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"holy cherry hill" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Six you jersey, the town of Franklin and back to Lakewood where I am now. See that now when you live in multiple places like how many does places like when the sesame and how many would desired. I'll tell you the the necessity was teaching working near where I was teaching. But the best place was up in Franklin, New Jersey. I had a nice hunk of land all to myself and Sussex county is just beautiful. No complaints cherry hill in Wayne. We're just too darn big. Yeah. You know, what cherry hill is kind of like what Marlborough is to New York riding free. Holy cherry hill. Is you get a lot of the cherry hill people commute, and they moved to cherry hill. And yeah, you know, it's a different animal. But were you are you got peace and quiet. And now you're in Lakewood, I'm in Lakewood, I'm in the one other retirement villages. Hurricane sandy dropped an oak tree on my house subject. Oh, man was straight line winds and Steven just pushed it right over roots? And all it was time to to find a new place came down here. And I like the area. It's fun. That's good retirements. Pretty cool. Okay, complaint. Yeah. You know what? It's funny because like my father retired. And now like my in laws of. Looked at his it's amazing. Like, you think when you when you've got the big house you saying, you know, what I'm going to sell the big house, and I'm going to beg all the money for my kids are gonna take a few hours in a over time at home. And then you look at those retirement homes, and you find out there. They're just as much as you big house was if not more it's yeah. It really is. What's that? I missed a bear. I miss the deer. I missed the Turkey. You name the animal we had it in the yard. So nothing like that. But yeah, you don't miss the corn beef because that's probably close by right down there. Thanks might recall. The.

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