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23. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along

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23. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

"Hi, I'm Holly Fry I'm Tracy Wilson and together we host a podcast called stuff you missed in history class which, as you may suspect by the name cumbersome topics that you might not have learned about in school maybe you didn't personally maybe it just wasn't covered. So we talk about lots of women, lots of people of color lots of people who fit under the LGBTQ I a umbrella we publish episodes every Monday and Wednesday with a Minnie's owed on Friday and a classic every Saturday you can find us on the iheartradio APP at Apple podcasts or wherever it is you listen. Hey everybody it's been higgins and is Ashley I and where the host of the almost famous podcast I was the bachelor and know firsthand how dating twenty five people at one time is not easy and I was on the Shell, a time or two or four. I met my husband. So I'm Peru at the process works we do interviews with the cast members creating the headlines and we know pay much everyone. So reliable source listen to almost famous on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. It's Thursday August sixth. In, the mid nineteen nineties and early two thousands there was a bit of a tradition amongst congressional aides, the House of Representatives. A large glass jar would sit on the desk of a staffer in a congressional office and whenever Texas Congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee would give speech on the House floor. Staffer, who's desk held the jar would be required to drop a quarter in the jar and then pass it on to a fellow staff members desk. Each time the congresswoman spoke from the House floor another quarter would be deposited and the JAR Journey on to its next destination. According to the rules of tradition, whomever's desk held the jar on the day that Congresswoman Jackson Lee did not speak from the House floor would win the pot and collect all the money. Congressional. Staffs all over the House of Representatives Democrats and Republicans alike were known to participate. The congresswoman was so prolific in. So consistent that some office jars became too full and too heavy to move around. Rumors circulated of hundred dollar payouts and jars. So full of quarters, the contents could pay for lunch an entire congressional office. Congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee has never been accused of being shy. She has at times been polarizing known for her aggressive and pointed questioning of witnesses and committee and our willingness to take her political opponents to task. But in her twenty five years in Congress. She's also been ranked by multiple publications as one of the most effective legislators in Congress. I'm clay aiken and this week politic con welcomes one of America's most outspoken and influential members of Congress to discuss the state of political discourse in the midst of a national pandemic. And her hopes and goals for America this November, and beyond. Thank you so much for. Joining US doing this. I am so delighted. Put, your. Lasso, around me we say in Texas but I'm glad I told me in how that? Well I'm I'm glad to how is how is Houston? Doing in this? We're all in this together in different parts of the country, but Houston row house. Cove and I know I. Don't know if you're on the east coast or west coast but I know you all have gone through it. I can say that we're still in some very challenging times I'll I'll motion our movement today is trying to get people into the testing sites I've always believed testing testing testing but we are a Texas is now number one in terms of The number of cases meaning three, hundred, thousand, plus so when we look at the map. We are the dark dark red in particular, and in our area we suffered five hundred three deaths. we're at fourteen new death. And we're at seven, hundred, nine new cases in fifty, two, thousand cases over. So we're not going down the only thing that's going down. We had a twenty percent infection rate and we now have a seventeen percent. Well small small victories are there places in the state that are doing worse than others in Texas so big is it happening you sing growth or or increases in more rural parts or is it mostly increasing in urban centers as there is? Is there any evidence that one part one type of areas doing better or worse? I think in in my review of certainly what we've seen is that Kobe nineteen is not a respective urban or rural, and it certainly is growing in our rural communities than. They have less access to medical facilities, which is very challenging and we're very concerned about but also south Texas has felt the brunt. Particularly with the disparities impacting both Hispanic Lat next and African, Americans are in a very devastating manner. So for example, last week, you had the county judge of a dog county putting in a voluntary stay at home order because we can't get the authority from the governor that we'd like to get, which is for the governor to give authority to the local jurisdictions make determination based on science that same county was asking for oxygen, and Overall, they were asking for more medical professionals and so I know that just recently in mcallen. Thank goodness and I've been pushing for that along with their. Congress people we work extensively weld together but I know that they've just gotten a sort of mash unit from I believe the Department of Defense. So they've gotten additional medical teams coming down to be able to be helpful. So we're we're in that mode right now we're we're in the crisis mode of still trying to. Continue to bring the hospitalization down the ICU down the reason why they needed to get a temporary hospital in mcallen area because all the bids fulfilled in the hospitals and It's it's that kind of atmosphere that we end people are resilient to the extent that we've got great medical teams working very hard. I've opened twenty-one Colbert testing sites are the first one was March nineteen. And I'm very fortunate to have been able to collaborate. With, a small hospital really has exponentially grown leadership on testing we just opened our last one we try to do it on the weekend and we have some that. been continuing from the moment they've opened in an others. What we do is we come in a for a day to three days in hard. To serve areas and really bring people out to get tested who are still having to go to work during the week in the weekend testing is really something. That is very helpful to them. I've seen Carlos of families with mom and Dad and children or grandmother, and it really warms your heart. We give away sanitation items. Items to work with, and then we also sometimes give away food food distribution, and then we give away the famous. For Gallons of milk that everybody likes to have. Our people following guidance there or do you see a lot of masks in Houston or around the area people listening and doing what they're supposed to do or they're still a division of people a group of people who just refuse to do them? You know I love my fellow Houstonians and Texans and those who are in Harris County which is what? Houston sits in and by and launch people. It's almost clay like the national landscape. obviously some of those who are distracted by mixed messages from the White House. Has You know some of my colleagues in the United States Congress were unfortunately may still be thinking that it has something to do with their civil rights or. Their First Amendment Rights of freedom of movement access. But by launch people are very concerned. One of the groups that again I love engaging with and view them as leaders of