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"houston row house" Discussed on How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along

"Hi, I'm Holly Fry I'm Tracy Wilson and together we host a podcast called stuff you missed in history class which, as you may suspect by the name cumbersome topics that you might not have learned about in school maybe you didn't personally maybe it just wasn't covered. So we talk about lots of women, lots of people of color lots of people who fit under the LGBTQ I a umbrella we publish episodes every Monday and Wednesday with a Minnie's owed on Friday and a classic every Saturday you can find us on the iheartradio APP at Apple podcasts or wherever it is you listen. Hey everybody it's been higgins and is Ashley I and where the host of the almost famous podcast I was the bachelor and know firsthand how dating twenty five people at one time is not easy and I was on the Shell, a time or two or four. I met my husband. So I'm Peru at the process works we do interviews with the cast members creating the headlines and we know pay much everyone. So reliable source listen to almost famous on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. It's Thursday August sixth. In, the mid nineteen nineties and early two thousands there was a bit of a tradition amongst congressional aides, the House of Representatives. A large glass jar would sit on the desk of a staffer in a congressional office and whenever Texas Congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee would give speech on the House floor. Staffer, who's desk held the jar would be required to drop a quarter in the jar and then pass it on to a fellow staff members desk. Each time the congresswoman spoke from the House floor another quarter would be deposited and the JAR Journey on to its next destination. According to the rules of tradition, whomever's desk held the jar on the day that Congresswoman Jackson Lee did not speak from the House floor would win the pot and collect all the money. Congressional. Staffs all over the House of Representatives Democrats and Republicans alike were known to participate. The congresswoman was so prolific in. So consistent that some office jars became too full and too heavy to move around. Rumors circulated of hundred dollar payouts and jars. So full of quarters, the contents could pay for lunch an entire congressional office. Congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee has never been accused of being shy. She has at times been polarizing known for her aggressive and pointed questioning of witnesses and committee and our willingness to take her political opponents to task. But in her twenty five years in Congress. She's also been ranked by multiple publications as one of the most effective legislators in Congress. I'm clay aiken and this week politic con welcomes one of America's most outspoken and influential members of Congress to discuss the state of political discourse in the midst of a national pandemic. And her hopes and goals for America this November, and beyond. Thank you so much for. Joining US doing this. I am so delighted. Put, your. Lasso, around me we say in Texas but I'm glad I told me in how that? Well I'm I'm glad to how is how is Houston? Doing in this? We're all in this together in different parts of the country, but Houston row house. Cove and I know I. Don't know if you're on the east coast or west coast but I know you all have gone through it. I can say that we're still in some very challenging times I'll I'll motion our movement today is trying to get people into the testing sites I've always believed testing testing testing but we are a Texas is now number one in terms of The number of cases meaning three, hundred, thousand, plus so when we look at the map. We are the dark dark red in particular, and in our area we suffered five hundred three deaths. we're at fourteen new death. And we're at seven, hundred, nine new cases in fifty, two, thousand cases over. So we're not going down the only thing that's going down. We had a twenty percent infection rate and we now have a seventeen percent. Well small small victories are there places in the state that are doing worse than others in Texas so big is it happening you sing growth or or increases in more rural parts or is it mostly increasing in urban centers as there is? Is there any evidence that one part one type of areas doing better or worse? I think in in my review of certainly what we've seen is that Kobe nineteen is not a respective urban or rural, and it certainly is growing in our rural communities than. They have less access to medical facilities, which is very challenging and we're very concerned about but also south Texas has felt the brunt. Particularly with the disparities impacting both Hispanic Lat next and African, Americans are in a very devastating manner. So for example, last week, you had the county judge of a dog county putting in a voluntary stay at home order because we can't get the authority from the governor that we'd like to get, which is for the governor to give authority to the local jurisdictions make determination based on science that same county was asking for oxygen, and Overall, they were asking for more medical professionals and so I know that just recently in mcallen. Thank goodness and I've been pushing for that along with their. Congress people we work extensively weld together but I know that they've just gotten a sort of mash unit from I believe the Department of Defense. So they've gotten additional medical teams coming down to be able to be helpful. So we're we're in that mode right now we're we're in the crisis mode of still trying to. Continue to bring the hospitalization down the ICU down the reason why they needed to get a temporary hospital in mcallen area because all the bids fulfilled in the hospitals and It's it's that kind of atmosphere that we end people are resilient to the extent that we've got great medical teams working very hard. I've opened twenty-one Colbert testing sites are the first one was March nineteen. And I'm very fortunate to have been able to collaborate. With, a small hospital really has exponentially grown leadership on testing we just opened our last one we try to do it on the weekend and we have some that. been continuing from the moment they've opened in an others. What we do is we come in a for a day to three.

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