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Judge orders further extension of aid to Puerto Rico storm evacuees

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01:44 min | 3 years ago

Judge orders further extension of aid to Puerto Rico storm evacuees

"To be valued at one trillion dollars Steve Jobs started that company forty two years ago back in nineteen. Ninety-seven apple teetered. On the edge of bankruptcy, with its stock trading for less than one dollar shares of apple over two hundred seven dollars around midday. Today again apple the first publicly traded company, to be valued at one trillion dollars back here locally. Or at least a. Few more. Weeks Huckle Sam will continue paying the hotel. Bills for Puerto Rican families who are displaced by hurricane maria last year there have been several extension since the original deadline of june thirtieth and now the program will last until august thirty first out of nearly one thousand puerto ricans still living in hotels more than three hundred are in florida during hurricane katrina victims were allowed just over two years of housing assistance it's been eleven months since hurricane maria devastated puerto rico and at last check hundreds there are still without power samantha jordan news ninety six point five w._d._b._o. francis making international headlines today by changing the teachings of the catholic faith to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances the church used to teach the death penalty could be used in some cases pope francis has in the past spoken out against executions today in president georgia's senator david purdue today at the white house and then he heads to a campaign event in pennsylvania holds a roundtable with supporters close to the press and later a rally for republican senate candidate lou bar leda by lettuce taking on incumbent democratic senator bob casey a._b._c.'s karen travers reports it's the second of President Trump's three rallies this week the next one is Saturday in Ohio and we're inviting you to donate blood with us today of. We partner with, one blood it's a citywide blood drive today we have a truck at our, TV station channel nine downtown that's at four ninety east south street and then we have one outside our radio station right. Here at forty one ninety two north.

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