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"household labor service" Discussed on The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen

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"household labor service" Discussed on The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen

"You know really a buddha. But he goes around in different universes To get near beings who bring out their wisdom and ask and find any that he finds. He makes him talk about wisdom and not about more simplistic day. And so it's a special kind of archangel. Almost you could say of the buddha buddhist. And they say that he was. He was scolding shocker mooney and avello cadavre and saying you guys make such a fuss about the indians and the tibetans and you're just only going here and then goes to bed and similarly turned on and cetera at what about the chinese who guys are leaving them in the dust and you didn't go there and so and so i'm gonna incarnate in china and i'm going to them and then you know they like time and they keep good records his history and they are very me no common sense to have really good cook at carnegie there bring the wisdom to them so sort of the buddhist send. The dow is had this view the enlightened ones on both sides that they were incarnated in each other which is a great thing that an ancient time. Actually india also did so. The indians would see the that shiva. And and and especially vishnu. They would see as being the buddha for people who needed a buddha. And then the buddhist would see buddha as being vishnu and shiva and so on for being them when for people who needed them so that way. They avoided religious conflict in their own ancient time. If you follow me. And they didn't get into that lethal taking about how you you believe my way or kill you. Which is a nasty thing that we see coming from the west more although occasionally they even people can find interpretations where they can kate into everywhere. So nobody's perfect but they were less likely to do that. For some reason in asia i think because they were more they were wealthier actually those countries which is hard for european derived people to acknowledge because lately they're supposed to be underdeveloped but they were actually much wealthier Engine time and therefore they're kings and social authorities even high priests were more tolerant of the mystics in china and in in china and confucius time you know china's said he wouldn't tolerate one person who would just be meditate all their life and wouldn't perform something for society you know and and loud too when he wanted to offer data. He left the country when he wasn't doing his day job. If you understand so economy was bloated more like european economy less tolerant. Let's allowing people to drop out on. Be just completely seek the way. If you will and later taoism definitely is inspired and supports initially and then competes eventually but supports the Intrusion in any society of the mendicant option. Where you can miss drop out and people feed you. Add let you be exempt from taxes and military service and even women free labor service Household labor service and child berry. Labor's they allow you to be free of that just to seek the way as they would say dallas..

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