It's Ok Dad we want you to come home I go. No, I'm and then they drove over last night and they're sitting in the car and they're like shocked at I'm Stan distant an because I was waiting for the test results one hundred percent. We got him this morning like eight in the morning, but I'm sitting distance from the Garnham I'm going to be in the bus for a couple of days, I hope we're GONNA. Hang out here and they're like dad. You're being hoop pants and I go no stop I go. This is what a responsible dad does and I was like Oh shit I'm being responsible the and give me credit for this land land. Talk to them about it and like so wait. He really is making sure that we don't get sick and. Like. Unrepresentative if you'd come home before statutes Rin he would have no clue and it would be responsible. And a husband, you're the left tackle. What is you're just protecting the blind side in only like total fuck in. Football nerds know the name of the left tackle on the team, and everybody knows the quarterbacks and receivers. That's basic. Even defensive linemen mates a sack. It gets to do a dance. Gastineau. Video of Mark Gastineau from the top of his second storey house into his pool diving in it. He went head first ED first off the second story of his house into. It's fucking pool. How deep is it I? have no idea. To fifty to sixty, and he is is in like a pair of short shorts and just. And it I mean I was like Oh. He's GonNa Break fucking neck. Right Joe the I look big thing in Florida. you go out and vote. It's always feet. I fe- I first time, and so you brought in a boat and everyone's drinking your diamond off then you guys have do more beers. You don't know this. But the tides lowered and all of a sudden now what was ten feet of water is now four feet of water, and you dive any break your fucking neck and never never. Feet I first time everytime we were just on, but that you went feet first, but then the tide went down I for every time you get in the water feet first time. Job If I. May here if you're on a boat, if a certain amount of time has gone by. Feet first. When you could not unloading. Unloading the bus, and so they're coming in and out, unload the boss. Just see like share has a rack of clothes like a wardrobe, just picturing you with all these different like Hawaiian tank-tops. Five. Five wines. At a couple visors some sunhats at the bill, my big purchase, my new favorite thing are these short shorts on looking. I don't know if I want to see him. Oh, God. Like. Do you remember those Latino? Boxer used to wear those the Macho? Man Camacho he's come on. It was like I love them they're like. Do you ever dolphin running shorts? When we were kids, they were like I. Try to stay away from shorts. How white my legs are! Love wearing these everyday. Yesterday we went to no. Day before yesterday. Close the tour out to celebrate. We got a dress like an old white woman playing slots tax. I got my. I got my mask on. Are you need? The cigarette going like a fucking Miller High Life This to drink a beer bill I'm going back on the wagon tomorrow on this close to drinking a beer. That's good though I how. Let me. Live vicariously through what we drink while you were out there who? I'd take A. We, so we only had like three days off. So I'd take a double Tito's onstage with me. W. Doesn't show stage with being a big last crushed crushed drive in movie theater ice crushed the like popcorn ice Ojo bill buck and filled all the top right. Tito's halfway soda. The halfway in and freeze would would go on the outside last from the do in the night air. It was such a great drink. Have A. Right when I started. I do an hour an hour. Thirty dancing that was. Very Romantic I do an hour material and I'd go all right with stories. You guys want to here. And I tell two stories usually flying dildos in the machine, and that's when I start drinking my drink. Get off stage and another one waiting for me. We on the back of the golf cart have drinks as you go around and say hi to everyone in their cars. When everyone's in their cars drive by five feet away. Thank you come in. Get back to the tour bus now. Everyone's in the tour bus right? Everyone's in the tour bus. We got two hours. We leave, and that's when you start putting back like Paul and then I'd have maybe another. And then I go to. Aren't you paying over just? You know we just have we had said that. He drove every night, so he was sleeping during the day. So we had stuff to do. During day we went rafting down the Rio Grande. We drove race cars we did. We did a bunch of really cool shit, but we had to a producer in Denver. Who Call ahead and make sure that everything was distant, so we rolled into a place. Everything was clean. Everything was no one was there. It are entirely. So! Pay a little extra to make sure that everyone was safe because. I realized we didn't have an out plan of someone got sick like if someone got sick, the whole bus was getting sick and we're all getting crony bars so I just said I'm a pay someone in Denver to be kind of like four steps ahead of us everywhere we went, and then so when whether it was hotel, rooms or activities, everything was all setup set aside for us. We just rock in no contact to it and then bail out. It was really fucking who your tour manager is, but they. They crushed it. Oh, yeah! We have to I two on this tour. One on one in Denver, but we did, we went to A. Lake Sand Hollow yesterday two days ago. To the end of the tour I said where we have a day off, and we were waiting for test results. Come as we didn't WanNa go home so I, said, let's all go. We'll get a pontoon. Boat will be socially. Distance will be in the center of a lake. We don't have to deal with anyone bill. It was one of the most beautiful days I've ever had. You know who I want to do. A Tour I want to run with you me. Joe Bartnik and Paul Varzi Oh. Let and let me plan the tour like let me plan all the extracurriculars because we did everything I mean we had so much fucking. Fun It just on the road trip just like you roll into a city and then our my, my my producer, stacey in. Denver would be like ardinger activities for you guys to do. These activities, if not hang out at the at the drive in Sundays GonNa get to the drive in little late, and you just run five miles. Get take the hose wash off fucking out of this world. It was so much fun. And you know what you know. It's crazy. Bill is like I. Don't like talking about this shit too much, but to hear all the guys on the crew individually a certain times. Go Him and thank for getting me back to work. I've been not working this. All summer is going to help. Like little things like you like fucking. Pump money back into the economy. Help people keep their shit. Do like that the rest of the year if if I could. Well. LET'S TRY TO DO A. We'll do a big show and like now. I'm just nervous because I haven't done. Stand up since March I'm just I don't feel like going to A. Bombing I WANNA, make sure I do a good job of the pace around my garage. Trying to remember how my act went. We'll get you know what we'll do I'll get I'll get the drive in movie theater out here and I'll get all of us out there, and we'll each do like fifteen minutes it'll be we'll do. We have all the money to a charity and it'll be fucking do I'm telling you when you're getting ready to go on stage and the sun setting and you see him. People out in their car and they got their seats out. There hoods off and they're sitting in the back of their trucks. You see smoke coming up. People are playing wiffle ball. You just like this is America man. This is like I got. Something that's usually painted on the side of a van. Top your drink? It was so awesome. It was so awesome I I'm like I'm glad to be home. I'm glum very labor safe like it was tough like right towards the end. Where you start like we were in Fort Collins and we went skiing for the day and wake surfing, sweet, a surfboard, and behind the wake and you surf on the wake. It was funny shit. We went out late night. Trump is fucking a thunderstorm cayman lightning, striking the water where like ours out of this world but Live a bachelor party. I feel like Oh yeah I. I went all out why this wasn't a very prosperous store. Yeah, but you had to have fun I'm GonNa Send You A. Show you this is. Something that I'd seen before and had not looked at in a while remember. I was telling my Rogan I'm saying how I like Weird Shit. Once, he something fucking cool as Hell Yup. I'll pick this one here. A fucking cool. Is that thing? That is fucking awesome the that. Yes Volkswagen. Jeep. A nineteen, that's nine, hundred, sixty one. That's actually says Willie's at C. which meant forward control, basically major sitting over the engine holy. fucking tree in that thing, but I would imagine that that thing was like three on the column. That looks like the funnest little fucking thing like when I when I see something like that. That's makes me wish I. didn't live in La. Lived in the middle of nowhere and Hannah, some property and I could just drive around in that thing just fucking around but I know after a while I would go insane. I think if you grew up in the country. You like the country to grow up more city like the city so. I WANNA. Live on the beach. You going to be a man. You'RE GONNA. move out to Malibu. Again you son of a bitch? If after this divorce I mean whenever it happens, who knows? I'm my wife I much money you have it you go after my divorce. Moving to Malibu went that fucking trailer parked trailer park out there in my tour bus. I'M GONNA. Move My tour bus up there. I couldn't leave and I don't even know. The my credit cards got frozen bill, and because I was traveling, and so I called the animated target, trying to buy a a a boombox type thing, so we can have it on the boat on a call Anna My. Credit cards frozen. She was just calm and unfreezing I don't how to do that. She goes. You being serious about I. Don't know just. Can you do it for me and she goes? Yeah. I can do Korea, but don't ever fucking forget this. I was like Oh. Yeah, if I left my wife, I'd be standing in the front yard with my new girlfriend going. Can you unlock our credit cards? Well you know what happens all the charges that you had? It was so fucking ran like he buying coolers and Tequila and fucking. You know like all this fun shit. They probably like on what the fuck is. This guy who lives in l., A. Whitewater rafting, or whatever the fuck you were doing on the Rio Grande? That's the one thing we didn't spend any money on booze. They. Know so many, so many breweries hit me up eighty five south I. think it was eighty five south now. That's a podcast. I like eighty. Five is a brewery in south. Carolina there like just dropped off pallets. Everywhere we went. Someone was a micro drop off talents a beer, and then every venue you get a bottle of Tito's, and and then, and then they bring in Buffalo trace sent some not nice. Everyone just Kinda like sentenced then I got like a pound of marijuana in Colorado. Oh yeah of I got these joints. That are one feet long like they just gave me like you'd go there and I think everyone was so excited that you were coming to like they're driving or that were just like everyone was so excited. They just come in and just drop off tons of like gifts, and it was out of this world. I mean barbecue. People dropped off. Barbecue is out of this world. Works on, what's your favorite beer? You never heard of that some Razzi. oh good! Oh good. This beard, so it's called. Find Out. Let me give me give me a second. I was in Australia. This is a beer out. There called little creatures. The first time I went there I had was fucking delicious, and then the next time I went there. I was out in Perth in their brewery I. Think their main breweries out earth. In after I visited the bond, Scott Statue in his grave buried out in Perth. I went over there in had his show, and I was like I'm just going to have won three later. I was looking at my wife. All right I gotTA GET OUTTA here. Because I'M GONNA fuck this show up tonight. I'm Dave. What's the beer that we love the good good vibrations? Going from Auckland on. The Yeah Yeah. What was that one? It's food fight. gave. Comments Space Common. Space Common Space Dude this. It's in Hawthorne California Right. I can send it is. It is building. Beer is so fucking good. I got really into case. I didn't exurbs afraid I was getting crowded virus I. DON'T WANNA. Make sure. I saw my sense taste. But. Yeah, what's the name of it? But I'm cooking. Interest the. Comments. And off our California talking all tomorrow I'll call you later, okay? Cleveland around Christmas time and they had that Christmas. No. That's another really good one. And they only make it. It's like you know Sam Adams who have like summary during the summer? They do the same thing in some sort of Christmas Ale I actually tried to get it a case of its sent to me. When we go to the Rose Bowl. Is Jay Lions are cook on that day. We Jay Jay. From Cleveland I was going to surprise them with like a rack of that Shit. He got be kidding me up. What's his face on Nick? Nick? Cost is hilarious was trying to work it out. I, don't know if you don't always see I. am course I love Nick. He's what the going over state with the liquor laws. You can't do. That guy man. He's a great guy I love. You is still punching people out at likes fucking seventy. Right I I did a week there and and I was asking. My Club was just going through. That's one place I could have made so much fucking money. When he opened up calamities I was there in like he forty the only thing on the block, and like they used to have like a security guy. Walk you over. To Euclid Avenue whatever it was over to the hotel, and it was like look like escape from New York. There was nobody down memorable looking at. The apartment building right across mic on. fucking money, I would buy this. I was seeing all these rust belt. Towns were starting to come back in Pittsburgh with Soda. Leading it I felt as far as just like all of a sudden all this tech industry came in there in revitalize the downtown, and of course now you go there. It looks like the fucking bully will show on that street, but anyway I was. Asking is it going every goes? Yeah, it's been good. A little problem with You know this you know. What he just sort of glazed over, and then lie had told me the story. Some fucking guy would move his car or some shit like that, and then you know. He stepped to him in. The guy made the mistake of taking a swing at him. And the guy was like in the prime prime of his life I can his twenties and I guess Nick had no problem handling him, and I always thought that that would be a great movie. You true tough guys never really say what they did. They did you do the head a little trouble? And then you smash cut to him. Just fucking beaten his shit out of this guy. And then coming back because he's always dressed like really old school gentlemen type of thing I remember being I remember being that club is probably the last time I was there. I was working. With a couple younger men male comics. And maybe it's the second. And what's that me, too? Story and I had my shirt off. It was a couple young males in there and. Nick a was hanging out after the show and it's my favorite is when you get the hang out with like that and then just talk about the business and talk about. What it was I. can what what it's like looking out like all the futures and just talk comedy, and I remember one of the young comics like having a world when neck and he goes I'm GONNA get up I'm going to try to see if I can get these checks to go back to the hotel room with me. And I remember thinking I. Remember Thinking. You'll never make it in comedy like you don't care about this. The this is so much more important than Bosie hanging out with Nick and getting him to talk comedy and tell you just like the littlest thing. I hung on his words. I'm so much more fascinated by that than fucking any like. I was like Oh. You're missing it like this. I can tell you this story. Bar. Ever, tell you this story. I'm fucking senile now. I met to amazing women there. was after the show I think I was signing DVD's. WHO's like the late two thousands? So hanging with Nick and he's telling stories or whatever these women come up to say Hello Mike How's it going and they know? You know goes. What are you guys do here? What you guys do here in Cleveland and they go. Oh, we're gold diggers. And I was. Like what and they both laughed? They go where gold diggers. So this is what basically? There was nothing going on in Cleveland and I was just going like. I with all due respect. Cleveland Ohio. Where you digging for gold out here and do they broke down the whole game. Like I took that number I was doing this show Joan Rosa uninformed. These are the two loss guests. Those one guy in San Francisco in Asian cabdriver with the most severe southern accent I ever heard. He's I. Like Don knotts. Japanese was just born in the south and I was like Oh my God. I gotta get this guy, but we'll be Nancy I think. I don't know what. Happened, but and then there was these two, so they broke down the whole gamut of so, where do you meet these guys? Like I. Want to hear how this whole thing works. She goes well. You know we go to steakhouses and I'm like. Of course. That's where old guys with money you know. That's the perfect age gap or whatever they got. You know you're not going to fucking Wendy's. They go to a steakhouse, and then the next move was. Somehow? They would go to cavaliers game. These guys would try to impress them, so they would sit down courtside. She goes then when you're at the game. You're trying to make eye contact with the player. So? They're trying to use them to get to the next thing. And then they had all of these rules. Will you never drink a drink unless you saw? Get poured, and your girlfriend looks out for you. You never go to the bathroom at the same time. She has to watch your drink. And she goes in. Be usually about the third quarter. When the guys would realize we weren't going home with them, because he would drive separately to to Gunderman, backdate broke. Do when I tell you. I sat there for like ninety minutes like. And I was like. Would you guys WanNa? Do Radio, would you WANNA come? We we just had like no budget. And it was the usual thing I got their business card, and then by the time I got back I had no fucking idea where it was. It was unreal. I went I went to after DC. Improv show these two lesbians. Were hanging out partying late night and they're like. Hey, we're going to go to a strip club going to go to stroke club without snows like buck. Yeah, let's go to a strip club so awesome, so we go to the Strip club around the corner, my opening actors, the young lady at the top is still lady, but she was going to go, and she bailed. Okay, then I'll just go with them and get there. And they know unmarried, and they give me a drink and I go to put into my lips and I thought. I Bet I'm getting rolled. I bet these two women are going to. They brought the drink over sat down, and they brought the drink and handed it to me, and as I went to take a sip, I went. This is how it happens. This is how you get drugged and brought back to a hotel room and robbed and I was like who and I was like I'm not a in trying to have sex with. Anyone was like that's okay so I go up to the bar go to. So go to the bathroom. Go Up to the bar a hand. The drink to the bartender said Hey. Will you pour me the exact same drink same glass? Just get rid of this one. And he was like what happened, and I said I didn't. Someone gave it to me I. Don't on, want it, anyone. No charge gives it to me. Tim Comeback. Have the drink and they're totally cool and. We get another round another round, and then they look at me and they go. Hey. You WanNa just go back and fuck us and I'm like. Ladies. This is more than worth event. The just the fact that I tell my friends this happened. Thank you so much got up walked about Rio. Bill I walked out and I started calling people on the street walking down through DC going. Okay, you're never gonNA believe it. Just I called my wife. I was like. Beans wanted sex-abuse. She was like they were gonNA hug. You Steal Your Shit? Can they ever give it up? Honey, what did you ever see in me? A. Can't walk in they just. Of, has they love you? They'll do. Yeah. They can't have you walking around. Feel good about yourself. You'll be putting off this vibe and you're going to attract something, so they gotta have. They gotTA keep you. They just can't can't fuck. Give it up. I got in bed that night and I thought. This is so such. A dork Phil thought to have my thought. I am happier. That I have a wife that I can call out of a strip club and save. Two Lesbians wanted to have sex with me, and then me and burlap about and she was like. They were GONNA drug. You Steal Your Shit. I'm happy that I have that. Then if I had had sex, two lesbians after shook up like that's means more to me that I got. This partner can be like Yo i. these tubes WanNa. Fuck me and the that's my wife. I was I. was laying in bed giggling. Yes yes, the old days on the road back when you could, fuck can be out there. This is making me. Make Me WanNa do there's a bunch of places that you know. If, it didn't involve me being on a fucking plane. Like how did you get out this? He'd like I would love to go. Do a run at fucking hilarity, but it's just like I don't know. That's an inside Gig, and then it's also like I'm going to sit on a fucking airplane with three hundred other people. Because you know, they're gonNA jammed in there. We have no tour bus I got took the tour bus from La. North Carolina all the way back. North Carolina wait. You drove a tour bus from here to North Carolina. And back then back all right so you GIG on the way out. You're on the way out all the way. Stand up live in Phoenix LAS cruces new. Mexico San Antonio I say that on breaking back. Because I didn't know how to say it's A. It's an interesting city in the middle of in the middle across the Mel Paso halfway between like Phoenix and San Antonio. Sorts of one of the stops when you hit across, you always kind of go. New Orleans San Antonio Las cruces Phoenix, then home or I think las cruces, all the way to l., A. New Mexico yet is. He saying you go PHOENIX. San, Antonio, and then back then we weren't Phoenix Las cruces been Antonio new. Orleans Birmingham. took the ten the hallway. We drove across and then up until Alabama than into north. Carolina and the Charlotte then Greensboro South. Carolina than from Greensboro we went to Indianapolis and the Tulsa than the Oklahoma. City, and then to Fort Collins and Fort Collins to. Salt Lake City Salt Lake City to Hurricane Utah in a Hurricane Utah. La Hurricane Utah's the only one I never did raining. It's that's where that place. We took the riverboat out of the Pontoon boat out whole I've posted a video. We got I got in the middle of the lake. Right swam out to the middle of Lake by myself. Bearn hands I'll do that. We took the dry and I grew up in Florida really good. Thrown down nobody drowns in Florida. Say they take the drone down from like five feet above the water and I said Happy Fourth of July. America stay socially distant, and then they shoot drone up like a thousand feet, and you see that there is no one around me I'm in the middle of the lake, and then we shoot up to the mountain scene in Utah fucking gorgeous. fucking. Cool shot, man. made it out alive. taught us how to swim. And swimming out you can swim. Now is not the best obviously, but swings in the pool swimming we did. We were at a truck. Stop in in new, Orleans and alert. And then and then yesterday two days ago, he jumped off a cliff with a life preserver on jumped off a cliff into the water, popped up like who? Wears Goggles Snorkel. Because? He likes to see what's below him, but yeah, it was great. Good now. That's that's that's good instincts. I don't mind the lake I fucking hate. I will not swim in the ocean. I just will not. these-these Lakes, the lakes in Utah are amazing because they're I. think they're kind of man made, and so there's no predators in. So you can just out at a local through dynamite in their to fish. And now there's nothing left. Yeah! I don't think there's any how. Do you know when I was flying up the coast on Malibu. I didn't other the instructor instructor. Point Ninety Riptide I. Actually saw one looked like from the air. And it was so fucking wildly go. Me Out to sea, so I just kind of do the sidestroked underwater to get out of his fucking thing who the singled like it was like fifty yards wide. Side stroke by the time you got out of it. Like. It's good to see top, so it's like yeah. Few swam up to coaster. Of. Nestle, you would be out of it. But how far out would you be? You'd be? In it. When you're in it, how can you tell that you're not swimming back into it? It's your even realize you're in it. I've been in Riptide a couple times, and you don't realize you're in it until all like all the sudden. You're like Holy Shit, I'm like a hundred yards from the beach and you're like Oh shit. There's a an automatic panic that goes in. And then you're like all right. Come down. Let's just swim sideways and we're just GONNA swim sideways for a long time. And then we're going to tread water and we're GONNA. Come in slowly on our back. If, you do it on your, but that's the one number one thing people. It's so much easier to swim on your back like to get on your back. And just sweat because when you're on your front, especially with waves open water, you have water splashing in your face if you kind of freak out. It's tariffs on your back within like a giant Fucking Sea Urchin. Fuck that. I did it tries to woman. That's a woman that follow on. Instagram well, actually discovered sharps as what I follow, but they post her shit all the time, and she is in the fucking water with like three tiger sharks, the couple other really aggressive ones, and she is like reading these things being like okay. They're all intimidated by that one. That's the Alpha male one. They're all going to do what he does or whatever I'm really paraphrasing here I in like. She. She would make like these fucking moves. It. She was like controlling her space. Where I mean! I I just sitting there like my fucking. Hard in my throat. Going this is GonNa get eaten a lot. I've been in the water with sharks without a cage and It's it's oddly enough very calming. It's not as scary as you'd think like for some reason. You can tell you can tell when a shark is being aggressive it when a shark wants to come at you, I was I was in. The, Great White Shark once. And it was moving with such intention that like like almost like when you see a running back or when you watch. What's his name is Jamal who's running back quarterback for the Ravens. I would see off season. Everybody's name. But when you see, go to the Super, Bowl last year when you see. A shark moves when it's when it's being predatory, it moves like that in the ocean, and then sometimes when you see like with blue sharks or like Like lap ago, sharks, they're just like literally drunk Frat, boys, just high and you can. Grandmother knows move him over a man. Great Whites I've been in the water with great whites a lot like a lot and. That fucking animal is King of the fucking world. That animal scariest fucking Shit. You'd now okay now. Go Watch killer whales, eating great white sharks, Dude, how about that and then did you hear that? The killer whale killed one great white shark, and then they lost all sharks for the rest of the. All sharks disappear from this island because one killer what you will kill great white shark. It. Looked like it was playing with it like it killed. It was playing with the body like he was just having fun. Well they do well. There's so fucking smart. It'll be like two or three of them and what they do, is they? They go from underneath something. They drive it to the surface where it has no exit plan. They bite the fins off. As just fucking Bruce. It's just like. To a great white shark scared. That's like when you see like one of the great boxes of all time you know eventually they get old, and that young comes in, and there's that thing late in the fight where you just see this guy who's never lost has a look on his face. You've never seen before. Seeing a great white shark. Getting Hunted? In seeing this thing like you know like looking over at show. Hey, we just fucking around right here. I know act tough, but I know you guys are the tougher tougher. Loan. It was really yeah. I. Don't know it was. Wait is the first time I ever sort of? Rooted for a great white shark unless it was. Human Beings. I mean if it's going after a swimmer, I'm rooting for the swimmer, but if it's like fishermen and shit like that and people with fish. Even? The people leading putting a hand on his fucking knows I want that arm become us. We had a guy are damage where the guy in South Africa who had his pinky? Just it was down to the bone, and I said we were swimming with great white sharks, and they said what happened. When he goes well, you know I can take him and moved their noses up when they come up to the boat I can push their noses up and who's doing it. And he said in one time I push their nose up, and it moves, and my finger just got caught in between two teeth pulled it out, and it just ripped everything off. I went. Like a chicken wing. My. Nipple started tingling like no thanks. We went to a great white sharks in South Africa at first I. Did it now the second time I did it did we went in the water? And the visibility was bad, so you would only see the shark when it bit on the cage at the last moment much like a shark attack, it would just come from the dark, and you just be sitting on the cage, and you just eat wome mother fucker. It was terrifying. It was. There's a great picture. There's a great picture I'll send you of me in the cage with the sharp fighting on in the cage shot at the top of the boat, and it's just hard and your it is at. That was like fucking surreal. That's something I wanted to do, but I don't want the shark to get hurt. Get stuck in the fucking cage. Just would like to go into the shit. Be Safe, observe it. I don't WanNa fuck with them and get him all riled up, but I know they don't. They have to do that on some level to get him over there. Right for great whites. They lower them into the cage with Shit with the for. For the Galab I'll tell you right now. One of in Holly Eva the greatest experience I've had ever had north shore Shark Adventures. They take you out a mile out. Always every time I've been calm and there are probably thirty Galapagos sharks sharks that are the size of a pickup truck, and there thirty of them, just surrounding a cage, just sitting around the cage, hanging out. I go with my daughters one time, right? I take my daughters out twice so every time I go to to Honolulu I do it. It's the funniest fucking thing and it's. A great Hawaiian ice place like right next to there, so you go there get Hawaiian highs. Get the pineapples on the ride back over Dole plantation. Your back to your oats at this world, so we go with the girls. Girls in the cage and And they get out of the cage and as soon as out of the cage a fucking. Huge. Just breaches next to the just and the grows. And then all the sudden it comes, and it comes underneath the cage, and we just got now comes underneath the cage goes right by the cage, and just lance, and the girls are losing their mind that I was like thank God. We weren't in that fucking cage. We've been in a cage at that time would have been shitting my pants watching a whale coming straight up from the bottom, and you're just going to go fucking. Hit Me. Swallow me, but yeah. I'm a killing. This ban ends. The first thing I'm doing is going to why. I think I'm fucking doing. It's hilarious. The first thing I'm GonNa do is I. Think I'm just GonNa? Go to a cigar. Down just like can I am I. I gotTa be honest who I really enjoyed not traveling. After thirty years of being an airports and stuff like that I really enjoyed being home, but like I've had enough man so i. mean I was on this thread last night. You know what I was up at like one in the morning. Everyone was talking about Kobe. In! The whole fucking texts read was just people in Egos. Questioning scientists it was just like. Everybody. Everybody just wants to be right. It's just like why can't you just admit you don't have a medical degree? Just, fucking do what they say. I went with the walk today with my wife and kids, and like there was just a couple of just fucking. You know and they know you're looking at him and I don't WanNa. Be The asshole being that. Can you put a fucking mask on, but then you walk by my kids fucking doing? Blocking. You know. They're trying to have the first class of quarantining. Like. It doesn't quite apply to me. I figured out these fucking angles. They just have to be fucking different. They can't just be everybody else. You know what I mean like just do this with everybody in like you guys are all sheep. I figured this fucking thing out and you know as much as they blamed trump. It's like I. Don't give a fuck who is in threatened in office? You can't. You can't like police people sucking egos. You just can't do it. They got it all figured out man. Last night last night I was skateboarding around had a few beers and I was like I'm GonNa, escape I'm GonNa just try to get some exercise in go for Nice Long skateboard. I'm coming back and I'm drunk and I fall off my skateboard and my flipflops hit the grind fall hardest fell forward caught myself, but I flip flops for their. CLAPS APP on the cement and this woman comes out and goes. Will you fucking stop it already? And I'm like? Excuse me, she goes you. That's enough enough. You're done and I. was like I was like I didn't know if she knew that I was drunk. And I was like I'm just trying to get home. She was like no, you're not. You've been out here all night and I go. I haven't. She goes with the fucking fireworks and I go. On skateboarding, she goes. How old were you not skateboarding on forty-seven she goes. You shouldn't be skateboarding of your forty-seven and I go. Hold on, wait, what do you? You're not shooting fireworks and I said no, and she goes oh my God. Just get yourself home. That was fun because that was the point there. where she realized she was wrong, she should have apologized instead of of all this. You just belittle me for being forty-seven skateboarding. Do here last night with the fireworks. Yes, that was one of the shows. I've ever seen so much better when it's not organized by our country. I mean it literally every year like you know. We go up on the roof. We sit there. Smoke stole game. We watch him, but you know. We got the little one, so I didn't do it this year and Do, it was like. It and it just kept going and going and going and going. When my kid got up at like four in the morning, it was like quiet I was like Oh, they finally stopped I Brad. Yes your wife was in bed like. This Just like? You know. People had months and months and months and months to build up to it. It was fucking amazing. Tour bus drivers stopped on our way from Hurricane. Back home stopped in Vegas and got like five hundred dollars. The fireworks told me said the mill. The night looked down towards competent. Be Blowing up and online and content was I mean better than any fireworks show I'd ever seen. It was incredible. I add my daughter out out her window neces- first time. She's been like old enough to understand them. They were amazing like you got to go to sleep now. She was like crying. And come back. And what are you crying about, Dad, you miss it fire. I saw buddy. It's Okay I've a weird question. So when you have a boy, I only had girls when you boy. Did they ask you in the hospital whether you want him circumcised? Yeah, and or is that something you do after there? I think that's all that upsets all up to you so. They say that when you have them like you're gonNA. And you're like. Yeah Yeah you got to decide. Yes, or no, there's also you know the same type of ship. All these questions and you like I got to make these decisions, and then you look at your. You had your decisions all about that way before. It wasn't like sprung on. You're like fuck wit. We made we made all of those decisions I'm not going to divulge one way or the other I feel like that's his story to tell. Ladies if you play your cards, right? Might just get that answer someday. All Right? I think that's it I think. My my eight. My non hat is off to you for going out there and everybody. Thank you went out. It showed up on burt store and I had a good time and did it safe unlike those couple of rebels over there. Road Orders Ron Doger's. That's so on brand for the two of them. It's like it is. I love the both. I love about and you can't help him with his apology speech a fucking fist-bump. Why wasn't I thinking a this? Put it right to my face God. It knows the People WanNa see his physique your. Show it to. Your love my tax in in the morning. He found out he got. It attacks to them because I was nervous. He's like buddy. You know you got it if you got it. Like symptoms well, here's the thing I did I all. I could think of WHO's breaking his balls and I was like what if he gets a bad version and dies I'm going to feel bad, so I'm waiting if he doesn't die in the next ten days. That's what I'm going to start trashing. I think they're fine. I think both of them are fine now. That's hilarious. Are In, and that'll be the new angle. I shook it up and five days. Call people all right I have no answers. Don't listen to me all right. That's the podcast everybody. Anybody's selling. One of the Oh Jesus just dropped the phone there. I WON'T I. Look at that. That's like when you were a little kid. That's what you wanted to be. It looks like it. And by the way, if you're looking for a good beer, let me make sure you're looking for a good beer. Food fight. Stud on Fuck surfboard behind a boat bill. Yeah I. DO I want to see that? Watch this bill. Trump the rope? Posted wrapped the I thought. You need a rope, and then you just surf on it. It's fucking funny. Schill I'll tell you what we're going to. Little was brought to you by he. He minds melted because I had no air conditioning in his fucking, house. You're in the witness protection house. Okay, we gotta do a little read here before we go. Dude. If you want to do that, L. A. Show, I'm down. I'M GONNA set it up all right everybody. Thanks again for watching another episode of the Bill Earth.

