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"house oversight committee united states congress" Discussed on The Daily Beans

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"house oversight committee united states congress" Discussed on The Daily Beans

"Get to those. Let's at the hot notes. Hot notes right lead story today. The house oversight committee united states congress house oversight committee has launched an investigation into the arizona. Fraud it. They wrote a letter to the ceo of cyber. Ninjas doug logan saying quote we are writing to request information about cyber ninjas participation in an audit which is in quotes of nearly two point. One million ballots cast in maricopa county and the two thousand twenty election. We are concerned about your company's role in this highly unusual effort given cyber ninjas apparent lack of experience in conducting election-related audits reports that the company engaged in sloppy and insecure audit practices that compromise the integrity of ballots and voting equipment and were questioned by the us department of justice and evidence that you another individuals funding the audit have sought to advance the big lie in quotes of debunked voter fraud allegations in the november twenty twenty presidential election. Americans right to vote is protected by the constitution. And it's the cornerstone of our democratic system of government. The committee is seeking to determine whether the privately funded audit conducted by your company in arizona. Protects the right to vote or is instead an effort to promote baseless conspiracy theories undermine confidence in america's elections and reverse the result of a free and fair election for partisan gain. Do you think is. I mean what narrates invalid when they take the ballots and they take them to a cabinet in the middle of the woods. I mean happens all the time right. And let's take up montana. Be totally legit. The committee then discusses those three issues the lack of audit experience the sloppy procedures. And the big lie. Then they make the following demands for all these reasons they say the committee requested cyber ninjas produced the following documents by july twenty eighth..

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