tomorrow. But of today is when we have to see large hardee's that happened to be with a younger Americans and not only are they crowded. But there without masks or restaurants who have had to be cited because they have not. You know they have sort of a younger audience if you will. They're open and rather than holding to the latitude that they've been given to open and have people socially distance is absolutely the opposite and you'll that's what this is about It is about messaging with leadership and confidence and Compassionate leadership, and if we only had someone to stand up, say mid February by the way, I had to press conferences in February with no one. Could even fathom what I was talking about and I was having enthoven nineteen because it was at the time that we've publicly heard about what was occurring in China, and so are my first press conference was at the airport and asked the airport whether you were well prepared on and let me just say this in defense of all of these entities everybody was following what? Was the national trend, silence and no one wanted to speak about it and everyone wanted to say no problem. It's just not gonna be even a problem but having been on homeland security for such a long time. I just knew that you know what we might have a problem. So it's it's the why do you think that people didn't want to talk about it that early? February. It had not quite become as political as it certainly became in the following months in. So in February, what was the motivation for people to not want to talk about what do you? That's a very good point and and the point that I wanted to follow up with if we had had a national statement about wearing masks. Now, it probably would have gotten a few chuckles, but the scientists if they had you know pursued. What was going on in China I know they're two prong. Routes it's whether China's sent it to that. That's a whole different investigation, the ideas that we should have studied what was going on in China how fast is spread in in that city, and with that in mind we should've known the world is very small people travel. And I think that we should have taken the opportunity to educate people. So to answer your question about why you know America is but it is a a nation of Kathmandu's is the nation of success It is known as it has been known as the most powerful nation world. Why would we want to admit that anything could bring us to a point of crisis and so I think that was somewhat of the mindset and we didn't grapple with how big we are nor do we grapple with that? Being a novel virus, we didn't grapple with the fact that we had no way of knowing how this virus transmit to whom and how fast and it did transmit fast. If we could have had that information of the scientists could have focused on that and the medical professionals that we could have been communicating in the administration would have been cautious if we had not dismantled the pandemic office in the White House baby, we would have been able to give messages out could have saved any number of thousands of lives. Are we gonNA. Learn. Our lesson. I. Hope. So because I, you know as I mentioned, those law souls I've been one of those members of Congress that is wanted to offer a moment of silence. I do it at my press conferences because I want people to know we're a big big big big country but it's a hundred and fifty eight going on one hundred and sixty thousand people loved ones that are dead. I just hope that these souls of whom we should respect and honor and acknowledged because when you hear some of the stories such wonderful people were serving and giving and doing. Yes, play. That America has learned a lesson not to be not to be one that would have a defeated not to be defeated, but to be prepared and ready to realize that there are a lot of things in the world a lot of things in science a lot of things in medicine a lot of things in the coronavirus family that we don't know, and so when we see something coming than, we need to take all precaution so that we can save line. So we started this podcast back in March, right I, believe the the week. The first week was the week before the shutdown the second week I was in Los Angeles recording the the second episode on the night that. I think most of US realized the the country needs to shut down and we take the next episode, the third episode As our first episode in quarantine in shutdown, and it was really remarkable that week that the guests that we had on that week. Congress your your colleague Congressman Ted Lieu. Was a guess that week Adam Corolla was on that week and we just had this really. Almost. Unifying. Episode where people really wanted to talk about how this is something that is not political. This is a national crisis. This is a pandemic and it's not going to be something that we look at through a political lens. We're GONNA solve this as country because in times of crisis throughout our history we have come together. As a country regardless of political party and we figured out how to work together and then the fourth episode, the next week. At didn't last long I mean we jumped right back in. A political blame game and. This is been the first in my life. The first time in my life that I can remember a crisis becoming. So politicized that health health public health is not political and so I kind of want to ask you you have been in the House representatives for twenty. Are you coming up on twenty five years now? Yes I am bank you. Yes. So you are one of the you are one of the most senior people in the in the house. Can you pinpoint. A time when this went wrong when did all of the sudden politics start becoming? So nasty that? People didn't even want to look at facts couldn't even come together in a pandemic come together in a national crisis is is there a time in your twenty five year? History in in Congress that you can see the tide started to turn. While you know even as we saw the tide turned klay, there were moments when we were unified so if I had to pinpoint. I might be reminded of the contract on America that was led. By Speaker, Newt, Gingrich and of course. That was. A huge victory for Republicans where they took the majority from members of the. Democratic House time. and. they were driven. Not by as much by policy and values that we'd all adhere to all the time but they had a sizable influence, which let me be very clear I I realized that the American people are bosses and their attitudes change but we also have the responsibility in the United States Congress. As I say to school children with the most powerful law-making body, the world we do have the responsibility of pulling together and really standing for what is best for all of the American people incidents is like this really call upon us to retry higher angels to ensure that. So yes, I. saw it. I in the influence of the contract on America. And the absolute attitude in which the leadership of that time lead of that it was only their way and no other way and it proceeded on and there were moments when they were better moments than not. Even though Katrina started out rough in the response by the administration at that time, Republican Administration it ultimately came to the point where George H W Bush and Bill Clinton came together to unify as to how to respond to the devastation of hurricane. Katrina as I recall and it went on to Hurricane Ike as well. So there were moments where we were still in this political atmosphere but there were bright lights that rolls around Natural Disaster Katrina was. Hurricane Ike was another one the where's the light now congresswoman It it is Let me say the light is found mostly at local levels even to the extent of cities, hamlets, counties just as we saw. The light shining on in New York and governor Cuomo pushing