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"holy cross brother school notre dame" Discussed on Huddle Up with Gus

"Industries. Sports Business Stews in the in the schools across the country sports management program Throughout this sort of covid experience and I said look my grandfather young. Were we own this business? Albert's unbelievably valuable. Whatever they call it you know but my grandfather got into it because it was during the depression. He would have preferred to buy baseball team but he could never afford to do that. He got into the steelers because it costs nothing to get in lucky. And I've been telling these kids like look. Think about the sports industry. Think about what's going on with with things like you and I are doing these online things. Is there a way you can create a new type of engagement with the fans? Is there something you can invent is there? Is there something you can get into now while while the others? There's some tough times. Run PARTS OF THE INDUSTRY. Because you know this is going to be a great opportunity. Ten fifteen years from now met certainly the path my grandfather took but but so But boxing fed him until the mid fifties. I mean you know really with my father. Took the steelers. Business made it successful on my grandfather. Success in business really was much more in boxing than ever really. Wasn't football yeah. I just interviewed Steve Lot he was. I don't know if you know who steve is but he has the boxing hall of fame Ya Online. And and he was assistant manager with Tyson and he has seventy five years of of boxing footage that he actually owns and we had a great conversation about boxing and man. His knowledge of it was incredible. Goes Hallway back into the Twenties and thirties? And how it started in and how our country fell in love with it and and He was talking about. I think it was when who was it. Fighting over in Ireland was in Ireland. They were fighting I can't remember who it was. But he said the president called him and said your country is is betting on you. Maybe Joe Louis. I'm not sure who was fighting at that time. The President calls you and says hey your countries behind you want you to win like you gotTa Win that round right. You're fighting somebody from Europe and it's like okay. This is a big match in a. Boxing is just such ingrained in our history. I think it was just incredible that now. It's like boxing. Bigger football isn't as big and it's all just kind of taken a different turn and it's amazing that the the long game that your family had to look at that and see that as this is something that we think is going to work. Well Yeah my father and Dan. Rooney did a lot for the business of of the whole sports industry but particularly as it relates the NFL when you look at the Labor agreements you know. He was the first owner way ahead on labor. My grandfather art actually is the guy who who made the proposal in a League meeting that there be a players union in nineteen fifty seven and then my father was the chief negotiator and you know he was the first one that understood free agencies going to come we have to find a way to create competitive balance and keep the game interesting for our fans. But you can't let the players have some degree of movement. And he was. He was talking about that in the mid seventies And you know you didn't get three agency until ninety three but it was that approach to business that my father always looked at looks. Grow this pie as large as we can. And that's going to happen best if we're all willing to share Whether it was the revenue sharing between the teams or free agency with with the players and look the. Nfl has gone through the roof and there were certainly a lot of people involved. But I always feel that that you know. That's sort of steady hand. My my father would be as tough as you could be in certain negotiations but he always looked at the big picture and and you know and understood that. You have to treat people well if you did that you know. I contribute that to so much of the reason the NFL has become what it's become right. You're listening to with Gus Gus for us and we're here with Jim Rooney and you can catch us on radio DOT COM or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast and on amp TV amp dot TV. So let's go back to your family. I mean everybody in your family all went to same high school my correct we actually did. We all went to different high school really. I thought you guys were all north Catholic kind of before as did so my dad and his brothers they all went to north and then my mother wanted you to go to some other schools. So art nine of. Who's the president my brother are went to? A school called Gilmour Academy which is Holy Cross Brother School Notre Dame actually own the school. It's in Ohio back in the day and my son actually went there and then my brothers. Dan in John went to went other schools. All my sisters had to go to the all girls Catholic school near our house and my brothers and I were going to these other places but So so but north is is an important part of our our family and you know they've done a great thing right now. They've even moved further. North should be a lot closer for you guys but What was it like for you when you went to Gilmore? Your way from home was like a boarding school almost i. Yeah as I said. Art Lift in dorms In the end it as well and So so my mother felt that entity would be a good thing for us in high school that that the idea of everyone sort of knowing the Rooney story is is is great and we're very grateful for the life we haven't Pittsburgh during that time so this critical time she. She thought that that would happen. Will she sends us a school? That is basically in Cleveland and everyone knows Rooney's but they hate us. Send.

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