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Homeland Security Lists Gun Stores and Ranges as "Essential"; Australia Closes Gun Stores; Training Under Stay-at-Home Orders: Gun Talk Radio | 3.29.20 Hour 1

Gun Talk

43:55 min | 1 year ago

Homeland Security Lists Gun Stores and Ranges as "Essential"; Australia Closes Gun Stores; Training Under Stay-at-Home Orders: Gun Talk Radio | 3.29.20 Hour 1

"Crimson trace now offers a line of tactical oriented products including open and close reflex sights battle sites and a robust line of rifles scopes purpose built with maximum features and versatility find out more. At CRIMSON TRACE DOT com. Where well it has been quite. The week hasn't not hey. I'm Tom Gresham. Welcome to gun talk. Yes gun talk. We're going to be talking about guns and shooting and ammo everything all the stuff. You can't get now because everybody his brother and sister have gone to the gun stores and bought it all up guns and Ammo and anything else. They get their hands on what's going on. It's the corona virus. It's the Kobe nineteen crush. It's people who have always said. Oh we'll be okay. The government will take care of waking up and going holy cow. No one's GonNa take care of us. Yeah I know the never were and you've always been on your own. Welcome to the party. We have so much news. We have a lot of things going on gun. Rights groups have been working feverishly all week long because in a number of states and cities governors mayors even sheriffs have been shutting down gun stores so multiple gun rights groups have been working on that talking to governors talking to mayors trying to get sheriff change their positions it. A lot of it has been effective. We have Had A number of states that have flipped to come back and go. Yeah okay sure. Because here's what's happened. You've had governor saying we're closing all ninety central businesses and they said gun stores are non essential. We came back with the. Oh yeah there's this second amendment thing we need to talk about and several states flipped. Came back around California. No certainly New Jersey. No we file suit now in New Jersey and California and in California. That's fascinating little later on the show today where we talk to some of the gun. Rights groups We had let's see. Nsf second foundations NRA foreign policy coalition. We have multiple groups all working together on this and then the NSF. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has been working on this for several days. The news came out yesterday. I thought it was going to be Friday but the Department of Homeland Security has added gun. Dealers ranges manufacturers. Oh Yeah and shooting shooting ranges to its essential. Business Corona Virus Response Guide. They did that on Saturday the guidance from DHS cybersecurity infrastructure security agency now considers quote worker supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers retailers importers distributors and shooting ranges to be essential. Those industry workers are listed under the designation for Law Enforcement Public Safety and other first responders in other words. If you have a gun store or shooting range. According to the Department of Homeland Security you are considered essential business. What's that GONNA do for us? What's going allow us to have some leverage when we go back to the states? We'll have some more updates on that as we go through tonight. It's GonNa be a busy busy show today and tell you what and things are happening actually worldwide with countries. Doing this kind of thing when we come back. I was able to grab a friend of mine down in Australia and find out from him. What was going on? And we've found out who was actually really behind the movement to shutdown gun sales in that country. We'll be back with that. Eight six talk gun is our number. That's Tom Talk Gun. I very busy day on gun talk but would love to have you join us. You can't shoot at what you can't positively ideas. A threat count on sheer fires. Combat proven illumination tools to defend you and your loved ones when it matters most designed engineered and precision machined for the ultimate performance and reliability for more than forty years from the front lines to your front door. Surefire delivers the finest and most innovative tactical lighting solutions on the planet go with the proven performer. Go sure-fire perhaps more than any other landscape. Wetlands Your Body. The light giving abundant that nature has to offer and perhaps more than any other organization ducks. Unlimited unlimited is working to ensure that our continent's wetlands not only survived but dry for generations. Well beyond this time is now to band together. The time is now to rescue our wetlands. Visit gun talk dot com slash win to enter gun talks carry on giveaway presented by F. in America Galco gun leather and locked down one grand prize winner will receive the new FM five. Oh three slim nine millimeter. A five hundred dollar gift certificate to us at GEICO gun leather dot com and lockdown prize. Pack with the new lockdown puck and volt pack into now through April Seventeenth at gun talk dot com slash win. That's gun talk dot com slash win when the US military's elite units and law enforcement agencies across the globe demanded innovation reliability. They didn't settle. They chose SIG. When world champion professional shooters demanded precision accuracy? They didn't settle. They chose CIGS. Our so it's no surprise more and more civilian gun. Owners ARE REFUSING TO SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. They're choosing SIG Sauer firearms ammunition electro optics suppressors air guns and training. Sig Sauer never said party. Welcome back to gun. Talk Eight six six talk gutter caveat. Tom Talk Gun. You know this is this whole thing of a rush on guns and governments city state restricting guns gun sales is not just a US thing. I'm doing right now by my good friend. David Brown down in Australia. He is vice-president board member of the Australia Shooters Union. Which I guess that's kind of like the. Nra is a peer. Could tell them it would be a blend between the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA or more like the NRA okay very ranges onto glossy magazines advocacy exceed government. Fight the okay you're frozen. Oh you're hardcore gun guy you're a shooter you and your wife like to shoot you. Shoot everything you compete to. All but Australia is huge. It's fasting you're telling me about people who are out shooting basically trying to control feral hogs or going through twenty thousand rounds a month right correct. It's Queensland leaving is bigger than Texas and we've got a similar problem then the only other states he think continental USA I bet size but I need twenty five million people but a hell of a lot of hogs shooting shooting here despite the common myth that we have no guns or just highly regulated ridiculously regulated. The shooting industry recreationally but also in terms of agriculture. Which is one of Australia's biggest exports depends heavily on the use of firearms and ammunition. I should also add just so people understand. You also are a graduate of gunsight so you come over and and shoot in the US as well. That's my little happy place on shoe many of your listeners. Understand I could probably do a segment on gun talk radio and it would sound just like you with an Z. Guns Saudis and probably for that any of the quality training facilities right. I will class. I will say that Australian Defence Force of Saint. Some of my friends to gunsights really train to train the prior to going to deployment in Afghanistan. And what have you hi. It's the world's number one place I should only. Psc and where do you think that was born all right? So let's switch over a coal corona virus thing in the US. We've been seeing a gun. Stores being closed by edict but governors by mayors. And of course we just had the the news that just broke of our department. Insecurity is listed gun stores the gun industry. They sent businesses. You don't have a second amendment and they're in Australia. I keep telling people. That's one of the big differences and people need to understand it. You know that's our back but we can always go back to that and work off of that. Explain if you would just in a few steps kind of what has happened. And you're able to track down to find out. Who's actually behind the restrictions that you're experiencing right now on gun sales. I guess a very quickly strategy is doing a very good job of containing this and we have what they call i. National Cabinet made up of the state premiers Prime Minister and a few people in Canberra and they meeting daily. A lot of things are pushing down from that and unfortunately people like. I suspect the Australian Medical Association because they're very anti gun Driving agendas down through to the state premiers and the health departments here a wielding superior power enforcing the police who manage our weapons law syncing to do things that even the police themselves are not in favor of so. We've got an unusual situation where we don't have protection of the Second Amendment and the only solution is litigation something similar. And you just don't have time for that so we've got here in Brisbane. The biggest gun shop and Astrid is lying thirty people this weekend. Out of a job for the forseeable huge. And it's not the department that manages firearms. It's actually the health department. That's doing this and you're police and firemen the weapons regulatory agency said they have no power over this correct so they've actually come back and sit high which on and I can show you. They've been blindsided by and they've been trying to put a case Ford because the hardware outlets you know the we call him buntings you call them What's the name of the big hardware Homedepot types of defies right so the home depot is still trading in. You can go and try on a dresser suit but you can't buy ammunition to continue shooting. Feral animals on your farm win right now. Australia and the rest of the world needs the food. You gotta think about the supply chain. He and the supply chain to food. It does depend a little bit on on the ammunition supplies. Sure explained to me the culture. Why would they health department allow other things to be open and want to shutdown firearm sales? Okay I think you've got the same disease in America and on your program. I listened to it every week as the doctors against. What is it tracy firearm laws or whatever? The group is in America. I've got the same issues within medical fraternities. That are very anti gun. We have it here too. So if Americans can loon something look over the other side of the Creek Australia and take note you know. We don't have a second. We don't have these protections in place you go is just need to be sensible and stick up full as you say. Speak up show up and get involved and don't take it for granted. I guess it'd be the thing I would say. That's what I always get what I talked to you and other Australian shooters boy. We have to be careful not to take our Secombe for granted absolutely correct and for us and for others around the world it's not just us New Zealand Probably Europe South Africa CETERA. We all depend on a healthy American farm industry wall. St- we export stuff around the world. A lot of you'll gun battle comes from Australia. Most ammunition firearms for most countries around the world comes there to the United States. You know outside of the likes of Psycho Tika Baretta Rieter so really what happens to the American the US gun industry greatly affects shooters in Australia and other countries around the world around the world. So it's vitally important. We think that the American people look after their own interests selfishly for us to exactly right Australia shooters union if there are people who would like to know more about it. Are there places to go? You know what we ought to do is. Let's get a shout out to your friend with the OSCE. Shooter Lousy reviews on Youtube right correct. So one of the great quality. Firearm Review was in the world and Ozzy. Oh Z. I. E. Right correct graduate excited getting this support. Him On patriarch. He could do a little bit of help. He performed quality content but particularly down his should is union dot com that I use so that. Shoot HIS UNION DOT COM. Hey for about three American dollars that had just a bad boy strategy and now we do okay sanders changing dot com shooters union DOT COM dot. Au a you all right. Look on facebook as well. All right I got screwed. Look thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. And this is one of those cases where we really are all in this together. That's this is a fine across all jurisdictions. Keep up the good work all right. It was a pleasure spill time with David Martin with the time zones. He's he's going to bed. I'm getting up in the morning and we're chatting keep in touch with what's going on very interesting to see the parallels that are going on down there there. They have the Health Department that shutting down gun stores and because they don't have a second amendment to fall back on the agency they call it. Weapons control the agency. That does that Australia. His essentially powerless to stop the health department. The other part that was interesting David was telling me it was a lot of these places in the outback. The place that sells guns also is the pharmacy also is the hardware store and it appears that according to these regulations if you sell guns you simply cannot be open which means now you cannot sell. You can have your pharmacy. You can't have your hardware store. You can't have anything else to say a gun sales place crazy stuff crazy times right now. Have you been to gun store in the last week? Love to get a range reporter to on that a number of courses. Tom Talk Gun very easy to style. Tom Talk Gun. And then in the midst of all this. We have both good news and bad news. We have the weirdness that we always get out of Charleston South Carolina South Carolina Representative Window Gillyard. Sin a letter to the National Rifle Association President. Calling the NRA to fund from recent gun sales to efforts combating the spread of Corona virus. You have to listen to that carefully. Understand how ludicrous it is. He wants the IRA to donate funds from recent gun sales to combating the spread of Corona Virus. Gun sales have increased by hundred percent of the last two weeks. This article talks about so Gillyard suggested that the NRA donate funds toward obtaining medical equipment. He has somebody said Yeah. That's great you just go in pledged to donate one hundred percent of all the money that they have made from selling guns to this the point here in case you missed it to the NRA does not sell guns the NRA is not in the gun. Sales business doesn't have any stores doesn't sell guns online. It's simply does not sell firearms further. I mean going. Even further as does not even represent the firearms industry there is a Trade Organization that represents the firearms industry. It's called the national shooting. Sports Foundation it is is the official trade industry for the Firearms Industry. Okay Trade Association represents gun owners. It doesn't sell guns but this does give you a glimpse into how unbelievably uninformed some Democrat lawmakers are about gun sales about guns about the NRA where they say we know we have to ban guns it whole thirty clips. What they actually say that to sell. And of course you got the Joe Biden with the AARP fourteen. They would have banned things that don't even know what they are. They don't even know what they are. You have the famous Tucker. Carlson interview resembling represent. If you want to ban a barrel shroud what does that? She's I don't know what does a barrel shroud. Well it's a shoulder thing that goes up. No it's a it's a thing on the barrel. It's not a thing on the stock. It's not a shoulder thing but you want to ban it but you don't even know what it is. Just weird weird stuff. The Second Amendment Foundation has sued the State of New Jersey because New Jersey shut down. Its own background check and you have to understand that in New Jersey. They have their own knicks system. It's background check system. And they simply shut down therefore no one can buy a gun. New Jersey. The Second Amendment has been neutralized. It was one of the great fears when we went from the Brady Bill. The Brady Law when it was passed many years ago required a five day national waiting period and we negotiated with the gun holders gun owner groups negotiated an instant background check as a compromise. The fear then and it continues today as it. What happens if they simply don't authorize any background checks to be done? Well we covered that we said. Okay here's the deal as stopgap or a measure just to protect the whole. Second Amendment will say that if you don't get an acceptance in three days and it's not denied not accepted the background check. Then the sale can go through after three days three business days. That's how we set it up. Say Okay that way. You can't just say Oh. Gee We're backlot for the next forty two years and we're not going to allow gun sales because it has to go through. After three days the store can sell it except now what you have is the FBI saying. We're we're swamped so instead of three days. We're going to tell her it's going to have to be thirty days. It has to be thirty working days. You go wait. Wait wait wait. That's not how it works. That's not what the law says you can't just by edict say three days now becomes thirty days. No so it's unbelievable what's going on. And how cavalier agencies and leaders are elected leaders if you are elected representatives are Ed just dismissing your rights dismissing your liberty and of course now we have all these people who have suddenly awakened to the reality that. Oh wait the news. Reports are they are releasing prisoners from jails. Because they don't want them to be exposed to colonel virus there so there's GonNa turn loose in society at the same time they're saying. Oh we and the police department we're going to have reduced our. We're going to have lengthened if you will response times. We're going to have reduced ability to respond. New Jersey says seven hundred cops in New Jersey of tested positive for covert. Nineteen your cops longer response. Times and people are going. We're going to have to take care of ourselves. We should go buy a gun. Oh wait what. We can't buy a gun now. They're all gone or the background. Checks been system has been shut down or the FBI says if it doesn't get approved for three days you can't sell the gun now. It's going to be thirty days. This is why Secondhand Foundation. Nra The fires policy coalition have all been working feverishly. And I'm talking twenty four hours a day. I'm getting emails at three and four in the morning from these groups. What's going on? They're working on stuff and let's go line one. Leonard has called out of Hartford Illinois. Hey Leonard welcomes the gun. Talk how you well go fast. We got one minute okay. I got one problem I've got a collectors that H in. Kp seven the squeeze. Cocker and I I. She's the cocker a few times. Get attention and all of a sudden. It doesn't it doesn't it doesn't allow striker to to to work. Essentially again just add. This is broke. Okay got it. Got More contacts. Do you have any idea work by the parts out or or have someone work on weapon? Probably best if you go to the Brown els website B. R. O. W. N. E. S. Brown dot com the phone number. There give them a call. Tomorrow asked to speak to one of their technical people there gunsmiths and he or she will be able to get you in touch with somebody who either can get you the parts. If you do it yourself or find help you find a Gunsmith Brown. Els Dot Com care of appreciate. Good luck with that thing. Hope it works out for you. Hey we come back. What kind of shooting can you do during this corona mess? We'll tell you a challenging times when we all are sequestered in quarantine at home the advocates there. What do we know is if you just took this opportunity to teach your children to clean firearms so that you could just sit back and let them clean all your guns for you? It's an idea we're joined by a guy who is in fact quarantine and he has some guns. We're trying to figure out. What are we going to do with all this? Chris Renaud join just right now from three. No Training Chris. What are you doing in the midst of all this? We've been having a good time town. Thanks for having me today. We've been doing. We went antler hunting the other day. We we've been taking pictures and doing writing and stuff like that for for guns but I have been in the basement. Clean things up and taking this time to get things in order. You know. It's funny people going. I'm going to clean up the house you know. I'm going to talk this area then. The next day you're going on didn't do that wonderful what I'll do tomorrow. I like the idea of shed hunting though. That's a good idea. Although it's weird I've seen some reports of some states I mean Chicago. The Mayor Chicago said People will not be allowed to go outside for long periods of time. And I'm thinking what what what that's understand that. Yeah we take a lot of walking doing a lot of stuff together as a family right and actually we haven't really had a problem of course. Michelle you know. She works from home. I got my writing. Lots of training has been cancelled right for us. So we're just home and you know it's it's okay. Well you know I see the department homeland. Security put out this list Essential businesses on late Saturday and included in there. We're not just gun stores but also shooting ranges. So you've got that going. I mean obviously I know that a lot of classes are being canceled but if done intelligently and you keep social distance you actually could do some training. At least you've maybe could do one on one tutorials or something sure you could do that at. That wouldn't be a problem. You know the thing about the gun stores intriguing to me Tom. Because I see one of the Second Amendment Foundation is suing the State of New Jersey. Brassing closed down the gun stores. 'cause they weren't necessary. I wrote a little piece the other day and I have to say I mean your heart of hearts Tom Just because people don't have the ammunition and the guns they need right now Is closing down the gun. Stores really a violation. I don't know I mean just because you feel to prepare. It doesn't mean that I should have to you. Know it doesn't constitute an emergency on my part. Yeah a lack of preparation. Your partners does not constitute emerging on my part. I do understand that at the same time we got to protect the second amendment. We let them say gun stores or ninety cents or we have a lot of people who are simply frightened and they want to buy A. Here's a thought for you When you know someone who is has gone out and bought their first gun. They don't know anything about it. As a friend or neighbor or a family member there are conversations. You could have with the about safe gun storage and safe gun handling even without having to be there are there. Oh absolutely you know. There's so much to the right now to to get people involved in in In owning fire well. Here's a here's a thing to all. These people are packed buying right now. That are buying their first ones are S- quickly realizing that the second amendment is not just about hunting so that's first and foremost because then we have to deal with the firearms in their hands and involvement. I had I was talking to Ryan and in The Hague. Jd other day and we were talking. Oh He's got a phone he's back all right. Go Go ahead Chris. You dropped out for go ahead. I'm sure yeah she. She wanted me to take her to the gun store to get her a gun and and you know. We went with a revolver. We talked about stuff. We've talked about loading and unloading You know which end is dangerous. End There's not a lot you can do but there's something you can do and it's definitely you know a little bit of training a little bit of thought process. And then of course you can talk to them about the realities of personal events. Yes and you can direct them to some of the websites man think about all episodes First Person defended that you've done with us where we take people we drop into these scenarios. But there's a lot of solid information about those things about you know. How do you hold a gun? How do you handle a gun? When when can you win should you? How do you avoid a maybe? This is an opportunity for that kind of online training. That's right you know and some people are doing some of that stuff and I'm doing little informative videos like that are proudly did things to do. I just don't know if those people are going to know where to find it or how to do it but you it just. Don't you never know what they're going to think? I don't know where they're sure they're turn into friends and things like that and you just hope that well you know telling the most important. Here's the thing. Here's what I told Ryan I said well back in the day when there wasn't training everybody owned guns because you had to have them for hunting for personal protection. What do people do they had them? They used them and they learned on the fly. And that's where we are and yet we have all this online availability. Okay if you had to give people one tip of somebody who actually is a shooter or has gone to knows how to handle them carefully. Can't go out and shoot for instance. What would you tell? What could they do at home? That would help them. Basically be better shooter when they get to the range. I'll tell you what time there's there's nothing like just sitting and working with that gun holding it correctly. That dry firing looking at the sights not pointed at a target or anything just looking at the sights pressing the trigger and doing anything you can to press that trigger without the sites moving one way or the other you know. It's okay for a little bit. But you know. Just looking at the sights impressing trigger because boy. That's muscle memory that's auto programs like this really is and what we're talking about is with a completely empty gun. Double check triple check and you rack the slide talk about a pistol now over and for me what. I do is I lined up on. Hr Get something. That's safe if the gun were to go bang. It's a target on a gun. Safe for instance or something like that and the the whole goal is to be able to press the trigger back. Click and have the sites not move at all if you do that a hundred times and five hundred times in one thousand times when you get to the range. That's the motion. You'RE GONNA remember isn't it? That's right in the reason I don't use target is because I've seen so many people dry fire impressed the trigger and then still look the gun to see how it went. Oh I saw the sea state. I just watch the sites because you know my daddy said I'm going back to some sarcasm. My Daddy said just use the tip of your finger. You know want it doesn't take the tip of your finger. Some guns do some guns take it. You GotTa dig deep on that trigger right you do you change your trigger finger placement or your grip pressure or both until the site. Stop doing what you don't want him to do where you know. Remeber h you're a member out at gun sight when we had the introduction of the Mossberg pistol. And we're we're taking around with it and I'm doing something I can't marriage act was and you came over are standing next to you and you said look Put your finger into the trigger. Just a little bit more. I mean we're not talking a quarter of an aunt. We're not even talking to them. It's not going to sixteen inch. Just put it in there. It's a little bit more. I tried it and all of a sudden the hits move right up where they're supposed to be. It was just amazing with that. Little bit of difference made it's what people don't realize when you get attacked when you're pressing triggering you do dry fire. I watch for the sites. Which way do they take? Do they take him or did they take out for you? Know inboard is generally You know squeezing with my whole hand in pressing the trigger. Everybody says Oh. That's too much trigger finger Probably not you know going in board is just me and the gun by squeezing my whole and and you know your hand pumps in when you make a fist and you pump it. Your hand goes inboard. Nifty gun school and taken out for probably. Don't have enough meat aback. Economy to push into the back of the gun a little bit with my off and get some pressure there. So it doesn't slip. When the gun clicks all those things you know you just change stuff up. That's all keep keep changing it till you get no movement when the when the gun goes click and then that's where you need to be. Yeah I had a had a terrible right tick for awhile and it was really because I was shooting too relaxed. I found out that I wasn't putting it up to the back of the gun. That was your shooting too relaxed. In one day I sought a fixed. It and I've not had that problem. Cinch amazing stuff that you could do at home without shooting any ammo without going to arrange and I like your idea if you're not aiming at a target when you're doing your dry firing you will keep your eye on that front sight and that really let you see what's going on that's smart. I like. That wasn't probably wasn't me? It was probably Bruce Creator on Avery or somebody that came up with that doing it for so long as there you go Chris. Thank you so much you guys stay safe. My friend shameful into not later sounds good. Tell me your high force. Greg is really good trainer. Sereno training group. It's really something else. If you want to take a look at what they're doing just find on the Internet pretty easy all right opalines right now. Eight six six talk gun Tom. Talk A gun. I'm Tom Gresham. This is gun talk. Are you looking for a place to shoot? The national shooting. Sports Foundation has a great website called where to shoot dot org. It's the largest database. Shooting Range is on the Internet. It's also a great resource for shooters where you can find video tips printable targets and a lot more find it online where to shoot Dot Org. I while you're there. Download their free iphone now. That's where to shoot dot org attacks happen every day. How will you react? See Real People. Put in real life criminal tax situations on first person defender. Discover what works and what doesn't kidnapping. Atm Robbery Home Invasion. And other attacks learn how to save your life and the lives of your family. Get the entire first season on. Dvd at Shop Gun Talk Dot Com get prepared Shop Gun Talk Dot Com for twenty five years Crimson. Trace has led the industry in laser and light technology and customer service now Crimson traces proud to offer electronic sites and rifles scopes for tactical target and hunting applications with the same crimson trace offer of free batteries for life on all products. The new rifle scope line is also backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty from the brand that you have trusted for over two decades find out more at Crimson trace dot com nineteen eighty-three Custom. Forty five thousand dollars off now. Three thousand dollars per conversation during the break about I guess there's a theory of people say military. Yeah they're doing or they keep that finger alongside the slide and pull the trigger with the Middle Finger and that's a much better way to go my answer that the same is it is with everything else like this. All these different techniques you hear about if it were better the competition shooters would be doing it because they hear about every day. It's not that they haven't heard of this. They hear about everything and trust me. They all tried it. They all went out and said well. Let's see let's find out faster and more accurate cannot control recoil. There's not a competition shoot in the world that uses that technique. No you're giving up the grip of that ring finger by Pulitzer with the ring finger. Now you've lost that strength in there and you need that to control recoil. It's just it's one of those deals of somebody who says yeah. I heard about this. That'd be cool and every always wants to come up with a new system. If the competition shooters are not doing it. It's because it didn't help them because they've all tried it let's go to Temps with us out of Carson City. Nevada tem talked about the local gun store Yeah I had to take him Tori to see just how bad it was and I went to a couple of my favorite spots and then a box store tubes and the one guy who I dealt with for many years she was on the phone the whole time waiting to get through to 'cause if you don't have your concealed carry permit you have to call in old background check that's correct and she was on hold the whole time while we were chatting and she said they're just. I said how's business and she said it's GonNa be Great This Week. That we literally don't have any any meaningful inventory and it's going to be hard to get anything and a lot of first-time shooters and all they're looking for. Ssh INEXPENSIVE WEAPONS AND And I even said I was thinking back to what you were saying a few weeks ago about. Hey there was some guns you happy. You don't really shoot anymore and So I even offered to say look I can bring in some Some different some some of the other guns that That I've kind of are not that I'm not using that money. Yeah correct bringing rent. And and let her do on consignment that she naps type of capital and it keeps us in business and and and it's the same deal with I've never seen like for example that There's another Amel store. They're completely out and they're just doing some consignment sale and then one of the box stores sports in the warehouse there. I mean there's no ammo and then they from whatever powder and primers they have limits on that. I've never seen that right or right. And it's just remarkable sounding time and ten. Thank you for that rain support. That's that's good info. That's what I'm hearing everywhere and yet it's weird at some other places. I noticed that Johnny Durie overdue his guns. He was pretty facebook. Hey we have ammo. They're doing curbside service. They'll bring them out to your car isn't San Antonio Great Great folks. There is also very to your point. In Pre Tim's very actively looking for guns. So if you're thinking about selling a gun your local gun store maybe A way to go but also do guns guns dot com. Do you are. Yes degrees guns dot com. You can contact with them and they'll help you get the guns to them. No matter where you are in the country. It is a crazy time. I won't go back to the whole. I told you so last year year before the last ten years I've been saying ammos available. We had that crush before and it wasn't available and it was a year before we could get AMMO. I kept saying it's available now. It's cheap now by now. Stock up stock up a lot. A thousand rounds is not a lot of ambled. When you get to ten thousand rounds you're starting to get where you need to be people going there you crazy. Does it feel now like that's crazy or would you really like to have ten thousand rounds of nine am am around nine thousand rounds right now just like a good start eight six six gun on Tom a crush of news this week? Kurna virus all the states closing down gun stores and then opening them back up and everything else. You probably missed the story because the media completely missed it but this is good news. The National Shooting Sports Foundation unready from their releases pleased to report that UNINTENTIONAL FIREARMS FATALITIES. That would be gun. Accidents that result in death reach their lowest level. Adver according to the latest data from the National Safety Council's just-released Injury Factor. Report of two thousand eighteen. Again they've been keeping this record. These records nine hundred three so we have one hundred million gun owners we have. We don't know how many firearms we have in the country and accidental gunshot deaths are at the lowest point ever in more than one hundred years. Not The rate this is important not to rate the actual number millions and millions and millions more guns if your gun deaths accident gun deaths so those who keep saying the only way to really reduce this to get rid of guns is to reduce the number of guns actually empirically that is incorrect. I'm trying to be kind here. Let's our top down to PICK UP JUNE ON LINE FOUR OUT OF HURRICANE UTAH June. Thank you for your patience year on gun talk. How can we help you Actually I wanted to make a comment about The the number of guns disappearing from customers. It's happening here too but we have gone stuff. You start still open a hardware and I still got guns but my point is I am eighty years. I didn't pick up a gun. Did Not have gun shooting in family. Until I was seventy two sound love with it and somebody competing In tactical pistol and then went to three gun and the kind of the highlight of my career about a year and a half ago was competing in the national three guns. But my point is that women Should not be afraid to get into it. No matter how old they are. And it's a it's a really good thing to do to keep your mental acuity sharp because you're learning something new and you're having to figure things out and think about it. It's really important for us as we age to keep that Mental Acuity going another little tip and I am an NRA PISTOL. Instructor is I I don't mean to be mean but it's really best at the husband does not teach the way to handle the absolutely through the husband. You cannot participate this you cannot teach them. You need to go somewhere else. Yes exactly because number one. They tend to choose a gun because it's smaller and that doesn't mean that was less especially if you're talking to revolver and number two they they think it's okay. They don't the noise does not bother them. And if you take a woman to the rain and she hasn't shopped before here's all that noise that is gonNA turn her off. I don't care if she gets to shoot or not. So the best thing to do is what your previous caller said is handled a gun at home. Don't use a target. Do the dry firing teach muggle position. Teach finger off the trigger all of those things not at the range because and then and then if possible if you can give a small twenty two pistol to use or even a rifle attend. Twenty two because of noises is minimal Doesn't start with and I just leaving some tips out there. Okay also June June. I'm just thinking they can find a mentor. Particularly a woman instructor. That's huge. Yes yeah it helps seven I think is not essential but it helps the woman. Being taught is more comfortable that way. You are my hero. I'm just telling you eight years old. And she didn't competitively for eight years fabulous. I mean terrific. You call back anytime you want. Okay you have a welcoming open line here okay. Well that sounds good. You'd be safe out there. Thank you so much. Oh my gosh do not love that. She's ABC started shooting at seventy two. She went to the national's three gun last year. Hey you know what it means to ask. What's your excuse? You don't have time really give me a break here. We all got time if June can do it. Anybody can do it all right. Eight six six talk gun. We're GONNA be talking more about this on the backside and as far as guns and gun safety and gun training here in the corona virus timeout.

