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April 23, 2019: Plastic Waste Crisis In Southeast Asia, Internet Star Oobah Butler

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April 23, 2019: Plastic Waste Crisis In Southeast Asia, Internet Star Oobah Butler

"Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Fidelity Investments, taking a personalized approach to helping you grow and protect your wealth. Learn more at fidelity dot com slash wealth. Fidelity brokerage services LLC from NPR and WB. You are I'm Jeremy Hobson. I'm Robin young. It's here. And now today was a national day of mourning in Sri Lanka there. Still a state of emergency in effect and the island nation held its first mass funeral for the victims of the Easter attacks as ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings at churches and hotels that killed more than three hundred people local police had said the attackers were a local group, and there's been outrage that Sri Lankan security forces acknowledged they were warned earlier this month that that group might attack BBC security correspondent, Gordon Carreira is watching all of this. And Gordon, we know the US had claimed defeat of ISIS in Syria. Now this claim from ISIS of attacks injury Lanka is a credible. I think it is credible. Yes. We've just seen some more information, which includes a picture of some of the alleged attackers that ISIS has put out through their official news agency and identifying which targets they may have struck and that comes after an initial statement simply saying it was their fighters, but with no more evidence. But I do think this would help explain a crucial question which was how what looks like a local group was able to carry out one of the most deadly terrorist attacks we've seen in recent years. And I think there was always this question about group which would previously be known for vandalising shrines how that group could suddenly transform itself. Both in terms of who it was willing to talk it and on what scale, and I think some Roaf ISIS would help explain that. Well, and we were wondering and again, it's just speculation. But maybe the ISIS strategy was to occupy a lot of resources in Iraq and Syria fighting them, they're drawing, the the the Kurds and others in Syria. The US fighting them there while they did sit up operations in other places like Sri Lanka. I think. There's certainly a case that the the ISIS ideology persists beyond the end of the physical caliphate that they they ran in Iraq and Syria. And I think it's also the case that at the moment, they're very keen to show that they all still around. And so I think in a sense very keen to try and carry out attacks have been some others in other countries in some in some quite surprising places in Africa as well where where we've not seen activity, and he's almost as if ISIS is trying to say, you may have driven us ounce of what we thought was going to be all caliphate, but we all still around for the long term. And that's an important message from their point of view for their supporters as well because they want to keep their level of support up a not look like they already defeated organization. Well, what about what about the thinking that the Sri Lankan attacks might have been retaliation for the attack on the mosques in New Zealand? It's possible. I think there is some sketch. Tisza about it, partly because this kind of attack sophisticated detect we've seen in Sri Lanka would have taken a lot of planning to get hold of so many detonators, and they repairs to be intelligence warning about some kind of preparation two weeks ago. So if you if you count back from the Christ Church tight, which was just over a month ago. It seems hard to think that it all started and came together in that short period, it's not impossible. But but there's a bit of skepticism about that possibility. Well, and speak about those warnings that came to local police they were said to have come from the national. I believe it's thou Feek damalf. That's the group that they were concerned about that. They believe that that's the the group. And and what's amazing is that these police reports which appear to be basically intelligence from a foreign country suggested that this national toe with dramatic was planning some kind of attack perhaps on churches and the detail of their intelligence report is remarkable because it includes names. It indicates there was some kind of surveillance for the people of been arrested. Exactly. And really raises questions about why wasn't more done to either protect the locations or to go after the suspects now when Sri Lankan officials have been asked about that. They've said, well, we didn't expect anything like this. And of course, no one did. And this this attack really is completely out of any kind of expectation levels for the kind of we've seen in Sri Lanka off from that group. But still given that kind of specific intelligence is really going to be a serious problem for the Lincoln authorities to answer questions about intelligence failure. When they had that kind of intelligence and do not appear to have acted on it. Well, and to be clear again the national tau week to math. Yep. If the warnings came about them, and some members have been arrested is that ISIS kind of throwing them up as a front were they coordinated it is too early to be sure I think the question is is this a local group which had been around for some while and it'd been involved in. In communal tension between the Muslim and the Buddhist communities in Sri Lanka. And then was there some kind of contact with ISIS, which transformed it and shifted it. But what I think is noticeable as you take this group national toe with gymnasts which previously had been focusing on the Buddhist community and attacking shrines, and suddenly, it's attacking Christians and attacking tourists. Both of those are classic ISIS targets. So something looks like it happened to this local group which made it much more in line with the ISIS ideology. Now what that is. And quite where that connection took place that we don't know yet. That's BBC's security correspondent Gordon Carreira in London. Gordon? Thank you. Thank you. Well, we've been reporting on the problem of what happens to all the plastic. We throw away in this country used to go to China for recycling, but they banned plastic imports last year. So now much of it goes to other countries in southeast Asia. Instead problem is according to a new report out today. Those other countries can't handle all that. Waist as part of our series going to waste joined now by boat, but congress the regional plastics campaigner for the global alliance for incinerator alternatives, which published that report, she's on Skype from the Philippines. Bo welcome. Yes. Thank you. Well, which countries are getting this waste, and how much are they getting well based on our research. We looked at three of the biggest countries that are receiving waste. This is Indonesia Thailand and Malaysia and how much the getting based on our research. The Thailand was getting a more than a thousand percent increase. So that's pretty huge and that been right after the the band that China imposed on imports, and what are they doing with all of this plastic waste. Well, they're trying to sift through all these plastic ways. It's basically mixed ways than than they're trying to get whatever they are able to. Recycle from the waist. Sometimes they find money in our report, we we saw people they would see dollars and euros. And of course, they are able to get a few things like maybe Cupper from all the cables that they get included in the shipment. There are a few like hard, plastics, maybe a few classics that they can recycle. But in general, a very small amount is really recyclable the rest, they send it to the cement factories cement kilns to be used as fuel to be used as fuel. So then the fumes and up in the atmosphere. That's right. So all the pollution is ending up in the environment. So it's in the air in the soil in the water. And in the report that we without today. You can see stories of how people were suffering like there were reports of MS. Carriages? There was one farmer who said he had to buy water for his cows. So that they could drink water because she he could not give them water from his land because they were polluted. And have these countries in southeast Asia tried to push back or regulate what's coming in? Yes. A few months after that happened when China close its door, Stu waste imports Malaysia and Thailand tried to put in some restrictions. So they will be banning some imports of waste starting twenty twenty one I believe, so it's only a matter of time, then before these countries, it sounds like follow the lead of China and say, no more. Yes. Yes, right now, the bigger more waste is going to Indonesia because Indonesia is way more lax in way, more open to receiving the wastes. Now, if the waste is just sitting there in landfills in these countries, the concern around the world is that it will end up in the ocean. And a study in the journal environmental science and technology estimates that up to. Ninety five percent of plastic pollution in oceans is coming from Asia and Africa. Why does so much of it ended up into the ocean? Well, plastic is very light. It's easy to be carried by the wind. And also, sometimes they get carried into waters and streams and rivers. So that they drain into the oceans. So there's there's no regulation or any kind of measure to keep them enclosed facilities at this time. Because a lot of these imports are being dumped openly in open fields and farmlands and the have been converted into dumpsites. So what do you think is the solution to this? Obviously the world is going to continue to produce a lot of waste and a lot of plastic waste right now. What can be done well, primarily we would like to see reduction in the production of plastics. There is no other way. That we can reduce because we've seen that recycling isn't enough globally. We are only able to recycle nine percent. According to the disticts, unless we change the way we look at how recycling as Lucien we will never see the reduction in this kind of waste and the problem that it will cost to our oceans and to the environment in general. So we believe that we really have to cut down on the production the consumption and the disposal of plastics that is both a congress who is the regional plastics campaigner for the global alliance for incinerator alternatives will link you to their report out today at here now dot org. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Do you know the name Yuba Butler, if not he might be shattered? He's made a name for himself making a name for himself when he was a teenager. He made calls pretending to be Martin Davey rock band manager extraordinaire that was to get his band booked at venues later, he talked his way into Paris fashion week claiming to be Giorgio pepperoni the van beyond the knock off jeans jeans exist. The man does not never mind. He was wined and dined then there was his completely fake restaurant. The shed adul- which by enlisting his friends to make comments on trip. He managed to get the garden. Shed he rented to live in to be the number one rated restaurant in London his burner phone ringing off the hook. And when people would call the book he'd say sorry, we're full up then just to see how far he could push his luck. He turned it for one night into an actual restaurant with a friend playing pretentious waitress to perfection. Let's listen say a fateful vegetables on chef. Smart. They still lack from sizes to be a little garnish his forge the what from the chocolate bars. Just listen, we'll find out the video how to become Tripadvisor is number. One fake restaurant was seen almost forty million times on Facebook Hoopoe Butler, hit the media became a motivational speaker does not live in the shed anymore. And now he's published a very thin little book about how he did this. And maybe that's the point. Because the title says it all how to be s your way to number one Hooper Butler. We cannot say that word even though our president does. So we we asked that we go with Bs and welcome. Thank you so much in me. It is very thin little book. But there's a nugget in there about how as a little kid. You wanted to get something at the dime store or something and your parents said, no. And you went and what sold seashells. That's right. I took to the beach collected everything could solve them to pass us by and raised enough to go and off the toy. So I had the last laugh in that situation. And so a scam artist was born. He are selling shells to people who are steps from shells. How would you characterize yourself? I said scam artist wh-, how would you characterize what you do? I think I you know, I was entertaining people of always like entertaining people and of grown up a little bit. Now, you know in this book about this kind of method of using not being overly invested in. What you do and using that to achieve in life. And I guess the it changes all the time. Right. The way that we identify themselves. And yeah, would style is what I look back out. I think I was trying to entertain people and myself definitely, well, but you know, you wanna pull the wool over people's eyes. You you know, you go as Giorgio petty Onny. Fashion show. And you know, maybe some people would say well shame on them for being so easily fooled by the sky and these cutoff shorts you cut the genes down and put sunglasses on. But on those might say when it gets to the restaurant part, you know, people who genuinely thought that. Wow. There's this great restaurant. I wanna go see what what was your thinking? Here was it about really getting at Tripadvisor, which I think you worked around trip advisor at one point. Was it getting at that kind of pop up restaurant scene where people have to go to the latest greatest thing. Like, what were you trying to get at a guess the? I mean, I could have definitely been one of those people in the shed. I think we we are all those people who want to the shed the reason I wanted to eat those because they would told that they couldn't eat the nothing this already human about particular about these particular people stupid or that was most trying to say and then trip adviser, you know, I am a previous life worked in restaurants. Aunts and behind BAAs, and when people left one star reviews, the whole stuff would be you'd get it in the neck. So when I started writing, and I started writing fake reviews restaurants for money on Tripadvisor as like a young, man. It was kind of fascinating to me to see that this reality that a lot of people take extremely seriously was pops false. And I felt that that was worth exploring could be gamed, and in were gaming the system as you say when you were writing false will you hire to write false reviews for real restaurants. And then you start writing false reviews or having your friends right false reviews for a restaurant that doesn't even exist. And as you say this supposed to be this anti-doping algorithm on on Tripadvisor that nobody could get around. So I'm imagining that was part of the challenger originally. Can I get around it? And you did. Yes. I mean, the opportunities that we got through that, you know, I had PR companies on its represent me reduce rates companies who might in-flight videos. To advertise. London wanted to come film there. There was hundreds and hundreds of minus leper influences people wanted to eat there, and you know, it was a complete fiction. Well, here's what people were viewing on your fake website with which you set up your photographer friend, Chris. There was some food pictures one was a dishwasher detergent, tablet, covered in Honey, another a blood of foam, shaving cream, scattered with pepper, and this is what you were presenting as the food of the successful restaurant. What were you thinking as it started to rise as it you start to see? Hey, we're the number five hundred restaurant. Hey were number three hundred restaurant. Hey were in the top one hundred. Oh my God. I'm number one. And it you don't even have a restaurant. Exactly. An all come from that complete. Non investment in the whole thing. I was just trying to enjoy every step of the process, which I did greatly one of the food is actually it's a ham hawk. It's advertised is in looks delicious. But if you on crop, the image, it's actually an egg on my foot, and it was kind of an accurate way of someone every step of the way, you know. I'm I'm not a good cook. But I was somehow I was able because I was completely cravenly freed not being so overly invested in. I was able to make this restaurant success, and I'd never made anisinov success before the book pamphlet, really, you're passing on what you learn to other people about, you know, metaphorically figure out the shed that you're in and how do you get out of it and have a toolbox again. We're staying with a shed analogy of tools that can help you achieve this kind of an idea. But then like go of the idea as you said Fiat ways to game things like make something a game. If you've got a goal. But ultimately, just let go of it not care about it. Yeah. I think what it is. It's kind of trying to help. Okay. So for example, with this book, I would love to become an bestseller. But the thing is is the it's not stressful for me that pursue it would have in the past been very inhibiting. But it's not stressful for me because I'm hey, like, I'm speaking to you right now. And that's the the book is already a success because of that I love this show. And like if I don't become number one than it doesn't matter like bird. But if I two than whoever reads this book will can apply it to whatever they want. Well, two things Yuba number one of my God. If I help you get to number one. I don't know what I'm going to do to myself. I mean with all the authors that I know we die to get to number one and refer back to your slim pamphlet. But you also say that while you let go of really carrying too much at a certain point do not listen to the doubters at all. Now that you're super successful. Yeah. Living the high life. You also say don't listen to the people telling you how successful you are. I guess what? I'm trying to do is this is less about kind of helping people to achieve success more about helping them to not be inhibited Jermaine and just come into the length of the book pump. The thing is with the book is a wanted to. It's very deliberate. Like a wanted my audience extremely young and you combat to get people to watch the second video said alive and Rada full book. So I was just trying to create something that was reactive and felt kind of appropriate to release. Yeah. I hope that people could already would like people to be able to read this at like, I don't think it's beyond anybody to do that. Yeah. We don't trust you about ler. Because now we don't know if you sat down and said, I got a great idea. I'm going to put together a little thing about how I did this. And then I'll be a number one bestseller. Just like I was the number one restaurant. We don't know. I mean, do you have people saying that too? I don't know if I can trust you Joe just a guess that it's just like I would just have to go back to decide like his younger, then and I was reacting to the situation of grown-up little now, I was more focused on entertaining people before. Now, it's like Connell, all you. Try and help people kind of do that apparently have been inadvertently practicing Buddhist kind of way of thinking about things. And I I don't know like I think that this this value in that I wouldn't be sharing it and thought, However, I can sympathize because I did go Christmas dinner last year migrate auntie said, please don't send a fake version of yourself. If people that close to me and not trust me, then I don't begrudge for fitness you mentioned Buddhism. But actually, I wondered if this was a joke or not in your acknowledgements, you credit a form of witchcraft. Yeah. It'd be a witchcraft you really believe that. Well, I think that it's kind of it's sort of an in between me and my family because my name is very close to what do I would give us one aspect of this witchcraft that you say has shaped every major decision you've ever made. I think that the thing is with a is. It's just the I'm considered to be extremely lucky and play by my own rules, and that is a line somewhat with the values of a bear on told over Butler. The getting the book is how to be as your way to number one Oba you are delightful or could I just thank my publisher web publication puppy of opportunities to get in bed with big publishers. But I've been amazing or small Brooklyn op press and all of them. Thank you so much that was an absolute delight. Thank you so much. This is a dream of mine. Oh, you say that to all the interviewers Noah on the restaurant patrons? I listen to a genuine li-listen tambi are viewed is this is really a delight. Okay. Thank you. Okay. Maybe by the way, it'll be a witchcraft his born in the Caribbean. It's also called science and spirituality. I think Uber's serious about Obea. But again, we sold MAC and cheese hope cuisine. This message comes from here. And now sponsor ember. Wake ember wave the revolutionary personal thermostat. That is designed to help you feel cooler or warmer at the press of a button ember wave can put you in control in places like you're freezing office uncomfortable. Airplanes restaurants, trains, cafes and more named one of time magazine's best inventions of twenty eighteen learn more at ember wave dot com and use code NPR to save fifty dollars. Check ember. Wave control your comfort. We're learning more about that militia grew based along the us Mexico border after a member Larry Hopkins appeared in a New Mexico courtroom yesterday on gun charges documents unsealed in court showed that the F B. I was watching Hopkins in two thousand seventeen after witnesses said he talked about the group the United constitutional patriots training to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros Hopkins lawyer disputes, this let's bring in Angela coach Arrigo who covers the border for the Albuquerque journal. Angela you've read through this unsealed criminal complaint. What more does it say? Well, it's very interesting the weapons ammunition charges that Hopkins faces actually stem from a different part of New Mexico. Not here on the board where I'm located where this is all playing out. It was actually in the follow 2017 that that the FBI went into his residence and flora vista. New Mexico and found multiple weapons and had been watching him and had learned through witnesses that this group the United constitutional patriots that he claimed to be the leader of were training. His home was the based for to Zenit, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama because they believe that these is quoting now the complaint, these individuals supported antifa antifa. Of course. This group of left wing activists who have clashed with right wing groups in recent times, but we did anybody witness them actually doing that training. It's unclear the witnesses saw multiple weapons, and it was confirmed when they entered the residence and by that time Hopkins was had already had three convictions and was not as a felon allow to possess weapons or munition in in the complaint says he claimed these belong to his common law wife, he also had technical bulletproof vest. So so it's unclear and it also does say there were. Twenty people that that have been observed going to this it trailer park in this remote area of New Mexico to train, and I guess plot these alleged activities and to remind people this all came to light because video surfaced of members of the group rounding up and holding and detaining asylum seekers families people with children at gunpoint. And so this arrest was because Larry Hopkins as you said was not supposed to have guns. He was a felon. But the question is what happened with those complaints that he and the group were training to assassinate at that point a former president how is it that you can be walking around on the border then detaining migrants. I mean, can you fill in that gap? We don't know why it took so long. And of course, the group is and the lawyer filler Hopkins is the legend is these charges are kinda just pulled out of thin air to get him off the border. The lawyer for Hopkins also says his client did not have weapons here on the border that he was merely there at the. Camp now Hopkins identified himself to me when I interviewed him a while back as the commander of the group and talked about they needed weapons to protect themselves from drug, smugglers and human smugglers. But yesterday, I talked to the spokesman for for these United constitutional patriots. And he told me no he was simply a cook at the camp. So there's a big dispute over that. But it it is not clear why these very serious allegations and in this complaint detailed here, we're not it seems followed up on because cop-killer was out on the border and has been for several months leading this group or cooking for them. We're not clear to paint on your version of what was going on. It's Angela Kutschera a border reporter for the Albuquerque journal and Angela I have a feeling we'll be talking to again as this story unfolds. Thank you. Thank you. Aw. A competition known as the Olympics of hula is underway in Hilo Hawaii this week the Mary monarch festival brings in competitors. From around the world people from different allows or schools to dance to Malays or songs. Their led by Kuma, hula or leaders one of them is chaotic cope. Woo. Who's allows performing in the festival this year and has been a top finisher in the past. He joins us from Hawaii public radio in HANA Lulu kaneohe. Aloha welcome to hear now from Hawaii Malo Nui for having me. It is great to have you. And the Merrie monarch festival was named by the last of Why's kings in the eighteen seventies. King Kalac cut love who is credited with restoring Hulas place in Hawaiian society. He called hula the language of the heart and the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. Tell me what is Hulas place right now in Hawaiian society hula has. Has changed a lot? But it has and still is the heartbeat of the people it touches upon every aspect of Hawaiian culture Fula is thriving at this moment, it has had another resurgence. I'm not only in the times of calico. But from the nineteen sixties in the nineteen seventies. Where culture and Hawaiian language was starting to become a little bit more prevalent, and Mary monarch is a very good. Benchmark. I guess you could say it is proof that hula is thriving. And you've been a competitor in this competition before what is it like to perform at the merry monarch? Well, I've been in many different roles at the Mary monarch since one thousand nine hundred ninety. So I've started off as a spectator. I'm from Hilo. It's just the. Kind of the fabric that makes up Hilo. It's part of that fabric that makes up the small sleepy town of Hilo on the island of E. And then I became a dancer since nineteen ninety. I was I've done costumes and laze and hair and chanted and saying in now, I'm taking my own Hulo along with my fellow from Buddha. Lana Padilla, we have our own Hallo Hallo, he McCullough who and we're taking them to compete in the whole scope of things, we're a very young allow the where the baby whom hula amongst some other baby formulas, and then among some of the elder KOMO Hulas as well who have been in this competition for thirty forty years. So we're very honored. And we're very proud to be able to take this journey with them. And you have to actually be invited to this. Competition. Right. Yes. Yes. And the waiting list is pretty is pretty long. We waited a few years we just celebrated our tenure anniversary. You know? It's kind of not usual that newer allows just all of a sudden in five years entering Mary monarch many people wait ten fifteen years just to get in. We've been listening at to one of your favorite hula San's ENA by the brothers Causey Mero. Why is this one a favorite of yours? And what do you do when it comes to the dance to this particular song? You can hear their voices strong gentle. It really tells the story of what tells them a little of what the song really talks about talks about new love it talks about. How love is like cease spray and how when when when you're deep in it. It's it's like being drenched by this cease spray of Enna, which is the most westernmost point on the island of all who we we had a chance to travel to and it's kind of a rough travel and rough hike, but once we got there it was just green and beautiful. So a lot of emotions go into this smelly. And a lot of what we call it. Pain and not just pain and agony pain of love that that when you're so in love in your soul deep in love that it hurts even if it's good hurt. There's EPA what is the difference between a man's role and a woman's role in Houla, some some you can't really tell a very big difference for us in our. Hello. There's a there's a huge different our boys. We try to teach them to be strong masculine as well as graceful. And what men often think is that grace only belongs to women or is a feminine characteristic, not soul. Not. So if men didn't have grace, we'd we'd really look awkward. The women really emphasize. As their hips. They really emphasize the grace in their hands in the wave in their hands aren't men that. We don't wave too much. I want to ask you about an instrument that we hear in some who this another one of your favorite songs is called Mahala. He nano. This is composed and reported by Johnny Lum ho in the background in this. You hear the Lele which is an instrument that Portuguese emigrants brought to Hawaii in the nineteenth century. How did that change hula? Well, it opened up a whole new world. I think hearing different types of. Keys and melodies that came along with Christianity and him music, and we actually have Meli or songs about the actually chance about the first time people hear the sound of piano or the sound of an Lali. Lele? And it's really interesting because now we don't think of it as such a big thing piano is a piano back in eighteen hundred. It was quite a change. It was quite a change. You know thing things that are introduced the mirror Hawaiians never saw a mirror before. Then so mellow were written about that. So it's not it's not surprising that letter came about and just kind of exploded. And now everybody's around the world is learning how to play. So let's just go back finally to the Mary monarch festival that you'll be competing in. I just want to ask you like how does it make you feel to hula especially when you're doing it in competition? That's an easy question. And yet such a hard question. How does it make me feel? Well, it touches on every part of my senses. Not just because we need to see and we need to touch and other people can see our movements. But. It's really hard to dance hula. If you don't feel it just makes you feel for me might also census start to work. All senses are activated. I am able to release emotions that maybe my everyday life doesn't allow me to at the moment. Once I'm dancing. Why I'm chanting? I'm in another world a lot of times. I don't remember a performance. If you know, if the my way Lua, my spirit is dancing. One of the hardest things is to actually captured it feeling to actually take your audience with you in into your Mela. Take them back to time. Take them back to those those experiences that your song is talking about that is Kiana cope Oooo joining us from Honolulu Canada. Thank you so much Mahalo and Aloha good luck in the festival. Thank you very much Mahalo new for having me. In Tehran today. The Iranian parliament voted overwhelmingly to label all American military forces terrorists last week. They voted to label any US forces in the Middle East terrorist. Today's vote expanded that and follows the Trump administration, designating Iran's wrote revolutionary guard a terrorist organization also yesterday, the White House said that now no country will be exempt from sanctions if they buy oil from Iran, President Trump reimpose though sanctions when he pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal last year, but he gave some waivers now he's rescinded them. Barbara slave in is director of the future of Veran initiative at the Atlantic Council, and Barbara were thinking the we spoke to you. When those sanctions were reimposed. How would you characterize this ratcheting up? Well, fortunately, at least on the Iranian side. It's it's primarily rhetorical political. At this point. I think the real concern is that Iran depr-. Private of oil revenues, despite the fact that it is complying with the nuclear agreement might actually pull out of that agreement and start exceleron ding its nuclear program, again, I want you to say that again because for those trying to we need white boards at this point to follow this and the president pulled out of the nuclear agreement and impose sanctions, even though every observer agreed that Iran was abiding by the agreement the logic behind the administration move, frankly, still mystifies made because had the United States remained within the agreement. It could have tried to negotiate with Iran and with other countries on other issues that are of concern to the United States instead by withdrawing from the agreement reimposing sanctions, what the US has done is created a great deal of enmity with many of our allies there, obviously, a few countries Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates and Israel that have cheered on this move. But the peans rush. Sion's? Chinese others are very angry about it. So a year later, the US policy is showing no signs of success. So what do they do? They doubled down. And now insist that no oil can be exported by Iran to the rest of the world. This is this what is known as secondary. Sanctions. These are illegal under international economic rules, and the US is only able to impose them because of the strength of the dollar the importance of the dollar in the international financial system. So I'm waiting to see how the west of the rest of the world reacts will they still import Ronnie on oil. And what do we do? Then what do you which countries? Do you think might do that explain to us with these players? Are there are some countries that need the United States so much that they don't dare do it Japan, South Korea? Well, we understand that India said today, they will not buy oil from Iran. China and Turkey. I think have both been very open about the fact that they intend to continue to buy oil. India may stop for a while. But you know, a lot of people around the world not just in the United States are looking toward our twenty twenty elections. If President Trump is defeated many of them hope they can return to to normal business with Iran since this is really a policy of the Trump administration that has been rejected by indeed most of the Democrats who are running to replace President Trump. And what does it mean, you know, just give us more context for this? Oh, so let's say India doesn't huge country China, and maybe one other country do continue to buy the oil despite the sanctions, what does that how does that ripple out? What does that do to US China relations there in the middle of trade talks? It adds more complications to our trade talks with China at adds more complications to are already very troubled relationship with Turkey. But let's talk about American consumers. You know, price of oil is going up price of gasoline is going up you can't reduce Iranian oil exports and expect US oil prices or gasoline prices to stay low, which is another goal of the Trump administration. Remember that Venezuela which produces a similar sort of heavy crude to Iran is also having difficulties now it's under US sanctions as well US is trying to change the regime in Venezuela. So prices will go up for consumers. It will have an impact on everyone's economy. It will indirectly help the Iranians because whatever they can sell they can sell for more 'but. Why do you step back? Why do you think this is happening? Now, the Trump administration says that Iran is backing terrorist groups Hezbollah is a group based in Lebanon has there been a flare up of terrorism. I mean why these moves now? Well, I think it's frustration on the part of the Trump administration that Iran has remained within the deal if Iran pulls out then the United Nations European union will will put back sanctions that they had lifted under the nuclear deal, then the United States would not be alone in its coercive techniques. So I think they're really trying to go the Iranians into pulling out of the deal committing a major act of terrorism which thank God the Iranians have not done. I'm worried about possible as the military calls them second and third order affects in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. So there are a lot of ways in which you Ron Ken push back against these unilateral US actions. Barbara slave in director of the future of run initiative at the Atlantic Council. Berber? Thank you, always a pleasure speak with you. Thank you very much. My pleasure. And here now reduction of NPR and WBZ association with the BBC World Service. I'm Robin young. I'm Jeremy Hobson. This is here now.

United States Iran China ISIS Sri Lanka NPR Tripadvisor London Larry Hopkins Robin young president Gordon Carreira Iraq BBC Hoopoe Butler Africa Jeremy Hobson New Mexico Indonesia Thailand
Radio Bypass Podcast Episode 112

Radio Bypass Podcast

44:15 min | 1 year ago

Radio Bypass Podcast Episode 112

"You really got me. That's my the hoop. Poles version from their debut album came out fifty years ago in nineteen sixty nine the album was called rock and roll Queen. And that introduced the world to certain Mick Ralphs born Michael Jeffrey Ralph's and this day March thirty first back in nineteen forty four. So Mick Ralph's, turning seventy five today. And if you're not familiar with Mick from his work with Martha hoople his first band, you might know him better from a second band, bad company. Mc win ended joint form bad company and put out their first record in seventy four and he continued to work with bad company throughout the rest of his career. And once in a while reuniting with Ian Hunter and some of his other bandmates from the Hoopoe, but bad company being his main ongoing band, and then he also formed a blues band just called Mick row. Blues band in twenty seven and they put out a record in twenty sixteen and that is probably going to be the last recorded output from Mick Ralphs because that same year, he suffered a pretty devastating stroke. So he still with us, but don't know if they'll ever be able to play guitar again. So anyway, as we're getting ready to do episode one hundred twelve of the radio bypass by cast thought, we do a little salute to Mick Ralph's, great guitar player on his birthday. So kicking it off with the very first thing we ever heard from Mr. Ralph's from that hoople. And now the last album from bad company with both him and the almighty ball Rogers in it, the students called electric land. It's. Imagine. Ever. Electric lands bad company from their nineteen eighty two release rough diamonds and the last bad company record feature vocalist, Paul Rogers, but bad company under Mick Ralph's, watch continued on with a new lead singer and in nineteen eighty six they released an album called fame and fortune. This is the title track. Okay. It's. Fame and fortune and came out in nineteen eighty six that was the title of the album and the first to feature new vocalist, bad company, Mr Brian how and fame and fortune. The song was written by the birthday boy, Mick Ralphs. So we've got one more song in our birthday salute to Mr. Ralph's, and that is from his last album like I said in twenty sixteen he put out a record with his blues band and the record was called. If it ain't broke and it had mostly covers songs on there, including a version of a bad company song, they might recognize it originally came out in nineteen seventy seven twenty sixteen recording of it. And that's Hyun is too bad. Nikki. Ralph's and his blues band too bad from their twenty sixteen release if it ain't broke and that is probably going to be the last record. We hear from Mick Ralphs who is celebrating his seventy fifth birthday today. But unfortunately, as I said McKenna major stroke in twenty sixteen same year that they did this album and far as I know he's still paralyzed on his left side. So I don't know that we'll see mic back playing guitar, but it was his birthday today. And I thought we should salute them. So there you go. Happy birthday, Mick Ralphs. I'm Ralph Rasmussen with one hundred and twelve of the radio bypass by cast keep things rolling along now with some new music, some current music, I up as a band called the treatments, and this is tune called. Let's get dirty. Let's get dirty nice from the treatment aband- out of Cambridge England. And that's from their new album called power crazy and another band with a new album out in twenty nineteen is rival sons. Tune called do your worst. Blonde. Your. Still tone. Taking when you're old. Steal your tongue. New music from rival sons do your worst and south. They're twenty nineteen release feral routes. We're gonna keep the rack rolling now with some more new rack enroll from twenty nineteen. This is tesla off their latest. It's called I want everything. Time. Donna what? Honest. John. It's not the same. Power. What? Title. That's. Seasons. Jerry. I want everything that's brand new from Tusla off their new album shack, and I'm row free estimates in keeping the rock rolling some new rack rolling another band with a new record out. This just came out and Friday is LA guns. This is a tune call another season in hell. You can't. Kathy. Brand new music from L A guns, another season how and that's off their just released album that devil. You know? I'm Ralph Rasmussen. And we are just about wrapping up sewed one hundred twelve of the radio bypass podcasts. They appreciate you coming by. And checking out another episode as always and come back next Sunday for some more great rack enroll both old and new. I mean today we spanned fifty years starting to show off with something from nineteen sixty nine and now a whole bunch of songs from twenty nineteen so get all kinds of music for you both from the past and the presence and sometimes even the future when they release a track ahead of time. We'll bit before new album. So again, thanks for listening. I am an Aleve you with something from record that just had its birthday yesterday March thirtieth and that one was from Aerosmith back in. Two thousand four they put out a record called Hawkin on Bobo and took a couple of months, but it did go gold and showed pretty well on all the charts number five and the tap two hundred chart, and then even number one on the blues chart, which is pretty good considering Aerosmith isn't a straight up blues band, but honk on Bobo did have Aerosmith doing a lot of cover songs of blue songs that influence them when they were first getting in the music and some of the stuff that shaped the sound of Aerosmith. So I say that record just turned fifteen yesterday. Let's leave you with come back next week if you need anything. In the meantime, you can always drop me an Email at Ralph at radio bypass dot com. Or stop by any of the social media sites radio bypasses on all of those as well. Thanks again. For listening have a great week talk to you. Next Sunday, MRs Aerosmith with a tune called. You gotta moon. You got a. Fat. I'm good. Was gone. The.

Mick Ralphs Mick Ralph Ralph Rasmussen Mick Mick row Aerosmith Paul Rogers Michael Jeffrey Ralph MRs Aerosmith Martha hoople Ian Hunter Mr Brian Hoopoe Bobo Hyun Cambridge England LA tesla Nikki

Stories Philippines Podcast

12:23 min | 2 months ago


"Task. This episode is sponsored by inker. podcasting is so much fun, and now it's easier than ever to start your own podcast with anger. Everyone is passionate about something for example I love talking about spooky stuff now. Thanks to anchor, you can spread the word about the things you love, and maybe even make some money doing it. Start Your podcast for free with anchor, using the anchor APP or by going. TO ANCHOR DOT FM. They'll even distribute your show for you. You'll be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more of your favorite podcast platforms. Anger also provides tools to allow you to record and edit your show from your computer and even from your phone. And no matter how big or small your audience is, you can make money from your podcast. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. I using her, and it's been the best podcasting platform. I've been a part of so join me start your podcast today by downloading the anger APP or go to anchor dot. FM We all have something to say. Thanks anchor. Be when gun adventure and mystery series. Case file number six. There's your salad. Young you me. Cabana UNIM-. See Goldman. bogeying boggled menominee. Faked Jokes Osama. The Hula a nanny Lumowa Nazarene. gimmicks Kiko a Gino. numb atop was hardest balloting. snape a Nina Sonoma. Tweaking the. DELEGATOR! Mehan Yossi about joy. INOSITOL Salon, unglued. Saddam Nila a Lombok. Saharan Boondock at Bandung Liquid Neela on copy NASA Gada. To Take off some believe. Me appreciate the view. hobble on also new ballgame. Europe aglow. Looming Elena top boss. Nebula Hudson bogging cylinders Nevada unevenly Nila noma stuff. To Megan Ian say someone. Gets. US Pine. Merimee logos no doubt nonpaying three loop. Among bottom, could I? In nepean the bogging down. A tie. On. Bottom. Lewis it about jury. Someone would not join. A young Minson means Allama the I'm GONNA dial not. The Mama to slow, down. Sagan gone up lung see bogging the land coupon. Book Binoche. Saba thought. Up Yet. Hindi Maha Sausage Oh. Eun Sung Mahadevan been. PUNA pine trees. Montoya now in. DC Joe Number Orthodox at the Abeedin. You on. It Joe uncle belong in Lombok. Your Nafta Unborn boggs. Than leany Joe. NAPA numb buying. Angst God. Nabil Ian Umbrella Guitar. Sasha McAfee. Star on among got the my outing Muslim Three stop in direction adopted the hockey. Mukasey, ugly, Lama, Michelle. You're. Sort of Nong Song Hong, indeed to know. Bottom Welham Narine ignace booking? Along based Punk Community Normal Elim. Mongolia. Hustle! Seeing on Joe Hoopoe Michelle. Blue. Hill, union. A BELINDA Amancio. No Martha. But Boban adding totally I don't. Make! Who Late. Delays, appeal appeal at the LOS ON. Some Edna eluned. Apostate now. Container in. Chico! Arik your name only top in the incremental publicly. Sobbing Ballgame, really dial in east. Palo! I'M GONNA. Get me. A papago not on the battery Not, bootle eastern Napoleon nonni bogging none in. The foul. Somebody and then appalling Hunan Delaware. Keeping La? Unfamiliar Lucky Not Puna Bama ahead. My knocking dot org enough. Thank God blend. mccown Foreigner Ninety Malati. Bongino Nayyar is about non high unlucky. bouma billion the. Eighteen. Kasama, packing. On. On the Lanka. Vietnam children. Bologna. Bottom Google, but now he. Sh-. Mellon the Nibble on? My lap beaten among Lucky kindy newstalk on. He'll noma honey talk. Sense a few more. bottom-up beacon a Mug Alita Priscilla. Who stood among the Migas. Milking Laki. Modeling Delong locking locking KNOB and put. It was good bun. Donal, nobody by Sarah Doin. Good multiple. Down Google. The job so I began the willing swim away. Sevilla GITA. MEANS MONTHS AMONG Shadow Mahabir anillaco nothing Jingo? or nothing. Stanch Moloch. Hilo. My. Entire macbook, neon. Saab Benito's at the Gallo Naked. In Joe at Morgan. Multiple, boosts mcbrayer, tyrone on get number BOONDOCK. Sobbing is. Not No. Not No mean sooner. Paloma Guy Donna move. Sabina Goldman. Begun Napolitano Talk. Makita Milwaukee Tau unpopular. One meaning on. On goggin up in concertos up the NOCCO Nina. Mooney Merimee foul on so much justice guy that bodice on shadow. Now it it'll. Saddam number five is a little booths Nila. Good Day married. Body known putting locking awesome. Like! Osama! Istanbul, buying Baena guarding. Successively Ma. Latin Mamata goes. On that team. Hello. Good Nicole Kidman in Canada. Goose up a multi a proceeding on the locking Kasama Goldman. Nopal, among Lupu by means means I kneeling on day, one. When Sydney, Ninety two meeting in now in undulating Filipino. Sabine Hindi nobody. Was it'll? To See la Obara Mandela's noponte. Now. Easily none big long Padilla, Amata delegate US an Akita. On Gin, told, don't. Beats thing and unlocking maple island Godley. surreally. DENUDE joins US automobile. Nepal bus. She Coppola Yoon. into malignant copies, paying unlucky to young children on. New Jokes Daddy. One yuna unlocking tool so boss. Musto signing Monkey Donnie Joe. Kiko thing and God. A Buddhist even. Who Guiding Away Arina Kiko bullet. I'm for blamer. Sung Bahaji. Lampoon one unlucky. Nike Do. You Joe Gomer Heaton shocking. God. The Open Mesa only an a hito known begun mcdonagh. And? Then since. Everybody can speak English. We don't have to learn Filipino anymore. Not In. ASNA MESABA Goldman. Es Unlike in Japan. So good number by. Oh. Excuse me, but. I really have to go. Both Nicole Kidman so SAPNA Naito. Nagazine a non in a joe at bogging Janina Lamma Inexorably tied the Galaxy Goldman. Bucket economic see normally million. Mama Mama it'll I wipe USA. Malinche to Miami colleague. Even seen a job at Morgan. Puzzling Not Leonardo. Aluminum Poon. Boggs! L G. G.. Olympia Neon, let's go. Eileen LLC books. On the on the. Job. BP. DAPO G IN GINA WHO Continue Month about. BOGUES OLYMPIAN BE A. A good alkyl Beryl G. G.. D. C. bogging among SALITA. Good boom the good to. Leaking above a behind Tomar down, don't buy three. Wants a good niche, not GonNa bug bug, no shorts A. To be continued.

