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"houston galveston island" Discussed on KTRH

"West loop south bound we would weigh in San Felipe shutting down two left lanes of Kronos and Katie are reachable because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center so dry conditions from this morning in the afternoon with a mix of clouds and sun and a high hitting eighty one the clouds increase tonight with a slight chance for a shower thunderstorm popping up late and overnight low sixty six a rather just available in tomorrow morning then cloudy with a high of eighty one a clearing trend in the afternoon on Tuesday with a high close to eighty I'm meteorologist Jeff Maher from the weather channel is fifty six from the K. T. R. H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center is seven thirty one our top story a grass fire in the Houston Galveston island is out firefighters from multiple jurisdictions work to get that out overnight first responders in the Houston area will wear masks for safety that's police and firefighters Houston fire department has eighty three firefighters in quarantine a domestic travel advisory for residents of New York New Jersey and Connecticut issued by the CDC there is not a quarantine analysts of the Houston Astros on sports talk seven ninety two o'clock this afternoon this is gonna be five take a break it's a replay of Justin Verlander's no hitter against Toronto last year grab yourself a beer news on demand that Katie our age dot com we're gonna have another updated eight breaking news as it happens I'm Nikki Courtney on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE so you know that these nurseries and garden centers most of the bigger ones the bigger outdoor ones are are wide open there both for business and they're considered essential business because their agriculture especially ones like the Arbor.

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