down into cities. And counties of New York and. New Yorkers rising through the Cajun people flying into New York. City in for instance. So the percenter from all over the world probably in all over the nation medical professionals wanting to volunteer that brought tears to your eyes as much as the devastation of people in Hallways and dying and we've seen a different states where local people in Florida local people a rising to the occasion, local mayors and county judges. You know that gives me faith in America because America is land. Bounded by land mass and bounded by oceans, it is a very big country and it has its own regional qualities a which are endearing. We love coming to the South we love. New. England, we love the Mid West. We love the West. We love our Western. Attitudes in the West Riding Horses and just having a good time we love Barbecue love, Fried Chicken Brits. Are we now you're making me hungry for? Big No we love our international food. That's the point. I'M GONNA. Make we are we are many different people but we are Americans who come together and I wanna make this point when we had the initial stay at home order. Just. Like you had the initial entities but to great persons by the way, I certainly know my good friend and colleague Teddy is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. But it was adherence. To the stay at home order. People were basically quiet in home wine because they were patriots they were listening to their government leaders. many of whom were local leaders who put stay at home orders in. and governor coma decide him again because he was the first state box or the governor of Maryland. or the mayor's in Atlanta and Washington DC. DETROIT New Orleans Houston Los Angeles. San Francisco places that I knew in particular and People Klay Stayed Home why? Because they were being Americans in knighted together to be able to stand together and what happened. That administrative head. The administration's head started to peer out. and there wasn't enough politics going on and we started to when I say we then they start to divide among democratic governors and Republican governors and all of a sudden listening to the experts like Dr Foul State who has been a world renown infectious disease and researcher someone that I've worked with and had the privilege of working with through a number of viruses Ebola Zeka etcetera Bay overran him, and started talking about his time to get out and you know why we're in the predicament wherein because we got out may I and all the local official when I say we the State of Texas as indicated by the state leadership. and what happened. When local leadership was saying, we're not ready Klay here we are where we are today. So we're now right but there's still. There's still plenty of people who Do not listen to Anthony Fauci do not want to trust what he says don't feel that this pandemic is as dangerous. It is I wouldn't ask I'M NOT GONNA ask you to call out names of colleagues who you work with but we've obviously seen some representatives from right in your home state who have not worn masks and not believe that it was important to wear masks and ended up catching corona virus. A lot of people who aren't listening and who have made it political and are listening perhaps to the wrong information or at the very least listening to who they believe is giving them accurate information. We can disagree whether it's true or not. But what how do how Democrats? Convince those folks who have for the last three years supported this particular president and love him blindly how do we convince them that he's not? Doesn't have their best interests at heart and or can we is it even possible to convince certain people that this president doesn't have their best interest at heart? Or should we be trying I guess that that's our Democrats wasting their time by trying to appeal to people who voted for trump. Well, I think we should always be trying to educate Americans and to make sure they make the most effective and sensible vote that they can possibly make. In this instance for me. It would be absolutely Joe Biden. I call him a compassionate chief. and I believe, yes, we always try. But we should do it by Audi. Sometimes, your words a simply are not enough and what are the deeds the deeds are to help us get back on our feet and I believe that the package that we're pushing now in the United States Congress would all of us contributed to is a humanitarian package and it it reaches All of the red and blue corners of America, it reaches Integral Urban America reaches into farm houses and apartments in our urban centers, and that is to extend families up to get them back on their feet. The open businesses up to get children where they can really really go to school and be safe and not get sick and that's what Democrats are trying to do and I think that We're going to get in quote some kind of deal that's going to deal with more hormone fictions and mortgage foreclosures are working with funding for our cities and states because we needed to keep up the garbage from not being picked up in firefighters and police officers from not being paid a so that has to be we need more testing we need to pay for hospitals are hospitals. Taking care of sick people that have no insurance we need to make sure that the census has taken care of and we don't short cut counting people off because the constitution says count every single person. So I think it has to be deeds and we have to recognize that there will be some that will continue to believe that their best interest is in the narrow of viewpoints in narrow. Attitudes and values of this administration and so that's how we're going to do it. We'll lose some but we need to keep doing it by deeds. People see that we're for them for the American spirit and unity They'll see new added a new attitude when a new approach. What are the deeds that that? You've seen from Joe Biden that make you think you'll be a good leader. Oh it's a if there's ever been a person first of all has such a comprehensive allege of government in how government should work for the people and his power that he will have as president will not internalize it for his own benefit. He'll push it out to the people. That's why he is shown evidence of policies that really move into all aspects of our line in his own personal life is the tragedy. and that lends itself. To him understanding the pain that other people are experiencing whether it's a natural disaster. Whether, in of the Feelings of a systemic racism institutional racism that out communities have. He doesn't. He doesn't really excite the left though does he I mean there are a lot of people who've criticized him for his crime bill in the nineties and there I mean he just doesn't really get enthusiasm from the left. How can he get that Well, I would I beg to differ as time has gone on. I think we have the enthusiasm of recognizing that AH chain chance to come and I think as. Though Biden speaks from the heart. and as we begin to review some of the policies that he has worked diligently on with. Bernie Sanders and many others. Who are of different views that he may have had then I think more and more speaks to criminal justice reform. I, know he supports the George for Justice Policing Act I know that he believes in investment in both Latin and African. American. Communities as relates to small businesses education. For. Gaining wealth. and you introduced a bill to you introduced a bill to to study reparations has he come out in support of that specifically love reparations I know that his team is reviewing it. That's exciting for me because it is a well received a legislative initiative and what it is play is the commission to study and develop regime proposals It is a governmental commission