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Optimize Your Day, Develop Discipline, and Overcome Resistance | ASK ME ANYTHING

Order of Man: Protect | Provide | Preside

1:15:47 hr | 2 years ago

Optimize Your Day, Develop Discipline, and Overcome Resistance | ASK ME ANYTHING

"You're a man of action. You live to the fullest compress your fears and boldly charge your own path. When life knocks you down, you get back up one more time. Every time you are not easily deterred beating rugged, zillion strong. This is your life. This is we are. This is you will become at the end of the day. And after all is said and done, you can call yourself a man. Kip what's up man. Glad to have you back for a may. One zero, double digits, killing a man. No brought her role. Yeah. What do you think about it so far? Like it, you know, it's, I enjoy it. In fact, I often forget that we're actually gonna recorded and and people are gonna listen to what we have to say. I just feel like we're having a good conversation about good questions and and legit topics. So I just join the conversation. In fact, if m as don't work out, I think we should still have weekly calls and you and I can just talk just just just shoot the breeze. These will work out, man, I'm telling you like the number of downloads we get on these podcast relative to my interviews and the Friday field notes. I mean, it's it's right there. We just about the same number of downloads and the numbers are steadily increasing. I think last month we have roughly twenty percent increase in download numbers over the pre. Month, that's that's big man for the for the numbers that were doing. That's a big. That's a huge leap in it's testament to you Kip. It's all you. It's just what you bring to the equation with the podcast. It's the new dynamic, and I've noticed that more and more people are asking you questions you, you laughed. You laughed when I said that, but it's put it's happening. It's how the takeover has begun what and I think guys are getting the idea that, hey, I have legit questions. I want to bring them up and let's have what type of discussion around him. Right? And it's just so powerful because that's what this. That's what this podcast is about. That's what the iron council about. That's what the order man pace Booker is about is about men standing shoulder to shoulder and pushing forward, right, and moving down the path and becoming better men. And in this conversation, I think just promotes that even more well, the other thing, I think a lot of guys resonate is the realness of it as well. A couple of weeks ago you and I talked about some issues, personal issues. Each of us were. Dealing with. We're not beating around the Bush on these on these topics these questions. So it's real. It's unscripted. I fact I don't even know what questions are here and we're just speaking from from Dr I guess you'd say. So I think people appreciate that and it's not all edited in cleaned up and marketed and whatnot. Yeah, for sure. For sure. We jumped right into guys so for those of you who don't know because obviously there's not a lot of new people listening. This is Mehan kipps. Ask me anything. So we get these questions from our patriotic account which is order of man dot com. Excuse me. I keep saying that backwards. It's patriot dot com. Slash order of man. What else? What else? What else? The face Meyer council iron council, which is in phase a brotherhood bright yet. And then the Facebook group is Facebook dot com. Slash groups for slash order of man, dude, you keep throwing me off those forward slashes. I'm a tacky. I'm a nerd. I'm using the Ford slash. I be the world just those slash slash. Because we're lazy. Okay. I'll just say slash, no, I don't want you to be lazy. I'm just saying, I'm lazy. So you keep doing your thing, man. I'm just saying for all you guys listening, if you want to access something via a UNC path, use a backslash conned even know what you're saying by UNC. So. You is geek acceptable or as nerd or like, what was acceptable? Geek is cool on is not knowing you can't be a nerd, but a geek is our, I e. Yeah, I thought it was the other way around. So that's good to know because I was only offend somebody. All right, you geeks now you know, UNC codes or whatever. Use a backslash. All right, let's do this. All right. First question Chandler hag advice on getting ready to have your first child. What should finances look like as well as how to keep up with going to the gym and juggling being a new dad that these are always interesting questions because quite honestly, Chandler and anybody who is going to be having a baby in the near future can attest, well, those have already had a child can attest to the fact that there's nothing that you can do to be completely ready. Right? Like it is it is a wrench in the entire system, but it's but it's a positive wrench in that it helps you grow and expand in your capacity for love and maturity just increases exponentially when you have a child, it's an amazing thing, but you can't ever be completely ready now, what should your finances look like? Will I me personally, I would be working to pay off debt as quickly as I possibly can get out from. Underneath that debt because it will enslave you. And when I was first starting to have children, we had a lot of debt. And I remember there was days where I would literally pace around in the backyard because I was worried about how he's gonna make the mortgage payment. That's not something you want to be worrying about when you're trying to bring a new baby into the world because there's enough stress as it is. So get out from underneath your debt as quickly as possible. In addition to that, you need to have an emergency fund saved up because kids cost a lot of money. You know, our our, I was born four weeks early so he was premature. And fortunately, pretty healthy. One of his lungs hadn't fully don't even know that inflated or what I don't even know the term. But one of his lungs wasn't fully functioning when he was first born. They fix that within thirty minutes of him being born, he had John a little bit, and so we had to take home this what can only be described as a briefcase tanning bed. And he had to basically live in that thing for. Twenty four hours and my wife and I would take turns I would sleep and she would be on the living room with his briefcase tanning bed that he was in. And then we will do that for a couple of hours and then switch couple of our switch couple of our switch couple of our switch. But there was a cost associated with that that we weren't expecting and we weren't in the position financially to handle that. So it was a real challenge. So number one gets you that paid off number to start building up the emergency fund, having some adequate savings set aside. I five hundred thousand and two thousand and five thousand and fifty thousand just keep working your way up as far as going to the gym and juggling being a new dad communicate with your wife, just communicate with her. Let her know figure out a way that's going to work where you can keep going to the gym set those expectations set those boundaries. I would say, and I don't necessarily mean this term in a, but in a way, almost enforced that she does it as well because she's going to be less likely to do it because she's got this new child and mothers by default or a lot more. A nurturing and empathize and want to be. I think a little bit more involved with the kids generally than fathers do initially that that was my experience. Anyways, it was like, all this, all this little guy does is poop, eat and cry. I can't even throw a baseball with his kid yet. So it's like. Dot fun. What am I supposed to do with this thing? You know, like let's be real as a father. That's what it is. There's no connection that little baby. There's not that there's no connection. There's less of a connection that little baby didn't spend nine months in your belly, and so it's harder to connect. But I'm digressing here. The point is that set the expectations set the standard communicate with your wife and then ensure that she's doing the things for her as well. Even though she'll be less likely or have less of a desire to do those than probably will. I think there's a good testament to what you're saying Ryan about having your finances in order and whatnot. If I if I look at my past when I first had my two kids, my first two boys, I was working fulltime as going to school fulltime. I mean, no joke. I'd wake up at roughly about five, four thirty five AM ago to work until about two PM. Then I'd go to school until about ten pm. I'd come home, I'd sleep. Yeah. Now, do you think I took advantage and enjoyed my children, no way, man. I was so stressed yet, like it was. It was a really tough time in my life in it's an is so much different now with our little girls, Asian is little girls. They're little and I'm enjoying them so much. And I think the biggest differences is our stressed out right out of stressed out about finances, stressed out about school, providing for a new family, and and I didn't have my stuff together. And because of that, I, I just wasn't in the. State of mind to really just take advantage of the wonderful time. It is when they're little and I now do that now so that financing, that stuff's important, but it's also important, clear your mind, right? That stuff you know. So then that we can focus on just really enjoying your kids when they're little. Yeah, I mean, and you know, the other thing you got to consider too is, is their seasons, right? I mean, most people when they're having kids, they're young, they're, they're not in the best position financially and you're going to look back on those times and I and my wife and I do actually fondly. You know, it's like, man. Remember we were living off top ramen and we could make ends meet and we're worried about the mortgage payment. Those aren't things that were worried about right now, which is a huge blessing. Just try to understand that it's gonna take some time and you're going to get through it. It's going to be hard, but don't let it consume you to the point where it becomes a negative experience. Yeah, copy Chandler in congratulations van kid. Absolutely. Per times. Yeah. For the first time in your life, assuming it's your first child first time in your life, you'll understand, unconditional love. You'll go. I understand that now on a percent. All right, Cory Britain's question for someone with no hand to hand combat experience or through boxing or whatever. Where's a good place to start? I'm forty-one physically active. I ride my bike. I do cross fit, but I've never engaged in any contact sports even with a four years within the air force in six years, an g they don't train for that a like to get into self defense or boxing just learn. Is there any one that is better than another for for a know? Nothing. Beginner. I'll let you answer this, but. But before before that, let me just say really quickly from my perspective, I would encourage you to get into Brazilian jujitsu. And the reason I say that is because there's no striking involved. If you've never been in a combat sport, you've never been punched in the face. You've never been kicked and struck at. I would say that jujitsu will give you good introduction into violence and physicality with another human being. Who wants to hurt you without the potential injury or risk that comes with striking sports. Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't do those things, but I think Brazilian jujitsu is the introductory. That's my experience anyways. What would you have to say about that Kip? I totally agree. I mean, one of the benefits that we have and ju jitsu over other martial arts is we can practice one hundred percent, right? Ryan do that. We can go one hundred percent role insanely hard and choke his heart, easy as we can and jahnke on each other's arms as hard as we can because we have this nice little rule of a double tap, right? That will let go other combat sports. You can. Can't like I was just talking to a guy yesterday about Krav Maga all that love crop of cotton. I do too. I think Chroma gos-. Super, super cool. However, it super hard to practice. Why? Because there's only so many times that you can fish someone's mouth punching him in the groin and I got him right. Like you can't do that all the time. So it's super hard to fully practice, but jujitsu you can fully engage now with that said. Hand to hand combat dude. I'm a huge. I love Moi tie. So if I were in the space of wanting to get some kicks and punches in train Moi tie any day, and I think boxing wrestling jujitsu, those are kind of my top four, but more ties Superfund if you want to get into some striking and from his self defense perspective in some guys will argue with this because some people will argue jujitsu is not superior for a group attack, Jeff. Hi guys, attacking you and you're on your back or the guys can kick you in the head while you know guess what boxing's really hard to with five guys around you. All punching anything is you're taking on five dudes. You wanna hurt you. So something is better than nothing. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. But jujitsu does a really great job from his self defense perspective and to be Frank, man. I've seen it used all the time in in real world experiences, and it's there's something beautiful to have a conflict and have some guy just get choked out and be able to walk away and you deem. Have to punch him. It's got a nice. I remember. I remember that's like that is the quote of the century right there. I remember when we were at origin and I was so pissed at you not like at you directly, but just you happen to be my opponent who is showing the all my inadequacies at the moment. And like unlike I just wanna put my forearm through kipps throat and you try and I tried. And it didn't. I mean, maybe a hurt or whatever, but you like so. And you got up and everything was finding tap me out, you know, still, but. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing is like you recognize violence in, you'd recognize when somebody's trying to hurt you and you deal with it and it's good. I think it's a good thing for men, especially back after it. Corey dude, let us know what you decide. I'd I'd love to hear what you decide to do and what your experiences like. So share that in the Facebook group, but I did hurt you a little right Kip. It was uncomfortable. Not just. A little angry. Apple, my face are part unit. It's funny. Well, you worked me over anyways on the subject to martial arts Bubba downs from the iron council has the following. He says, I start BJ tomorrow morning, which probably was a week or two ago. Yeah. So hopefully that's unwell Bubba. Any tips for a bearded brother to keep from losing my wits losing by losing his wits. I think he means losing his beard hairs, totally. I think. So have some advice for you guys, but we'll let Ryan answer the question first and then we'll we'll give bubbas advice for the rest of you. I don't have any tips I every time I go to the gym, I lose ten percent of my beer hairs. Somebody did say that it was actually a good thing because those were the week hairs that were just eliminating themselves. I, I don't know, just understand that it's going to get yanked on and then make a decision. Is it worth it for me? It has like I'm keeping my beard for now. I will that change down the road maybe, but for now I can deal with it. That's funny. He's dealing with. It's tough. It's up your beard. So what it is man only the strong survive. So here's bubbas advice to the rousing hold on. I was gonna say something else. Somebody else to suggestion. I think it was Matthew earn ten. Somebody made a suggestion and said that all the beard hairs that fall out, I should set them aside and laminate them for bookmarks. Selam on the order man store coming soon, Ryan Michelob beard hairs for bookmarks, pay attention guys. Those will be coming out here soon. All right. What else is for or for the baron guys that can't grow a beard. You can sell those to whom they can do implants with them ourselves. Somebody else said that I should do locks of love with my beard and I'm like, I can't imagine somebody being so desperate for hair that they would wear this ugly mange as their headpiece. Like, I just can't imagine that it's disgusting. Of us bubbas gestion a recommendation to you guys is he says, men if you haven't checked out the patriots for order man at patriot dot com for slash order, man, if you dig what they're doing donate, there's even some cool stuff to be gained or don't because if the only sentimental patriot might odds are better for the cool shit. So the sentence, I better say that the sentinel patron that's feature. Yeah, that's that's acting that twenty dollar membership, and it's him. And I think there's one other member swag and things like that that we give away as well. So he he likes his odds. Yeah, bubbas getting all kinds of order man stuff, and you guys are letting this happen by not signing up, so get in there and still some of the stuff from Bubba to good strategy actually pay twenty bucks a month, which is what he's doing. And then if he's the only one there, then he gets something every month that's valued at twenty dollars or more. He's coming out on top. I got to be kept at it. I gotta keep my eye on him. Yeah. What and now I understand why. Bubbas constantly doing Facebook posts about how patriots sucks and no. That's only all right. What else we got Cory again, it looks like yeah, bubbas working the system core. You get two questions. What's going man? That's good. All right, Cory Britain. Something else I'd like to hear perspective on with Christmas fast approaching Santa Claus. I'm a huge. I'm huge until in the truth and I want my kids to always tell the truth. However, the magic of Santa Claus brings special magic to Christmas, so I'm torn my kids believe and I'll and I let them, but I also feel a little wrong about propagating ally, your thoughts? I don't. I don't look at that as as lying. I know some people do and they're thinking, oh, I can't lie about anything. And if you lie here, what else are you lying about? Honestly, for me, it took corey's point. It's the spirit of Christmas, it's the mentality behind it. It's the charity. It's the giving. It's the love. It's. It's just teaching the right things about Santa Claus, which is not, hey, give all your presence and maybe you teach about more along the lines of. Saint Nicholas, right? And you, you tell those stories because that's not a lie and you talk about the importance of charity and giving and and helping your community in helping those less fortunate than you which is the spirit of Saint Nicholas, but then also the spirit of Christ Christmas, right? And talking about how wonderful of a blessing that was for all of humanity and talking about. The the gifts that the men brought in and the story of Christ the birth of Christ. I think when we focus more on that, Santa Claus becomes less of an issue, but I'm not too concerned that my kids believe in Santa Claus. I don't personally feel like I'm lying. Yeah. Yeah. And how did you, how did you feel growing up? Right. Did you feel jaded that the whole magic Seneca? You know what I mean? As you got older where you're like, oh, I wish my parents didn't do that. I don't know. I, I liked it. I loved it. Yeah, I don't. I don't. I don't think it's a big deal, but I can certainly understand where guys are coming from, but that's that's on you to teach the rest of the meaning behind it. Go. All right. Next question, Nick Matori. How does Ryan organiz his day? I start ordering, excuse me organizing my day the night before. So when I cap off my day, I look at what I accomplished. I look at what I didn't accomplish where I did well, what I didn't do so well, and most importantly, how am I gonna prior to prioritize for the next day? So that's the first thing I do and I use our battle planner, which is in our store store, dot order man dot com. And I use that. So I go through a list, everything that needs to be done, including my objectives for the day and the tasks, any notes that I have. And then I also have one key objective for each of the four quadrants. We can talk about that. Maybe another time I'll give you a small example. One of my quadrants for taking care of myself. My objective for this quarter is to learn to play the guitar. So I bought a guitar middle of last week or so. And I've been playing every sing. Day. So I- jot that down into my battleplan k. what time I going to do this, where's it going to fit in? Whereas it gonna squeeze in and I get that done. So that's what I do the night before. Then when I wake up in the morning, I do my morning routine and yada, yada, yada. I get into my office which happens to be downstairs. I review my battle plan from the night before making the adjustments based on emails or anything else that may have come up in the last twelve to fourteen hours and reprioritize and execute from that battle plan and started back all over that evening. Pretty simple. What are you? Are you using a calendar as part of that process? Like on your phone or computer? I use Weller, yeah. Yeah. Use Google calendars. So let's sinks to my phone, my computer and all that. So that's that's what I use. What else do I do? Oh, the other thing that I do is this is actually been really helpful for me, and I learned this this tactic longtime ago is in my battle plan, which is actually pretty cool if you guys haven't seen that, it's it's a custom made order of man, battle plan. And there's there are fifty two segments in there. So one for each week of the year, and then it's bound in this really nice leather bound cover. That is awesome. It's made by Rustico little a partner of ours on those things. Where was I going on that? Oh, a so the way that I the way that I organize the tasks right? Because we all have task. We might have five, my ten, we might have thirty. So I- list all those things out. And a lot of people ask, we'll, how do I prioritize for me? I just look at the list and say, okay, what do I need to get done right now? That will yield the biggest result. And Gary Keller talks about this a little bit in his book the one thing and he says, what's not a little bit a lot that's whole premise of the book. What is one thing that you could do right now that you could do today that if you didn't get anything else done? The day would still be victory. So you pick that one thing and you do that one thing. And then when that's done, then you move on k. what's the next one thing get that done? What's the next one thing? So that's how I organize my day. Now there's certain things where I can I can start for example, but I can't necessarily finish. Maybe I have to make a phone call or collaborate with you or whatever may be in. So I make the phone call and I simply when I make the call, I just put a like a backslash over that right in front of it. So I just do one little slash Mark because I started it, but it hasn't been completed then when it's completed, let's say I had to leave you a message to talk with you about the podcast then when you call me back and we had that conversation then, and only then do I put make that slash into an x. and so I know the things that are ex doubter done if it has a slash. I've started if has nothing. I haven't even started it. I like that and similar to Andy's like powerless, right? Andy. Brazil is powerless kind of a little bit concept. I think anybody who achieves at a high level and I like to place myself into that category. I think you know, like seventy to eighty percent of the time that would define me. Is you have a system and you work the system and you don't deviate from the system and also the system is not complex said, I think a lot of people think that has to be complex all if it's not complex, it doesn't really mean I'm doing it as efficiently as possible. No, I don't think so. I think the more simplified that it can be the less complex it is the more effective. It's probably going to be and the more sustainable it will be over time as well. Cool. And I'm not sure if he gets caught that or not, but Ryan is practicing the guitar. So maybe maybe the dance is on its way, right? Man, just stay tuned. Just stay tuned. Cry me a river. I'm sure we can get some better songs than that. Mike Morris is question. How does one develop discipline? I've heard many times that motivation is fickle, and that discipline is more important. The advice is often just do it but doing it gets pushed off. If you don't have the motivation or the discipline. These questions are really tough for me because I've never had a motivation problem. Never like people say, how do you stay motivated on? What do you mean? Like? How do you stay excited to do things that are exciting to you? Don't have to worry about motivation. Now. Granted, there's things that we all have to do that were not excited about right, whether it's paperwork or editing a podcast or whatever, whatever that looks like for you, but I do it because it's means to an end and it just has to be done. So I personally have never had an issue with getting things done or being motivated about it as far as developing discipline. The reason that people say just do it is because you do just do it. You just you decide every day you have about a million decisions that you can make. And the decision is, do I do what I already committed to doing? Or do I do something else? It's very simple. It's a decision, and if you do something else, you decided to do something else that wasn't the default. You decided to do that other thing. So make new decisions. Now that being said, there's some systems and processes that you can put in place that will help you be more disciplined. So for example, and this is one, I think a lot of people use the discipline to get out of the bed out of bed when when the alarm goes off, if you hit if you hit snooze every time and you stay in bed all the time, well, what can you do in order to avoid doing that? I would say number one plan your day the night before so that you when you wake up, you know exactly what you're going to be doing because if you don't know what you're gonna do or don't have any planets like I can sleep in, I don't really need to do anything, no big deal. But if you have a plan and you know what you're trying to accomplish, then I then I think it's easier to get out of bed. The other thing is eliminate any barriers again, with regard. Getting a bed, eliminate any barriers that could potentially keep you in bed. So for me, I know when I very first started working out after being a decade on the couch, essentially the barrier was like, I'd wake up my own really know what I'm gonna do, and I gotta get changed, and I gotta find my shoes and find the shirt. I'm gonna wear and put like my towel and there and have a pre workout, get all that shit ready the night before so that when you wake up like my shoes, are there my shirts, they're monitor where my Pat, my, whatever, whatever it is that you need. It's all laid out ready to go. You got your playlist ready. You got your your ear pods, like all of it's just right there. The other thing that could potentially keep you from getting out of bed is you just hitting the little button on your phone. Well, move your phone, then you can't hit the button, so move your phone across the room or move it downstairs or whatever, whatever's going to work for you. And now we actually have to get up and do the thing. So yes, you, you do just do it, but you've got to put systems in place that eliminate barriers and obstacles from. Maintaining the level of discipline, the desire to maintain. Or you can skip all that hard work Mike and just get jock owes discipline, and you drink discipline and you're just become disciplined by default. Just just that easy, simple, so easy. And if you're gonna do that, go to origin main dot com and use the code order at checkout for ten percent discount on dissolute. Look at us. We're good and. Like that. Mike. Actually, you know, it's really great if you don't mind me sharing an example of this. So as you guys probably know. My son's been struggling, making good decisions of late and it's it's centered around discipline, and we had this conversation the other day about, okay, wait a second. So we expect him to be disciplined and choose the right decision right when he's with his buddies, and someone suggests doing something stupid, but yet he's unable to wake up by himself. Or we all we expect him to watch his sisters and be a good babysitter. But. But he can't make his bed and morning. Right, right. Like and so I think if I had a summarize that as an example, I think the way that he gets 'plain obviously and we now have some systems in place, right? As we're focusing on on adjusting his in pivoting, his parents right is go for the quick wins. Right? And so that's my focus with county is okay, we need to build up discipline. So how are we going to do that? We're gonna make our bed before we go to school. We're gonna wake up every day at six AM. We're going to say prayers, kneeling before we leave the door, right? We were creating small wins, right to create some momentum and some opportunity for him to learn discipline. So and I think there's lots of ways Mike that you can do that there's tactics around avoiding making the bad decisions. And then there's also areas that we can just learn disipline easily. You know, one of the things that hub is actually from a religious perspective as reading about one of the values of fasting and an inscription mentions that one of the values of fascinating is that helps avoid temptation will what do you think that does, right? You're developing the the civilian to be avoid those temptations. Absolutely. Your body's saying eat and you're going, no, right. And and if you can do that for twenty four hour period, what's what's the chances of you then not being able to make another positive decisions that your body. Wants to naturally do on its own. So I think there's some. There's something to be said for this small, the small wins on a percent hardly. This is funny. Crystal, funny story. He says, I was at the gym tonight on the bench and the next the next song was the dance at burst out, laughing in nearly dropped the weights on myself and should seeing this week on AMA. You heard it already. I don't need to sing it, but men don't kill yourself. And the other thing. Why are you listening to the dance at the gym. I was thinking the same thing I'm like, that is not a knees. You need different music, my man and maybe you don't have a choice or whatever. But gosh, I would consider finding a different Jim. If that's kind of music, they're playing it to during gym time. Maybe he was doing yoga. Maybe Chris, we love you brother. We're just giving you a hard time, but seriously, Don listen to the dance while you're working out, get a little bit a Justin. Timberlake. Okay. Okay, sounds through by the way I saw an incredible movie last week called stars. Born chick flick toot. Yes, I, my wife took me and she's like, let's go do this. And I said, that's why you know, I just, I just want to go out, you know. And I was saying, why was like predator is out yonder watch predator instead saying, no, no, see this, Mike. Okay, so went to it. It is a damn good movie. It's it's a Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga of all people in holy crap. Dude, it is good. It is a good, good movie. Have you? You haven't? You haven't seen it yet? I I haven't, but I would almost guarantee that you know, I might get a little bit of action if I went to that movie well, and it's not a bad movie. So it's not a bad way to secure some action. Yeah, two birds one stone. Absolutely. Got to check it out. Is that movie sponsoring the podcast? Knows the. A good movie. Just, you know, it's just a good impairing Lee. That's the fourth version of it really begin. A star is born. A star is born. The other one was with. Am I Bush? I think it's Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand. I think maybe, but his book or a an actual like artists of, no, I don't think I think it's fictional, but like I said, four versions, I mean, yeah, it it was just a good movie. Brilliant movie going to have to check it out. I get out. All right, Robert Miller. Did you talk about some recommendations for literature or essential readings to develop oneself as a man? I really liked the marriage Friday filled notes. You did recently getting married next year, and I think it is a great advice to get started out to get started outright. Good. I'm glad you liked the advice as far as literature for developing oneself as a man sovereignty, the battle for the hearts and minds of man. Kidding I wished I was the only book you needed to read everything. That'd be fine. It's a good start and it happens to be my book. So yes, I'm a little bias. Here's what I would do. Who was that? Chris? No, robbery, Robert Miller. Here's what I would do. Robert go to order a man dot com in the top, right? There's a little search, magnifying glass. Click on that and then type in books in two articles will come up on top. The first one is five books. Every man should read in two thousand eighteen and the next one is ten bucks. Every man should read, and I will say this, the five books every man should read in two thousand eighteen. Let me just tell you real quick. You can go check this out anyway, so you can get links to him stuff. But number one is as a man thinks by James Allen one of my very favorite books, the power of positive thinking and how powerful your mind is the other. The next one is iron John by Robert bly. The next one is men's fields book of manly men. Now, I will say that one has a not religious, but Christian undertone. But whether you're. Christian or not. There's a ton of value to be taken away from that. And I've done two interviews with Stephen Mansfield news come out to one of our our meet ups as well. One book this one is until his life changing is a book called wild at heart by John Eldredge who have also done a podcast with and in the fifth one is the one I just mentioned earlier, sovereignty, mine the battle for the hearts and minds of men. I would add one other book into their which is Marcus Aurelius his meditations. I think if you're going to start at a pretty good start, and of course there's an infinite number books from there dude. And then Robert than journeys on the aren't council. And we just go through books like there's no tomorrow. True and this month we are reading the dichotomy of leadership. In fact, in fact, I don't know if you know this Kip, but Dave Burke, who's a podcast guest and lead instructor with echelon front. He is an amazing, amazing individual. You met him out there at at the the origin camp, and he is a fighter pilot flew the f sixty. I believe eighteen f twenty two f thirty five and top instruct hot gun instructor then gave up his wings essentially to go fight on the ground in Ramadi with with support and coordination with tasking bruiser. Anyway. The reason I bring that up is he is going to be joining us on a special call the end of this month inside of the iron council. So you guys will probably want to check that as well. Super cool. Super cool. Yep, should all right, Damon Matthews. Is there a difference between putting positive and negative limitations on yourself? Yeah, one is constructive in the other destructive. I mean, positive limitations are, hey, don't go jump off of that bridge without a parachute or a plan that that's going to serve you well, that you don't do that. So yes, you are limiting yourself. That's a good thing. And I, you know, it's interesting in this kinda ties in line with the discipline equals freedom concept in mentality. If you think about rules and codes of conduct and guidelines, even if you look at it from a religious standpoint, the ten commandments and you look at it from a military standpoint and all the code of conduct and standard operating procedures by which military members act. It's it's it's by its very nature limited by its very nature. It is designed to limit you. And so some people think, well, I'm not gonna live that way. I'm, I'm free. I can do whatever I want. Yeah, you can't, but that doesn't free from the consequences of those choices that you make. So positive limitations. Like a code of conduct, which I talked about a week week and a half ago on the Friday. Field notes is a set of self imposed limitations that keep you on the straight narrow that keep you on the path that you've chosen to walk. So you should have those things. Like if you have a set of parameters in which you operate, that's that's pretty sad to me. Now, negative limitations are something that maybe somebody else's opposed upon you or it limits your growth and progress and productivity, and certainly wanna void those things. But there's a lot of positive limitations that we impose upon ourselves. Like I, I get out of bed early. I don't eat junk food. I whatever. I mean, you guys all can come up with things, but those are limitations that you've imposed that actually serve you well, so yet you should have positive limitations as well. Good question. Damon. That's an interesting question. Because at first I was like, I, I don't understand what that looks like from a practical perspective. But what we're really talking about is, is you choosing to be disciplined in a certain area in in maybe negative limitations are things that are kind of forced upon you. Is that correct? Well, it could be, but not even that necessarily because I think about my kids, for example, I impose limitations like bedtime, for example, and maybe they look at those negative limitations, but in the grand scheme of things that are not, they're actually positive, so it's not that they're being imposed upon you, it's what results are they producing, whether they're imposed upon you or whether their self-imposed, it's more about the result that it's producing rather than where the authorities coming from. I see. So negative limitations could be you choosing not to do something because you're embarrassed or the fear failure. You know what I mean? Something that desert a positive right company or your parents told you, you were a piece of shit and you can't do it. And so you start to believe that and now you take their limitations. And you impose up in you adopt him, you make them your limitations? