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"house judah" Discussed on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

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"house judah" Discussed on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA

"Out. Get your angel. What's the idea grabbing Henderson, the idea is our friend, Mr Henderson is as jelly as let me go. What do you mean, you might as well quit acting Henderson? I was sure that stealing of the formula was the work of more than one, man. And you were so sure yourself you gave yourself away to us. Hey, Michelle away. What are you talking about? Gonna go. You set a formula had been stolen from George Davis. I happen to know that Davis reported only the theft of his wanted. So you couldn't have known about the formula unless you help steal it. It'd be I never liked you Henderson. But I didn't green you're lowdown. Crook. Boop while he is Mr Charles, and he's going to pay for it. Come on. Let's take them. Both. Why they belong. My goodness Frank. That was an exciting time of it at echo. Kevin. A little exciting answer follows really didn't. He a great service catching up with that Croke Anderson, but how in the world did he know about my formula? Well, he'd been spying on your experiments for months George for several years. According to his confession Henderson have been trying a similar experiments at bauxite now when you first came up to chose farm. He quickly learned the purpose of your visit and began watching them when he finally learned the formula, then perfected and tested. He decided to stay right. He and prices went to New Haven waiting for your letter to come and stolen from you. They had arranged to sell it to a firm and candidate for one hundred thousand dollars one hundred thousand dollars goodness is that valuable more valuable than that miscarriage. But what about the iron door was being real reason for them would just what the farmer show told us center about two years ago? Henderson began stealing supplies at bauxite for his experiments from jokes. Cape showed understandably got annoyed by Henderson's trespassing and had the iron. Door put into stop him. Even though he never knew what Henderson was really up to when you stop to think of it. The iron door proved to be Henderson's undoing. Yes. That field. Chip of is very nearly proved to be our undoing. And I think at the beginning of the semester. I thought geology was going to be a dull subject. Another exciting adventure with freight. Love hero of American. When a new series of stories by the national broadcasting companies. And be sure to listen again next week at the same time when Frank returns in another of a celebrated exploits. Played by losses bodies house. Judah enzyme is Elaine. Russ other members of the cast for Frank Thomas. Bill sterling, Scott Tennyson, and gene. Original music was bipolar. Adventures of Frank marijuana's written by roofing job at Brown, and William wells, and the entire production is the direction of Jerry Junkin. This.

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