on it is based on government action. So it is not based on my neighbor and what happened with my neighbors family It is a definitely reviewing of the nation's original sin, which is slavery holding people than two hundred years in bondage never providing. For any transferred of wealth, a long history of white supremacy in terms of the African American community. Enslaved the descendants of enslaved Africans all through the eighteen hundreds we were never able to receive any opportunities so that We study at though what people who we everybody wants everyone in the in the primaries I think with the exception of maybe Marianne Williamson everyone in the primaries wasn't supportive studying reparations. Everyone talks about studying studying studying has anyone come out and said they are in support of reparations period end of sentence Oh, absolutely Biden. As they say, as I said his team is studying studying the bill studying the bill I didn't say studying it was studying the bill. So we're very grateful for that but we have a mountain of support We even have data that a percentage of Americans a majority of Americans. Now study that was just ended last week you see the article, Wall Street Journal Majority of Americans now support a reparations are the momentum is really moving Tom Style Danny. Glover John. Legend and but Biden hasn't but Biden has committed to studying them. I guess that's what that's what confuses me sometimes because I don't understand what 'cause it sounds to me sometimes like studying them just means let's talk about them a little bit longer put it off study put it off, put it off, and no one has said they are in support to that. I have heard has said they are in support of this is what they would look like this is how we would do them. They would be direct cash payments or they would be payments into communities of color. Anything but studying yet no but we don't want that to happen. We want this commission to be passed so that you have the framework for how this should be done. This commission has been filed since nineteen, eighty nine by my predecessor, John Conyers and this format is the format that is appropriate religiously. And so president signed bills. It's up to the legislature to debate the bill to mark the bill up and to pass the bill allowed the House and the Senate I feel very good with polling showing that most Americans support this concept that this bill that studies and developed. So this is not a steady bill you study only to get the data that you need, but you develop the proposals through this commission that then becomes a hopefully an agenda appears into these. Disparities, there is no doubt that from the moment of our arrival of historical rivals sixteen nineteen of that these disparities is horrific and heinous tragedy of slavery has impacted African Americans. But as well as the reparations would be part of a response to slavery. Once you help the economic status of some Americans, you help the economic status of all Americans. So we want this. Relation to go through and would you trade? Would you trade Ohio Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in exchange for it? Do you worry that that discussions about this might be exactly what Donald Trump wants to divide and conquer with I? Mean it do do you lose white voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Michigan if this becomes the central campaign issue as I've indicated this up to the Legislature To debate and people come from all those different states. but. We don't intend to lose any state as relates to the presidential elections. We believe that our President Biden has a record that response to all of the needs of a very diverse America legislation runs on its own track, and so Um, we're delighted that this issue being studied by the campaign not steady to say study, but it's being looked at that's a good thing. But we're already he came out and said he was in support of something like that or we Should talk about police reform to because obviously what the what the current president is trying to do is pin the whole fund. The police ANTIFA far left movement on Joe Biden and say that he is a puppet for the far left right. But if Joe Biden were to come out and say he was in support of some of those things he were or he were in, he was supportive of reparations do think that would hurt him in some of these mid western. Working Class, white populated states with some of those voters is it possible to win and and really get minority voters and the left wing of the Democratic Party enthusiastic and not at the same time alienate. Some of the more moderate working class white voters in some of those swing states like mine in North Carolina, can you do both? You get people excited or do we have to settle for? We're not excited about Joe Biden but we hate Donald Trump's so we're gonNA vote for him. I guess I don't want to be probably Anna but I, guess I wanNA be a inspirational. excited. Be. The go for it. All you want to try to make me. To try to inspire McLean. GonNa. Try and take you through the Constitution and the fact that this nation was. Created to forming more perfect union and if we don't continue to try. To, create an atmosphere where their space for everyone than we fail out founding fathers and we also fail in essence. In fixing some of the faults of our founding fathers, not having a women in the constitution that having African Americans as a whole person now reflects as well on how we treat a undocumented person. So I have a sense of hope that you don't have to isolate Ohio and Pennsylvania in the Mid West and North Carolina and the Carolina in the south. I. I'm looking for a way to be able to discuss these. and not be threatening I. think that Joe Biden has an absolute a uncanny ability to deal with people. He's genuine he's caring and I think he has the ability to refute any negative attack If he were to a look at an issue that impacted one segment based birth versus another one part of the population versus another, he has to be the president of the entire nation. He has to be a sensitive to the needs of rural America. Small Farmers as he has to be to the kid growing up in public housing in the middle of Baltimore. Or any other large city and so I think he has back. People have not seen him fully out on the campaign trail for those of us who work with him is in essence I liberal probably criticized for being that of years past. Of course, there aren't new approaches to the term liberal or left but I believe Joe Biden has the capacity to embrace by his policies embraced the understanding He is a supporter of the domestic bill rights. For domestic workers that's a that's a positive and wonderful step. He knows what he's getting hit from both sides. Congresswoman isn't amy? Listen. Anyone who's listening to this podcast anyone who's listening to this podcast knows and I've always been open. My producers are going to take a drink because I'm going to own my bias here. They say I on it too much. It's. It's public knowledge that I am a big supporter and I have have always been or have long been abiding supporter but I do worry that. He gets hit from both sides and I don't know all the time and I'm wondering what how you feel about it that sometimes he's not also getting hit just as much from the left as he is from the right he has certainly been he he he got attacked by some people on the left especially during the primary because he has been friends with Republicans he has. Touted his friendships with. Republicans who he's worked with in the Senate some some really bad segregationists that he worked with in the seventies who he said, he was able to get things done with. He's called Republicans good friends of his and he's gotten hit from the left personally i. My me as one