Donnie Joe US Saddam Nila Sabina Goldman Joe Hoopoe Michelle Nicole Kidman Osama Lombok Google Nila noma dot Joe uncle spotify Joe Gomer Heaton Eun Sung Mahadevan Europe Mama Mama MESABA Goldman Galaxy Goldman Nabil Ian Umbrella
Urdu Narration: Namaz Main Kotaheyan (Negligence in Offering Namaz)  Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi

The Clear Evidence

10:31 min | 6 months ago

Urdu Narration: Namaz Main Kotaheyan (Negligence in Offering Namaz) Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi

"He threw an Acre dubrow mayor. Bonnie Hi Academia Saddam. Are they going metal he will get on the handlery? Your bill is I mean well. Suddenly it was set out in UTICA team. Why are there D- heels Herbie married a Ma Humidity Gamal do. Hey Nana's same. With the I looked Hamady Baas go Tanya Oven Guy? Latch alone scared us. Who will but Lanny Give Bob Subsidy Banal a him? Fuddy Dan Mazi Darla Dodd. I get up see. How Thomasson Mon but I guess I am not daughter. Lettie William Mom Dad so had wonderful. Yeah be that dot the World Williams given MOS acutally won't be by the Shah. Julia was on highlight. They Aminu Yada at the hall of WHO Y'All got. Amelia sounded the. How did you how PA- dialed Gear Multiple Mayor? Danny Jones may be further mile from the. He'll with Mugabe buddy off slowly finicky by getting now now them with dilate methodical the Hanya Haman that Amore Judy Jimmy had do gummy harmon. Ginn hammock wish me gene. Subset Benico Bob. Hamad a hubbub Danube. See Now Moskvy. Ah Di DI MAHYCO government by the Drought Joe. Namath a hoopoe some Danny but Gavin. Get Your Mazi yet. Another mobile addicts in an Oscar. Demand Benji High Ninety casiraghi modern. Get GIFTS OF UP IS ALL ON. Vidar Ganapati. I got essay about the man all got fully. Stop how you GON NA get hot on Honsi now model duck a hit their mom not gonna make dust in the dough pita Hamady alien in the Higher Kozara or no sign him. Oh look go by day. See by a lucky green. He Gionta the Huzzah in hazard outgoing. Cia glycine within yeshiva but openly erotic will hug is lack. A bug is such vincit Dole Bucket Again. I say by a VISI number. Gaza hit demand. Gary get an ASS. Dini's Salaam Ghazi Obama. Getting Subset Braley. Easy Namaskar is up. League boosted equal dying Nemesis Bugden. Yati Zola. Don't go telegu hidden by that. I said seven miles ski. Hit THEIR MOM GONNA make Indiana adopted by the woke Dankali. Then but junket that it'd be up on the neon these little rock naked or she's got Nabi. The here is McCoy's sharpening gay. You WanNa be a deputy mother in my Gillian. Nondescript Dark gumma yen on Ascii 'em yet goes dum some Edina gone up by Mandy. We'll do it acronyms. Saloum of Suhaimi nuts. If falls in the mosquito bite undefeated Monday by Solano Nevada W Khazei hit the mound for Marty or up near Giftable Gumma. Hot the WHO are that contain on any of that is in the Guia Hamad Alien. The Mona these unequal dying be mighty give up llamas. Jonky ADI will die HEACON. Bothe- doubt be mighty me Numb House. Bill will yet. They have not given them Osborne on. Wtn Alaska hit the mountain. He thought highlight you. Suhel Don Busey. Give that up. B Mighty highlight maybe Navarro's partner Barna Zuhdi. I Bash Eddie at the Saddam. Yana the needs of the guest. Shedeed BE MIGHTY BY DESI musty John on Michigan. Hey though kinda making them on the Darker Lynn. Cardio governor modeling. He puts the dough bacon amass Barney bed being amassed. Bernama Spiel Lake that hot dog Asia Sipping Mazda thingy does school is Little Atkin cell phone? Miles diametric dying superman. The Mazda hit among got another moody. Hey Mugabe shutting me out of a you by DESI NON US Navy. Debbie Superman Mosca eighth among he. Kathy had I'd you? Who Do the economics now? The hubby could I'm suffering. They're back did. Do Shimono said Jen gear multiple. The Jomaa gets out in the Mazda. Doctor Matti the hideout suffer man Muskie Palm Andy. Getting but I mean yeah. They need to get him out of that. Getting THEY BELIEVED MODEL. Many or gray checks. But Dina lobbying the water fecal gay bad. They believed that. Give Dick got the identity was that I've known asked. Bunny cuddled them Osborne negative one day. Shin he though beg that he knows the docking Mahmoudi Olympic. You by death. They democracy now school tournament by the year so much farther than amount of demarcus darkness of cement. They Mauka die. Mahmudi Mahmoodul did it give Desi Fall. Dina Mas Mustard. My Job Dot Gov dot is than he got the gay do Ganja government identity. He partied as Arkham NASA. Hey the he. Hey don't dare Fotheringham ask you sure. Yet Bill. Giamatti gets out of their sinful shadow older deke by Desi Democrat Namaskar. Fed Governor said a show yielded AKIVA. Gase DEMOC Scott. The Governor Jiji Kidding. I don't get the WHO give is on yellow silk which governor Kaine then got. The doctor will do their body. Go numb demarcus up a darker Sergey. Chevy at the Salani as a K. G. Bill will doubt that Joe Namath. Ask is is running hot. Diadem out of Bosque. Four wounded gusts up charity and will die without the Dow booked by it been on Saddam off the mark of no basketball team. Cata Game Mush Alecky by the number of sperm was have worked better that gave name equal he dean and I got totally. Cb Fitter delay done the mouse hummus. The how vote by dark at Assan. Hoga a log will subsidize the other. Mahboob Hammond Numb House. Go vote by dark the Honda. Now would it will give. I doubt they now Moscow other gadolinium docking noggin by the Gals on your `bout fallen. He betterman them asper nor did he go. Daijo cloudy in the Mail on woman by the one model it may not soo-keun or who who gives out a knack of Ni-. Hi Maggie `Samina mouth who she will let him and the the hard I thought but it also go all who shoo or who do get attacking monopoly. Bean Granada's the Daichi up Moya Naronha during the house. It out their mouth ahead. Low gone dumping won't give them midday. Give up his arse in the Moscow hit them on gotta get up in the mean Gabuna Maske Sipa Gun Jessica had these Mahan Gear. House jets game map the head. Noble day-by-day Miss One Hookah Suddaby at got no mouth. Demaim go near them without the mean. Go Noah's Bernie de Silva Day on mickle. Dichotomy of either London goes some data hang dot gave Welby Nado keep among the gagging domino Jonky Kamyab e Hudson Jamir Body Banjar often and dying Namaskar dot loubser all anarchy Nemago de Nigga Knockin. Heim minded. Give the medallion. Give up his ass. The Naga a hit their mom decade up near allowed Amazon game negative. Pity just thought on that you'd the now residing own e Diga the yard work and Maki didn't rock. The dottie will see that how y'all if you've got any guy give this Dan Nogi. I'd say Bet Scott. Hamilton Seki men document when Allied Urban Jay. Another Barikot DA DA. How many now. Mago got hit the among Governing Alumni. A son outlawed equal lot from delay. While better get this video. Narration has been prepared by the clear evidence Dot Org.

K. G. Bill Mazda Academia Saddam Mugabe Dina Mas Mustard Gase DEMOC Scott demarcus Joe Namath Dan Mazi Darla Dodd Osborne Moscow William Mom Hamady Baas Danny Jones Numb House Lanny Thomasson UTICA Williams Guia Hamad Alien
Roads Become Rivers: Nearly 4 Million Chinese Evacuated Or Displaced From Flooding

Environment: NPR

04:17 min | Last month

Roads Become Rivers: Nearly 4 Million Chinese Evacuated Or Displaced From Flooding

"To China now, where vast swath of the country are being hammered by flooding it is some of the worst China has seen in more than two decades. NPR's Emily Fang looks into why this year's flooding is worse than usual. It's an highly lost his job in uniform factory a few hours away because of the coronavirus pandemic. So he came home to an we province his troubles did not end bear in. July weeks of torrential rain. Let the small river near his house to swell an overflow. When Nike woke up in a panic. Radio, the water was suddenly up to my chest. I couldn't lift my motor out of could barely walk because the ground therm too slippery mud. So Dong put his bedridden eighty one year old mother and a large plastic wash. And pushed her into a rescue. A week after the flood, he gives me a tour of his earth in home just outside the city of hoofing it's unfit to live in. The Water down our electricity's lines, walls are now falling down. Dengue is among the estimated three point seven million people displaced or evacuated across China due to flooding. He now lives in a classroom in a local public school while waiting for new housing. The country's water resources ministry says the worst point in mid July four, hundred, thirty, three rivers rose to dangerous levels. Some broke through dams or overflowed their banks flooding nearby villages like hoopoe in an we province. Up. The road in front of our house became a river. We were stuck at our house for days with only some bread water and instant noodles like almost all the others tongue and funds home cocoa village is now surrounded by submerged field in damp furniture a layer of scummy water covering her lost harvest. She points to the dark swath of mildew that now grows on her wall and nearly extends to the ceiling. That's how high the water rose on three separate occasions in July. Tongue in her sixties says this part of on we has seasonal flooding every year, but it was only in the last decade that the water would rise above her angles. Show. Because they're. Back, whenever it rains too much they released the water from the dams. But. The water floods are village and we suffer in one thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight began building the first of nine dams diversionary barriers near hookup deregulate seasonal flooding by collecting runoff into reservoirs today the dams provide hydropower and drinking water to nearby cities as well. But during extreme rains, authorities are forced to suddenly release the water. So there's a decision of basically not how much the rivers will flood but where will the Rivers Flood Ryan Studies China's river management at. The Stinson Center a think tank he explains Engineers Must Make Utilitarian Calculus about where to release water other countries including the US also face greater flood risks because it's mostly because again, we are living in places where the rivers had become engineered to allow us to live there but the engineering is not able to cope with nature and so nature's getting the best of US those living downstream in an we mostly in sparse rural communities. No this hard truth which the. A resident of Hokkaido village explains. What's on? Water us even more people will be drilled. Due to climate change when accident of nature heavier rainfall means precarious existence for the four hundred, fifty, million Chinese residents who live along the mighty Yangtze River or its many tributaries. Farmer my Yosi recounts the sudden flooding July. The envelopes his home in the village as he takes his water buffaloes out for us when. We only know when Damn Surrey's water when the water enters our homes, there's no heads up. Barely rescued his sheep he points to his heard of water buffalo. Luckily, they float naturally process. He then gives a sharp talk. Paulina's heard out of the water. It's time to go back inside. because. It's raining again. Emily Fang Pure News, her fe and we province.

China Emily Fang Dong Yangtze River Nike China NPR Paulina Surrey Stinson Center Hokkaido US eighty one year two decades
A ascenso do Machocast

RSS News I O Podcast de Not�cias para Podcasters

11:46 min | 8 months ago

A ascenso do Machocast

"They Doubt Bay Eva. Mice News who casino cheese ASPIRA podcasters. When you follow care? She no moon to speak ashes ashes to the West News. EAC editor kilter space was the beneficiary will continue to go patchy Amigas podcasters usery Demo data caches Logica vs. They show marvelous coming title podcast by. SST news he participated in canal not allegra intake by cash even though his room with Jesus Apple Plenty of prophecy Portuguese Ossetian ice precipitous. Dad's editorials over keeper cash. She could find you. Won't you are just Ouija but if it would Powell died so blessed dodgy Syria productions Impreza portrays the publication say the algae. This is the worst thing controversy news not spider broadcasters Housi- so he in the news says says he presented by state sponge. Kassy's info solid utilize. You awesome do martial cash public art daily Dot L. E. Scuba Steidl Seidl so brookies tap. Water is legitimate loose podcast escorts over. Belli's Chamois do martial cash. G familiarity. Dodge quainton edgy sabotage. John Peterson facial. Normally considered super masculine cohension decrypt overseas Mubarak Jarvis who capitals. Who says you success? Would you Joe Rogan Jada. Who will do so much dodgy especially the comanche? I'm prepped educators. Just give us. The hiccups are solely Dr considered to stretch soon. As you must dodge you. This is project gaseous. It's don't follow this image sober Matvey San Salvador Nacionalista muscling in Dodge and Colorado not familiar. You gratsia he's paid to your Dora. Sahal leave your Kadewe veteran Montana complexity demise links corporate you comfortable Hiba News Episode Barge East. Oh I'm over. Produce to keep it emits Chicago also cynical necessity Dodge East Africa Chievo Mucosal Cells Produce Jetta. Pella Wehbe was subpoena schedule. Who Do Inoke East Amanda? What's your favorite on? At least a job like achieve will do so Telefoni bear notch. Picasso's simply because programmers foreign outsiders judicial linkages new stall due to hopes respond. Gus Dishonest I apple plenty Asia. Produced the project has vision. ICED PROMO PROGRAMAS DETAILLE. I paid you to pass. Tod Do pigeon product origin present day. ASPIRA programmers. Yeah you accent consoles programas. I'm Discu podcasts. Competitor is the origin now. He likes to nozzles program. Just reminded me do airport. v Plus I do algae passage approved some conspiracy producer. PODCASTS do into delusion spiral public who global spotify which fight I'm President Being Contra Franca Ju- Komo VC Presidential Chievo. Let's not possible our. Dj could you won't you can't outdoorsy stories. Passionate political neck task was speaks. Jesus East Jetta Segador is your investment geology. CASHPOINT CO unless you're Russell. s impressive just pay cash for Grad is a familiar Joe. Tomas online paddock. Who's who are transcriptions? Komis yes I did you say Geology Plataforma project at a parakeet Yawovi dowager mutual down. The new ad our movie made to Ecomog Lead Paso Paso Jacuzzi Geology leader does put as much cloudy Dodge cash moving to your doors. You put your cash you. The data does do public. Your sped are so our Joe. I see partly cloudy. Hoopoe S. News. He got threes as Mrs Garages. Ge's and so not see news Jimmy cash to a city radio productions impreza portrays the cash. Say the Algebra is is is considered swabbing. The Jack called The Wall Street Journal. Reggie don't we city out for your prenatal. Pastula Sadhu are popular is are you lonesome podgy cash hitter. Shaimaa do building directors in Kosovo episode. You WHO's Ecuador is due to follow Sierra Markelle heading tecnologia broken avowals by she. Does this confusion. His name is Jimmy. Yes we'll see. How key campaccio he started Komo fuzzy rope? Tow software package panic imported cash. You stiff amy with the Arcada veggie on the podcast. You Michael Hose Imbo inside a few throughout they want Turkey. Nicole Fontaine astle finished our new mayor show yearly typic- Aside Paul Mahela episode the subsequently Seri Arcade we educate me not to smoke while not taper is under armour county. Start as let us. Profession is in Portuguese. She said you're Feis Patch Plataforma. The only way is through key quantity stars spirit doors. Your expertise is importance lunar the wounded. Who Public who bought there? Are Tally Brevard ejaculate as he says for some coastal you mentioned Brusca Jamila Perform Assi. Donges Ito low socio also miser essentially how could you care cheaper medical cina. WHO's a lot report by? He's become buzzing paid eulogy Quattro Simmers essentially that Stardust some classic Download Semis Magic Domingo Jack. We'll continue that raises do we obey do precipitous top. Hello Toria sink. Dailies some faith and say hey aged group global separate confidante editorials. Keep you support you Casey. Who Budget Procuder who they con Party? PROCUDER help few new twitter career to put stuff in order to. Would you change your contra confidants editorial policy issues in Gecas toys individual which it is a Hashtag podcasts that procuder county to give the parasail Porsche. Cash Quantum ideology carteris prostitute will do sales episodes deposit cash ashes. We'll see through some cool to Egypt up onto gelato so long descriptive. Who's your team is odds purpose are going to stack demise in PACIFICA contains Bazi Asiatic most of the G. gingy tradesman ship is arduous duty to episode you? The cash edgy character upper michi- Sach Palle avarice anyway. Sasia Asia. This Chievo cheetos zero eighty. So does the Apricot Shivaji cash. She considers Automobile Gupta. ishiguchi includes normally confidants in stocky. Eater Ratchet zippy zoologist. Komo SHETTY's apart Fudgy corn Xinhua district. Do I am Priscilla cases. Norma maintained evincing COMMU. Are you sick when I'm meteorologist. Unless your nervous mosquito nature NASA temperature including the Hawker third six from the vote passport visually miser. The funny stuff has no link. It is but if it lands cash Concordia Powell in comparison while squad citizens did I did. Some Powell celebrates new savage vincent who a perfect tool and so he does he. vinas Aesthetic Ideology Novella contest. Started that forum us on the present his anti kudos it as Japan's historic issue calls premed episodes Kuchar collage disempower a museums. According to Quattro markup presents a have lasagna yes attachment Dan immunosuppressive injured always Sandy Lonza publication Jeffrey Epstein as you Jesus is live on Temple Para investigating. I'll do Goran Tacoma to independent Senteci- yours forms geology. As any any. I'll do a hippos Kapila here Eliza around two separate do the energy to- comparable to Yakir means per person my whole other choice. Our David active virus energy pistol was not produce easterbrook. Geology Jackson Courtney. Cope visit presidential say any energy. Did you don't production data point to West. That's in you do Lazio Quarantine toys it spongy. Just Frontiers Dakota poppy. President Gustavo Gomez Thrice Zuma invested Equality dodgeball more famous. The entertainment to Samantha Man to not use as it moves through to Hickam in do alley assess Odia Fulda Valley. Professor is also just so the budget. He forgot via admonishes. US Soda. Butch cash editora- Hickam Ardo Jiaguo boost to Solo Sony thing Japan a case where to West Elm who do as used his nora's synchrony Rania Equalizer Elena compared to Pinson Elizardo perch cash regime cutting their doors for the year detour. Geog what was to the geology. Finding that damage migo. If you mean Sanjay we stuck. It has been used on. They like completed. What are federal telephone? You only know to settle simple simple. It is whereas on the porch cashpoint. Lewis bosses cash cash sippy a notable. Saturday Sassy Kuala Pontoise S. E. News of people thinking what you Kefala Soberly Logistics Supply Chain. Yes or cash you may water budget cash Japanese it does inform us to is the model Daca detriment. Eulogy throws his party. Historically are massaging just the boy so it cetera gear cash concha we'll stop Jewish Ika coon usage ago. Who said You cassius broadcast guest? Ubuntu compound today to New Jersey has not suspended broadcasters. What do you follow him? So replenishing no model caches adapt Proxima uh-huh Chow. Think they opened. PODCAST NASI keep it to that cell fill is it really goes Niki severson. Nothing sees a news is the uncle. Does Zone Lucius Hayworth Aziz these Russell. SMU stitching and buy gas but ask the sports gas wages thought Puccio worst digital philosophy podcast assets juggle kaffee lots of both.

Joe Rogan Jada Jimmy cash Concordia Powell Japan Ecomog Lead Paso Paso Jacuzzi Dot L. E. Scuba Steidl Seidl West News Logica Kassy Belli Dodge Contra Franca Ju- Komo editor Chicago Mubarak Jarvis Amigas Asia Syria Kefala Soberly Logistics Suppl Feis Patch Plataforma
Zapping : Rsum des rsultats d'audience des radios en province (S19-J20)

Des Ondes Vocast

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Zapping : Rsum des rsultats d'audience des radios en province (S19-J20)

"They don't get to. Tell you the phone survey communities Doodoo from the told you sit shoe point if Airasia, Spoleto pooped. Marco. Is the. Have delivered. If. Nelson you Melody Media China. Is Jon. Shuler locale sits his only attitude of signal all judicial donate the. So he's Zebanejad at her on your chips on that number gone panels Democrats about the. Community Jadu. Avenue get feet the. Donal said you could immediate future has talk on Canadia. There is shoot with. Someone similar maple is, how'd you the pretext? Alien. Zoo. immutable. Spend more. On Donald Hotel Lameta. Left the. Johnson she's altern even s genetic for Biden on TV don't care this on national rescue. Don't excellence Neil. For the. Books on the sacrificed Wa which. Don't fool a miserable side you Canada Zanjan, Nano mets, Sunday Miguel can. pull. Data Zone SHONNO's Jones on. Sky Yet the. IDEA companies February may get ns be flip at all on. Keep you be. To us as. Close could. Eight immediately. At due. To distinct parochial from Mayo. Now, you're Plov sweetly men's until you telephone each key annoy Vonda up and they'll be not ampato at it should regime at the moment gloomy trump poku off. Italy she for them Eurotel educate on order them European siblings at puberty. Level Kelly among category billion, a hundred getty going share at a kickoff June. Love Quiz on. Tier and. The she. Sean Paul Democracy. In donal sell if you see me Kazakhstan police, had you mobile the percents unpacked who've new do that their? Community on his. A Jones community to tell to Seattle cal. Three d Schumer is the. Key to Lipa Theology for the federal data this under how'd you until checking the idea published in an audience? I? WanNa know convey. That's nasty new laggy. So the amount continente easily she. Cisco. On Assam not climate thought. Proceed by echoes you could. Tunnels dissolves any divine Hydro. Again, musical utilises coach. Six on upbringing When you put the original not. Only banner. That came look ended up. Had You music gentleness Jonah? The almost says prolonged the. end do the the Moyen all seventy Dawson hawk. At the present present Kyoto our. Job. For US As we'll take. A. Samples Labrum Suare. To Make Avonmouth who've planet up by the top juster initial duly fiance AP's on previous showed I mentioned L. D. Food. Okamoto duty-bound to swell the P. mean of twenty six, he continued Miller. On hold onto now. When our POWs ups? Onto enough demidov. Swab. To Rue present one, Gal Judy. Don't wait we. Can't get to. Your own foul. Giant Molester. Shootout quit. Woman looks at. Nine. Scale. Of A. Biologically Authority. Judy hold the top of the. Key. Players cuts. More sole source of La. Tonsil Dixie Department. So to. Speak on the those Fiji Mountain Isao Schwartzman that's. Position He. took. US Out. Tough. To. Ski. Is. Able to see with Zeke with wins. Don't Lose the. On. After you could feel. The United. Konecny. Excited I don't sleep. Did you. Can Watch on your music the swore Pasqua do for you talk you energy if Clue. Mini country speech only year scale Ayla. Palmyre. How'd you don't use the says preowned vehicles communicate Nacional does this on the house Hamas says prolonged the house seven, a hud UB And you? SCOOPER. Snow pull more sits is when I had you ever not recently juice ship if it came all cholesterol quiz to get on that ballot sombor surge nets journal Lock Electric Dizzy meter of Hostages Emitter on your Smith M had UKIAH produce into She, To Donald US A would with his also I'll say many saquon imagine new film s You. Remember the me talk. On a show I. She's want Joss the seven days you'll not kill weekday invented many. W. The mental kept on telling you prompt. Julia Tad Flake will move she. Said Sean called Y'all Senator D'Amato body quits on it. I ruled you quoted. Leo Move Secret Spotter. But. We Alabama power don't have someone teams that you're. Always. On director wanted just we talked gets on. PSYCHOPATHOLOGY talk. Except that will cause don't community. Will say Hustle Sonos as defense get fair on wool socks cyclope two on the. Savage active. Plus, on meal. Put on a move to compete in a Donna Donna D'Amico. I did I did she from wicked declared Moscow? On. Good. As you on add on looks. It on trump's move to came been if she aplomb. Format Book On. Our as complicity Paloma how'd you industrial Pestano? His TV is somebody you knew aqua. SIP Paseo Taipa solution shortage later on. This are Luther Prima, cone more deluxe shooter. How'd you? Do Future Shirke by SORTA top offer on you likely Nouveau position. Nonetheless. Almost on fire come on. With you do at bow on A. Sunday that you some on found Titi tweet suplicy. Sean Communicate get on. The event that persona yet solutions FRANKEN Las Calva some provide storage. Call Up. On a summit Humana, right on Africa to sit on doing enough. Lebanon were. Cuban on crusade on its own spoke to Bridgette Lake. Up Shoe offers local by more. Let me show schools can physicial see also annexed east rudy be Shawn Johnson could. Having own. Gentle Sale Says A. Play. Sudafed you. Know, some halls deserve. Amendment does. Unique Moss. Tomasz match whizzy schedule calculated the more nausea. No. The Nikkei at orchid cannot dizzy or More. Sex Ado Lomu Silica Sonko Chevik was. On visual show Shuki terrific new Khruschev oppose avenue again. Image shuttle six, eighty say you saw more to exert all? Ovando dealer keto acids shootout you'll do treat says I'd already. How do see? Thousand Megyn Kelly a general the. found. Ballot. Don't ask someone similar Mitsuzkua by poor. Had you know? More Social Security on issue he didn't tells them. Don. If you really are you know how many do persona security? If. She got turn it even today for make new fossil also should could to the jazz not John Could. You you young kid chameleon detail. Alonso Loco I still like do. Some to Glue Cheek Mosquito Tony pageant cycles UCS alqadi Daniels. May say the famous of. Salchow it'll the. Images people. Don. William. It will count on Donald did on you vision that eluded up his own Sumitomo's powered. By the prolonged hoopoe don't. Office Selah. beyond just twad useful Then she say the swamp, SWANSEA DJ get to. With data on producible. Throughout the company. It's no no, no that Hansa. Is On, it was still hook up with your sister each. Hewlett Hoover the real a second yesterday's. Dip US amp roost at list to the house. Retailers, you allies have also as possible on the Best way under oath is less Jemma you contenders moms. Now since. Bus By bull gung on cloudy founded at This may do blue. Show you FEM Jackson argue ear phenomenal. see between Donald Trump's he gets going see it's the Kucha also dig Johnson shortly Nasha. Through the SHREWDEST the addict. Family metro scoop this in algae, scoop it to a second young scoop is more attractive on you music. Together as. Look, at Communist jailer do. Make, end sufficiently Pascale sounds like. What lasts? Shown Donald shoot the Macedonian funded Stamina. Also dismissed today the had you're a little challenge it'd be nice by dossier. scale at Doozy Amodu to. They don't give you them on A. Gen. Blue. Chip. That was in place for foil penalty critical look at before Apartheid UB hydro style. On probably diesel juicer. Marseille Macquarie's return on I kept the House to sit. MONTANI IS FM I slept holmium. Had you look on Tuesday shot will bet you saw Akaba Johnson Just your sample song keyed ideal whose glamorous as blast manacle. DASA second jobs don't sued West? Snow Blue. Took care genealogist weekend a week defend masseuse deputies. to typhoid. Was He? A. Circumstance requested at. Mit, SOFI A hood Webinar. female young WHO PG. Participate on film say loop either. A Fedex. On pages. Jt Tigra to on his side you sit down. he's a two Meson. They put up. Mitchell. Lead their question They don't deserve these guests had resigned CANNOT FM and argue hundred emails if you reach FM. The political tweet. Delta Dental Jesse McDowell sooner. Still. With that's loss on the juicy W. Swept van to on don't approve. Alana also nutshell copy it. Just, stick is aren't as more sawmill auditor, proves. To, April Sakina KNISH had resolved. Jewish. He's their. New Show how'd You keep Kief they? Miss. Comment on those and. Shot. Lieutenant Usual. Skull. Like financial care these Fini mean. Girls. A goal. Now you knew classmen. I do he's a Bowl Those on US Hoosier to propose. Chris Opera. Okay With enjoy. Greasy. Iranian. How'd you US it? You Know How do you call it? Hoover Michael Don don't hospital. If, you look at it to be A. On FM plus complain to Taunt Avenue. His arm. Not whether have also long. Time. where? Did you go to SEPA with also twisted Awesome. And I'm see if. Possible. If These on the cast.

Michael Don Donald Donald Trump Shawn Johnson Gal Judy Donald Hotel Lameta Jones mets Shuler locale Spoleto Donal Jadu Zebanejad Jon Airasia US Neil Wa Mayo
#28  Stoicka koncepcja amor fati wobec epidemii koronawirusa

Ze stoickim spokojem

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#28 Stoicka koncepcja amor fati wobec epidemii koronawirusa

"Gene Number Tumble disorders near Kaleen. Marchinko put coastal Him She should genetic Maha Doctor. V uncovered elbow vm regime. Such Surya ching-kuo Pushing States Kim commentary lovie at St Schema Dumber Z. Schools Sittwe Tio shadowy epidemic pandemic Koran Vita said. What DIFFERENCE THIS YEAR? Zoology Schmor- defeat him. Grignon Scoop Yeshiva now. I'm old fatty that have been interpret oval cut the GORIA. Should Kim Team it nickel aspect of boring. She's not as as some of US will hunter. Jesus coach Inca Mammalian John of poof. Nato Bushati Rhodesia Liam knee amid into Yemen tunnel. Shinzo Abe Saderah otherness. He had not alleged. Yuck He Academy Stadium Shula Jimmy Massive. I'm Sharon Thomas Mazal. Istanbul just interacted beyond him. So He Kim. He's up rush. I'm Davis Highway. Castell Zest Chemo. Spoke William a turn forty the aquasonic to the too much as a couple of ski or call me washed. Lonzo me which Bosna go says Netanyahu stay to know Charlie Act poured on yeah? The ECHINACEA is an alleged dishman Huckabee. Will they changed his own. Kim Velocity at Varman Kim effective than go Azania Sobia Of who is who is the customer us just visually Yvonne Nash. Yesterday to Home Chicago Nesta Vienna. Spongebob AND FOURTEEN VOLUME GOAL MUSCLE. On you and yeah. It's a home poor on your way canal Usually Vian SM- says She's of Ninja. Nuns they answer numb Krishnan trips. Nuptial Cords Makoni show dom tall neom Easter recess doubles on years of Nationa Trim. Show Greenwich any. He stopped wanting to affect national alternate while t bother him. Traffic is not true. East von without us to go over gutsy and a democratic gone so these vulnerability native or Stevia varnished vision loss. John Wall almost what we've ingenious of our show and literally just getting national talk pinups Equipment Sanjay. Just needs to sean such jobs. Kubisova them aspect share more aspects. You stole the Kurdistani Constructs you just gotTa neighboring Chagall stiegler. So far when you negotiate reaching out to hover gum state kid goes to each kid. Go shooting at the hoover. Go in occupational Munim. Yarmuth Sandro. Vince Human move. You Ought Will Push Masondo context here. I'M GONNA fatigue to two year Yaakob. So this is treating experts Vanya GEARAN RETURN STAYS CHEMO'S UNAPOLOGETIC NADIA. Guvener could guardia impure shadows all and turn your heart privilege. No the community here in bottles are not so she chimps good ovatch. Douglas Burgum Catch nipples nipple view on us and put whatever evidence Nouveau Lachine near the bottom controlling. Sittwe geocaches nine. Am door to go to call. Muslims political Muslim. Show up of your choosing Yummy Montandou should garage to go. Thomas was all Treating director profile oxygen up should what mel at at the Nata. Chitty meditating on Mir choice tenure stage the regular that you just want to reach an extra Napa Bristol now so much that the regime last yummy after the kid dishes thrombosis annual you could use the nuns anyo dispatch for quote of Verizon's obesity. What you Santoro corporate. Oh Hector's Amilton and determines our go showed a good multi commissioning as unique Imprescia Easter Baldwin Beyond Nassir which is a Gobierno Disney Diem. Muslim of Washing Machine. Jbar governors leakage. Return you're rushing my heart. By a number of poems vidarbha Jones is not supposed to near delays of new perspective. Let me shift is it? What does as much so be a knee effectiveness strategy attack you character. She mom and she took him to remove. The opportunity of Sandro is is also was caused enough being switches. That's one of Us NAPA OF RITUAL KNEES UNGAVA ISLAMIC BOTTLE OF ALBA. Girlish near the turn. You Bet I did some beer. Visit Vanya MOGO notch spots elbowed. Lotta go Dobbs earliest Turks should be Islamic. Yes about the chance to talk as Avi Dot Com. She vehemently accused Jimmy. Yuck Mahgoub Ishmael. Vocational Nisar Duarte. Howard show is at our garage. Tim Chelsom did not the Haji. The pit of us. We have nioshi Lucia critter about Gwen. Boko namath boy enough placentia Bukovina Mundy's MU obsessed Chanya Veuve will stand at Act. You Am Alta Click Bishop Mission. Imposs- lobbying avid news put you value. Jewish dove to achieve Sadat Struggle Nutrient Color Metrodome. The number was so beer. Clued Vogler verbiage ships and Asia. It occurs to know the incapacity to what your heart there's a Toko Vija abyss presidents of him. He's the best sensitivity evacuations that were but she titled Question Needs to see what should've epidemic pandemic Koran Evita visible visuals Aqazadeh. She Act. You and Montana took US opposite of wedding e extension via nisqually shoes. Pajama F- element of peer should element is consequential as Potato Cobas Vietna- go initial Domingo Protest Turner said While T. E. Kentucky to the genome she until she buzzing the noodle were ago Tummy occas- stevie shifter is what e- national tax year. Nothing Busier Than Ostlund. Mahara Amilton Amatya Egmont Yuh run Santorum. Steinem Still Goof at act you now. Chicago Organism Oh visage net acting. I should go to news. More Natural Tunnel style notions rebuttals. Lego usually Neva JD. Schmear on budgeting the coin to be will Zimmerman abuse good of the day all tunnel into this new British from Chicago. The venue actor Janta Culture now Subbuteo Bolivia and some of them says Kozani Natto. Move your story two. That's won't be it is good. I stay tuned. Shabana that threaten MIF to wash Cheetah multi repetition Oklahoma me on the negative splenetic humble as Luton Amancio Christiane Buke Ninjas Gorky more educated is that new moon beard is good King Hamad. It's how I cus. Cada wasn't a multi racial Me Antics of affects humor. Begins our ship. Jean-michel stems as much awkward. Clamato means any immediately NIMIA COTIJA panicky screengrabs took an MBA Eurosport. Mcrib together GM. And there's a moment you do abundance New Hampshire good of UNIMMUNIZED tacky orbit is proof this Malaysia sheer stocking poor ZANU mirror bunch now. She blistered shall care. Consulates have shall care poacher Shania tip over stage anguish entourage. A Pledge Needs Wash Avia. She says as well Gordon yes towel. That's uneven Nisha Tacoma Sobia nother agility at national that dench. Nick Dobro is all of pleasure to of Ninja. Nick Zoa Still not so mammoth with Muslim as manage jinking must've Dabo this affect these Miami. But as the quotas avalanche Texas Guangzhou Gordon every bottle costner. Bunch Nicole's sudden is an yes owing Walshfreedom axiomatic aboard on you to Visit sit we begin as good key shall categorization nisqually on. Mogo gorsuch ness done. I haven't village in Connecticut as aggressive as the. Please keep them supposedly Bush Jovi stayed. Cousteau coordinate which allege that the movies are ten orbits. They go to post unbelievable but still gonNA Podesta Vienna. He said to Watson Allergy meals edge. Pursue much you ought stinky. Shall Girls Teeth Nepal Muny? Let go through. No amount unanimously to what to rations knowledge? Dish Schmo is out of the Nationalist Georgina Substantial is Naomi and the Shatt Jamir abets near. Sitwell T- Newsweek. Literally about what you've ever wish you a multi doco orbits ner each battle over job recruiters. Ziprecruiter English. I was not successful. Is Access over canoed. One element naturally Lutsky not. He's DISHMAN GUPTA. Vanni stuck his possible. Buzzer mutual as I grow existence. You Glenn Dona Arose Myard Gronya. Nah All hammer partner. Not Ron Mannesmann. Amilton Anna Daphne Bulletin yes Wazoo and Number Tigers NBA branch that Mrs Mugabe Smashes. Lash much flourishes managed Mahoney's Mu solve another brother? Gwyn book on Yana. You've ruled dexter. Rodney thinks it what you're on activism. You control not should not join US. Who goes each Nevada? Shami astronaut luggage them Muslim? And it also Tortilla bogere that Eliza Pablo Stalk exacto Vegeta- guest doshi aluminum traff. Yeah it all. He has to stop new on the Jerusalem. Show verster scully. Global Nick Motion to dodge to the Schmidt access to memo victories as swimmer. So some cooler. Come his job of Amore Fatty Zach. Between Adagio. Tara's Dara his kids usually profitable w Benji Shinzo those fish watch stuggles quasi show she novelty offs there goes on looked to nastiest nonunion of mushy may go orbits none of us as acts up. After news of Songo Parachute Tacoma News. Sonoma artists element of Lemon is Washington. Non-users Wigwam Shoulda Shoulda Shoulda Would you go about the Book of another Colin Lamont? Polygon Artemisia Middleton obstacle night into one trauma of no concept. Chicago extra large trickle ninety nine a month ago is washed axiom. Nasha in stem was busier. Tumblers you harm Yummy. But he must've director Evelyn senior couture oval users which a subpoena store. She no emotional throw. Momma is not an oval symbol. Each museum pavilions. Anna still allows team. Tim's muttiah usually in stem ultra von Rothbart in Jerusalem of Wiggle Baba prostate tissue Standard Donnacha it acts the inaugural spot. Joanna responsible Muslim out of a joint. Emmy Era Stephen me you as onto her tacky. Jeff sessions here today on us. After the Michigan Notre Gwen be all Saddam. Does it allows all of wound up. Yes you're pushing Sandro. Gina Toyama in Tacoma poof nuggets jumps on due to the AC vomits to go to Yemen Pasta Boston Beach Muslim tower. Thomas Quinlan should not have been Jim. It would fit that she said gwen. Bitch Shit. Sanyo Alba's Rodniansky non. That'll sputter and to this poster. Amish you Zanini Zimmer coverage national. She indulges Vietnamese Victorian architecture. Seniors want if he coverage Evenings puzzled as a twenty ship. Cheap budgie effective at edgy. Serbia Nichols National Museum. Those born at Autism Zenia to hug each near shaver shift. Tim Zor has gentleman. Abudazi civility this also if affects you to go and such and under the oceans to of Stanishev Hamilton. Uva DISHMAN are both embellishment content of any upsurge. Avinu Amora Fatty Institute. Not Him was obese. Mayor Zack tiptoe volley nationals. Call that a national was no not too now number. Two story should've Gone East. Asia in Echoes Apple Grovonni data. Go Bird so talk to artie. The dossier should've catastrophe for Treasurer Chevy Monte. Three me new battle. Sobia Jima does expletive GM moment as of Ger Lucido Cohen Nass Tampa the Nissan of is love each year now not not him. Yuck innogy mobilised on Peach Money just misled. Inner Forum. Obsessive Vigna theodose Butter Savannah has vanishing next. Hamilton's on us. It wasn't dot com. Also b-share not supposed to Regina Ski Nash That's not necessarily over to your mortgage Garage caused any Musab. Your Voodoo Hoopoe. Micheli not him. So Inigo Moog Rob itch misbehavior demo. 'cause does maps overcoming off Liverpool. Go wrong rich. Yucky spousal to move to Joe Shabbes. Patronage is a trench knowledge. Shabu is for more water strung up. Other Institutes Nutter on albums Abo- version. Uf MONTANA MIT Guatam so some Kudo erosion. Also polk mom. If they do who's not run as possible at how govind supplement. I'm of honest puzzle Bhutto Ghana. Which would you Sponsor NEW KOI intensive no to they go to eliminate Maria Matola faster or not recipe vehicles to equal and was never been instant poor. Mitch Informer Xenophobia in Harlem it at our Gavino at the polling. And you've been there Ashanti Former Suharto vs hot and g shaped Weirdo causing people being in summer. Yup So Mitch is that what is all value so be audible altered report. Vanya of occupation on this puzzle zoologist tug on the Benico then stigler Streamer guitars system. You Budgetary Emma Duggleby Humour Almaz. Misdemeanor Spousal Yucky. Not William allis Ph n Momento Chazal bondage moment Fisher momentum about ultra an impulse to announce probably avoid which original nips. Joanna officials will Vanya. He may ten washed Impulse Molenbeek circuit which should Amir now in this puzzle Boston. Bovine your experiment. Ovatch spectacle is opinions as cocoon semi. It'll be judge to issue summit puzzle. Beans Pudgy volley visible checks. Just input we. On the factual cousin she owns a neutral appeaser. Seamus obita tomato. Toronto vampire a perfect Turkey of jammed. His Council it. The Dog Ishmael rocky a I kicked Vogel Individuals Shimizu al-Qaeda Obas Nash. Aboard on. You should dummy. Ob need you know but he took schemes music to me so grainger does a dozen table Chink.

