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"horton lacy" Discussed on WCBS-FM 101.1

"To number one thirty years ago allow ingenious that's still one of my favorites on no doubt about it john yes sir i don't know if you heard about this or not but in taylor's bill north carolina through somebody stole a chicken and one thousand lb three foot tall concrete chicken worth about eleven hundred dollars stolen over the weekend right out of the driveway about chicken pharm house near taylor's villa what do you think about that number one how do you do it and how do you do it undetected i know no kidding thousand lb concrete chicken i mean it's some to crawl about that one right clues earlier in the ship i do story and i said well paddy came out by kent a guy like the day credit but i can't paddy came up with you know i know you know you said it you made a joke and you said that sounds like some john elliott would say and i said well that lets test him testing jay now really to now not that and and why have you know you fail backs said the trap and you right in to it it is i can i have that right team i can yes so what did you say what with the draw you know that says that might police regret plays reported as asking what the clock happened all and it in that adds dennis rattled that when you go doesn't that grow of i guess the oaks on you thank you and you're right now his down they're going all we appreciate it seven thirteen on the way into the radio studio minutes or my now hanley klaasen she's a sports illustrated swimsuit model and we will be here i'm more what horton lacy did the funniest funnier yeah i got a great said they knew our my guys and coming out would play share are a banner for a trip to las vegas to see share by right now hey stay and ended tamed in of fresh off her success in the news sports illustrated swimsuit edition the right have a shame.

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