soul voter. See that as a benefit. To be able to work across the aisle with Republicans but some people on the left don't like that. Does it concern you that that there is division within the Democratic Party right now that perhaps some people on the left will not see him as sufficiently progressive. Well Going back to my seeing of know pollyanna. Is All the songs of unity and remind you that he has had. A conversation. With Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders positive discussions they are openly supporting him enthusiastically He didn't have any problem with a developing a his. Friendship and legality with them. I. Was Part of sponsoring a unity a statement in the rules committee that was joined in by Bernie Sanders supporters, of course. And that as I am a biden supporter and that unity I believe was a very strong statement in the party faithful you need to get the party faithful and we did not see a crack in the armor while we were doing our rules and platform, and so I do think I wanted to give you comfort that in this time of trouble and Storm Democrats are going to come together. Yes. The president. If elected and sworn in, President Biden will have to address many of the concerns of different perspectives in the party. But I, know that his leadership will be based on policy and how it can best help the American people as a whole and I think they won't ask if the policies that are going to be very good for the American people and they will see that in his leadership. I'LL I won't ask you handicap. Anyone I won't put you in that position but I will ask you how important The pick is when it comes to or who, who, that will be when it comes to satisfying any particular. Group of voters do you think that it's important that his VP pick satisfies his own party or is someone who appeals to the moderate voters he needs to win in some of these swing states? While everyone we don't know who the vice president is going to choose. But what I will say to you is that everyone whose name has appeared I've view them as outstanding. Americans, and public servants. And everyone that I've heard that had been interview. Their commitment has always been I. Want Joe Biden elected president. whether I am. Running across the country helping him out or serving as his teammate I. Think. He made a mistake by setting expectations that he would choose a woman. I think now I think it was from his heart no-one when made him say that? Makes Joe. Biden say anything I think it was you think It has a beautiful why Dr Jill and He's got some granddaughters and one for grants Ran children, and I. Think he said it from his heart I think he said from the historical perspective of his heart and that's a good thing I think well by think he's Do you think he's going to upset people if he doesn't pick a black woman. Everyone that I have seen. You can tell me you could just tell me. They want to see Joe Biden. Win. It is obviously the case that no matter what we do is public servants or candidates that we'll have a those who will feel. differently. So what do you have to do? You GOTTA STAND UP? you gotta straighten everything straightened out and you've got to actually engage with the voting public share with your story. But let me tell you that not the end of the story. This is a moment when the rise in diverse communities for women. To different ethnic and racial diversity. Racial groups is larent- and I believe of the administration has a wonderful opportunity. To have a diverse cabinet of the unique proportion. Barriers. And that should be the statement of America that we have people who are different. From different communities placed in the government serving the entire nation, that America, it's Fairmont that wish showing to the world. I've got great school questions a million dollars to give away. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Let's go. Get Ready. One of the most popular game shows of all time is coming to audio up as a podcast. It's the easiest game show on the planet. All these grownups have to do is answer grade school level questions and prove that they are smarter than a fifth grader rest in you're wrong on somebody whose hands probably smell like Plato. It's the easiest top. Funniest. And most embarrassing game show ever. Are you smarter than a fifth grader listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey everybody. It's been higgins and is Ashley I, and where the host of the. As podcast I was the bachelor and know firsthand how dating twenty five people at one time is not easy and I was on the show a timer to. Four Times, but I met my husband. So I'm proof that the process works. We do interviews with the cast members creating the headlines. We go in-depth about their experiences on the show and we get juicy details that they would never air. We break down the episodes each week and give our insight into the drama. Believe me it's not always how it seems. We're able to give you the insider perspective since we've been there. Four Times the Bachelor cast doesn't just stir up drama on screen. Their personal lives are always making the pages of the magazine and we update you every week on these topics and we know pretty much everyone. So we're reliable source listen to almost famous on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever your podcasts. It's certainly way time to have a female vice president female president. Female Defense Secretary. We've not had state secretary of the Treasury. Positions early we're. Positions that have not been filled by women are a lot more positions that have not been filled by people of Color by women of Color Certainly. But but do you think that when he says very specifically that the vice president will be a woman that the next? Again. I love this but but I'm asking the question anyway when he says that the next Supreme Court justice seat will be filled will be appointed. He will appoint a black woman. Sign me up. That's great. But do you think when he says that that it rings to some voters in the mid West especially white voters Who voted for perhaps Obama but have switched over to trump or maybe they haven't voted. Democrat in a while despite agreeing with Democrats on policy. But because there's there's a Lotta politics of personality, there's a lot of identity politics nowadays, and if they hear the next Supreme Court justice will be a black woman. The vice president will be a woman and should be a woman of color. Do you think that there are white men who say wait a second Democrats are trying to? Take. Away the privileges. That I feel are owed to me, and therefore I'll never vote for them Indian. There will be some back late. But let me try to. Lear your mind. First of all, we're up in Pennsylvania up in Michigan WE'RE UP IN TERMS OF A A. Some are double digit, but I think so single-digit, we have a so you trust the polls at. I trust them only to the extent of giving us a readout I. don't trust them for voting on November third twenty twenty. But what I would say to you is that this has been out in the public form for long period of time about a woman on as a vice presidential candidate maybe not as long for Supreme Court. Maybe not any discussions been about cabinet choices, but let me say this. again, it is all in how you convey and convinced. I think the Joe Biden, all the years that he served all that his life experiences have generated as an often said. If him, the UNCANNY ability to relate to people who are. In the mid west who happened to be white males on for them to know that their seat at the table and their issues. Will be addressed but the point is Americans. Their issues are equally my issues. I want better income for working families, want better environment or better between jobs I love family farms, I want them