US Chicago Sharon Thomas Mazal William allis Ph Jimmy Massive Asia Sandro Gwen Joanna Anna Daphne Yvonne Nash GM Istanbul Kim Kim Team Grignon Scoop Yeshiva Castell Zest Chemo Abe Saderah Kaleen Schmor
The Jets Get Whooped, Shurmur's Plan To 'Tidy Up' And More

Boomer & Gio

13:02 min | 1 year ago

The Jets Get Whooped, Shurmur's Plan To 'Tidy Up' And More

"US available across all your favorite devices all you have to do is go to CBS DOT COM slash boomer to get a one week free trial of CBS all access hey everybody it's boomer and it's September and you know what that means the NFL on CBS is back stream your local game live every Sunday with CBS all access at home so they were supposed to be competitive and shame on us for believing that they would be but at least at the very least we are not Joe Beningo who you guys even surprised that the jets lost to the Patriots in God embarrasses happens all the time right but but no this was supposed to be a competitor thirty-three nothing last night thirty to fourteen which we saw earlier in the year which shift jetsons court defensively would've been worse thirty eight to three twenty six they've game because the Patriots Hoopoe by the way the redskins played a competitive half against the patriots the giants played a competitive half against the Patriots only went to the game last night and watch it in person but also bet the jets money line so we already knew that whoops ten o'clock was going to be fun and the jets got healthy Sam Darnold Back Cj Moseley's back the only guys really turned into apparently he's the guy that's GonNa make them unstoppable but they were getting healthy they were Raycatena auto group experience luxury driving an Audi Q. Five with quattro all wheel drive in Raycatena Audi freehold now clearly Adam Gates was not around for some of these yes those two factors in it's going to be even more fun all right Jerry is here can't wait to hear this sound Good Morning Jerry how are you good morning how about some of these scores first of all we're brought to you by things that will never be forgotten about this game one will be beyond seeing go slimy other will be be side by side of Bill Bella checks was Sam darnold but just going back a lot's been made hey the beaten jets h straight times now it's eleven of twelve sixteen of eighteen whatever of the eight three out of four yeah that's it that is it that is so let's get to some of the sound from last night because this was a fun I Kevin Harlan on Westwood One then we'll do six Oh my God unless I missed one the best of the lot was a fourteen point eight two touchdown you know what it was the ask twenty four seventeen before the one three seven one time the jets had any sort of like momentum towards the Patriots in this bill belichick timeframe I'm thinking when Rex Ryan was Art Bart Scott Situation Yeah eight nine and ten the jets beat them six twenty seven thirteen minutes terrible and forty one two three is that all consecutive yeah those are the one two three four four lesson that because of all the turnovers need it do not need it Sony Michelle ran for three scores Sam darnold stat line if you haven't gotten to this yet eleven locker room sound and then we'll hear what it sounded like in Boston certain kind of plays Zolak you think down eight goals of the twenty he's only going to have one touchdown pass tonight in yes sure nine and a half of course I mean they didn't even have over three hundred and fifty yards of total offense smiling in the fourth quarter to Adam Gates with his head down after Adam Gates declined back to back penalties when bill bell is trying to give his punt they're a little more unsown by covered touchdown New England Kevin Harlan Westwood one seventeen nothing New England thirty two eighty six yards four interceptions lost fumble quarterback rating of three well what garbage it's garbage now beach here's Adam Gates obviously that was brutal just didn't it didn't do anything right all three phases where bad he would seven fantasy points which is never in my life seen anything like that I mean good Lord here Shit you should have seen the first quarter man it was it was over before is back out there gopher that would have been great if he did that it would have been absolutely great at that point in other it'd probably some people maybe watch it on CBS sports network in different states that are like why are you I turned the game on when I got home last night second quarter late second quarter and had showy thrown from minus negative the New York Brady and the gun looks into the nickel receiver in Motion Shotgun snap up theft revise up in the back they wound up with the thirty-three nothing when we've discussed now seven and now that was Tom Brady's only touchdown pass of the night that's funny if I said to you before the game everybody's feeling so good about the jets Brady look we have a lot of good players and they played well tonight so give the players credit for now in terms of fun guy he was I can't answer that I'm not in everybody's head here was built Bella check he was asked if this is the most comprehensive defensive game you guys have played well we no no it was just the way the rules are set up we're able to run quite a bit of time off the clock without really having to do anything accused frightened is frightened I always I always a. It's like a Chihuahua on the corner of thirty six madison as during rush hour I should've season and it's the third turnover New York they got this kid scared it's true I mean that talk about insult injury I mean when you've got trying to get into the tunnel right yeah it's like Jamal Adams what happened there I don't know man we just didn't come to play sat down I mean I think somebody wrote it I don't know who maybe it was servier somebody wrote it the paper said that you know that I drive could have been run up I ninety five Fox uh-huh funny couple of other things from this game so obviously Sam Darnold didn't play well here's how a couple of picks sounded why was putting on a thirty two yard line thirty three nothing they would seven minutes before a pundit from the thirty yard line surprised actually these kids do well man I it's just it's painful and watching last night man it was like he is so overwhelmed her darnold with his third interception of the evening I throw out the back foot again into the arms of Gilmore I mean I had one more from gays what happened with your quarterback obviously when we go back and look at this he's he's not going to be happy you private feel horrible obviously the seeing ghosts comment with Darnold Mike Up is all over the place and you knew at the time it would be so what did you mean when you said not exactly I should go see the field a lot better that's kind of what that means and you know just it was a rough day out there rough night out there and obviously I got to be being necessary to tidy that up and get ready to play doubt Detroit near whoever whatever team sure they are playing Detroit yes look it's a football game you've done this your whole entire life I mean it'd be a hundred percent of all the time Tom Brady's not one hundred times but still Jesus you can't look like in Boston with SOCI- Zolak I will give you the Doron harmon interception in the second quarter got takes the step dropback with a twist upfront was could you imagine if he were doing the ESPN analysis offbeat entertaining. Yeah would be thirty three nothing the final Ellen here's Sam was on the field for that defense just absolutely slice that blow it out an ass here's there it is so hard to listen to that man I mean because you like the kid and you want the kid to do well man and we need the kid to do well I mean New Yorkers we're leaving on it he's going to continue it was just bad performance can't play play against these guys and listen to look like that and snuggled got a lot of work to do and five going shoot Detroit on Sunday Browns Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Junior find fourteen thousand dollars for violating the NFL's policy on uniforms and equipment October fourteenth he wore pants that were cut above the knee Texans acquired cornerback Gary and calmly from the raiders for a third round draft pick in the eagles releasing defensive back Orlando scandic what is going on and then here's coach say Heidi that up yeah have you ever heard I've not tidy that up giants what does he blow man not another throat the back foot scared that's his analysis his analysis last instead it was Al Sean Jeffrey on Wip now also Howard asking is stand on the sidelines of the Eagles Games every single week so that's going to be fun but he just came out I and Philadelphia did you see that whole story with the again so which was an anonymous eagles source who said something about Carson National's Garrett Cole Max Scherzer the starters game tool beaver lender in Strasbourg. NBA Season Begins Tonight but not Zion Williamson he's out six to eight weeks had surgery yeah well that's what happens man like the magic that they had that year you gotta pay for it that's what happens in the nfl you gotta paper unless you're the Patriot we're talking about two weeks ago they started on a Gauntlet of Oh have lane Johnson they're all pro right tackle basically claiming after games that is getting a little lax right around two meetings at the back of the end zone picked off later on harmonised Armenta says lands across the goal line and then touches down with his right knee for a touchback he's got a second intersect wentz right Sean Jeffrey that's one thing and then and then Howard Eskin who's been a long time sports what's that he did he say it was Alshon a color commentator on the radio network quarterback in the NFL laughing smocking bull yes he's out and you know what he earned that Sam darnold earned that mock last night I intercepted by Gilmore why from the turf at the thirty grams of back wide across thirty five forty Gilmore tries to get outside attias clipped out on the far side of the field by score giants playing the Lions on Sunday here's Pat Shurmur needs to make corrections this week after the lost the cardinal coach better we got to play better and we gotta do every along with Jerry recco on the fan the memes were flying last night man I saw about fifteen ghostbuster means after this one too the meetings and all that and then Malcolm Jenkins comes out and says refutes that says don't know where that narratives coming from I don't know who he's talking about what's coming apart kicked again and the next four games for them are are like I think the toughest and elite tonight in Houston Game One World Series Astros well tomorrow the Knicks are in San Antonio New York picking up their fourth year options on Frank Neely Kina and Dennis Smith Junior Nets Open with T. Wolves Brooklyn sunning terrain three to repair a torn meniscus Pelicans play the raptors tonight Jiffy was here imagine I mean we'd be going Hanoch city phrase. Yeah you would Lakers Clippers Todd ailing though when it did start in terms of the two penalties that the jets declined at the end that you guys have talked about check was thought there was gamesmanship there from gays got a four year extension worth that China is dollars yeah but it's fair tonight you got the Rangers play in the Blue Jackets beat the maple leaves flyers over the Oh my guys coming to free when they might not have been that we saw him at his at his press conference is is must have been sucked up

Sam Darnold Detroit NFL CBS eagles Howard Eskin Gilmore Tom Brady New York Boston Jerry recco Lakers Jamal Adams football Doron harmon Pat Shurmur Malcolm Jenkins Fox the radio network Lions
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Viajar en bici, Biciruling y Mara Taurizano Viajando Despacio 166

"The WHO ride they want to ride my. I want to ride my bike. I won't won't to ride Eh. This choose Black Gate said why should is. Never my scene rush. GotTa give me a steiner the karate those deposits contender Daego Samana MB spazio. There's the radio via twitter or your mother to Bend Die on author those program the Third Winter Asante basically spur royal of quantum. THEMA CENA'S WON'T BE WATANABE. People it up over Phoenix don't don't say matters for the social ecological systems that Nicholas e primordial had. I just thought your telomeres seat. The Guard said I is that out of it and the impact. Up Marguerite de la Guardia Lameta electoral area that the numbers for another day or their calendar. Important Morano remotely are now to another sense. Either Jose. Primo you've been documented committed Martinez benefit others sped up. You know that most of the history thaddeus elaborate guessing Nicodemus Kahad. NBC and brought me they must possess or common affiliation yet resend. Okay method impo. Go to Laura you get all the bison to ride a bye the by Don bike ride the bike ride on the double up on the ladder. Pasta these days shepherding more is not present when the Jerusalem city hall. Shall we start our own new show but there will be more more They don't get government on WWL radio heartbeat after me out of Philly dot and tried. Did it in this regard you endured yet by sauce for caveats plane. And there's somebody Martinez Ya Oughta be hormone as Baha deduct up but I got the natural flow municipal from. There isn't a lot of tatum. Elliot's an-and the whole deported reasonable. These fruity relaxed. Beefy as consensus Hulu together is the at the Halim. beefy meal donal beneath documented Martini. Filthy feud you'd better be Jolanda more. I'm more of either up on Labor Day when you had to do that they they. Hello Ladies machine-gun W BEC- Tom We in Kentucky Ralitsa should the copper in Saudi Yom media behind him bps vs Mahia mid occupied and Batik Latvia hassle via anti Bush. I didn't know that keeping them. Now all the Alan on show Fella shorter Independencia Chopin. Although in crucial parade alcohol is Salad. Hot Be amazing if he got Nevada thought Lowthian Hemant Valley fever earlier. This month. behidn Haydn later is that Lou Garrick Bossy. She'll Makia shooter. Plan this show them what about yea flip out of their local. Dnr Reformer Maria to be a Samoan dysplasia to shoot. Shoot Kill Julia yes she does it get us up and just shoot me of those moment key allowed to say that show up the blessed by sockets in it is to get by the format four-month lobby for their show be lent hope faded scalloping. But if you're chalets are the better show hush emery Bass Bass fellow. Frontier is developed. Coward fairly feed off main platform. MVP Sundarban the Wendy Lever. Julian rather imprecise besim producer. Itamar seem resolve go mores I motor 'cause different this gets them. TC One five. There's well Moocher's chose in short throws issues. Are Those Portland if he he said. I'm sorry. Go Oh yeah I Bad you don't know eight hundred dollars. Pathak shut rose Arou- Galileo Palyanda. This is key Boko Austat. The Kiara share their trauma says when I started there could be and then we'll IMO. She does not ought to be CIALIS. Quintana pokomo NASA the multi-stop welcome moon basically eh EH. Looking for hucknall them. All the Michael Stevens. Oh okay. I'm in Plano dotty. He Young Ananias was New Katana changes within the earth. He out again eh on. I'd have to go rhino. And in my notice he actually say all. WanNa eat and to plan for being British and if you look from nine years he it would you gotta you gotTa but again our another good blonde doc blending only call the the the Pixel. At not love becomes have one miles per hour happy. He argue also Kim puppet Pity I'm no the needle for their Italian identifies on to eastern affect. How they say leader knowing that the million in Denison godless welcome in non-military? Ask Take Mega Shooting Hussein. Eh or purse on is fueled by the the way I can count on this genie lamp on. You're not continue Ondo Mama's IT and don't this back to our Polish. NFC Bit the door the Essex County. We live in Holland tunnel the opinion when you know that India and show Mrs. of Arsia Black Label MCI Kamal Seabra gay coming gory. Content and the impo give subway and not. Let me go. I incumbent kings block I need to be on the Halloween or a technical carney. Okay and yet no power. He astronaut if you took Piano Wycliffe P. Nails the article real the UNC. Are He. I working now. Let's talk. I found out you run out of her blow in Vietnam it non-combat person look at your. Va which is not now off of a whole go. I don't even know if I were in the EU this again the Senate mid by this yoga they will start on a special day. Oh by canisters her. LISTEN UP THE HEAD OF HAIR is metal competitive market on me Mafia. Now the dossier mummy cadeau defeat a little basset vice guide but having to talk dumping one because they're all after market it'll be a divulge in even come on the pill went to Seattle Have our I have a by a team unless I saw even the whole on the Iraqi Iranian three hundred yards darn by initiative more than a little aligned Rheinmetall suffices is my oldest fatal physical Mina little dial I kind of a while. Yes yeah if he is. Someone has some ideas now. Comedian show compare you as with all the Jawahar necessarily hospice. Yeah comfortable in Suffice Boura to say on this bottle how another show how come you little and the one out to my home on Asher but something to eat good to get yet. But it wouldn't add had better under their societas in Mozambique's ruling Nicole Collier somebody. Nothing buckle must say that he Book I allowed. But I'll tell you one A in you know Boko Haram supply US billionaire. I'm driving a all mammalia higher. Hoopoe nothing let me see Kara mature who live no love no channel. And don't they say by making the number you know. He need the holidays and later on the the euro linked to Theon Camino Lampey Their number that's Burma's mutuel shower Landau Portal's protests economic. Not a Manila's stint different time. asu Via can't do desi contender Colombia Harrison Finale. I'm not your the Laura Coronado and normal Joe McConnell for three in Um in comparison peer in on all the biopsy suburban Wobble Ezekiel. Does it all the Colorado a young MHM direct You've been Jessica Willow are Are there we saw. Uh He actually in Alabama and you look and eh muscular income at. I'm just in Alabama stumbled in Mexico and below a dog a mature search. Ah The yours on all this talk. Inventors Month contactors confer were born in Pakistan Um Not not all Lincoln System mottle Um The I was one of them all mother you see this as a naked out to theon thrusters intervertebral Our Name impolitic. Though get in the style I wanNA casino. I'll undergo undergo policy the well you ask him and Corona who still wearing battle the main hog. It took command. How thousands whom versatile in you want a barrel racer cash the market does? He must've been able when I will not seen how long and over fifty or Maria in Imerese Alma starting from India. Okay I'll have more on the Saudis holding style in its own and may end newish the embassy with no say in the in Super League. No good you gonNA come the style and on the most say in Chicago Com calls me the fellowship of the either talking off. You know we still CPAC Hispania all so the cat has it. So you're not you know other Interior Kim Barcelona washing more awesome muster up that you are y'all in many hours Machel Shilowa after the. Wait till I WANNA money. She got up the other one on having having all of other needs. You take the show on the one unhealthy got up and one of the going down. How in the air you mm-hmm faster looking for our world champion Illo be south does not now but on overhead of obese others eighty about assume the Michael yourself the lower on the spicer todd and she on from their muscles Shaw and the mocking and Minneapolis in Memphis. Learning travel fail. They don't want to active of all men and run into complicit in the I'm dayline on I WANNA Halicki a message out get on to upon anyone in you know a mother with the medical. Burr took doc money in the long term in Kamal. Inquiry as per shot by throwback. If you're in a EH UNI GONNA go your own gum. Young people go homeboy in the town. The funny there yet. The money to move on founded apple is going on with their people now fully model. He's all of the NFL Leno. It has seized see instability by being gossipy name Pakistan and lower the even out here for you because nothing happened happened multiple differently Mikhaylo me. This battle A cellamare about my car in Marshall bottle all Take in Moscow. He's single limit their push. If I'm Yuka go up there looking okay from up on the wall. Aw and all I ever at the spices my fucking this I am I have. I've kind of L. C. uncounted contract by served as the many Iran. Get Okay when that the Moon Nola gacy if you feel that engine as on their larvae jazz no. ESPN MANDATE ON INTEGRAL Komo. Wellbeing can shade on the Scene Club. Matvey hello I'm done Biting Your Heart in ah the NFL thinking in poverty. Nothing out there gakhal delay. Louie Gohmert do these things but it's I mean birthday uh-huh or she could be interested in your mom compare until modern different a compactor but nearly yeah I like new on the. You're a lot more can I can't see you know study. I will continue in those as you can. Those Quin Netscape Sun though tactile in according to a magazine you have enough. I need to do it It the last starring Margaret Cho bluff hair on their feet and got up or the combative not restore rattles within the Soviet Marina. She robbed out of issue the contractor figure reporter via shuttle Special Maria when when when it doesn't say he's authentic equality lobby property ready. That's us. Aw they cut up the body versus as a EH vassal fossil macho elemental catered on Montagna. Looking Pinocchio is Leeza have basically shutting on our considerably lab either unions not convinced they introduce the hormone therapy. That's in the Center for third borough. He as long as the masses Sonoda his family time with four teenage John. Lewis is on the way to say Contra Right now bullet normally basically the cellular level later a necessarily a Tina Show have you been Indianapolis Louisville uncharitable. She's GonNa be well. A Metaphor Camano then Macedo Colosseum Integrated National Copeland Obviously Clinton Mikiko Pariah Dina in like like a job different. Lebron educate us for that but you may hear atmosphere Michael Multiple Mr Interisland on southern island. Whatever Y- you up in the morning show on your capacity gave when uncritical second-term you either? A Miami actually does control the demand UNISOM awesome either Komo show an income you see Cuando Atlanta reopened. Our I don't know what's unique the EC- mosque in a total of females Peruta France. This will come. Do come in to the traffic. Okay got it down. Boy Him on North Gate unblockable resent the Muslim women. Komo coming of Rhode Isla- Camino decamp all the Pueblos. He's on a community. That Idea Rally Walk in Rama Ma. Seraglio can come up through. EMS everybody settle partake Taos. Conformity Coordinator. Run you eat. It took a little tomato Rania in Komo who knows the love radically Mediterranean below little would be low-key to whom project or most of the widow Butler staffer. They seek Lohia a non incapable yesterday. Kate Komo seatbelt a questioning from Oklahoma Lane perino notorious. So you've got TA. I told it restarted anew into this for me and we gotta to become an Interior Agai. Saudi local tie it to solve the media gets us to eat. Our percents k went on a wounded. Any that he's that he's an applicability. CLA simple each almost. Say That if the community Talia I auto shuttling controversial mass but not Italia in dozens of Costa via anti walking corporal. Communists until two MIA stomach. Indonsuez home into Wer. Taking a little sub INNIS. You won't even for someone's entitled. NBC's would mean delaying because he thought the whole somehow okay. The would Miss Megan documentary. VC UC Mahendran Gutowski. Julio Julio after I took a number in the city but ennis where the speed limit us but I mean countdown. Osa Huta Per Game Shepherd Maruta video detention requests for coming on Oprah Custodian evaluation or maybe a little different visa recipients of civilian Mr Lesson. Yale University awesome. That's when the shower Minka racially. CBN mid-wicket vanish. I meet my preacher. He Fatigue called Communal Ramirez. Severson Sinti Missing Tina Support dummy game obsession material multiple. We hope one done chasing our buddies at Salo Esther stolen via maybe. It's just a one time. They gave when I am awake when you put up the incumbent. Though three neo you hollow in Arizona and now and don't say history we Mohammed. Take Time you on. The mobile quality was shot in today. piddle they should made out of that. You should have been somebody to make Lacy Russell basically it put it gave her i. I see episode. Gone all in calor as the leader. The leader he said cry continue the total. Show him women going to say it's total. Yeah right be. Donald Trump also taught me. No I never thought I can take it on from our persona and say okay. Okay don't bashing I don't know what else do you hold him. Music meter because the I promise you got show my dealer that will be a similar to Kaitlin on me was in the ranking obviously seem a little miracle psychotic Montagna. I'm Tanya. Why would I mean mason shorts to medical assuming you're not gonNA stick by although we ate at a lull coming down the easy stop Arista Shammai Tila Cadenas One Look shutting off senator. Yell at each nothing. But uh-huh Gary Mass Eastern important on the Air Asia Asia in any committee. You the whole middle yesterday community I we. We saw India. But it's still pretty young unanue handling tranquillo in continental the Middle East Florida. No go well. If with Serbian dental the secret eleventh-hour compared with some women would up number seven. Halley Marie Solution. But you didn't see now. I think it's a bogus thing. He ended Saturday. Be Clear show with no unless they just tell you a pretty medical Daego must have. WBZ McIntyre Paraly- owner operators Communist Party pooper the youngest of Communist and that will be got phonetic tissue mind Nelson Hunting basically Lucia shit diesel. They fatto assessment diesel And getting on. And what are within the mosquito. You get enough. It'll nobody met root who Taghizadeh mistrial download ostrom in Don O. K.. Finale skip the government. They could gavlas the food balance. Giver that Goma quite good reaction to that being done though well they say free or calor. DUBYA struggle with potatoes took possession of Lia Guinness for some of the level of the passer increasingly. Let me see that the other upset w will feel feel better the total oil Campbell. Yeah they must know northbound commodifying the Latino honeymoon complicate into synthetic aperture someone that follow naturally sidewalk knocking if you answer this winter. Utah notable second of Freedom Festival in Guantanamo whom on Sunday comedian domino's Luta in DC most after Even broker whatever. Somebody should've eagles in Milan. In the Campo Hilarity Ronaldus. You can celebrate down the players. ooh I WANNA get up and some white they want to unite not look up open. Sally Hansen Asandra Littleton. A A mash demand not Dos Ellen Fund. No she added. We'll give on Moskovia. Did y'all know polygamy that in Japan you got a total gas show local to previous. It's an open so let's head weddings and I'm on done something when laboratory of Hullabaloo about a company dumping with us at Vegas you're not waste. They use of pushing them causing concern the reason. Why not get on Komo I eat I'm on Dunya. Seventy to terminate a a young runner in November. On how much you could eat he And then we'll stay rather mueller okay. They call it on that front guests here if push away the communist ideal but almost homepage Asanuma shall be able to go. Tell Oprah look you don't have to tell you about been but did you get up at all newsradio seven hundred. We'll talk about this if united Level Namic on those forecasts address. That's a Chiquita's show. I'm not gonNA wounded. Eat The individual. It's I'm not who you got to send him until political style as you in toffee telling US seem limply Kameda game when someone's Love with him. But I don't and they'll say eliminated David dominated Gopher Methane Brennan Notre but abortion Momma let the only political COSIMA cellular e today call mutual. nope wait till takes Flt Tremendously lethem here in a second but assuming Gumbo took a Economy government deadly. So you don't get misled people but a local municipal Monaco were the most. I wonder who would say. ellipoid Amara Essy Koya sales video yet. let's see I wanNA say Urugay. It wasn't bushland might not live. That doesn't get get braschi movie. I've done this book. When trevorrow Mash won't eat all the detail in the living? Well let me see. When you'RE GONNA say the Libya than Oakland e book vocal the Thrill liquidity? You might also media as eighty two in Gunnedah. The Locker Rada Ming Iota. Boko they get. Oh you little oh come shot but you content waikiki. Yucky Garrido Bill by sex. Meanwhile Eka thumper Golden Era Wilma. And it'll make you not the Russian Alenia Rector we want to seek said. Look you Komo Alabama also Asia get ready to noisy data locate locate come comey whether Kameda Yes yes CDC communion they have come to the Gallery Korean though Kalina Montagna in you know now that a model and he Garrido Maple Welby. Though you'll buy so that I'm on Daniel allstate Combined with on the whole data can check guy women through she. She sued him for the Montana. WHO GETS Unload in Tokyo in particular catch car fleet focused here here we turned me saying. Am Swimming in the huddle. I've always said yesterday we had how many But also want to show either video guessing automate economic with certain second Say Mrs Nearly took the gallon of Ralson into with indicate suspending basically it that Chemical and see them Nicholas in the CNN. Let me colony. You'll get out of Kansas in South Korea for cafe. What hello to me on the hamlet office would know or throw fado remorse? Graham India Quedo guessed it. BAENA welte palliative involving Godia soil onto Rojo. I'm always in Vietnam than the classes. The Custodian inequality plus it. He'll jaffe eighty nine. C. H. and restock more won't Bourgeoisie Yellow Fever. Cinderella invo equality John McCain conduct some casinos area. You've got Sean Wasa a simply sip with Englander goggle but the hormones Tune in Nissen wordy innocent. The employ th Bositis Either elemental takeoff personnel. And does his demeanor Mutiara. Who can they really gonNA boy said you went on the municipal Siviglia? You said you except for the news but I incorporated for that Okay and Leo Hoaglund Russia you see or CEO CEO of the Muslim but Hinson deals me. Let me you want to Memento Ghetto Pronuncia. She's got a policy. She got us. Mostly get here Kelley been cited Kit Given the DA. Kito you but only a I used to love Ya Okita to or know enough we you get a real donya you google if they fail so nothing nothing of temporary copies signal yourself thing. What vehicle old Odakyu GRANOLA Thomas Kasey Mris by people yesterday episode so we started a heater but oh wait a minute. She via game sites on Dump Fatemi similar the tomorrow the BBC Dot Com. What anyone wants single possession Bush's studium reading material? You Wink Amino career. He had asked China. I want to ride my. I want to ride my I buy. I won't I won't Sue Ryder. Say say why I sick Baiju him the my scene the radio but not by much. MVP under the understood IV that you'd be down the S. C.. Note that get us better than you would. I'm on one hundred zero three without casinos aboard handsome thaddeus ideology that will style nonstop without. I'm out this form. On the side you must do. I must have Monteiro Yuccas. NBC fabled tweet there. You're sped almost to the root of have you heard of that Yoshida attack on the show throws whether it's pretty even those are beyond spot. Theo Aurora cleanup talk on deep spa. Theo or with Allah has he showed little must be people at us. Estella Samana Guinea shot a little bit and uh-huh.

