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"honduran president warner" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Poverty increased by 74% to make us the poorest country in Latin America This figure by itself explains the migrant caravan of thousands of people of all ages who flee to the north Mexico and the United States Looking for a place in a way to subsist regardless of the risk it implies for their lives Castro's presidency marks the end of a brutal 12 year regime by the U.S. back right wing national party which first came to power after the 2009 U.S. backed coup that overthrew Castro's husband President Manuel lya This comes as many are demanding outgoing Honduran president Warner lender Hernandez be indicted an extradited to the United States to face charges of aiding drug traffickers like his brother In Japan 6 people who develop thyroid cancer in the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdown filed a landmark lawsuit against the Tokyo electric power company The plaintiffs were age 6 to 16 at the time of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which triggered one of the world's worst nuclear disasters a court acquitted former executives from the utility company in 2019 Meanwhile a plan to release wastewater from the Fukushima plant starting next year has sparked international condemnation At least 70 people in Southern Africa were killed as tropical storm Anna struck Madagascar this week before slamming into mozambican Malawi torrential rains triggered landslides and caused flooding that washed away bridges submerged farmers fields and damaged tens of thousands of homes hardest hit was Madagascar where the UN says 1 million people are already facing severe hunger from food shortages brought on by acute drought last year the World Food Program warned Madagascar faced the first ever famine caused by climate change Meanwhile one of the largest icebergs ever observed has broken up in the southern Atlantic Ocean When it drifted away from Antarctica in 2017 iceberg a 68 a was roughly the size of Delaware weighing in at an estimated 1 trillion tons Scientists warn melting ice from the Berg has dumped billions of tons of freshwater into salty seas near South Georgia island with unknown consequences for marine life and the environment A federal judge in Washington D.C. has canceled oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico ruling the Biden administration's auction of 80 million acres last year failed to sufficiently account for the climate crisis It's a major victory for environmentalists who have been fighting What would have been the largest sale of offshore oil and gas leases in U.S. history The Los Angeles city councils voted to prohibit new oil and gas wells and phase out existing wells within city limits The measure also creates a program to help oil and gas workers transition to jobs in other industries Los Angeles council president Mary Martinez spoke ahead of Wednesday's unanimous vote Referred to long neighborhood drilling has disproportionately affected the health of our low income communities of color From three ways to power plants are falling communities bear the brunt of pollution and climate impacts A 2021 study by University of Southern California researchers found residents of majority black and LatinX communities in south Los Angeles who live near oil and gas sites have lower lung function which may contribute to environmental health disparities President Biden heads to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania today to promote his recently past $1 trillion infrastructure Bill hours before Biden's visit a bridge connecting Pittsburgh's region square and squirrel hill neighborhoods collapsed No injuries were reported at the time of this broadcast but residents reported a strong smell of natural gas in the area The U.S. coast guard has suspended its search for dozens of migrants who are feared dead after their boat capsized off the coast of Florida on Saturday 5 bodies have been found while 34 people are still missing when survivor was rescued earlier this week as he clung to the hull of the sinking boat which had departed from The Bahamas Oklahoma prison officials have carried out the first execution in the United States this year 46 year old Donald grant was strapped to a gurney at the Oklahoma state penitentiary in mcallister Thursday morning and injected with a lethal cocktail of three drugs He was declared dead at ten 16 a.m. grant had asked federal courts to hold his killings saying Oklahoma's lethal injection protocol presented an unconstitutional risk of pain and suffering It was Oklahoma's third execution since the death penalty was reinstated after a 6 year pause that followed a string of botched executions Last October 60 year old John Marion grant convulsed and repeatedly vomited after he was administered a sedative and an execution that witnesses described as drawn out and tortuous Here in New York workers at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island will vote on whether to unionize their workplace the effort is being led by Chris smalls who Amazon fired in March of 2020 after he organized a wildcat strike to Manning sanitized workspaces protective masks and COVID-19 tests for workers The Staten Island Amazon workers will vote on whether to join a grassroots worker group called the Amazon labor union which is unaffiliated with any national union Elsewhere in New York City hundreds of street vendors led a march to Times Square Thursday demanding labor protections and for the city to stop issuing heavy fines to vendors who haven't been able to get selling permits Bronx council member fiorina Sanchez is backing new legislation that would end the criminalization of street vendors and increase the number of ending permits.

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