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Got it. All right. Adam sea trout. Morbid, I know. But what is the business continuity plan for the order of man should Ryan diet expectedly. Sketch trying to knock me off or what I know it is kind of more it is. It's a good question though. I mean, this is something that we had to do in financial planning business. In fact, it was regulation was regulated through the securities and Exchange Commission that we had to have a. A business continuity plan. Because we're dealing with people's money now, I don't have to have one here and frankly, I don't as of right now, but I've got plans and things in place to make sure that I do this is a relatively new business. You gotta think too. I mean, we've been going for three and a half years and really only about two and a half years of it being a fulltime business of mine, and I can't believe the rate at which it's grown and expanded. So it's certainly something that's my radar, although we don't have any solid plans in place as of right now. I think if you died unexpectedly, we'd all sudden see the order of guys podcast and the the order, aby, brothers, podcasts. You know what I mean? Let's be truthful here. If if I didn't do this and I know this going to sound arrogant, but please guys bear with me on this because it's going to illustrate a point if I didn't do this. I think there's, I think everything that we've built would just fall apart. I really do. And I know there's guys with initiative. I know there's guys who believe in what we're doing who were just just raving fans of what it is we're doing. But there's a huge initiative problem in society today. And what I see is I see that there's so many guys out there that recognize problems, right? We see the problems in ourselves. We see the problems in our communities and our families and in the country, and we have ideas for products and services. We can bring the market and then we stop. We stop. It's an initiative problem. It's not an identification problem we that's what we do were problem solving machines we walked around. We're like, what's wrong with is what's wrong with this, what's wrong with this and his men. We just look for problems, but. I think there's very few men who are like, oh, there's a problem now I'm going to fix it. I was just editing my podcast with speaking of echelon fund p. Donell he's elitist trucker with with Sean front as well and navy seal and tasking bruiser. And he said, the thing that he really enjoyed about the seal teams in his experience in the brotherhood is that the guys own the problems and they own the solutions. And I thought that was a really, really interesting perspective, and I think it's few and far between to find a man who owns the solutions to problems. Yeah, you know what? I think though, Ryan, I mean, an plus. I mean, what's be Frank to podcast, this is a fulltime job, right? So the question would step up quit their job in like dedicate their their life to this. Yeah, yeah, good point. However, I do think that on the iron council, I could totally imagine that happening where if you passed. You would have the entire leadership team on the iron council. Go all right guys, what we're gonna do. Yeah. Yeah, that's probably let's keep these teams together. Let's keep the woman's him like I really don't think aren't council die. I, those guys would level up and we would. We'd figured out, I think she Ford, I think I think that's probably a pretty good assessment, but I also think there'd be a large portion who just drop out. Yeah, but I think there'd be a like a twenty percent you and Bubba gach go and I shouldn't even name names because there's too many naming. I'll forget somebody, but you guys will. Yeah, hundred percent. You guys will step up, continue the thing and figure something else out. I agree with that. That's a good assessment. All right enough of me died. What else I know deputy Miller, how would you like to is joking. If you can choose the way to die, what would it be? Yeah, it would not be drowning. It would not be fire and it would not be falling to my desk. I, I know I would not be those things does not Duffy's question. I'm just saying, I mean you you were going there, so I just wanna keep on the negative track. All right. Let's move on Duffy Miller. How can someone practice the right values and doing the right things for relationship? If you're between relationships. I'm assuming intimate relationships primarily is what deputies talking about. So I did a I did a podcast again, just go to order a man in the search bar type in fix yourself in the podcast is fix your marriage by fixing yourself. And a lot of guy I've sent that to a lot of people are like, well, I'm not married or min between relationships like, dude, it doesn't matter. The advice is all the same. So how do you, how do you work on yourself or how do you practice the right values between relationships you do those things and I can't remember exactly what those were, but you keep exercising. You jot down a code of conduct, you maintain discipline, you learn and develop new skills so that you can go start making more money, you find a hobby to engage in so that you can free your mind and and have an outlet like these are all things that you can do. And by the way, it's not just between relationships. It's also when you're in. Nation ships, you should be doing these things as well. It's exercise, it's knowledge. It's reading, it's application. It's developing new skill sets. It's finding a hobby. Those will serve you well in and outside of romantic relationships. And you know, it's going to be hard fi is you're going to get on the path and be doing disciplined and having all those things and being on track and work in all those areas of your life. And then when you get in a relationship, if you're like most men, you'll throw it all to the side. Yeah, and that's the tough part right is and we see this even within guys on battled scenes within iron council where it's a little bit of a mister nice guy mentality, right where your world revolves around her and you can be on your a game, getting a relationship in the overall the side, and then you start becoming the man that she doesn't want to be with. Right, right. So you become fleeing and needy and annoying more than an independent strongman who stands on his own two feet, but would like the companionship of a woman. Yep, copy so hundred. Lock battle, t MAC. Oh, I said this on Facebook. Maybe I shouldn't say here. You're an ass for asking this question. His question and it's unfortunate. I knew about this question. I totally forgot about it because we don't kind of prep, right? We keep this raw and now I'm like, damn, I should have thought about this question so hunters. Question Ryan, Kip. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in? What did it teach you? Well, I imagine he has something specific in mind for you. I, I don't know. I don't think so. Oh, it's just the way he worded it. And you said you're an ass. I'm like, well, he knows specifically something about Kipp. No, I think he's just looking for an opportunity for us to be little ourselves online. I don't what's the most embarrassed. Do you know of one? I. A look at. Here's one for me. I used to drink a lot. I used to get drunk like every night, right out of high school into college. And one time I went to a buddies place and all my after work in all my buddies were drunk and like why I gotta catch up. So we had this beer. Do you know to beer Bong? Is. So we this beer Bong, and I, like I dunno like Saturday beers in twenty minutes, and it just wrecked. Me just completely wreck me. And so in the morning I wake, I blacked out, I don't know what I remember puking over the toilet, but I blacked out and I wake up the next morning little hung over or whatever. And I come to work and I'm working and I get a phone call from my buddies like, hey, dude, do you remember what happened last night? I'm like, well, I remember drinking and puking, don't really never much more than that. And he's like, well, I was in. I was in my room and you came in the room and he went to the corner and just started peeing in the corner. Oh, man. And he's and I guess he woke up and him and his girlfriend were there, and they woke up and said. Hey, hey, the bathrooms in there. And I guess the only thing I said is, no, I'm good and just kept p in and then left and just went and passed out somewhere over and I didn't remember a thing of this odd dude. I'm so sorry. I can come over cleanup. He's like, no, we gotta taken care of, but like don't get that drunk anyways. That's a small example. I used to get drunk a lot to the point where I would. I would come home from work, and I would just have a couple beers just because and that's where I knew. I'm like, oh, man, this is the problem is I looking good, it's not looking good. So I quit cold Turkey. I quit and I have had a drink for men. I don't know sixteen years or some Zet was. Were those the same parties that cavenaugh Azad or no? No, it was not like that at all. Oh, man. So I have a lot of stories like that. Where in my in my youth, I was a little wild and like to get drunk and. It wasn't good man. I've definitely matured and gotten over that. But yeah, some of those moments would pretty embarrassing for me. Yeah, so I don't man. I wish I could come up with something profound. That wasn't so long ago. I and I know darn, well that later today I'm going to be working and go, oh, wait, that's that was a better story. You ship dominance too. But the only thing that comes to mind, probably one of the first most embarrassing moments is I remember it was late middle school yet late middle school, and there is a talent show at the school, and I wanted to be in that talent show really bad. And I went to my sister's and said, hey, I want to dance in the talent show. And so they're like, oh, we got you will help you. So so we grab some Michael Jackson MTV music videos, and you know rehearsed gave me like a whole little dance routine, do which. Which included me like eventually laying on the ground and humping the ground. Which in hindsight, I was like, what we're my sister's doing right? We're actually now makes sense, right. They're like, oh, this is going to be funny so, and that was really embarrassing. And it was an area that something I really wanted to do, and I was really embarrassed to do it. And the lesson I learned I wasn't a big deal. Yeah, that it wasn't a big deal. And if anything, people respected the fact that I was willing to put myself out there and try something. So I think that's, I don't know. That seems to be the mantra in my life a lot right where there's areas where I'm concerned, I'm embarrassed be Frank being on this podcast is especially at I was really intimidating, right? And. But it works out and it's okay and it's not. That'd be the deal. It's it's usually always bigger down my mind than it really is. Yeah. Yeah, there's a, there's a phrase cognitive distortions. I know some guys are probably familiar, but we as human beings have this amazing ability to play things out significantly worse in our minds than they actually are in reality, and it's a good self defense self survival mechanism that we use. But very often we take it to the extreme and create these really false. Weird strange stories in our minds about how bad it actually is versus the reality of the situation is not a good thing. I fall into the travel lot. I mean, a really get into my head at times and and start thinking about, oh, as bad, this all going downhill, you know, somebody's upset or the podcast doesn't do as well one week as it should. And I think, oh, I guess the podcast is over like nobody likes it anymore. Like I do that stuff all the time, talkative distortions. It's good to be aware of that because you know, when you're doing it saving, chill the hell out and get back to reality. Cool. There you go. Glad. Glad we're over that. All right, Jeff, fluid I can have a bit of an all or nothing attitude at times. Wait, wait, wait, wait. That's funny because that's an oxymoron. I can have a bit of an all or nothing attitude. You either have an all or nothing attitude or you don't. Alright, Jeff, get real man. You're all or nothing. Admit it admit admit it. All right. So when Jeff is having his all or nothing attitude, if I mess up on a tactic for day, there can be a tendency to say that went wrong. So the hell with everything else as well as hell with hitting the objectives for the next day, I try to remind myself when those cases that it's about progress, not perfection, and it's most important to pick yourself up and get back on the horse to speak. What other tips do you guys have to help in these situations that find the balance between moving onward, but at the same time, making sure that you're not going to easy on yourself. So I learned this. I don't know where I learned it or where I started implementing it, but this has been so helpful when I catch myself and those moments because obviously, Jeff. Has catching himself those moments. Otherwise he wouldn't have brought it up. We're maybe he's catching himself after the fact. I don't know. But my response or one of the tactics us is what would I tell my son. If my son was experiencing the same thing right now that I'm dealing with, whether that's being lazy or or messing up in some small instance, what would I tell him? What advice would I give him or her daughter doesn't matter then give yourself that advice and follow it. And I'm assuming that you would tell your son or daughter that, hey, we all mess up. It's okay. It's natural to Messa, but it doesn't have to define our behavior moving forward. What can we learn when we mess up? And then what do we do? Well, we get back on the horse and we fix it. We correct the behavior and we and we do what we need to do to to get back on the track that we've identified. I felt so isolated yourself from the moment a little bit, get out of yourself for a second and look at it objectively. What what would Jeff tell a stranger? What would Jeff tell his kids? What would Jeff given. Vice about on this podcast, but he was talking to the masses, take that advice to heart and do the advice that you would give to somebody else that's called consciousness. It's it's, it's incredibly powerful. We as human beings have this ability to project ourselves outside and beyond ourselves, that's what makes us so powerful. In fact, there's a lot of people in even studies. They suggest that's actually the thing that makes us human is that we have the ability to be conscious to project ourselves somewhere else some other time and place either in the future or in the past and make new decisions based on that stimulus that we have. It's pretty incredible. I would just add that there's huge power in language and so Jeff label this as giving up. You gotta give up, right. You're gonna give up just because you messed up a little bit. So maybe you know, like you're saying Ryan just change the perspective on this alot debt, and I in make it maybe a bigger deal than it is. Yes. So then that way you don't give up as easy because it is a form of giving up. There's a little bit of giving up there, you know? Right. It's, it's, it's basically you've decided to throw in the towel bright and just say, well, okay, I surrender. Yeah. Okay. That's fine. But you don't have to. So yeah, I like that. Kid them make sense. The things that we tell ourselves is powerful. So tell yourself the right things. Cool. So Reese Reese? As an interesting question, he says it's been said that people have lesser impact on their hometowns than they do to the world at large as an example. Jesus was not as immediately impacting to Bethlehem, like it was globally. What's the response to hurricane Utah to order man or the icy at large? Can you speak to any of your skeptics in town? And is this a factor for your decision to possibly relocate? I'm not even to the stage where any of this relieve in matters. You know, like people the only people that know what I do in my hometown of hurricane are the people who are my friends or my wife's friends, not. So what is it that Ryan does exactly and nobody knows it's we're just not at the scale to where people like, oh, right, right, right. No, it's not like that at all and I don't. I don't care. I don't like I. It's not like, do you know who I am when I walk into the restaurant and they can't give me a table right away. Don't you know who I am on the man of the order is not like that at all. And frankly, I don't. I don't care. I really don't. I'll tell you it is nice when people recognize like I've been recognized on planes a couple of times, people come up like, hey, aren't you? That guy that does order man? Yeah, and it's cool like I'm not gonna lie. It's flattering in definitely strokes the ego, but I'm not at a point now where nobody cares, no- nobody knows or cares here really, frankly, anywhere else what it is I'm doing. So I'm curious like if if you had a new neighbor move in down the street and you guys go introduce yourself or they come over and say hi and they say a Ryan. So what? What do you do for work at? What? How do you explain this? I'm curious. Yeah, I usually what I'll say because I'm not. I just really not interested in getting in a long drawn out conversation about it is usually what I'll say is I have a podcast and we teach and leadership principles and give men the tools to be better fathers. Husbands, business owners, community leaders. Now a lot of people say, oh, that's cool. That sounds interesting. And like that's the end of the conversation to which is fine it, it's it's fine. Other people will be like, oh, what like, how do you do that? And they're intrigued. And of course, I'll delve a little deeper into it. It's not any different than the way you would introduce your side. There's there's nothing difference. Yeah, it is. What is now to the skeptics of my town? There's no, there's no skeptics like there's nobody who's like out Ryan guy that Ryan guy Liz down the road. Have you heard about what he's doing is appeased weird? No, no. Like there isn't. There's no skeptics. There's people who are questioned. They're like, oh, what like a lot of my wife's friends question, like, what is it Ryan's doing the the couple of weeks ago when we did our legacy event, there was a couple of friends she had and their husbands and fact that ran into her at the store, whatever because we live in a pretty small town and said, no, I saw something on Facebook. What is Ryan doing? All that's cool. I didn't know he was doing that there. Nobody's skeptical of voted is we're doing 'cause it's so good. It's so powerful, right? And everybody that hears about it is like, oh, man, that's awesome. Wow, that's really cool. Like that's a pretty pretty exciting thing. Like who's gonna who's going to be skeptical if my wife says, oh yeah, he's up in the in the mountains. This weekend, twenty guys flew in and they brought their sons and their their their hiking, and they're doing ju jitsu stuff. And they're, they're camping and they're, they're talking around the fire like who's going to say, oh, I don't know about that. That can't be good. He's gonna say that which is the power of what we're doing as far as the factor or whatever to relocate. No, I'm not running away from anything or like, oh, these guys don't believe in me. So I'm out of here, know, is we? We're ready for an adventure. We want to do something different, and we're in the the space financially emotionally physically where where we can do it. So why not take advantage of it? That's that's only reason to to consider relocating. And you know what? When I moved to a new place, nobody's gonna know me. What I do just like nobody knows me and what I do here. My hometown. Although in Maine, all five people, my note you're doing, they may. That's the goal over time. Everybody the world will know Pete and the four other people, and. So these last couple questions by the way I felt you announce this that these are coming from the council group, so hunter, Jeffries. And now this next question by Joe. So Joe at Colt, when you talk about developing your code of conduct, how do you involve your son's more at a young age? Six and four. Is it better to justify it then tell them about it or let them have input seems young, but I want them to have buying yet. It is. I don't think six is too young. I think six is is probably pretty pretty adequate. Even four, I think a four year old. If you if you talked to your boy, I think he said sons, right? Yeah. So if he talked to his four year old and said, hey, what do what do you think important that we do? You know like, what do you, what do you think about dad? Like what do you like about what I do? What do you admire? I think a four year old might be able to give you some pretty cool answers in a different perspective. You haven't heard. For a six year old certainly would be able to now, are they going to articulate in this masterful sentence that you can now document and use it as a framework for the rest of your life? No, but they're definitely going to give you some insight. So then when you go and you start documenting this code of conduct, and this is what I did with my ten and almost eight year old now is is we wrote down this code of conduct, but I gathered their input and they said, well, we think discipline's important. Okay. So what let's craft ascend so we have to descend with my help, of course. So get the insight, get the help and the guidance and then and then craft sentences and then ask them what they think of it. Do you like the sense? And I told my boys a couple of cents. They're like, Nah, I think which would say this instead. So we incorporated that into that. This is a collaborative process. It shouldn't just be you and it certainly shouldn't just be them just collaborate in a way that feels best based on their ages and maturity level as well. Yeah. Oh, it's funny how your four year old could probably just draw a pitcher. Yeah, on the piece of paper and see. Yup, that's me contributing. Right. We made this together. Yeah. Yeah, it's a good and one of the things that we did on our code of conduct is my ten year old. We and myself we all signed as well. So now I can go back and say, hey, guys, like last night, what was. Oh, my my eight year old. He was he was being destructive in the house. I can't remember exactly was doing, but he was like breaking toys or so. He's just been crazy. And one of our codes of conduct is we respect ourselves, our surroundings and others. So at the dinner table, I said, hey, remember when we talked about respecting ourselves or surroundings, and others right now, you're not respecting your your toys and your possessions, which is your surroundings, and you're not respecting us because you're being wild at the dinner table when we should be here having a productive conversation in eating dinner. Right? Yeah, you're right. I remember that. Okay. Cool. Correct the behavior, but now we have documented, the expectation isn't loose. It's like, no, you're not living up to the thing that you signed. And I think that creates the buy in that they'll help keep all of us on the path that were wanted to travel. Now stuff. Bruce Wilson in Stephen, press fields book the art of war great book. By the way he talks about the resistance. What happ- what I have found in my life is that the closer that I get two things I really want Cal calibration contribution, etc. The resistance becomes a frenzy to derail me from pushing all the way through. It says, if one is running marathon and hits the wall, what are some tips and techniques that either of you used to get through the wall of resistance is specifically interested in the final push techniques to go the complete distance as it seems. I constantly get derailed near the end and have to start over again. I appreciate all that you guys do for us. Thank you. This is a really good point because resistance comes up everywhere, and I think Bruce is exactly right. I think the closer you get the harder it becomes and the more resistance that presents itself. Now I frame this a little bit differ. Really, I completely subscribe and ascribe to Stephen, press fields idea of the resistance. But the way that I frame it is it's the world's and the is way or even God. However, you wanna look at it. It's it's that way of. Proving if I'm worthy of that thing. And if I don't over come the resistance, then I prove to the world and myself that I'm not yet worthy of it. Now, some people say that and say Bryant, you've got to have self love. It's not what I'm talking about. You don't get to just have what it is you want just because you want it. So for example, I don't get to be a Brazilian Jiu jitsu black belt because I want to really bad. I don't get to be a masterful guitar player because I really have it as ir to be a masterful guitar player. I don't get to be a great dad because I just man, I, I wanna be a good dad. You gotta earn that and you earn it by overcoming the resistance to me, it's like the final exam. The resistance is the exam. This is the test. Have you earned it yet in if you don't overcome the resistance than the answer to that is? No, you haven't earned it yet, which is okay. It just means you have to regroup than re-engage so that you are more equipped to earn it next time as far as some tips and techniques look at your battle-plan because he's talking about a battle plan. He's talking about calibration and contribution the objectives. He hasn't each of those. So what do we do with her about a plan? We start with the end in mind as Stephen Covey would say, which is the vision for what I want for myself. Here's the type of individual, the type of man that I want to be the type of father husband, business owner, community leader. I want to be now in order to be that kind of individual, I need to accomplish x, y, and z. In these four categories calibration, which is self contribution, which is being a man of value condition, which is physical health and wellbeing, and you should know. Contribution, calibration connection connection. Thank you connection, which is the relationships that you have with other individuals. So you have an objective and each one of those categories. Now that you have a ninety day objective, you work backwards into the tactics. What are the things that I can do on a daily basis in order to secure x, y and z. So I'm gonna use the guitar just because I picked up last week every single day. My tactic is to practice between thirty and sixty minutes every single day. Now if I'm not moving towards my objective because I've identified thirty day and sixty day checkpoints if I'm not hitting those checkpoints, then my tactic is off. Maybe I'm not practicing enough. Maybe the program I'm using is not the right program to be using. And so where can I reevaluated my tactics in order to get back on this path? Okay. Well, I, you know, I said, thirty to sixty minutes. It looks like I'm actually have to practice for ninety minutes a day, or I'm using this this online at a Fender app, which is actually really good, but if it's not producing the results and maybe have to look at that and find a new book, maybe I need to bring in a an instructor in practice live with an instructor. So the the, the point that I'm making here is that if it's not working, you're not moving in the right direction based on your check points that will lead to your Jek gives that lead to your vision, then reevaluate your tactics and see if there's something else that you can do that will help you move the need a little bit further. A like that. I think sometimes spruce at that wall of resistances is nothing more than sometimes just a mental perception, right? Where you don't wanna do those tactics because you're like, it's not working, or you know, maybe maybe maybe this isn't gonna work or era, meaning you get in your own head and and not that everything relates to jujitsu. Even though it probably does. You know, this happens all the time, right in jujitsu. We have these highs and lows right? Where you feel like you're on top of your game and you're like, man, you know, I'm awesome. And you get a little bit of pride and ego, and you think you're amazing. And then a week later, it's like everyone can submit you and it's almost like you must take your belt off and start over fresh in for whatever reason you're in a slump. But what I've learned over the years is at the end of that slump is another high. So you know, and it's back to what Ryan was saying earlier about the perception, right? You're. Thought process around the resistance. See it as yes. I'm almost getting there. Yes, there's a high coming, right? There's an opportunity to learn in this moment of resistance. Right? I'm gonna rise to the occasion and when a push forward. So for me, I just I think it has to do with maintaining that mindset and and being really honest with yourself that that resistance is just a sign of the test, and it's just a sign of progress coming and growth coming, and that's all it is, and it's not doubt it's not all these other things. Yeah, I really liked that Kip. That makes a ton of sense. One thing I would add to that is all you said that an that highest coming, but I would also add that another lowest coming. Yeah. Yeah. And when you have to be realistic about that because I think what some people think Kip is that if you're on the right path, then everything is seamless. It's high after high after, right. If if it's meant to be that everything will just line up, that's not true at all. All you have to be realistic in your expectations. Even if you're on the absolute one hundred percent correct path for you in any endeavor, you are still going to experience highs and lows. It's not personal. It's not meant to derail you, it's nobody's out to get you. It is just part of the deal. And when you recognize because look, I recognize there's little slumps. Let's just use the podcast. For example, there slumps in our downloads, our number of downloads per per month or per episode. That doesn't mean that it's wrong. It doesn't mean that I'm off. It doesn't mean that the podcast is over. It doesn't mean that people don't like what I have to say, or you have is it doesn't mean any of that. That just means this is part of the game, stay with it, stick with it. It's a test. You have to prove your worthy of it. Bear down, get through it and get to that next high, and you will experience in other low and another though, and another high and another low is part of the game. Recognize it, address it for what it is. Yeah, and don't make it wrong. Illegal exams wrong. Something's wrong. No, this is normal. This is life and it may be. There may be some things that are off, right? You're like, oh, well, gosh, isn't working anymore. What else can I do? Okay, adjust right, adjust, but it's not wrong. Absolutely. Let's take one or two more just depending, let's take one more we're we're running time. Yeah. All right. So Dan delirium lately, I've found myself spread pretty thin between family were social community obligations as well as all the hobbies I like to pursue. How do you recommend scaling down? So you can concentrate fully on what's important while also voiding the filling of not growing as a person because you're not doing or learning more. This is a huge issue. So many people have a hard time saying, no, and you have to say, no, I'll give you an example a couple of days ago. A good friend of mine. In fact, Matthew Raritan he he's a friend of mine, but he's also business partner with the with the events that we run and he reached out and he said, hey, man, I'm going to start this nonprofit. And here's what we're doing. And you know what is right in my wheelhouse, and it was very much in line with what we're doing here, but I evaluated what else I have going on. And I said, you know what? Man, a really appreciate the offer. I'm flattered that you would ask me that you want me to be involved. But at this time I can't do it because I've got other priorities that are more pressing down the road that may change. But as of right now, with respect to you and what you're looking for, I won't be able to give you that. Now that's taken a lot of practice years and years and years of practice because it's flattering and you wanna be helpful. Most men do, I think want to be helpful and want to be appreciated an acknowledged. And all of those things were a sign of a probation and knowledge acknowledgement for me. But I can't because I do have other priorities. So it's a matter of documenting all of the things that you're doing and figuring out what has to go. Maybe it's coaching. I mean, I had to make that dude. I had to make that decision this year with my kids that talk about hard. I had to tell my oldest son that I'm not going to coach football team this year because I think two things I think he can get another better experience if he allows somebody else to coach him and I just don't have the capacity to coach every sport. So I coach my second son's football team, but not my oldest, this year's, but I'm going to coach his basketball to you. My second son can have somebody else. We just have to make decisions based on what we can do, and we have to be bold in the way that we communicate those decisions. Yes, I'm in all the way or no am not going to do this at all because I have other things I'm engaged in and want to make sure I'm serving adequately. Skid man, and I think it's important to Dan that I mean, there's the balance right in. That's not necessarily his question, but we talk about this sometimes is, you know, we get focused on what's important, and we lose sight that that personal growth is also important, right? So you still need to focus on yourself. You still need to take care of your physical health and and your personal growth is just it's, you know, it's that balance a little bit that that is tough sometimes. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Cool, man. Well, guys, if you like these questions, if you if you want to participate and submit and had these kind of conversations with the other guys within the order of man or within the council, you can join us on Facebook dot com for slash groups. Ford slash order of man. And then if you're ready to level up and kind of get a little bit more in depth, right, kinda go little hardcore. Join us at the iron council. You. You can learn more about the honor council at s-. What is the your hours? I wasn't going to put the and I can't remember which one has while we had. Yeah, it's ordered man dot com. Slash iron council order man dot com. Slash iron council backslash iron council. It's actually Ford or sorry for its last night. See, got me confused. Forward slash iron council. Don't mess with Kip Hansel. All right. You can follow Mr. Mick ler on Instagram at Ryan mixer and on Twitter at order of man and check out the Facebook or check out the website. Go visit the store. Do we get new products in yet or they're, they're almost coming there close. We've got a couple of hat styles curve brim hats for all of you curb Emmers out there and. Hoodie long sleeved shirts, beanie what do they call it in Canada. Someone was telling me what they call in Canada, and they told name for beanie and they told me and I'm like, I don't know what that is assigned Sokha. I don't know. They're wrong. I know they're wrong, whatever. Whatever it is they call it is wrong of a. That's coming to get a start a fight. Well, what's going to start a fight as you just mentioned brim hat. I swear. We started talking about flat brim and curve Brennan hats, and all of a sudden the whole world starts. We're going to break the internet. We have these kind of conversations so you you curve, brim guys, you you have you talk a lot of crap. You know, proved us wrong and actually buy a hat out of the store. So Ryan's stuck with all of the hats and in his basement trying to get someone to buy them. I, I got four new curve hats that are coming that are cool there really bubbas just going to buy them all just so he can prove you wrong that that's fine. I don't care who buys them just by him. Or will I, I don't care who or why they buy them just by him. Because ride's not wear them. Cool. Man, we good. Yeah, I think we are are, I guess, keeps me those questions. Kippen I'll keep answering them. Hope you enjoyed this one. Appreciate you say it every week every week. I'm grateful though, and appreciate you guys being on this journey. We need more men in this fight. So I would just encourage you to engage a little bit more in whatever way that you see fit and then also share this show this episode. Show this movement with your dad, your brother, your cousins, uncles, friends, whoever it may be that need to hear the message of reclaiming restoring what it means to be a man. So guys until Friday for Friday, field notes go out there, take action become the man. You are meant to be thank you for listening to the winner of man podcast. You ready to take charge of your life and be more of a man. Momentum. We invite you to join the order at quarter of man dot com.