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Una vuelta y un despus Viajando Despacio 203

"The. Who Am? I want to. I want to ride my bike I won't. Won't to, ride it. Black case. I'd say white. House never scene. Roy Gone Me A. Crash. Believe. In Fan. Superman. Hundred. Benita Komala Jimenez they. Did for the coach's. Son dosing banana. nope. Going to say Mosca say how fit circuit then got a Few Hours. Now, throw Segi Muslim. Got More elaborate. MANERA mobile I don't know. Yes. The quinto. Premiers more whatever. Your fellow intermarriage and should be. Him. Another. Defendant this. Programmer the values that are seminar mobile commitment. To run in that I may see Rosemead veteran media streaming is gonNA lead you to that I maintain. Racecourse has been up on them. Yeah. Book last Larry. mobilia that have been demaurice love. This team CNN's by Horace Practica she projectors. Over nationalist evily. Sandra lethal and you have. Embraced feulner center so. If you are nausea. Those there's plenty of brake is mini. Alaska. Mutuel guerrino. FOMENTO. Mobile. Illness lasts. Asadollah. theon. Understood yet is there for my mission motivational. Morressy Limited. Hormel us. Ed. You're three, hundred, zero. But it's Also. Maariv. To analysis for the on shore. Developed winners but the gas pedal Tambien. Montano meat does. Not Merely, say that is because he assisted cmo some positive Maharashtra's need this. IDEA DOT COM theater lobby. And Schumer that report policy. Route. Say. Multi Mass Media The reasonable Tennessee though this. Has recently stopped for. lanark Omani is there within the Brim, you'll initiate theoretical. Bonior. Larouche off the Ellis. Like I'm. Tara. MOMENTUM INTO COMBAT THE Special. Knowledge Sprays obviously that you'd want ask is not gonNA dummy, Nacional. I stuck on some locally, he will take. More collect your. Because He has the millennials because they familia monetary entry. Otros. Nursing but I also I've got. A high noble yet people. Muslim details. And my your Municipio Marashi. Rather lost sister is they'll majorca fashion outlet. Center Seattle. When I saw that come into Shaibu yesterday Roberta, US could add up or shaking mobility year Marcus Allen who opened me the newly. Combined yesterday sat roundabout on. Central Command. In top where they? Adult and abortion brothers central. Ministerial, Komo veracity industry from Umberto Ms Moore, it Douglas from splinters your scheduling. NBC. Basically that the. Known as news welfare advocate. GETS FUEL NABI AL NAP. Show. KNOWS CESCO LAS kimmel restore and won't bring your toppy Lotto Maariv Daniele Shimon restoring our Komo in Donosti when be vow. Eat Amanda recommend. These Altai. At least it'll contralto I'd happened to the local sit weather last film, the rich team, he dynasty Nabala TV the other. Shareholder. Let Us Connecticut in Boom Shabnam answers landlords. Africa is the last ferroviaria. I'm have La Liga theon. theon Ponte Martinus billions GOP Lautoka should carry either a female intense. Obvious. theon read this. You ask politically. Plan them believe that ferrocarril basically that and doper. Cotija Komo parody another furious reasonable. Since then must be in la? Prensa. Off It look Allenton Martin Portal Gay Kennedy. Better. When they know. They gotTA. Allies Tele Film Mantenimiento Immune period. Of. US yet the complementarity Asala in the. Imperial autonomous. Important minimum NATO, says it wonders does better Mousetrap West Issue Pasta. Rodeo. In most Portland Oughta. Vida North Gabby. About. Come into. It's Not Toys that. And Bridget media in Diablo, while projectors finished earlier record what but. There's the retain stuff young either stuff you must help. Dino will deliver. report, in government. Bit Either. Federal. Misiones. Seminars Abby Debbie stop on that. Instead we fill up our pick what that I start feeling the reporter took on the. Book or media. It must be the. And Sal Squad. Stop. Much, say demolishing Ferdinando. You have more decorative contenders manna. No Shackle Bagna Sola Moscow Unorthodox movie theater ruling. Filming for Malpractice Author Laga said Astro Pretty Mad widow. Yoon police say. Ruling Truly Ranasinghe can. You will not deal around the insured Obama Divide. Alex. Gave I bet? Suspect. On. With us. Steve. I said this. Goes. Guess you'll miss. Your. On Ninety F-. Boyd. Blew out. Lead. Ano-. Yes Yes West. More Vietnam for. This. Quest the. Dollars this one. The. Committee. That Lets you. Go Stars. Able to. On the Sheep. Without, say Miss It. No Llamas Passo Saudi ember will have you must have. Medals the annual. Compliance. and good ain't. No See. Good I was. Established GonNA to-to Abbiati. See. Two Yup. The. or familiar. To. Go Campers they might i. Get that on deaconess. By get. Against the remote. Caceres messes. On as if units. That's how. He will be in holy. See Ya. But. Let's say you're. Basically or Stop Rows. Does, look lit. Up. The night sky. By. She. was to get get us going. In. Style Tammy, but by all determined that there will. Work on those. Another coming to power. In it see. My honesty per se. Him. Of Am elaborate combined. Yeah. He is honesty but back in the they will get asked. Escape plus don't FBI mean renewables as your spill becoming eleven gal. The Last Dot. com on our it. Loud. Definitely. That said so scared. been. The only asking. The I'd say. Rusty because. Deck on all on the Nashville but say. But Right? That's. Why no I will not. But I would never commit that. I it McGowan gift but. It all went off and then then does your something world s k. Scott's GonNa live. All Dennis who? I don't. Accounting from other market Dali. by I thought that's Napa Valley. Reestablish Cups. Look ks media are still the. CEO. Either my third. Betas got give. Dealer, Maseko My. My special off in our must have these people. How do Yoga stayed and talk that almost doesn't. Much Lucienne. Saying I am asking team Blake. A deal. Says say nothing Over by musty author. Eight though Carlo not and. I'm sure you Leoni Breath Roddick without all the oil of monologue on A. Gruesome. CASSANDRA. She. Bit. All. Up See Marseille. Will. Not. GonNa Balk at. All. But when I got nothing. Seemed Logo. And good. Okay. Look mass appeal by. I noticed that on yes or buses. Offer s video to East Liberty Mirror. Spaniel. He loves professional previous asylum McConnell Dowell. Telemundo. Almost get. This. Gamal. Get. Kind. Various. Expurgate. Musket must get out and do young thug and I look. I have been out. Daego. Goma but the network. Frail each other in. A. Way. where I went up again as he throw. Doll Atlanta's. Look. After scholar. Committee under maybe that gay gas I dug this balance the. AC You don't. That's my. Casino Comoro, government I'm. You. Make you just just let's get with a Hemi affair. which has the diamond. In my now lives. No, there is no way that I. Just. But it's all. The Art applegate. Anything is. The new deal says. That are local Radio Gabby Douglas Bush. Kate that. Member the are. About the Komo Komo forecast for the moment I'm bill he come on up midnight. Demos near does. The middle. Meteorologist. cameos. Dot Lizzo you get teased by Bentham USA. It's leaving all this. Camale meteorologist, they often the owner. Meant they do you have any doggone? Is. Allow Tabuchi mild says. He only AETNA say. y'All going to be able to live with us the. Out of. Your head off he. Nothing. Amateur mass protest. Annot Michael. said in an inaugural address. them all. The WHO. Just, own up. Got Lucky, but continue. Team, live at the address for spiral. A wound up but the. Pro. A lot of water. He Yannopoulos himself, but I knew this. But Come on and say. Is. He. Only. KAKUNA. Tally. We'll stop I'm. Being. Compared to noteworthy game what that says about. Relative they'll. Pay Not until it's up to the new book. says. They must the those no they they are. Domes. I'll pick up your. C.. J. Come in. So what coming from the? Head of, but don't tell me shoes. Suspending actually. Map At that he echo but Columbia to draw. Which? has now become this puts I gave you. Those fantastic. Oh the. Game No it's not. That the big duck ache and They. Get hit. By As dust the. Head. But don't say. He does the news time. Big Papa. Solitaire. Give on the in. From over for. On the web is Still the are. The. Bray. Lena. Boko Emiliano biddle, but it'd be Lanka's the wilders. On the weather is in. The DOT he. He. FINISHED THE GRANDMA THIS WILL BE A Our. Mundo hemp or the annual. Commercial. On the wellness. Content on a speaker in Leroy this stopping. Allah as. I eat. Leave A. You, by not going to get us no. E Not. Measure Care I will. Dwell Lebeau. Really and the satellites move no. The Excreta or last. Total. Handle. All. GonNa as. Much screaming. And I know that. The audio. The ideal. Jawa. Thoughtless. But stone the idea they don't us to be. A. By me I by. That have been Gwenda but. that. I must have went up in. Though. But if I die. Scheme pro. Sports in North Okeydoke. Forgot Law. Like yakking. To. Komo. So normal initially excluding. That autumn escape screaming. But all of the Nazi they asked isn't buckle aluminum forget getting only look on the third day cowboys. But if we look at my squished is forget. Not. Interrupt US mobile. The as. No. Guests the light is. Convenient. When I saw no. This does. Not Mean Talkie. Scholars. Guess not getting out. Let's go. Say. A young, not that Manila real Africa's. was with. Induced. Them Focus quarterback at the airport I actually. But it's not as skedaddle. See. I study. In diameter I e. L. Here he is keeping all of us. Know but that's is they don't WanNa. Here. Or. Do you notice if he asked about Obama? And Lamar Talbert coming nausea store asset forty dead on the on the people that are conventional. extended. Talia. What did I see the most of? Your. Nuttiness, WHO'S BEEN Your. Whole deal again, look in the most athletic I'm back. Beijing. Messy. Casino No, way this is coming. Presenting for my today. The funding and I. On. Looking. At least a scholarship i. E. Too much of your. Columbia the. Other, people. Than I knew we are super drumbeat doubtless in our Momento by. This I now. He yes. He. Weiss. You Know A. Hoopoe go. You'll get it. You've got though. But then. He thought. I WANNA go by. The needle on Thursday the. Your. Cable the. Than that him but the law. and. I'm in. Mice. Liberal Markopoulo Mentos. Lebron Markup, rockiness. Get is Moscow backing? US. Go through. The the Law Day did not gay curricula but glad lassie immaterial. E- ethic that mouse he. Your cable one. Okay. You're. The. In Dongfan establish some. Nasty and Bogo. Rows you DECI tone capacity daylight. Super. Information but the. Business definitely look a give. It must have. Got Us Gay. Masako now. Say was the. said. Say. Conduct. Condemning got enough but so nice. To. Locate who knows how Gay ecommerce out and inside or get Grotto Landau of the book Anina. When the yours eight Babu Blake I don Shirley widow. founding. Miller Lalo. He's together. So that, we said if you're not come over south, so does he get back I'm though? Nickel moment. Is it just talk about off the Borgo. He's GonNa. Be Muslim. Does. Is He gonNA doco. that. Now, you're not. A demographic were game. La La, a bucket. Stacey compact. was but only. o- Gay Our. Saying God I. Alive. Saint Gotham Appalachian Comey's. Does. Haley. All Gag. Is it may as he? May. All unless. You're scared. Could be your. Alto. Vote. Governed Indiana dull. Knife August she. No. She she. Hit I been saying. In the LELLO. Look at Hunk Orioles In the when I don't ask the rails. But Oklahoma. May hold a secret see him in Colorado. Late at the party. Graphic Lebron's. No Law. TIMES AGAIN A. Little God means. LOOKING MORE TO JOEL Cowardly thought. Muhammad out. As graphical born. Indian theory which scored. SCIENC-. Optical campus. Braulio. Status. Communion. At. Our They. Get, better. Who was an was faculty up but again? From traffic, Loan Augusta. And Motor Lena Channel. But isn't that? A Scott or this? Okinawan. Miami Moss does. mean. Planned? Pineapple, golly. Handled by an Essay. On The. NEWEST HIJAB Talk. addity. In Keep it all our networking, Nicole car. On. Hokkaido. He, play lot. This lady will be anthrax. Good, okay and so. That would acacus sheet. Lafayette Nesta. Maybe Komo or more bureaus planners antioxidant paradise. Has. A Wasiyu just get I. saw your Thailand. But. As I feel Miami is is. She she she. Must. Be. Could be able to say. She Boyd off your list. Get go get a divorce. For Seattle Lopez is enough Ya. By? Norte. One. Or? All the hottest people, but as long the. More. Furious than Tom. Let me tell us? Theaters. There isn't this in stark. Okay. Now, she delayed. Chinese. Myself. I'm you. Know Ingraham. La Frontera looking. into. The I. See I. Lost me. There's. I I in that in that that map. Easy. Isn't. We are now. I mean she she went no and. Then they ask. Be Theology. Is. Abby. Roussel I'll add on. May. Come only got him. Broke up my heart organic ending list but. He is in the legal getting. Worse it. Got All them. Off, the Estarreja bear the Fed what I've been. The. Whether whether there must have. Shots. When Not Mcgrath? Yes. Went back on the southern operatic. At yesterday Mosey, he said look more Montana. Shape and Italian. IRA. Airlines Akio Psychic went back on the shuttle and the. Messiah. For hoyas. The night he was so scared. Asked out I. Am A veteran. Our Rocky Marie. Star, we end up on the KOMO. News. A standpoint who you know if I. saw. Effete battled. Apolo allergies. Semi Nita. Book. Guy Pacers a among. Horsey. Went Up. Illuminated Amir Bush was he what are? They. GonNa. Put it Amila cortisone. Show for my part of the. Delegate. See Rain novel only if you still. Can Affect US sending. One He. Looks. At. Little. Doesn't say after. A. Fair defendant. There's he get. Him Thinking about how Miami's When A. Garden milliard so. I can. Again and died that Leopard. Wave is. Not. Progressively. Yet what the last? One was. Bluffing holdback amid word of mouth was the Roman I didn't. Know. Info. Dealer. Lowered Afghan. Affair. Or not raw author all. Span Yoga Stein from Columbia Ecuador. YOU STACK UP I won't be. Mechanical Out Role. If meet up. To. From Dera yesterday, you know Mr Hanoi a he went up with another yes or no not actually not. Odd Not. Not. Hell fanciest, dying. and Libya. Dealing Immigrant hop. On Indo to still knockout young but a lobby, your marijuana. GonNa. Down through. Case without. CCC She went up the the municipally. NFL Focus. is about the only? Yamasaki Arou- E. All or so they know. was. Given the enters the Ascom females and deniers. Idiocy she Mersey. Says he or also Is in progress in audio fishy. Whether. It was really taught how much he would you? Yes he gave Mussa shredded tastes. Phenomenal. Alison Stewart Esteban though. Know. Around Now. Go. Glowacki. Nothing. Ah. Other Minana unless you're nothing. Bandy right. To go to war SWIFTIAN directories British spices pronuncia sweat. Yeah. You Bet El Caceres go to the studio or something they see the even the pass. Knowing, this Thursday media. Is still the implants with yet another Michael Mass Gunma. Facilities Gone Okay Fussy just. became fascinated Leno in Marina. Own I see. Rush A. Suspect that the US Lanez, the fussing garrison. Better. Not. Norway's. Does already passed. LemMe Unite up by Ito yet. Again is a part of the. Going on the fact. He. Is Stuck under the coma while we are hairstyle. A temporary pornography companion. Donald Chuckling remainder. D'Amato flexible. Shikhali out with the United Auto correctly we must have. It under the. Either not ever Yfuusa Ma. In. Second, little. Liberation in Santa to repeal industrial people diarrhea and helping you advice but he has said. So that the. Muslim format at least about Infant Loretta. Naive school shot then. Leaders Daniel. That he needs. Blow Newly. In Garissa Opening Okayama Smugglers University meet. In New Orleans in yet square. It necessarily style Yak ASEAN Goto were going to come. Out. Because he list our meter Sandia. Scandinavian. Greenlee, for motor. Mohawk Murano use a pillar. Inferno investigative quantity not looking bleak up extra people Confucian Muslim mosquito. Not GonNa, terrestrial against our parents gave her. I see game when the beginning I didn't feel ninety, Fizi Woodward Vivian. Must have did I don't recall nazi-era peaking but I said what he meant the Amendment Salem. Palestian Palestine shoe controlled input, but I will recognize actually even there were is to be emperor. Need. Kunda our MOMENTO norlander India in Panama Seattle been on knockout only sad I understood. When the? Humanity feel wow. I down. Iguana reluctantly behind their dollars Asahi is that he had A. Bombing your nostrils planets, but he only seat. bookie glass. Desirable. Catherine. Pollard. Steps but getting undercover completer only. When Dr Seuss Bananas Footsie, Mexicans Order To those communist accident basing. Your. The Amino Persona. Synthetic once we Will do that Renault last year nothing gay your own book on My steamboat. But Without Llamas ABC read I need a matter. I spit on the edge of this country screw theory winters. In Bethesda elastic. They not they know Markelle asteroid Lynch in front. Book. Notice Grandma's Motorola discount. Does with. You but I'm. BRANA. Mike Rafting, or buck. Is Allowed to keep that like a yes lobby. Theodora not. But on the real. Bonilla lack of those birthdays for thunder. Nassar Integral. was. Or know second now where fitness abused on Colorado study a lot professor. One electoral coming. Scotla. Enormous. meaning. Won't. To. Ride my colleague. By. I won't. Birds. WON'T TO IT Safe I say. And I. Don't. How Competitive is that the impact review? No ma'am be. Understood. Understood vs see another gets better than over one hundred theatrically without Popcorn Iowa's portable. Radios that will stop out I'm out this form on the side. There must. Establishing facebook tweeted. Up West route, abby ahead of to comment that your shit apathetic on on the show throws why they say. Are Beyond Spot Theo Aurora budapest-bound clapping talk on. The, there's Puffy or read our brochure manacle. Margaritas must be a little difficult as a stylish. Shallow you're Hetero.

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Musik, terror i Danmark og dansk filmindustri

"L. Now not yes we up uplands classes and say mentally mills thought the dollar. Ma even talk them breaks doable Qatari. This movie do they offer at posted will suffer the to a clue postage we to where move up institute we were posted to it also bought as of two relief. Yeah in Support A. That's awesome imposed from yourself is Yeah because Both excellence ask day because these a day those are the Gotti dislikes. Okay off the law school Boga as them. Cmo Who can see the PEG Abadia Job? Yadi what we look today. Take Mile away up slowly. Allow days early teens. Cobas pillow doll melt law. You're clinging Etta Diaz to why in quality do Jag Tina yeah end balanced Experiment victims as a bold she skulls of length adding Julia. Louis made pie is a man by Philip. White men and Talk Consol. Guede has alcohol. I will help follows a pro bowl participant hundred got back not by lack of us. Let's talk some of US have you go? Yeah advert about Cuba. Please give them on the Abbey just Student find his base as of yet fans on the August. If an yeah the national preferences yeah so going to shove a bill. Monica Seles SNUGGLE MILL. Amber. What was it says Gordon. That's really exciting stove. I list of you personally that this thing though that has been seen as either dog day they do targets team comes up last mind. You get sitting. Yeah that's funny actor. Just got that. Excel as you're involved a vice issues. We stop seat for the Yuppie Barbecue. Come in thank your men. The same as everybody see from what is taught us APP on the Non Stop Space Walk in the Kannada Drake. Yeah this is about is used. Insee hiding Somalia scabby didn't use assess okay for the data dependent. Samiti STOLPA TUBMAN PUTIN VIP. That are other movements vowed on billable. Let's as for the The voter if Assad Mesh some pluses on eight may it? The the Alto di Di di diamond disarm concede installer assert all schools. Not Something Sue if Mesh Mesh heartbeat life is good that they let it delayed doing future sincere. Who now plays Bass future additive? Good eating food. Menem is losing sight behind Took BOHEME VO. Drake's like a high one. The chips chips with a simple design advice. I if I usually give that you time I know but under no S- crops somehow hostile died or not from all of you. There was an drake Brianna to sign as soon as as reenact it down in grants to Host bold enough isolate them. All on the bill side note drink. Some going best again takes out of India as a Hindu off it. Ed To to fiscal could bomb hot. It got outfits on things. Take the among the open instagram. Bela Bela okay. Yeah I saw it on soccer the ought to be some into the Masa yes. I'm going to reconsider the neutral once. Dot Gov dot gate as narrow as a team. Oh while him still mosman altro. Drake is Love Story to story after the break fitting drake debris to giga for your spend little any. That's grandma nonstop Jimmy. We get a goal. She's the captain. Certain Super Bowl. Attacked him out there of Jennifer Lopez Shakira. A big as a blanket Delighted so they've already know that it's always taught school for something got can't yeah get funders. Takazato At this awesome government at the time for hottest There Robert Munich's on autism in Sacramento going at Kid Kim to Kim Kim. This is going to spill chosen to give the school united us? A This Guy Go Cobo Desk. Kobe chimps leak the healthy feed run on the first gun battle. That will just bill united. I mean I I do want to see as I say we got Boston. Bene- baby you say OBI's Bloom Yakuza. Better by exergen Madame sometimes on a major leagues on K. Who's who you got me. A fight US led to the drake nutrients Yup Yup Kevin. Yeah has had told Lennon blue. Seal than sixty tuna certificate In the autumn of Islam that's Menem Type of guy M Eastern Act is get they ousted binded Baynes afrobeat. Act The ice kit. Be Double as the ability to dream ago. Focus on yours. He's not put some and see women. He's on Tuesday resident data homesick. The FBI did had as a guest for Mexico for doing this. For Congress they actually got offers. Paddick met meeting again To Luke's campus still going to provide a five minute shock. Web's the magnetic has gifted bid NOM SEASONS JACQUES. Yet you'll see coup. Es Jacques Jac website a second plot at the same time of day at just how big a bowl. Enough is the vindicate. He who stood out. calvin quotas brody's jude. Thank you brought us through. Brody's yeah yes This is a focus on the beautiful was one of them yesterday. Nefyn that has the guts. Indo little new comes in defoe midnight by Donnie duly. All fuel yet to know from big bulls get a negative who's trump A. W. hosts it lamela novelist For the millions of demarcus. Bigly wke among meaning. I've sunscreen on Nettie looking at one side. He got mad kissed volunteer. What Mankind beheaded him. But you see the mid my the hadid swap stuff McCain fought the Hawk Stansell. Some men cited tell cold voting by skit on ankle able cheeky. Look US Google extends into this year Does for the Hormone Nashville but might move w not too is fingers crossed on day. They must be shouldn't say moms. Feel big dog. Labeled as a dismay global off as a kid and goof troop dyke as who will hate fest cable Cheo Than Deal Pinson. Chila getting mad at him an enigmatic bender. Elton John Circle you hike. Full Jaja Skeet Manar before bullish In the tool but couldn't Over MED default. A gift delays. In you look up believable. Hasn't their math. Acapulco if you can't always gonNA news moral bins knob on is the little legal. Nigga Nigga full of New York has had this on your. Who's coban him? Yamba blue woman will come fall for. Did they Monday night? That bullet pennzoil do more scuba. Oh my Goshi has more time available as the boss in one. The disc Up Six victory for two two Federal Iman. The Inaba yet gang is already held bill. Soma vividly move until Him Them A Going into the office of hunger for the admitted. That's SEAGAL MA in politics She's got a insects that I give a as often say except for domino long combat for us to buy some food that's pests slows at east side of Detroit at the at the big Gra On the Al Qaeda militant a whole the the angle young as a as a burns in sticks on the United States a bomb polite on farming Khuda as the founder Hannah Gold Sale. And it goes to the Yankee Poodle Volvo foot one or some. Dale shouldn't Saturday English Lou Lou as they are in a big a big a day awash As I in applying Dan verticals twelve in the defunct for the Dow. They'll dig dig on ABC wedding who got. Who'S GONNA lose and I'm I met the honestly a earlier young with all of Alabama's business will be upset certifying A harmless council consequential big thing Since we're getting other news a day will come up though Bubba well attack and more or less interest but but see I'm still actually imam although attack Or anyone tell Gate nickel-metal doubt about your some missing school persevered starter. Blending a sit. What set by the poet? W will go that this Manhandles other does electing one on Sudoku vote and they have do those at the you sleep in low bone data element football on the. They're not owning docile days. Yeah man housing some. It's US leading spit at a diff- missile nicotine as YOGA LAW ATOP MIO VOTING. Akbar's could look me. Push me through it. They got it off a hole in the fossil fogelman when the equal what he moves. Scotland computers listed at the wake. Low Key dip return. I'm asking all the Camera Lens. Love of people escaping. Thank y'all all at Dombrowski Abella. Department broadcast podcast. Maga goals BS hits paying thousands socio skied. They seem as the gangs Gabba. Kati K. on the stove. Rapid operators must give out the house on my boss sort of boy Johnson. Kim's Bill I lived device media hasn't been up I'm A soccer clubs to join the tank. Some of the actual six were not in what news? Then go a little a little clip go to the home of Yup okay. Y'All big conservatively. Go big of I believe basketball. Not to mention GUSTA INSECT EGG be joined. Did wealthy could did to some Abbey. John Extra he gives them died in. Twig had forget kid resume. I love good do about in Maximum D. at me escape moving down to two one dollars. Today was it. We've been district Johnson for killing hesitate would need to move. Keith's RB TO GET GOOD. Wesson say a lot of East Asia lessons lessons at the at the W. Observational Ri-. Do these jobs to remind some little sloppy. The one outside six thousand dollars takes place. I'm right about Nina matsue. Automating Man yes. You would expect to see that. They have hunted for the zoo. Basel get back your love at Massimino activity at the Relational East had announced all released. Who used to be follow the supreme? They're fantastic Allows US okay? Cap Sucks Yeah. He wouldn't want him to think of Beta Slob with some ski. Let's put civilians. I don't take yeah. Research Material Debates Hogan Him. I saw you know class stores to supreme leader. Yeah Kim Jong Un. If the Kim Jong Soo Kim Yong lighted both sweet joe for his last band. Scam Albacore area full tape with big thickening as Kim Jong Hoon on Line Sakes. They is not have dog. Good him boggled. It's not gonNA build a golden helmet. voted Sue Thousand Kim Jong Lymph on these. How does Akina Post said lead over wing and a Allegatio one one one one one hundred of the fuck am a documentary at day. Ignorance mine booth in pump. Cdc's has all the odds when all mental how pervasive year Hitler Loofah Than Upper Divine. Hymns booed Ed Buni Lagos now got Mike pointing the deal for the illegal shooting over mendacity legally blond dye glossy them has the pediatric knock it. I'd go to Iraq now. Do BELIEVE ON VENOM ABOUT MISS. Laney GIVE THEM. I was on the Twelfth. More funds Command SCUTTLE KEEPS OVER. Vizquel epilepsy Shoolchildren Novak Buckle Nate if November at Kim Jong Il Lindell. So you to deliver locally so I beg me for norcal a out to people. People People Bay. Okay okay. Yes go for Austin people but certainly forest Bangle Hawkins at the end sets of absence of people album. Is that a little bit of Cuban May. Just why I Muslims the Hula bottlenecks hogging but knives Leno love of Big Agency. May Be Kidding. Agents a few fueling FICA get. Yeah so Moscow Gaba Move. Ati Nuts as our food football manager So hit the mark. We're going to blow up a balloon club to All near take you one among stock agents Ryan Bugah a fluting also. Yeah go ahead. Having been to Manhattan has made people very billing for the goose nihil puts up. A tossed. Been Bolt is one hundred one out. I come to the wanted men and now people Hannibal suit than a simple system would local At team something that has to be hand. Camonte ebbets Fell yeah incident In Dos Could Felon Dump Dill Basil Space. Obviously Figi moving ahead. You did survey Beachell they how cute he tends kiosk. Miss in Jinks gigs. Caskey Boy Tiga Law Woman SPAGO. I'll be if Tom Over animal gives me to get in. Beverly would be neat to have the dog Autobahn Gala this on your NBA fulfilled. Looks good towels. The WHO even when you're at if you saw the crazy letts local look who against you into the Hawk as the manolas leading Mar. As of course it's the MINK. I whistle from all Sunday Sunday. Real-life day I'll take no medicine and inserting Yeltsin's Ed. But not see see him. Yeah all whim. Ingles Mindanao He that's good advice. You Jose bunching Didn't see the incident from legacy the astronauts at the as eve leave ups and Samal Bulletin Shave bad of Afa that much food stamp. Yamato linked to guard see. I'm filthy Bahasa model and TV at sale. Now be high ideals are top dollar. Go on them. Say Data Fed ideologues teacup up a distribution? Basu stenhouse then hopped in will happen to me should frontal. So could they got apple voice? As Mock Special Copeland Scout over the Dawning Habil at than has been going up to forty scuba dive ultimate. Seagull did not show in documents. Inc. said some bouncing what the fuck for the Ad Saga Hill Holding me. Up fucked up now him adept at opinion. The A as a Yahoo told votes awful movies eight as Madman. That's was a golden the nick. Estan the ALICA the false lease new vegetable and of younger elegant omitting yet Some stern hired on the no fritzy Gigi but the other. He's been held a throats. Abc News Uci Austin let flotilla industry. Capitalism are Garmendia Yemen. Many miss deal awfully open but hill now of yours. How realistic the flavor streaming changed Who's to appear in Kuwait City of streaming changed? Did something nitpicks Yoyo. As eligible mugging thin-skinned subscribers who inch fuel Israel stream chains as a some advil. If game of thrones From your mortgage a hostage that they were GONNA get a a did lipping Own thump Sukuzi. You can't use even saw woody fogleman Yankee late see at the Yahoos bigalow male. Y'All what are the most at the demand for the final of this momentum and heart you see Eli? Canadian's farmland is coming see managed over many times magazine. Lord so Ebba Susic the at Maganga Diogo de Haven flotilla industry Gubbay New Middle Yet. You could go the Yasha Handle only that's TV it for Putin excitement Bottom some impeccable netflixing takover Newton. Six Edit your say yours. Cbc Oscar Show Auto Fed idiolect people. If they in some foot style. Demigods put the mundane bullshit. Your hotseat they hit like Howson bugs yet they're not gonNA spill up then a fucking. This is that a dental VIP strong. Iva Okay take a other than the novel viewers half as unhappy. Okay for the defense will fight in LAS diffic- finger remember under. Don't give do indeed mysterious pretty aching nine for the past conscious Dhaka. May's own CEO at the bicycle. New for the pig novel funds at nothing Lama Died Ping asking. Could you been conference? Mostly Roman severe. Do this Youtube unitaid sets does book Bobby. Bill de Blasio food standing rule deal and Netflix. Hbo Amazon on Your House. Outside the grandson. Rufa fun is meant for Standing Yukon. Well Vietnam he knows hits misty of note for the record sale again. See yet jake muddle forty for at the Komo. You want to add middle of thousands of us for the book Bobby Hoff Elliot on Thames. Tv's head Dusters Doug stiles of Bounce Mexi you've also Didn't okay say many again. Model finishing the Hubby huffed. To Shit happens so slow at Anita new gun. Tv's biggest shopping doing CVC attic. They just itemize the exception. Not The scepter has some say Scotland that seventies show a hobby Lobby often homage mother Homage mother a Nolan on the devil. That Cindy show yeah. Adamson stacked friends notice a difference exotic Diaz Keio. He's not in full speed Minna. Haagen your company. You don't like Luna since cable tape on your mobile device your at the new New York because Noah saw as the new at don't bake not as bad this bag starts. The diviner can be few of us. That little like skips a different day for the heater nearby. From your bag of owning cold if the coal added a new I just a ticket to you did. Neither does boggle the I execute the pogs spoiled entertainment over. Yeah Okay Give. Imprinted pulse we. Yeah you a little heads to behave of those bit gone. Hey in at night when we got heads and David Edinburgh Full Netflix. Diet baton oversell offended than a the vessels to Affects new set? My job I think able president one last ride. Now since he's to me it was it was a because both values can cringe as a half is a consid- little gun was that. Okay okay. Assassin's creed you got a call of duty. Yes Grand theft also. Kicks all six. Ah Let's give you I got it. Delays on cater to the new capable of knickknack capable Lavar claim of this is unaware popsicle. Let us get if Capable of us by 'em head-on Glow Heater Battles Bureau Pusan's In could offer contol as you know the bit. The issue as top a came up a list of museums and okay out in member mood. And then they go on they. Also also I start off at this point in which he puts his book again. Listen to Kim. Accrues increases on La Bajada Hill Lou. Also new to me. So buckle up Ella your mom yesterday UNISOM speak the Abida fault. Bosley Excreta Hippo a full suit Denison Disability Magli collapsed. Ucf COMPANION Inbound Foundation than how panels Who knows five that monks human X. foundations by the woman helping to give us a stack could show may have a bug As indicated that the resigned as a minority who some as Abdur Sunday. How In store if you go up autumn can you ran. The is David Levy Khalid ibn Yay later to come Blah echoes safety. See What is getting off. The Bat No am Moon Grad School. Got US OF EVIL TO TWITTER. Am Block. Ldl You Geoffrey Clarkson Avenue they had us. How will the LASAGNA consists if that moves to placements south to south hoopoe top so a school inside the new? X? As an expert is wait was The handsome lip six of an socal give funds. Are they big fuss about? I hear it was just house. Because you've got the avenue Or Fremantle advocate. Thank you said and often does not involve feature stalled on the for sickle on the something about about lying and petrol end up in Newport beach of Y'all to me from my own trump trumpet let's see at trump. Let's hygiene nuke with is the last legal aspartame facility on Gaba Needy Makamba. Dowell stay off. Ought to sacked put escape his toes on the we had a dimple decrypt. The thing do puzzles. You'll the move. I don't have got all year. Five is now yeah. Yeah Mendoza's lamenting somebody there for your You know they have resisted yet. A reasoning it elbow so drake eatery. Well you want to Let's saw Abu someplace to discuss. Drake's Virginius Genius they have bombings Beta Laden off the punch line cities and six L. dollars assigned a heads up your fat happy fantasy The goal deciding has already it awesome? Let's raise them on the pros and cons. Legally nothing can decide trash a pass to relax a little also gives you on. My team is absolute limits. This comes as yeah unsown lose. Net was not. Maurice can give me a so if you spill device yes what if I got on the call made may may emeals. And he hasn't discography discography coffee. Tom W personal was an Alpha throughout most familiar. Invalids often influence got a hand has gotta go. Nancy's tendencies is transcribed so so topic. Welcome seat to Serbia Travis. Scott total songs number of songs of you got the fucking podcast. Most new vehicle based on the fatted. Don't Bosso here at very as a do. Thou must shift at the at fighting that. I don't why was aided by go. Yes give US tests. Yeah my absolute bio Silicon Scott. Paid idea tuten an who nervous about. So that's gone as tell somebody going fantastic heading Washington's giving us not the call. This song saw it hit the ourselves. Gifts ending opening sauce snowed. That much is maintenance of the lobby. The Yup applause. It's I'm view misuse. The woman handles Meudon Ten of them who is in fact of the Gospels and Yeah Yes can you give once assigned as sky late me trash Lopez trashing the pass off a two book? I listen so give them a majority TRIPP. Scott Leagues on their pick up the phone and Nazis. Jake clean off your bill. Something totally ever the common to date while I'm not loud interview equal Aman Newson do wolf is back on the guy. Okay I think Yup talk total number of songs all of infants who today so up north by civilian saga so you got pulled. England thousand connections. Do not be Some to us Try to yet yet. Yeah and Monka Embassy could go total number number songs off songs Yeah I I'm here or into cloud. Our Son has more seek as as a Muslim nine. Yeah when when I just get ten new buildings. Those you're hiring are going to be some leak. Wc says he had some yesterday. Just hanging you something to drink. But then they did. Y'All drake could cut the housing. What is to be laughing kissing coastal and the W todd does pushing gags Scott. He gets 'em Yemen. Five shoes at do schedule for the day. I think give okay. I'm going to dig in on a detailed singer and the sexual the at we thought L. Kid Cardis spotify title. Lt Edible Tannehill League or single or two guy some metric most gonna take this thing all apart colony also snogging As a visual news. What can I say hot? Jesse Smith at the Stop Up. Yeah also Naga. The podcast mullet did not. You know you've got needs to put costume whiskey. Nist podcast again. I'll God is on the Dick Tracy. So lets you be scared. He's gotTa go can Melissa. Until till Size the Milton love lobster Bay for two hundred fifty okay. So let's see if your gamma as a me too me so lonely to my sacred took over. Okay I do you have a maximum BOO UTAH. Spotify just maximum At the so far gone stores around the device About news media. Who else will just gotten so I?

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Painting and decorating Pt. 2

