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"hughes schmidt" Discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

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"hughes schmidt" Discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

"And so his his age. Probably you can multiply it forward a little bit now however vancouver had myers hughes schmidt adler and then jamie benn and a free untested totally untested players like. How is that going to work. It's not and so they get hammock in there and now you've got hammock to play with us right. That's nate schmidt's a good player so really good. Gifted is a great word that they were gifted. So now you've got schmidt playing with adler and now you know in some form. And then you've got myers with probably lady their first round pick from a few years ago who seems to have come around the corner injury wise and play wise. Now you look at the blue light and you go man. I could see that this was a good signing for them. Now i don't know drags you know this like. They can't make it official till they put. Michael furlan lt. I correct correct. And that's the league has stepped in on that too by the way right frank. Seravalli was doing some reporting on social media and whatnot. Where they're saying okay. You need to disclose us and you need to file that contract otherwise roster that you have today is the one that you're going to work with Because it is a form of cap circumvention. Right and i believe. That's why the saint louis blues did what they did in announcing hoffman. So again as we're recording this. Maybe it will be announced when people are listening. Furlan has been placed on lt. Ira that's the wiggle room for. Jim banning in the to make the one year deal. Travis helmet worked. It looks like eriksson is going to be either on a taxi squad. Or i guess that's where he'll be so a million dollars comes off to cap one point seven five. That's a you know. That's ed pebble in the shoe of cannock fans out here. That's for sure is that and they're just you know they've seen enough of of what didn't work but they're still got you know they still got some clogs in the salary cap there but this this whole division is going to is going to be a bit of a scramble and i think we all know it's gonna be really interesting but vancouver's okay i i don't think they're calgary. I don't think they're toronto. I don't think they're montreal. But i think they're in that group with edmonton winnipeg. And kinda you know. It's a in my opinion. It's going to be three team scuffle to see who gets in you mentioned. We had a brief conversation with corey. Perry and fully fits into that category too. But i call it the collection graybeards right and it seems like veteran players players was down in cup experience just experienced period of always mattered. So let's let's twist this in a different way. But i look at what the toronto maple leafs have done. Here and man. I'm intrigued by it. I am and i think this goes back to the jake. Muhsin trade with the la kings where they went. Okay we're acquiring this piece and then they realize okay. Muslims pretty good defense than but manny's good and he's good in the bench. He's good with the media and you know they'd special there again The experience factor they bring in jumbo joe thornton and they bring in wayne simmons. So now it's become more than two incidents or just trying to mix things up a little bit right..

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