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APG 434  Dont Panic!

Airline Pilot Guy - Aviation Podcast

3:00:22 hr | 9 months ago

APG 434 Dont Panic!

"You're listening to the pilot show. View from all side of the golden door. It's the. Guy Airline pilot episode four, hundred thirty four. Thousand. Know you're listening to the airline pilot guy showed the view from our side of the cockpit door with your host Captain Jeff. Broadcasting live in studio four L. at an Airbnb in San Pedro California. Today shows recorded on the fifteenth of July Twenty Twenty. In today's episode ran blamed human error for the shooting down of Ukrainian flight in January. In, Greece investigators say a passenger jet came dangerously close to a helicopter because the plane's two pilots operated the controls at the same time Warner's your feedback and today's plane tales, who killed Yogi bear, so get all settled in tray tables, and seek backs in the upright and positions. Electronic devices powered on. I'm Radio Roger and flight four thirty four. For pushback. Thank you Radio Roger He's an Emmy Award winning TV and radio reporter currently at the number one all news station in the nation, ten ten wins New York City welcome to the airline pilot Gosh. Oh, I'm Captain Jeff Airline captain. For a major legacy carrier based here in Atlanta will not here in Atlanta Georgia and I am joined today by my awesome co-hosts. From his mobile studio in Seoul Korea world traveler airplane mechanic breitling cognizant. Fitness Hound and international air freight captain. It's Miami Rick. Low everybody coming at you from the future? Actually it's Thursday over here. Oh? How is how things I've seen things? I. Can't say much, but it's good. When we need them to take a look at the lottery Vano. Out Doesn't work that way though, does it. UPS All right now. It's time to introduce. Another Co host is. From his studio in the English countryside, professional photographer former, RAF are double A. F. Fighter pilot retired captain for an international airline based in London. It's Captain Nick. Good Evening Gentlemen Lovey back on the show again whereas the lady. Well, I guess she's still doing that thing. They call work work work. Work. For Okay. You work work, so she's going to be joining us. In progress hopefully. Within the hour we're hoping and also joining us. In our mobile studio in San Pedro California. He's an acme junior pilot. A craft brew Junkie a train. Addict And all around great, Guy. Captain Stephen Ivy. I wish I. Could see everybody again. Great to have you with me again, and we'll talk in the segment where we get all caught up with stuff What's been going on with us for the last? What ten days now I think is yeah. Yeah, so it's been a lot of fun, but. Before we do that. Let's talk about some news. Five on us. I item in our news notebook. Is this this happened in? Really it was just it was just. This year seems like it was long ago has. On January Twenty Twenty Seven thirty seven. Let's see your cranium. Airlines seven thirty seven taking off from. Tehran. was shot down by two missiles on July twelfth twenty twenty Iran's. Released, another updated interim report both in Persian and English. And they Let's see. Let me read a little bit here of their report. after the relocation of one of the air defense units of Tehran clearly causing a change in its heading failure, occurred due to human error and following the procedure of system north alignment as a result. A one hundred and seven degree error was induced into the system as such while the flight seven fifty two. What was the airline? Again was a Ukrainian air any international. And national okay. So let's see they. While the flight, seven fifty two aircraft was flying. The direction of objects and targets detected by the system was being observed with an increase of one hundred and seven degrees by the operator, such a functional failure initiated a hazard chain, which of course could be controlled providing other planned measures are implemented. They weren't at. Two forty, three, fifty, six, the Air Defense Unit operator detected at target at his two hundred and fifty degree Azimuths, flying a five to fifty two degree course at the same time after takeoff the. Ukrainians fifty two have been flying towards the defense system from one hundred and forty three degree azimuths. The aircraft was passing the three hundred ninety degree course. just about twenty five seconds or so later, the operator notified the specifications of the detected target to the coordination. Center over the communication network. The target was in fact the very. flight seven, fifty, two, departing from K., detected by the system as a target, approaching Tehran from approximately the southwest, although they were not actually because at one hundred seventy degree air. the recorded information indicates that the mentioned defense systems notification was not communicated successfully. Another link in the chain of events was formed at this point. They're using the the metaphor of. The chain which she'd and breaking. It's like Swiss cheese except it doesn't taste as good, it's a chain. Out in Potala, it's very Mattel. Tasting netted tastes the another metaphor to use for safety, so if you have a chain and everything is unbroken, then everything's GonNa be okay, but then sometimes you have little places where the chain is. weakened or actually broken. Okay The system operator. Began analyzing the observable information categorized the detected target as a threat, although the likelihood of identifying the target for threat was considerably raised due to his lack of awareness of the one hundred and seven degrees error yet still at this point. If he had identified the target as a passenger aircraft, the missile would not have been launched. The wrong identification is another link in the chain of events. At two four, forty, one without receiving any response from the Coordination Center, the the Air Defense Unit operator fired a missile at the threatening target. He had detected under the applicable procedures. If the defense system operator cannot establish communication with the coordination, center does not receive the fire command. They are not authorized to fire. This measure had been planned as another error prevention layer, which was not implemented either the fourth link, leading to the firing of the missile was now formed. I guess they're kind of changing my metaphor a little bit. They're actually creating links as not. Deleting him. at the time of firing. Part Yeah. Yeah can't wait a minute there there, metaphors. Of. Revision you gotTa, you gotTa. Break this chain. In Iran. They do things differently. I guess. So where was I? Hear at two forty, four known at firing, the first missile, the aircraft was flying at a normal altitude and trajectory, the aircraft, a ATC transponder and eighty S. Signals were received properly the missile. Radio Fuse was activated when the aircraft had reached the last position record by the dependent surveillance systems. The activation occurred to forty, four, fifty nine. up to forty, four fifty eight, so like one second before the last information received from the aircraft included the secondary surveillance radar s transponder and automatic dependent surveillance broadcast a DSP. After which receiving us such signals was terminated. This time corresponds to the first missile radio fuse activation from then on the aircraft was only being recorded by the primary surveillance radar so Believe it or not. It wasn't over. They actually ended up firing a second missile. the I missile though. Let's see the evidence shows that forty six eleven fire broke out on the aircraft which was intensifying. At Two forty, eight, twenty three. The aircraft crashed into a playground near. In. Cobb collage. But you should ask wreck. He's probably been there. No, of course you haven't that's. Better, but you've seen in. Iraq. Iran and it was near the what Area Rick. Collage Baden no, but it was. That's near. Shahad dish hottest shower. Missy Ooh Shohada. Shahara. Shoshana hottest Cheyenne Shahada Shower Sharia. An explosion occurred the moment the aircraft impacted the ground. The aircraft then kept hitting the ground and bouncing on a route towards the airport, making the aircraft pieces. Victims, properties, objects and body remains disintegrate completely in a vast area near a residential complex, recreational and Sports Park Gardens and the surrounding agricultural land. This thing goes into a lot more detail about the missile and the fact that they. Ended up. Firing, or exploding or whatever detonating about fifty feet, right underneath the cockpit area and sent out shrapnel. Yeah, I think most anti-aircraft missiles are designed to do is up shrapnel and. Plus holes in the air plan. Now is that what happened with Malaysian that Malaysian triple seven. It was the exact same blast pattern. It's not actually direct impact, but it's got a sensor, or as it gets to a certain point. It just basically blows up in the shrapnels. What gets it's kind of like a toy in the water where it gets close to the Boto activate underneath it. Oh, yeah I remember when I used to be the submarine and we shoot this torn torpedoes. Silence! Yeah. So I I would imagine what that's right. It doesn't talk low, silent, but deadly. I'm sorry. Okay. I'll have to keep that in the era that you're going to be in the show. So. Nick. You're the only one here who has. Experience with weapons such as these missiles that were fired I know that the airplane the airplane launch missiles are probably a little bit different, but do they work in much the same way or do they? Do they like to detonate near the target or do they? Actually, hit the target, or both the there are some that designed as hey tiles, so the rapier system that the British Aerospace built we used an offenses NFL defense systems where basically Connecticut missiles that were designed to strike and destroy but you had to hit. The most missiles have a warhead, and because you've got a blast radius. Of A wool head of X. Feet, depending on the size, and the whether it's shrapnel, or it's an expanding road style of destruction device than slung as the missile gets within the the the diamond of the parameters of that will head. Yeah, that sold it needs so it'll have a contact fuze. It'll have a proximity fuze. It'll have various ways. All decimating as it goes past, but the idea is that yeah, doesn't take much really. If you've got a high speed missile I didn't take a huge amount of explosive to spread shrapnel out. And coast, the velocity at the shrapnel heading something a delicate as across off, it'll just go straight through the skin and hit flying competitor way. Pilots across being some of the vital components. Surprised at how small those little pieces of shrapnel were in, there were not even like. Not, even centimeter In in dimension in a couple of the dimensions very tiny. Yeah it if there. If it's a decent missile system, it'll be coming at quite fast so I. Guess The the title, Connecticut and the. Is Proportional, so yeah. And some missiles Aussie better than others they They held a Russian missiles used to be huge and have huge warheads because they weren't very well guided the more precise, the guidance the closer, it can afford to get the small of the warhead actually so that it travels faster and is more effective. But I write all guided missile can be any aspect and It. Sounds like this was a radar guided missile heat seekers will tend to home in on warm spots, not just the engines. You can get enough it usually from the frame nowadays Aniko, some infrared guided missiles actually use a matrix, a imagine a camera, and all the pixels there or That inside a missile and some of them are sophisticated enough to. Actually look at the image of the aircraft that it's honing in on it and decide whether it's enemy friendly some of them that clever What surprises me about this system. Is that their craft of? Its transplanted going and was even broadcasting a DSP but the missile operator didn't have that information on a scope, so there's a huge disconnect. There mean the aircraft's transmitting something that will identify it, and the guy with the deadly system isn't able to receive or isn't using it. I'm and. What's that about that? They might not have that. Technology just stood the embargoes and everything on Iran. It might be an older system. You know from Seventies. It's it's usually. It's defense against shooting on your own aircraft so. Everybody has that kind of a system volume. You would hope they would. Otherwise, you end up gauging your NFO's by accident, which is. Kinda stupid. Yeah, I was Gonna I was GONNA. Ask Nick as well because. What's the point of I F F identify, identify friend or foe, if if if you can't use it and then that that eight years. I've idea why why wasn't integrated into the missile operators system. Pepsi relied on his chain of command to identify the aircraft full him and just told him what shootout when. Down except feed in, get any. Nine grabbing. Maybe earning breakdown. since his asthma was off, it might have the readout might not be the same because he was looking in the wrong area, so give him the readout. See expecting. Maybe it was like a setting issue because of that. I can see that he. The geometry of the approaching aircraft was wrong because they hadn't recalibrated the screen to to to north. It was still on its previous. The study added at its previous location. But that shouldn't affect a while they target emits ways right to find signals. And I'm thinking that. If that were actually the case what you said, they probably would have mentioned it in the. Report so. Anyway a whole bunch of breakdown and procedures and communications. Really surprises me She's the Iran is putting up its hand and saying. We made it up fatal mistake and shot civil. Elena and Explaining how the mistake happened and that being surprisingly about it. That does. That is surprising that released suppressing yeah. All right well, that still an updated preliminary report so publicly sounds like they're being very transparent about this will get to actually see the final reports point. Hopefully soon. Anything else to say before we move on. No right now like we're done be. This is from flight global dot com. Dual control inputs from Condor Airbus, three eight hundred twenty s pilots badly obstructed its response to collision avoidance orders during a low altitude conflict investigators have determined. The incident culminated in serious air proximity counter and a terrain alert shortly after departure from Kabbalah or a couple I dunno Kabbalah maybe sure airport in Greece Carell Kabbalah, okay. This, happened in two, thousand, eighteen on the sixteenth of August. After, the aircraft lifted off from the runway to three left bound from UNIKA turned right over the coast to head for the zero. One C northwest outbound track, the three twenty was clear to climb to twenty four thousand feet, but the first officer who was flying saw conflicting aircraft, a Hughes, three, sixty nine. H S helicopter on the collision. Avoidance, system display immediately after the turn, and both pilots tried to establish visual contact as the aircraft climbs through to six thirty five feet, still approaching the shoreline, the collision avoidance system instructed the crew to maintain its eighteen hundred foot per minute vertical speed. But and here's the problem. The first officer did not follow this instruction, and that's a very dangerous thing as as the Greek transport. Ministry's investigation authority, instead commanding nose down and reducing the climb rate to eleven hundred feet per minute. This rate continued to decline to five hundred feet per minute as the aircraft past two thousand seven hundred thirty feet. The Collision Avoidance System reversed its instruction and ordered the crew to descend. The first officer initially responded with a nose up input. Loops, no, it doesn't work that way. before quickly switching to nose down at which point the captain also applied down input without first following the procedure to take over control that's. That's important you have to. If you're going to activate the controls, you have to let the other person know that you are taking over control. As a result, says he inquiry. The first author did not realize the aircraft was responding to dual command inputs. Yes, very important in a Airbus right neck when you have. If both of you do something with the straight stake, the control inputs summed so that you push forward, and he pulls back the some you get a positive against the negative nothing happens. If you both push forward, it will give you twice the amount of input that you. You expect it. 'cause you're summing knows foy, which is why it's vital that you decide who's in control of the airplane, and if there's any down, there's a big red button on top of the stake as soon as you press that it cuts out the stick on the other side of the cockpit, and it's pretty obvious when you'll. Both pudding control puts impact because a big loud voice shouts, deal limp and you know the arrows going. Which Way so Y- I'm? This is just one of many mistakes. which indicates to me that. The training in this company or the training was being displayed. Here was really not of a high standard. I mean I tell and on the Boeing side of things we don't have any. You know fancy buttons or sticks or anything like that you. Can you have this big, you know? Yolk in front of you and you can see exactly what the guy next you is doing and that that's that's nice. Obviously, we see that he's pushing down. You I smack upside the head and you know take control. It! Being the incident very shortly. Up, luke stole the aircraft and the guy beside him, said he had no idea what the guy was doing. That was a conventional yoked control system, so I've been. I know you can tell you can see. You can see what I'm talking about here. Is that both the autopilot and manually you can see which way the yoke is going not not not not so much in an Airbus tension to it. Paying attention to it. Yeah, because there are plenty of accidents where? The people have even fought over the controls. No absolutely absolutely and they're in the controlled. They're designed to break free from another one of them. Get jammed absolutely right. But so what are saying is I don't WanNa. Go into the the pros and cons of science sticks. We've discussed that many times. Let's do it. It works fine, if you. Know How to fly airplane that Oakland had not the airplane and we all know. Buying it all of our training, regardless of what kind of airplane you're flying when you have TIKA system installed, and it's telling you to do something in his critical that you follow what it's telling you, because it's also talking possibly to the other aircraft and going they were trusting are going to follow the commands that they're given, and there's going to be a nice safe resolution because that's that's what that's. What teak has mean the tropical waiting system? They talk to each other so the. Once coordinates with the other system, and if you're commanded a client in the other, the other systems commanding a descent, the crew to keep you. Away from each other, and this is something that we practice in simulators all the time, and then the procedure Talbot's. It's it's. It's straightforward enough where you gonNA. Disconnect the pile this neck, the auto throttle you take Mayo. Control the airplane and all you do. Is You just you just fly? You'RE GONNA have symbolically show up in your primary flight display or or Or address indicator whatever it is or sometimes on your on the older systems on just just just on your out your vertical speed indicator, your visa and the idea is to keep the keep the your position, or or your your vehicle speed needle out of the red area and into the green area, just just simple as that and you just keep it there. That's going to that is going to a guarantee. To keep you. Away from the other conflict in aircraft, because whatever you're doing, the other guys doing the opposite of what you're nuts. and. The boss, because as demonte era of climate to send, and they're on the right of declined to send indicator on the side of the. Flight dark to screen. There is your needle, and that's where the color change occurs, so you basically just put the CDI needle into the green you. And it's so simple to interpret. So. I A question for Nick the so you're getting the t caste system using the speakers to Warn you of traffic and directing you to. Monitor vertical speed or increase the rate of climb or descent. Know that voice the oral alert with the dual input. WOULD THAT BE? Would you also hear that at the same time or would one of those be muted? Don't think they muted I. Don't know if they sequenced or whether one on top of the other, because of never been in that situation now to ask. That question they may have a priority Because I've been in situations in the simulator. Where you know one system normally you'd hear a an oral alert for whatever it's happening, but then another system has also at the same time putting out an oral alert and there are you know I guess? Priorities involved with what you hear and what you don't. Yeah. My my gut feeling tells me that you would hear them both to. It made either you would I mean they obviously don't Blair out. Come constantly, certainly a T., Kasich. Warning than this a gap. It might be in that gap that you get the other warnings, but I suspect you'd hear them both, and it would be just like two people shouting at you. Saying yeah but. To me all the time. Yelling at least two or three at a time? And I'll always asking if. do any of the bone auto tech has avoided the no on Boeing planes. Teak as buoyant as a maneuver, strictly manual maneuver. mcdonnell-douglas ways the way you go is autopilot off Rodel and just. Manually fly the maneuver until you. Until, you're clear of conflict. Then then you re automate. Hours just grab one more thing. You know That says this could all be preventative fell your so soapy Amhadu Positive Shane Jeff controls. That would help avoid a lot of these issues with t cast dual inputs. Other other upshur yeah. Situations where is vitally important that if somebody is taking control like the captain that he announces that he's taking taking control. Very important. Or if you could go if Dana's practice and just carry baseball bat, and not yeah, does he take full like he does carry a full-size baseball man. I don't think is. Yeah, collapsible. Bag Fluid. Dana you know when he was first officer and I. Don't recall ever seeing the baseball. I must have been doing okay. He didn't have to hit. Anyway so I guess we should continue with the story. Basically they didn't hit the helicopter There's much more to this here. let's see. Okay. I think you're after as as nick mentioned Airbus Flight Control Logic Psalms dual inputs from the pilot side sticks in this increase, the a three twenty percent right because they were both pushing down. Or forward, the first officer then attempted to reduce the nose down. Because he believed the intruding helicopter was beneath the a three twenty, and because being unaware of the captain's inputs, he was also confused by the aircraft's response to aside stick. And with the aircraft at two thousand, seven, hundred sixty three feet, the helicopter, two, thousand, eight, hundred, sixty nine, so the helicopter was actually above them. The Collision Avoidance System ordered an increased rate of descent. The first officer again initially gave a nose up command. Followed by a nose down. While the captain applied knows down the. Pilot wasn't. Sure. We're GONNA find out in another story in the news notebook here that doesn't always guarantee. The guy sitting in a seat on an airliner doesn't always guarantee that they are good at it. Is No. The combined nose down inputs of the pilots generated the high negative g load. Prompting the first officer to react with the nose up command at their closest point, two aircraft were separated by two hundred eight feet vertically. That's close in less than five hundred five hundred fifty feet horizontally. That's very very close. Whether conditions were good at the time. Neither pilot recalled whether the aircraft's automated systems signaled dual impact input warning. The overall average result of the summed inputs from the pilots commands had led the aircraft to descend, but as it neared twenty four hundred feet, the pilots received a terrain caution indicator from the ground proximity, warning system because the jet was losing height, as it neared a mountain ridge, rising to three thousand feet. Likes according to the captain's testimony. He immediately declared that he was taking control of the aircraft. Should have done that before engaged, go around thrust in pitched. The aircraft eleven degrees nose up. Within a few seconds of the terrain caution, there were no further inputs from the first officer. Investigators State that the helicopter pilot had not complied with its authorized to of twenty five hundred feet. But. They point out that the first officers response to the Collision Avoidance System was not in accordance with US instructions and says the captain's unexpected intervention complicated the situation condor should underline two pilots the importance of following the correct procedure for taking over control. The inquiry recommends they there suppose I'd ever thought of Condor as a fly by night operation in the voice considered them to be on a par with Lufthansa of the You, well recognized and You have a great reputation really. Has Me Yeah. This I quite taken aback by. Me Too. All right well. We can all learn from that right. See! An incident from this is from the Aviation Herald. An. E. R. A. OR ASA Era Alaska. Era. which is writing I think okay Raven Airlines. D. H. Eight a dash eight. Near Anchorage. This is all the way back in September of Twenty, twelve. An uncommanded left role and loss of altitude. Let's see they were performing flight eight, seventy, four from anchorage to homer with twelve passengers and three crew, climbing through twelve thousand feet out of Anchorage, when the aircraft entered an uncommanded roll to the left, and began to lose altitude, the crew was able to regain control the aircraft about seven thousand feet in return to anchorage for a safe landing about forty minutes after departure. The NTSB reported. The incident occurred in instrument. Meteorological conditions in other words burn the clouds. An investigation has been opened on July ninth twenty twenty, so not too long ago, the NTSB released their final report concerning the probable cause, the incident was an inflight loss of control due the due to the flight crew's inattention to Airspeed, pitch, attitude and engine power. All the control instruments here during the climb leading to an aerodynamic stall. Actually I should, I should correct myself here. Let me get back up again. Above fifty percent. Not all of those things are control. AIRSPEED is not. That's a performance instrument, but pitch, attitude and engine, power or control. Contributing to the incident was the flight crew's failure to recognize them properly properly recover from an aerodynamic stall in a timely manner. So first of all as start off by the NTSB kind of spanks them a little bit complaining that the. Cockpit Voice Recorder present on board. The aircraft did not comply with regulations requiring two hours of recording. The FAA had been unaware of this. Well, obviously, they're aware that it has to have two hours. It's just. They were unaware that this airplane didn't have that capability. The lack of CPR recording impaired the investigation and did not permit. To determine whether the stick. Shaker had activated during the event. As the flight data recorder did not record that parameter of stickshaker activation. The crew reported the stick Shaker did not activate during the event. The sequence of events so. Hang on folks. It's going to be a bumpy ride. During the climb to ten thousand feet, flight data recorder data showed now. That's kind of. FDR Flight Data Recorder data show that the flight maintain about ninety percent torque and hundred and fifty nine, which was consistent with company procedures captains. The airplane encountered icing conditions between seven and eight thousand feet, at which time he turned on all of the deicing equipment which which both flight crew member stated was working properly when the captain level the airplane at Ten Thousand Feet Plan cruise altitude, he reduced power from climb setting of ninety percent of maximum torque to about seventy percent of maximum torque. At the time, the indicated airspeed was one hundred seventy knots shortly thereafter, the flight crew requested and received clearance from ATC to maintain block altitude of ten to fourteen thousand feet to avoid continued icing conditions. The captain stated that he did not adjusted the power when he began the climb. which is odd. Which flight data recorder data confirmed the captain believe he engaged the indicated airspeed mode of the autopilot when he began the climb. However, if the captain had used the IAS indicated airspeed mode at the reduced power, setting the airplane would likely not have climbed yeah right. I S, you push the power up and it starts climbing. You pull. It back starts descending. Okay, trying to maintain what we call that called speed on pitch. Instead of speed on power, right or The first one. Yeah, no, I'm saying in this case. House to yeah. Okay, but pilots stated in interviews that climbing in the vertical speed mode of the autopilot was engaged was not. If the autopilot was engaged is not recommended, and they did not recall selecting the autopilot vertical speed mode specifically, the era aviation flight operations training perceived procedures. F. O. T. P. stated the. Pamphlet. Then we get a pamphlet. No wonder. It's the flight. Operations trading priests. Yeah okay. Does he have to travel with them at the hour does? Okay everybody blesses them before they get. He well, that guy stated that the vertical speed mode should not be used force to saint sustained climb if the autopilot was engaged since the airspeed was not protected, and a stall may occur well if you're if you're not a pilot may be, but if you're a pilot, you should be aware of all these feed, yeah! get into so botch right. I'm going to jump on the second, okay? Okay. Some reports. A big soapboxes we use here at the AP. Let's see despite this guidance. The flight crews apparent aware and the flight crews apparent awareness of it data showed that the flight began steady climb of eight hundred fifty feet per minute, which was consistent with the captain's selecting the vertical speed mode. Because the airplane began to climb steadily without the addition of power yet because you're telling it to write. The pitch attitude began to increase, and the indicated airspeed began to decrease recorded data showed that over the same interval, the airplane pitch attitude increase from three degrees, airplane nose up at ten thousand feet to fourteen degrees, while airplane nose up at twelve thousand feet, and that the airspeed decreased from one hundred seventy to one hundred and three knots, the speed at which the airplane stalled while that's a fourteen degrees I. Don't know I've never flown the dash eight, but. That seems like a lot of pitch made I. Think Anybody would say that fourteen degrees. YOU'RE GONNA! Notice that pretty quickly. I think I mean while you should. Should. As noted previously in addition to airspeed indicators, orange speed control indicators, providing fast slow indications were installed in the captain's and first officer's eighty is on the instrument panel directly directly in front about pilots. The speed control indicators depicted airspeed relative to one point three the stall, and would have moved into the slow region of the indicator as the air speed dropped below one hundred sixteen knots given that the pitch attitude is a primary control indication and airspeed is a primary performance indication both pilots pilot, and the pilot monitoring should have been cross-checking. That is continuously and logically observing the instruments for attitude and performance information. Yes, that's what pilots to. Both indications frequently, however, both pilots reported they were not aware of the. Pitch attitude airspeed. What are they looking at? What's going on here, look? Pretty. It looks like a like a like a big bear. If you read this newspaper, Good Lord if you see what the president's done again. I know you're a let me look at that. Let's don't none of us. Look at the instruments and see what's going on with the. the captain stated that during the climb out of ten thousand feet, he was monitoring the icing situation outside the airplane. You, the icing conditions as quote, the high end of moderate, and he stated that they needed to avoid those conditions to continue the fight when the airplane began to break out of the clowns at an altitude about eleven thousand, five hundred. Hundred feet, the captain decided to level off at twelve thousand, and he began monitoring the autopilot as a captured that altitude. He stated that he thought the speed was one hundred and fifty to one hundred and sixty knots, but he did not recall looking at the airspeed indicator, or the past slow indication on the ad I. What Are we looking at captain? The first officer stated that normally the pilot flying would specify the climb speed, but he did not recall it the captain diso and he could not remember what the speed was in the climb. He said he was busy. Taking care of paperwork and charts preparing to communicate with a destination station, looking outside, focusing on the icing conditions, making sure the DA's boots were inflating and seeing whether the airplane was shutting ice or not. As. The pilot monitoring the first officer was responsible for watching the primary instrument indications, and ensuring that the airplane was maintaining the appropriate climbers. However, he stated that he could not recall what the indications were on the instrument panel before the stall, but that he thought that the airspeed was about pattern fifty knots before the upset. He was wrong. The pilots allow the air speed dropped to stall speed because the captain failed to set climb power when he inappropriately selected the autopilot vertical speed mountain climbing both pilots were preoccupied with other duties, and we're not watching their airspeed or attitude indicators during the climb so. We move on now to the airplane. Stalling as airplane began to level off at twelve, the airplane began to shudder. The flight crew stated that they attributed attributed shudder to an unbalanced condition of the propellers due to uneven ice shutting. Both pilots stated that they had experienced similar. Shutting on their previous flight, neither pilot associated the vibrations. They felt as an approach to an aerodynamic stall. Flight Data Recorder data indicated that the airplane was experiencing and the dynamic priest all buffet. However neither pilot recognize the buffet as an indication that the airplane was about to stall. No record data was available to confirm a stall warning, but according to the pilots stickshaker do not activate and the time. The airplane began to lose lift which according to FDR data. The airplane performance and the airplane performance study occurred at ten, forty, eight, eighteen, as an airplane was climbing through twelve, thousand, one, hundred ninety two feet at one hundred and three knots. Flight data recorders show control column, moving aft from three degrees to eight and a half. Beginning at the time of the loss of lift, consistent with the autopilot control, this was followed by autopilot disconnection, and continued rabid aft movement of the. Control column to thirty three degrees. Within the next three seconds, they obviously thought they were in some kind of a fighter aircraft. three degrees. Okay Aerodynamic Stall Recovery requires the pilot to reduce the airplanes angle of attack by pushing the nose down. So that the proper airflow across the wings and control surfaces can be restored. Therefore, the captain's after movement of the control. Column was an inappropriate response to the stall and impeded its recovery. Very polite. Yes, you really much. You can substitute that with any consonant like the really mucked it up. The flight data recorder also showed the airplane began a left roll five seconds after the initial also lift, and then the role coincided coincided with the autopilot disconnection. Following the Left Roll pitch decrease from twenty degrees nose up to thirty seven degrees nose down. It was must have been quite a ride for that passengers. The captain stated that he attempted to control the airplane by rolling. It swings rolling it to wings level, pulling the nose up, but he was able to regain control. Yeah, because airplanes, not flying the wings. Don't