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"hotseat gutty" Discussed on Sports 600 ESPN

"You well and it much in tennessee and i would have thought his perfect it would have been a nam and i'm not like i know you guys trying to get gandhi out of the state and understand how it could sound like i am not because they it's a good it's a great job in lsu and they can get somebody else i would've thought if someone had stayed on the hotseat gutty would make more sense it anm but i still think gun makes a lot of sense of tennessee his name's not even on the list okay let me ask you this measure we talked about butch jones's health disappointing that that that's been who's in the most disappointing team in college football this year while from where you thought they'd be in august the where they are an out of your mind you could think about a 40 i need to think about it for for second the most disappointing for me when you got a big time quarterback and you supposedly have talent coming in and you get a monster when a huge comefrombehind win that shocks every body and everybody's talking about you and all this momentum you're going to gain from coming back from a huge deficit to win 45 forty four on september third in that evening that night against texas anm and you're ucla and you build on that and you lose the yoshinori our math us lose the memphis on the road give up fifty eight the stanford up forty seven to arizona okay you see la right now sitting there with three in three record i tell you what this is a huge game coming up at games that you say teams have to win that they must win it's coming up because when you think about where they are right now where you thought they would be after that game this is home coming oregon at ucla today right the us a four o'clock kickoff you cannot fall you argun has banged up they got a freshman quarterback they you cannot lose at football game homecoming given up forty seven points arizona got washington on the.

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