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"house cat environment" Discussed on The Community Cats Podcast

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"house cat environment" Discussed on The Community Cats Podcast

"What are your thoughts about? The cageless environment versus a caged environment and cage design has also changed dramatically over the last several years to, but I also think that they're sort of a camp out there that appreciate sort of the cage environment, and then there's a cageless environment group and I didn't know if you have thoughts on that. Honestly, my thought is that you need a little bit of. Of all of it, because not cats are the same. Some cats won't do well in a caged environment and do better in kind of a group housing, situation or a free roaming, situation and other cats do well on the opposite end of things in want to be in a cage where they have more defensible space in so I'm a big proponent of having a variety of housing so that you. You can cater to the needs of each individual cat. The thing that we needed to keep in mind is how to do that if there is caging, or if there is group housing how to do it properly in there are guidelines about what size cages should be for cats, cats are being housed long-term like on an adoption floor. We typically want a four foot wide cage at a bare minimum. Minimum of five foot wide cages preferred the idea. There is keeping that two foot triangle between litterbox food, and resting areas rate, and so having a wide enough caged to be able to do that is important for their health and wellbeing, and then from group housing, Cat perspective, the general rule of Thumb Best Practices is that you have eighteen square feet per cat, and so making sure that you have. Have the right amount of space even if they do thrive in group, housing environment as well as defensible space, so that they have resting benches to get up high and go remove themselves from the rest the cats in that environment, and that sort of thing another thing we're seeing that happening more and more often is kind of an in between those two people are taking what are typically used as. As dog runs pre manufacturer dog Kennel, type things and putting top on them, and then letting those be cages, but they're a larger cat cajun, so there's different levels in so it might be a five foot by five foot box. That's six feet tall. It's like a dog. Run that you would normally put a dog in, but you put to catch in there instead with the idea that you. You could have a bonded pair of cats or a mom and kittens in that space, and they have more space to have a bit of free roaming without being in a group House Cat Environment, so I'm a big proponent of having a variety of housing options. You can cater to the needs of each cab. What question and this is probably the million dollar question out?.

House Cat Environment