have any flow. flight data recorder data indicated the control column after more than thirty three degrees for sixteen seconds during the descent. And that he did not attempt to push the nose over for another seven seconds after relieving back pressure. The captain stated that during the descent, he made a combination of control and power inputs, pushing the Yolk in power forward and back. Okay. Yeah. Push the buttons levers. made it doesn't work. The captain statements were confirmed by flight. Recorder data following the initial roll engine Torkham both engines decrease to about thirty percent. So the response to all was to pull the power power bag, and subsequently increased to over one hundred percent, twice, exceeding the torque limitations on the engines. The captain stated he did not recall seeing any speed during the event as he never wants, looked at the air speed indicator. As airspeed increased above one hundred and sixty knots during the Zach pitched, began to increase in the airplane leveled off at an at an altitude of about seven thousand seventy two feet. Oh well, you know we can continue on, but this is pretty painful. While so. In summary The captain's response to the Aerodynamics Aerodynamic Stall Delay. The recovery of the airplane Bright Jess pulling back on the column and reducing engine power, kept airplane from achieving the necessary angle of attack for airflow and lift to be restored. Yes, without awareness of the airplane's airspeed pitch attitude as the airplane approached install, the captain did not recognize the priest all but it. When it occurred once the aircraft was fully stalled. He held inappropriate nose up pitch control reduce power actions which exacerbated the stall and contributed the flight significant altitude loss. The first officer stated that when the airplane pitched over, his hands were not on the controls. He did not know what control inputs the captain made. Okay, here's an example of. Conventional Yoke and he was not aware of what control inputs captions making. I don't know what he's looking at or whether he increased or decreased power he he thought I thought they should get those down, but then thought if they had a tail icing event. The pushing forward would be wrong. The first officer stated in subsequent interviews that he did not think they had tale icing, but because initial confusion about whether the flight was experiencing an aerodynamic stall or a tail stall may have caused him to hesitate in responding. When asked as pilot monitoring what instrument he should monitor to assist the pilot flying recovering from a stall, he replied airspeed. But he could not recall what the airspeed was during the event. He also could not recall the position of the fast slow speed control indicator. As the pilot monitoring the first officer could have called out airspeed in the position of the fast slow speed control indicator any could have directed the captain to apply a maintained nose down pitch to aid the stall recovery. However, the first officer was surprised by the airplanes loss of control and did not provide any useful assistance to the captain during that recovery. Very nice. Okay. Let me. Do this Selena well? No kidding. Yeah, you're quite right, right? Matt Stone. And that well good thing they had the altitude and thing that they They didn't happen to run into any Komo with granite up there because there's a quite a bit of those up in Alaska. Really lucked out here, bonding to step up or step aside and make room for Captain Nick to come up here on the soapbox. Yeah. The this was all initiated by something I hated in my company. and it was frequently Don, which was to use the autopilot. Climbing, in but ICAL speed my and for an extended linked time and often very high altitudes when your performance is really. Quite small in engine Pie the thinness of the Eric Cetera. You really got to keep it very close. I P-. People realize, but when you're in vertical speed mode, the auto pilot will make their pine climate. What you've offered to that vertical speed, and it will give away everything else It'll give away your. Eh, speed, as it did in this aircraft to the point where the airplanes Stolz and it was exacerbated in this case, because the cat didn't had left cruise power on the and pushed the frontal would give himself enough thrust, but even in a in our aircraft. Admittedly all the protections of the Airbus would stop you from stalling the airplane. It won't got a really nasty situation, but it would never actually stole, but you'd Never WanNa. Do that because. While you're watching everything that's going on fine, but any takes something to distract you know. Something suddenly needs tuning elsewhere and because not much else going on you. Take Your eyes off the flight instruments you start attending to something else even something as stupid as the door begin the cabin crew coming in pretty go with a Nice Cup of tea, so engage you in conversation and the next thing you know The airplane is getting slower and slower and so. That's how you start getting in this position, so I used to. I didn't used to. Lose my cool, but I've radius to try and encourage first officers I flew is to not use this particular method of climbing there played. It has time and place, but it's not something that they would do commonly, although some other. What kind of background they capable problem where they were trying to do, it would use it incessantly, and it kind of used to get me and I said it's fine, and while we're both paying attention, but it doesn't take much to distract us to end up in this kind of a situation. That's my soapbox. Agree with I. Agree with you, Nick there. The vertical speed mode is is is a valid mode of the automatic director system. Why it's there. It's got up at a time and place to be used and. Again of those modes where like nature, said yeah, I mean if you're not paying attention to, it can really really bite you The thing with vertical speed is as we've seen as we saw here. It really doesn't protect your speed because yeah. Exactly what Nick said it's it's you ask the plane a climb? At at a certain vertical speed, loss per minute, and that's what that's what it's GonNa, do it doesn't protect you. doesn't protect the speed now if you. Usually the way vertical Speedo, or at least the way I use vertical speed sometimes is in the in the terminal the terminal area. To make controls control descent of no more than. A thousand and fifteen hundred feet a minute to make it a constant decent, or sometimes I'll use it for for a deceleration for the celebration a portion of the flight at it. It comes in quite handy when you're coming in in flight, little change or open dissent for Airbus clam mode for for for The mad dogs there once he select that mode. The autopilot is going to select the pitch for that airspeed right, and so if you're if you select two hundred and fifty knots, or have you select three hundred knots, and you've pressed change. You'RE GONNA pitch to maintain the three hundred. And so usually what I'll do is once a might about eleven thousand feet up press vertical speed select a select about a three hundred hundred foot, Amina decent and an dial speed back to to fifty and of the airplanes going to pitch up to give me that two hundred. Or three, hundred, hundred decent, and then that level sector of the flights, going to bleed the airspeed quite rapidly to get to fifty, and then I'll re-engage two hundred and fifty nine A. Little chance to reengage that mode of the auto pilot continued decent to fifty, so there's a time and place for it certainly not. certainly not in the in the mid thirties height thirty. Certainly because it's, it's really at that point. You're you're you're? You're thrust to thrust to weight? It's really not where you want it to be. His as Nick said if you command a thousand thirty minute climb, the engines are going to give it all they have. And that might not even be enough to give you the clam they request, and so the speed going to bleed, and we know what happened. We know how hard it is to recover that airspeed. Once you're up in the area once. You're up at altitude. Now good point gathering side of the drag curve, which is why we use this phrase so much and you. You can't accelerate airplane. This note enough thrust left in the engine, so the only way to get back to a situation way your above your main drag speed is to sacrifice altitude now. which is really not what you want to do because the person just get upset because the champagne might spill. But right, there are cases when I would always use a one would be an initial climate when you got more thrust than you really need, but your approaching another aircraft. That's above you and you don't WanNa. Hustle up to him at two and a half three thousand feet a minute because you'll activate his t cass, warning exactly right. Yes like vertical speed moderate erade climb so that you climb on possum than Ethan without any shouts for a traffic traffic in a getting everyone upset they in. So the time and a place but this. Was Not Time Nora. For You have to be aware when you are. Transiting to that mode that you have lost some protections and that's. What happened here and I hypothetically remember a story that somebody told me about a good friend of mine. In a very large airplane L. Ten eleven. where captain was Primary. Of. Pilot flying. And we were climbing out of Dallas Fort Worth, heading to Los Angeles avoiding thunderstorms and you know he was head outside, and you know maneuvering the airplane using the autopilot and vertical speed, and the auto throttles were basically commanding maximum climb thrust. and. I was watching the airspeed as pilot monitoring is opposed to and I noticed that the earth and I could just. If you've been flying these airplanes for a while you can. Just a good pilot can feel it without even looking at the instruments, you can sense when the energy of the airplane is getting. Its something's not quite right and I was looking at it and I'm thinking. Yeah, this is not going to work, because if he continues to hold this kind of a pitch and climb rate, and now we're transitioning to the low thirties mid thirties this is not gonNA. It's not gonna be a good situation, and I mentioned it to the captain. Saying not me. My friend told me that he mentioned it to his captain. That He needed to be careful because the me was dropping off, and and the captain acknowledged that fact, but really didn't make a big effort to adjust vertical speed, and before this person had a chance to remind the captain once more one more time. He decided instead to make a radio call to. Fort were center and requested a lower altitude. because. This person knew that the airplane was not going to be able to level off even at this. Energy, state. We had at this point, and we're going to be coming down whether we received clearance or not thankfully. Thankfully they did receive clearance from. Fort Worth Center to go back down to flight. Level three, one zero. Mostly East West is even flight level. Well at that time that we didn't have RBM. Thirty one was what we were assigned whatever it was. A day and we're going to have a lot of lot of editing to do here. Now I'm just going to. Of course it was. It was an experience that you don't listen to the show. So, that's an that's an example on the entire time. That nick was talking about vertical speed, and the fact that you have to you know, be you know mindful of your air speed and energy I thought Oh. Yeah, that that brought that person back to that day back in the ninety S. And you know what it works, the other way as well because if you are if you're in your in your and the cruise portion of the flight, and you command a vertical speed decent. yeah, the thrust levers are gonNA come back. But really what's going to command that critical speed is your pitch, and so year speeds can start creeping up and it's very very easy if you're not paying attention to get into that. Car The. Vertical Street is not. It's not a MoD. A MoD that that gives you any sort of protection on the high end of speed or the low end of speed. That's what you have to be on opposite when you're using it so. But it's the end of the the mistake. They used to kick this off having the position where he was barely over one hundred knots and stolen. Neither of them were monitoring their flight instruments. Neither of them were had situational awareness. Somewhat the aircraft was doing. They were both distracted to the same problem. A we get a bit of icing on the wings here and least one of you to look at the other one flies. The Dan dare played all. He looks out and the other guy monitors here. Didn't same jokes same time. If I'm concerned about ICING, I would be concerned about my airspeed. Wouldn't you? I mean. WHO WHO's not? Why are you not looking checking your air? That's just crazy. And Rick Rick hit the nail on the head. as you or is she sorry it was you, Jeff. As as you approach low-speed situation. Your the hackles in the back here next to go out because the noise has suddenly disappeared escorting very quiet. Only this time, and if you hand flying the airplane, the controls is suddenly getting sloppy. And there are so many indications, and then you get buffet. Cheese I would be good. Let's do something about this. Face, it'd be oblivious and of course the. For All of us if you're getting that big buffet, the normal reaction is a pulled power back and Yank back the yoke. Shit. opposite. Host. This things T. The debt the national you. Can get into a deep still I. Don't know. Just to have a stick pusher of no, otherwise still. So that they did murder there, but I bet it did yeah. I think Shaka Oh. That's right pitcher. Oh. Yeah, that's that's different. Put. Day if his transport categories got to have a push right, not unless they there certain parameters I think maybe Rick Nash. The not not necessarily passed but I. don't believe this one does have a I. Don't believe this one has stick pusher, but. I'm not sure I'm somebody maybe in the? Chat Room knows I've never. I've never floated turboprop so I. Have No idea I haven't either. But I I do want to say one thing that we're talking about uses verdict speed, and we use it. On a regular basis, Bayerlein on almost every phase of flight, because of performance reasons especially on the two hundred once you get above twenty thousand, and if you've got anti on, you can't lead climb and tell the plan out because it'll just it'll keep love on. Speed and you just can't maintain that five minute climb that ATC. Won't so we use it for that? On the seven to nine hundred, the pressurization system can't keep up with the aircraft's. Of I believe thirty, you gotta put in vertical speed and keep it at fifteen hundred feet so we use a pretty good bit I mean. I mean I watched Get the breathing something that the other guy usual catch. It or I did the same thing, but it's such a thing at my airline that we use it. That were If someone's doing something else, somebody's watching their speed. Make sure that you don't get below the bug. Get into that situation that these guys didn't. Man That's really comes down to his. Somebody's. Keep their eye on the. Aircraft's doing it all the time. Store Exactly Right Yeah Yup. So. He got himself into a still then didn't recognize it, and then did the completely appropriate actions pulling the throttle back and pulled in the stick pack. Just make the situation worse as Rick, said earlier, he was so lucky he had behind to get out of this without hitting the ground. Otherwise it would be a less A. WE would still learn, but he wouldn't. I doubt if he's still flying in. Perhaps not yes, it would have become a switch from an incident to an accident. So I'm thinking that will skip item. D. Because I really want to get to the last item in the news folder before we move onto Get into, know us. section of the or segment of the show item e yesterday the national transportation. Safety Board had a public board meeting. kind of zoom meeting kind of thing. many of you out there perhaps had a chance to listen to it. Stephen and I had a chance to listen to the first What ten to fifteen minute I? Actually almost two hours worth? No I'm talking about when we were in, the cow was actually five minutes. because. We kinda lost We were so then Calia. Jeff Yes valley of death. Anyway. Did you see the five hundred. Into, the Valley of draft throw the five hundred. I don't know what that's referring to. That's referring to the charge of the Light Brigade Out oh no! You guys about that wasn't even. Not sure what I'd be looking for famous poem. into the Valley of death, right the five hundred. Oh yeah, now I remember. Heathens sorry. Don't know why you're. Dealing. The unwashed! DEPLORABLES! Okay? Let's see the NTSB determined during a public board meeting held Tuesday that Atlas Air Flight Thirty Five. Ninety one crashed in Trinity Bay Texas because of the first officers inappropriate response. kind of seemed like a theme here to an inadvertent activation of the airplanes go around mode, resulting in his spatial disorientation that led him to place the airplane in a steep descent from which the crew did not recover. again you'll remember. This was February of Twenty nineteen. When Atlas Air's Boeing seventy seven sixty seven cargo jet entered a rapid descent from about six thousand feet and. A Marshy Bay about forty miles from Houston Bush, Intercontinental Airport, the captain first officer and a non Rav jump see pilot died in the crash, the airplane which was carrying cargo from Miami to Houston. FOR AMAZON DOT COM services. And the US Postal Service was destroyed. The first officer was a pilot flying the airplane at the time of the incident. The NTSB also determined the captain's failure to adequately monitor the airplane's flightpath, and to assume positive control of the airplane to effectively intervene contributed to the crash, also cited as a contributing factor, is the aviation industry selection and performance measurement practices that failed to address the first officers, aptitude, related deficiencies and maladaptive stress response. The NTSB concluded the first officer likely experienced a pitch up some graphic illusion, a specific kind of spatial disorientation in which forward acceleration is misinterpreted as the airplane pitching up as the airplane accelerated due to the inadvertent. Activation of the go around node, which prompted the first author to push forward on the elevator control column. The first officer subsequently believed the airplane was stalling and continued to push the control column forward exacerbating the airplanes dive, however, no clue no cues consistent with an aerodynamic stall such as a stick Shaker Activation, a stall are star stall. Warning Annunciation knows high pitch, indications or low airspeed indications were present. Additionally. The NTSB's airplane performance study found in the airplane's airspeed and angle of attack were not consistent with having been at or near a nose, high stalled condition. The first officers response was contrary to standard operating. Procedures and training for responding to a stall. The NTSB concluded that while the captain as the pilot monitoring with setting up the approach to Houston and communicating with air traffic control, his attention was diverted from monitoring the airplanes state, and verifying that the was proceeding as planned this delayed his recognition of and his response to the first authors, unexpected actions that place the plane and the dive investigators also concluded that the captain's failure command a positive transfer control of the airplane as soon as he attempted to intervene on the controls, enabled the first officer to continue to force the airplane into a steepening dive. While the first officer took deliberate actions to conceal the history of performance deficiencies. His performance deficiencies. Atlas reliance on designated agents to review pilot background records and a flag Sydney significant concerns was inappropriate and resulted in the company's failure to evaluate the first officer is unsuccessful attempts to upgrade to captain at his previous employer. TSP found that the FAA met the deadline and complied with the requirements. no, that had the FAA met the deadline and complied with the requirements for implementing the pilot records database the PR D.. I think they refer to it as stated in section, two three of the airline's safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of two thousand ten, the pilot records database would have provided a hiring employers relevant information about the first authors, Employment, history and long history of training performance deficiencies. The first officer in this incident deliberately concealed his history performance deficiencies, which limited Atlas Air's ability to fully evaluate his aptitude and competency as a pilot, said NTSB Chairman Robert Samal therefore today we are. We are recommending that. The pilot records database include all background information necessary for a complete evaluation of a pilot's competency proficiency. they go on to talk about the. Recommendations for getting this implemented. quickly. Because it's been taking way too long for them to implement this part of the. One of the outcomes of the Colgan thirty four seven. Crash, in Buffalo one of the deficiencies that they noted at the time was the fact that. we don't really have a good system to kind of track. pilots, deficiencies and training and check rides, and that sort of thing and. It it still believe it or not is crazy to me that that crash occurred in two thousand nine. It's twenty twenty. They still have not implemented this system and crazy and they were saying. It's GonNa be at least another three years. Before it's fully functional so. Yeah so this out. This is very very sad. So. Very much indeed looks like you know the. They go into a much further detail. I'm sure we'll be talking about this in the in the upcoming episodes as well as we get more information, the final report has not been issued yet, but it is forthcoming soon but apparently. when the first officer was reaching. Around to To store or stow the speedbreaks spe- brake handle he may have inadvertently activated the go around switch. which I believe is on the left Swan. Both sides you okay. So the sex of the seven five have the same throttle quadrant. Basically what happens is it the take-up around mode, not not not take up on the go around mode is armed with one of two conditions, either the are out of up so when you go to one, or you could be at flaps up and captured a localized glide slopes want to capture the portion of the Iowa had also arms to go around mode. And so during the flight as long ago on modest, not armed the switches or two paddles in the backup each thrust lever Obsta left and the right. Of the paddle on the on the left hand side is there for the captain's thumb to basically thump paddles, and they paddle on the right hand. Side is the first officers them so These by by the by the first officer, stowing speed break back up. It makes sense to me that he bumped that tattle with. Part of his arm or wrist, or whatever causing the go around mode to activate and on the seven sixty seven. The thrust doesn't go to full thrust so really what happens is that the the auto throttle through the first management computers GONNA command the amount of thrust. To give you a two thousand foot at minute climb. So that's really all it. All it commands. Now. That thrust is going to be I guess proportional to the pitch that you have the lower the pitch I guess the more the thrust because it needs to get you to two thousand feet a minute. And so when you fly A in an automatic, go around. Obviously, the pitch is going to be right where it needs to be Dick at the going to be right where it needs to give that two thousand five minute clock. You can't go to full Toga thrust on the seventy, six, seven five, pushing that. That paddle so that's apparently what happened. Since they had commanded flaps one, and then when he stood him hit the paddle, and then they activated that so as spelling the he was towing this b break, but he had already got. Called for the act or the extension of the flaps. One. So! It's kind of I think what are the things that they were discussing in? The briefing was the fact that they thought it was kind of unusual for them to have. The flaps already one that far away from the airport. Yeah, I've watched it. That was one of the questions that somebody asked me. Is that unusual? Not not necessarily becoming a look, some people people can figure the airplane different from others When you're new and you're green on the jet you kind of you. Which I believe this this? This guy was Jet For that matter you tend to be a very conservative and then the way you can figure the plan. The airplane seven sixty seven is no seven four obviously, but it's not a big super bigger planet still has quite a bit of inertia and energy management can be a little a little tricky to learn, and so you start slow, you give yourself room gives you a lot of margin Usually you start to start to configure around about twenty twenty miles out like that. When you get really good and comfortable added, you can configure in as little as you know. The. Twelve to thirteen mile, sometimes ten miles. But. That is if you have a long enough. Level flight portion to get the let that airspeed now. The Way I can figure is really not based on my distance to the airport, but on my on my vertical position to Mike Glide Path. That's how I do it. Now there's there's there's ince's when you can get to flaps, one and hold your air speed a little high to let that that that the airplane pitch over to that you know two hundred and thirty flap one on the. X is two and fifty Nacho a below. Two fifty placard speed below two fifty. You can go to flaps wants you can go flops, one and whole the speed at two forty, and the airplanes gonNA pitch over it, two four, two hundred forty knots, and use that kind of like a speed. Break now the you can do that and if you put speed, break out, you'll actually descend a little faster, and then once you get to the to the out where you want. Then you'll speed accolades be breakout. And the airplane will get to net to that to the next speed for for for to continue on configuring, but it's all in how you manage the airspeed. Really really all it is, it's not really written on stone that you must go flaps one at twenty miles kinda like that now. I'm sure a lot of US could say. It also depends on where you're gone specially. If you've been in there a lot of times, you gotTa know what kind of instructions you're GonNa get. You'RE GONNA plan your figuration based on. You know just. Trial and error of you go into whatever port going into Yep. That's how. That goes for every airplane I mean unlimited that a flown into the time's flown into Afghanistan or very high and hot and higher like Mexico and key to ten Lapaz stuff like that. You are aware of that, and so you're very much more conservative in the way you can hear that your plan. I Know Era Houston is. Houston Easy Airport. You're you're basically sea level nothing around on set sites. It's it's an easy saw about managing your energy, and as you mentioned Rick, the experience you have with a particular airplane, the more comfortable you are, and how the airplane flies mandate add energy. I was the same way when I started out. Playing. Ten fifty miles out. Get figured to now. I've been doing it as I'm turning. Five Mile Final ten feet above yet tipu. Fully fit. Okay, let's go ahead, but the cure down. But. You know you're thinking I'm sorry going out. I've got guys that move from the one seventy five to CR J that haven't flown the CR J and no. You know how you can figure five miles, so they dallas cowboys figure as I. Figure when I'm five miles. That's little as noth-. It'll work. It'll work trust me. Trust me never even if a pilot tells you that trust me, don't trust. The thing here is make sure that that you are completely stabilized and everything done. Check this complete everything ready by thousands, each ordered SCIENC- of EMC. I'll tell my I look and do whatever it is. You WanNa. Do just have me stabilized a thousand because if you don't. We're going to have to go around. Some of the headlines out there saying well, the the first author pushed the co-pilot pushed the wrong button in that caused airplane and crash. Well, no, that may have been a catalyst in this. It was initiated the. The series of events that occurred here, but it was the reaction to accidentally hitting that button and ninety nine point nine nine nine nine percent of the time. If something like that happens in not necessarily that unusual at something like that could happen inadvertently you immediately recognize oop I accidentally bumped the go around switch the coming up, turn the throttles offering the bottles back. Control the situation? And kind of going into the other part you know the F. O.'s train history on one of the other places that he had worked with that, he didn't disclose. Believe. One of the demonstrators said he had a very bad to see if when things started. GOING, wrong, he would just push buttons and stuff. That's not something you want to do. In a transport category airplane. Just start pushing buttons because you're panicking. Let alone panicking in general and I think we've mentioned this on previous episodes that he completely lied about or concealed the fact that he had not one to. I think it was actually three. Now that they've got and digging around. It was somebody else to really okay. We'll several other airlines that He had trouble in their training program and basically. Failed Out, and or he dropped out because he knew that he probably couldn't finish couldn't finish the program and he neglected to tell. Atlas or the directed agent or they call whatever the term is that a this information. because. He knew that if he told them that this that he was never going to be higher by anybody. And I think for those that aren't pilot. Sir Understand how things don't hear the. We have this thing called Preah, which is the pilot record system that we currently have It's all done by forms and mail so when you're applying airline. You gotta get the record. Record you basically felt this form. Then the company I worked for Royal Mail to the other company to get the records in. It takes a while to get that. Believe in the video are watched. It took seven weeks for them just to get records from the cubs that he said he worked for, and by that time he was already starting to sim session, so mean. It, it's kind of. I don't WanNa. Say It so flawed system. It's got issues I. think they're trying to fix it, but. you know, not have that information. Handy can make your decision to hire not hire somebody different I would think than What they're currently doing right and also in the situation when the captain realized that. The first officer was doing an inappropriate response to the situation As. They said that he he never said. I have the airplane and. You know he never Even though he was acted in the controls, he never said. Hey, dude like Oh, I have the airplane? Relinquish the controls I airplane and then. We wouldn't be talking about this right now, and then it's not the first event in today's episode happened. I think it's number three, isn't it as Some. Kind of control issue and So P so very very sad situation. There's so much more that we can talk about. In. conwy because people have been asking the chat move. You guys would like to comment on the recommendation that installation of cockpit imaging recorders under part, one, twenty-one or one thirty five aircraft should be implemented. I think they showed after December of twenty twenty three. That's what my recommendation. To like flying buck naked. Neck I told you that. We're not going to discuss that on the show at this public thing. Okay! Sorry. My bad I'm a question with that is that I mean what what what? What could you? Mean, the flight digital flight data recorders quick exit reporters have access to so much that you know what what what would be the what would be the benefit. Decide seen that too I. Mean I don't? I don't understand I think maybe one different is just saying we're hand. Placement is enough to actually at vader deactivate anything on the control panel or the throttle fraudulent anything like that you cannot accept. They can't determine really. They're just kind of got saying. They're guessing that he. Was the one that data, so I can see that to be honest I mean. I don't know I fly CR j? I don't even know where they put the cameras. Start with not only that you can't really see everything especially if it's Dr Yeah I, mean exactly what you did. Make an infrared camera, and then not only that you've got to modified certificate for the aircraft. 