Pass It On

25:38 min | 9 months ago

Painting and decorating Pt. 2

"Tone wisdom shared by The Hague's face and occasional host husband of Scotland in the pages of the Sunday post in the nineteen fifties. What will they be today? Hello and welcome back to the second episode of our painting indicating Special Paschall with me. Steve UNCAST all these episodes or special only these episodes. I keep saying special special. Oh but we did the second part because Steve got so much to talk special because Steve's really passionate and now guys guys twinkle in his eye I'm GonNa make you love the first time ever since we started doing these podcasts. I have a plan saying I'm going to take this podcast from the sublime to the dickey's uninvited nickless. I don't mean Kony's to understand the plan but it never works. I because Chun I've got a plan to sell off with two three wonderful tips and then go two two hundred unusual. We might see Google stunt with a Steve. Thanks tips unusual. I know I'm accent. She's excited going fall to fall. I'm on Saudi teacher. Clean job when painting kitchen or bathroom tie plastic bags over the tops. They will be kept nice and Clean Mrs L.. BITTY killary Sleet Dundee. Now that's a good idea. My Kosei about north. Oh I I mean some some of the tips. You know practical value in some tipsters sub stalker by wash thing. I've ever heard what old I I mean. It's a bet on Ben. Vanilla precaution the fully decorating of them. roku fittings was bustling afterwards. It's any paint on. them can be easily cleaned off. Mrs D Richardson. Eight bevin avenue right hoop sutherland. It's almost all tip next. But what. Aw I always my first reaction is for that. First thing is probably implant painter decorator and a plastic bag over or in tight because otherwise you could clean the damn things afterwards which sounds good idea? I think that's a good check. Thinks manually whatever wipe it clean tops. I hope yeah but I'm spoke to pin on would make it more difficult but which for me today on a plastic bag over or something like that. I mean just whipping the opening done and then done was Bu Slava vaseline go to clean the vastly. And lastly what you mean is difficult to go. Once it's hard. I've actually known to date when the tip came from but if it was the very early nineteen fifties plus bugs. I wouldn't really very people baga suppose yeah okay close and not please I will give you a brilliant tip papering when doing a papering job. Try using a pinch roller to apply the paste. It spreads a piece evenly is quicko unless Messy Donna. Blush there's a C- Hoopoe one hundred. Eighty eighth central street. Classical kessous faces. Let's gone mind equals blown. I've never s to recruit me but it makes Sumer March saying it's absolutely so bad. Why is it never occurred to me? Why isn't that just what people do? When they're putting a why is it a brush is there is a reason for this? Okay guys off. You are very adept painting a rule of dipped in various lamey wallpaper. Peace will tend to slay Tarallo Than Tun Eh. This doesn't happen. I always use a push. Could make a Grippier wallpaper ruler repeal like John enchants. Do you have a stressful wallpapering brush. I absolutely do yes. Especial weighed it is. It's fairly long handle handle because it tends to throw up into the kitty. No I tell you I don't like I don't like Wolf people which you have to piece the wall. I always find out really difficult. Bizarre is aunt quaint. Little People's in league he's never wallpaper. I think I'm using me. There's certain type of mine and Steve is that certain type of man who who when there is in the offing. Just get the twinkle because they get a chance to bring the workmate bench and all the special screwdrivers screwdrivers and I do love Kinsley or deeds and your favorite brush. And do that tell you guys. I was in being cute. And I passed the to section underwood's e e wrecking ball which is lovely piece of metal which is bent at the end. It'd been slightly damaged and it was food pounds and my excitement at getting tremendous rickandbubba which is about three long home. Made of solid steel for Oconee but my excitement again this thing was absolutely off the skill. Gill had I was willing to bet myself not lots going real quick before. NBA Pick up things. Yeah check yourself these. I think this is an American American name. When did it become a wrecking ball? It's a crew bar. Oh I see. Since the crowbar anyone else Lincoln Riley say US know. Yep Okay get Steve Steve. Oh my God. We should toll or the governor's trophy to talk. We always take the mic I over a Pleasantly respect for the maker of my wife's Granddad and Dad who who are of that generation that type just like uh-huh with any old any as witness carefully squirrelled away I own many but to and The point of which she go that that needs though it. I've got just the thing. And there's a spatial off caught somewhere as Regal a new still carpet fitted and it was discovered that the bathroom awesome state which is amazing area the steel city. We're going to have to record this gaffe one day. Just I'm not sure it'd it'd be loaded into I could. I could make sort of speak to secure speaking. See if you beat of anyway. The mezzanine floor state was a bit iffy when we got the old cop up. So I go out some of my bits of wood and mended it wonderfully well and there's no the most solid stay up in the world not state will still be living in those. And I've a message. Steve I tell you the image. Emerging of Steve's palatial NFC. I'm I'm still on era him ball. I have constructed my husband done. Diy things through the sweat of my Brown strength of my on my road IFC. So I am a envy. So we've got some friends in London a WHO had been working on their hice since they moved into it and while I look at their updates Massachusetts off of or Komo work and you know the chaos uproar and you'll laugh and plaster walls taken died and I think Oh. That's a Lotta work and I'm I'm also because whenever I visit is beautiful night is gorgeous. It's just highly wanted and it says there is obsolete satisfaction guys and take on a job a big job for instance. I took all the lesson. Plus dot awful and I got joining Lanarkshire to help police especially the ceiling with their plus still booth Naomi how the Games taped but the result the result of our dining room absolutely love lamb plaza and the old days laugh and the plaster. Oh No Latham Bluster. And that was sort of framework of wood between the wall the stonewall and then to got three Malkin horsehair thing yes. Imagine sort of a bunch of stripes. Don't wall of bitter would do before onto that. You would tuck stiff. The loss which is very thin would across the way so you sort of had a ribbed effect over the entire wall. Then you would plus on top of with horsehair and mix not was was wholesale soy with plus on mixed with horsehair and give you a good sewed wall. So why would you take off then. We'll get back. Yeah sticks become no. It doesn't get stinky of roles but not in the sense of soft and pliable and if you have a neil screw into it's it's sewing so that does quite a bit of damage is not very forgiving. Nobody Holding Suffolk. I will see as well Am I I am I. It makes me sad thinking about the I haven't done this of diy not just because there's an apartment we'd like to have beep as mine lease is that but more like I can't afford a house. I on a reasonable salary. But the you know we knew the multiple for people of my generation between annual salary and buying a house prices are significantly more than anywhere for my parents generation. I get I get released. A heart and frustated angry. Quin people are. Dismissive of young. People are Avocado Toast Latinos. And if it just saved up it'd be able to buy Caesar's we still live. It's not an option. No don't get upset. I bought my first house before I was married in nineteen eighty six. And if I was coming to do the same it would be an extremely difficult thing and I have benefited. I'll have to see through the house. Places Boom we first house in Nineteen eighty-six and then sold pulled it food years Letham at doubled in place which was wonderful. But that's a terrible sort of way for people to be presented with. No you have to want to buy lives. How expensive is it? No Glee and that's my usual In so many ways but as y you got the thing you have with your host getting six year lifespan. Because is the only way they can make his illness as one of the ways high-seas our first or second time boy. We could double a much lesser types easily but like it. We just barbers because we had it was what it was and it was what we were looking for but we we actually bought the house. We could evolve and talent the most expensive. Yeah well like being vacated. It was the most expensive one we had looked initially when it came on the Marquette. We off because remarks wasn't fun enough but we've been looking for so long that we hadn't actually reevaluate Ed's so when we first looked we were looking at like not necessarily flats but so to up to sort of you know terrorist interest. Yeah em but now it's totally what we ended up with this totally different and we're going to have a quick break. We'll be back an Emma and I would rather take a break. We'll just interface a Middle East all thing of property prices so yeah I agree quick break. Oh the pond books the perfect gift for Christmas or even any other time of year especially for your favorite all of who will find lots of near. They'll recognize nice. You can get twenty percent off the on books a DC Thompson shop dot co dot. UK By using the discount code thrifty at checkout and `and asunder famously overseas. Check the episode nuts for details and terms. Here's your bonus outbreak tip. After boiling clottey dumpling. Removes the cloth and immediately sprinkle sugar. To over the dumpling. This keeps it from forming a halt literally skin. We did stray somewhat from. The point brings back. WOULD YOU MR Finnan. I will funny ones. That's that's exactly what I intend to do. And we're going to start with this painting before starting a painting job. People wearing glasses should slightly smear the lenses with soap. The fine pinpoint pink spots can then be easily removed from the lenses on completion of the job W Malcom of Kura House Port Nakae wins a pit of tolls for law. That's nonsense eight rates. Obviously Eh if you smear the lenses of glasses with soap you wouldn't be able to take the gloves sugar to them. Oh what the point is your vision most impaired or smeeting. I find that quite like vaseline on them isn't it. We'd be see the same sort of smudge gene beer goggles. You'd fall over your wife again. This software vastly lanes effect. I loved a little bit of total so Now I'm not saying that this was abbad tip because there's no such thing as about in this book about an unusually slung tip. I think these days I just. I'm using the payer glass. Actually my sufficient thought too bad just hitting his off Do you know by the way I got prescription swing goggles. which mold me think of that scene in Notting Hill? When Hugh Grant Sitting with Ah Ski Scuba Mask thrashing expensive? I seem to be very expensive as often. No most weeks but like with my my daughter and just putting right in the pool. But they're transformative. They start from sixteen to equate all expensive. Actually quite good to see more with your goals. No Yeah I think people that can do alliens. relies on the worst. You're kidding no babies do I can do it and I'm not to be. Oh we know that Younan Ilian light another slightly unusually slant at one the simple decoration us autumn leaves to dictate a plane punishment. Lump she'd press the police leads from Your Garden. Then stick onto the sheet when lump is lit the clothes and leaves shoe up and old including Mrs H.. Bell Heil Kroft thirty. Three white close gate cut lyle. Now again you will have spotted the obvious flaw in this. No you stick real garden leaves onto your lump she'd they will very quickly drought flick off and you'll be left with a slightly over. She can scabby lump. Suppose you could show shipwreck them as we talk varnish them yet through. It's about like the what was that stuff. Barco Lebar Bolt by bull. Yeah yet how twenty such a cynic want you to do no thank why These leaves are Nice Guy. I'M GONNA mystic come on Malam Swe Id no. That's not it to sully I like these slugs in the garden and let me stick them on my mantelpiece quite the same thing like okay next. In this case I will impress you then stripping wallpaper jozy foam sponge self lean more for soothing wallpaper prior to stepping it's less messy than brush and the long handle enables us to reach the top of the ball easily. MRS SB Guy. Host Hotel Azzawi didn't win appear more tale worthy doesn't it is yeah than the leaves are evident was the one before the glasses. Yes through yeah. I'm Alexa Dot Nethercutt those mops that year squeegee squeegee types yet apply to get. Yeah like that. Do not need an extendable. But I remember when my mom and dad would strip wallpaper off the walls. We'd hire a steam thing. Yes I want one of those. I ever need anything. I'm going to get more expensive. I can tell you the first customer service. If you use a little ingenuity as I'm about to tell you you would need to come to me. You would do this instead. New Pool filling to fill holes after painting. This new paint left us children's plasticine who is can be almost any color Mrs M. Smith Sixty North Hill street live on my note. Seven primary colors by exactly exactly and you can't squish ECON but it doesn't exactly mix it just marbles doesn't really well you could if you will not between Honda becomes quite pliable you could plus into then Wab Bob. When it dries out goes costs as falls imagining a new farrow and ball range of heritage colors of plasticine yeah bright green gene bright blue bright yellow? What's your opinion of fancy paint? Steve Spit you have opinions on sipping powerball Fethi the jocks could've against outsourcing. Tell you really fascinate me by paint on John. I can't wait. I'm the if limited at this point to spend the suspense. We can calm another one compile street in the Senate jump. I'M GONNA cough by Buffalo. The thing that faucets me about paint UND- pets Okay the names see when you go. I know this wasn't worth the term rules when you buy poll will people purple pink. I should often does either of that. Usually it's called something like moaning honest and you look at it and it's exactly luckily. Yeah I was actually listen to every podcast something ranked purple which is jobs Branston. Susie Dent Language and suzy was talking on that recently. By the fact. She's she who is not a prude. But she was quite. Am I by the names. For makeup these days overseen dot twelve thirty to forty fishing yes girls Charles spatially and it was things like three so one cold or got something orgasm one called deep throat it was quite am were obviously tongue-in-cheek which is also a sexual thing quite tongue in cheek but she was making reasonable symbol point. Yeah there is reasonable slightly uncomfortable but especially for the Yes under these. I mean I like the creativity and I was looking Again types of copper came exhaust one that was called hoppy biscuit and I thought it was Abi. NBN Biscuit if any all too happy biscuit was Bijou to give the copy guy thought over sailing. It's like jumping like polished pebble us. Good what color would what he's an. I shall Jila Sheila colored by the Sapphire Schlundt congratulate you for nailing those but I see you just yeah. It's really my daughter. I went through a garden centers and smelling every young. Don't do that then. Who are you? Have you ever been have you. How the Yankee Candle if you've never Komo paint dragonfly those a guy online who collect unearned has a website has Yunky Kandal collection and I look the website that my my daughter? I look at that website and I think my God that man is such pseudo move from me as a human being a human being as to be another species icon margin wanting to talk to anybody about flavors and smells of kindness That's the problem there. Steve flavors involve -ly going wrong. Okay I knew that I would bet candles as would wake king of got. One of those footy works that cackle on pump. I feel that my life is incomplete. Now come on over. I'm going to your life complete boss painting or painting a pass. WHOA WHOA WHOA? Ah What's wrong as like Cleland's that you get for kids in new okay. Let's let's look on. They'll go through it. Camila before painting boss get a lengths of old cycle tubing and push one end of the hall was a Tom On the other end of the Cold War Top. So you go you shape. I imagine this will catch all the drips and low the painting and trying to proceed without a monarch of any sort the tubing can be slipped off and the water poured into the Washbasin G Gee. CG Alban threatening partick one appeal to law towels so in and of itself is good books folks. If you're painting a bath taps you don't smoke marring the surface so catch them use shape and length of tubing is a sensible precaution however however this returned to the greater point as because you guys are young you all the stakes no Kalinka. You're thinking of a plus buff as Modem. No I'm thinking even if looking bass well that's a novel and back in the day they will meet of cast iron and The paint job done on a man novel pink job and Yeah Polish up and thus the well and pinning baths was it was acquired. Was that are you. Are you having also. I'm Susie we know how many on Orlando will. Water would come into contact with the Hispanic National Pizza very specific thing and it's a vitrified thing. Is You have to like paint. A thing on baked high temperatures to to to you could get an animal that will just dry normally an of largely the same effect but but people did used to paint bonds bats. Because they've come change the color absolutely seventies. Would they be getting their Africa Doo plus bonds and fact. Avocado boss are horrendous. My motherhood one. This'll go stop semi can tell you anyway. Goni I've had enough of you all. I'm playing this to name because I don't think enough respect has been given to my I indicative and skills I feel. I should have been awarded several medals. Judy mclane just got off. But did I do know because just insensible thank on Higher Hyatt painted indicator not join us again next time. Four more genius or possibly madness from high solds of Scotland in the nineteen fifties on for more nonsense from us in Scotland Today Chris. You're with all personal appeal on behalf of Coney Stephen Me we saw off making this podcast. Hoop Oh keep doing so for a long time to come but we need your support to prove this worth doing. There are three ways you can help us. Keep making episodes the first one of the biggest differences by buying the books. They're stuffed with hundreds of fasten clever and occasionally Diorite daft tips on. Steve Said you can get twenty percent off the discount code. Thrifty DC Thomson Shop Talk. UK next spread the word. Tell your policy listen if you need love it too. And if you tag the pass on poured on twitter or pass on tips on facebook Luke we'll see you and we'll give you a big virtual case and lastly subscribing rating and reading the PODCAST. Especially if you're listening apple podcasts. Help other people discover cover it when they're browsing and looking for things to listen to anyway. Thank you so much less than if you none of that. We still love having you see you next time.

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Namibia. El primer genocidio del Siglo XX y un tesoro de leyenda.  Ankawa Africa 44

Podcast RadioViajera

59:58 min | 4 months ago

Namibia. El primer genocidio del Siglo XX y un tesoro de leyenda. Ankawa Africa 44

"The Community Guy. Waffly got open an advantage Delta Talk Plan Young. Do I do the following many those on. Koa Bro. Buddha's evil by kissing. Dvd's authoritarian INTERCON. Didn't they must day if you don't ask guy found? You ought to come over to the total spices for one. Don't get mad get even. It's not former and I draw tangled ram about Arlene solar ninety. Seven Diet embiid We would we want us to many of those are our guide mass myself into that hitter thing though the the soon I lost my now and it's the kindergarten rather Yati Window Donaldson Derriere a three hour in the guy he to England shallow Kashia looking decades from testing. That gives the little dittocam but it is the police Gore e you've shallow versus when there's sympathy avenue booklet short. I mean they democracy that laterally that India via stucco by that border. Koby dog stop by Sandwich or ideas parameter the Neko more severe. No they're gonNA issue and they don't know man. Kalam home which is pushing for these more or who start. I ain't got. They moved out of there as soon as they will which is going with the Modena's he's studying. There's going to continue to actually though that will now terminator bidault. This can actually though or scare gail on Komo News as the school deal actually secondary school. You will now better that. She got a Hoodie on that case. I'm not sure what the last this is composed Syria fiddle. But okay the other night. How he I actually GONNA everybody. S I meters gushy Fundacion sorts knowing Russo sorting. Starting to ask I don't know there's just another. Em which actually started yesterday documentary on the one this in Chile we'd be means is Komo from salvo or which story yesterday started together own own neto middle guy when he started what they showed on sorta either or was sort of manage condo on on. Namibia this up. There's Brahma forget. Even though this story yesterday said the Shuttle Guitar Piano Sanguine Throw Prosecutor Quality. Studying money's gone in Namibia. Maybe our Rotan oin and applicable and the other She can say what they speak. Opening made alive life story. A Katy Aspergillus V. L. or the employment in Namibia. Yes K. Story Minorities thirty dollars per going to continue deputy with the inge but then Anthony Aucoin one immediate steady manner. This has got mean Portelli story accurate said in a few yoga before in Namibia. Maybe able take of little tiny managed to studying together. Catheters from booking. Suman is at all is begun. Those they case study. Maybe A- as the colonial Hugo should last. Let's em because we're not gonNA go more now is sort of legal avenue in Namibia. The other day What SINGLE MEMORABILIA. And those kind of yours. Those control of economic news radio your in behind Mika Tabuchi and wonder party. I'm unreal to Ethiopian annuals. There's massacres they've Mamiya you'll say they don't. I mean I hated nemesis. There's and colonial. Tally is and inter-squad. Through Emilio in Ocho maybe then yeah lumber the Africa Roy whom doggone Dole Cameroon elaborate on Deena and Taliban Tanya IT ALEPPO. Theon pastel every correspond the NFL cylinder right or another qualification year will no. That's not going to see that in the mill or took industrial chin. Quattro one another's must meet. Yeti course simple must combine as the only own theon. Radio eight or Sheila's is only ask Don. Thanks muscle retailers. They sturdier who's difficult ordeal phone no colonial yield dimple better. There's the Cincinnati Ohio Innuendos that Who Teeth yet inquiry India? But I'm bicycle need at as do Her heart an extended orders this year to machine British their moonlit Ibn Lure Mass anti-war I think less theorist fifty. This is still terrorists in hearings to take a solo is picking units by media prematurely money by not catalyse they can ask Stubborness in others in hold horseshoe willow throw insured that by Directoire by either to Amelia on Alex propia dilemma. Your part hinted advice. The middle took interest in taking co Emiliano Inter stress if the exposure Nacion Dog. Let's get me through in contractors. Collina's seven daycare on our it strategy rallies in industries. Come into stimulus manos. I said we'll tell you when you don't amend looks much really get out of rain. Yes that I said. Listen Miracle That umbrella no. Let's say my knees customers would on your wish you get immune media Qatar famous. Those commandos for me let Lothar Trotta to shoot at assigning median inch portrayed as a lymph will or shall Linden Menial GOING INTO THIRD INTAKE. Call a man. Nasty does Sacchetti so that embargoes. Mrs Hombres Mujeres Ninos in Oakland. I'm Marie they sit in this year. Even the Real Lebron. They won't throw it at mattress. Triggers Sakashita look winters as coral had quarterback atom? Says this This Lucia levels under the ordinance named Both those the hour in Dental Sleep Com karate trump Alec Cassini were actually View as recommend nature Nothi Conde- Corriere Komo in Bonn throat in. Minot interested in dangerous. He three years. This was this word. They WanNa Mooney Lucelia from memory their school so as cars. Shusha furious foot on. Triple the other portrayal familiar. People who buy in those mill says lacquered control nominated petroleum headed or strategy hit. It'll an this Bush. Choose this Indians. Baharan and media but only say controversy. Done this a little down for my second. Delicacies Indian foon them in the other fellows John Lewis Thirty Colon. Can't this API show your lap? Adl or stealing thirteen demille iffy in Milpitas Seanez. What runners this it anthem Solo would scheme Famille? Lucas Opponent Kahlo tin think for funeral. Food on exterminators nemours. We have a theon run been member laminated Ura Buta Quinta ally urea they'll super BBS's put an immune composed there your William via in Namibia comedian up at Speaker Own Satan yesterday Fetish Scene Dora shaded what hoopoe must important but they are providing thea years NASA CIRILLI. Mutri's this familiarize consider outer faces shoe that but if I'm in love yes. Portal is another sectors emasculation aesthetic indoor Chevrolet mania but Economica Shrimp theon in Detroit. If you feel you got the England the KAMATA. But she didn't think daddy that I saw theon overheated going threat of him not view go in needles. Nunan media in intercede in thank wattle. He said there's another Biak alone but it for much for Steadier Mindy Immigra- is thought for Needles. But according to only use our in authority that is professor learning there. See that the cancer than they're seated pick watering daniels reparation. Surely they start here. Dingo Shengelia man been the most will up there that they will not be Asia other ways. We'll show sexualities come to Markelle. Kahlua Killian Los Altos Hills Navas Marcus who protests in their mortgage russia-nato saying condemning Macquarie's ideas but will divide Dan Yan Mahorn official. There's there will be for parity less so CABELA's potlucks Nana's it has thrown up more than the Atlantic immune it insure llegado -squitoes in heretic will other scale. Kito. Aniela is no Kellyanne pristine than maybe Komo Colonia Yucky. They report therapist. And IF YOU'RE NFL DOODLE. China's come to car her copay. LemMe Mortgage thirty color view. Get COMMU Khakassia world. Yes he posted at deer and number two Guinness Better. They don't love you the motorist or some other luther for you. He said I should Africa for example to provide E. N. Orlan get us get Other continuing expedia could be forget about the strap of yours all colonial at the Roy Moore Finished today gets your Sunday on Kabul India's Ghana extended memory of Internet either mantha contender. Belene Google but appreciate Duggleby at an early man Aragona fishing. Got Your NBC. Johanna Theo no renter precaution in struggles. Is They story here? She says colonial ammonia bidders are Kenosha. Appreciate that political if it out. No Sally local you will get on that Pity although view on the second. If we knew that you're highly APP. He Hilo yet. You're liable local. When he got him bully. Gather video connector. Eko there sorry manage important. They company electoral intercity no Chaman to Komo career in Hilo Windy Nature. It'll be an MVP colorless customer regular female on Amelia at the official and pay us. Name Me Next. That one or one window get equity victims nephew. Dan Children Show these study copy. Dow Window submitted Lucia story other domestic the mantas skillfully. Money's credit the indies Olympia. Granules Decarava is key Pasta Peron in the money but to the other until I food or poor demo area threats I news attacked Amanda I will restore in September on lamantia. They will maybe one of dinner. Your case down in my notes. There's this Corner University. That is hit a minus Lucy studios lavatory that with Paula. Young Those Permanent Committee that true point game which she study. You'll come to down. Glow get cinnamon in it host and nephew under competency contender. Theon this truck a one that colonial in Costa Knuckle Theon Quesnoy ninety main own any the combat data in Doria billion that Tara Linnea Shelly that in grumbles episode lenient. I'M GONNA be your job. Electoral they don't go rather than Amelia Pantry for that. I'm to let other kid live headman gooding that result that let's go methodist in money at media. Impudent in those meals says its annual fuel and advice. Africa is pathetic. Our Abo Sadia Ellen Demeanor you get an with your money away. But we've got owners through theon contained much parties. Mattie I gotTa Nickel Miss Funes it'll in the DNC complete leader their professional competitive salaries cornea. Is He for Borstal? Let's get us for an expert. Yeah that's one imposition. Dealers editors tally minus is though Cynthia in with your multi will internally into your in the video he says the hidden that the Anna Orienting Leviticus acid greenness contra low money that can cheated a common. Can you look it in less competitive? Komo Dan Lewis with you as she of Pasta in Dhaka sheerness in Julio Doritos in Skamania nausea and I still do be look though that respect guessed the latter yes totally bit or not whether shattering every Dabney Amino in the gave them into but appropriate have a feature sapard of eastern cuddle. But because they been in those who king say I say get Catherine Jeremy No but Carol reto Muslim Siegler trask Mugabe warning. Ucla KILO ratify enumclaw. I say Boko began minting instead of me no. Tv In bleaker in into review. But I cover one answer yes feelings. Isn't it guess what did Gush Orderly Process? It's the as look in Namibia. Could not your not your in via if we're planning year about they'll cater for two birthday and the of course we have is from your Salamat Indonesia on twentieth on another city. School public radio look within when come into content gone locate the. She didn't get bench. Yucky is our consensual. Lucia does is down the kid theon interest Kelly. Money impressed in you can not get pushed. Can Media print the Patrick toward there? You go so you can buy is nobody that he has school in particular base and look at. Oviedo conceded to Embarrassment see I just had my Negroes messengers story year daily money. A- see knowing much English the on the bachelor colonial study. There's not saying a hassle. Almost the airport on colonial in Montenegro Syria a star I am. It's the moment to go in Amelia of Girka for typically. Podcast do that. Ronald McIntosh is comedy ended up all of theon. Adelina Makomo. She's done though. Anderson Years Squadron Richaud Ocho heron arrays or the meal on worth twenty different industry. Interesting Windham Hill Big Sean asking that your Grocery Stores Gun Komo Pretty Medicine of your there. Siegler maintain that. I don't going to on a political role individual while I'm better located on Komo. Hannah Theo bitter. They established in see. Toby annoyed Joe. Going in diplomatic economic gives every overly other see them and they're and and this is the annual by shallow a yellow. Pti local Vietnamese and depends on the on the mental at the only at the end though Complaints Finance. Geico more of it or is it happening in the on the royal our we do you buy Directa Jaundice Seen Kandar Corner Shadow. Ecuador's kinder's need another shot at short yet. Yoenis Order GonNa tell them about our Shepherd Institute of yours overshadow in band-aid Lena. Biddle she gives red alert Kelly Mugniyah. He'll talk therapy. Not Leo is compromise. Know MEDIA ARE COMBINED CHECKLIST. Economic Government laid at another initiative. The an opponent. Oh since theon gate mono kitchen vocal majority Enough he says he started asking me. Then GonNa Thurman Hord Larry by system for case on Komo Sean. Focus on location in stick. Aso A stepper. American theorist Lebron been table is in Namibia. Thanks bye do stomach would die in. Go off we got on the get us. He'd contender Spetember a Sabrina mea in their day but noticing context to the on the they start any money a colonial Cohn Cohn Namibia Charleena. They've been million to five joist. I ended up Forgave him years. Have story out. Maybe others. Is that NATO anecdotes about that. And then from indoor as they look in the is not media but could have got the orbiting -til that I'm sure they will meet all again Thirty children they give option. Add Allo Stadio then again that they will not let me go. She Mr usually short and uncle story. Yeah so we say and others they disorders Akio glycine between going through dish auto disorders of Beata nor leg Hawaii lasorda's Dorado regulates directions Just disorder which we don't actually story out and now they don't from Linda Inda Kim Salvadorian Day that they just stay on though mutual shutters disorders. They stay stay on the bill. Landau the sage me your name. The alimony in mourning. That's the auto able got under the him. Nothing in auto journalist Markovic lactose that she had no on. D. Was Casino on the kiss from Toronto. Both my nauseates me over the years they were GonNa say in calculated kissing. Winter is continuing as a gay. Muslim Cheryl's C. A. Upton edify after the study okay kick on our do we have the lower level g Koto or Goto the position contrived movement maps fatty mandate is. You'RE GONNA we won't eat now. Maybe but I mean come but the were on the Royal Bengal then maybe one for Capri beal from Holiday Caprivi north of the media because the Seattle Paul Logistics from Juanita's Dany to train those locally. That is game. One aim to contain but this contra my yardage media reduce kicks you stand. In in an loan Dole Medani Docomo Komo Kadarshian Control Colorado Mundane Wrestlers. Corio them and their local call in on call. Alan the harmonize as he. The that Hamid. Who's got into Horford results from brutalize? The this the reduction throwing in Maryland. Maybe argued your on the areas or you police. You gotTa Potocari. Data mente rather bit automatic on the window of the year or not mechanic era awfully Bandai I with a hint of inner. She the mobile. There's the impact Tawfiq or ten millennials in Ladera actually Bantu career Gabriella spectacular. Didn't isn't a format of humidity I'll do. Hr SUSPECT METALLICA TAKHAR ABC data gathering data sources. Tackle Lana Maryland make actuaries Bill Gates. Who met Dane but they eat a minute. I thought she does not mean. We think rather muscle in Alabama they have to we'll Doni she's had his own. Kbm value and another fish Michio but not in in two or yes. You said he was going to do a show without A. Dr Aristo was Vida. This goes on own level or is it a minority those levels rallies getting level they talk into Deora but it collapsed by CASTA. Say that there will diplomat is that she not. I'm we focused meters are de la La brea allow the loss of of San the guy. Ac's guessing if you got fail in radio. Can I thought once Nice Angel Number or Jacobo Gain Orgy Herro into watch? And if he got all your food look pretty scary. Star on allow them Francis Gutmann economy. Johan Sean gained rent issue. Skit allowing gummy Tissue you've in your I would go in meal. Wouldn't they Law Did it. Oh impish anti hero in media that idea in video della Savannah Freak another media hit a bottom. Are you mean so nosy on thoburn thrown up? He I wouldn't say I wouldn't still running as a we're simply by big intre interested in style in logical era issue. No no immediate. Another comedian most game when I go shopping. I WanNa skin meters the metro much. Porta out here. That while they did a book on understanding full no presentable. We that you're going to accept them in the GIPPER. Phony that Dini Secretary. So she got. I must be in meters per phone requires lower level must perform those Africa. Cdn for they will see not. Yeah you say whether you owe to go. The most called show generally study. I use K. There's Donald Try. Landell she say in in Financial Mundial Lot for US botanic e traffic on US owning but our school China's silent Mondays Elizabeth do. This interim there's cows sort of Africa and this after your orange fee sleep Kenyan bunch we Lester Patel Monitor. Leonardo Pisano manners in academia in Goma last even I'm yelling is routes through bay routes to me they don't throw pass. They protect fion- colonial get endlessly manage but our last year residents alley managed based on this phone. I Fono Lebanon at to all data. Media is the shrewd trooping ensure on the medium skin. Colour interesting feed him on or any THEON OUT BIAS. Danika. He's roughly got Dante tomorrow in theon. Look at it can no kidding Kadarshian in the shit that and your proceeds from Indo gang in manage their food Africa or Danny Gordon. Yes He. They're much younger. I wonder there stick around in a looney gone yet it allows for marketers thirsty Thursday. My idea mpn alum total Dodo Albie legal unfolding lawyers the lower than dump 'em secret owner Mandy to get the dog was nobody actually L. dollars from thirty. I really wonder although it'll see into position. Kenosha the law of Daniel ellsberg idiocy. Get on on. This guy. Has Got Finished? Theology Morita? Stop being neither Mister skittles. Komo for twenty months rely on them. Arita continue March they see me the Marcos Michaels in Malta. The auto in the auto garage. It looks at Maitland again. Anything killing Tom. United States do I say materiel Douglas's inclusive stone gives them. The legacy is concerts as Megan. Is There Marcus lemonis in Ohio? Or Or is the media. When I'm out of luck you know. Auto Bush say when this dispute those ones has he's thought he is iota seagate and from this our voice. I've you get more income diversity in its Yoro with essential Hito now though. They seemed in daycare in the Aurora. In that is through localized. Hickey Cesspool. Matthew you can. It's still so you think the Korean Tissue Dirani US lower. They're going to get. You'RE NOT GONNA. I'm without around with a gusty up source. Dempsey savvy here on this canal on the run. He kept win Shuki inaugural nowadays Boothia. Bogus Delo there's you guys have to say it's disorder is okay and then Anna Lee because we're that can mean with intersection day. Quadrille say throw out yonder. Somebody NEEDS US. Expel Horse they swoon. In Management Amelia safely a Inmates Yon Liberty made emission Fiat defeat. Guy Guys that the showroom staff they each seeking cheese which more canyon is a one shoe of Kadarshian on donal. Which was using. I gotTA show these thirty other than they've been. Duke include the struggle on each one to include started minimal. Show second anymore through Gillian. Date every thought thought on days that I will Bush Immersion the difficult with little Gennday quattro. No saying gone through. No saying it's got me on his MARKLE's auto On a actually met your prostate. You're is you don't know that that's going to feel that way. They wanted of Municipio. Theo gone they say wound. Lamb professionally a superhero on Hoon. The whole thing of here and we don't I thought might say asks Donald Theaters that are in middle in this. Schumer here on Thursday. They must have into all got the auto Detroit in concurrent crucial. Thea data and going through mass. Memento in Nevada governor McAfee rueful mood wizard them which only Melissa born again cake guide yet on the our Kudos impala staples any malicious rather wishlist. And in the phone. No they don't going on not your next thought our state disorder seagate. Csm The that agenda today. Starting in buster sanguine controversy ceremony internal level Saturday. She says the sort of ceus. Viewing this thing about easiest. Siegel who talk about. Who didn't have a whole new set? Unlv Super Euro Reddish Central. Your those says by these delicate Games this sort of see you who do CASSIEM cash doodle author take not gonNA throw no yet ending returning mission. The majority Embo from the level includes all will not be a Cup Cup your or when they put Al. Hadi yell at Palmdale lovable. Costano SHECHEM activity at without a holiday in Kentucky. It's the digital media. Dinner Charlie managed. Ls shoot get on sat on a level kids having In others this hotel. But what were they doing? Because I've gone. Charges See said SORTA but the loan maybe at the end getting mustache. A the fact. That was cut Dawson Marshall. Alabi STA truth by Saturday's should read more Sunny Melissa. Dudas WHO's GonNa come in Novitiate data? You're serious case we in the media wants. So what's the word I must be in particular that later? Shah so you little hip kit for finding New England threat. Whatever is only done in in Bay window show allow particular Malays. Hey addition Kinski did not put out of the your shortest. Komo's Pete copy home and Gosta does kick out Komo. She's a Democrat Fico. Khumalo petrol deport between will deign Matsuoka Moon and see me through that but if you're a colonial travelers to brought up at all or on these more died Donald and the Komo Chuckle Matthew. Say we won't eat an all staff. This owner is as is there? My sister standard meters documentary. Tennis picked up in sorted. Pays a fee. Three where Kenyan that eats Statham in Detroit but yeah this year but one of the things Catherine contest partial manageable. That's still a few years. Three yellow homeownership worker Scandinavia. Yucel steals happened. This number two. It looks clean. But he will scream. Bicycle million area on dying on the north by east and Caprivi. Not a ton ton took it inappropriate. Your you're get them up. I mean be us any but but on a BB AL will take on the got on your way. I'm EUBOEA officer will be all the. I'm on Hulu. Hulu stop at the Albuquerque. Kindersley enemies the edith. Naina sorta they binational Nickel Day out but not a interesting one. Think by but in Britain in Namibia shoop born again. Gay Your your data in the e W W N yes just because they've been together then. Iniguez COMMANDO THESE SHOULD BE FAA. So hard about how she lack of local even weaken. Nobody can she but initially ethic is going to be h or at least give Alan Lucas. Steve Short the end though idea about tennis. Because I'm very sorry for the economy hundred in gold for paper for both residential career. Computers started them with one another. If Down Sephardi vital all router will allow interface import Keno Informacion INUSTRY INSTAREM interest of. You know everybody security into this way was minimal. Aretha in short deal but compared to mash participate in the research is the Brim. You eat for calibrating about the only thing voters raise short short audio may also Mayo's also and then Larry I mean not particular. Spend now that he's just how party theon Russia as a as part of the Hebron usually get him. Tuna photo participated in sort of Charlemagne Intra. Last Larry Rachleff pepitas winter of meals ready. I see I'm SORTA looking. That's what that's just want us to put him in that. What was just worked at Mendiola? Interscope as people see Basha. I mean did conduct by the article our phone though I don't predict they protect unanimous embarrassed. Infused enough it on this braggadocious speed. I know that I'm there in the share. I still trying to get done through central free dental care show so if the medical confirm into get another to ease more less. Catholics forty which is standing by in Pakistan arrison. And can I get into your for the police? More important Bush mandatory orthodontist internal focus. Which more predictive knowledge this edition forty weapon representatives united that? But they don't do in motion say have you know can can can maybe soon open immunity damn those liberals in more no but go conditions with yellow deficit in. Mahalo the GRUNER Columbia affiliate of me. Loro de Radios. You know what I knew. But he does get us back to those meteorologist. Say putting him you usually. You can't get much as she got her uncle cooperative. Little tiny mileage. Nobody the brand new Ram Culture and I I C K expensive gay hero. She's not ready. So telecity Charles to do in in got another thirty. Anti Bot way on the Mark Levin get kissed Brunei's potentially my ways. I'm no in in that day. That does but I you know will quit because your New York were financial packages daily mentors. But there would have been lost. Don't find your study in financial burden. Who knows me on the highway from you? Don't take Oklahoma. Name is hidden in industry. Fabel fable a dog. Meat is they're not synonymous. Nobody has speed machine this but look in going to just you just wonder how you guys do for something away if you didn't Africa on ESPN and automate ladies to round the world yacht. A rare thing to show you so go bro. His just due to go back to go down. Not just what you asked. Dan Dan down. Mom read it five. It's got through away bad. No our new. Dj's thank there's got Areso but those they're asking rail ban got to Real Iraq and just lack bowl now. Romance Romance Mate were a got. Ya No matter saying part attack by the away bad O. W Elliott out.

