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"holly fanatic" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

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"holly fanatic" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Was from. Did you see the movie LA Bamba? Yeah. The movie. Absolutely. I can't find the reckless. My luck. I I will get it on for you. About that. I'm like did you, but we don't have it. I can't believe we don't have it. One eight hundred three point five. Let's get you in ambler on what's happening about buddy. I always love what you do the music stuff, man. You know, what this I I'm a buddy, Holly fanatic. When I saw Pai died. I'm like, oh, what a great our this will be. I know I saw that on Facebook to that was like what the who who is this person. I was reading on Mike. Oh, Peggy sue person. Bad Peggy sue. Yeah. And I'm just like this is really but also one year from Tom Petty's. Yeah. How about that? I hear so many Tom petty songs today. I mean, you know, I work at a supermarket, and you you have the music playing overhead mall, right? But there's a lot of Tom petty songs, man. Well, you know, what he's what all the rockers had in common. No matter. What no matter. What music you like, you could agree that we both liked Tom petty. The man I mean the band, and I know his band. They weren't big superstars because I don't know the names of those people in his band, but they were great. It's the ban was awesome. Oh, yeah. And you know, what else with with petty? He was he still gets played. There's a Tom petty satellite channel. And every now, and then they'll rerun he with DJ on a satellite channel every now. And then they'll rerun like one of his shows. And it's so weird hearing him do it, you know, that he's dead, but the talk and. Hear him talk about the music and just how much he loved the music and just like what his life was like. Right. The hit record. They hit tour the head, right? The hit record the tour the hit. Exactly. But you know, what the other thing trip musicians like, Tom, Patty? He had a, you know, his life wasn't probably the best with the drugs and the alcohol and everything, but you know, what he's got music is just a great way of people just love music, and he was beloved. I mean, you look at the wheel berries, look at the ROY orbison black and white. He was in that he was everybody loved Tom petty. And what you saw well, I asked the guy that answered the phone can you cue up princes Osceola. That was in prince that was a song that was a band called ready for the world. No. Oh, she'll for she'll lake really ready for the world is the one that made the hit with it. I don't have playing it..

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