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"hulo ross" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"I. Good. How was really good well doing to you? Ivan for sending those. Nothing to do with that. I thoroughly enjoyed the sort of end. There's I'm not gonna finish the rest of, but I know he just when I thought, oh my gosh, we can't top that. Can you cannot see you can't top that. Yeah, but then Trish you of course know the hit song mothers mill. Oh, I was here. I was here from her teed on my knees, everyone hurt he. He. A mine. He others see just you. Just so many people redo it. So I was here big Dipper. Yes. Yes. Oriented, Brendan yoki did mother's mother's mill. Lullaby lullaby. Many different. Rammed got me. I wasn't running for that. I must face. We've, we have another one. This might be my new favourite one. That's that's a big order. Let me find their name here. I just want. I want to give them a shout here. It is Mike closest Hulo Ross this from Mike from Berlin. What he says. I'm a longtime listener. Drag Queen music producer and first time contributor kiss kiss I send you my reinterpretation of the hit song. Mother's milk. I followed my German roots and made it sound like an expressionist dick short piece. Repeat no voice and percussion. I'm so tickled right now. I picture him in all black with a turtleneck on. And listen to mother's milk in Germany. Oh, okay. Me..

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