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"houston sima jolson lakewood church knob" Discussed on The Breaks

"So. Today is the twentieth anniversary of the Sophomore of one. When Mr Andrew Young Aka Dr Dre crunch thousand one the album featured such steel? Dare next episode. Forgot about dre. The I'm went on to go. Ah Copies and diamond worldwide and is considered one of the greatest projects west coast there produced. Yeah arguments they're called me a fresh for about how songs steal was famously. Written by Jay z the entire song. The goal go. Dr Dre documentary. Looks like seventy the documentary on apple music about the making of crunchy thousand one and he said that they were almost down to album and they wanted the first thing in the next episode and Jimmy. Dean was famously. Says it's a lot of orders. Let's if you've watched anything about veto drake you just need one more. Just need one more. And so Steve Stoute hit up dray looking for Hit Up Jimmy having looking for beat from DRE and Dray sent him some beats a bunch of beats to Steve Stoute and one of those still. Dra beat and he said he got it back in twenty four hours later entire song written bunge AC Dot dre offset documentary that the idea for the crotch thousand one came from him signing him in him constantly working with him Would Dr Dre said he's inspired by like moments like he said chronic came from him just sitting down being like being around. His brother warns you stepbrother. One gene like Oh. This is like which is doing here. Let me look. I'm inspired to make this right right. Jim You said yeah that's dollars. We got doggy style because Dr Dre was still clearly inspired and it took him nine days dogs Taisei but had it been more than that he would never got nine days brunt. That's it's a great album you made at nine days a week in two days. Only got it because it took that fight and he said 'cause they had made drilling and he pushed any longer probably never got a week and a have to Gallo basically a week to make one of the greatest albums one of the greatest albums history crazy forgot about dre was originally written eminem. My Name wrote that song for Dre and Snoop but dre seventy hurt the reference. He was like I think it sounds good with him on what imminent rotate he said He. You just turn it in that way you were you. You made a statement but you made a statement. They got some people in a frenzy. So Dr Dr Dre. Here's why I said this on twitter when With Jesus King kind came out. I saw people on twitter saying like Oh this is this is kind of crazy of the producer of all time. I saw somebody say greatest producer of all time which once I've seen people mad. People are greatest producer of all time. Say That you have to leave your entire town. What's it's now? Me and fresh have been very vocal about our disdain for kind of your currently but to not take away from who he is or what he was. Kinda is one of the Gracie property as we said the other week disdain doesn't stem from him musically it's all that extra stuff he do. So here's why Dr Dre and my opinion is the greatest hip hop producer. Tab One. The man cl- influenced an entire region of the country. Musically hip day is no hip hop in west coast. Without Dr Dre at all every time I go and talk to older you know Caucasians about what introducing the hip hop a lot of them say. NWEA who produce olive NWEA. Dr Dre who discovered easy who started in W. A.. Dr Dre I love Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg at your love. Who discovered cover him? Dr Drew Produce Doggystyle Dr Dre nine days nine days. I'm not letting you go nine nine days to nine days to make they run around. I think dogs that was leftover chronic indefinite. Here can you hear that Andrey said he didn't want to be on an album. I but you know he said it was Deal see convincing to wrap on that Andrey said if you've listened to it. He's not as much as you would think he is. He said he just sequence. It makes it seem like he's on there so much. 'cause every song got a feature. I don't know I'm thinking about about it you now. What have listened to doggy staff like the next two weeks and so but yeah that but I only just that just west coast Eminem is around response because because of Dr Dre you fifty cents at biggest into club which gary very influential Bunda biggest songs of all time hip hop wise by Dr? It was Dr Dre Busta rhymes his first and only number one album with big bang that he produced the entire album and it was hard. It was arguably one of buses best albums you find me one hip hop producer that. y'All revere I think it's better than dray and asked me who's not influenced by him. Who would want to have a career? Lie Dri okay. Let's we'll go back to Konya Konya once again. Gain is produced some great albums to produce a lot of grace offered artists. But what artists is kind of you put out there to sold as much new dog. Don't worry I'll wait because before. SNOOP DOC highest selling debut hip hop album of all time the fifty cent and who produce their albums. Dr Drey has one and two Kanye West. Is John Legend and he didn't produce the entire project not even out guy what's his. How is John Legend? I know somebody driver. Scott Scott that signed to Kanye so try again. I really wish you hip hip hop started liking in two thousand ten would stop trying to debate with us to have been like a hip hop because we born into it about. Who's a better producer? Dr Dre that's why people see people say like what kind is produce hip hop being you. When did you stop? Because there's no way you're GONNA sit here or stand through. There's no way you're going to sit here and look at the history of your pop in production production-wise an influential wise. You say there's no way. Stop doing it. Like what are we talking about here. Like what what. What is your argument? Why AH I want to hold onto? Hope you'll get better. It's not gonNA happen. Stop it Houston Sima Jolson Lakewood Church KNOB. It's over Dr Dre is number one. Sorry man you. You'd be hard pressed to find.

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