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"hudson river jersey" Discussed on A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

13:03 min | 1 year ago

"hudson river jersey" Discussed on A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

"The. From awaited garden dot com and Robin Hood radio dot com. This is a way to garden with Margaret Roach, your weekly invitation to dig in and grow visit a public garden. I see gorgeous plants don't recognize and also once I do sort of but in some extra special variety haven't seen before. So how did the horticulturist behind such designs? Find all these goodies and know how to use them. So boldly I decided to invite a couple of them to the show to find out. But I this message underwriting support from timber press, your go to resource for books and gardening and nature. Whether you're new Gardner, a professional at the top of your field or reader interested in the wonders of the natural world their books are there to help you? Grow timber press dot com. Maybe you're looking for some fun new annuals for this year's garden. Fresh ideas for adding seasonal color so here to help his head gardener. Timothy Tillman of unter Myer gardens conservancy in Yonkers New York and Embiid restoration of historic landscape that he's been undertaking with his team since two thousand eleven and gaining lots of praise in the press and from visitors high Timothy. Speak with you. It's me again. No, it's always fun to hear from you. Eating more plant ideas again. We should probably just as an introduction for people. Who haven't come visit yet which they should this season. Just a little quick for one one on unter Meyer. No, it's amazing space left by Samuel unfor- Meyer who made his money lawyering precocious. He's a member of the bar before he was twenty. Went through corporate merger litigation and lawyering was rumored to be the first lawyer ever to win a million dollar fee from a single client. This is in the late eighteen hundreds and he came to Yonkers and teamed up with William vase worth who also did for the Rockefellers and set about designing what he required from his designer buzzword, the world's greatest garden world's grandest garden. No big deal. No big deal. So that's what he has his designer. So hopefully, I I never get charged with that sort of request. But so my garden here aggressively until nineteen forty and left it to the city of Yonkers upon his death, and the the places kinda gone through this very history. When I started in twenty eleven our our tagline was entre Meyer, America's greatest forgotten garden. I lived in Yonkers when you and I worked at Martha Stewart Living for my job was to go out and find great locations. I'd never heard of this place until Steve burns, our president was looking to restore this garden. So that's what we've been doing since twenty eleven Ultramar head sixty full time gardeners and sixty greenhouses and its prime. We've just worked our way up to four full-time staff with four seasonals hopefully this year. So we're getting close give or take fifty something something like that. Yeah. But it's great and. It's got a kind of Scott some beautiful architecture almost like not ruins. But like remnants not perfect. But but very beautiful, and it brings it that sense of the old and sort of other worldly in a way. So completely unique. The main garden is walled Indo Persian garden approaching maybe three acres, so it certainly the largest Persian Indo Persian garden in the Americas. It's not one of the only ones what's unique on that level. The view from that garden is out across the Hudson river jersey, palisade, there's this grand staircase. We called the LA with which we recently replanted with Mary a the leads down to a pair of ancient Roman columns, the frame the view of the river, just a really special place. There's a thirty foot man made naturalistic folly of a waterfall we were stored a few years ago when it started the garden that recently, we just finished construction on the old. Rock garden, which will be sort of a rocket stream gardens. We have water flowing again this the partners up with the temple of love. And so a huge planting to do there this year and another big planting field gatehouse, which is just a ruin we've stabilized the old ruin of the gatehouse. It's just got on the old neck with duct, which is a state park these days. So conservatives are lower entrance. So we want to split that with some cultivation and bring people off the app into the garden that way, so it's going to be a busy year, but entre my left here the bones of this garden are like nothing else is it's true honor to be here, quite honestly, dot dot dot. And they're lucky to have you, Timothy, but dot dot dot on. So you need a lot of plants, and that's what we're here to talk. So I was. Like I remember couple of years ago when we talked about what you were planting sort of your annual bedding schemes your annual color and so forth in I said, what do you do? How do you even look there's so many possibilities between the seed catalogs and the plant Cadillacs, and you said, well, I you come up with a theme, Margaret, and my theme is football jerseys. And I was like what is he talking about? But I think you were talking about like to color sort of like pick two main colors and go from there. But how do you think about picking a theme? Now, you know here we are two thousand nineteen sure I mean, that's a great basic idea. And I think color, especially for annuals, which should be bold in big and fun can come from anywhere. So football jerseys, your favorite neon beer, sign a diner sign anything like that. But here we are in a public garden. So we try to get bigger inspiration. When we can I in some I think you may remember in twenty fourteen we did nothing, but marigold. Yeah. Being an Indo Persian garden. We we borrowed from some of the Indian culture where miracles are such a celebrated flour and here in the state. We think a lot of times a lot of people think amerigos just a typical gas station plant. Yeah. So we went around, and and got his many, different colors and shapes and sizes we could and just at a monoculture of marigolds along the canals inside the Indo Persian wall. Which is a great pallet for annuals, by the way. It's it's we would still the garden is still surrounded by these big mix orders. And we have these