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"hon jason scott lee" Discussed on Asian Enough

"What brought your family to Georgia and then to bar Sto Because my stepfather was in the military without my stuff. I don't think I could of navigated or been able to last. Hollywood is African American guy from Paris Texas. And he's my dad. He's the man that raised me. We come from a big huge family of African American civil rights participants. My Dad March with King. My Grandfather Papa was like the first African American police officer in Paris Texas One of my aunties is arguably like the first black nurse in Nevada. He grew up in Paris. Texas where you know when he would share stories and his cousins shares family reunions they. They'll with racism on a different level and growing up in Georgia. I remember there were certain things that would happen at school and I would come home and I would go down. We'VE GOT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. And you gotTa help me. You GotTa complain and he would say well. This is your introduction to the real world. He goes son. I'M NOT GONNA be able to share with you. What a black man is going to have to deal with America? But if you're asking to have the same type of credit if that's what you're going for you're never gonNA get it. You have to be the first one there last one to leave and still might get any accolades and you have to do it. For the Ri- reason yesterday for yourself and winning at the end of the day. Even if you get no credit you get no love. There's no popularity you know you did in the people that will now. So this is your first lesson. Can't get mad. I was going to school and complaining and yelling then then we become what they want. He silently just keep going and in Hollywood. I would always have to remind myself Yo. It's all about rejection. If I give up now they win right and I think that's where just in the lie we have. This kind of like sports mentality is that you beat us. That fuels us like okay. I'll show you. I think that's the only thing that kept us going because if it was for fame money we probably would quit. We want to quit long time ago. Right having that perspective of the African American experience that my dad would go through their kids that would throw rocks at him and his cousin walking industry and they threw rocks back and his grandfather. I it was a police officer in the town and Big Daddy came to pick up. The Kid said never do that again. Because this time you will get lynched right so if you know me getting in a fight with some raise this bullies you know. I'm not getting lynched. I'm just getting beat up. But at that time he we get lynched so he goes you live in a different time but use it as fuel right so I so identify with that. 'cause I received the same message from my Taiwanese immigrant parents you know but but in a totally different form you know and that whole mentality of like. I'll show you like I love that. I I think like when I first started writing about Asian American stuff and twenty twelve. You know. There wasn't a huge audience for it. People didn't really consider it serious journalism and I was like you know over the last couple of years. You know like every article you know every every everything you do is like an argument. You know you're trying to win that argument with your haters actually. Yeah what made you move to Los Angeles? 'cause I want to be an actor there? I wanted to be an actor so at the time the only person I saw on screen that I said that I would love to have that type of career or actor named Jason Scott Lee and he was in the move called map of the human heart and I was working as a furniture mover and San Francisco during like the summer once and one of my coworkers said. Hey there's this Asian American actor playing at the Kabuki and San Francisco he goes. Let's go and watch it. You WanNa be an actor. I mean we should go and I was like ads. He's GonNa do Kung Fu and I don't WanNa do that and we're watching it. It was really wonderful beautiful art house film and he has a romantic interest. That is I think she was a French actress right and I was like it's possible. I went back to and Hon Jason Scott Lee down. I hunted him down going. I need to know how he got here. Who did he study with was his process? Because like who were my mentors we all need our Jordan. We all need our Kobi's and if we don't see our face up there right like what. What's what's the path right. Like Jackie Chan Jet Li. They're amazing at what they do right there icons but I don't share any of their experience. Their natives there stars in their own country. So who's my big brother? So I said I'M GONNA make Jason Scali my big brother so I was doing extra job. I found in the back of a Korean newspaper. It was Thank COM SECURITY FOR. Korea was like a home security system and Colombo faulk. He was the star so because he was the star. I was like I'll be an extra right. I just wanted to be around an actor and so I was like backgrounds like in this this commercially for Korea and the line producer was a korean-american got a group. Santa Monica the surfer dude. He was like a raw. You WanNa be an actor. As a again he goes. Hey this actor named Jason Scott Lee. I found his teacher. I'm GonNa go meet them tomorrow. And so I said you gotTa take me with you so we went and met. This guy named Sarah Mayo. Who also was the teacher for Dustin the win another Asian America from Jump Street Right Andrews has got right so I'm going to this. Is The guy this guy that is method acting all like actors studio based raise like he has taught like the other two? Asian American male actors that I look up to. This is my guy right so from that day on. I've been studying with sow. He's like he's my grew. You know what was the secret to why he. He worked with so many Asian American actors. I have no idea where he can. We rewind back in Georgia even before Bar Sto. When did you know you want it to act? Was Your family into would you watch movies and TV together. The movie part of it. The the romance films came from my stepfather we. We're so different. And he is so old. Squeeze the military guys so you know. We woke up at the crack of dawn. We didn't connect and he loves football and I love swimming and weird like wrestling and it's you know it needs to be baseball or football right the thing that we could connect with was going to the movies and he would take us to drive throughs and I have a great story. This is how this how crazy our family was. Is that some my dad being a true American love the whole process of going to a theater. Right you go. You'll get the popcorn. You get the coke and Pepsi. You get milk duds joy the whole process. My mother being Korean is the cheapest human being in the whole world. Milt got so we have street going to the movies together and so my little sister mom wanted to tag along. So we're like there's a double header the Mad Max doubleheader at the local drive in and so my mother goes they charged for the adults. Not per car and the kids are free she goes. I'M GONNA hide into trump. There's this this is Korean. Fake mink blanket like tiger patterns on. She put that in the trunk and she put chocolate milk in a trash bag. Because that's like in case somebody WANNA chocolate milk because we did have containers And Down Korean. Mink blanket the story about this. She brushed Shasta Right. Warm bottle of Shasta like Diet CESCO Coca Cola products. Oh Man Yeah and she made popcorn home and she. We're not buying anything and my dad was so pissed off. Because he had to pull over the side of the road she gets into trunk and we go into the drive in and he goes. Come on kids and so we go in. By all the popcorn he left my mom in the trunk for fifteen minutes. Well just as we wrap up you have fascinating coming up. But you have so many other things going on as well and we'd love to hear about the new projects you're working on things you're launching in sort of where you're at now in terms of of embracing the voice and the.

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