'cause it's new equipment, and then you've got email list, and then what happens when you have to defer it? Is there a special procedure in place? They let you just get a new one. Are you going to be able to defer go fly? Fast, even old that will be it out by the FAA. They'll be amy L. thing and it'll be like some other. Components like the accident data the allowed to fly with that working on etc. Yeah, I mean they fit in. Somewhere to stick it out. They'll work it out. The basic concept is There is to real really diverse points of view here. There's an entire. Number of pilots who. It's gotTa be good. Because the amount of information, you can add to the analysis of an accident. Naturally needs to include what you see as well as what you here. We've got voice recorders. Why can't we have video recorders? But there seems to be another element that are incredibly resistant I don't understand why and yeah. I get all of that, but. Look this though it's taken them over ten years to do a pilot record database system. That's not even operation now to get the FAA diplomat video recording for all twenty, one thirty five cares the united. States that's going to at least take probably fifty years. Dowd just. Argued that even if it does at least it's, it's done and then. The pilot unions the deal with too. That's a whole. That's a whole separate thing. The other thing that voice recorders voice recorders were introduced and they were implemented within. Two years five years of it becoming Lauren certain countries on show. America can work this out just like every other country will have to, because you know, i. Will, know I K- at? Various controlling authorities will generally work hand in glove with each other, and if one country does it everyone do. I mean I have to say my. My viewpoint about that has slowly been changing over time. To, a position where yeah, maybe something to think about, but. I, Donna. I'll just have to. Get used to flying with close on. Do you still put a plastic bag on the seat for the next part. Well, if I if I have the time and feel. The civil at at the time. Yeah, I do. It was very good of yes very good. Thank you very much well. Speaking of Civil I think it's now time to introduce somebody that I've noticed in our who has joined us in in the video. And of course we all know her as. Dr Staff and let me do her little spiel here she is from. Coming from us at her lakeside home in the Carolinas and she is a doctor. That's why I call her Dr Steph. skydivers marathon runner string training, junkie, be Connoisseur, and not necessarily the most important that she is a commercial multi engine instrument rated pilot Hello Dr Stuff. Captain Jeff good to see all. You Guys Stephen, Nick. Could should probably START I, should probably listening to the last piece of news there for a little while I was a ga- grabbing a quick bite of lunch after work here. But I figure jumping. We start talking about flying naked. I felt like hr needed to oh here. We go. Approve on taking taking notes. We'll discuss that later. Will you drive top list? Hard knick. Okay okay! Sometimes you get confused about that Nick. Nick biggest. Thank and translates. Striving flying, say also I wanted to address I I clearly wore the t shirt for. My t shirt says trust me I'm a pilot. Very nice. Any you all agree right that. You never I mean obviously there are. There are degrees of trust. but you can't. You cannot ever completely trust the person with whom you're flying because. That person may be having a bad day. might be distracted by something, so you always have to. You know? I remember as an instructor and many of you. Listening who are flight instructors probably can identify with us. It seems that the the one student that's going to get you in. Trouble is the one that you think man they're. They know everything there is to know. They're such a solid pilot. I can not worry about them anymore and as soon as you stop. Paying attention! That's one that will pile. It tries to kill you. And that's why I used to have brown hair. I have a lot of grey slash white here now, and it's mainly because of the students that tried to kill me in jet pilot training in the US Air Forces when I was instructor. Especially when they're on my wings all. Oh! Wow. That just makes me. Those attorney rejoins. City. Yeah anyway so. Yeah we? Did you want to add anything else? stuff to our discussion of any news islands before we get onto one of the. Today, a great job of all that so thanks except for the naked stuff. You know I just wanted to make sure that you need. I was paying attention okay? Very good. Most now it's time. On such a lovely picture. With the nonverbal gestures. And all kinds of Trying to cut it, we all WANNA fly. which interestingly I don't know if we have that in the. Feedback, today or not, but I did receive some feedback from somebody requesting some advice regarding flying with captains like that one pictured. In the video. I think it is in there I think. It's down the end. Yeah, okay. So see who wants to go first and tell us what's happening with them since the last episode. I must not going to be nick because he took him something. I'm out. Rick Hey. Let's the last episode we missed. You and we're so happy that you're able to join us today because. Man This guy went out of the way to make sure that he was with us on today's episode. What time is it there in Seoul? Korea? It is just. Five six in the morning here Yikes on Thursday yeah so it's I'm on the other side of the on the other side of the world on the side of the clock a day ahead of everybody but yeah I've been been out here for the last couple of days I. commercial from from Phoenix to. UP TO ANCHORAGE BY! Dallas on American that was nice and then I I wrote a seven four company sent four down here to To Seoul the day, which was Nice Nice to be on the seven four after after a couple of months. and then have been sitting here doing what we call rice run so this particular the three sectors from Inchon South Korea to Taipei to Nagoya. I'm back here. Call Rise from because we carry rice. It's do anything that's. A lot of the stuff that carries rice so I'm going to be doing that. I did that. I I said a flights yesterday, and then I'm GonNa do it again today in about another twelve and a half hours. Doing that and then hopefully be done here in a few days and head back stateside to sleep for a week straight KAZAA. Not. This jet Lag Steph I. Tell you that's why I went to the seventy six. The it really is a really is a little bit of A. Kick him the but quite hard. And I don't know. I'm also must be getting a little older can't. Like. Let me tell you it gets better now. That's not. Does it really. Actually. From My. Myself doing this all the time. Wants to dementia sits in. The, you don't worry about it anymore. Happy all the time here. Like this guy sitting next to me, I don't know who he is. Every day is like I meet a new friend. Makes for great car. Even doing the driving right. Next would just throw a little bit yesterday and. I'm glad you guys arrived safely. Okay GRANDPA. You know speed limits about thirty. With the blink around. Not that bad close. that. We Love You Jeff. Thanks I love you guys to. well great. So anything else ricker. Shall we move on? No nothing just just flying out here. Happy to be a happy to be back on with you guys. A Mista last week had a little not quite a medical emergency, but we had a An appointment to the endocrinologist for for kyw and it ran a little long because. As, just different protocols and stuff and I just saw the time was like we gotta be hitting back, saying we. Just ran long and just better isn't never. Behind schedule ever confirmed that one hundred I. I mean it's crazy, because then why? Why do they give you an appointment? Time? COMMAS, yeah! I, mean. That's the time we want you to be there. is nothing to do with the doctor. Nothing to do with us. How are the CACTI? The. CACTI are good. They're happy plump. One of them got me the other day still hurts. Again. Good to hear, we've been seeing a lot of CACTI on on this trip. A lot of time out here on the West yesterday. Really Cool. Do they really like the ones in the cartoons where they got like three? All! This ours are called suggest. Especially where we're in the part of the country that Rick is Ucla down there. We did a lot of the ones you make Tequila out of. That's. That's the garbage different set one, but like it's like And it's it's not like a cactus property. It's a it's a lot. The doesn't her. It's a lot shorter. Like most. Broadly but yeah, but it's, but it's not your not your typical ciguatera now, not the another cartoony. Okay thanks for that. Yeah, you'll have to come out here some time neck. We'll do a road trip and we'll show you all the. Other CACTI. Absolutely. Yeah, drawn drinks Takeda that it'd be no yeah. You have to forget the CACTI. Tequila, favorite Karaoke Song. Knicks since we're talking Tequila and There go, what's what's been happening with you besides drinking mass quantities of alcohol? Well that is actually. I'm tried to find a couple of days in the week. Ray date have to drink, but. Don't get. Yeah. My my life gets boring by five o'clock afternoon. So you know I drink a to helps. A now a major into my life is washing the cost. So what can I say I'm actually thinking hoping the to build a get together with a PIP, and I'll both are in the chat room next week. So if that comes off chaps, really looking forward to that but otherwise you're not just doing normal to me stuff. bit of photography being in touch with end chatting away his photography channel I'm twitter and put love that guy. He's great. Give me some advice about so the Buchanan Cameron thinking of getting. and. My boss and still the competition. Some been dumped out yet so. It's Kinda good life for me. Is very relaxing? Thank you. You'll enjoy it. Jeff wouldn't. Well I do now. Yes you're talking about playing with my balls. Family Show, Ladies and gentlemen. Family show. I'm sorry. Are you Nev- as well nick? I don't. Get into the INS and outs. Waiting to see what happens excellent, but we'll have to give us a full report on that well as much as you can for our on. G. G maybe our. Are Light. Nevin his phenomena they get. Oh Wow. Well my visit escalating quickly. Step up yeah. They charge. Gone. It's good. I can bring this right back to very boring level of discussion. Since last time we chatted I have done well. What a work and then a lot of nothing! I had a nice weekend of doing nothing for the first time in. A while so caught up on some sleep It was just as birthday, so we had a very nice dinner out in Charlotte. Spent a lot of time on the lake was a nice sunny hot weekend. As happens in July in the Carolinas, the water temperature has reached back, bathtub status. Nice lukewarm eighty. Eight degree water temperature eighty five water temperature. Yeah! Then just worked on my yeah, my son a little bit, so it's been directing scary hair. My vitamin D levels. I should say got to prevent a rick. It's nothing to do this. All about medicine Appel. That's right. That's right. So. Yeah, I mean we're still been busy. today was not terribly busy gloves. Able to get here reasonably on time enjoying you guys. Great were. We're glad that you did. And so now it's our turn Stephen. What. Have you been doing recently I? Not The doesn't. Sitting to sit and we have been doing a lot of sitting five said that we've been moving at a car in a car. I don't know if you guys have been following us on our little road trip. episodic audio adventures -solutely very entertaining. Thank you for that. Yeah, so unfortunately, it didn't put out day eight and nine because we. Put Out. It seems to be this reoccurring fame. We start watching this show on. We just we quickly child later. Let's just do it later. By the way, the a really entertaining show on Amazon prime called catastrophe I don't know if any of you out there have have have seen it. It's not something you want to watch the. Show? Yes, not a family. Ns W not. NSF. That's suitable for work. Or family. Young ones, but it's really the writing and dialogue as this amazingly gut. It really is funny anyway. So Yeah, we look. We were the last show we did was early on in our trip. I was in Durango Colorado. We ride the train and everything either the next day. Drove. Through Utah went. Through Zion and then ended up in a hurricane Utah spent the night there we forgot about. Moab yeah we went. Canyon lies gnashing it Yeah Durango everyone over did go APP. At Arches drove through. There can live. The Canyon lands saw everything their. Data Motor. Is She your travel agent. I'd get a new one night. Well, I mean on paper he's Great. For now I now he's he's. He's fantastic, actually he. He! Actually coordinated almost everything on this trip and. Everything went, but yeah so did that, and then we got the next day drove through Utah ended up in hurricane after went through I on which that was. Just, flows Steven Steven. Andress yet, he recommended with alternate route to go through there so. Went through. There's really good advice. Yeah, it was. Really Nice going through their stayed in hurricane, and then drove down to the Grand Canyon, and we skipped the North Rim just based on time, and I'm Kinda. Glad we did because it. It took a long time to go around the back side because the east rim interest was closed because of covid. The Navajo Reservation people coming in and out so all the way on the flagstaff to go back up to the south. Room We went through there. A couple of different viewpoints looked at the Grand Canyon. State inside of the Grand, Canyon village that night. And then the next day would just drove over to. Was the name of the town which stated up power. Nevada, Haram yet we stopped in Vegas got much, but the main part of that was the try and see Hoover Dam which is closed, even though the little thing says you can get to the viewpoint. But yet to go across the dam to get to the viewpoint and the dams closed, so didn't work. It didn't work out. So, that was kind of just a day of driving then yesterday we got up and drove into death valley which. Is a whole lot of nothing really but we went down to the we went to the highest point in Death Valley and got attacked by Bees got. It was paying attention because there's a sign on the drive up, that said be hazard. Okay you know that that bigger deal and I'd I'd never seen bees. This aggressive light we got out of the car was trying to take. Patients just came out of nowhere started flying around they they like climbed up on the car is. Pretty crazy. It's like that movie burs separate. Was B.'s yes yeah, yeah, so we didn't stay long at that point, and then. Went down the mountains where we're at at it went along this Dirt Road through the Canyon which is actually where they filmed Return. The jet I've where the jobs palace the same stretch of dirt. The the George going across it was a dirt road was dirt road. will surprised by car made it through some of it the like. What are we doing here? Yeah, we don't. We're not in a four wheel drive jeep were. To Drive Prius. That Prius served us well yeah. We we drove down to the salt flats and salt flats is actually for Moss. Eisley supposed to be so. It's not really they're just saw. Went down to the lowest point in northern North America two hundred eighty. Eighty, to? Two hundred and eighty something feet below sea level and then. Don backed up through death valley. Stop to See the dunes for our hope that the droids kind of land and are wondering around and all that. and. Then we continued on and get kind of interesting We kind of went up this incline. Go over into the next valley for the star, Wars Jaas and a just a lot of going up going down the previous comment that breaks Kinda got hot and everything on that. It was I think it was already one hundred ten degrees by ten o'clock in the morning so get warm liquid, but We stopped Star Wars. Canyon took a break and was hoping to see some jets. We saw shoe, but they were Kinda high than it really cut through the canyon, but That Canyon is not note is nowhere near as big looks like pictures I mean it is really tied I'm really surprised. They did drop down below I level. If you're on that little viewpoint or Vista, area whatever you call. It is sight. Savers could have seen someone cut through there, but. We hung out for a little while. Yeah, had some food and some snacks that we had an update on and drove down towards San, Pedro, where were staying now than we stopped the Lancaster I had some stuff to take care of for my apartment and actually this kind of one. The pick out where my office is GONNA be at. For a new job and a nice apartment complex, but And then actually I. I never actually had the apartment complex real life. It was all Google based Cadillac. Did Look Nice. person. But Yeah I. Drive through La Traffic and ended up here and had dinner last night, so and then the passes really interesting A. Statues other or in this place. It's a click Yeah, for sure. Really Nice place and it's just really nice. Close to the water. The Los Angeles Harbor. This house was actually constructed in nineteen, Eighty, seven, thousand, nine, hundred seventy s, you said yeah, and anyway. The nine hundred and eighty, seven or eight, hundred, eighteen, eighty, seven seven, believe it or not. Kelly didn't know America to be invented then well. I think that's really old for US name. Ed really especially on the West Coast really old. So many. We're really nice dry breeze outside and relatively cool, especially compared to the last several day, trip has been quite high temperatures. Yes been a great. It's been really a lot of fun and now, Steph. How many national parks have you logged on your National Park? Is a good question. Elba night when two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine. We're not willing. Only went through five five. Doesn't work to doing. Well, let's out of like sixty. Not Doing so hot either. Go we knocked out five and just a few days. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean Utah's a place to do that. To lots of national parks are in Utah. Too, Because they're all right there yeah so been eating for the most good food and UM couple couple hits and misses. Sleep in and out yesterday. Those disappointing we I don't know what happens. Yeah, I yeah I. Don't know they. They weren't really hot and they didn't have any pre south on. It was really disappointing. Yeah usually. They're pretty good, but the double double. Yeah Yeah Awesome. And good for you. Out Burger Breakfast Open here in two hours so perfect oh good. Yeah. Our our. Six thirty. Okay and then after today's recording. I'm going to pack everything up as quickly as I can. We're going to put the bags and Stevens Prius, and then we're going to drive from here across the harbour. IRV SORT of to bell numb ballast. Point Brewing Company there Long Beach Location. and. We're going to have a little mini G.. Meet up there and open air. Don't worry another. California's been very restrictive regarding that kind of thing, but it's all open air and they're. They're using all kinds of. Protocols to ensure social distancing and all that jazz, so we're going to need A. Dr Masks and Yeah, so we're going to. Head over there for a meet up for a few hours and then. I'M GONNA. Other, Stephen, or somebody I hope we'll drive me up to your your your from everybody. I got you this okay? Can like. Not, sure you know, let's say something wrong. But go up to the Union station in Los Angeles and board the Sunset Limited that leads tonight and ends up after two and a half days in New Orleans. And then I'll spend the night at a hotel nearby the station there in New Orleans, and then on Saturday the crescent from New Orleans to Atlanta. So I'm looking forward to. This is the first time I've ever taken a long train journey here in the US overnight that kind of thing so. We'll be fun. The hope. So. Let, me refer to something that was sent in by someone who apologized for not being able to make it to. Our Our meet up today and it's we know him as Pasadena Brian Brian Coleman. He sent me this. He said longtime listeners of the show might remember the name Pasadena Brian. If you're new to the show, there is now a reason to know him. An addition to being a longtime listener of the show, he was also the associate producer and Co host of the other great. PODCAST air plane geeks. Who Passenger Pasadena Brian couldn't make it here to the meet up today, but I wanted to pass along a special promotion. He created for the ABC Committee. He has an Oetzi shop and has been making aviation themed masks as well as other styles of masks to help protect each of us in style best of all all the proceeds from these masks sales are going to support a local Pasadena Women's shelter. Therefore, you need a mask to have the funds. It would be great if he could support his shop and help raise much needed money for the Pasadena Women's shelter to make this offer even better but wait. How much would you pay now? Now, it's more now. He has created a special discount coupon for all of you. AP Jeers. Please go to oetzi shop, T. A., B. Fabric, and we'll have the Lincoln the show notes, but again that's Oetzi dot com slash shop. Slash capital, t capital A. Capital. And then all lower case fabric and check out the masks. Probably a pretty good chance that you don't have to I. Don't know if it's. case specific or not in your like that sometimes they are. That's weird anyway, check out the masks, but as many as you want, or by as many as you want and add the code love, AP, and in this case, it's all upper case. L. O. V. AP LOVE AP to receive an additional ten percent discount. Links will be in the shots. Thank you so much for your support. Remember to use the code. Love a g all caps for your discount, so we're happy to support that Brian. Thank you for for doing that and supporting the local women's shelter in Pasadena. And I'm sorry that you able to come down and meet up with us today, but you know hopefully sometime in the future if we're still alive. And the Rona has gone. we'll. We'll have another. meet up out this way. I'm sure. Pastrana yes post Ron. Okay. and Anything else before we move onto the coffee fund, I think we carry all right. Let's do that then and I'll push this button here so it's Coffee Fund. Now it's time to sixty. Johnny how much! NEVERMIND! love coffee. I Love T. I love the PG community, coffee and tea and the. COP, COP COP, Becau- alright. Coffee Fund your way, dear listener to support the show financially. You'll notice we don't have. Advertising on the show, except for the thing we did for Brian because he's a good friend and community member at the age. So we have to. have to but we. Like getting donations contributions from you all to help offset some of the costs of doing the show equipment and such and also. Meet ups funding that kind of thing. So. Two different ways to do at one is called the Classic Fund and since the last episode. We have Kathryn. Jones Richard. Adams and George Leslie contribute to the ABC Classic Coffee Fund. Another way to do it. It's become a patron of the show via Patriots Dot, com no new patrons this week. But that's okay. We got a bunch of great folks that are patrons of the show, and if you WANNA check that out as well, please had to airline pilot guy dot com slash coffee there. You'll find the couple of different ways to support the show and we really do appreciate it. Incoming message all right. Let's start off with item. Numerous no in the feedback, no book. Hello. Captain Jeff and crew I just scoured the by the way from Achmat Don Hamadou. Hello, Captain, Jeff Crew I just scoured the web for anything on that description of the Boeing seven forty seven as quote. The that place that went to or deplace that went to Hawaii twice a day. The statement May, in fact, have been made by journalist media outlet, covering the emergence of these have forty seven or Boeing, I'm still trying to recollect. Apparently I forgot to mention that the statement was made back then just to illustrate the grandeur of the aircraft as received by the people of that time. Iraq my memory some more and now recall that the article contained. The statement was contained in a press release. A newsletter that accompanied. The. The. Press release it newsletter, maybe that accompanied the huge poster. There was also printed material in the quote together collaboration between viewing and. Main customers at helped shape the developed between Boeing, probably and its main customers that helped shape the development of the triple seven. Unfortunately during our recollect, a relocation which I was absent from from one of our form of from one of our former. Those printed materials got lost I sent some enquiries to Boeing commercial to see if they could come up with anything on the article so. yeah, had sent in something regarding the Marketing slogan or whatever the place that went to Hawaii twice a day, and so we discussed it a little bit, and we're, and he was trying to kind of give us a little bit more information about that I did a search and I just a cursory search on Google. And couldn't come up with anything that reference to that. Particular slogan, so he's trying to help us out, so thank you Achmad if you do end up. Finding more information about that. well I only have to tell him this he he'll, he'll let us know. All right. Just a Tutton ICAL break here listed. You want me to change order of any of these, or do you want me to continue with? I think just continue for now and then I'll give you a little list. After the plane tail, I think okay very good. Or. Let's move onto item to. Sent in. From Lucas. Just. Another data point on aircraft that has that have gaseous. Items passengers the mighty seven, forty, seven dash four hundred I only remember that due to Qantas flight thirty which you can read about Then he gives us a link to Qantas flight thirty and in it. just a recap here. This is the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. depressurization event four hundred seventy five kilometers northwest of Manila Philippines back in July of two thousand eight. It was a Boeing company seven forty, seven dash four thirty, eight Victor Hotel Oscar Julia Kilo. Basically a again we were talking about. gaseous as opposed to the oxygen chemical oxygen generators. That are on most modern airplanes now again on the twenty fifth of July two thousand eight. the Boeing forty, four hundred with three hundred sixty five persons on board departed Hong Kong. International Airport on a scheduled transport flight to Melbourne. Approximately fifty five minutes into the flight while the aircraft was cruising at twenty nine thousand feet, a loud bang was heard by passengers and crew followed by the rapid depressurization of the cabin. Oxygen Masks dropped from the overhead compartment shortly afterward, and it was reported that most passengers and crew commenced using the masks after donning their own oxygen masks. The flight crew carried out the cabin altitude, non normal checklist items and commenced a descent to a lower altitude where supplemental breathing oxygen would no longer be required. A mayday distress radio call was made on the regional air traffic control frequency. After leveling the aircraft at ten thousand feet, the flight crew diverted to Noah Kino International Airport Manila where an uneventful visual approach and landing was made aircraft stopped on the runway for an external inspection before being towed to the terminal for passenger disembarkation. Subsequent inspection of the aircraft by the operators, personnel and ATSB, investigators revealed an inverted t shaped rupture, and the lower right side of the fuselage of beneath the wing, leading edge, diffuse, large transition fairing, which have been lost during the event, items of wrapped cargo, were observed partially protruding from the rupture, which extended for approximately two meters along the length of the aircraft and one and a half meters vertically a big hole. After after clear, the baggage and cargo from the forward aircraft hold, it was evident that one passenger oxygen cylinder number four from a Bank of seven along the right side of the cargo hold had sustained a sudden failure and forceful discharge of its pressurized contents into the aircraft hold rupturing the fuselage in the vicinity of the wing Visa Lodge, leading edge fairing. The cylinder have been propelled up by the force of the discharge, puncturing the cabin floor and entering the cabin. To the second main cabin door, the cylinder had subsequently impacted the door frame door, handle and overhead panelling before falling to the cabin floor and exiting the aircraft through the ruptured fuselage. What a trip! Yeah, I thought! was that just came to say? Hi, now see you. Yeah that's one of the dangers I guess involved in. You know carrying. Accident Cylinders. So I think aren't most flightdeck slash cockpit. oxygen systems the gaseous type. I know that every airplane I've flown. They have been for the passengers usually as I mentioned earlier these days mostly the chemical generators. But he think. Rick I think that he was. No the. The the they're the oxygen system for for cockpits isn't in fact. The tax on go down the lower forty one there. The down the and you can. You can see the the bottles. As I, said I think couple of episodes ago. The triple seven freighter had set attacked for the cockpit, and also said attacks supernumeraries in the back. but just as you said At least the passenger just that I've flown the passenger. Oxygen System is in fact, the chemical want so I've never flown, may although maybe that that may not be true because on the exact flown passenger of dash four hundreds. And I actually I. Don't I don't know if if our for hundreds have gashes, systems or is it chemical I don't know I'd have to I'd have to look so this particular one. All three systems it said were gaseous. Oxygen System there are thirteen high pressure. Cylinders for the for the passengers. And then they all went through like A. Flow Control Unit I guess. That would disperse it. Common Buster, whatever Dot Airbus well. All I'm saying is because I on the as part of the preflight. Once you. When you go down to your to your screens, your engine indicate griller and system go to one of the pages status and on that status page. Get the. the pressure of the oxygen system, and you can certainly see the says crew oxygen, but I don't remember seeing a passenger oxygen. Pressure Valley for it, which leads me to believe that this? It's clear that this might. This has to be some kind of options. Some some some specific option yours. But I. don't remember seeing that on the four hundred plan well, we. At Acme and salt, Lake City in the. Mid, the early to mid nineties had a seven twenty-seven sitting at the gate. Gate Four. And The I think most. I'll most of the crew. Had We're not on the airplane I think most of the passengers. I'm not sure of the all the details now I spent a while but The that airplane had all gaseous oxygen for both passengers and and cockpit crew. And one of the cylinders located in the lower. forward cargo section of the airplane believe that's where it was located. Ended up. Leaking and then catching fire, and the airplane, the caught on fire, and luckily the flight engineer look believe it was the flight engineer was on board at the time, and was able to get the passengers that were on the airplane safely off. The airplane was kind of a hero. Actually so yeah, they can not only. Be Rockets. Columbus Mississippi Carl said that he's seen the vows. Get knocked off in the things. Shoot like a rocket for hundreds of yards. Pretty impressive. They're pretty In two thousand PSI. Just going back to this one on the seven four was eighteen fifty PSI for. Twelve, thousand, seven, hundred, fifty, five, Killa Pascal I. Don't know what that means. But yeah, THAT'S STANDARD OF SKILLS! Sounds like sounds like fairly high pressure there yeah. I find it funny. Because as part of as part of the of the the exterior walk around that the the F. O. does or whoever the the relief pilot is. You go on the front of the airplane, and on the on the right hand, side the front by the runner neat the RBM area where the pedo static tubes are on the angle of attack and all that Thursday. A Green Disk. And that is the oxygen destruction and I always found it funny that it's if it's green. It's fine, obviously yellow. The bottle discharged, but If the bottle blows up and it's GonNa leave a the side of the plan. I think that'd be your indicator of Education Communication. Instead of. The Green. or Yellow well, you actually look at the photos from this incident. multicolored all kinds of. Colors, involved in the cargo, trying to push out through the rupture of the aircraft got the of plugged up the tall. I guess sort of. Anyway. I'm guessing that must be a pretty standard system. Rick persuade exempt the same indicator on the bus Yep. I at Douglas, How about the same thing Green Yep got agreement around underneath the Galley Server store yeah. There you go. Standard Standard. Okay well guess what time it is. It's a quarter to ten at one forty one down in on the west coast, but that's not what I mean, and you know it. It is now time for the best part of the show. The Old Pilots Plain Tales, this one interesting title It's going to be interesting. Listen. I'm sure who killed. Yogi bear. Pilots Plate jail. Who Killed Yuki Bet? The ejector seat that was my chair of choice for nearly twenty years is subject to fascination for a lot of pilots, mainly those who have never been strapped to one. And also for the subject so small island in the Pacific whose rula supposedly uses one from crashed Esau seventy-one as his throat. It's often the opinion of. Not Part of the small fast jet community. That's an objection is simple matter just behind all and. You'll say. Certainly the community of American black on Himalayan Baz on food. Several of them were conscripted. Think they volunteered to take cards in to see tests for the United States air force B fifty eight Haslam. Back in the sixties. Now. You may wonder why Yogi smarter than the average bath disappeared from on TV screen. It appears that he was one of several, says who had drugged and then five out of an aircraft at a variety of altitudes and speeds to test the survivability of the hostile ejection system. Was Nice that they all live through the trauma, including the one named Yogi, just suffering the alderbrook broken bone. Unfortunately subscript medical examinations involved. Do you tonight? Before, dissection. Exam for internal injury, Hoy or Yankee. Ready happens when. I Sat I'm the wall. The parachute pumps open. Yogi. Ground like a fallen leave let's. Don't forget to write. Ready. Wrong. You quit your. Got Did. Get off the ground. The first human to jank supersonic was north. American aviation test pilot George. Smith who abandoned an F one hundred super sabre at Mac one point five is it hurtled towards the ground at a near vertical dive? Ab Up at around thirty seven thousand feet when the flight controls of his fight of began to feel heavy, and the nose of the aircraft began to trump, but then the steak refused to move is the right control stop responding to even the most vigorous efforts applying considerable poll of over two hundred pounds, and an attempt to get out of the increasingly steep dive had no effect. The F. One hundred hydraulics had failed. As, the brand new super sabre, just out of the factory accelerated vertically downward Smith realized that it was going to be a very short flight. Little fighter past the sound barrier, and he knew that his chances of survival we gained to be slim, but then he heard a fellow pilot. Shout over the Radio Bailout George at around six hundred seventy five knots, he jettisoned his canopy to be met with the howling roar of the air around him. Any instinctively hunkered down, not the thing to do when the team. Then, we're the mayor six and a half thousand feet left. He fired his seat out into the supersonic slipstream around the aircraft. Hitting the F. Flow was like hammering into a brick wall, the false of the dragging him was around eight thousand pounds, three and a half thousand kilos producing around forty gees of de separation. Massively George Smith was battered into unconsciousness. The blasting wind stripped him have his helmet oxygen mask boots, Gloves Watch and even his wedding ring. Blab from the severe, bruising, bloated his face into a swollen grotesque. -Able version of himself his eyelids were forced open, and his eyeballs tortuously mold, whilst his internal organs unable to withstand the enormous G. forces were severely damaged particularly his liver. Horribly Bruised and beaten, his body flailed end over end as tumble towards the ocean below. The object to seat however operated as it was designed to do and Smith Limp body was forced out of the metal frame only to be hit by the shock of his parachute. Well above its maximum designed speed, the force was so high that a third of the material in the canopy was instantly ripped away, but thankfully the remainder hell and spiralling downwards Smith was deposited into the water as lockwood habit any seventy five yards from fishing boat. Smith's lock held. WHO's the boat's skipper was a navy rescue expert, and within minutes they had him on board and were powering the short distance to the shore and. When he was born into hospital, Joe Smith was close to death. We severe internal blood loss, and only a faint pulse. The doctors worked on him for hours, and their dedication and skill was rewarded a week later when he regained consciousness able to hear but and. His recovery was slow and punctuated with more operations, and he's white fell to only one hundred and fifty pounds I may have sixty eight kilos. He's damaged. Liver meant the could never drink again, but eventually the hemorrhages, and his is healed, and his sight returned. Tony hit Smith survived, but he was eventually able to return to flying, albeit in slow driven across, but ultimately he returned to pilot jets. He even got back into an F. One hundred and he lived for nearly forty moyer. Noel told ejections go according to plan or are even intended main Mica told me about the unusual and wiry experience offline tenant Keith Calica. The Bombardier of a k six, the tanker version of the a six intruder lizard, five one FI. He and his pilot to be flying circles over their carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln giving fuel when required when they notice that they're left hand, outboard drop tank with stubbornly refusing to feed its fuel off into the wing. Accordingly and in line with their procedures they applied positive and negative gs in an attempt to encourage the reluctant fuel valve to open. Felt the familiar sensation of negative g, but then something unusual happened. He felt his head touched the canopy above him. He thought for a moment that he hadn't toughened his straps properly, but before he could work out what was going on. There was a loud bang followed by a roaring buffeting hit the slipstream. He was confused and disorientated as he forced back into his seat, his head against the headrest in his arms, flailing behind him. Trying to work out what happened. All sorts of thoughts rush through imagination. The whidden screen give way to the canopy. Blow off. Did he checked amid the pandemonium that was going on in his mind and all around him, he looked down at a site that was almost impossible to understand Keith Kikinda was looking down at the top of the intruders canopy, close enough to touch through which he could see the top of his pilot's helmet. He was in a die situation. His helmet a mask could been ripped off, and the full force of the slipstream was in his face. Make it almost impossible to breathe. He managed to drag his arms forward, and he held them into his chest, trying to keep them they're. Still, trying to grab breath decided the best thing was to complete the ejection sequence, so he reached down and pulled the ejector seat pan handle, but it wouldn't budge, and he couldn't get his hands up to the top panel against the strength of the wind that was battering him. Below him in the cockpit keys pilot was putting out a mayday call on requesting permission to land back on the carrier. The told him to bring it on in a nasty. This bombardier was still with him. He replied that only his legs were still in the aircraft. OPPA Bob Him Gallagher, having a terrible time of it, the wind was overwhelming him both physically and mentally pounding at him like a huge wall of water. That wouldn't stop. He couldn't catch his breath. All see and time stood still as he was suffocating. Z. Blacked-out. His last thoughts were of his wife. And he thought to himself. FIDO wanted to die. Setting up for his approach and landing keys pilot in a risk missing the wire, said he touched down just short of the number. One while as the aircraft shouted to a halt, he closed the throttles. He looked up the whole in the post bakes, and the jagged canopy shots that were right in front of his Bombardier's chest, and said a silent prayer that he wasn't impaled on