to be strong and surviving, and I can't imagine that anyone in the mid West would be opposed to the kind of policing, reimagining, policing or public safety that would not generate the murder of George Floyd. A and I don't know if I told you play his family in my community and my constituents Cuny Homes Jack Gage Nfl always say that and he was known as a big floyd. He was known as a mentor to a lot of young people. He he played basketball in China with YOM ING He took his family members young young boys that they were with him when he was able to to when he went played out on the road. So what I would suggest is that I think Joe. Biden will be able to convey all of these elements and there will be some but I think we will see a turn out coming to regain the America that people love and that is a place where there's a space for everyone That is an American that we've had in some moments where we've come together I think we must deal with the question of race still but people goodwill a-. Willing to deal with the question of race I think Joe Biden. Has that ability I think whoever he selects. Will Support and complement him and I think his cabinet I. Think he's smart enough to have a cabinet that is reflective of the rising diversity in America Astute and wonderful public servants that'll be able to serve this country and when they go out as cabinet secretaries after covid nineteen I, think the various states and places that they go where they'll be talking about solving problems. That's what the constituents will be concerned about here comes someone from. Washington was out here to solve problems, and that's what Joe Biden has to be the chief problem solver of America as president of the United, states. So I know, you won't like to speak in hypotheticals, but let's try it for fun So let's let's assume that January of two, thousand, twenty one. Obviously. Well, I shouldn't say obviously, but I think most prognosticators believed that the house will still be. In Democrat control? Twenty twenty one comes around January Joe, Biden, and his vice president are in the White House, and hypothetically the Senate is still under Republican control. What are the areas where Joe Biden and the Democratic Party led by a president? Biden can. Build consensus with a Republican led. Senate and get something done because we haven't had seen much being done in a split government recently. Are there places where Democrats in twenty twenty one can work with a trump less republican party. I think and Let me just say that my vision is, of course, a Senate. Majority. Leader Schumer well, that would make life very easy for you because the thing you. So I wanna ask you what it would look like if it was not as easy are there places that you can find agreement with Republicans in the Senate if you don't get your dream scenario, absolutely, it believe that. They should find common agreement with us on every American having access to good healthcare. On that, we should look at all of the proposals have been placed on the table. In the Democrats seemingly have been the only ones that have been able to construct a healthier prion, even those the plan of Medicare for all. An Obama, care have been ideas by Democrats. So I think all of a sudden magically they're gonNA, come to the table come January twenty twenty and agree with you on those things but they haven't agreed with you on for ten years. I think that the fact that they've had a ten years of were they have not created a plan of their own. They've had their own president and their own president is not create a plan of their own. I think they might be looking for a breath of fresh air and a drink of water clean. You think they want rid do you do you think that Republicans in the House and the Senate? Would like to. Be, RID OF DONALD TRUMP. Well, I think that the party that I knew even coming into the United States Congress because I came in with a very sizable group of moderate Republicans even with the contract on America a new gingrich does still exist are. The both of us are asking the question I think Republicans would like for them to exist and I think they would welcome them back and I think it would be a great addition to their caucus that means I don't want to lose any of my members but it breaking find some additional ones I think it'd be great and with that in mind let me just say healthcare the wealth gap. Between the poorest families ridding the nation of extensive poverty are responding to a broken immigration system and trying to fix it that should be a bipartisan effort. Every member of Congress has families in their districts. Republicans are have a individuals that are we're losing because they're they cannot get legal status and have to return. To their countries, we're losing brain power if you will offer not getting a true immigration system that works for the nation I think those are things that we can do and I would hope a reforming the criminal justice is. Addressing the question of race addressing the question of the. Original sin and also addressing of the question of dealing without young people meaning that we should not have a school to prison pipeline a so that that's the only route for some intercity kids. We're better than that. As my late friend allied coming said, we're better than this in this twenty first century America should be looking really to take again its rightful. Place in the world one in terms of his own backyard, its own home, its own house, tweeting its own citizens with a kid gloves and making sure that they get the best of what they need, and then reaching out to the world that is hungry. Again for America's leadership I, mean I share a lot of caucuses that are international I'm on the Helsinki. Commission. As well, I'm in the. inter-parliamentary exchange with Mexico inter-parliamentary inter-parliamentary exchange with Europe, and I see the world from a different perspective one where America is admired or his ideas were admired and that we have a great opportunity again to move of throughout the world with valued that the world's citizens can admire and follow. You've been you've been incredibly generous with your time. So keep too much longer. We have a few questions from our listeners who have written us for you specifically They've done that on instagram or twitter. You can do it at politico on on instagram or twitter, or you can email them to podcast at politico con dot COM a few specifically for you congresswoman Jackson Lee, and then I have another question to kind of wrap up here but Jessica from Austin, asks you what would it take for Texas to Go Blue Oh, I love it. Thank you. Jessica. Very much. hard work and it's interesting. I was just discussing this today with. with this dynamic team without Biden friends in terms of my a hope. But also my sense of reality that we're on the precipice of turning Texas blue. So what would it would take? Is. One in the period of registration really a working hard on getting as many people registered within the timeframe as possible In addition we have to get a safe and secure mail bound program and we have to be able to ensure that people understand the state laws, and so they can make sure that their timely we have to. Have a huge get out the vote effort. That's the fun part we love that even though mostly may be mostly virtual we have a three week time period for early vote we need to make that celebratory that everyone who is able if all conditions warrant that we're out early voting that the systems throughout the state when I they systems have voting. Locations, a well known there socially distance They protect the election workers, the workers there as well as the voters and then messaging and the combination of great messages coming from Joe. Biden and his message and his direct