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"hombre cavanaugh" Discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show

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"hombre cavanaugh" Discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show

"Again, Tommy John dot com slash Shapiro. So back to the democratic mob politics teeth. I'm very familiar with this because they've been doing this on college campuses. They basically incentivise violence on college campuses. By saying that if things get to violet, well, then we'll just ban conservatives very convenient as there's violence over a Berkeley. And so the administration will say, well, we've got a ban conservative speakers until we can get a hold of the situation, which is basically the rioters veto. We experienced this depaul university last year when students suggested that they might get riotous and violent over me visiting campus. And so Paul simply banned me and then they threatened to arrest me if I showed up. There's tape of me standing in front of a security. I, their head of security there who's telling me that if I take one step forward, he will arrest me. It's truly amazing stuff. Democrats have engaged in this sort of stuff for very long time, and it's always rich to hear what they're willing to label the mob folks on the left were perfectly willing to label, not only Trump supporters, but go back a few years before that. I'm old enough to remember the tea party which was in large part, a bunch of people standing around carrying don't tread on me flags and reading the declaration of independence at rallies. I went to a bunch of tea party events. I spoke at a bunch of tea. Party events. I was a charter member of the tea party. The left call them mobs left said that the tea parties were mobs. They said, occupy which was involved in actual criminal activity. Many, many, many, literally dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds of arrests across the country of occupy protesters that was not a mob, but the tea party was mobbed. The tea party was really a mob. Jimmy Hoffa, junior. I remember there's some events in two thousand eleven. I remember him introducing President Obama there and suggesting that the tea party were quote sons of bitches. And he said, well, let's take these sons of bitches out because there were mob for Democrats. Any form of Republicans speech is demagoguery and being a mob. Anytime you get more than two Republicans in an area together to mob, but Democrats who are actually charging the steps of the supreme court and bashing on the thirteen ton doors and chanting stop Brett Cavanaugh. Those people are not a mob people who are running through the Senate Hart building trying to buttonhole senators in elevators without security protocol. Those people are not a mob. It's not a mob when folks. Go to Washington DC, find conservatives and then rip up their signs that's not a mob. It's not a mob when you have Occupy Wall street occupying large swaths of land and defy defiling interfacing, not him up. The only mob is Charlotte's the only we've ever seen and we keep hearing this from the media. It is the only the only mob is the mob in Charlottesville. That of course, is not true. It's silly. And more than that, it is obviously politically motivated in the media are part of this whole routine. So the left is, is making the case that their politics is not the politics of the mob. Instead anybody who's angry at the politics of the mob. Anybody who's angry the the attempt to get Brett cavenaugh. For example, the mob Justice, those attempted Hombre Cavanaugh and it was my Justice. There's no process. He was just going to have his life ended essentially by a bunch of people screaming. The folks on the left have decided that any resistance to that is just because you are a privilege, white person, Charles blow who's aptly named over at the New York Times, says a column today called white male victimization anxiety, and here's what he says. He says, during the swearing in of Justice, Brett cabinet on Monday, Donald Trump took it upon himself to apologize to cabinet in his family on behalf our nation for the terrible pain and suffering. You've been forced to endure. He repeated the tire lines that he and Republicans hope will stick and steer the comatose base to electoral fervor, that accusations of sexual assault against Cavanaugh were part of the campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies.

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