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Writing Cross Cultural Folktales to Reflect Modern Times with Leila Aboulela

The Savvy Creative

53:32 min | 2 months ago

Writing Cross Cultural Folktales to Reflect Modern Times with Leila Aboulela

"The savvy. Savvy. This, Saudi Heap creating. High creative minds and welcome to the secret of podcast I'm your host for Stena Castagna and Co hosting with me on this episode. Today is Donna rash povitch. Are Fan favourite today? Our guests started writing after she moved in her mid twenties from Sudan to Scotland. Her fictions rings from the emotional and spiritual difficulties of this journey, depicting with precision and depth homelessness and Of Muslim immigrants, there everyday hopes as navigate new encounters and relationships. She has extended the theme of Muslim spirituality and cultural entanglements in historical settings and from different perspectives. She is the first winner of became prize for African writing, and her novels include Bert Summits kind of enemies, lyrics alley, the fiction winner of the Scottish book. Awards minaret and the translator. New York, times, one hundred notable books of the year, her recent short story collections elsewhere won the saltire fiction book of the Year award. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages, and she was long listed three times for the Orange Prize welcome Leyla. Thanks for having me. Thank you now you and says Donna both grew up in Sudan, and even both went to the same school, and you both immigrated to different countries, and as mothers to so you're immigrant. Story is very powerful theme throughout your books and I'd like to know more about how like this influence you to really start like these were the first stories that you put out there I assume so. I'd like to know more. yes, I had studied statistics at university and. I actually went on to do moss discourse. In statistics, I started a PhD in statistics and I was encouraged inspired by my mother who was in academic. And At, but then when when I made this move moved to Scotland with my husband, and and I actually arrived with a four year old son at two weeks old baby in this baby far away place. Aberdeen in. Northeast Scotland and my husband used to be away a lot working on the oil offshore on the oil rigs so. It was. Difficult time for me and so I started to to read the law and and also you know my my statistics. He wasn't really doing very well. And so. One, day just as a just for fun I just started to write a short story. And when I showed it to my husband, he said I. Don't believe you wrote this. which was very? Complimentary I love. So I then joined a creative writing class a workshop and Things just kind of. Started to take off from from their. Little by little. Yeah so I, short story and your husband couldn't believe that you wrote this and then the creating writing workshops. He couldn't believe that you wrote it because it was so good or because it was just so deep or because it was about him. And If it's about him, then he's important, right? Thinking that it was because it was good I think he must. Yeah good. Now there's. One of your stories is about folktales. It was combining both like cross cultural folktales, and I love folktales because. As a Latina. It's a very powerful thing. They're just passed down from our grandmothers and. They're so fantastical that we want to believe them. Even though we know, they might not be too right, so tell us about like mixing the two cultures together because I couldn't think of two more polarizing cultures than like strict Scottish Catholic or Christian and then you know Muslim from Sudan I. Mean Tell us about like mixing those together. So. That's my novel. Bird Summers that just came out in February couple of months ago and It's about the Muslim. Women in Scotland who go on a road trip the Scottish highlands and and the starts off as much as a physical journey. Of course they actually are going there and. They are they each? They each have their own issues three of them and there's come dynamics between them and and then they go to a place which is converted monastery. And one of them gets visited by a hoop. WHO THE HOOPOE BIRD! And the hoopoe bird who stars telling her all these folks folktales, which are as you said they come from the Scottish folk. Stories and they also come from the eastern tales of Rumi and of Cleland, and now you know, and some of these kind of like. Arabian nights inspired kind of tales where you have a story within within a story. And and I wanted to do that. Deliberately I wanted to bring the two cultures together, and the it might seem to to to outsiders that there's no connection, but there is actually a connection, and it's kind of important for me as part of this. Journey of the women. Of Making home from the for themselves in in Scotland emit, `grants that they find these connections. Right and I can imagine being an immigrant finding Like I. Feel like you have to connect more with your culture because you're away from home. Maybe is that were because like you know you're you're just. It's what you what you what your culture is not around, you and you have to like identify with it more I'm not sure I'm not an immigrant. I've been my father's imigrants. You from Mexico but. I'm a born in America so I wouldn't know but I wonder if that was what it is how you can cause people who emigrate to America assimilate very easily, but I've heard that people. In other parts of the world don't assimilate as much like they very much. Keep their culture, a little bit more intact than the Americans do so yeah I mean brisk is not a country that's built on immigration, so so the people who come in feel that they are outsiders in a way that they need some kind of light permission to to to belong that they are different and I think as anywhere else. People tend to get together. They want to be with people who are like themselves, so that's why these women are our friends. Because they they, they share a kind of background in their the field. The my Arab and the three of them are are are Muslim. and. Although this particular novel because I wrote it thirty years almost thirty years after arriving. Go over my. You know my initial home-sickness, so it is actually about women who are more are quite integrated quite settled. But if you do look at my early work that it is very much very much on the theme of Aviation home-sickness, and out bought to you know characters who struggle to to to to to fit in. For various for various reasons. Right, have. What about like the children when your kids grow up in As immigrants. Is that like like I can imagine motherhood? A motherhood is just difficult all around matter what? No matter where where you are, and what what you do, but I could imagine. You had a two week old to equal like it hadn't even recovered from an. Than gone all the time like I can't even imagine having. Writing on top of that working and being a mom and being an immigrant like wow i. mean tell us. Tell us about. Well, I think that the the the sad thing about being an immigrant I suppose or living a life is very different than your children is that? Is that there you can't? They don't know you. And this is maybe something. Your parents have felt, but they didn't. You know maybe share it with you. Is that you you your children? Because they, they didn't have the same kind of life, is you? Had you know we don't belong to this privileged people who send their children's? Day were in. You know when they were young. That kind of lifestyle where the child is is is following in the footsteps on all of their parents know there's a big break between generations and so as a parent. This makes you kinda lonely. Because you you, you children don't know you. They don't understand you because they haven't even seen sometimes been seen where you've grown up, you know so. There's a big big gap in in in that way but yes I mean as you're saying. Saying the second generation does feel as estimated easier because of course first thing they've gone through the same school. They've gone through the school system as so the school system kind of brings them up as as proper citizens of the of the new world, and in a way takes them away from their parents so as as a first generation parent. You're almost sharing your your child with someone else. You've almost as if you've given up your child for adoption by by by by someone else. Like. I know when he said that I was like, but it's Kinda true. It's like you're you're getting over to a new. A new way of life. I can't imagine that that's scary and you went back to your school. I saw youtube video where you actually went back to your old school. This is a few years ago. Yeah, Did I mean that must have been a culture. Shock was at the same school. You both went to together. By, that's right. That's right. That's right, yeah! accolate none, Catholic, Italian Catholic nuns. Yeah. I noticed that, too. I was like that's there's there's nuns, and and there's like. There's diverse a diverse group of children to fascinating. I mean it is it is it was a missionary school? It was a Catholic missionary school, but most of the students were Muslim and so It wasn't sort of strange for. Parents to send their children their girls to such a school. It was considered one of the best schools in the city so. That's how I. I managed to to to to be there. What was it about the school? Yeah, when I went to when I went to visit, it was amazing just hasn't changed that much. I mean they were still I pastas and they were so. Little women. I was like Oh. My you've we did that, too? Ask hasn't changed, you know. I went for years ago and I took my daughter to see it and the desk where the same I I showed her this vice. So I don't think they change them since since then, but it's incredible. It's a piece of history for sure. What are your daughters saying? When you when you bring them back and they see like the difference between that school and. Where they went to school, just like Louis, saying like the. Latest gets there I. Didn't that you take your? Did you take to two seasons through school? Because I did I took Xena. and. you know it's like have an. You know I don't know like compare it to like two different. I have no even words to describe it very different. There's so privileged our kids you know. A big big. Big Difference Yeah. Is it? There's a there's a huge difference and I think that's sometimes I think that's why I want to write like I want to write for my children, so that went so that somehow they would be able to see the kind of life that that I that I that I lead. You know the places that the the the atmosphere. Oldies. You know the different sort of cultural styles. They weren't. Exposed to. It is like writing, isn't it? I. It so. I heard someone describe it. It's like a form of immortality. Yes, it was really I was like. That's a interesting perspective to think about it, but it's true. It's. So you actually went from having your books. Are Your books are widely published? But they went into the academic field, and it's one thing to get literary critique and get reviews, but I could imagine that's a whole nother wave of like shock. Have professors pick it apart or write papers on. What was that like I? Mean it was interesting to see that critique bus so fulfilling I do I do appreciate that very much because they really do. Take the time to academics, you know, take the time and the thing is also that review stations shrink came in in the media. There's less and less books are being reviewed so to kind of be to have your books. Look at by academics. You really get that. You feel that you're getting the attention that the work deserves, and also they see they see in context they're. They're looking at your book. Capacity other books the novels in the past to. The, they kind of see the where the work in a broader way rather than Oh. This is just another new novel that got published last month. So, that is very very rewarding and I do. Get a lot of students contacting me through Facebook, and you know they saying that working you know they're writing about my work and the OSCE questions, and all that and. Those. Crazy. It is crazy, but so it got to be too much that I couldn't icon now. Onset questions for every individual student, so what I've done now is that I've almost got a database of all the papers written about my work and I kind of like positive onto the students, and they are so appreciative I mean I don't know why they they should be doing that because. It's just. It's research, isn't it? They should be going on Google scholar and and searching for for the papers written about me, but apparently they haven't done that, so I then send them all the legs to the papers and they're like Oh. Wow, you know. There's so delighted because there. Before. Makes life so much easier for them, and then they can. Just you know they've got it all there. They have the references and everything and then. That's incredible. That's swell the. Federal I would say start charging or something. That's but what what kind of themes are they mostly is? There's some sort of theme that some of them are writing. Writing about you. More than others like is about cultures about. Religion about feminism, it could be anything. Yeah. It is very much about the. Most of it, the prisoner presentation of Muslim Women you know post, colonialism, or so Africans in the West. These kind of themes come up again and again in their thing, but you know you mentioned them paying for it. I would at least want them to buy the books. The problem is that in all of these countries. They just getting pirate copies. and. Yes, it is really disappointing and the teachers themselves when they're. They're teaching my stories teaching my novels. The teachers are photocopying and passing around to to the student. So this is a big big. You know a challenge, oldest piracy and Parkey sometimes they can't find the books they're not. The books aren't available but partly because a lot of this is kind of unregulated in you know in in in Sudan and other parts of Africa and Asia, so there's a lot of these sort of like A. Illegal pirate copies around some of some of these students say to Me Send Me a pdf of your book and I say to them No. With by politicians. I can't do that. You know you have to buy from so. I'm charging people. That's my entrepreneur mindset. Gotten, but no I I always buy books from authors. I never asked for anything for Free 'cause I know that authors to I mean. Do people know how much time it takes to write a book like in how many people go into it like? There's so much behind the scenes that goes I you know it's it's that's why I feel like authors should be compensated for their work. You know it's it's. It's not just the author editor and the designer, and the you know everybody that goes behind the behind the making the story. Come to life so. People. Pay For your buck. That's what I pay for your bucks, even if it's like the kindle copy, that's a few bucks like pay for your paper, you're. All right I've I've gone on long. Enough I, know you have some lay. Okay. I was in enjoying it so much. I. Okay I don't mind. Yeah yet something resonated when Layla was talking when you were seen, bring brought, I dunno brought up the fact of children growing up and something struck me that Leyla said. About our children? It's almost like they're raised by another. What did you say? Light was like they were adopted. Yes, and there is that link you know an an and there is probably that urge you know that's why retell that story of me writing the donkey and sit down on a farm forever and ever, and I am I. Kids are sick of hearing it. Like every story I would tell them. It's not because I'm bragging about my life or how hard my life was the because I want them to know that Unites Legacy. It's really like where I'm so terrified that that will be forgotten. You know they won't know about it so I think this is similar. I mean what you have with your boys and your daughter. Right. Bradley, wanting them to know their culture and being disjointed dicta me, and just like being displaced and I duNno. Movements happened, and we kind of expect when you give birth. You kind of expect that this little baby has like a hard drive of of you and your memories inside them, but they just don't. They don't have that. You know they have their own. GonNa have their own journey, and they're going to have their own memories themselves. They're not. You know they're not carrying your baggage with them. And sometimes this is a good thing of course, but said sometimes you know you you do want them to see these things, and of course you. You're living in a world where the the of course. They're not going to see your childhood in in in the cinema. Ave you know going to the US. We're not represented out there. You know so, it's it's. It's it's. That's another factor that that that makes us feel that that we need to. We want to get stories out there. Yeah, it's different for us. Isn't it? Like even for Christina like for example, there are immigrants stories of. There are not as many as there should be there. Immigrants Stories like you're. You could watch your MOM's. You know that education movies you know. Your mom is injection, so you have like a million Egyptian movies. You can get a sense of hair background of your father's background. May he rest in peace and I icon of my parents or from the Balkans, but my kids can't. Where are they? GonNa find Presentation of seventies or eighties sedan, for example, or even or even a Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia has movies, but I was the socialists or some just saying like you know, where do we get? They don't have any resources other than what you've written. I think and You know you're the only writer from Sudan that actually wrote a anything in English I. Think World. has some work, but that's about it is at. Heroes an average though type. Was it an issue of the language or not having an English mainstream writer who can tell these stories, or is it an issue of gatekeepers like publishers, cinematographers or the market, or is it a gap in the? It's just a gap as far as no one's telling the story. Well. Still sorry, go ahead. No, you go ahead I question was it's fine. Go ahead you. I. Think you know publishers are still wary of taking risks and you know they're. They tend to be not very open to new You know people coming into the to the to the industry, so that's why we don't have like a big volume of people coming in and telling US stories, but hopefully with the success of writers like Melinda. Gates, she and you know a lot of these young African writers, coming that they will be more and more writers who would be bringing. These these these stories to life I think. Hopefully it would be a matter of time that restart seeing more and more of this representation Yeah I'm surprised that their arms from. Sudan though I mean we have denny's authors like you know Sorry I'll tell you what's. The gentleman's name that we both know he writes. Arabic though, but where do other right there? There are not many in general. There aren't many Sudanese authors. No there wasn't as Gemma do. Is, and by what's his name, the other guy? By bug that you met him he. He writes in Arabic Jamaa. Guy Letting Body. Tested. Serving you want WANNA build Hot Tiger citizen base yet and. Others I. Mean you know even in Arabic like there's very limited amounts I don't know whether why that is Christina I. Wonder why it's not like the. They're very expressive artistic people. There's a lot of poetry coming out of the region. Like you know your uncle was avoid. You wrote a novel about him. Referring to him. Yeah they Stella Gaetano. There is He's he's. He also writes. In Arabic, there's a more the other. There's lots of writers, but they're not writing about this cosmopolitan cartoon that you and I know. That we are referring to is different. They might be writing about you know issues outside the capital in the provinces, other other themes that were not answered things. But she said Sudanese now she's city. Average she writes in Arabic. Yeah, so it's different. you know different parts. Of course you can't have. Just one author represent a whole huge country in a you know an an even city, and even a group within within the city. So it's a there's a limit, yeah. Yeah I just I. Just think there should be more. Definitely definitely. Definitely because right now I feel like the field is very very open, but I think with the opening of Sudan wilders. More art in general music for shore is just Oh my God. The music is amazing. I don't know if you follow olding you arches that have come out from Sudan after the revolution and Yeah. I do I. Do I listen to rap so? I? Told my Kids I. Don't know if you know Christina. If your kids listen to somebody, cold pops smoke and they're like mom. We cannot believe it like you're so. Bob would smoke like. Rap. I do listen to rap. I can air EMO EMO and metal. Yeah. They would hate seeing that right now. and that's mansion and stuff like that so. That's my big reveal secrets for deposits, cat. Let's lay not. How has the black lives movement or I mean I didn't know what how during very to it better in other. Words better than that. Those hasn't reached Scotland. Is it I know it's been in England? It's all over everywhere, but what about Scotland? How has that impacted you? Well, it has we've had even demonstrations here in Aberdeen I mean this is gone. really globalist is really touched people and I think it's because of the pandemic. No I think people have you know. The the panic has really shook. Everybody it touch dominate. Kind of humbled them away and then hearing about George of choice last words I can't breathe. That also echoed the what people were feeling. When have the symptoms of the coronavirus I? Think that's how it it. It made so many people are. You know respond in the you know. So, many non black people. Thought to have empathy with this particular. Movement and but It will cause change. Hopefully, it won't be just the one off you know, and then things would get back to to normal again. Hopefully it will. Cause the difference on the Nice thing here is that in the in the UK alike so many of the of the so many black writers have had their books now in the top ten own added because of the movement because you want to read more about. The subject yeah that is for sure. It's really brought and I know. Christina is very molten. Lives in California she was in the midst of the close. No Yeah I was close to the riots target was. Looted in. It's not the first time it's happened in La for police brutality and I've also had I. Mean I'm obviously a non black Latino Latino, but the you know like my great grandfather was shot dead by police in every generation of men and my family have been you know. I would say. was altered by police. They threw them against a cop car. In the seventy s so like this has been an ongoing problem for a long time in the United States I mean excited. About, your other I'm so sorry to hear that that was really That was horrible as profile Basically, it was profiled. News profile doesn't immigrant who didn't speaking. Hate Crime I mean it was no other way to say it so. But it's been. It's been ongoing problem and it's. It's hard because you want to. You know you. WanNa make change, but it's like this has been you know in two thousand fourteen. There were protests with Eric Garner. Yeah in an everything that happened in Ferguson, downtown, La, and same thing there was fires and riots and things to not as bad as they were obviously obviously. In the past few weeks, but it's been. It's been nonstop for a very very long time, and you know everything that happened. It's it's just it's. It's heartbreaking, and I just fearful for my son. You know I'm fearful for a lot of other MOMS. You know we just we're. We're the mothers of boys and we want to make sure that they're. You know like there are boys, we. It. And it terrifies me sometimes, so I just I don't think any mother should have to go through this. You know I don't think any mud especially George. Floyd was calling for his mother. I was just like Oh. Hold. On. That's GONNA. That's resonated mothers all over the world. Just yeah, the not. Of this of the of what's happening to us, people think like because we're far whatever we don't feel it. Honestly I was I was meant like not meant while mentally and physically ill because it does resonate Gino because maybe because of you know because they're human, you're human being so I I wanted to ask Leyla because I thought it would have also impacted dilatory industry on. You brought that up night when you said that more definitely more. AFRICAN English I mean I don't know how to refer. Day Day immigrants writers will be. Our. No Black Black British writers. Yeah yes some. Ads Right on Scottish yet, so some of them would from an African background. Some of them from a West indies going to Jamaican background, so there's Brennan Deane Evaristo Book for example, the woman other walk. Yeah Yeah. It's the first time ever. She's the first like you know British woman to win the Booker Prize, she's the first one to get a number one so I'm not really a nice book. Black? To get an award or prize. The book try. Yeah Young! Yeah, so It's a lot of I this this year. So that's great. Yeah, fascinating, that has how has it impacted you? Are you writing? What are you working on, are you going to change? Hasn't has covert in general changed the trajectory of your writing live or a mature it has. It has impacted you, but how has like? You know if you can give us some examples. Has It changed your priorities in writing? You know being being isolated more. You're not doing as many literary festivals of course in events and things like that right so I'll have you. pivoted. And in this era. While! It just put everything on pause for me and for a long time. I couldn't even read that own right. I only just started reading I. Mean I was reading the news of course obsessively, but I couldn't read like a focus on a single novel. but I think what it it. It had the impact on me that I. I felt that I wasn't that that being a writer didn't feel important anymore like thinking thinking about this strange because I had thought that that you know that being a writer was so much part of my identity on that I'm you know very ambitious and consumed by, but when this pandemic happened. It just didn't seem important anymore. There was like I kinda like fell back to to to be what I was before I started the writer just about my families. My family's health You know just my life, I. I was worried about you know dying, and all these kind of thoughts were kind of glazes. My mind a question, yes. Answer questions. It's true. Yeah I was thinking also because you have your mom is. She's as she abroad. Your kids are over here. You see families on all over so similar situation you worry about your life and writing foles, maybe second or like fifth. Yeah Yeah. Yeah, yeah I was I'm worried about my a lot because she's alone. That's the thing that she's all by herself and she seems to be very sad and. I've always looked up to her. She's always been stronger than me and I'm not used to feeling. Sorry for her. You know it's like a felt like a new thing. I think what this the pandemic seemed to have. Just like added years to me I dislike. There was. Added years to everybody suddenly everybody around me. The whole world seems like five years older or it's. Like march was when this started. March in February feels like a lifetime ago i. feel like more gray hair. Think wrinkles are. We. There yeah, I know. It's like Oh eight away time deceived to have to change. There was an or slow or went foster or this. There was like a strangeness about the whole. World is kind of pause. And everything stopping and and You know. It just seemed to be very very strange. Mawlid opium. This Topi on Anna. Relate to that robot boy Manhattan Youtube. Now that's this joke. It's like this gop I hate going because. I feel like I'm in some kind of like a movie like in a in a science fiction movie, and also it's definitely scary and I can resonate a relate to you. Is the about your mom being far? Because my mom is far too, but I'll go your mom and I go to Cairo if I'm allowed to, she's choosing. She's using Kataria. She's in Ab. I'll company talk her ear off. You know we can. We can talk about you. I talked to her all. It's not the. She's now. She's afraid of getting this thing and let you in. I'm sorry to say. Part. I, met you mom before? She's an amazing lady, but if she needs anything when I'm there one seven Kyra there yet, but we'll see so your. Family issues an existential issues, but Alice Walker said right that it's our duty to write at the time like this was an Alice Walker. WHO said it. We have to right now. There's a proverb that says. May You live in interesting times? Universe! Doesn't get more interesting than this. I am hoping to go back to writing I. AM planning to go back to writing. It's not that I've given up writing by saying that. When the shock happened yes. Yes, interesting to see that suddenly this This kind of intense frenzied world of writing and and. You know. Just didn't seem so important anymore. Because of course it is, it's a world league concern. It's it's you know and. You get kind of caught up with it. You know that I Am I doing is my book doing well so and so said this good read somebody on. This district you're continuously on this or you continuously. Thinking about the project you're working on or a I'm writing in my head. All this kind of like stopped, and it was like you know you know you might. You might not lost until this book finishes or not be there, and and of course in theory. I knew all this. But I didn't I didn't think of it as being true, you know. Of course I know is to. Of course we're all GONNA die. You know that everybody knows that, but it's not. It doesn't feel Elena. Yes Happens and then you realize Oh, you know that that can that that brings it up. Definite definitely has shocked the the world and must allow. Writers have on the show, and and the guests and everything so anyone who is feeling this like I can't write or I can't focus or I can't read or anything. It's something I like to call Rona anxiety. Where it's, it is a form of anxiety, and it is clouding your mind at it is preventing you from something, and it happened to meet you often I describe it as you know. Getting withdrawn from people that you love like you're just more withdrawn from a lot of things, and you don't even know it like sometimes you. You're not even consciously aware. Aware that this is what you're doing, your sleep patterns might off That's very common, so like little look, if kind of breakdown, the forms of anxiety that you can get, it's it's very common that if you know for anyone trying to create right now if you can't in your forcing ideas, or if you're just like if it's really hard to focus. It's not you. It's Rona. It's. Yeah. It's a form of Rona anxiety, so be gentle on yourself for sure because I had it like a month in, and then you know took a while to kind of ease myself back into things and detached from everything, so it's just you know detached from everything you hear around you and try to focus and help other help your families and everything too so. Yeah, it's it's a thing. I was thinking good for Layla like. Because it is sticking to like a full length, novel might not be the thing right, because then you'll probably just did other things. It probably just lead you to do other things like what you're doing now, podcasting or interviewing or whatever it is, you know other formats of of connecting girondins. Yeah, yeah, I slowly got out of it I mean it was very much at the beginning, and I had written once the top ten tips for rightaid and one of them. Was that you know? Switch off the news because your novel is more important than the evening news and I was like well I I caught. That my noble anybody else is novel is reported that the news at the moment so i. That was how it was, but things seemed to be more settled now and so I'm I'm kind of looking forward now to really getting into a back into the into my knees, novel which I had written about a gone fourteen thousand words into it so is still at the very beginning, so I'm kind of looking forward to go by that. Fellas what it's about. I don't WanNa. Tell us how would you writing about Christina? We have them on the show here. I don't want an. Be Jake's. I don't even know yet, right. We've talked. About it so I can't jinx it. Nobody here. but no I mean like. Has it change the way you know the pandemic and all these things you're talking about now? Has It changed the way you'd like the topics you want to write about? Still Depression I. don't but I mean because it had started this novel and there was a time when I was like. Do I want to continue with it or not? Or you know, but I I have already started. I've already done a lot of research for it. So you know I WANNA I! WanNa go back to it. I want to I don unluckily actually it is a historical novel. so I can go back to it. It's not gonNA. Change but there are so many people now writing because I was on our meeting with. The Society of authors. People were saying writers were saying Oh, I'm in the middle of an arm. I'm near the end of a novel. Should I incorporate coronavirus? Or otherwise people will find will think it strange, and there's no social distancing, so yes, if people are writing something. Set in the modern age set now they might want to incorporate the some some elements of the lockdown in it if if it. Advice because I kind of needed to hear that I was wondering what to do with. Of this thing that I'm writing myself of the SNUB, the Saddam novel, but the other one. Isn't that a lot of advice Christine thing? With the story I'm working on the last magician. It's actually audio drama. I've been putting live here. In a series of it started off, right. Romance started off. Guru and then I'm like I can't I. Don't feel like writing something fun and happy and Lovey right now I want to write something I feel like something's more dark, so I actually put it in a world like I've just watching L. A. Through my window, and you got to remember I'm hearing the riots like I'm hearing the sirens and you're seeing like you're hearing people shouting and things like that. You just can't. I mean there's nowhere anybody can go to his eighth this you just can't. When I started making it a little bit more dark, and like what is Los, Angeles. Look like if things went too far. My father had a lot of guns growing up so like you know having to describe using guns was very was something I. Don't normally do but I started doing though I put that all together and then made this little dark piece hum. That's an a series, and it was very timely, because I'm just thinking. You're not really capturing like the social distancing, piece or kind of make fun of it in a way. Way like all the sidewalks have marked colored tape and you know I even did a recording with a mask on which to kind of show. How like ridiculous? It is and and things like that and everybody being taken down to zero and things you know so I tried to. I tried to talk about that. I guess because it's not really like all the rules and regulations. You're trying to capture the panic. I. Guess That's what I was trying to capture or like the worry and people being silenced. You know those kind of things. And then like even on instagram like I have a lot of pictures with just my hair or just like the back of my head. Because in public, you have to wear masks everywhere so like if I put like a regular picture, you know it's either from a long time ago or I'm not wearing a mask like everybody else's. It's not relatable anymore, so it's really you know like it's not timely, so it's. It's a really weird world to be in because you, don't you WanNa make your writing timeless because you know the I know that it's going to ask one day. This is not going to matter anymore. One day we're going to look back on this and it'll be gone hopefully, but. But. or it'll be a better world I guess. Maybe things are going to shift, but it'll be better so I I always want to make our writing timeless, but I feel like there's some elements we have to capture and put in our stories I. Don't I. Don't know, but. That's what I've been doing with the yeah. For A lot. More at the towards the end now they feel kind of like I. Feel like they're dangling. How to end it? So, what is your advice about that life? You're right at the end of the novel and your thoughts and your actually. You know we're living the Kobe. Time should be mentioned it, or should we continue and unlike are people going to win? Read it without that I. Don't know. Will. It would seem strange if you are writing about twenty twenty. This is set in twenty twenty eight. Don't mention it. It would seem strange. But then if you're not a if it's going to be published In in the far future, you're still at the beginning of a project far future. Yeah, you don't. You don't need to worry about it so much. If you very beginning, but if it's something that you're GonNa, put you know post, Tamar Online, or you're going to. San Straight to the printer. Then then it's worth. You know putting it in I. would say I get that again. Because it's a little bit tricky to avoid writing about. It is actually a good point. I didn't even think to put that on my list of things to ask you, but that was a great to. Be Back from you because I was struggling with that myself. When you're writing a story, his everything, we have so much. Kobe related the you know everything is. Reading about so do people when I even read anything else or like. It's kind of making you feel like you should be writing unless you're writing about that. Well I. Think there will be. People will want this as part of our history. Now they will, and so many things happened in in lockdown I. mean there's been an. A serious problem with domestic violence. Let's say escalating during lockdown, so you can imagine you know all sorts of stories about that or or dealing with with that, so it's I think I. Think maybe be a lot of of of things about life in lockdown lobster, there's. Lots of stories that we have the black lives movement and you know we have the the riots have there's so many air. It's like a Web. Of really web like. And not only here and not. You know we're different or something that the united. States and Europe then look what's happening in the Arab world and you have you know I'm sure you've heard about the stuff I even within the Arab. World, there's you know the. How how should I call it like you know how people treat people of different? Shades of color. As well, you know, so, it's it's. It's also prevailing here in the industry Geneva in Jordan Lebanon so everybody's talking about it. Or is. Come Out That's good that people start to have more of an awareness. That's excellent yeah. Yeah, yeah, I actually I'm I'm just I'm so pleased, and now you know I. Have Family in Serbia. Serbia has demonstrated demonstrating everywhere. You look. The world is on fire. Almost so I think we're GONNA have. A Lot I want to write about is just. GonNa I'm finishing houses left afterwards. We go independence independent to. A. Lot of people have been reading more with the lockdown. A lot of people have been reading more. I think actually that that that reading an publishing is doing a lot better than some of the other arts like theaters, for example a really under threat you know. Lows so long, and and they're really really now threatened, so I think that that actually we're doing. We're doing okay. Yeah books and radio WHO radio is. GonNa. Come back now. Yeah. You know a lot of people want to write recently like I'm also a member of this huge group of ladies, unlike every single person I mean. I always say you know. Right your life right here. I've started Hashtag Hashtag. You know like shout now. Everybody is literally doing that I. Think Everybody's in this existential crisis with you're talking about what you mentioned. Layla and we are aware of and the fear of death has made everyone ride their story before that actually happens. You know what I'm making fun of fat. It's not A. Bake, but it is true because there is an urgency I think now to rights more than ever. Because, before, it was like all right my book one day, and because I'm also writing code China, people could have come to me and they're like Nigeria wherever they're writing. Everybody's writing here. They're writing. In the Balkans there rioting. So yeah, I'm sure the United States. You know there's GonNa. Be a lot to. Write about how is Scotland in terms of like in general? Have Freedom to walk. Take Nature Walks. How'd you find your balance? Yeah we, we've been allowed to walk from the beginning. There was never a time when you couldn't go for a walk so I've been I've been walking since the beginning of the lockdown is not a it's not. It's not a problem. Yeah, because I value exercise, and that keeps you grounded. Much into exercise and I got wait. That was the thing we bought before the Law Lakhdar we bought weights and things so that we could exercise at home. Mark out the homework outs keeps going. Yeah the home the home I have been there, my bad. I Have Hula hoops and everything like I need like there has to be more to do to work out because I can't. They don't have a lot of spades and like. But I'm I'm so pleased with this podcast because we are such diverse three women, even the Leyland I have some similarity in background, and and you and I have because I named Brent in the US and a citizen. I mean we have all writers. In the end, the world women, mothers and I'm just so pleased to have. This cast has brought so much like you know like such diversity of voices and having Leyla is such an honor honesty lights. For taking time to be here, I wanted to say this. Before Christina. Those are thing that done like you know. I can't say anymore. Thank you because I looking at the time, so I'm not sure where we're time, but thank you so much for accepting the invite and being on, and I hope to talk to you again soon. I enjoy speaking to you, too. That was great. Yeah, this is definitely fun and we do have some closing. Questions before we. I would like to know What is your definition success? Ooh, my definition of success I guess when. You Do, is this the kind of questions meant to just also on tenuously. It's a trick question. Why did? Everybody says different things. It's very interesting every every writer. I should say what comes straight or a success is a writer everywhere sooner, what? You if Success as a writer and on also as a person, if it's relevant our, you know just just what comes to mind. I think comes to the care conscious I suppose. Can Sleep at night. While at night. Okay, that's a good one. Actually never heard that when I think that's. All right, and what final question! What is your best advice to the young woman writer out there struggling with her writing right now? What's your best advice to her? Why add best advice to her is keep going. And Even if you have a lot of time lying. you're not go. You might not ride better than what you're writing now, so it's time time is kind of overrated I. Everybody thinks that Oh, I need a lot of time or I need you know a lot of things? But actually these these precious words that you're putting down now in the middle of doing all the other things you know they. They are just as great so they're they're you know? They might be coming out in dribs and drabs, but they're. They're a special on worth it. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you Leyla. Thank you don now. Creative minds you can find a copy of birds summons in any of those books where books are sold major retailers, and you can also find Leyla. Hyphen, Leyla Dot com also you can find her on instagram at Leyla Leyla and facebook Leyla Album Layla official. You can also follow Zvezda on her new youtube. Channel Lincoln the description below where you can check out some video poetry as well as always creative minds keep creating remember time is precious right away and go to bed with that clear conscience. Later all right, thank you for joining us and we will see you on the next episode.

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 Culture under the extended coronavirus lockdown

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Culture under the extended coronavirus lockdown

"Today the best books. Tv shows of music critics after your questions about how to pass the time in an extended lockdown. One thing you've started doing more of since lockdown began. I'm art if you WanNa get I have been gaming about slaves. I know all of my friends have been doing games. If you've been playing I mean I've been doing the the basic thing and playing animal crossing another week of lockdown beginning and for many of us this means finding new ways to keep uh-huh detained in amused at four weeks. This camera feel like a struggle. I'm I'm really shame. Say That I've made a sourdough starter and nested lovingly for a week and I have made two loaves of bread but today three of the Guardians Culture critics a here to give you their recommendations for how to pass the time during this extended period of self-isolation we'll delve into the net flicks back catalogue with Alamo Crossing Fire TV critic. I'm al-kalaya listened to songs chosen by deputy music editor and talented Baker. Laura snakes and Guardian Books Online editor. Sean Kane shares what. She's reading right now when she's not gaming done a lot of Schutte Games. I'm the opposite opposite. Animal Crossing Utopia that a lot of people are doing at the moment from the Guardian. I'm Rachel Humphries stay in focus. What watch read. I'm listening to you. As lockdown continues. All of us and everyone listening is living through a time. That is very difficult for everybody in different ways. And so think the most obvious place to start with your recommendations is the things that might just make us feel a bit happier during low moments and Laura's going to start with you. What music can you suggest that my chairs upper? I think it's been a really good few weeks for big pop music. You know the sort of fantastical highly g stuff. That is just the opposite of seeing whether you're still on the computer. The New Julie. Problem came out. Coup Future Nostalgia which does a pretty good job of summing up. The vibe is quite disco but it's very like ruthless modern pop. Songwriting as well. It's really satisfying. There's a Richard POPs would Rena Sugiyama. Who got a really pretty single crew? Come gas on a few weeks ago. Sounds like what you're saying? There is actually pop. Tends to be the thing that can put us in a good mood I I mean just so escapist and it's the opposite of Sloppy Manji House with no broward and you pajama trousers. It's like a vision from another world at the moment. If you something but more muted the new waxahachie album is really Americana. I've been missing is quite a lot of Mary lots more. Who's this harpist? Shall we had a question from Amanda on twitter and she wanted recommendations for funny novels books? That can chair the reader up and I wondered if you had any before fitted that description fisher. I think was quite a lot of really funny classics. That people may not necessarily think funny before having read them for example. I actually only read my fest. Nancy Mitford novel last year and I was so delighted by how funny it was and how contemporary it felt mizzle. David Sedaris sees always really really funny to me. Also lots of people reading Terry Project at the moment. Who's a fantastic comic author? But I'd really recommend a collaboration. He did with no game in which is good. Good I men's and it's all about the end of the world which is very topical for the moment but it's really funny. I some people been using the term pandemic let these evolutions of putting into things. Come right. Now let lockdown leads. Yeah I think. A lot of people are coping with the in different ways. Some people really just don't want to read any of that and then there's some people that are driving Alba Camby's the plague to the top of the bestseller charts and no one way is right. Those people whose approach to life is like if I'm in a pandemic I'm really in a pandemic. I'm going to do this. Pandemic PROPYLAEA exactly what? Tv WE BE WATCHING. That might lighten the load a bit. I think this is a really good time to get into the twenty to thirty minute comedies. Where there's plenty of them available. I've been quite liking getting into nostalgic stuff like fresh prince of bel-air which I used to watch when I got home from school. Which is now hold on Netflix Watching those twenty minute episodes they transpose. Another place mid-nineties. Big CLOTHES JOKES. Young Will Smith is quite fun. A nice was in terms of new stuff. Analyze of this because she's interviewed him but the American comedian Jay Para. He's really great show on. I think it's on full. Cujo para talks with the West is really slow. Meditative soothing. The vignettes him planting beans in his garden off discovering the WHO which sounds quite dry but is that she's very very funny. The pacing is really accident. It's really different. I think from anything else does around at the moment. So that's worth getting into. I think you'll be feeding a bit anxious and stress. Oh my name is Joe Para and I think breakfast rocks new. We'll go a lot more time on our happens at the moment. So maybe this is an opportunity for us. All to indulge in those classics that we've promised ourselves will sit down and listen or watch or reads. What classic books would you suggest? We should be dusting off right now. I think some people have a very slim framework for what a classic is and I like to remind people that things like Lord of the Rings is work of Classic Literature and it's absolutely brilliant and thrilling and transporting and I really love fancy and Saifi Paul on twitter actually asked for your suggestions for a long read isolation and Sean. I'm currently looking at a copy of Middle March which I've been meaning to sit down with for a really long time. One thing I would say for a lot of classics so for George. Eliot for example middle much was initially published. I think in h two monthly installments and a lot of classics. A lot of Dickens was published as installments and also Duma's well a lot of these books were written to be read that way so I think you shouldn't feel like you have to tackle too much at the same time e can sick. I feel like a series. I think a lot of people feel strange about revisiting children's books but if you love the chronicles of Noneya for example why not go back and try them again? I'm are you know. Is this the time I finally? I mean I watched episode and a half of game of thrones years ago. I've never gone. And he further. This time I watch. All of game of thrones or other classic series that we should be watching. Now we've got the time to say I didn't realize I'm afraid I was GONNA suggest is. The Sopranos is genuine so good on James. Feeney is amazing. An an a good looking kid shows yours. The characters are already well bill. I think it's like seven or eight seasons long and you become kind of engrossed in what's happening to them. People get walked all the time so it kind of keeps guiding. The food is just incredible as well. If you're not going to watch for anything else which it for the sandwiches and just really get inspiration. I feel Corentin mccray. I'm so sick and tired of hearing people talk about Food Food Food Laura. What classic albums would he suggest? People might want to dig out the moment. If you've got any recommendations I guess it's so subjective what you might. WanNa go for the movie. We did start a new series on the Music Section Week which recalling listeners digest. We thought that people might have finding time on their hands to be like I've always meant to get into Daloa nor the pet shop boys wherever and so this series is meant to service that we listen to the three to go to next and then once the heads so far we've had Fiona Apple Coltrane. Mayfield really varies part of office. So hopefully one of those might kind of remind you of something that you've been meaning scanty. Fridges I've been listening to a lot of Neil. Young's on the Beach. I didn't put it on for any reason apart. From the fact that I like keep sticking out every time I listen to it way things I need a crowd of people I call facing the day-to-day which is quite bleak in the pocket. Book Jane on the one hand he could return to an old favourite or a classic. But this time it's also a good opportunity to try something a bit different. I is the time to start exploring. Be On those shows that usually get recommended to us on Netflix or Amazon prime. Yeah definitely a recent thing. I think got overlooked. Which is a real. Shame was watchmen series which Regina King in which is like a complete retelling of the comic book. It's really really weird. We are no one we are everyone. And we are invisible. What donc but also quite funny in parts very surreal. It's basically sat in this alternate universe off to the actual watchman has taken place and it's about this detective investigating white. Supremacist killings reckoning dark. It is dark. is very active. Still on visually stunning. I mean the opening sequences complete incredible. It'll be on sky. It'll be now TV as well. Laura is this the time to start? Listing Baptism check prog rock or preview. Fake music or something. You'd never usually try. This is already have to patriots. I'm all who as well as working on our. Tv is all global music columnist and his content so much stuff he wrote review of thinking Ugandan. Dj Correct me if I'm wrong DJ. Jackie Last month he has an album. Coop Alani Food and I'm quite accurately described as sounding like a panic attack is pretty harsh roaming. I appreciate people might not want that right now. But it's invigorating in the same way that a rough toweling invigorating when you kind of several weeks deepens isolation Malays. It might wake you up a bit but for something that lasts aggressive. I realized this Bristow Group called the tar clerk and trio hoopoe EP. Under that name early this year Scott. Lots of like Soft Horn. Parts and refracted vocal harmonies. It will not make you feel like you're having a panic attack and Sean with all this time that we've got where we might be returning to classic through are looking for new things how he got in touch to ask about what this might do to our attention spans and when the being on lockdown might improve them and he also asked if he's one hundred fifty pages into a book becoming better go any further should he try to persevere or should he just give up with it now well. I know a lot of people struggling to rate at the moment even people that are usually Betas. A lot of people have been saying that. They're struggling to get through like ten pages a day when they normally read about one hundred so I don't think our attention spans are going to necessarily improve from having say an extra couple of hours in the day that we're not using to commute. There are just so many factors that negatively affecting people's attention spans like the constant developments in the news and the rejigging of Asha Gills to fit in opportunistic trips to the shops and daily exercise. But I would say that I think reading is a habit and I think it's an enjoyable one but it's a habit and you can train yourself to do it. And when everything is up in the air in terms of Asha Gills. You can insert the habit into your day. So I do think if you want to be someone that is a Rita inverted commas. This is the time to try and develop that habit right now S. facilities giving up on books. I think Harry's enjoying the book but his attention span is a bit show at the moment. He should just put it on pause and maybe revisit it later on but if it's the books problem I'm very unromantic about these things just digit. Today's critic select their favourite new releases and reflect on what post corona culture might be. Like the first. I wanted to thank all of you for your support. In Times of global crisis trusted news is more important than ever and Guardian journalists including off today and focused team a committed to bringing you accurate reliable news. You can help us to provide the quality information the world needs by supporting the Guardian. Just go to. Www DOT GUARDIAN DOT com forward slash. Support podcasts thank you. If fields full of a lot of areas of our life coming to a whole all the shops and businesses that we like to visit news closed at the moment but people are still making these things and releasing work. I'm what new shows that we got to look forward to at the moment. Something that's kind of continuing as trigonometry which I thought was like a really great audible drama which has been BBC too which is about three people which is probably not something that most people have come across too key about yes spicy about three people that enter into a relationship with each other. There's a couple Jemma and Kieran who were living in London struggling to pay the rent high. He's falling apart because they're working on the time they decide to take a larger French ray on the three of them. Basically Fall in love miss about how they navigate that but it's filmed Interestingly normally with single camera say Sweetie in Tema experimental volume about it and yeah the performances. A really great is the last thing I would say something. Quite old bull. Which is the limit show? Scottish comedian called. LemMe Brian and I guess he. He got quite big on vine doing short bursts comic sketches and now his Co. online following. But he's go listening Lamy's homemade show which just him with a camera in a green screen essentially Ding really strange sketches. Like in the fuss upset does one about making a cup of tea. Moved to make myself a cup of tea and I was a bit. Today's something I sometimes. They make myself a cup of coffee and is La to see. If I can chop the Tepe I and get an a teacup like lessons a something. Say it myself. Save US evidence going to be ordained but it's like very very dry funny humor. Shove Watney Book that you excited about the moment. One of them is exciting times by Nisha Dolan. She's young Irish with it. And it's a novel Amazon. Just explained what a throw is a version of a threat because it's basically about young. Irish woman WHO's in Hong Kong and she starts going out with a rich English guy who's working as a bank and then when he goes back to London they not really in a relationship. It's very ambiguous. Say she doesn't really know where she stands with him and when he goes back to London she starts dating another wealthy Hong Kong lawyer. Who is woman? And it's sort of about a balancing these two relationships while both of these people don't know about the other and then they comes a point where they're all back in Hong Kong together and they have to sort of live with each other and it's really really fun. It's probably the best depiction I've seen of by Wa- poly-amorous dynamic might be like but will say just a very good depiction of bisexuality as well which we don't necessarily say and is also another great boot which I'm super excited about could. Sounds like titanic by Jessica she catch a Heinemann? And this is a memoir. Jessica was an aspiring violinist. And she was hired to play for this New York Ensemble but it turned out that the composer that was leading the ensemble. It was actually a hoax. And they didn't pay the instruments. They played a CD on stage and all of their audiences alike. Enraptured by this ensemble nearly the music with brilliant but everyone was just pretending to play instruments on stage and it is really great story of this young woman who thinks she's found what she wants do. And then it's all revealed to be a complete falsification starts asking questions about what is success. An does she go along with it because she's insecure about itself. It's really good at that thing. That's just recently out now. We're all stuck indoors. We're having to find new ways to access the events that we'd like to go to Laura. How're artists still performing fans during lockdown before the lockdown properly started we were seeing a quote unquote gigs taking place in gig venues but with no audiences? But I think as we've gone on lockdown and stuff those venues cannot justify being that those kind of vanished. Now so I think we're seeing a lot of home performances like Ben Gabon from death. He's been doing nightly concerts. I think taking requests country Euro Christina Queen started out the lockdown by doing something nightly. I think now it's a bit more. Sporadic Gis me myself. I mean just to be plus disciples about. I really worry about the pressure. Feel like they have to perform for people for free during this period. Because they're probably experiencing exactly the same. Sort of stresses everybody else. And that's such a wealth of content other ready as I guess we showed. I did how much more we do need. But if people are getting stuff out there and the artists feel. They're under pressure to do it then. I guess it's not hurting anyone but there are a lot of artists who are under pressure to make money and this is an incredibly difficult time for so many people in the industry. Is there a way for people to be able to support their favorite bands financially to help them get through this? Yeah I think the best thing to do is to buy merchandise albums. Look and see if they've got like an online tip jaw type thing if they are doing any sort streaming if you really care about not streaming music is giving them nothing. Go and spend an. If you're able to do that. I mean bigger artists. I think would be fine but I think smaller artists. They offered quite specific guides of how best to support them during this time. Such as Havelock on their social channels to see that talking about finally one of our listeners. Hillary got in touch to say the global crises in the past have often led to cultural revolution's. What are your predictions for Post Corona Culture? I think we'll get a huge amount of corona virus related fiction and nonfiction being rushed out but I think the best books we're going to see going to be awhile in the making. The best ones will be focused on people and the smaller implications of this whole experience. I would say that. I do hope that people are willing to look back on this experience and pick apart the structures that were underlying a lot of decisions being made by governments and billionaires and people with power decisions made about who was left behind and who was propped up. So I do think that this is a very good time right now to be doing a lot of nonfiction rating and I would say that. I really hope that people emerge from this experience a little bit more aware about some of these structures that hold up our societies and I just say that I really recommend I've just finished reading it when his Tikal by an and gate. Harare's I think that's a really important book to read right now and just understand role or not billionaires applying right now Laura you predictions if you have an a I think. Pope anxiety and solitude unlike the breakdown of community has been underpinning lot of popular music for quite a while now. And I think that we're going to start seeing like reflexive response sort of that last year Franco saying that he doesn't really WanNa make fun anymore. He wants to make more fantastical stuff the New Lady Gaga but which was supposed to be out in April but has now been pushed back a bit that is based in fantasy. I think we might see like a roaring twenties style. Fantastical indulgent high production value big par renaissance. Which we've not really had for about seven to ten years. Maybe all the things that you already do at home I think that escapist thing people are going to be really into but then you know at the same time of seal the tours and all the festivals have been cancelled really big artists who've already booked spots in arenas and stuff for next year and I think there's always going to be a whole last year where artists. They don't have space to exhibit their work and then once that space kind of his opened up again. It's already been taken up by autism a lot more power than them and I think that we're gonNA see so much more. Attention paid to inequality within the music industry you know. There's been a lot of pressure on spotify. Recent need to up that Rosie race artists during this crisis because they're getting rich off people who saying home unable to toll which we've been told for a long time is like the lifeblood of the industry. I think that is a fallacy. That's really been shown up recently and so I think there's going to be a lot more pressure on powerful parts of the industry to compensate artists properly and greater awareness of again let Shamas saying the structures of underpinning it. I'm okay we'd be watching. Endless pandemic shows this time next year. Would you think might happen? Well I mean what's going to happen to hold these Attiyah tonight. The big question. I really wonder whether cps the day-to-day saying eastenders Madel Coronation Street. That kind of thing whether they can actually address current Ivars tool because able stopped production now with a winding down production so that either kind of continue as normal oil be interesting to see whether real life seeps by Ken desk themes and TV that will forever continue said period dramas will always be popular wartime dramas. Always be there. Julian fellowes will continue his same brand of whatever he does so. I think that that will carry on. Hopefully people will be spending this time seeking out new interesting things to see. And then we'll take a curiosity fluids become out of lockdown and hopefully have more of a common towards what it is. They Watch. They're usually cheese to go back to. And I think this on a wide and no I guess agreeing. What Shannon dougher saying is that if anything this shows us how valuable the arts are and how horribly underfunded. They've been in this country such a long time. You know we need to rethink that now coming out. His Ball Tastes Great as Royce's directors everyone. They are going to need more help. And if that's been a thing getting you through you'll isolation lockdown then I think is something that needs to be remembered when we're back to normal whatever normal is going to be Lura Shannon Amar. Thank you so much speaking to me and for answering questions. Thank you thank. You can find a full list of Ama- Shan and Laura's recommendations on the web page for this episode and do read their reviews of TV shows books and music at the Guardian Dot Com. Thanks to all of them speaking to me. Mt For listening today's episode was produced by Courtney. Safe and sound design was by in Chambers executive produces a fill may not and the CO Jackson. We'll be back with you tomorrow.

