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"holly carpenter" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"holly carpenter" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Bag with Eddie and Rocky for a little bit. We got the lance here in the top of the hour. Rocket. Tolson, Watch him tomorrow night on ESPN, which, uh, yuan Oko. Which one of y'all know we're on the ESPN to its Ah, East Carolina at Tulsa, Tulsa. Great defense. Have a linebacker. 23 Zaven Collins, who is the real deal 64 to 16. The dude moves around like he's like he's won. 60. Incredible, incredible player interceptions, sacks forced fumbles the whole deal so Check him out. Some more. It'll be fun will be And I like the nemesis of you See, those guys could be hand bear cats. When they do play tolls, the grant. I have to watch out for always saving Collins deal. So, Rach. Not that either one of us have ever had a beer and driven a car. It's before yourself, Graham Nelson of Ah in England. Sobbed in court while claiming that he had only got behind the wheel because his partner, Holly Carpenter, Had begged him for help. He was led off with an absolute discharge. And this is England talking here. And allowed to keep his license. But a clerk who was kind of suspicious investigated. They had been pulled over lovable blob in the middle of the night. Going? It was like 100 miles an hour. And he was like, I'm just my girlfriend wants me to come and help her and ah, it's just, ah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, The bad news for old Graham is that After all, this went down, Somebody said we should go investigate that. Like I said that court lady said. This sounds kind of weird to me. So they go and he was apparently his according to him dead. So they go to her house and knock on the door. And she answers. What do you know on DA He goes. Are you talking about And I broke up with him. So ah! No, dude, there are better excuses than saying that your ex girlfriend is dead when you know that a cop can go to your girlfriend's your ex girlfriend says and go. Hey here still alive. It was it was going on here that Yeah, certainly. Some better ones, Not the ones you're not worth obviously with that, but for speeding in here, and I know we've done this topic before. But have you ever tried to get out of a ticket it Well, I tell you this my wife is sitting here. Fuse. Yoko and me right now since you're in Tulsa, but Ah, tell your story about getting out of a ticket. I don't know. Which one. You mean. Oh, my God. See, that's a deal More times. Well, I mean, I guess my best one. But tell me if you want me to tell a different one is that I had Gotten pulled over three times at the same spot on 71. Coming home from work. And the third time that cop gave me his number the Cabinet order because he had pulled her over so many times. Wow. So like you, maybe Ah Ah Ah ah! Ah party that in that to where you were maybe complicity that dead? I don't know. No, but I'm going to get stopped. I never did call him and I started going home a different way. Ah, well, Was he ugly? Because you were You know you were easy. Back in the day when I get today was was ugly. Did you not like his gun? Why did you not like about that was very odd. But it was very odd to do that. Then I had ghost pulled over for speeding and Cop said something about you know, getting it was being what you what do you think I should do? And I said, I just think you should give me a warning Me. I'm sorry. You have obviously just Didi, and he only did give me a warning. And I have a meeting. You and I are good looking men. And so what do you think of a cop pulled us over and I go on. I think you just give us a warning. What do you think they do? Slap that ticket, right? They doubled down on it now and now you're here about $300. That's a $300 hit right there, so we should we should choose to charge the next time you get pulled over, Debbie, say my husband and he's dead. You know, Right now you're so distraught and just see if it works. That's the theory. I haven't you know, trying to do a little more in between the lines on the non speeding but if it should happen, I will give it a go. I will tell this one story Rock of the ah of the Eddie thinkers legacy, which is that not existed. But there, um I was driving to work one day when I was still doing mornings and I was speeding through. That's when we lived in Oakland, and I was speeding through the neighborhood. I'm gonna booby boo boo boom and all of a sudden I see Ah! Lights behind me. So the guy's like 4 34 45. Yeah, it's like 4 30 in the morning. And the guy pulls me over and he walked up to the window and shines his flashlight, my face and he goes So, Eddie what he was speeding through the neighborhood for And I was like, Ah, because I'm late for work and Because they had read my license plate and he goes just so you know, there was somebody with a vehicle exactly like yours who just robbed a place. Who's coming out of this neighborhood, so I had to pull you over. And I'm like, Well, I get it. It's nice to know you haven't Hey in there. Did he say, Eddie? Did you rob somebody and I are going out right guys that I don't think you're right. Everybody digital. I'm like, no, I'm just trying to get a work. First bridge across there, so rock, you know, I know you're not a big mass guy. All right? Come on, man..

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