them. As the crew gathered around, it became clear just how Lucky Keith Gallagher had been, his parachute had deployed an wrapped itself around the tail of the intruder, and his seat straps have been released so the only thing holding him in place was his parachute harness. After recovering in hospital, Keith wrote to his shipmates to thank them telling the story of his recuperation. Half of his right arm had been paralyzed due to stretch nerves in the shoulder, and his left arm was injured as well it was thought that his arms had become dislocated and that they've popped back in during the landing. It took a while for all the damage and swelling to calm down, but after much physical therapy he recovered and fluid get six months to the day after his terrifying ordeal. Most ejections occur in the air, but for Navy pilots. There's always the chance that they might have to use their EJECTA seats under won'the. But, only a handful of pilots have ever attempted such thing. Let alone survived it. Russ Pearson was one such pilot who had been training for his initial carrier qualifications at night off the coast of Canada phone. It had been a long grueling day. izzy lined up his as seven call set to with the Meat Bowl optical guidance system on the deck of the USS Constellation. As he through his aircraft down onto the deck, he caught the three one for what felt like a perfect landing, but all was not well. The as lead is a seven drift, a little left of the ideal lineup and is the wire pulled into a grinding halt. He was dangerously close to the left edge of the deck. He felt a hard jolt. WHO's is left? left-wing guests slipped off the edge of the deck and in less than a heartbeat. The plane was precariously perched above the inky black water. Ross shut down his engine and is the generator wound down the cockpit parented darkness always quiet, but he knew he was in serious trouble. Then, the momentary stillness was shouted as the aircraft lunged forwards. The TAILHOOK and party company with the arresting Cable and the craft tumble off the flight deck, plunging down sixty feet before impacting with the water. It was like falling down a black hull. Navy survival training is second non so rust knew he had about ten seconds before his aircraft sank below one hundred feet. Few pilots ever come back from there. An underwater ejection was the only option and was theoretically possible in the a seven, but no one had ever tested. It was also the chance he might object directly into the carrier's hull that was passing overhead, or even worse into one of them massive propellers. The odds fall survival, grim and getting worse every second. Ross waited trying to judge when the ship would be clear. And, then he reached down and pulled the seat Panaji section handle. Nothing happened. During stressful moments, time does funny things, and the millisecond delays seem to take forever and Ross imagined himself sinking into the depths trapped in a multi million dollar confident. But then there was a blinding flash of light. The rocket motor had fide, and in an instant he was out of the cockpit and clear of the seat, although still well below the surface of the cold, dump Walter. He couldn't breathe. His Musk was down below his chin, and in the darkness. He had no idea which way was up. It was like it being shot from a cannon into a pool of jet black ink. In less than a minute he had gone from being a Cocky self-assured carrier pilot to a desperate young twenty five year old fighting for his life. Just then he caught sight of lights above him. The deck crew had thrown illuminated ones over the site. Amount the across position so in the nick of time Roz started swimming towards them as he surfaced, he grabbed lungs full of sweeter, but it was then that he felt an excruciating pain in back. Once more he was also being pulled back under the surface buyers, his parachute, which was still attached to his harness and acting like a huge tanker, and it was winning. Is If. This wasn't enough. He felt some voss thing. Come up from the depths and Brash against. Relief posture is mind as he realized that nearly empty few is a seven. Had Bob back to the surface and was helping to support him? Hanging on, he eventually managed to find the inflation toggles of his life vest that have been arranged around the side of his body during the ejection, an inflators fest. And he found the fossils that connected into his parachute, and in an instant. The drank is gone. It didn't take long for the search and rescue helicopter finding, and for once he started to appreciate the homely wind, blowing water, churning contraption that now looked like an angel of Musi. Nothing could have been more beautiful. Fall Long. He'd been structured into the ship. Sick Bay. He found out what the pain been. russet broken his past. Medical of so wanted to get the injured pilot to shore hospital as soon as possible, but the Medevac helicopter have room for one and a casualty from the flight deck was more edge case, so Rosslea back waiting. About an hour later, young pullman came running into the war. He was out of breath. Would just came down from Arabs but the Medevac flight engine problem. Some went down and the. About halfway to the. The crew got off a May. Day and another search and rescue helicopter found the wreckage right away. They were no survivors, not even the dumpster. Naval Aviation had turned out to be as dangerous as it was glamorous in three show day. Ross Pearson had cheated death twice. while. What a story! You keep doing yourself, nick why? Hit who the a bear or a navy pilot I think. I feel sorry for them. I mean you punched out of a hustler? He probably didn't get much pay. You survive. Only, have the medics to you in the last payment? Exactly. I mean if you survive the ejection, just leave the bear alone come. I think nowadays. We've got tested test dummies that we. Crash test dummies to come thing yeah. Sorry for the best used to be those objections, seats were just a bear. Little scoreboard they put up. There was some monkeys. They didn't mention the monkees. Well, they're. Not Cuddly bears. BOOBOO. Picnic basket. That cartoon. Yeah that was. Never stopped I. See that make An. Appearance in. That last one was interesting ejecting from under the water with like it. That's not gonNA work. I never. was even an option never never realized that it was possible I didn't know about your navy, but I've spoken to some of our guys who flew with the and they. Some aircraft didn't have rejected. Seats had a sort of underwater equivalent. That will help them get free, but I stood. It was a last-ditch maneuver. It was you. Guys were to attempt. But the jet to seat manufacturers said well. You know it's not designed to do that, so you do it at you right and risk my work. Give it a try by that this case it did yeah. So thinking about Mica Ejection, like Oh, my Gosh, that relative wind. Mike I was saying on the. I was I was going to bring this up. Now Mike says the Abi Fifty Eight. It was an ejection capsule, not just an ejection seat. That's why they were testing testing with bear to make sure that the capsule close around the occupant. That was a really interesting. Really interesting actually there's some really good videos on Youtube about that. Interested! A. We actually sold. The real thing the Yousaf. Museum alongside the Hustler was that eject to seek pond and the bear right next week. And a half eaten picnic basket. All right well, keep up the great work on those plain tales nick thoroughly really are the best part of the show. All right well, under minutes remaining in our flight, ladies and gentlemen so. I think we should continue to move on and try to knock out some of this feedback, so let's Zoom with item three from rob hello from down under. I kept jeff the crew and community a fairly new listener, but syndrome inflicted rusty private pilot from New Zealand here. I came across your entertaining and informative podcast around the four hundred episode and have been hooked ever since guess got another one. You have made infectious. Yes, it is. You made my daily commutes and fitness runs so much more entertaining a couple of episodes back you're replying to some feedback regarding the differences between flying commercially and flying for the military event that your military flying took you to so many countries you would never have visited one of which was New Zealand. At a guess, I wondered if you may have flown the C.. One Forty one to Christ church, my home city, which is beautiful by the way, but I've never been there to support the US operation deep freeze. We had a supply base for the US and Arctic program here for many years and loved to watch the ski equipped Hercules C One forty-one starlifters, the occasional galaxy fly in and out of the city. My girlfriend at the time worked with the wife of one of the Americans, stationed at the base, and knowing I was in aviation enthusiast Geek. was able to give us a guided tour of the C.. One forty one evening see attached photo, a real thrill, a real thrill, a real thrill at the time early nineteen eighty S. that's actually when I was flying the starlifter the early eighties. we were even invited to a hangar hoedown. This consisted of Hay Bales County, music and Should be country yeah catching. County music. Irish it's like country music. From Iowa. Okay this consisted of Hay Bales country, music and copious amounts of Budweiser, quite a novelty for US Kiwis I still remember the headache. The jury is out on the beer yeah. We agree. you know, see previous episode about Foster's beer yeah. Fosters for beer. That was the. Last episode. Just let you now. Are Squadron at Travis Air Force. Base was flying that mission operation deep freeze. However, I was still pretty new to the squadron, and you had to be one of the people that have been around for a while, and had to know the right people to be involved in that particular mission, so unfortunately I never got a chance to get down to Christ church and do any of that kind of flying. I just wasn't there long enough, but wh. When I referred to New Zealand, it was on a special mission that landed in at a royal New Zealand Air Force Base just north of or near Auckland. and. That's the we picked up A. Top Secret Navy boat and some seals and took them. From Auckland New Zealand. Forget don't say that Word Jeff don't. Thank you. Should have thought about that. So from Auckland to Brisbane and then Brisbane to Darwin and then Darwin to qb point in the F. Philippines, and then A. Two and that's where we dropped the the Navy folks off and then up to. Clark Air Base. Just up the road on a Jones says, it's when you happy. When you happy! Oh Yeah that, is it? I didn't want to even attempt. Pronouncing it, but that is exactly the the base that we flew into I believe it's actually pronounced. By. Probably is. What? I call it when you happy good. Job will tell us if I'm correct. I. Think it's pronounced. Or Glenn will I don't know Glenn's with us today, but He'll send his. Some email probably about it to absolutely yeah, feedback with. Into a hawk air, which was the fighter base? I love the country. I made flu around a bit while we're in there, but loved crackhead. There's dependency their neck for Ya. Fen Phen you apply Phanuwat by. Actually that's not so bad. So the W. H. is pronounced with an F. Okay. Crazy. Crazy people who des? Name Probably. Okay Let's see. Let's continue my girlfriend Catholic. We already to that. You're yeah. Last year we the previously mentioned girlfriend now long term wife finally managed to tick off Oshkosh on our bucket list. which I'd known about you guys then it would have been great to have met you all in person. Yeah, what about? Is a good time. We met all kinds of great people and some others. I'd send you a current photo, but to be honest. We haven't changed a bit. Sure. I'm looking at the seats. Themselves in this even for. A looks a bit Garish. Though seats you show. This was a military airplay. Yeah, took. Off the. Couch I. Remember those at all I. Don't the the one forty one BS. That I flew did not have seats like that. Because? That's not one reupholstered. What is it? Seven forty seven dash one hundred there. But. Not also forty seven have those. I'll come on. Fly with that kind of time, don't you? I do I. Do but I bring my own. Cover. Sedan. But that's a seven four mistake. All right, let us tell him he only half an hour to go on our show. We need to hurry here. Let me end us one help. You have clear skies and tailwinds. If any of you ever make it this far south I would love to introduce you to some superb locally brewed. IPA's actually some of the in the world. The accuser sell modest, are they? Are they really? Take, care and keep the blue side up. Best Regards Rob and rob. I'm sure you look exactly as you do in this photo, this handsome photo with a awesome mustache. Beautiful. depends. Fro, the hold on their. Groovy man. Item Four. Chris Rights and this is Chris the guru he likes to call himself we to at the end of last year I started working with the community college system, supporting our system wide enterprise applications. That's I stuff I saw flight instructor job posted at one of our colleges that I wanted to pass along for you to share with all the challenges in the aviation industry I figure. Someone in our community might see this as a great opportunity. The application deadline is July twenty fourth, so you don't have a lot of time hopefully. I'll get this thing out. By the time this was published. Probably only have about five or six days so hurry The link will be in the show notes tsn. hope you are all doing well. Take Care and God bless thank you, Chris, we are and thanks for sending that in and hopefully somebody out there. Or perhaps somebody out there in the. Northern Alabama. might be interested in this job. All Right? WE'RE GOING TO SKIP to item nine. And know this is a good one This is from conductor will. It's just a few weeks now since I discovered your show I've never been much of a talk. Show podcast person. My first thought when I saw the shows are three hours long as there is no way I can listen to this. And after listening Oh yes, you're right. No, as especially by drive to and from work is only an hour each way well, I find myself hooked on the show now and I'm going back and listening to old episodes to fill the remaining five hours of my weekly commute time. Sounds like he has the syndrome. and. Zach. AP, PG, Syndrome. What people do they scream AP. Like this guy. Still working on some kind of a vaccine or Protocol to. Go around us a little bit of a you know. Yeah, told you over some side effects, not to mention that the company making the pharmaceutical is in China and. Having some issues with that so. Anyway. Let's see since you'll be traveling across country by train soon. I figured I should say hi. Hi! I worked for a major intercity passenger railroad. He says acne track as a conductor or the captain of the cars I hope you have a great trip. Them wanted to recommend fantastic website to track the route and progress of your trains, and then he gave me a link for that and There is a ton of useful information on there. Just about everything you click opens up more information about the trains and the stations. Yeah I was actually just looking at it It's a pretty interesting. Click on our. Tell you how they're gonNA be at each station for the currently at how faster going excellent yeah I'll definitely be referring to it. Thank you very much. Radar digits yeah. Raider Twenty Four for trains. Train radars. You'RE GONNA try to show it. Looks like that. All the. Very nice. Okay! Well, thank you. if you have any questions during a trip, feel free to drop me a line I might just do that as the free beer on the train. Yeah, whereas the free beer. Okay all aboard. Apparently, apparently, the train from. Miami to Havana is not running right now so. Yeah the bridges out. Okay. Item Eleven. This is from John Patois. Let's see Hello Captain Jeff in the PG crew. My name is John. I'm a relatively new listener to the show started around episode, three, ninety, five, or so I am also a six month new hire, first officer on the Embraer One, seventy five or a regional airline in the US something that has been on my mind apart from my job being on the line come October first. Sorry his how to deal with those so-called quote trouble captains. I am proud to say that. Ninety nine point nine percent of the captain's upload with have been nothing short event tastic. However, it's the other point one percent in that always the case the case. That every company has that make for a few not so enjoyable times on the flight deck while I haven't had any major conflicts or crew resource management breakdowns with these captains, I have observed a few strange and uncomfortable moments these have ranged from minor yet noticeable deviations from our company standard operating procedures to chewing out a gate agent for not closing the boarding door ten minutes early, so he could quote. Drop the parking brake and start the payment clock I never talked to him about that as I probably should have. One moment the stood out when a captain disagreed with me for using a s o P. Standard Operating Procedure approved technique with the FMS flight management system. Even after he asked me to show him, where in the S P this technique was, he still insisted I use a different technique of his the he determined or deemed was more professional. Professional for sure. while I've re seved wisdom and advice from others about this. I wanted to get your thoughts on this topic. How did you deal with these types of captains as I officers? How did you find your voice as first officer on the flight deck when it was needed? How do you as captains make for an open environment for your F os and crew to feel comfortable and able to speak up I think other listeners who work in and are new to multi crew. Environments would benefit from hearing from your experience. and then he added a PS captain defined. It really cool that you used to run. A podcast called the Catholic pilot and talk about your involvement with your involvement with your church every so often as a Catholic myself. It's refreshing to hear a fellow pilot express their faith in an environment where it seems or sometimes is seen as taboo. Sincerely John Padua. And An F. O.. J. I think we should just tell this guy to shut up. Who supervises piece of? Feedback in on the folder, Liz your fire. By S Grass. I says have you John Have? You watched the most recent installment of the living the dream Youtube videos where they have the four day bunch captains. Pretty. Classic. Experience. Watching if you haven't watched it yet. That out I think you'll sympathize with. Is it. Lend Morgan I. Think He's recipes. was a longtime. Airline pilot that used to have a column at the back of the fly of flying magazine called doctors and He. had a great. column on this particular subject as well and kind of broke down like three or four different. You know traditional. Stereotypes captains. The outdoorsman and the the farmer, and the this and that you know so. It's kind of cute, but he did talk about the difficulty and And Frustration and Whatever of being a first officer, and how the to be successful a lot of times you just have to be a chameleon and try to adapt. To that particular personality, but luckily back in the day that was a lot more of an issue. nowadays mostly as he said in his feedback, John Did that ninety nine point, nine percent of us are standardized manure, a decent people fly with the other one percent a obviously. John is asking from the captain's perspective, but we could also ask somebody from first officer's perspective. Or. Do you want us to start? I know I'll. I'll say a couple of things I know when your brand name especially. For you kind of have that, your little intimidated to begin with you. Because you know first time you're actually flying. The plane is with people on board so I'm your first couple flights that you're with a check, airman, everything but. Even, then it's you know that intimidation, factor and everything especially your first hundred hours. You know you kind of. Don't You don't feel like he can speak percent anything because you're still learning and everything, but now after a couple hundred hours you start, you know getting more confident to know how things supposed to go, so that's kind of when you start. Finding your voice as he was saying I know it's not easy sometimes to deal with people That's really the hardest thing about the job. I think is stealing people's different personalities and their leadership style if you WANNA call air quotes when he's not leadership. Style but cause some captains. They're you know they're kind of recognize. Just make sure your stable of before thousand feet go around and foll- sap than. The worst thing you journal here is when I sit down with them. Furnace abject strictly sap. That's usually you're. Usually the opposite. You'd need to start paying attention. You know that that's really what it comes down to his paying attention to Are they doing things right are you? You know if it's different. You know you need to ask questions especially if it's something that's unsafe that's that's a really hard thing to do. and just for my experience. Unless, it's going to jeopardize the aircraft or the people. It's sometimes the best way to get on the ground the park at the gate. Bring it up because you do not know how the other person's GonNa react to I've had. Conversation goes south before, and it was a very uncomfortable thirty minute flight backup to Atlanta, so does not to mention. This is somewhat dangerous. Because you don't know what the other guy's going to do, you're going to get distracted. know things can happen but yeah, and then one of the things. They just pick the hill you WANNA die if if it's if it's something minor just. Maybe mention it, but if it's just the way that he's you know. Doing something different that you've seen before. Maybe you haven't seen before, but it's not jeopardise that just picked. Pick the hill. You're going to die on. Yeah. Rick you're a new captain. Well a born again. Captain born again. Before, I should I should make I wanted to clarify. It's not your first Rodeo. No and I mean I agree with with with everything. You know you just sat there you do need to. Do need to a perfectly picked the hill. You WanNa dial. You got to pick your battles. The end of the day you are. Moving through the air at eight miles a minute, and so sometimes, that's not the best. The best time to bring something up. As, far as a couple of things that could add NFO you. Say This politely here. Don't say. Well I mean sometimes you just Kinda have to Sometimes you just kind of have to push back a little bit as well because. You're sitting there because you are qualified this due to sit there, you're not you're not just You know you're not an accessory to the cockpit. You are a qualified type rated member of the crew, and if you weren't, you wouldn't be sitting there so obviously I understand how. starting out and your first hundred hours, and all that stuff obviously, or they are more You're not. They're not learning capacity. Because all at learning. You learned on on dock and all that, but you are still you know you're learning curve still we'll. We'll steeper than others because it was a knowledge that you're learning exactly. Exactly right, but what I what I? What I'm what I'm saying here. Is that sometimes captain's pick up on this and the they you see you see a high employee number for example and you go on has been around for that long, and so that's going to. That's going to put the cabinet in in in a that might depending on the personality of the guy or the Gal. Might make them a bit more abrasive towards you because they don't respect you as much because you haven't been there as long and really all it takes is as long as you are in the right, and you are just professional. And, if you find a little bit of push pushback, you know just just make sure the other guy or the other person knows that you're not a pushover. Know and you just gotTa. Be You have to we? As pilots were all being type A personalities. And Sometimes all it takes a little bit of pushback for the guy to realize Oh shit, you know I. can't I can't push this guy around, so maybe not we we we are equals. You are equals indeed so just act like one. You know where that. Understand that you are in equally because if you weren't, you wouldn't be sitting there and now that if if you're in the right. If it gets to the point where you gotta go talk to the chief pilot or whatever then? You can go in there with confidence and say well. DRIZIN. lutely right and don't be afraid to voice your concerns when things are not right and also don't be afraid to take control the aircraft if you ever find yourself in a position that you have to control the aircraft. A tough one. That's a tough one. I've done and. It's just It's just gets to that point and you know what the time I did it. This happened years and years ago. The first time I wasn't F. Oh, and that was with a very very senior. Management type pilot. Who? Hadn't been to the old the old key to airport at talk about it a lot because it was a very very trickier to go into this pilot was flying with was a was filling in on a trip and he hadn't been there and usually the. Akita used to be a if not not really. It wasn't really written that it was a captain, only airport. But it was a Mo. the more challenging of the of the airports they usually captain flew in there, and so this guy went in there, and he he got he got. Things got a little, little, hairy there and I made a couple of call outs, and he didn't reacted in response to take over, and I did, and after we landed. He actually thanked me for it. He said you know what he did. The right thing and you know congratulations to refer being assertive and so don't be afraid to take control when you have to because at the end of the day I. Mean you're you're up there with them? And if something happens at both the. Don't suffer from co-pilot Addis. Exactly exactly right? Stuff did you have something? I was. I was going to say about the same thing that you said sorry for the. Thunder in the background. Me Again. Yeah imagine that I never happens. Gelo So. Similar stuff just in my own career path where you know talking with people with different levels of experience, but but I was gonNA. Say before Jeff jumped into the same thing is basically you know if you know you're? If it's something, you're confident, you're in the right on, or if it's something that like. Stephen saying is safety critical. That's the time to speak up and not let it be initially. Get on the ground. This is all the same stuff. Neck It was a bit odd coming from a military background. On the Scott debris, Safra flight would have been considered. Absolutely, it'll in the civil world. Nobody held by. We used to rip each other to shreds. All in the justification of in this, this could been war and people would have died because of that state simple world. was quite transition, but not a bad one and the wonderful thing about the guys I work with I went with higher guys, and they were some of the most professional people I ever met, and to be absolutely truthful One paps two guys in twenty five years of flying. Rubber Bam the wrong way because they were a in A. One. Guy Could never let you fly the airplane you had to do it. He was like a Tokyo auto pilot. He told you would do everything yeah. Yeah and. The. Guy was just Nanako. Paintings ingles China. He just did nothing standard. He was a trainer in. Yeah, absolutely, which was very frustrating. Guiding light turn on turn off. So you know I suspect when he was doing sims and check rides and things it. He would turn this book yet, but I know a lot of captains. WHO said if I get? That guy is a traitor in my simulator. I'm getting sick. I, so a an. I always found that It s long as. You did everything in a nice easy going manner and made the culprit environment one that made it simple for people to bring things up. Perfectly happy if one, some of them wanted to come in on my flying no one's perfect at anytime during the flight. Because I was always very open to that I often found that some people wouldn't and I think it depends on that that background that bringing because I'd been used to having my. A new era fish ripped out of me. offer every flight in the military I found the civil well just so easy to cope. Absolutely very sold civil world. I think at the end of the day. It comes back to professionalism. Everyone's there because they're professional, they do You have to have a culture of mutual respect and. Basically mutual trust as well that the other person's there to do the job they're trained to do. And if that starts to break down the yeah, then it gets a little bit tricky, but. Absolutely lowery have been offered. You both got the same license usually. Things on the matter of time. The puts you in the other seat. Exactly exactly the same you're, you're on the left because you have the seniority to hold that position and there's a little bit more than that. Bucks to get. Everyone gets the chance to get in the left seat and. I forgot. Who Was it, said setting the the atmosphere of an open environment. It's IT'S A. I think a true leader is one that. In his or her own way makes it clear that they are in charge of everything, but we still want everyone to participate as a team and give their input so that we all succeed together and the ones that make throw impediments. In in the way are the ones that don't succeed. They're not going to have a team. That's going to want to support them. And if something does go wrong, they might be just pleases heck for that to go wrong. Not Safety wise but. Other like administratively allies at Roger. So and I never understood why the people that are like that they just don't get it. I, mean if you. If you just treated your crew with respect and you would, you would come out looking and doing so much better and now. Oh, absolutely! It's dislike going to be miserable for you, but maybe that's what you like misery to me. It makes sense you want. The people that you're working with to like working with you especially if you're in a leadership position. It doesn't make for a good day for anyone. If everyone's at each other's throats or afraid to say something, because something's not going right, or there's a problem. Let's just and we've all. We've all been position where we look at our schedule and we see that guy and we go. With that guy, you know. Don't be that guy. That's what my all officers do. Watch the living the dream, the fourth the fourth part. Excellent, we'll do that. Yeah, and I'll just say one more thing. When Jeff Scott What believe we work at the same at junior carrier and I know our. Management staff at the Chicago basis really good about this kind of thing. If you you have an issue of the captain's go, go top them I can't tell you how many times I talked to another captain flew him when I was Fox. That's a string of thing so that they know who are problem. People are that they're more than happy to hear you out on. What's going on because they don't want? Those guys bound causing issues. Yup Low end. If you're a flying for an airline, such as acme that is has a union representing the pilots we at Acme me have a great division or committee called Professional Standards and as our way to kind of try to take care of a problem if somebody is. Unsafe for just a jerk or whatever? you can anonymously contact professional standards representatives, and they can investigate it what they do I've gotten. A couple of occasions calls from somebody from professional standards and say Hey Jeff. Yeah like about two three weeks ago. You flew with Bob and. What did you think about Bob? I. Just wanted to get my opinion about this particular person. You can be completely honest and and I. Guess in this case, it wouldn't be anonymous because they contacted me, so they knew who. I was, but it's probably more of them. Just going through who they flew if recently this yeah. And hopefully hopefully they're writing down. Your commentary is. Anonymous and write. A threat against you at all and. Gets to the point. Yeah, if it gets to the point where it really is kind of pushing the safety line, than the professional standards will contact a company and work with them and say look. This is a serious issue and we've. We've tried to deal with it but it's not doing any good, and this is, but you know you need to be aware of it. Can you know what yes, what they probably already are? They probably ought to have a stack of reports and information about particular person, and they're just waiting for the right opportunity to. That person to retire early. Hey I retired early. Well now we know why gap. Not. Burn. You know I'm joking. You did it on your own volition of course. Pilot. That we're. On by the way I think. I'M GONNA. Be Retiring early to. To, something came up. Yeah, I don't know. Don't WanNa talk about it. Tells new details just this time, yeah! All right well, that was a great great feedback. Great question just quickly. Because we were talking about the Linda Dream thing, and it was the last episode of the episode before we did the the animated video. the Llama Airlines I. WanNa four. Yeah, yeah, let's see if I can find this one. Knock this one out pretty quickly. Seventeen thank you. Richard wrote in, and said I was listening to episode four, thirty two, and was amazed to hear the Llama international airlines video is from channel of a very good friend of mine called flight deck too. Numeral to Sim, he is Boeing, seven thirty-seven captain who uses his channel to apply real world procedures to home simulators is really good for WanNa. Be Pilots or people who want to see how things are done properly. Maybe Dainik do with watching the 737 cold dark startup video all include in this email. why not give my friend a shout out in? Go get him a few more viewers and subscribers. Okay, so the YouTube link is there. And again. A shoutout to flight deck to SAM. And that will be in the show notes for you to check out, so thank you. Richard, for you know help helping. Get the word out for your friend He said wishing clear skies cove in nineteen. I'm just jaw. Just jobs, an aviation, really tougher now Richard. Larry Go! Done. Them. All Right? You know what I think. Liz probably time to wrap it up. Okay. So all the great feedback that we have here in our feedback, notebook will be transferred to next shows feedback so if he didn't hear yours. Don't don't worry. We'll. We'll get to it eventually. If you want to send feedback to us, you can do that by using our email address feedback at airline pilot Guy Dot Com. You can go to our website and learn a lot of stuff I mean. It's just jam packed with information about the crew and community and merchandise the Coffee Fund, the AP G. Library. Run by Tiffany are. G. Librarian. Plain. Tales has its own page where Captain Nick puts. Information and their pictures and stuff. regarding the plane tales episodes that he does every week and I'm sure there's much more there for you to check out on a calendar as well. Check that out. And we're also on the social needs. We are, you can head over to to dot com, where at a p crew, you can find these same handle on Instagram at a P, G crew and facebook dot com slash airline pilot, Guy, twitter in particular good place to see when we're going to be recording a live show, and if there's any last minute changes to that time or schedule, and everywhere else for lots of good community interaction, so let's see there on the social meets. Absolutely and I don't know. How did you see him earlier? Yeah that bathroom that nobody really wants to get anywhere near some reason. I can hear that. L.! Dr Slack. APD Listeners, please join us on our slack. Slack is Communication Coordination Sharing Platform that works on your Mobile Laptop Browser on slack share news and ideas who suggest episode in point topics we plan events and beat up to get into the slack team. Please email me at slack. At airline, PILOTS DOT com. That's S. l.. A. C., K. Sierra Leone Alpha Charlie Kilo at airline pilot, dot, com, or semi tweet with your preferred email address to at level, and I'll send you an invitation. That's hills Bel Hotel Indio one echo one. In slack. Thanks allow. Okay. We're actually really back. There are a nice. have to try these towels. All right. Yeah and also a big. Round of applause again for our producer director control. In Toronto Ontario Canada. Thank you Liz. and. Until next time. Wishing you clear skies number two visibility until ones take care and God bless. Your next on five eighty. He's been sky. Dare. Day. Be Such a good. Deal I started a PG. Open doors for. The. them to this seat. Guy. Oh. I got no chance close I'm always lies I. Just don't have the time. and. Play. Game made it just fine. Back. Third.

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