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"hospital county actually plateau" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"After the ruling another judge for an emergency one hour holding the execution. America's listening to Fox News. 602 Good morning to you. On Patrick Osborne sapping Austin's News. The number of people hospitalized in Travis County for Corona virus now stands at 492. That's an increase of about 23 from a day ago. Overall, 16,570 cases have been confirmed since March, 183 of which have resulted in a person's death, but 12,871 of recovered. That's about 470 more than the same time yesterday. Travis County Hospital can't REMAINS high. The Austin Convention Center is being prepped as an offsite alternative. The hospital rooms. Jason Picket with Austin Public Health, says the plan is to have that ready on Tuesday. We're not planning to run an I C u in the convention center. We don't think that's practical and folks who are critically ill they need that level of care are best served in the hospital's Pickett says It's still not known whether they'll have to admit patients on Tuesday because there's been a bit of a glimmer of hope. The hospital county Actually plateau owed over the past few days, Mayor Steve Adler says the city has been prepping the convention center for the past few weeks. Also, public health has issued new orders for construction site's A pH. Wants to see worksites keep their crews no larger than 10 have each person screened for covert 19 and its symptoms daily. Clean their tools and then some. It's that or face a lawsuit or $2000. Fine. Maybe Agent Stephanie hate and says they will continue to focus on the work force testing if they go to work in fine for them to be tested. We don't want them to just feel obligated to go into work, and they know that they're not feeling well or they may have a family member that so that is a positive. John Cooley News, Radio K L B. J and Amazon has officially confirmed what a lot of people already suspected a brand new Amazon fulfillment centers coming to Picon Street in Pflueger Ville to 820,000 square foot facility. It has a plant opening sometime late next year 1000 full time jobs are expected to be created each paying at least 15 bucks an hour This week, the Louisville City Council put its stamp of approval on that new incentive deal for Amazon Sick So, for now, let's get a look at Austin's on time traffic.

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