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"houston spillway dam" Discussed on Houston Matters

"Good morning. Good morning good to be here. You held a public meeting about a week. And a half ago in kingwood to offer updates on a pair of flood mitigation projects and i thought maybe we could start there. Can you catch us up on. What's happening with efforts to dredge the santa river and and also plans to expand the the lake. Houston dam's spillway sure. That meeting was on thursday. July eight we had in kingwood and we went basically over four subjects The ongoing dredging operations that we have not only in the sanjay santo ever but in lake houston Where we are with the construction of additional gates onto the existing lake houston spillway dam and then we went through the north park expansion project where we're moving from four lanes to six lanes and also gave an update on some tributaries within the king area. That take all the water from montgomery county that we're receiving from the north of us and send it into lake houston and then eventually to the gulf of mexico so as far as a dredging is concerned. It's amazing that we spent over three hundred million dollars on dredging operations and that is removing the san through a lot of federal money and through some local matches that we receive from hurricane. Harvey my opinion. The most important project is as we look north. This has to be a systematic approach. Receive water from the same juice into river into lake houston and what hurt us on august. Twenty seven two thousand seventeen during harvey was our spillway dam. Didn't have the ability to proactively. Release water that was coming our way so at backed up and the only way spillway dam works is water goes on top of eventually falls and hits to the goal so with this dam project. We're going to build somewhere between eight and ten additional gates onto the existing lake houston spillway dam structure. That way we have the ability to move water. Rapidly for instance. Today we can only release one foot of water. Every twenty four hours with the new gates will be able to release minimum of four feet of water that every twenty four hour period so it gives us a little bit of an opportunity where we see rain coming and we don't anticipate about a rainfall to react In in move relatively quickly. What are you hearing from residents In response to the state of that project and the importance of it of course you hear a lot of negative and that is we need it today because we have three more hurricane seasons to get through including the one..

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