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"howard schultz ross perot" Discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis

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"howard schultz ross perot" Discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis

"The twenty twenty presidential field is getting crowded. They're the big names Kamala. Harris Elizabeth Warren Huston gillibrand, then they're the wildcards like the spiritual guru Marianne Williamson. She announced he was running his democrat earlier this week. But part of what's making people so upset about Howard Schultz is that by running as an independent he can skip the whole weeding out process of the primary, and he's got the money to hang around. If all someone knows about Howard Scholtz is that he runs Starbucks. And that's where I get my coffee. Is there more to him that we need to understand? Or do we not know yet? Yeah. I mean, I think you do need a bigger story than that. He look at the the third party candidacies that have you know, that have gotten some traction. I think the the best one the most encouraging modern example for somebody like Howard Schultz who might be thinking about running third party would be Ross Perot in nineteen ninety two. The guy heckling Howard Schultz that in New York City bookstore and all the people ratio him on Twitter there haunted by the ghosts of that nineteen Ninety-two election like Howard Schultz Ross Perot ran is a billionaire and a Washington outsider. He actually got nearly twenty percent of the vote wasn't enough to win. But some say it was enough to change the outcome. So as Steve to put me in the back seat of his time machine. And see if we could get a better idea of how one third party candidate influenced and election, and what that might say about how Howard Schultz could change the outcome in twenty twenty stay with us..

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