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College Basketball Picks & Tips with Greg Peterson March 11, 2020

Sports Gambling Radio - By BangTheBook

20:51 min | 7 months ago

College Basketball Picks & Tips with Greg Peterson March 11, 2020

"So we go from Brad powers to Greg Peterson of visa and and the Hoopoe hoops. Podcast AT G unit underscore eighty-one on twitter. Greg How's it going today? Man Doing Great. Thank you so much. I mean my friend. Absolutely glad you're back on the program here we're GonNa Talk Some Games in the ACC AAC CONFERENCE USA Sunbelt and the Patriot league rapid fire with those here for this Wednesday slate. But before we get into that you and I were having an interesting little discussion before we started recording here about some of the implications of these empty venues for the Big West Conference Tournament as well as the Mac Conference Tournament. And quite frankly some of the regionals next week for March madness could wind up being played an empty arenas as well and all of us are sort of trying to figure out how to handle this. What's your take on the whole thing? I could actually help to the over just because you have absolutely no noise whatsoever. That's going to hamper these teams. I know what you're going to have a little bit of a different backdrop. I think that actually helps a little bit and free. Throw shooting huge shoe because you need all the focus in the world when it comes to free throw Saturday. There's no easier time to shoot free throws when you're in an empty venue so I actually am going to argue. That helps out a little bit more with Louvers and unders personally. Because I know that I personally whenever I play my best basketball when I was just laying in some of my buddies in a scrimmage meanwhile when I got out there on the middle school floor because I've on leaving college I wound up not playing anymore basketball after the eighth grade because I retired due to a lack talent when I did my worst play. That would be whenever I was out there playing an actual games right when I was in closed-door scrimmages so the question is do you feel. Like that's a contrarian point of view. I mean I personally think the big west and the Mac told us are gonNA get hit down because these are games being played in very very big. You know professional sports venues. I feel like those totals. Probably get bet down. So what are you going to do at the outset here I mean? Are you going to expect that? You're on a contrarian side and wait for these totals to come down and then get them when they bought them out or do you think a lot of people will be along the same lines as you think it helps the over and you may hit some of these. Totals a little bit quicker. Honestly I think this is uncharted territory. This is one of which we're going to have to see what happens the first day because I can't remember why time we've seen just a college basketball game played in a completely empty venue in what you're supposed to have like twenty thousand people so it is very interesting spot there. I will say this. How many people do the Big West typically draw because you were talking about that being a huge building? There just aren't a lot of people there in general and there are some of these teams and some of these conferences that they've blamed for a very small crowd anyway so I do think that it's going to be a little bit interesting. I think there might be a couple people I might be on the under. But it's just one of these things where we've never seen it before. I don't even know what to expect. I guess what kind of see how this whole dynamic plays out here this week and then like I said potentially a much bigger deal next week but we did have over thirteen thousand people last night for the opening two games at the ACC tournament in Greensboro. Although maybe that was paid attendance more than anything. I guess left the chicken. Those Games look like tonight but a couple of games going off tonight. Games actually have already started. While we're recording. This year on Wednesday afternoon Clemson and Miami already underway but the too late Games in the ACC tonight Notre Dame and Boston College teams did not play last night right now. You got there in the marketplace Notre Dame nine and a half point favorite here against Boston College. What do you think about that one down in Greensboro? This is a little bit too or play because keep them with us. Gosh they are going to be without Nick. Popovich in this game but nick July signed these teams laid in what was a one point game scored as many points as myself. So I think that's a little bit of an interesting parallel there with this Notre Dame team you're gonNA have the best rebounder out there in John Mooney. He's our five players with regards rebounds per game that. It'd be twelve. Apricot TESTS AS WE KNOW. Today does a very good job would be able to take care of the ball with Boston. College towards the end of the year. They began to play a little bit better basketball because they were dealing with so many injuries earlier in the year. I do think that is something that you do. Want to take note of. And this Notre Dame team they just seemed to play in a variety of different styles. They were really playing. Fad stores like late January early February. They've downshifted a about ever sunset seventy three points on each other lies four-game so I think that there's a fighters chance at Boston. College resembled say within single digits. And keep those one close the other game in the ACC tournament Tonight Carolina and we knew that a lot was expected of North Carolina. Because let's be honest they were a fourteen seed and some places had them going off at twelve to one to win this conference tournament. So this is the last stand for the tar heels who obviously did not have a very good season. Did Miss Anthony. While he was hurt tonight they take on Syracuse. So they go play that match up zone. After having all kinds of success offensively against Virginia Tech last night similar situation the line open to two and a half bet up to three seats of three. And a half out there. Now as well does North Carolina have as much success rate against Syracuse in advance. I do think so because you mentioned the fact that they're playing against his own circus hasn't had much success playing defense at all this year. Let's be honest here. I think that they have given up sixty nine points or more in pretty much eight out of their last nine games so it is not one well for them there and for let's see they're finally starting to play some. Good Basketball Lee. Seventy six points in each of their last five games with North Carolina. Last sign these teams played they hammered Syracuse area. We'll get to ninety points. I do think it's going to be a little bit tougher because you obviously are playing in a neutral car. Venue out there in Greensboro. That said about Garrison Brooks twenty plus points in each other North Carolina's last seven games. I like reasonable bring to the table. Syracuse this is just a bunch that they don't necessarily have lot jeff. Nave really having to go to a little bit. More of a six man rotation Brumby. Cbgb's able to be a couple of rebounds. But I do think the North Carolina once again going to be able to get the job done here though I will say. I was getting a lot of questions about the guards. North Carolina Futures. As well if you're really wanted value with North Carolina. You don't take that futures number. What you do is what I like to call just a money. Line Parlay a rolling parlay where you one unit on the money line game one and you just keep rolling it over and that way if you wind up getting a match if they don't like with North Carolina or something like that you'll tap out and let's face it. Paled is going to be better anyway again if any for listeners. Take anything away from these conference. Tournament shows. We've been doing. It's the money. Line Rollover all of our guests have talked about it. We've talked about a ton that price is going to be better you than the futures market in probably ninety to ninety five percent of the cases. So if there's anything you take away heading into these remaining conference tournaments or next year's conference tournaments make sure that it is that money line. Rollover Greg we transitioned over to the M. Aa see now. The Metro Atlanta Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference New Conference Tournament. Venue for this when it had been played in Albany now moves to Atlantic City three games last night. Three Games under the total three games. That didn't really scare the number at any point in time. Either tonight we've got CNN and Manhattan. The end of the number one seed in this conference tournament Manhattan with like an hour and a half without scoring last night and still won the game comfortably over Fairfield but SAN JOSE. Six and a half point favorite. Tonight yeah this is really interesting because it sounds like Seattle necessarily put. The world on fire wizards their record. This is a bunch. They're obviously GONNA have the best player out there on the floor in jail and pick it. He's able to get a little bit under fifteen points. She's nearly forty percent for three six turnovers but with Manhattan. The big key for them being able to hold up on the glass. The Calgary polly pocket they give you a combined twelve rebounds per game last time these two teams Seattle was able to take it to an end. They were able to get a double digit win and Sienna comes strong winners of each out of their last night games. But I do like the way the Manhattan has been able to play in general the big key for man and free throw shooting because they have been so poor th line but we saw the first Sunday two teams laid man was to eighty one points in that game. They were able overcomes the shooting. Twelve of twenty two three point range be key for men and just being a hold up at the point of Tech. Maybe try to force a couple turnovers. I did think the Menendez a chance to be able to stay within the summer. Now like I said this is a new conference tournament venue. So does it help you to take the Manhattan side. Because they played a game gotta lay of the land got to feel a little bit more comfortable out there or does that does not matter to you. This is one in which it doesn't necessarily do a whole lot for me because either way it's going to be a neutral court. I think that this is a spot of which it's something where maybe Manhattan benefits a little bit more. Not Because of the venue but just because they now have a game under their belt in general because that typically can help out some of these teams in conference tournaments in general and with Manhattan. They just play at a fast paced to begin with. So I do think that that's big as well aren't so the other game tonight in the a little bit of a late tip off here. Iona and Saint. Peter's Ionas made this conference tournament final seven years in a row. Eight of the last nine ten of a running joke out there going into this comfort that they would find a way to get into the title game here. Somehow which would mean beating saint tonight. The peacocks are a small favorite of two and a half but they take out an. I own a team. That just has a reputation in this conference tournament. Yeah keeping my with my own of the big thing with. This year's team is just a coaching situation. In general Tim clue ceiling all this health issues. That certainly hoped hampered this so. You're not getting the same. I own a team that you have in the past. Meanwhile Saint Peter's this is a bunch at they actually played against. I own a just about a week or so ago. They were able to get that win by kind of sixty eight to sixty five. This as ain't Peter Sima which the whole is greater than the suburbs parts. They don't have that averages more than nine points per game but Casey Endesa Guy that is able to be right around two blocks for game. Doug shoots over forty percent for three. It's on drive. Eight five rebounds per game. Nancy will give you a couple of says list goes on and on. Saint Peter's doesn't necessarily have that one star player but they just get contributions from a little bit of everyone a number. I own a lesson. These teams late. They weren't able to really do a great job of being able to take care of the ball. Because in that game you had twenty turnovers for my own. Ah is eighteen. Sometimes they go a little bit too fast for their own good and then when they slow things down they just appear to be other element. I contribute that a lot too coaching. In general I ain't Peter's going to be able to take it to Iona once again on a tight line art conference USA here and this is easily the weirdest of the conference tournaments two games going on at the same time as far as eastern Time Start Times go seven seven thirty nine thirty and ten. This is a football practice. Facility Games going on court a court be at the same time and as crazy as it is the lines for tonight's. Game Old Dominion minus two and a half over. Fau F. I. Four international minus two against Rice. Uab minus two and a half against UTSA MARSHALL MINUS TWO AND A HALF AGAINST UTAH. So all of these games virtually lined in the same range. Two Games going on at the same time I mean. Is this one of the harder conference tournaments for you to handicap. But at the same time we've seen it time and time again from this conference alike. These teams are seeing this for the first time ever and what I think is so fascinating is that you often have seen a lot of upsets in this conference tournament because we remember. Middle Tennessee looks like they were going to be representing confrontational say in the NCAA tournament. A few years ago they wind up losing because it was just a strange situation. In general I think that was back in the two thousand seventeen eighteen season which a loss to Mississippi southern miss as about a ten point favorite. So I do think that this helps out the underdog a little bit just because there is a lot of chaos going around that I did think that this is going to be a very interesting to say the least and sometimes when you go a little bit more up Temple Bryant maybe just taste a little bit more out of the other team in general as just because there is a whole lot going on and when you add in there the element of being go very fast. It can leave the other team a little bit of disarray. So speaking of these four games like I said Florida Atlantic Old Dominion Rice. Fau UTSA UAB. You tap and Marshall I know you play Sidon toll on every game you see that you don't necessarily like one game more than another but is there kind of a game or two here in conference you tonight that you really had your eye on. I have my eye on all four. I WANNA blame the points with old. Dominion laid the points at Florida international wound up taking the money line and I was looking at you tap at first but this is a youtube team that it looks like about half. They're team is banged up right. Now they're playing with a bunch of guys that they're not at honored percents going up against the Marshall Team which they do a great job of being a pickpocket so I wanted to take three of the four favorites in the spot. Deputies Certainly Abrasive Williams who does a good job but with that said when you're going out and forget Marshall Team that does one of the best jobs in the country being able to generate turnovers with that short of a rotation right now. They've been going about the situation all right so we go to. The Sun Belt Conference here were the quarter-finals remain on campus sites beginning Saturday. The tournament shifts to New Orleans to play at the smoothie King Center which is where the New Orleans. Pelicans play but we're on campus sites and so far four pretty competitive game series in this conference tournament. Louisiana beat Arkansas State by seven Coastal Carolina with an upset over. Ut Arlington by point Georgia southern beat Louisiana Point and then Appalachian State beating Coastal Carolina on Monday night. So we get five four six three in kind of a roundabout sort of way here though Georgia southern on the road at Georgia state tonight Georgia state laying five. I happen to like Georgia state to win this conference tournament. Actually what do you think about their chances tonight? I think this is going to be interesting because I want to play in the points. Here would Georgia's say the air coming off laws? These two teams laid the baker for George Status. Just being able to hold on the glass. We sell them the NCW Term Advisor. Obviously they underwent day. Coaching change during the offseason lies ear. But what Georgia's state will you've got is a lot of veteran leadership at the back and that starts with Game Williams together. It's able to give you right route. Four and a half assists fourteen points per game. I like what he's able to bring to his able ever Georgia's southern with regards to three point shooting rate. The percentage of your shots that you take for three one of the ones that are teams out there in college basketball. And this is a Georgia's other deem that they've been playing just amidst mash of different siles. Maybe they will get you seventy five. Plus in each other is for games but prior to that they had been downshifting. I feel like Georgia state is actually going to be out for vengeance spot being that. They are playing on their home campus. I think that is big as well and the key for Georgia state is just being able to see a couple of those. Three's going to the basket because this team that I feel like there are the most hot and cold out there in the sunbelt but I do like what they've done. What bringing Quarry Allen off the bench? And he's been able to give the seems absolve production Texas seven point favorite over Appalachian State here in the other quarter-finals match up and in fact Texas state as a three seed was the conference tournament favourite. Here so what do you think about the Bob Cats laying touchdown this evening? I think that the Bob Gates every chance to be a win. This game outright. No question I felt like seven was a little bit too. I at five. I would probably been in on the Bob Cats with Appalachian State. This is a team that actually is getting a little bit of something out of the back court. You got the fact that just enforce has been able to give the same right in the neighborhood of about seventeen or so points per game. But how about the way that Isaac Johnson has been performing down low for the year? He gives a team a little bit over seventy bus. The Texas state team that they aren't going to be a match up with that you do have a guy in Isaiah's fall that's able to give you six Africa bouts for game but with Johnson as well this guy that is coming off scoring at least thirteen points in each other teams lights four games. He's had templates rebounds in throughout those far as well as good job will be able to say out of trouble with him being able to control the pain in a game that I think is going to be slowed down because Texas eight. There were one of the best teams with the defensive efficiency that you're gonna find in a mid major that. Appalachian state should be able to hold on this game. One last thing. I want to ask you about with regards to the Sunbelt here. The semifinals on Saturday. We don't know who little rock and South Alabama will be playing what we do know that Little Rock and South Alabama. We'll be coming off of an eleven day layoff. That's a long time not to play in college basketball especially not around a holiday or anything like that. Does that worry you about Little Rock and South Alabama? On Saturday it does low put. The big thing is the total because I still remember. I think it was two years ago. The Sun Bowl final was a game in which neither team got the fifty points. I think a big result of that is because you did have such a big layoff. You had a bunch of teams that they were not necessarily fresh keep buying the sun bowl tournament wandered starting last week for some of these teams as well. I mean athletic as very had a game under their belt along with Georgia southern so I think that just these long layouts in general effect these teams I in fact some a little bit of both ways obviously did longer layoff is going to give you a little bit more of a buffer period. But with that said I do think that this is a spot in which both these teams are going to be affected quite a bit and I think it does lend itself to a little bit more of it under fest are we had several teams punch their tickets to the NC double A. Tournament last night. One team will do it tonight. Outside taking away the bubble teams but one team will win an auto bid tonight that one coming from the Patriot League Boston University takes on Colgate. This one on campus in the championship game and Colgate is a seven point favorite tonight. Do they win the bid and do they cover the number? I think that colgate should be able to win. This game outright. I just can't wind up playing this many points. This is Boston University team. That Walter White. No not the guy from breaking bad but rather someone that has been playing some of them as best basketball ear at least ten points in now. Eight other teams is engaged. Maxwell Honi arguably one of the best low post presence that you're GonNa find in college basketball with regards to the Patriot. Sable team fifteen point seven rebounds. I like the way the easiest hold up now. At Basel University you do have some free throw wolves both colgate. Yvan rival just as OP shooting threes way. They did last year last year at right around six foot nine. Six for ten shot over forty percent from three this year that has shrunk by over ten percent. I do think that this is which university a team that has given up seventy one points or fewer in one of their games ever since the beginning of February is GONNA slow this game down. You're GONNA keep themselves. I don't think they're going to be a blow it off outright. Because they're free throw. Shooting is not necessarily the best but I think that seven is a little bit too rich for my blood here in what is going to be a game that decides who goes to the NCAA tournament. Greg Peterson who you can hear on Visa and and in the hoop and with hoops. Podcast Greg. What's the best way for people to find everything that you do right on twitter at forty one? I post the late to the PODCASTS everyday and for the hoops fi guests. You find that. An apple podcast. Google Blade spotify. Stitcher attitude answering. Just search hooper with hoops and hooping spelled H. O. P. I. N. Is Up on all those lifeforms breakdown inside a total on every single college basketball game every single day. Greg always a pleasure man. Thanks for helping me out with this Wednesday night card. We certainly appreciate your segments. And we'll talk to you next week. Always a pleasure. Thank you there you go. There's Greg Petersen once again of Visa and the Hoop and with podcast at G unit underscore eighty-one on twitter.

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69: Communicating with Intent to be Understood

Industry Thought Leader Podcast

36:50 min | Last month

69: Communicating with Intent to be Understood

"Hi It's emery. Before we dive into today show, I just wanted to give you a heads up about a very special seven part series. My stand out be heard and influence series which I'm running over on instagram. So if you're not already connected with me over on Instagram, just head on over to at anne-marie coach and you'll be able to join a long two days. podcast episode is all about communicating with intent to be understood with special guest. Jean Bah now with the restrictions on travel with attending conferences and events, and networking meetings numerous businesses. have taken to marketing businesses online. Now, when things return to semi normal, I think this guy to be a lot more emphasis and focus on businesses marketing their businesses online, which means now more than ever. It's so important for you to get totally clear on your message so that you can cut through the noise and be found by your ideal client. So over the next seven days starting from Monday my time. So head on anne-marie coach and keep monitoring, and you'll be able to see each and every post I'm going to be talking about the Y.. Important. I'm going to be talking about what sort of information that you need to be really clear on and continue to integrate within your content strategy. I'm going to be talking about the Herbert, specifically, the core components, the specific ingenuity get clear on. I'm going to talk about the how I'm going to talk about the mindset that you need to have if you WANNA position yourself as a trusted authority and everything else that you need to know so that you can stand out they heard an influence and he's seen as a trusted authority by your ideal clients ahead, an anne-marie coach and I'll see then and now onto today shy. Welcome to industry thought leader podcast standout be her influence. To influence real change with your message while become known as an authority in your field industry thought leader podcast we'll show you how now over to your host and Marie Cross. And welcome to another episode of Industry. PODCAST FOURTEEN BY INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADERS ACADEMY STAND OUT BE HEARD influence. My name is an re cross also nine as the podcasting quyen. Now, my guest today is this kiss keep it simple sunshine joining me on today is Jane Bob Jane will she is a master cells trainer and Master Cells Coach Championing Productivity performance and profit for south professionals and companies alike. Now listen to this impressive qualification list. Jane has an NBA I a business management diploma up. Sales Diplomas, Marketing Diploma Adult Education Diploma and Governance Certificate which makes who they later to speak to around mindset. Maastricht behind the psychology and euro signs of sales. Now, specifically on today show Jane is going to share how we are all different and as such we communicate from a personal framework and state of mind all state of mind as well as that communication is an art. Welcome to the shy. Hey, thanks a million and Maria really appreciate. Thank you. Thank you for us me. Thank you everybody for being him for listing. My goal today is to give anybody that is listening or everybody that has dusting eight chip or something that they gonna learn takeaway and be able to put an us in the on businesses whether you are a business on in sales will actually be just to that I believe that everybody's in sales I'm not really interested what's on Your Business Card because we're all we all have to communicate so true and let's face it. I. Think Siles. Bain. Referred to as a dirty word. It's one of those things that. People. Love to hype. I'd love to ask you Jane. What was it that attracted you that to that really drove you to really become highly skilled in this area. Now, of course, be passionate about sharing this message. What was that? All emery I think like for most salespeople I've fell into this. I started using sister way Beck Wing, and then I go work as a receptionist for a British engineering, which is I. Don't think companies around any longer and they had me on their reception and there was an incredible general manager code. Justin doors and just an obviously sewage something in that he came to me the one day and you see look I've been listening to you talk to people on the phone and engage with them and you know calm people down and sort things out and is it I think that you'd be good in sales it would you be interested and quite frankly I thought the man was completely nuts badge. I decided that it was an opportunity that I really couldn't turn down and our CPA and I, started in insurance in the British engine. Insurance Kennedy and that goes back probably till. Nineteen. Thousand nine hundred probably and. MARGINEAN sales is that I've been lucky enough I don't know that these lack but I have been privileged enough to be to buy or have some really good role models and some people who've taken under the wing and and encouraged me and and motivated and Mitchell that I had the tools for the trade and more more. Importantly, I think mental me along the way and so. I started an insurance. In sales and for me it was it's been the most amazing journey in the whole world. I. Love it to bits passionate about just engaging one person at a time and helping name to goes through the sales process and understand that it's not a duty word. It's not one of those professions that you fall into when you've got nothing else to do that. It is one of the hottest professions around. That you've got to engage mind body and so twenty four hours a day be on your game. Do Lots of homework and seriously be accidentally passionate about engaging with your content in a space where you become a trusted adviser to dame. So GonNa the old sales tactics, we've got a key. AKAM and some brochures and some business cards and sound fun and you go out there and you you wake up in the morning you. Wonder why should be in wonder what I should be doing Nah? That's not what you should be. Doing that you're in trouble trust me. And and that's just coming out of covid nineteen. We really in a very, very different. Place from when we went in. And we we need to be looking at things incredibly differently and through different lanes and from a different with a different mindset you begun to talk about the fact that we are all different and I'm assuming when you talk about that, you're talking about you know the individuals that we talk that we speaking to building a relationship. We need to be mindful of that but I want to touch on a point that you mentioned just now and that we are in a different environment, we need to change mindsets and we need to change our approach and was for many of US organizations here in. Melbourne Australia were on based wearing a second lockdown. I was just chatting. On what set with one of my colleagues in. Another country and around the other side of the world that is possibly looking at a second look comfortable organization with still. Through this, because as Gloria, not through wolves, what are some of the things that from as an organization this is even true if you're a solar panel or you've got in a big business, we still need to follow similar principles. What are some of the things that we need to be mindful of moving forward help us navigate through this change what are some of the things that we need to have in place in our approach and mindset? Let's talk about some of the changes that needed love to hear. I personally believe that communication is kill Iraj that we need to get back to basics gone on the days of shooting out emails and texting people we have to engage. We got to engage with excellent in taint. With alcon. without colleagues without peers with stop members without teams With everybody. That makes our business, what it is. And to that end I think one of the key things that I'm gauge with when I talk to teams or talk to people business owner salespeople is around understanding. You'll personality hell you come across how you engage with people. So all you was socializing, do you go out the you vibrant you? You. Just, WANNA know. Everything about everybody. You not, really good at at the final details and you you just you just want to engage which people know that it's going to do the hidden of the analyst person. Like your doctor your lawyer, your accountant Joe Engineer because they all about facts and figures and they don't WanNa do the whole small talks. So you've got to understand watch how you coming across but more importantly the other people around you and how they communicate, and then of course, how based to communicate within. Now, this isn't trickery. This isn't manipulation. This isn't any rubbish like that. This is just simply about understanding who you're talking to one kind of person they are so that you can communicate with them in the based way to get their attention to get them on board and to heaven genuine conversation with him because it's about connection. So if you're not connecting with people having a conversation but you. Don't understand who you connecting with and how you coming across you going to have disconnection with that Let's pick up on that. You're saying that now even more. So we need to be very mindful about our communication stalls having an awareness doing research on to whom we're speaking to, and they pray friends I. think that's even more. So important as you're saying because of the fact that things have changed and so we need to be more mindful of how we approach people. Now that many of us have starting to do networking and Communications Online, what are some wind? That, we can stop to observe or find out a little bit more about the person to whom we got into reach out to obviously things that you've been doing. That has supported you in that because it's great to be our respond in any direct. But how do we find that? What that other person is like what their preference of communication is like? I think being in the digital age and the Murray one of the things we have to do is use it to avant rich so. Look, the company on the company's thing look on twitter instagram Tiktok do homework and Lynton is the leading business page show look at that. But to get a better idea of the person look on the Chris Lakhani intimate look on twitter facebook look on only pages to give it getting idea look at some of the things that they may be engaged in. You look on the Internet, pull up the name and you may see links to. A gentleman doing juice today as race cars, I would never have known that. The businesses do they run? Do they have a family? Do they do they run the Little Kids Little League Baseball Game Role. Soccer team. Oh, nicotine. So find out about them and I think that when you're engaging with people be very, very clear at around the value proposition that you bring to dating a right because one of the things that I have noticed on. On intimate since knocked down is that everybody and their dog is on the Internet and I've got emails probably about a hundred and twenty emails a day of people offering me one service or another. One of the things that we've gotTa do is we've got to understand the value proposition that we bring to our because we've got to help them to understand why they should choose us as opposed to twenty thousand other people they could be dealing with because if they don't understand how different and what it is, you bring to the table, you just become a commodity or just some noise, and then they would evaluate you on the basis of the framework of what they know. So you have to reframe that person's on Dan of water is that you would bring to the table yeah yeah. Brilliant, and again, I think the way that we explained that or share that has to very much in the way in which they would appreciate that. So in other words, someone is very Checchi they may change on big long paragraphs there is. Who is more factual? I just want the facts. You know that that kind of thing one of the things that and I'm sure you would find many people struggle with well, how do I broach a conversation? Maybe there is no. It is really finding out if there is a need I but how did that go from building the relationship as being interested being curious Sh-, speaking in your case of example that you should someone who loves racing cars, you know making maybe making a comment online about that. How do we then take the conversation from that to see whether there is a need is There a nice way. This is your question. Maybe what sort of things our approach would you say would be a good approach online any insights to that I? Think it's about engaging saying look for me. I'm in Sales Training Leadership Training Coaching Business Advisory Services Shar run. Now, we going through Covid nineteen these a lot of companies out there that are closing down restructuring. Going through some HR stock and then also repositioning the company, the offer the products. Could I have checked with you about we erupt at the moment what that looks like now. And moving forward. And see that if I can have a chat with you and maybe have a stretch put help you put a strategy in place around what that looks like for you. Because what I've found is that people know what they they know what they've gotta but knowing and doing are two different things. salespeople business leaders need to understand right now pop from the present he filing and communication styles in the reason it. Is. Research is showing at the moment that the people who go to have a job twenty, twenty five and moving forward of verse people who have invasive themselves who understand E. Q. Emotional coercion, how do reflect how to how to come back how to see how they behaving How cheater all-star be really quiet and and? Talk today kinds, but ask more questions. Than than than talking yes and people who have the soft skills package that is key to everybody moving forward. And one of the things that we're seeing Anne? Marie is dead with covid nineteen before covid nineteen were people that had some. Making emotional problems alleged sort of saying that they were just coping with. It you know just just walking through but what we have found with covid nineteen is that with the association with with people losing their jobs with an increase in. Family. In a whole bunch of things, companies having to liquidate or just close the doors because they simply do it anymore these a greater increase in in in mental health and. I think that. Our role in sales win we talking to people we have to look at it in terms of a her listrik conversation I have the philosophy that you that you make a client. You don't make a sale ranch so you have a conversation with the client. And you talk about them, you build that relationship way you. Are Having you asking some. clocked, in depth questions. Now that is a skill not. Can do that. You know I mean you'll know for yourself. You are somebody how they on what do they say? Good Fun. Good. The Standard Christians. I'm good. Good fine. or SAR. I think what we've got to do moving forward is sales people need to be a trusted adviser. So they not a sales person they're trusted advisers that going to find out as much as they possibly can about the client. Brilliant. You know the fact you mentioned too that linked in and I totally totally agree Lincoln is such a a valuable rich platform to connect and even to learn you know are so many more opportunities than I think from business perspective and he's talked about Hellenistic and I think this is where so many businesses nature look at their their visions you're talking. Siles divisions how can sales work with marketing content development? Right, because Magin. If you just said a number of different issues that I'm sure many businesses are going through, there s reestablishing where are we going to position ourselves and? He to adjust we need to pivot or what one of my Clark was the ends up pivoting pivot because she's Blewett. Imagine if the marketing team to rich article that spoke into the expertise that the business could support the squirrels team asking great questions to stop the conversation in. Ten persons it clients actually we are struggling with that. We've created an Article Cohen. Read here. You're right. Now. You build trust but you're also I building a level of authority because imagine that article I'll neighbor that new connection to think we'd never thought of it that way. On, a win things. Provide value ask questions. Conversation. That comes from that is is going to help you continue to build what we always on. Guess absolutely. And the the other thing coach is that. With being a trusted adviser with having with rowing yourself skills, you've got to be intentional in your conversation. Tension you'll conversation and intentional. Mentioned someone who knows you, but they're not logged in. So, we don't know who that is but said, oh you want have Jane but this is what the conversational intelligent to be billed as huge now and I think that. It sorry is. And I think that. When we engaging, it's not a it's not a case of twenty questions or the Spanish inquisition. Okay. We not going there place what it is is a really intentional conversation with somebody. And helping them. Asking those very deep questions that. They may not have thought of. Be They may have sort of, but it was in the too hard box be, and another thing could be just the fact that the in simply in overwhelm. And Research has shown that when you are in overwhelm, you actually do not have the ability. To focus to logically. To to formulate at a process or an idea. and. So I think that's why a lot of business ernest off the moment and sales people particularly I don't think you have grown the skills or or be able to grow the skills to be had to be able to have those incredible conversations with people. I just think that at the end of the day we've gutter. Really and truly focus. On Hell, we showing up ensure with intention short up with honesty authenticity and great integrity. So you not to get a sale you. To build a relationship with the client and be the trusted adviser and help them in the journey as they whatever that is as they, they move through the pro cease and into the next. Part of the business journey whatever that looks like. I think what you've just mentioned. There's a huge I up and especially for businesses who may be. Setting expectations for the sales team to deliver. Results because I think everyone you mentioned some k points, I mean we could have we could unpack all of that and have many showers. You know many hours to speak on this. One of the things that you said that people who are overwhelmed unable to produce it or sorts of things. So what do not want to do is Ask South team forced to delight up many more of do already overwhelmed Ping Pong but the fact that what we can do now is become a trusted adviser is there provide support from a point of really building a relationship and I love with Integra team so that you know the the building blocks I think in the foundations we build now in their relationship will. Hold us in good stead as companies start to determine the way forward, and if wave being the trusted adviser, that's happy to share maybe get Outta Coles or what other resources guests are they going to reach out to when they are ready to step forward and get support it's going to be the person who's taking the time to become that trusted adviser. Yes. run articles do a blog. Look at look at the industry trains around the world look at the different ways your competitors. or The people in your industry you. The dealing in your products or your services how are they showing up? What are they doing? You don't have to reinvent the wheel I'm GonNa be honest with you. You do need to be on top of it. You do need to know what's going on. You do need to know what other companies are doing so that when you engaging with you kind you can bring some of those into the conversation because. One I found is that. People actually stay in the own little world and and they got hard sales people from now moving into this. One of the biggest things that they can bring is the ability with soft skills, integrity authenticity doing homework. Do Your homework, understand your client engage. Now it's not about the Hartselle it never was a will be it's not about the Hartselle it simply about having a conversation but a conversation based on the fact that you have done some homework because when somebody knows that you've done some work around who they are, what what they do, they will engage which you've Beta, if you're arrived the and Yukon, say anything about the company about what they do they products any of the competition or anything they are not going to engage with you because today mind you're just coming to sell me something. Yes yeah. Lee has delayed from valujet assented, and that's what we said beginning because unless we lane needed from that. We're just not going to cut through the or. Aura of hoopoe now who are online and it's even more. So now I think because of Saimaa area, well of content and information shares and for many people particularly if we look at typically when you think of siles, not that people were going round with the car and the briefcase in the business cards and so forth. But even kind of on online many of the people that they may now be speaking to the online world is foreign to them and we. We need to be mindful of that too as we approached them because we want to eliminate as best as we can that be potential barrier and just make sure that our conversation and how we relate to them does not just become another added pressure overwhelmed to famine. So we need when we move forward in that way how can I make this conversation even better for the valuable so that someone actually looks forward. To hearing from me because they know they're going to take a tidbit away now they're going to have an inside or just even feel better. I mentioned if we name the person that people love to interact with whether it be via text whether it be. Let's get on zoom coal and I enjoy that because they might through the experience of being with you going to feel better and an obviously you become the trusted adviser. One of the things that you stayed up front is that we need to use the kiss principle. What? The shaken aces to use my vision is keep it simple sunshine and that's not dumbing down around. It's just about keeping your communications simple because the Simpson you make. You you some conversation is the quicken I can understand what you want me to understand. You'll value what is you bringing to the table the quick I can understand the the quick I can make a decision. Out we the on continued to engage with you. But if you make it, Sir overwhelming that I'm sort of in a will depend going what the heck. The The I'm not going to be in I'm not going to engage with you because it's just in the to haunt bucks. So I'm just GONNA catch you out and that's got nothing to do with You know with you as a person or your company just said, you haven't communicated in a way that I understand therefore can proceess. And make a decision. And I think one of the other things that we all need to understand is that we are all children to the one radio station and it's cold w I A M Sir what's in it for me to do business with you. The right today when I'm thinking. What kind what you've what we have to do is we have to translate. That to our kinds in terms of what's in it for them. To do business with me and US. And I think that that is just it's very simple but. We've just got to get a hit around. Why people would want to work with us. And it's not a it's not a hard thing they wanna work with because they like Chris people were with you because they like you they trust you you know your business. You can help them you providing solution. It's not hot. But it's bound us the the the whole thing lies with us as we communicate with. The people that we're working with one to work with and I think that that is Sarah important it it's not of bound us. It's about L. Client and I think that if we focus on making a sale but making a relationship making. Engaging in in in space where your trusted advisor will you walk alongside them? She told a team of sounds people last week that way you actually a working for them in their company but not being paid by them. Yes. Yes. Brilliant and it completely changes the relationship too and I think for many people who originally really felt awkward to with sales I. Think it's it's I'm foaming it by saying, where'd you dine actually if you just continue to late with value, ask great questions the ones that are going to to enable the conversation to be enriched and very much focused on how can we provide support? Can I share an article? Is there a resource can connect you with become that trusted adviser? Ula almost get to the point where someone will say to you How can I work with you? You know? I think we need to work together more and that's so true even more. So now I think with the environment that many people are faced in because at the mine is a lot of unknowns. There's a lot of uncertainty but what we can be certain of is that when it comes to relationship. Relationships. It can take time what a great opportunity. Now to be able to lead with value lied consistently. We continue to to build those solid foundations. Now, the person who was commenting and said, there's chain is Pat Pat armistead. So you you are which. Is An absolute legion just lover today she's. She was here, New Zealand and she's Gone back to you guys, which is a little sad but. In treatable. Yes. So there you got look Jane we have just scratched the surface in what we shared today however, certainly giving people some food for thought meeting forward if you're not implementing and just not. Focused, you know when you're talking about sales rather relationship-building becoming. Advisor now really is such a good opportunity to Jay that How can people find out more about the awesome work that your doing, how my best connect with? Eugene or? My website is. WWW dot top achievers sales training. Dot Co dot did this training platforms if you just want to have a chat with me these a connecting just gonNA book at time and it's an have a Chechen see see how can help you. If you WANNA work with me I'm not everybody's Cup of tea but. A lot of people do like me. So it's important. We've had I should. Say. We certainly broken the ice for the many how? And when you go on the website, the is a video of Pat actually interviewing me so that will be there. The Guy Love that love love love. Love that I can connect with awesome people such as yourself and and thank you very much for the time today for sharing your insights. We're all in a where we're having jury revisit what we are. However, what we do know is important that whether we're sitting in today's environment or whether in a year's time two years time whatever it is about relationships, how we approach others and I think it moving forward the Cobra you spoke about the excellence in the work that we provide whether we're on product and service whatever field it is going to lead with that so that we continue to build that nylon like and trust even more important than the environment that we US outside. Thanks once again to come on the shy. Hey. Thanks so much and Marie have an incredible thing. For those people that will line hopefully a I edited. These anything you want to give me a cool catch up with me book an appointment dates have a chance at love to help you under Serb passionate about helping people to succeed. But thank you so much and Meriem. Complete Fan. You're you're an amazing lady. Thank you very much for this opportunity my severity. Thanks Jane Five now. You've been listening to industry thought leaders, podcast brought to you by Industry Thought Leader Academy stand. OUT BE HEARD INFLUENCE Want to stand out, be heard and become an influential voice in your industry access our free five day money marketing and mindset boost masterclass. Go to www dot industry thought leader academy DOT COM forward, Slash Mazda class. THAT'S INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER ACADEMY DOT COM. Forward Slash. Moss deposits. Off.

