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"hong kong china korea japan" Discussed on Yahoo Finance Presents

"Happier. Catering office catering in expense accounts that's at minimum twenty percent. I'd argue in New York that's probably a minimum thirty percent of top line revenue a healthy business, which is probably like less than five percent of businesses operate fifteen percent you know net like that is like a rarity. Where the hell is that difference GonNa Come? Because there's a vaccine as we can all see, cities aren't going to come back to pre pandemic levels especially, corporate environments, an office workers. So we just have to focus on that issue and realize wait this is a fundamental problem and how we're going to operate our restaurants and part of it as we need to start having pragmatic. Answers to real problems that we know are going to happen. They're not fun to think about that. The reason why we're here is if you just think about the lack of office workers or restaurants. How lived under? How are we going to fill that void? I don't have an answer and people talk about tax credits you there but that's again a temporary solution. So you know I, I don't like bring a Debbie Downer about this but I think that we need to come up with innovative solutions and I hope in coming up with impossible like an answer to these impossible problems. I mean, you've talked about the safe adjust reopening ran. Just, not GonNa Twenty, five percents nonsense. It's just nonsense we need to have protocol. When you have contacting, we need to have everything that Seoul Korea every other country. Has Except for America right now, for the most part right I talked to my friends in Europe talk to my friends. In Hong Kong China Korea Japan, they're not having these issues dining in is at a a a not normal per se but it's a lot better than what it is you. Get closer I mean, isn't the point though that would quote was trying to do is like, okay, it'll be criminal November I will be fifty percent of things work but you say we need tests Thought about them like how you're GonNa get there I get the. Most restaurants probably won't make two percent, right right and then you're gonNa have and again that's a temporary solution for the the beginning of winter coming. So all in a trolley car problem, right we have to figure out what is the the? Worst scenario and twenty five percent is just a random number. It's an arbitrary number, right? The end of the day you cannot operate a business particularly in New York City if it's not one hundred percent, it's..

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