great canals that we can offset with this annual color and change that every year we spring plenty of tulips, which is big color in the spring. Then we put the tool stop and go with these annual. So the Americans were were really great just this this bright, orange and red and yellow and white lines ribbons along the canals. And I think it turns them people's perspective of what America can be around. So that was a lot of fun. Last year. We had already decided we wanted to do cream and yellow clean goals. Tulips for planting. Some we started with our inspiration for last year's annual plantings with those two colors, and I really wanted to grow this particular Dumfries called cosmic flair. I think you know, what? Yeah. Gum Freenet cosmic flair. And when I came to visit you in the peak of like light summer, something like that. What is that thing? I mean, the screaming from across the way, right? It's amazing. So it's a fun lightly fully plant, but the foliage is a chartreuse yellow. And then the flowers are these little pump on these little balls cotton ball size. This particular one cosmic flare is a pink flower and has a tiny orange throat on it. So this yellow pink and orange and gossiping also comes in orange, and again here we are in this Indian themed garden, so we already have the yellow in the white really wanted to grow this pink and yellow gum free, orange gun-free as a good complement with its we ended up with just a pink yellow white and orange scene, which is again a traditional Indian color combination. Right. And so it started to make sense for what for my or leftist and to have fun with gun-free now. And I gotta tell you this gum free, especially the cosmic flare gun at the year before in my own garden, which has some baffled shade in it. And I haven't amended the bed, so it's very average soil, and it was still very generous plant. I had a lot of fun with it. And I knew I had to use it. Following year here for Mayer well in the full sun, and infertile soil thing just exploded it took off. It was it was almost more than I wanted to see. But I couldn't I couldn't even bring myself to thin it out at all of that big of a show. It's interesting. You shared with me were kind enough before we spoke today to share with me, you know, kind of some of your lists. And what you are ordering and what you're planning, and what's great for me to see is that I happen to have like a deficit of ability. With excel spreadsheets, but you don't and so what you've done is put last years and the year before you have him in an excel spreadsheet, and you have in the first combination the plant in the second column the description, and then the third column once the season happens, you have notes, and so you release say how the thing performed in what conditions did or didn't do in or if you had to care for it in a particular way. Or if it was a flop, and I think. That's a really great tip for people is that. I mean, you have a lot going on there, you need it for sure and you have multiple gardeners working with you. So you can refer back to it. Yeah. No, it's it's a huge help this whole process. Margaret, quite bewildering. And I don't think I'm very good at it. So. So I need to give myself all the help I can get and we do use limited sources for our annuals as well. And so to go through and make sure I don't do repeats of that. I already knew I didn't want or they sure that some real solid performance. Do make it back into the list, depending on what the team is. And because sometimes a pretty face. You know, there'll be something that looks gorgeous in the listings, and you know, we buy it, and it just isn't a real performer, you know, and we have to figure out why. So those notes are invaluable definitely the catalog reality. And again, depending on who writes the catalog. I mean, we we know some growers have these fabulous plant descriptions that can rival any reference book out there, and you can really get a good idea for the plant. But for instance, I ordered a salvia we didn't beds a few years ago that was a color team simply because I don't like using red. So so I challenge myself that we were going to do any was with red team. And we got a Saudia called is a cultivar new cultivar called Mojave read advertise for the super bloom, and it would go on and have the best color you've ever seen. And and in the biggest flowers eve ever seen. Have you ever seen a bad salvia, Margaret, bad salvia? Yeah. Aren't they pretty great? And they're very different. I mean, so I guess bad would be if it didn't suit your particular taste, but yeah, no, the super blooming new cultivar came up and bloomed for five minutes, and then started turning color and pathetic little plants, and it was just ridiculous. It was kind of going to be the backbone of one of the major plantings here. So so to take notes like that, and they have flops like that, you certainly learn. So we won't be getting any of those brand new salvia cultivars from that particular series. And I just looking at the notes to make sure I don't make mistakes because I do try to force some things around here. There's a lot of plant that we all are used to seeing in pots, we know a great performers in pots, we tried them in the ground some here that does really great and a really good surprises to use them differently is interesting and other years, they just sit there, and you realize I should've been in pots, and and so many things to the catalog description talks about what exposure and what conditions they need and it can. He really different once you get into your particular garden. I know the other thing brief descriptions from catalogs we were putting together last year yellow and white part of the pink and orange color theme. And I saw this Namibia, and I've never grown the MRI of before. I wasn't really exposed to. I saw this picture, and it's quick description. And I think what three hundred plants, and as we're going that Andrew scholar one of our gardeners. Why so many cool season? This is I'm like, what are you talking about cool season? And so we could get him out of the greenhouse. They were already all in bloom. We we stuck some into parts, but it was a it was a wasted amount of time growing those plants as a of crop because of my own ignorance, so so yeah, catalog versus reality is a big deal keeping out sue, you know, Timothy another thing

