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"hor kuchis" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"hor kuchis" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"I would probably. aj max off horiguchi marino. They are the most they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet in the world. If they're so mad about this saturday what are you saying. I don't like watching. Tonight's people fight. So i guess i'll take there you go. That's very fair. I'll make the case for gucci marina. I mean i know. I know a lot of people might have might not be following. Hor kuchis closely still rise. And he's not fighting north america but he's his fights have been super exciting as it was before before he when he was in the afc. Just such a fun fighter to watch and him and marino. I agree with sucked to that. One of them would have to lose. Went to a draw but man like just the skill level. And i'm not saying aj versus mckee would not be high school. But there's something intriguing about the speed and the skill level chain marino. And i'm trying to imagine now in japan guys like i wanted to like a pack saitama super arena or something that's great visual have really can't happen now across emotional so can happen anyway but the yeah that to me. Maybe maybe i give that to edwina. Also i'm probably more intrigued right now with sort of i still think there's like this challenges for aging mckee in beltway that i'm interested in Marino yes there's guys but again the i think quite a few might be some of them might be rematches and things like that and then Horiguchi got he needs fresh fresh opponent. So i think that'd be a cross. Motion fights and ballots are too yeah. Cholera gujaratis would rule. Yeah and should happen. Or what if pitt will drop donna. One thirty five and fought horiguchi. One can dream as possible injury. We've been saying he looks. He looks like a guy. Make alexandra's if you haven't watched like old uc in beds or actually. I'm pretty sure gucci youtube channel. Or just go watch some videos. He is the most jovial man named brand marino and he loves fishing so much. I have never met a man who loves fishing. More than kyoji horiguchi like. I think like this whole argument over that gregor last week. Being the best fisherman. And i think is cured you horiguchi. I've been saying that forever. There's an i remember an old embedded before we meet us johnson and he was like in montreal or montreal and he was like watching us literally just watching people fish on his ipad. He goes and he's like discuss gets my mind right like he's like conway and he just literally goes and he's just like this is. This is my happy place. I'm like oh man. I'm here for its i'm here. He's such a nice man though. Trains down at a a. Att right yeah. He's eighty such a nice individual anyway. Terrence lover onsite. Judging by round will be quick with wall tried to be quick with. I know you ought get ask questions about judge and all the times. We'll offer an idea. I said on twitter to e. e. Casey lied and i think fight should be scored by the round. Like if two out of three judges give you that around. You want it that way. We get rid of split. Decisions of judging was done like this. Like on the t. j. versus corey fight. He would have won thoughts bs. Please bring back Questions or allow fans to video chat in like brandon shop does on his new show. Thanks and welcome back alex. So yeah we'll have. We'll have updates on the side. Maybe at another time for that. But i would love to bring back the video video submission questions but real quick aka. Do you like the idea of judging fights round-by-round i mean i'm not against it. It's because i don't think it paints that picture than what we're getting now so for people who might not understand terence's question. I don't know if everyone knows the exact score situation. Two out of the three judges Scored the fight for corey. San hagan in three rounds of that fight with digital shop. But if you look if you tabulate the numbers the the math away. It's you know the total score than its tj. Who got more sorry. The more tens that he needed. I know it's confusing. I would just tell people go. Look up the scorecard and kind of do the math. It's almost like like a mind trick. This happens in a few fights. This social happen in the second nunez shevchenko fight shevchenko actually won two out of three judges scores on three rounds out of five but the way the math adds up Menounos gets the guy had more forty eight forty seven. It's very very strange. So i'm not against trying. I don't think it goes against the spirit of how the scorecards are tabulated. So let me. I'm more into this than open scoring. So i say that next case he's not here so i'm not going to get a whole diatribe about it but Yeah i like. I it is and so you will corey one. It would kind of go along with the eye test as well now would create some other. New controversies. I'd have to look back at situations. Where maybe it didn't work out that way but i like the idea parents. That's a good point to bring up. And i advise fans really look at these scorecards and kind of be like how did that. How did this come to this number. It's it's interesting. It will be interesting when you get. Those nine nine runs like didn't who got Was it the kaku maka maka. Heck yeah yeah. You got to draw asked you like this idea. No it's just a band aid fix. What the real problem is isn't that's bad judges true correct. I like i like the age. I just like the you on this around you on that around like in pride. I don't need the whole ten nine system. If you're like everyone said i know. Alex scott is the on camera saying like us the whole ten point system get like ten threes give it ten folds like ten seven. Shouldn't we never attend sevens anymore I remember when frank. Edgar in grade fought to a draw. Do you remember that. First round ak was just. I prefer not to think about and i remember the slammed. The comeback slam. Yeah that first round was basically gray maynard beat him as close to death as a fighter could possibly like if the referee stopped it. I would like yeah. Thank god but he let it happen. And then franken. You're still came back and won and i remember. Yes draw. well he then he. He climbed back up the next year. I remember gray maynard watching it was like an embedded not in as like a canton or something. he's like. why was that. Not a ten seven. Why was that not. Like i was like i idaho. I don't have an answer for granted as a good question anyway. i guess. Individuals has a second and third idea. We answer one of his before. I'm sorry i it's been a long morning. I apologize second and third idea. I have tried messing you guys on facebook. My question ever gets read include international audience. We sorry I know it's live allowed to other. Podcast managed to include more than us audience in the shows. You're not wrong i apologize. We bring this. We will bring this idea to casey from unique aerial interest in using him back on spelled. You apostrophe neak. I watched ballot or for the first time and these are some things that i enjoyed over. Us events so interesting that we answered asked alyssa's earlier fighter walkouts production work following them beforehand. So he likes the fighter walkouts. What he's saying like. Oh shows it's showtime right. So it's i don't know how if i don't know if that's ballatore..

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