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"holman hamilton" Discussed on Tales of American History

"Move. Yeah. You know, Bill Bill towns died on July twenty fifth nineteen sixty four. Okay. And. The gentleman who became by acclimation, the president of the roundtable on his death was home in Hamilton. And one thing I'll always loved about. This roundtable was the. How well versed in the language all these characters were they really were. You've you heard Bill Townsend. But home in Hamilton was a spectacular rider, a spectacular master of the English language as was Hamilton tap. And the things they wrote about one another about events there. We're we're classic. But this is what Holman Hamilton said at the first meeting of the roundtable after in September after Bill passed away. And he said he said this. Tonight. I would not say a word about the career of William H Townsend or about the charming books. He wrote or the professional triumphs. He scored these are in this fear of common knowledge now appreciation of them has appropriately passed into the public domain and posterity will be earth. Ultimate judge permit me instead to voice for you. What any of you his sincere friends would surely say let it be underscored here. And now that Bill Townsend in this organization built a solid community of spirit and s spray a delightful appreciation of man for man, a brotherliness a rare achievement of. Affection without the slightest sign of affection. This do we not agree is the best in Kentucky. This is friendship. Others might use the very words he used, but those same words would fall lifeless and dull he had a sense of timing a significant pause and awareness of contrast and a flare of drama if Kentucky inns have long combined in an amazingly attractive way characteristics of the earthly and genteel. Here was a man who above all others represented the quintessence of the combination. How rich the heritage how pervasive the influence? How meaningful the tradition? Even we cannot finally say, but who would deny that the colors in the tapestries have Kentucky's historic past seem less likely to fade because a Bill Townsend color, charm, imaginative excursions, tantalizing anecdotes and the zest for reporte. We experienced them all at first hand because we knew it. Ours is a treasure of cultural comradeship with a premium far beyond material calculation, and that salty son of Anderson county is that catalyst to whom we are all indebted like Mark Twain, whom in many ways Bill Townsend so strongly resembles may we not paraphrase the lines of the Australian, poet, Robert Richardson. Warm summer sun shine kindly here. Warm Sud southern wind blow softly here. Green sod above li-, light light good night. Dear friend, goodnight. Goodnight. That's an example, just how incredible. I'm people each list with how beautiful eulogy the most beautiful I ever read ever heard. But that's what he said in that night. The. The the the speaker for the roundtable was the the great historian bell Irvin. Wiley bell. Was a graduate of as berry and got his PHD at Yale. And. Taught it Louisiana state university. And. Then taught at Emory and people like Charlie Roland like Otis single, Terry. Who is president of the university of Kentucky, bud Robertson? They were all students Abell Wiley bell. Wiley was the dean literally the dean of American civil war history. And he wrote not only great books himself. Johnny Ravin, Billy yank to volumes. But he wrote two he edited tons of memoirs and diaries of mostly confederate soldiers because he came from Tennessee and bell was the speaker the night that home and gave that talk and bell got up and before he began his talk. He said built Townsend. Represents to me more of what I love about Kentucky than any human being. I've ever know. What attribute? So. That's a remarkable tribute from Bill. Yeah. Yeah. Wonderful and we've gone through a whole crowd of great presidents. I mean home, and of course, became the president for a significant period of time. I think more than ten years and after Hohmann iae buddy Thompson became president. He is an auction near here in town and real character total character and after him Charlie Roland became president of the roundtable. And of course, we know Charlie Charlie's hundred one year years old this month. He was president from nineteen eighty four until nineteen ninety four and Charlie like Bill Wylie came from east, Tennessee, bell Wiley, love Charlie roll out. He middle issue. But Charlie got his PHD at LSU after getting a master's degree at Vanderbilt, but. Charlie taught at Tulane university. And then became professor of history at the university of Kentucky, and he was above the last of a group of historians at the university all of whom were connected with around table who were among the greatest southern historians in America, one of one of the greatest departments of southern history and in the country and Charlie held forth at the roundtable for for ten years, and Charlie is still is a character. But he carried that torch on through until nineteen ninety four and then James clutter became president. And when he left Jack Cunningham longtime treasure the roundtable took over a lawyer here in town, and then I took over in nineteen two thousand thirteen that's the genealogy. The roundtable the roundtable. Mr.

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