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"hudson river jersey" Discussed on This Week In Google

This Week In Google

04:06 min | 1 year ago

"hudson river jersey" Discussed on This Week In Google

"Probably get some people to go there who might not want to move to Mountain View, for whatever reason what was that New Yorker cartoon, they it was a cover where they had picture of a map of the US. And but as but it was as conceived by a New Yorker. Could find it basically it was it. It was the New York and the rest. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. This is now this isn't it? Anyway, very search your current world from ninth avenue. Have you were here, it is view of the world from ninth avenue ninth avenue Hudson. River Jersey's a little strip, and then the rest of the country specific ocean. That's basically, that's that's your that's your world view. Isn't it? Buddy. It's not even New York its ninth and tenth avenue, basically, and the Chelsea fish market. Brilliant than the Bisco building. That's where Google is right evidence. Evidence. Actually worked from Google have to do a new one. Interesting somebody pointed this out yesterday, they didn't do what Amazon did which was basically get information about every every major city in the country is run and which tax breaks were best before they didn't have a beauty beauty talent before they picked their. They said just go do Manhattan. Apples to an Austin apples billing Austin campus, big big one. Yeah. Why do companies make a big deal about this is this to prove that they're not? They're not Silicon Valley. They're not think so. Yeah. I think so what if you were gonna do that you wouldn't be in New York, you'd be in Atlanta. Nashville or man. Are you could get a the country better or? Or some place that needs it like Mississippi. But of course, what amounts to is. There's there's a huge amount of talent New York. It is the childhood dream of conquering Gotham, and they're going to be competing against Amazon or you can make it. They're gonna make it anywhere. Yeah. That's why it's kind of surprising though, that they would move. I mean, that's where Amazon's building by at least half of its second headquarters across the bridge in Long Island, though, lonely Olea York between. In queens complaining about this. Are they see I told you? Oh, no. That's all New York. Well, technically. Because there was some there's gonna be some gentrification. There's some affordable housing them supposed to be built. There's a strain on the number seven subway a strain on public services. So what am I students is social journalism is doing that as communities the people in that neighborhood, and that issue and we were out for the last class. We went out my colleague, Jerry Brown took all this out for drinks. And we're sitting there suddenly one of our colleagues looked up and realized the person covering the story on Amazon is named exa. She has a deep hatred of everything Amazon because seems. Seems a whole generation of named the growing up today who hate with a passion. Hey, and people ordering them around asking them questions just like to anyway, Google has a little bit of a diversity problem. It turns out a vast number of Google employees are almost half are part time..

New York Amazon Silicon Valley Google Mountain View US Olea York Jerry Brown Manhattan River Jersey Nashville Austin queens Mississippi Long Island Gotham Atlanta
"hudson river jersey" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

Bloomberg Radio New York

02:07 min | 2 years ago

"hudson river jersey" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"You an idea when he comes in as bloomberg's so overheated with intelligence john tucker hudson county in new jersey dims when when ira logs on richard dumb for energy dump the goes into his terminal harrison doesn't get it as much closer to the hudson river jersey city you've there you leave him off the rails to switch his theories you get what is on your bloomberg i mean you got a totally fixed income pros screen there what do you do with a four thousand numbers on your bloomberg terminal yes so i mean the first thing i check out as what happened overnight a look at what happened in in japan the uk europe and then you know what how that's impacting us rates lee look at equity market look something i didn't have on here no even six months ago was was bitcoin smell even if you follow bitcoin i followed rare cheese your badge work you i don't know if you could follow big it does i don't i don't own any day triggering now at all i wrote seriously germ schneider with us just to go and he brought up something you brought up in my first question is just as chairman powell care about something as the style gic from two thousand eight is all i bore away yes first what is leibler elias sure so that's the difference between the expected federal funds rate that's overnight index swac and the and live or which is the london liquidity basically it's how much banks can borrow in london during london hour in with all the scandals on live bore pros still use leibler yeah well we we have to you because the a lot of derivatives contracts and some of the most liquid derivatives products quite frankly are based on law were like eurodollar futures for example or are there backbone yawns leibler i just put the chart out that we did yesterday with mr schneider out on twitter and it shows its of forty basis poor point four zero a difference in yield between lie bore in all i ask which is elevated but nothing like the average point eight five that we saw in the crisis yeah that's that's very true i mean during the crisis you had a lot of credit concerns i.

hudson county ira harrison japan europe mr schneider twitter bloomberg john tucker richard hudson river jersey uk chairman powell london six months