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"hor stomach" Discussed on VelociPodcast

"Between animals, and people now, the one of the things I brought up in episode one fifty cent tour episode was the story of Mr Hans, and Mr Hans had a horse provide sexual services for him and it killed him. Now, I don't know what's going on with this cream and Queen. Or the majestic bull. But the fact that a she survived that, and be produced offspring brings up a lot of questions and questions that we're not going to get answers to, again, because I'm not going to do that research. So could a send tour identify as a minute tour when, when people say identify something else, they referred to a general thing it would be difficult for someone to say that identify as different individual, like if you said guy who sent in this question, my name is guy, but I is grumpy Okla. Peter, that would be very hard thing for people to accept now, you could say, I defy as a different gender, you could say dentist, as a lot of things we know that phrase identifies different animals, mostly fictitious ones, and there's a step beyond that, which is the one that sort of confuses me where it's the. The people who identify as an anime character, and that's actually where I start to draw the line in that I think somehow I can accept you identify that you are a dragon you could identify that you are from the world of Nado toe you are a Nado ninja. But when you say I defy as a specific character like I buy as rock Lee, the problem is, when you meet someone else who identifies as Rockley, and this is apparently, a real conflict that has happened on the internet, which is, again, why the internet is just maybe a place that should be closed off burned. You get these two people who both identifies Rockley and then you can't have a singular rock Rockley. But the whole point is that Rockley is an individual. You run into the same problem now with the center minute or question because the miniature isn't a species. It's a singular individual. So could you have multiple centers identify as minute tours? And here we've gotten into a series of sentences that I never wanted to say in my life because they're not identifying as something different from them in general. Because being a minute or is no longer just a feeling or an understanding or something you identify as being a minute tour is singular. So the question then is do you accept that you could that you guy could identify as me Peter, but then I think the secondary question is to why won't accept it is what happens to me. Peter because I defy as Peter can we both identify Peter can compete or be a universal state of being which I don't think it can and primarily because the universe would collapse in on itself. So just because there are a mixture of body parts, you have the center torso in the horse body in the Bullhead in the human body. Those do not quite, they're not the same thing. And the centers are abominations but they are an abomination that is a species that has generalized the minute tour is unique. I. Don't think you can really justify identifying as a unique individual in the universe because once something is an individual wants something that's unique. It is different from all other things. And so you can't identify is that because you can't fully encompass or understand what that thing is. So that's why guy cannot identify as me. That's why those anime kids can't actually identify as an individual anime character because they can't actually understand all the worldview. And so they don't really share all the feelings of that person of that character, the thinking about the minutes for which is again, something I never really wanted to do in my life. I realized that the miniature I've a big question about the mentors brain because it has a Bullhead doesn't necessarily mean it has a bull brain. So does the minute tour behave more like a bull or more like a human or is it some kind of actual hybrid? Because I think it's presented as a hybrid. It's actually in the things I've read presented as more animalistic than human. It's sort of a rage machine. And so they have that big maze built for it. I don't really know why that was a better solution. But they made the big maze the labyrinth that he was kept in now what I do know. And this is again, maybe a big differentiation between the minute or in the centres the minute tour was given youths and maidens to eat, so he ate human flesh, send tours. Now, I don't know specifics about their diet, and that's actually a big question that I had because they technically would have multiple stomachs. They would have the human stomach in the front, and then they would have the horse stomach sort of down later in their body. So which stomach gets used because the human stomach in the hor- stomach don't process foods, the same way send tours are depicted as eating meat and hunting. So they are not depicted as eating youths and maidens, not specifically. So we don't know of that's true that actually might be the diagram of creatures, but somehow, the mentor makes more sense, because he just has one stomach. So he eats and he digests very much like a human would does the center eat meat that is digested in the human stomach. And then graze on grass, which is digested in the hor- stomach. How would it know which one to use? Does it have to Asaf agai? One where the path for meat goes to one stomach. And one that goes to the horse stomach, which is way longer because it actually would kind of go all the way through the human part of the body into the horse body. Yeah, it just leaves too many questions, the digestion of the center is now, my biggest sticking point is, how does that work know someone needs to explain what descend towards eat? And if they only eat meat or hunting, if they if they hunt and they eat meat primarily say their primary source of food is protein of some sort other animals, does that have a negative impact on the horse side of their body because it seems like it would I don't think you could feed horses high protein diets like meat, and they would remain healthy, just like you can't take predator and give them some sort of grass fed diet, expect them to remain healthy, so there are very specific physiological differences. But I think that's not the big problem. Because you can identify as someone who's different from you in a general sense. It's the individualized nature of the minute, or that makes him unique in the world you could say you identify is the miniature, but you actually wouldn't understand what the miniature feels because the minute tour feel specific things, and you can't feel the exact same things. I mean it is possible. You could feel the exact same things, but you couldn't say it to such a degree with confidence the you're feeling the same way that you are actually therefore in a body -ment of the minute tour. So the reason ascend tour cannot identify as a minute. Tor is the individualized nature of a singular being in the universe. The minute tour and digestion. The loss of the.

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