speaking to the people of Texas that Joe Biden will be the president nine only of the nation, but he's certainly be the. President. Of all the great folks this wonderfully diverse state with great history. You'll be the president that we would love to have and call Mr President. So I think it is a combination and by the way, the key element of all of that is fellow Texas Democrats will bring in any number of Texas Republicans who know that it is time for a change. Okay Brianna from Katie, which I'm assuming is Katie Texas. Quite a few Texans have written end for you. This week Brianna asks why does president trump likes to boast about lowering? African, American unemployment. that's a strike. That's a very good question as well and Let me just say that I have been in the. Congress during the debacle of about two thousand, seven I was. Present in aware when? Then Secretary of the Treasury had to come over until speaker of the house that between Friday and Monday we would not see America that we knew that was the collapse, the Wall Street collapse when several companies I went out of business on and we were in a collapse. and. It was through the work of the majority in the House Democrats of that were able to shore up this debacle work with Federal Reserve and then when President Obama came in and put an eight hundred billion dollars stimulus. That began the Recovery what president trump is responding to is the seeds that were planted by the Obama Administration. The same thing when President Clinton left the. White House, we had a surplus which was lost. Through the wars that were fought in the eight years of the next administration. In this instance, all of this early success that. For All workers, all workers were getting a bump. It was clearly the economic policies that we put in place with President, Obama including the stimulus package and including a not passing a horrific a tax cut that is really undermined the stability, this nation and created a huge deficit. So he's boasting on work that he did not accomplish. He's only boasting on the after results of the Obama Administration, but finally, it doesn't take much for this administration to boast. And as we can help Suffering from unemployment, which really could have been avoided if we'd only had a strategic response to covid nineteen and a pandemic office in the White House, and if we let the scientists lead like the politicians get out of the way. Okay our last one from a listener I'm it's a little bit wonky and we see but I I imagine that you will appreciate the attention to some issued that you probably are dealing with and in your area right now although it's from Juan in San Antonio Solit- further west. He asks how will immigrant and ESL Children's survived teacher strikes and school closures. Well thank you so very much warned that is a gilman and he's talking of course about immigrant and the. English as a second language children that I love and as well I hope our food DACA children in the terrible order that the president's just issue that Daca applicants can only be for year no new doctor Africans are frankly We are about to pass out. We're still negotiating I. DON'T WANNA presuppose but the Democrats are clay is put into this Hero Zach, one hundred and seventy, five, billion dollars. Or schools. In in this crisis in and this is a crisis that hundred seventy five billion dollars should be used for any number of things are temporary buildings, air conditioned tents, and if you have two children so you have social distance to protect teachers it can also and should be us to be able to help children with special challenges the early. The classes should continue and if funding is needed because the classes are smaller, they can use these covert nineteen dollars in addition I, know that most school districts I don't know any school district in the state of Texas that ask what you are immigrant non immigrant documented non-documented. So all of the children's should receive the same benefits and we should not. Discriminate because there's an immigrant child but what I will say to one is a needs to be special effort being made for children who have particular needs whether they're low income whether families cannot afford. The technology, we must give every child a computer to be able to not suffer the. Impact of covert nineteen. That would diminish their education special needs, children We've got to make them a priority as well as the other children and then to the school superintendents all of them have to listen I'll commander in chief should not be dictating educational policies, which he knows absolutely nothing about it should be with the local leaders along with the scientists that they can rely on parents and teachers, and the overall commitment that America's had that education public school education education is of highest priority because our children are our most precious, almost precious assets that we have. These little win our best in our best. So to Juan, we are putting in place resources so that those children that you spoken up, get the fair and equal treatment and don't leave them out when President Biden has a has A. Progressive. Cabinet and a Democrat running the Department of Education Will Democrats still believe that? Those decision should be left to local governments. Oh. I mean I think Democrats are always good at following the law and there is a role for the federal government and education we do We are extremely helpful. In civil rights policies where we're helpful in special needs children. Hope with at risk. Children so and we're helpful with the higher education. Helpful at historically black colleges, the federal government, the US, Department of Education is a umbrella on a rainy day and they should work well with US school districts love to get grants from the department, of Education Love to get awards of excellence from the Department of Education. Yes and in our previous secretaries of education that I worked with extensively particularly Democratic. Administration and even Republican when they knew their role Absolutely Democrats are one thing about Democrats. We love where we are in order, we understand order we understand government no one has ever said Democrats don't know how to govern we do and so as a President Biden with all of the defection and saying that a sense of that position and picks the excellent persons. He will. I believe that we'll have a dynamic team that will help us continue to build the excellent education system that we have from. K.. Twelve to higher learning to the PhD's, which is why students from around the world have always clamored to come here to the United States. Could you imagine that the president initially and said they had to get out in nineteen the a foreign students who were duly here legitimately, and of course we got that turned around but again, I think that the cabinet that the. Incoming President will choose will be one prepared to govern into work with the nate. So that sort of leads that sort of leads me to to to the final point or question I wanna ask. You said that no one has ever said the Democrats don't know how to lead her to govern. I'm sure would not come as a surprise to you that some people have said that. And I don't think you have to go too far outside of your district probably to go into places in your own state where there are a lot of people we we were just talking a minute ago about how it's hard to see. Moderate Republicans in today's Republican Party. But in my part of North Carolina, where I ran for Congress and not very far away from where you. Serve as congresswoman. There are lots of people who who will insist to us that there's no such thing as a moderate Democrat anymore either that that there are the Democrats are all far left. And