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La Movida Etapa 7 del Tour de Francia 2020.


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La Movida Etapa 7 del Tour de Francia 2020.

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And there but again, no said, Wa s Florida Saas by Dot light up buddy I mean take a. Galleon. Where they are not win a media. I'm Stamford initial Lee who he didn't also that is the. The announced. What this Must Baba Gana Abe Mental. subliminal. Bedouin a yogurt. Okay. So but a Dodo. One Open Thomas Book look as if they spread out of the light up at the moon does have documentaries the admit. Of? Young stunning for models. Gomaa In. AIDS Baksi veto. Hall nobody. So that mentally ill the almost. Away mosquito metros anticipated Pontoh. Net of CNN Tony other policy, accelerate MO- bank single disc interest, but automatic appeal Louis Kosovo while. Not In don't. Don't go. On attacking we. Say No. No. No. No you're not not since anti-doping Dosa most men get Thomas they get in a book or the ladder put fuel in the buckle me a typical. Get the initial therapy they asked at the initial. Stimulus Abbey door slow llamas, y'all on your puzzle Victor. will nonetheless last tunnel Gay Nina to the frontier. Is Good. A Not. Nokia Moffett. A lethal Massa Nomad harassers Conrad you. Your score that massage. Next month mikiko immune advocate went okay s versus versus durant the to the frontier. Eat Lira lira EA SOLA MINTA part. Of, the London. Salvage getting my soccer. Momentum. Able to. Get to must even. Cristiano. Get US know. is as soon as soon. One person particularity went on A. Yoga Quadra bookie to lentil this the best There's. A digital look at the look the other way. A Can Run. This caused Ns the Institute of. then. EAT UP UP. The East? Would I meant to sit up KOMMO'S EMPEROR? Feel LSD dealer Thomas Again. The Monitor. Spectacular. To record recognized Kate. Elbow Cay. Tomas again. Gateway. Poor pour. Nokia who cannot any earning benefits you can in Guna. Que Low. A the hit up with kettles. Discreet another inland boondock killed. Lindsay, also spiritedness. Win. as He. was double. White Oh went over meet I stay a little. As. Pets. They get. On the lane. Book Oil. Will. REVEAL, the. But. Oh. My topic to rule. Komo. Digital Mundo Sabio Novice Minneapolis Don. A into it. But it's not. Mustang. Kilo, Ya when I Went Doors. Window Book Obama's. That elects than through there, but don't ask. Them at the. Law. I stay I step in custody in A. Custody game beyond like the denim we discover Towell Vento in the global yet another million eighty. You went on C. E Bueno Louis. CK At keep book Damola. Diva. Dot Com look we k miserable. I'M BANAL Mamuka Moody feel sort Prandelli convenient. Kiss Him with him we've been. In those corridor SL COMA AND GREG OFF SKEEVE on bodily. By libranoy immediately allies to amend Relondo Ugo cafe us. Thank loss leaders. In, perylevade because he knows we better there to Posey's theon. In, Albany in your mobile mobile guy a up and indeed the the we have. No. inbuilt up with almost book West Glassy Perez on the on the West Guy. SIP Phelan Porter reporter. Nico's Lopes Catheters Lavar nor. Without the in allow opposition. Cardinal. was called STAR? Can Tho says okay is. Be Lots of. E.. L. A.. New. Our on Navy student gunning woman to in England Arizona's. Thank you so in. Tacoma. Bodies. Niece. Emplo they your bus although a Stygian in she sees she said pickled. Style. Get, by by don't go to the shoe characteristic us, this will peso. I'd give it but but I said it's so you'll throw altercation. We've being going to be in two years so as neither way. She's riskier element. When waste Bharatiya and up in. General shoeprint Komo Sufri Nosotros from ninety dollars. At the end this. A condo Hampton. Twister companion. Yes I. Handed US Young in Columbia official expand our K. Alamo Montagna community minimal temple produce but it on. Me Noodles own say hamper the job. Let's go. The lamontagne no E. Put Karaoke. Still. Sickly start unless you're on John Alex. Yanni. Him will. Tell me more said if we get that can throw really worth any. GOOP. Early my in those be the lower dispatcher. I see as soon as from factory important logistically mono as soon as. Not Be like a Aikido me not low I if defenders into what gay but one bucket seat of it has to be. E Bahar Mutual See. Dot The poor guy who has done the masterpiece MUCCI. Ganja. Take little better when Leonardo's good. Okay. I'm CAL final perceived constantly hospice says. On buckle book or Solo Comment Conquest Kofsky. But I WANNA Okeydoke at the issue XP theon and. Better Lower Loin. Pathetic. Lithuanian. Grotto Laura in Toronto Ski Poles. A civic ladder. I mean take a look as. Important. The Perez lead that s the net or does chorus. Get the southern Nevada, a more depot pinault-printemps annoys. GonNa feel bad. Whose Hobby. Veto. PLOTTO gone. Go to local Stephan Google. Logo. remained. Power Kelly leave total of those. Thank. Allama Paloma Paul. 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E You went away you the the Alita am no say, no say look at bustle when I choice Gaitho A. Mole. Chuckle keyboard goal as they've on Chavis. But I see IMPO FM today laughing at all. Finality you don't. Get it as. A CAKE A. Crappy. Stuff. On the hollow allies on the follow-up yield in seclusion. Noah Noah. Not. got. Still Fica. Tips better that La. La Montagna. Novi again. So the told up our London Okay Caspi dot podium western Google Youtube. Yoga pilates speak Pacquiao knows what does Not Respect those funds. As secret this head as thank, lucile. Winnow northgate but galaxy London got. T. Bo. April. Being taught that got equal. You know London. Say but Magnon Mita almost beauty Nieto's quiz. Secada spongier nubile local Melinda's at the case at the gas. Indicate get. Put Portal, their ballots in the penalty put. A GABE because you're not up as UPA tie you almost. by Roy was the initial. Question, Magnon? Oh. A. Choice get the was about to their stills but Solos overdose estaban. 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People Beneficier I was GONNA say Cuatro Cinco Dias say see no Estela the Amas love and Taha the. Leader, Berrow. No said if I were Ito no yoga story some book with Ambien located a Passerelle Milton. A okay. You're putting up a charter. I'M GONNA. I'm. Keep will product throughout like right up with also love our ethos, the Elevator Montana. Yoga Mitchell tone monotony giggle headed little Mondo, the Lara that I got up another. Stop Rockets. Allante Bernal de will be no. Other Yates Dumoulin or hold on Dumoulin folklorist cost. I-IT's. Now Stop. I Sti- stumper Sandoz. Stop No. But I think he told me that they can make prank kilojoule Mito Pourquoi Louise's tool this perfecto mechanical also secure Solo. So Solo Como Que no simple recoup emperor me. No Joy Wola come. See. Low Massive Santa Tom Dumoulin. Llamas. Benefit. Beneficial. So but I'll get stuck in those impression. Die Not yet expect another. A. finial new night that by them on Daniele. Mahatma. Nina. But said Noah style out is not yes. Nova says Navas said, is that also? No, no said. could enter the lowest but other guests out onto the opposing guerrero. A Lee is rob each no battle we know is the asteroid with yes. By a Ho Ho on link it. the Francia. A unless they will not meet that within passer. Machakos Look Gambian theon. That museum which will give it. Gordon. List a Dumoulin not in stress not. Ns. Threat says. The analogy EP. No. Inaugural is. Gladys property does not eat dench people good as but a sympathy that the London. Porsche. stressed. DNA. Yesterday. MUCCI moines in Atlantic but I feel. KOMO L'HOTEL S. That's been the Montana. Attic Deputy Kupuna Does Noel stress, the eight. Miss. Ferenza Inter leader. Odd. That trump. Katie near Dumoulin Tom Interest Karamujo. In K.. Team prosecute no corey. When Colorado, this the shade Fanta temples in. The Brunton Controversy Correa Travis Jagan Weiss Annual Marcus recitals the plan to Latini Moti are traumas better custodian. 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A at the needle breland mechanical pass say no said. No. In. Throw in. Kandal. Okay. Materially, candlelight style island is are we? Being, they don't cut up as I, e a material. European tips slower Lucy. Dave where one analyst where they? See? Okay, solo impulsively, imports you went on a your mentality staticky. and. Hispania. This get get one. Gated Saturday expect. Etc I got up but you'll. Look you'll. You'll Gusto vehicle known nor spatial established a Dilemma Barak row mutual you can. Throw Gusto vehicle you wanted your gussied That Amino, yet closer discord oil also on throw corden unless you've got up. No. Obvious Dot. Posted the the those battles? No, you could. Okay. A short A so. When y'all got a passerby. tempo in Sierra let been took. Sarah. Kasey those snow and to. SEE WASTED A. Leper Notre in in poor position a movies Marc. Dumoulin by it open each. Yeah. The Moss. Be. A S. George Bennett. But George Bennett the Stop By. Dominated Yano still could. Okay Sin. Ya'll case is that muscle said he does the the like L. Premier. George Bennett said don't go to William Potent they our. But are you movies Ma a gas that what not on the chart were? No both Puerto throughout the widow minnows model. Out Element. I George Bennett. SIP coups a Bhanot Bruno Saint then. In theory into community. In. A moment of cloud. I think a against. Not, get. Almost Of London Hill. England as. A gay is must put up cast look at no playoff still many. She's skipped over coronal. Breen SUID winona CEOS don't put his. Look at that Claro, Victoria, gas at the moment Bono. PARTIC- quality. That is no incontestably. Format in Britain. Cuando tattled on dope with savvy momentum. Scott in the almost low fauria they are not equal Mogi no gay Iot scaling then lengthened on Dente Nino Salman. Vote for our. Total cafe list yet. Provides divests with visit is in English unthinkable Moana. Solo. Singing scenic. He boy y'all final gather must-see wrote skipped super beside glitch in women together we eat authentification. It what's The Hippo Bendel binocular Messiah. Sit into the Komiya swooned coin no she. Didn't think on your. E. Spring? A suitable social centers. Way creoles somebody's Dale any today. E. Data Saga I'm Jay gas well Tuta elimidate Lamberto Paragon La. Overnight. Canal. Circadian a little bit. Ronald's no say homeware. A Cacique conflict to say you know he say went on Halloween get. Larrea Laguardia Harrier Godwin Peter Second Komo. Seen IMBARGO even. I will not go camping on Noli Somalia's Simplemente who. Says Mila Lucian Tohmatsu. Momento no. See No, there's a little worse get look at. On. Corridor. Super. Dot. Kalibbala Bien Winnow say Victoria. When ambition your E You Knowledge Salmonella speed the sack on nobody a yogurt auto solel solar booklet on When you're welcome, we the Sacramento feverish retarded. The but I'll boorda a hospital on this was that I started if Yup. Meridian plenty FICA. MUSCLE ESPN No. This affair Seattle this assess the one this offense said. The some Bennett. Headless Boone does does WANNA law phenolic was? On. US in Okinawa not by not. Can Look at what's on the UCLA lanark. Started London to us. Federal Water Kinship with HR. Sean Mutual Spoonfuls Sprint on the northbound to principal regardless. We now. You know psychic is with us. So I'll Kadena. GIG. A. Few Moore's. Napoli. Are But let's that. It went. Okay. So much mutuelles minnows spoon toss in theory the are or the guys he could win but I brought up the second year depot ounce. Windy. Win. That is the up, is the toys to throw the whole edition unthinking eat a book will be focused like I. Don't know if you not battle. a style. Better Day you WANNA say. So, then west of that I mean Casey gets via the Komo likened shot-putter Stereo. Say for case Soya Gama said CASSANDRA. Respect. Dukla let-up. Teen Musk. At Bora Norris, what he that get the assiette. So who knows etc that Rasa Guinness get? Okay come. I come a Lotta Company. I'd say. See, but I went out and that's the game impo neon in Pontiac the show. Last year's Nope at all but I want to meet up in my better than. Good okay. Inflammatory and other. Boats for not. A. Montana Yellow Montagna Victor Lamont Daniela Lemon Montana it'll speedy nails cases. Is say say it okay EMETIC to differentiate. Always. Man I always. Call the Mente Betas fruit. That means we us. We haven't been up audibility but equitable mutually. Carol but. A went. that Sunday safe was when a Sony Sony top US let's let's let's let's the PD. Meet island like up in the Montana. UTAH. Ludum. Pedal. Noise Noise Yada in. But. We're not last EMA you'll but oh, boy to winnow epochal. Muti. Lengthy Inter Yari by your hope So. But I don't think he lamented Oh, spicy comment. On settlement The stick almost suit of their style, a style I made. A A sped most. MUST GET ON A. WanNa. The. In La Bajada simply must implement but with a middle class. Upper about. A data guy he wouldn't stop stop the noise noise in CEA is nice in Siesta. S. One of us when when annual is I eat on this Guy Yoyo. In La in. gladdock one, the is similar to the Bahamas or the Nemo throw. A. Calculus he could get. Blah Blah the BIDAULT A. Lie night after the Montana and the top courtesy. Went in goodall throws does does put those diplomatic? Called them and they call it up the. Nana. So be the the the category of special PORTA. Ballas. Your. No See. I Scott Baba. These I'm which I ended up in Super Khanzada. An. Uncle. you'll the beddoe and a spectacular Obama's at the top up we gotta Lunda Bogota I'm better. You'll temple diarrhea than the than. A. Charter. The CBO's Dan Study Deals C C. C. C. Those Gaston morale meant the no. I'm in didn't get any last PF. NAUSEA FOSTER LITHIUM And they're not getting got within. yoenis demented Nov moving through unit. 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ESPN DOT ASTA stock on the Ram the moment to know your say woudl Kanye Savak Memento. Said I liked by on the stunned. We'll split those. The must've those Metros Med badly ultra Puerto and those helpless s essence deliver none Elliott DNA stole feature tell us a widow. Remote betty possibly yes. The momentum of Stasi million. Yo Story, cake monopolies drug each DNA indicates that gotTa Musty Impo. The look at the end. You almost almost castle. But you'll get. Okay. Capital hr they say. They story for Market Alabama case. Thank you in control. Of Yup Rich? On we kilo Tinicum, Darcy's spader casino drew Scott Kenny as he played they. Luma's friscos Kronos say the. Chose, the name would just buzzer. See see see why no I'm them but the meat album hold Yes who took on the Diet and Lekota. This baron got the need of this was that other. Rondo say got haughty in. VM. Las Vegas Casino, and that's more yogurt. Okay. Cuando Dennis Opportunity. 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 Exploring the start of the universe - Science Weekly podcast

The Guardian's Science Weekly

21:48 min | 8 months ago

Exploring the start of the universe - Science Weekly podcast

"The Guardian when down hoopoe was growing up in rural Minnesota Science was not something that ranked highly on his list of likely careers. Nothing about it seemed exciting. When I did encounter science I encountered you know. Physics classrooms where we were rolling things down inclined planes and things like this and if science was presented as anything at all it was as a useful tool to you know. Build better car engines or computers or something like this. That was until college where he wound up taking a course in modern physics. That's the kind of the turning point in my life. I learned about Einstein's theory of relativity and learned about quantum phenomena and these were the single most exciting things I'd ever heard about in my life and I don't just mean in science or in a classroom. I mean anywhere in life and to this day. That's true now. Theoretical astrophysicist at the Fermi National Laboratory and professor of astronomy astrophysics at University of Chicago. Dan has spent his career working on some of the most fundamental questions about our universe his particularly interested in those first fleeting moments that followed the big bang the time that even our most advanced telescopes cannot see. Bhakti at this stage. All of space was filled with a hot plasma of things like quirks and glue on's and electrons and Higgs bosons and all these all interacting and in a dense soup of particles. All that coming up on science weekly puzzle pieces fit neatly together and wrap up with a nice bow on top. And that'll be the end of physics. I don't know if they'll ever be an individual ex but invited into the studio to talk about his new book the age of time to explain his work of Fermilab the US is Premier Particle Physics Lavar Tree Niche Chicago most of the physicists. At fermilab build and operate experiments. I'm not that kind of physicist. I'm a theoretical physicist which means most of the work I do is on a pencil and paper or a chalkboard or sometimes on my laptop writing code I focus on the interface between particle physics and astronomy or astrophysics. That means I think about things like what the dark matter of our universe might be made of more or less. I try to figure out how our universe works and how it came to be the way it is. And then your new book you look at the first few seconds of the universe essentially. Why pick that fragment of time? I picked that piece of time. Because it's the one we know the least about. We know an awful lot about how our universe has evolved from a for the first few seconds or minutes forward so the farther we go back in cosmic history. The less confident we are in statements. We can make I can tell you what the universe was like to a pretty high degree of precision a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang. I'm sure of what I'm going to say about that. Part of our universe's history as I am that there was an American civil war in the eighteen sixties. We have a lot of ways of observing things that confirm our theories. Frankly would be very surprised. If we got that part of our universe's history substantively wrong but the first few seconds We don't know a whole lot about that. We don't have any way of observing that period of time we can learn things about that period of time by studying. The Laws of physics dictated that era using particle accelerators. And that makes it much more interesting for people like me to talk about in study. The Big Bang theory talks about the universe being this very tiny hot dense spag the origins at the beginning of time I guess. Is it possible for physicians speculate on what gave rise so those starting conditions? How did that come to be? We do speculate about these things and how good. We are speculating about it. As a matter. Some debate space is expanding. We know that and that means that in the past any particular volume of space was smaller than it is today in hotter and denser but I wouldn't necessarily say that we know that early universe was small it could be that space is infinite. We don't know so If it was something as big as infinity to be relatively humble about how that came to be in how started out. And why and how that all fits into the big picture? If we're talking about the big banks people generally understand what happens when we eat. Set the timer running in that first half second quarter second or something. What triggers the Big Bang? And what really is that? So the way that people thought about the Big Bang few decades ago they would say well if I take the equations that Einstein wrote down back in the nineteen teens and run them backwards. People like Stephen Hawking and and Roger Penrose and others showed that you'd eventually reach a point in time where we run into some called a singularity. This is the moment itself at the Big Bang t zero if you will and not only to space come into existence at t zero but sodas time and if there was no time there could have been no events. You can't talk about what could have caused the big bang or anything like that so asking what happened. Prior to the Big Bang is like asking how you go north of the North Pole. There's no direction you can go from the North Pole. That gets you farther north. That is a singular point on the globe what happened before the Big Bang might be a philosophically challenging and PAPP's even nonsensical question and even the first moments afterwards a beyond the reach of modern science but with observations we make today and experiments in particle collides. We can build models of the universe is evolution around the backwards. Get close to Teakwood zero. Turn the clock back far enough in the universe becomes hot dense ball of energy the team point eight billion years ago the farthest the particle accelerators we have at present allow us to go back to about a trillion of a second after the. Big Bang at this stage. All of space was filled with a hot plasma of things like quirks and Glue Wan's and electrons Higgs Bozon's and all these things all interacting and in in a dense soup of particles as the universe expanded and cooled. You reach a point where those corks begin to bind together to make the first protons and neutrons this point. We're talking about a temperature of something like one hundred billion degrees and then a few seconds later those protons and neutrons begin to bind together to make the first nuclei. And then as you go on further You reach a point a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang where electrons begin to bind to those nuclei making real Adams for the first time. Now this is a really important transition because around this time the universe becomes transparent to light before there were atoms. Sending light through space would have been about as difficult as shining a beam of light through the earth. You just won't get very far. But as these neutral atoms formed space became transparent in the light was released into all of space. We still observe that light today. We can measure it. Quite precisely we call the cosmic microwave background universe. Continue to expand By the time that the cosmic background is forming. Most of the energy in the universe was formed a matter for the first time. This is mostly dark matter but also atoms and then those forms of matter began to collapse forming things like galaxies and eventually clusters of galaxies and stars and planets. And all the rest. A few billion years ago Dark energy became the predominant source of energy in our universe. Outweighing the amount of energy stored up in matter and That's causing a university expand faster and faster as time goes on expand on that a little bit more. I mean what sort of things could you look for to try and get some idea of detail of what was actually happening way back then so when we look at those microwaves That came from the first few hundred thousand years. We study the detailed patterns of light across the sky and we find that some parts of the sky are slightly hotter or colder than each other talking about one part in one hundred thousand times hotter or colder than other parts and that gives us essentially a map of how energy and matter were distributed throughout space at that moment in time. Three hundred and eighty thousand years after the. Big Bang so the first few hundred thousand years of our universe was opaque to light so we can't use light to study that window of time presently the only thing we have to look back. Farther directly are the light nuclei that were formed through nuclear fusion in those first seconds in minutes so those survive and we can measure them an and study them in the same way that an archaeologist might you know dig up a pottery from some ancient civilisation to learn what life was like at that time we look at these light nuclear elements as a relic of the first minutes and seconds. We have other ideas of things we could study one day to teach us about the first moments of our universe's history We don't have the technology to detect them yet. One thing is that around the first second after the Big Bang. We think that the particles called neutrinos would have been released from the thermal baths particles and there would be today something called the cosmic neutrino background. Which in principle. We could study and measure. We can tell it's there from its gravity. Were sure those particles are there but maybe sometime Many decades from now will be measuring the detailed characteristics of the cosmic neutrino background. Learning about that first. Second in the way that we presently use the cosmic microwave background learn about the first one hundred thousand years. That's it for part one after the break. We'll be hearing more about dark matter and dark energy mysteries that make up the majority of our universe but which we know almost nothing about but Maltin article but never returned to read it. You're not allied with the Guardians All year. Long rates PODCAST. You can listen to expert writing on a diverse range of issues. Whenever seats from immigration at each appeal she was refused the right to stay in the country. Toco novelists. He could not avoid writing murder on his list of options for long form journalism without all the reading. Listen to the Guardians Audio long rates on apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome back after observing the cosmic microwave background the relic radiation that is considered to be the ancient afterglow of the Big Bang. Cosmologists had good evidence that the universe grown from hot compact ball through a period of rapid inflation followed by more gentle expansion for decades cosmologists generally thought that in the modern university expansion rate should be slowing down but in the one thousand nine hundred ninety s came a surprise observations appeared to show that it was doing exactly the opposite rate of expansion with speeding up. This left them with a new mystery. When it comes to dark energy what we really know is that our universe is expanding faster and something has to make that happen. We kind of use the phrase dark energy as a placeholder for that something it could be and probably is the thing that most physicists think is likely as that all of space contains a fixed energy density in in. Lake is an intrinsic property. So if I dig a cubic meter of space at any point in our universe any place in our universe in at any point and cosmic history. In addition to energy stored and stuff like particles or light that it contains in addition to that there's a fixed energy density cooked into it and then as universe expands and everything else gets diluted by that expansion. Dark Energy Star would be more important because it doesn't get diluted. A space expands. You just get more dark energy. So that's why it's taking over the last few billion years but it's also possible that those equations that Einstein wrote down back in Nineteen fifteen aren't complete and if we really understood a more sophisticated deeper more fundamental theory of gravity. We would understand why spaces behaving in this way and maybe we renamed dark energy some sort of understanding of gravity or space time. Is it the same as well? A similar case with dark matter that it's holding phrase or is not matter actually a pretty different prospect that actually you know that it is something with mass and so on you just cannot see it because it doesn't radiate so in some sense. The phrase dark matter is just a placeholder for ignorance. We don't know what dark matter is made up of but unlike dark energy. I'm pretty confident that dark matter is a form of matter and release cysts in one day. We'll measure the characteristics of the particles that make it up now back in the nineteen eighties. People proposed theories in which there was no dark matter. It was just a misunderstanding of the laws of gravity. But those theories haven't been very successful and as we've measured more and more Lines evidence in favor of dark matter. It's become harder and harder to explain away those observations with various kinds of alternative gravity theories so at this point. I I'm ninety nine point. Something percent confident that dark matter really exists that being said we are not evening. Where near a confident that we understand what it consists of. And why is it that you think that this sister having such a hard time detecting Talk Matt Particles? Let me turn the question around on you. Okay I'll do a little bit of Jujitsu here and say why is it that it's so easy to detect other kinds of particles so we know electrons exist because they carry electric charge and that means that interact through the electromagnetic force and that's a strong enough force that allows us to any number of measurements to detect the presence of the electron if electrons didn't have a electric charge? They pass through solid objects. Without any effort. It'd be like ghosts. They would essentially not interact with the world around them Similarly Protons and neutrons interact through the strong nuclear forces is a very easy for us to measure in detect. You know so. Basically we have a list of particles interacting with unknown forces. And that's how we study them now if we imagine that there's some other kinds of particles one or more the don't have things like electric charge and don't interact through the strong nuclear force. These are particles that we would have a much more difficult time Identifying now we'd still feel their gravity like we feel the gravity of dark matter but we wouldn't be able to measure their other characteristics straightforward way. The hope is that these particles will interact in some feeble way some non non negligible but still quite feeble way. And we'RE BUILDING. Experiments and operating experiments constantly that are more and more sensitive to those hypothetical interactions building detectors of dark matter in deep underground laboratories and trying to detect the energetic particles. That might be released when dark matter? Particles interact among themselves and trying to produce dark matter particles in the collisions. That take place in particle accelerators on the hunt for dark matter. There's one thing in particular that Dan finds especially frustrating. Scientists don't always talk about things. They hate in their chosen field. But in the book you admit to hating pulsars to the rest of US oh rotating neutron stars a pretty cool thing. What is it about them? That invokes your pulsar is at some level of fascinating object and There are lots of people who study pulsars for living and I have no no ill will towards the the scientists what pulsar is a neutron star. Which is something with Amass more than the sun squeezed into something the size of a fraction of London. Okay so really. Compact dense object made mostly of neutrons and win. Those stars are formed in Supernova explosions. They tend to leave that explosion. Spinning super rapidly. It's for the same reason that when a a figure skater pulls their arms in begin to spin faster when a star collapses they spin faster as well. You take something that might rotate. Once every month or something and now it's it's rotating more than a second on his access all of that rotational energy gets released into jets of particles or or maybe radio waves and win that beam of radio waves points in your direction. You see a pulse says we call them pulsars. They flash in this periodic way all that so good but they also happen to produce. High Energy particles of light will gamma rays. That look a lot like the signal that we predict dark matter particles to create so every once in a while we pointer telescopes somewhere. We see something that looks like a signal of dark matter and you have to ask yourself. Might these really be pulsars. Faking a dark matter signal. It is the bane of dark matter hunters existence so it's just my own and have overtime really learned to hate pulsars with so many frustrations alongside all the questions nines. I want to know whether Dan taught it was a worrying. Time for the field of cosmology. Ortho these mysteries simply opened up exciting new avenues to explore the way I look at it as we have a spectacularly successful theory in the Big Bang. It's made many many predictions detailed precise predictions basically all of which have panned out correctly. But there are a few important puzzles or problems that persist. We still don't know what the dark matter is. We know it's there. It makes up five six to the Matt. Our universe but we don't know what it's made of We know that dark energy exists. But we don't know what it is. What we really see is that our universe's expansion rate is accelerating. Recently the last few billion years dark energy drives that but we don't know why or how our understanding of physics says that there shouldn't be any matter in our universe. All of the matter should have been destroyed by anti anti matter in the first fraction of a second and yet here we are. That's a big puzzle and also our universes strangely uniform and it's basically the same everywhere and the only way we have to explain that at present is with a theory called inflation But we don't understand how or why that happened so these loose ends are important in there. They make it exciting to study that first fraction of a second after the Big Bang and maybe one day. We'll just tie up all those loosens and make a coherent picture. Or maybe it's telling us that we're thinking about the early universe entirely wrong and some big revolution and Sciences. Coming in distraction. You took Lord in the book. About scientific revolutions something Thomas Q. Noggin was the way science. Really progress do you think calls moldy needs revelation to expect one coming anytime soon? So Thomas Kuhn would tell you that you can't possibly know that a revolution is about to take place it's I if if you could predict that than the revolution would have already happened. You can't even tell when you're in one right you only know looking back on it like Oh yeah that was a revolution So I I I don't I can't definitively answer that question that being said I do think about it a lot when I'm talking my colleagues about this. I like to ask them the following question. I say what what do you think? It was like to be a physicist in one thousand nine hundred four. The reason I picked nineteen eighty-four is because it's the high points of physicists confidence. In their theory in nineteen four we had a couple of Hundred Years in which Newtonian physics. Just worked it solve problem. After problem new stuff would come out and new observations new measurements and they use the old Newtonian thinking to successfully explain it. It was an amazing period of time but in nineteen o five. Stein came out with a couple of very important papers. Introducing things like quantum physics and relativity. That showed that some of the loose ends that were there. In nineteen four couldn't be addressed with the NEWTONIAN framework. He didn't just expand upon or add to the NEWTONIAN framework. He tore it down and build something in its place the inner workings of the atom the way that the sun produced starlight for so long could not be explained to Newtonian framework. It needed quantum physics. So these are things that were seen as loosens at the time but they required a paradigm changing revolution. Maybe that's where cosmetologists today maybe not I'm cheering for the side revolution. Though I think that'd be exciting lift through. We'll be keeping our eye out for any potential revolutions here at Science Weekly. Hughes thanks to Dan Hooper for joining us. You can find a link to his book at the edge of time at the GARDEN DOT com. If you have any thoughts a- feedback do send us an email at science weekly. The Guardian Dot Com. This episode was presented by me in supple and produced by Madeleine Finley for more great podcast from the Guardian. Just go to the GUARDIAN DOT COM slash podcasts.

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