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"horsey games" Discussed on Shutdown Fullcast

Shutdown Fullcast

04:23 min | 1 year ago

"horsey games" Discussed on Shutdown Fullcast

"I have a story similar to this. Okay. So I have I have a four year old and who's made it difficult for me to play this game as much as I would like I have learned unfortunately that if I play games with profanity or things maybe I don't want my daughter to repeat and she is awake. She will repeat them. You know? So my kids preschool teachers have a probably negative opinions of me. So my work around here to try to play this game. Is I told penny that this is the horsey game. And when we just don't shoot me, buddy. So we go look for animals in. Yeah. Yeah. And she's like, oh, this is finally Corsi said I like trying to pick up the different animals, the the problem, and this is gonna come up. I think again, and again over this podcast is it's very easy to accidentally discharged firearms. So when I'm design thing, yes, I'm running along of a horse, Mike. Hey, I'm going to be good neighbor. You know, Mr. Rogers bandit here with my four year olds. And let's go just, you know, greets all of the passersby is Aebischer. To a couple of the shock like my daughter's like. What's going on? And like, you know, what maybe we'll play. Mario odyssey. I've seen it a man with my hat now. No. And maybe not tell your mother about this particular story or anybody a church or anybody at school. This is a secret forever. Yeah. Yeah. It's listen this podcast. So yeah. The the Horsa gave bit didn't work as well as I had hoped could try good try. And here's the thing. You know that at some point when rockstar was testing this game. Somebody was like, yeah. We got the tournament ISM. It's just like, wait. She twitchy accidentally shooting people time, we've gotta fix that. And then somebody else was like, but what if we don't? My said, I thought this is America. Richard. Have you done anything that you regret in the game? So far now, man. Now, man, you gotta live like a no regrets. Richard. Have you tied anybody to train tracks yet? No, I haven't done that yet. I there was one Mitch there's one mission wreath last guy. And I think the game wanted you to hog time. What I kinda just like dragged a bat, mama horse. The guy being dragged behind the back of my horse. That's the closest I've really incumbent LASSO. Jason have you done anything? You regret scam? Brother Mukta that? I'm just I'm just roaming the west looking for looking to absolve myself of my sin. So one was destroyed up stupid. There's one where you can go around if you find enough disgruntled postal workers, they will tell you where stage coaches are that you can rob. And I got a good tip that there was one coming out a blackwater if you played red red dead, redemption one, you know, blackwater is very scary place. There's like a massive bounty on you in blackwater. And if you go in it, it's like nuclear bombs descend on you. So don't go in it, wait for the stagecoach to come out of blackwater. And then Robert I'm up on a mountain. I got a good perch, and I see it at what do I do? I get a little trigger happy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And now there is a wagon parked on the blackwater side of the river. And I'm like, all right. I can sneak across the river and go go clean out. Lag. And it'd be back across. I get over there. There are one hundred dollars in their long story short by the time. I murder what my way back across the river. I have three hundred and fifty dollar bounty on I am two hundred and fifty dollars in the red from this Robert also I died. Which also cost you money. I wanna I wanna talk about that bounty system here real quick because I this is a somewhat strange system for me in a game that really prioritizes, hyper realism, right? You got to remember to take a bath? And you don't get to just like press X forbath you have to fricken hit a bunch of buds to scrub behind your ears like under your toes this stuff. Right. You go in you, go out in the cold and the testicles on your horse shrink. So like every little detail is set up, and then you can murder like seven hundred people NS, you just give a couple of belt buckles if it was just like well Howdy partner..

blackwater Robert I penny Richard murder Mr. Rogers rockstar Aebischer Mario odyssey Corsi America Mitch Jason partner four year one hundred dollars fifty dollars fifty dollar
"horsey games" Discussed on Beyond!


03:59 min | 1 year ago

"horsey games" Discussed on Beyond!

"And you get a PS four for Christmas. Who are you in for a tree? Yeah. You have a lot to play a lot of great stuff moving on. Speaking of other things you could be playing the drop just wanted to mention very quickly. We will be able to talk about it the day. The show is publishing is Halloween. That is the day. The medieval trailer is coming up. Actual trailer and not just a logo reveal Shawn Layden on the PlayStation blog cast recently talked about how that is a remake another remastered. There was some debate about what that we're glad he clarify clarified that because there's been a lot of confusion the last couple years of what makes it a remake in. What makes it just seems like such an odd thing for them to really be holding this thing up and for to just be like cleaned up remastered? Yeah. I think of it more is probably what shadow the clauses was to an extent for this game. So it's beautiful. I hope so too. And then also the touch tetris effect which will be available for PS four NPS. What's your sex the shadow the loss? So weird. Twenty if they put that level of detail in again like mediev- trying to romance someone Ren fair. Podcast on a candlelit dinner. People's. Oh boy. Anyway, none is attractive is you Madonna? For you the horsey game with the robot men for two climbing is none like the love. I believe BC 'but court. In the comments section of our best twenty five also a tetris effect. Limited time demos coming out between November first and November fifth. We won't be able to talk about that. While it's going on. So just so, you know, we'll talk about it after Ryan McCaffrey has very excited for that game. I am too. Because tetris is grade. I hope it says beautiful shadow. Tetris has had its effect on me. None are sensual as the square bleak us. Glad your of your the let of L block for the nights. I long of the. On before we get to a little bit of Mexico to hear about your Japan trip. But first speaking of Japan kingdom hearts three on the clock. Real quick. Go ahead. What in the hell? The hat you. Go ahead. And we've never talked about the screen shots with Goth, boys. Look all sad at phone. Yeah. That's right. It's going to be about all ready. Yes. All right. Three to sell. I have with me a apparently life-size accurate key blades. Not real this is wonderfully foam, so you won't get her to you'll probably still get hurt. I carry this thing around with me like giddy. Little school child is wonderful. I love having it so much anyway, Brennan tunnel came over to my desk like a week or so ago, we can have an asked me who are these children. They were rocks 's friends in twilight town having to describe to Altana in the middle of the bullpen. I didn't want to do this. But essentially that rocks is sores nobody which when Sora Gye he was turned into a heartless heartless. And a nobody has nobody rocks was living in somewhat of official version of the real town twilight town because they're trying to deal with his essence there's a lot to deal with. I hate that. Yeah. Anyway, trying to explain to him that they were friends to this character who is part of Sora, but is also not sir and his own being didn't villagers worth getting into at like four thirty PM on a day. So I stopped there. Nonetheless, boy, we saw a lot more of heart three we have some now, Olympus, call Siham Scrimshaw limpest self God upset Mexico much gave him Charlie. So much. I almost fell out of my chair. And then I got a Charley horse my leg. Still really hurts can hardly comes out January twenty nine th on XBox PS four lamb chop land. He's the Toy Story character. They don't want you to know about granny about this game. Is that I can ask you a question about it. You can explain it's me, and I'll know less about it..

Sora Gye Ryan McCaffrey Shawn Layden Mexico Japan Brennan tunnel Altana official Olympus Charlie Siham Scrimshaw