there's no such thing as a moderate Democrat and a lot of those people who I have talked to and who I'm sure you talked to are actually still relatively reasonable. Good. Americans who just happen to believe that Democrats are not out for their best interests how the heck do we get along congresswoman it? Oh, we have to play and as I. Make these remarks. Let me say how delighted I am to have been with you. But more importantly, I'll just have to get like a fan and say you just wonderful and I enjoyed you. You you when you're in your other life or in the life that. I just had a good time enjoying you and your talent. So thank you. Thank. You know I've got. Making September thousand music month and I've had programs at the Kennedy Center on. Gospel Music and I'M A. Jazz caucus as well in the United States Congress. So I know I think that people should know there are many parts. Too many of us. And I think the definition of what we are. with all the love half of the First Amendment. Sometimes comes from the excerpts and then our friends in the media take. and how we may be defined because there are a moment we have to be enormously feisty and I I never take a back seat. To fighting for my constituents in as I watched my other colleagues who likewise have moments of feistiness and Folks may come around issues that some people may disagree with, but then they don't see us in the normal day to day work when we're sitting around in meeting rooms with Republicans Democrats with. Democrats of all a political persuasions from left to right and in between and really getting things done they don't see if we were to talk about the HR forty bill that we have southerners on the. Legislation. Moderates we have people from all different regions and districts, and so what I would say to those people. is to give us a chance Sometimes, you don't remember when things are a year or two pass. So there are moments during the Obama, administration? that they were great moments of coming together on some international issues. Even though there was quite a bit of discussion the. Moments of frying to come together. There were moments with George W Bush. George. W. Bush, signed the Voting Rights Act reauthorization one of the most proud moments of my life but more importantly a great tribute to the Great. John. Lewis a man that in his fight for justice knew that there was something called the beloved community being hooted under him for the long period of time I had to serve with him. I use it a terminology quite often the beloved community, and in those words, I don't distinguish between someone's political philosophy inside my party or outside my party I talk of the beloved community all of us aren't together so to those individuals who stand back and watch and See us through clips on the news. Through social media that we're not engaged in that there those who wish to describe us I think what you have to do is by our work. So we be judged so it will be obligation responsibility to show the American people in large manner meaning enlarge. That we signed something that is of great help to all of them and That should not be a difficult task because there is a need We all no matter what persuasion we are should be concerned about our environment and we need to do the kind of legislation that brings people into the table into the tent as opposed to push him out because there's not one of us that doesn't enjoy or hasn't enjoying the beauty of America, the road trips that you taken just amazed at what a beautiful country is. Well, that's the environment and we all should WANNA save that we should all want to save national parks museums that tell the berries stories of our respective histories we should have went to be able to do that so i. We'll be able to do something that people who look askance sometime will be able to say, this is my country to. Win When Donald Trump is no longer the leader of the Republican. Party. Do you think Democrats should. Remember. How Bad It could get. The next time they. Try to attack or demonize the next Republican president a twelve. Sixteen years from now whoever that person is realized you know. It it's not as bad donald, trump. Thing all of America will have that as a point in history won't just be Democrats once we rise away from this. Of there will be a sense of. relief that will be so overwhelming we might be hugging Our. Worst enemy maybe. Someone we thought was worse enemy because we came through this together. and you know I don't speak about the president as a human being is loved. By his family has his friends, I only speak about policies and so dangerous policies have divided us it has hurt us. It has put us in this crisis. It has taken away a temporarily outstanding in the world it breaks my heart. To See, Americans responded to by our friends around the world. We've lost the moral compass to be able to speak with elephants about human rights that hurts me, because I'm involved in all those issues and so I don't think we'll ever forget of this time in our history and We will always have a measuring stick, but politics are let me just say democracy. By its very nature warrants that a will be in sometimes and not being another times but every president and every party should be an a foster, a promoter of democracy and a respect for the constitution respect for values. So I hope not to demonize anyone, but certainly a this remembrance. Think. We'll 'cause all of us to just work even harder. For. The Greater. Good and for the good of this nation, you do that and I think that we'll find that warm and fuzzy feeling again, which I really hope for the kind of feeling when you see the the young person walking in a military uniform proud and knows that it doesn't stand for war that uniform stands for peace his America has not. been an offender we've always been a defendant the kind of feeling you get. When your children crossed that graduation stage mostly the high school stage in college stage that things are going well or the first house or the first newborn. I just think that America has so much to be grateful for so much to celebrate so much to recognize that we have been given gifts of that other nations may not have though good i. think about seven better than anyone else. But we've been given a lot of gifts in this nation who would have ever thought that this experiment would last this long the only thing we need to do as. is to make. It better and better and better not great again but just continue to work a toward America's goodness so that not only we enjoy her goodness, but the world enjoys a goodness beloved. At his a beautiful way to end it. Congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Hi, this is Leah Rumney and Mike Grimm to, and we are very excited to announce that we are finally doing a podcast. Yes, and the name is scientology. Fair game. Scientology Fair game. and. Thank you to all of you because we tweet it out like should we do a podcast whatever overwhelming? Yes. Amazing response. Listen to Scientology Fair game on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts who. Des. Hi I'm Heidi. Merkava host of what to expect a new podcast from iheartradio when I first wrote what to expect when you're expecting I was pregnant with my daughter. Emma and my Nisshin was simple to help parents know what to expect. Every step of the way that mission has grown a lot would it hasn't changed fast forward now Amazon Com hey guys. We're teaming up to answer your biggest pregnancy in parenting questions from breastfeeding to sleep to tackling Tantrum motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. Listen to what to expect on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Ama-. Are you ready? Mom? I was born ready.

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